Regular readers have probably noticed my recent articles have been accompanied by audio recordings read by my husband Tim Foley. We figured out that I haven’t really been able to make the time to consistently do audio content, but Tim can, plus I think our stuff sounds good in an American accent.

If listening is more your thing you can get them on Soundcloud or on YouTube. If you want to listen to them all at once there’s a YouTube playlist here. Let us know what you think!

Here are the ones we’ve done so far:

Detente: The Vital Word Missing From Discourse On Russia And China

Intersectional Torturers

Silicon Valley Algorithm Manipulation Is The Only Thing Keeping Mainstream Media Alive

World’s Most Tyrannical Regime Can’t Stop Babbling About “Human Rights”

Capitalism Rewards Sociopathy: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

What If The Big Reveal Already Happened?

Biden Lied About Yemen

Reject Mainstream Culture: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

The Day The World Ended

The Mass Media Will Never Regain The Public’s Trust



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11 responses to “Audio Recordings Of My Latest Articles”

  1. Hello Caitlin,

    This comment is mostly regarding the audio version of your essays, though first, a few words about your writing in general.

    I originally found you about 2 years ago, and while I appreciated your writings, I drifted away after awhile. Now, either I have changed, or you have changed, or most likely, the world has changed and we have both grown. I now find your writing incredibly insightful and filled with so many important truths that I am starting a Caitlin Johnstone’s quotes file, so I can better reference the many memorable phrases and ideas.

    (first quote in the file: “….Santa Claus isn’t real. What the hell? What the hell is this? Some freaky psyop run by your parents, just for kicks? And all the other parents are in on it too? And Hollywood? All those movies and TV specials about Santa were just lies? How far does this go?”)

    I’d hesitated to click on the “listen to this article” link. I assumed you wouldn’t have time to write AND read your essays, so you’d use an automated narration. Those are sometimes better than nothing, but the lack of nuance and the many mispronunciations can be wearing.

    Am very glad I clicked. The voice is so professional and the style is unlike any non-fiction reading I’ve come across. “How can Ms. Johnstone afford a top tier narrator like this?” I wondered.

    Now I learn the reader is your husband. Maybe this explains the quality. There’s love involved.

    One commenter asked Mr. Foley to speak a little faster, and shorten some of his pauses. I can understand this request, though I feel differently. I think (am still working this out in my mind though) that what I like about his style is that he’s thinking about what he’s reading. He has not penciled in at the top of an essay “Just 1,000 words, need to keep this under 5 minutes!” When Tim reads a sentence worthy of some thought, he pauses and allows a little time for those thoughts. Automated narration never does this, and even most human readers won’t. He’s also not obsessed with never allowing the listener to hear one of the most natural sounds in life: someone taking a breath. Plus enjoy his many unique inflections.

    I’ve listened to hundreds of audio books and feel Mr. Foley could certainly make a career as a professional narrator, were he so inclined.

    In closing, please keep writing, please keep asking tough questions and not backing away when the answers are uncomfortable or unpopular. And please thank your husband and encourage him to continue recording.

    Rick S.
    San Diego, Calif.

    P.S.: Sent you a modest sum via PayPal this week, hopefully you’ll receive it. A PayPal pop-up said something about you nearing your lifetime limit of funds transfers, whatever that means.

  2. Do Americans have an accent or is their speech sort of lifeless and flat?
    I had a beer with some Kiwi construction workers in Wellington and they
    thought my speech was quaint, indeed. That could be one of the reasons they bought another round!

  3. Mathew A Fascetti Avatar
    Mathew A Fascetti

    I think it’s great, i am usually busy and most of the time cut copy and paste your articles to a online reader, but their voicing sucks. Tim has a smooth voice that is pleasing to listen too. As always I love your work and thanks again to you and your husband for keeping the truth alive.

  4. Bernadette Evangelist Avatar
    Bernadette Evangelist

    This has been a great asset to me. Tim has a much nicer voice than my computer. My only slight suggestion would be that Tim speaks a bit faster. Just shorter pauses. Otherwise, he has a great voice and this is a wonderful way to get you content especially for those of us with some visual impairment.

    Thank you!

  5. Julius Skoolafish Avatar
    Julius Skoolafish

    This is great Caitlin. Whenever I am out walking or driving I am listening to an audio book via my iPod.
    You can download from youtube either as a video (original) or as an mp3 (audio only). I use ClipGrab.
    The voice is amongst the very best I have heard. I wondered who it could be! – you confirmed my hunch!!
    Thank you and congratulations to Tim.

  6. Stephan Borau Avatar
    Stephan Borau

    Good addition to your articles — makes them more accessible.

    Wondered who the reader was — I thought you hired a professional voice actor.

  7. This is great. Thank you. I’m 70 with visual problems but never fail to open your emails to read. So for me its especially helpful
    Also, I’m living on social security and if you’re familiar with the U.S. system, you might understand why I don’t throw some financial support to you. But please know that you are enormously appreciated and loved. And there are probably loads of other people like me who simply and silently say “thank you Caitlin” . You just never hear it,

    1. That’s very beautiful to read, thank you. Yeah we figured there are probably a lot of people who audio works better for.

  8. George Terdoo Finbar Avatar
    George Terdoo Finbar

    Thank you, Caitlin, being that you don’t put out regular podcasts, this is a good move. And Tim reads things out loud and clear.

  9. So much support and gratitude is offered for this evolution in your work.

    I was listening to one the other day – and thinking about the different ways our brains relate information, between the visual (written word – complete with hotlinked footnotes), auditory, and visual (video platform) modes of delivery and consumption.

  10. Christopher Dobbie Avatar
    Christopher Dobbie

    I think it’s great and was even trying to find the courage to ask if I could do it.

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