Listen to this article:

– Make a show called Actually That Was America.

– Tell average Americans on the street about evil things America did, except you tell them it was a country the US government doesn’t like.

– Film their reaction.


– It never gets old.

– You never run out of evil things.

Have the media brainwashed you into believing that Biden is different from Trump yet? They’re sure as hell trying.

They need you to believe Biden is a big change from Trump because that would mean the electoral system can be used to advance real change so there’s no need to rise up and seize the means of production and eat the rich and launch your landlord into the sea with a giant slingshot.

Most political commentators are like pro wrestling ringside commentators, talking about completely fake dynamics as though they are real while being listened to attentively by idiots and children.

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I can’t say with any confidence that things are going to get better, and I can’t say with any confidence that things are going to get worse. What I can say, with a very high degree of confidence, is that things are going to get much, much stranger.

Republicans believe Trump ended wars and fought the deep state. Democrats believe Russiagate was legit and Biden is a progressive who is fixing America. As the empire falters, the real world and the narrative world are becoming more and more divorced with less and less overlap.

We each inhabit two very different worlds simultaneously: the real world and the narrative world. As the status quo unravels and we hurtle into a mysterious abyss of ever-increasing weirdness, those worlds are drifting further and further apart.

I know Jimmy Dore says it a lot, but we really should keep coming back to appreciate the fact that a comedian with a podcast turned out to be an infinitely better journalist than literally everyone in the mainstream media.

The mass media always lie in the interests of the empire for the same reason workers try to please their bosses. The US empire is basically a giant corporation, of which the mass media are a part, and mass media employees figure out very quickly that they only get promoted by advancing imperial narratives.

Me, constantly: Democrats and Republicans are part of the same oligarchic imperialist power structure and work in conjunction to advance the interests of that power structure.

Shitlibs, constantly: Caitlin only criticizes the Democrats and never the Republicans!

Kissinger years


A metric which describes the increased lifespan of a sociopath due to lack of stress from empathy, eg “I know John Bolton is old, but he’s not that old in Kissinger years.”

Sociopaths don’t experience stress like we do. They actually seek out the sensation of stress. It’s called “sensation seeking.” They enjoy the chaos; it doesn’t exhaust them or make them sick, it energizes them. Keep this in mind when thinking about US foreign policy.

This is why assholes like Kissinger live forever, and the ones who care the most wear themselves out young.

That’s one of the reasons why I place so much emphasis on awakening. Awakening gives you a bee’s dick of space from the turmoil around you. In knowing your true self, you can return home for replenishment and pick off any unwanted mind parasites you picked up on the way. The key is to lean back into awakening so you can see clearly, but then lean back into life so you can feel it all.

Every positive change in human behavior, individually or collectively, has been preceded by an increase in awareness. Anything you can do toward this end makes a difference, whether it’s spreading awareness through a conversation, a tweet, or street graffiti. Your efforts matter.

One doesn’t end an addiction or self-destructive behavior until they become conscious of the inner dynamics feeding into it. Societal illnesses don’t end until people become conscious of how wrong they are. Dysfunction and consciousness can’t coexist. Your efforts matter.

All that is wrong with our world is the result of human unconsciousness. All that is good in our world is the result of an expansion of consciousness. Anything you can do to help make even a tiny part of humanity a tiny bit more conscious of the truth makes the world better.

Never let anyone tell you your efforts toward this end don’t matter. Never give in to pessimism on this front. Any effort to increase awareness of what’s true necessarily makes the world a better place, as surely as switching on a light in a dark room makes it brighter.

It doesn’t matter how big or how bright your light is, all that matters is that you shine it. None of us are big or bright enough to enlighten the world on our own, but together we can make a giant star that drives out the darkness and guides us into a healthy, harmonious world.

The US empire is evil and the news media are lying to you and China is not your enemy and neither is Russia and nuclear brinkmanship is insane and sanctions are murder and we’re slaughtering kids in Yemen and capitalism is killing us and enlightenment is real and peace is possible. The end.


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41 responses to “Actually, That Was America: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

  1. Personally, I’m wondering who is responsible for the bombing of the girl’s school in Kabul. I’m willing to bet that it wasn’t the Taliban. More likely it was some group that would prefer that the US not withdraw.

  2. Gregory Herr Avatar
    Gregory Herr

    Apparently, reCAPTCHA or something doesn’t allow links to Swiss Policy Research.
    In reply to John Day, please also see an article on the vaccines (tip of the iceberg) without spacing:
    sw p rs. org

  3. The problem is that we have the greatest financial bubble in human history. We are talking about hundreds of trillions, if not quadrillions of dollars in financial derivatives. This is what the oligarchs have been trying to keep afloat with endless money printing and austerity. However, it will not work, and they know it.

    The question is, who is going to come in and call for a real financial reorganization. Pensioners, depositors, average people have to be protected. Glass-Steagall would wipe out this giant financial bubble and protect people. The people need to know about this.

    This is arguably what the oligarchs are most afraid of. If there is a real discussion about cancelling the worthless debts and actually protecting legitimate debts and loans, Wall Street and London are finished.

    I think you’ll appreciate this approach to solutions Caitlin.

    How to Overcome Today’s Crisis: A Lesson from 1933:



    1. I know. I’ve posted about the weapon of mass destruction that Mr. Buffet already called out.
      The derivative instrument is the tool used by those proficient in taking leverage to the nth degree, but just like everything else, there are limits, and soon those who used it as a tool will discover – they have become the enemy of the People.
      Shortly after that, they will be dead.
      Only question left is whether it will be discriminate or not.
      Peace is easy,

  4. Harry Nydick Avatar
    Harry Nydick

    My notes:
    1. It’s OK, in the U.S., to register for a political party, just as long as you remember to use your brain. Hell, it even gives you the opportunity to vote against whichever candidates your chosen party prefers. Sometimes, you get lucky and find someone who really wants to make a difference. even if they cant make THAT big a difference, their presence, whether victorious or not, enables them to raise issues and open a discourse that may create change, even if it takes longer than their own time on earth.
    2. Actually, I find Jimmy Dore’s style often difficult to take. I’ll watch, sometimes, but actually prefer you, Caity, and Lee Camp.In the end, what matters most are the issues raised and the lies revealed.
    3. Anyone who says that Caity only criticizes one party or the other entirely misses the point – which is that, with minimal insignificant differences, there really is only one party, with two subdivisions, that act only as the oligarchs who own them instruct.
    4. I was awakened decades ago and have become increasingly awake to the point that now, in my senior years, I could actually do with just a smidgen of sleep. After all, the body does have to refresh itself and so does the mind.
    5. In reality, perhaps Russia and china are not really our enemies – i never thought that they were. But our government’s incessant vocal attacks on them may convert them to real enemies – and that’s when the future of our home planet (and everything living on it) will be in danger of disappearing in the aftermath of a multi-mushroomed armed madhouse stolen from Greg Palast).

    1. Harry S Nydick Avatar
      Harry S Nydick

      There are a couple of typos – sorry. Also, some text is missing. The latter part of the final line is not only missing the begin parenthesis but, when I submitted it, read…”(final phrase was stolen from Greg Palast).”

      1. By the way Harry….do you have two names?
        Are you both a Harry New York Dick and a Harry New York Dick with an “S” for a middle name?
        Just asking Harry – are the two of you all one and the same?
        Your images are different, so that makes one ponder. Are you two a tandem or is it just random?
        Inquiring minds want to know.
        Learn or Die

    2. Hey Harry, there is the bar I know about and even though you ain’t from the upstate, I’d appreciate if you would accompany me there.
      Some good music to be had and a drink or two after a hard day.
      Some company to enjoy and a bit of revelry which we all need. So Harry – why not? What is there to lose?
      Also, I heard the ghost of John Lennon will be there and he is in the mood to make a difference.
      OK, for the sake of my birthstate – here it is for New York:

      Presented “officially” despite the adds – I’m just glad we can still share some music. If that ever ends, then you are correct, we might as well all be dead.

  5. “We each inhabit two very different worlds simultaneously: the real world and the narrative world.” Orwell: “In the end we shall make thoughtcrime literally impossible, because there will be no words in which to express it.” While you can, rise up, stand up, speak up.

    1. Not judging the wisdom of what he said on this deathbed, and who could blame him I suppose, but here is my response musically.

      Lets keep the music playing folks,

  6. Creedon Miller Avatar
    Creedon Miller

    Caitlin, first of all I love you, but could you tell me why your country, Australia, is taking the lead in the anti China rhetoric. Maybe you could do a post on it.

    1. I agree. I think the possible post you are suggesting Creedon Miller should ponder the possibility of Australia and New Zealand telling the US of A that we have decided collectively we might have a better friend who lives closer by.
      From a Direct Action standpoint this is most fertile territory if my crystal ball is telling it accurately. Most of the time it does and it least it has.
      Slowly but surely it would be in both Australia’s and New Zealand’s interest to recognize who could be the better friend, and if this occurs, then perhaps, that will facilitate the end of momentum for the pendulum that has pushed to far, and then, at long last the pendulum can start coming back toward stability and peace especially if there are those who know the history and act as buffers to keep it from swinging too far in the other direction. A bit of balance out of respect for the scales of justice is the recipe for future peace.

      1. Creedon D Miller Avatar
        Creedon D Miller

        The current trajectory is leading us to war. See John Pilger, Caitlin Johnstone.

        1. For sure and let me ask rhetorically – who wants that?
          The answer is obvious.

    2. Steven Bruns Avatar
      Steven Bruns

      The USA has shown that it will depose an elected Australian government for not holding the bully’s coat so it is probably in the interest of political self preservation.

      1. Exactly, so that is why it is FERTILE territory for Direct Action!
        Whose country is it anyhow if it ain’t the country of the People who reside there? If I was there, I’d want to take back my country because it is my home.
        Uninvited guests would be well advised to tread lightly. This as an easy message to send directly and peacefully to those in power.

      2. The UK, in the form of Queen Elizabeth’s representative John Kerr, the Governor-General of Australia, was behind the ouster of Gough Whitlam, though no doubt with US approval and connivance.

        1. May John Kerr rot in hell along with Cromwell!

          1. He might be happy to do so, if it means he can continue serving his monarch.

        2. Steven Bruns Avatar
          Steven Bruns

          The UK government doesn’t so much as fart without US approval.

          1. They don’t always see eye to eye, as with the Malvinas, Ireland, or Vietnam for example.

      3. And let me add just this little sentiment….
        You think there is MONEY to be made in WAR?
        Well let me tell you that is chump change compared to the MONEY that can be made in peace and prosperity.
        We all could be rich with it!
        So ask yourself – what kind of friend do you want?
        One who brings WAR, or
        one who brings fruit and bounty?
        Seems like an easy answer to me, but I ain’t from Australia even though I thought they had more Kahunas there…..maybe I was wrong.

  7. “capitalism is killing us ”
    Capitalism is an economic system. It is incapable of killing anyone. Who uses it, and how they use it kills people. Just as those who use socialism do. Socialism is not to blame for the millions killed by Stalin and Mao, and capitalism isn’t to blame for the millions killed by the hegemony. Both are tools, and practically any tool can be used in an immoral manner.
    Governments kill people. They cannot exist without doing so. They are founded on the notion that they, and they alone have authority to kill you if you don’t obey. Death is their coin. The bigger they are the more deadly, and the harder to escape. The US is the current chief bully, but if we survive its collapse, another will take its place. Just as the US took Britain’s place.

  8. I think it’s misleading to say Trump did X and Biden did Y – when we know they are merely the mascots of groups of oligarchs that run the USA ‘demockracy Show’ from behind (thinning) curtains. I think one can see an important schism through the wall of careful disinformation. The ‘pox on both your houses’ approach obscures this.

    It looks like there are at least two – maybe more – teams of oilygawks with different agendas:

    — Team A (Trumpians) sent Don Corleone (lite) to Washington as a naif – who admittedly didn’t succeed at much – with almost the entire Fe[de]ral government trying to dislodge the irritant and obstacle to their (transcendentally corrupt) SOPs – but he did talk about (and made moves toward) such things as ending (and avoiding more) wars and fixing the absurd immigration situation. There was talk of America restoring itself – both psyche and infrastructure.

    — Team B (Bidenites) then sent the Washington-seasoned ~corpse of a senator to more directly rubberstamp the rabid lusts of the neo-cons and MIIC) fellow-travellers to proceed with planetary hegemony – and set out to provoke WW3 (by playing ‘chicken’) with 2 nuclear-armed peers simultaneously (!) to prove it. Infrastructure repair proposals from team B decoded as mostly bread and circuses.

  9. And this is Amerika…
    ​A promise made to a dying patient:

    My grim job this week was to report a vaccine related death to the authorities. I have had to do this type of reporting on other occasions in my career, with other drugs, both approved and research trials, with both deaths and morbid complications. In every single instance in the past, without exception, I have been contacted within 1-2 hours by either the FDA or the CDC. They questioned me, discussed the particulars with me, and a collaboration was begun.

    This death was much different.
    A little about the patient situation. She had her vaccine about 8 AM on a weekday. It was the 2nd shot. Very soon thereafter, she felt electric shocks over her entire body. Later, she was having trouble speaking and could not stand up. She began having severe problems swallowing. I advised to go immediately to the ER. I will not go into details here but suffice it to say, she was having a profound neurologic problem. It was not a simple stroke nor was it a blood clotting issue. Because of the timing of symptom initiation, it was clear to me that the vaccine was likely involved. She was diagnosed with a condition that is very very unusual and is often associated with vaccine administration. She had 5 weeks of very severe pain and did not recover. She was eventually placed on hospice and passed away. Before she died, she told me to make sure that everyone knows that these vaccines are not as safe as advertised. Believe you me, her family is doing everything they can to make sure that this story is known all over the community. The patient herself was a very well-loved individual here – and this has been a blow to the entire area.
    I am a licensed physician in a US state. I am board certified in Internal Medicine. I made every effort to immediately report this death to the federal officials. I called the FDA and ended up in voicemail hell. I called the CDC and was literally hung up on twice. Again, please contrast that reception to what I describe above in previous “non-crisis” years.
    After multiple attempts, I finally decided to report to VAERS. This was almost a week ago. To date, the VAERS has no record of my patient. All that I have received is an email to confirm my submission. No one from any agency has made any effort to contact me in any way. It was of little comfort to note in in the New York Times, that the physicians trying to report one of the sentinel J&J stroke cases got a similar “hang up in your face” response from the FDA/CDC.
    I want to reiterate – a patient has died. A board-certified internist feels this is likely vaccine-related. And no one has made any effort to contact me. None. A complete departure from the past. And this is a stringent safety-reporting system?
    What am I trying to say? The system is broken. Therefore, we have no idea what is the actual safety profile of these vaccines. The patients who have been affected know it. Word is getting out that there are problems. Social media is filled with all kinds of stories. And our federal officials keep right on with the same “All is well – everything is safe” mantra. We have media figures everywhere spouting out safety numbers that I can assure you are not accurate. All in an environment when they are trying to convince as many as possible to take this vaccine.

    1. Thank you, John. What you say about VAERS is indeed very troubling, especially their ignoring physicians reporting severe adverse effects.

  10. Such a beautiful smile.
    It’s tragic that millions and billions of beautiful smiles could be wiped of the face of the Earth by a few SATANIC PSYCHOS.
    Vote out.
    Vote in.
    Wake the sleepers.
    Etc, etc.

  11. This is so good. I see these two worlds constantly, it’s so exhausting. The line about a bee’s dick of space is perfect.

  12. Caitlin, I always read and benefit from your posts (I don’t say “enjoy” because the subject matter you deal with is, by definition, not enjoyable). This is a particularly incisive article which cuts right to the heart of the sordid subject of the U.S. Empire. I am not a particularly skilled writer and am not qualified to be a critic. However, in my humble non-expert opinion, the closing paragraph is an award winning shining summary of the truth which needs to be spread about this giant wrecking ball known as the U.S.A. Thank you for your very talented efforts. Without the efforts of journalists like you to educate a largely ignorant society (thanks to the MSM and their corporate masters) we have no hope of changing (1) our totally corrupt electoral/political system; and (2) the policies which have enabled the rape of the working class in this Country. Thank you.

    1. Excellent comment. You write very well and you’re as qualified as anyone else to be a critic. I think Caitlin would agree.

  13. America is a giant boiler. The Republicans pile wood onto the fire and the Democrats function like a pressure relief valve when the revolutionary pressure gets too great. Witness Biden’s drift to the left which will leave his adoring herds in pretty much the same shape they started in when the steam clears, but with an even bigger debt load to contend with.

    Dire also makes it a point to remind everyone that he’s a better journalist than the US corporate media despite being stoned as he does podcasts. It’s true and it makes him truly one of the greats.

    You’re a rock star yourself, Caitlin. ✌️

    1. Sorry, Dore. Tiny screen and no edit function.

  14. Philip Mollica Avatar
    Philip Mollica

    “I know Jimmy Dore says it a lot, but we really should keep coming back to appreciate the fact that a comedian with a podcast turned out to be an infinitely better journalist than literally everyone in the mainstream media.”
    Add to that short list a woman living in Australia with a blog, and you have the TWO best journalists in all of the United States. No-one else even comes close.
    Take a bow, Caitlin.

    1. Stephan Borau Avatar
      Stephan Borau

      It might be helpful if you broaden your horizons a bit more. There are several great journalists in the US that are worthy of admiration. How about Max Blumenthal, Glenn Greenwald, Abby Martin, Danny Haiphong, etc. Noam Chomsky is very well-informed and does great analysis. Lots of other great sources that are not from MSM (and I don’t live in America).

      Caitlin is definitely brilliant!

      1. Philip Mollica Avatar
        Philip Mollica

        Helpful to who? You’re making an awful lot of assumptions. My sentiments stand, nonetheless, and thanks for reminding me why I never write on public forums any longer… Unsolicited “help.”

        1. Ah come on Philip.
          It is good to be sensitive, but not when it comes to online posting.
          For that thick skin is critical. I agree with your sentiment to an extent, but I agree with what Stephan said as well.
          What I’m wrestling with nowadays is it is even getting harder to get an accurate depiction of the MSM propaganda efforts cause you have to give them your information to even read the story and I ain’t going to sign up for some subscription when all I want to know is the MSM news propaganda. Without knowing that it is more difficult to navigate the pathway of peace, but I take solace in knowing this means the powers that be are getting more and more scared as each moment goes by.
          You want to know why?
          I’ll tell ya.
          They are afraid of the truth.
          Simple is that, but who was it that said, “the truth will set you free”? Rings true to me.
          Regardless, there are other ways to get info and if you want to post scratch yourself first to make sure you have the thick skin necessary to maintain your dignity and be true to your principles.

  15. Tired and no longer active revolutionary Avatar
    Tired and no longer active revolutionary

    Efforts to increase awareness of what is true does not make the world a better place until awareness is followed by practical action, and it must be the right practical action, or else we will waste our efforts, time and money. More than two millennia of history proves this. The world’s great Liberator explained how we can act to precipitate the downfall of this evil empire. He instructed His followers to withdrawn financial support and cooperation in state crimes against humanity. But few if any people today understand Yeshua’s brilliant, effective strategy. “Yeshua” implies Liberator in Hebrew. Read more of this here:

  16. LOL, that’s why I don’t bother with audio/visual aids, because they’re way too slow. People that you can connect with telepathicly are great as far as rapid transfer of ideas are concerned, but are few and far between, and needless to say most people believe that there is good and bad evil, as though there was ever any difference. As a black woman once told me, “Your oppressors are whoever you can’t talk about”, everything else is just barking dogs.

  17. I’m halfway tempted to make that show, Caity ))

    1. OK how bout this.
      Umm, there is so much content.
      Hmmm, where to start……I just don’t know sometimes.
      OK, how about this. A poem.
      All were quiet, the children as well. All had visions of glory.
      Visions of blueberries and sweet cherries and crisp apples in their heads.
      They waited hopefully to go to their destiny.
      They were destined for greatness.
      Tonight was the big evening.
      The big reveal.
      The truth was about to be told.
      All would learn
      tis May 7, 2021
      5721 about 11:22 am EST as I type this
      and then a sudden wind began to blow
      the chimney started to shake
      a tornado was on the loose
      the children became afraid
      they looked for help but
      there was none to be
      had….the storm
      overtook the
      home and
      all the
      All the children of the future will be dead was the lesson to be learned.
      But nobody was left to learn that lesson after the tornado
      ripped through the house and left nothing but behind
      besides dust in its wake.

      Does this ring a bell for you?
      Well, if you were one of the original inhabitants of North America,
      I reckon it does and that is why I think:
      A new reckoning is upon us.
      Don’t shoot me. I’m just saying it like I sense it.

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