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US Presidents Are Always Evil Because The US Empire Is Evil: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

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Joe Biden is a corrupt, murderous empire lackey. He is also a very normal US president. The same was true of Trump. The same was true of Obama. The same was true of Bush. If you can’t see this, it’s because propaganda and partisan politics have warped your perception of reality. US presidents will always be evil because the US empire is evil and only evil people will be allowed to participate in its operation.

By far the single most important job of a US president is to take responsibility for decisions on empire management that would have been made regardless of who is in office, whether Democrat or Republican or tuna fish sandwich. Their job is to provide the illusion of democracy, letting you feel as though you “voted out” the perceived perpetrators of various misdeeds while leaving the actual power structure responsible for those misdeeds fully intact.

It’s like rectifying a corporation’s misdeeds by firing the secretary. They just rotate in a new secretary every few years.

Nobody is born supporting nonstop military expansionism and regime change interventionism. It takes a lot of education to make us this stupid.

It’s always hilarious how the US pretends its “unwavering support” for Israel is some kind of principled stance based on morals and not the need to have a nuclear-armed military enforcer in the most resource-rich region on earth.

Anti-semitic this, anti-semitic that. Hey, maybe supporters of a brutal apartheid ethnostate shouldn’t be the authorities that people look to on what constitutes religious bigotry.

Opposing Israeli war crimes is anti-semitic. Opposing US imperialism is sexist. Opposing starvation sanctions is homophobic. Opposing proxy wars is misgendering. Opposing nuclear brinkmanship is kink shaming.

If I’d been getting my information from western mass media I would believe that Israel incinerated Gaza in self-defense because Hamas attacked it with rockets completely unprovoked for no other reason than hatred of Jewish people. These outlets are propaganda firms.

Israel deliberately destroying the offices of over 20 news outlets in Gaza is narrative control at its most overt. Reminds me of a Game of Thrones quote: “When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say.”‘

Saying Jewish people have a right to exist and saying a brutal apartheid ethnostate has a right to exist are two completely separate claims and anyone conflating them is being knowingly manipulative. The self-evidently true claim that Jews have a right to exist has nothing whatsoever to do with the self-evidently false claim that nations have rights.

Nations are conceptual constructs with no independent existence outside the human imagination. Saying Israel has a right to exist is the same as saying Bugs Bunny has a right to exist, except if you needed to murder a bunch of kids every few years to keep Bugs Bunny around.

Saudi Arabia is killing far, far more children in Yemen every single day than Israel just killed in Gaza and it would be good if opposition and activism reflected this.

If you ever feel dumb, remember that there are people who believe it’s “populist” to hate China — even as the machines of war pivot toward Asia — because a Fox News pundit and a US president told them so.

CIA applicant Tucker Carlson is not anti-warmonger, he’s just the new model of warmonger. He’s not pushing for an end to wars, he’s pushing for the military pivot to Asia that the entire empire already wants anyway. If you care about peace and truth, stop listening to Tucker Carlson. The very last place you should be looking for answers is an extremely mainstream TV show on the network that pushed the Iraq invasion harder than anyone else.

Mental illness doesn’t help with art; art helps with mental illness. People with diagnoses often become artists/musicians/creators because making stuff is good medicine, so naturally they make more stuff.

I think this distinction is important because there’s a toxic belief that artists need their mental illness to create. It deifies the illness rather than the medicine. You can just make art until you feel better and then you can keep making art because it feels good.

Meditation is good, especially the part where you notice that meditation is never not happening and the entire universe is meditation.


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  • Wow, delusional & insane. Cut the dosage & do some research….geeez.


  • Your article above is truth and nothing but the truth. Small paragraphs are really very nice way of presentation of thoughts and principles. I am getting ready to translate some of your articles in Bangla, my mother tongue. Here are some videos for your readers, in case they have missed them. Caitlin, cannot thank you enough, you are a geat warrior in defense of the oppressed people.

    God bless.







  • Nice to see you back, Caitlin.

  • Your thoughts provoke plenty of reflection and questions, so I would just take up one issue that I think worth considering when it comes to the question of nations.

    Firstly, while the nation state is a construct, I think we should consider the history and origin of that idea. The idea of nation states emerged as an opposition to the oligarchical system that has dominated humanity for much of its history. However, there has always been a fight against this, and we can go back to some notable efforts such as Solon of Athens and his debt jubilee where he essentially created a new constitution to kick the money-changers out, and he cancelled the worthless debts that has been used to enslave much of the population. Colbert did the same thing when he took control of France’s economy and launched the development of major projects and infrastructure to raise people out of poverty. Gottfied Leibniz also set up the Russian Academy of Sciences as well as the Ecole Polytechnique in France and the German scientific establishment as well precisely because he thought that the purpose for the existence of nations and government was simply of means of organizing the resources and society to improve the lot of human beings, largely by promoting scientific discovery, creativity, the arts.

    The good that has happened throughout history is because individuals set out to create this good, and they did so and fought for that in spite of the oligarchy that sought to keep people stupid, backwards and enslaved. It doesn’t meant those who fought for this good were perfect, but they had an intention to promote the natural creative spark found in all human beings, and sought to create and promote the kinds of institutions that could foster this natural development.

    The great Greek tragedian Aeschylus wrote “Prometheus Bound” where he tells the story of the titan Prometheus who stole fire from the Gods in order to give it to humankind, defying the will of Zeus who wished to keep human beings backwards and living in dark caves. I think this story is still one of the most accurate and strategic accounts of humanity’s struggle for freedom, creativity and discovery.

    We don’t need more democrats, republicans, people on the left, right, conservatives or democrats, we need more Prometheans, people who are not afraid to spit in the face of Zeus.

    Today, as in the time of Solon, or in the 1930s when Roosevelt did take on Wall Street, we need to kick the money changers out of the temple of our civilization. They are the cancer, not humanity. It’s been done before, that’s the only reason we’re having this conversation, and it can be done again.

    He case of Roosevelt’s fight against Wall Street (regardless of whatever other imperfections he had) is a great example. I don’t think there is a better one in our century, if we’re talking about letting these too big to fail zombie banks go down and not let them drag civilization down with them.


    What do you think Caitlin?



  • I have been thinking a lot recently about how all of the Presidents in my lifetime have ranged from terrible to God-awful. Jimmy Carter was probably the best, and unfortunately he was not nearly as nice during his presidency as he was in his post-presidential life. From Reagan onward, it was one despicable nightmare after another. Reagan started us down the long dark path, and Bush the Senior was just a CIA hack. Legislatively, Bill Clinton ranks at the top of the horror list. Obama was the deporter and drone-assassin in chief. Bush the Younger (plus Darth Cheney) and Trump were off the charts. I was fairly young during JFKs tenure, but obviously, his mild attempts at reigning in The Blob were met with force (think Alan Dulles).

    I keep wondering if there will ever be a decent person elected to that office (The Office of Blob Speak) in my lifetime.


    • The answer is no :o)

    • You answered your own question by pointing out what happened to JFK. In fact, I think its probably a factor in the behavior of every POTUS since JFK. If they had any decency, moral foundation, or ethical standard when elected, such would be quickly dispelled if the CIA met with them for a private viewing of the Zapruder film. Which I also suspect is why the US POTUS are all evil. If they weren’t in the first place, it would be shortly demonstrated to them they had little choice in the matter.

      • Absolutely right on . . .

        And Gratitude and Respect Caitlin for seeing and expressing Truth so well.

  • Welcome back, Caitlin! I find that, in the United States, it is the supporters of the Democratic Party who foam at the mouth the most when this subject is mentioned. I have had friends (now former friends) attack me and shun me for telling them that the Democrats are just another warmongering, imperialist and violent party of the ruling class. The evidence of history cuts no ice with them because they suffer from an amnesia that allows them to believe that the Democrats shit marshmallows and rosewater. Mentioning that this is not the case is treason in their eyes, although treason against what is never mentioned. Perhaps treason against their belief in the tooth fairy. This country is doomed as long as the people continue to swallow the capitalist poison.

  • At a time when real or even far-fetched “white supremacism” is obsessively tracked and denounced by the ADL and their corporate media bullhorns, it’s an absolute wonder that nobody ever uses the phrase “Jewish supremacism” to qualify the elephant in the room made of both the violations of human rights by Jews in Palestine and the accusations of antisemitism routinely hurled at anybody condemning them. It would only be fair to give the term the place it deserves for scrutiny in the public debate.

    • You can’t call out Jewish supremacism because you would be anti-Semitic if you did. In spite of the fact that Judaism openly declares its people to be the “chosen ones”. Somehow, the proposed 6 million is far more important than the 20 million Russians NAZI Germany disposed of. All religions have dark pages in their history. Judaism embraces theirs.

  • Kept in the dark
    Fed on bullshit and lies
    The illusion of choice
    Is something everybody buys

    Cookie cutter candidates
    Actors in a show
    All of this is just a ploy
    To maintain the status quo

    They demonize a ghost
    They fabricate a need
    To strip you of your rights
    So you’ll willingly concede

    Open your eyes
    it’s time you realized
    You’ve become the instrument
    To hasten the demise

    They pound the drums
    And wave the sword
    Then they march you off to war
    The fodder isn’t even sure
    what he’s really dying for
    In the end his life’s blood bought
    some billionaire another yacht

    You think you’re free
    Well it’s just a misconception
    You live a lie
    In this matrix of dreams
    It’s a rich man’s trick
    A monstrous deception
    To keep you chained
    To their killing machine

    • Excellent!

  • Of course, Palestinians have no right to resist their occupier and tormentor. As far as the Apex of Evil goes (US) they are unter brown volk.

    • Perhaps also like the predominantly English but all northern European manifest destiny that excused the displacement and extermination of indigenous people in the present-day USA and Canada (and I am sure elsewhere around the world).

      • Such behavior is not uncommon among peoples who have the wherewithal to engage in such extermination. For example, Baghdad did not achieve its pre-Mongolian invasion population again until the early 1970s. In fact, that invasion can be largely blamed for the current chaos in the middle east, wherein the culture that gave us our numeric system, among many other enlightenments, was summarily destroyed, and was never allowed to fully recover by the west.

  • If Al-Qaeda and ISIS is a construct of the CIA, then what is Hamas to the Mossad?

    • Hamas won the 2006 election monitored by Jimmy Carter, but were not allowed to take power by the US. There as been no election since then in the Occupied/Oppressed territories.

    • It’s interesting that while Israel likes to loudly protest Gaza is not an occupied territory, it comes under the purview not of the Mossad, but the Shin Bet, Israel’s internal ‘security’ service.

  • Welcome back to this computer screen. I hope you had a good week off. Now back to writing about the empire’s regularly scheduled starvin’, shootin’ & bombin’.

  • I have said for many years, but others have said it better, that when we vote for President in the US, we are voting for who will be the world’s war criminal-in-chief for the next four years. Doesn’t matter who is running.

    So appreciate the both of you.

  • “People with diagnoses often become artists/musicians/creators.” “I think this distinction is important because there’s a toxic belief that artists need their mental illness to create.” Especially liked those references/quotes. It reminded me of something said to a friend many years ago: “The disorder does not create the corresponding artistic ability; it may enhance, but, one’s gifts would already be inclined.”

    • The diagnosis is the questionable factor. There is much ordinary human behavior diagnosed as mental illness because it doesn’t fit the paradigm. “The Manufacture of Madness” by Thomas Szasz laid this out clearly back in 1995 or so.

  • “Opposing Israeli war crimes is anti-semitic. Opposing US imperialism is sexist. Opposing starvation sanctions is homophobic. Opposing proxy wars is misgendering. Opposing nuclear brinkmanship is kink shaming.”

    Label and smear those who disagree with a warped agenda be it war, politics, religion, lifestyle or just plain lunacy. Sadly, the new normal.

    • And reading, let alone contributing to, this website is no doubt extremist, unlike supporting climate change and nuclear war.

  • Caitlin, thanks for sharing your 5th celebration and break.

    I hope you and Tim made the most of your short rest from the frenetic world we live in. I have the great privilege of our 44th.

    We love your work to enlighten our darkened planet. Best withes to you both as you strive where few few people go.

    For other readers of comments. It’s easy to find 1 thing that you might disagree with what Caitlin may write. How about considering all the other things that you agree with and go with that. This personal insight some years ago (thanks JE) has resulted in me stopping being the Smart Arse just because I could find something I disagreed with at that time in my life.

    Thanks C&T. You add to our lives and understanding.

  • Mme.Caitlin, — I will disagree with you only in focus: imho it is abundantly clear that USA and most of the the world is run by off-stage oligarchies who in effect have wholly-owned theater companies (aka governments) ‘presenting’ the visible politics of all flavors of regimes to the peasantry (def: anyone with assets of less than ~1 B U$D). So I call most senior politicians mascots or standard-bearers (sounds grander) of the teams of oligarchies who $ponsored them – and are kept on fairly short leashes/teleprompters. My own choice is to take the ad hominem spotlight off the news factories’ product – and stay focussed on the actual drivers of the current day-to-day ugliness … something you often do a very good job of. This way we do not misdirect our personal energies, and can better target the monsters lurking just off stage,
    I am very fond of a (Romanian?) proverb: a change of rulers is the joy of fools.

  • Perhaps, if you also directed your energies to what is happening to all the world with the salami slice pushing of totalitarianism via the scam called the ” pandemic “. It might help give a much broader picture about who is controlling the evil empire and what their strategy has been for over a century right up to the present precipice where the vast minority of mankind stands !

      • Hmm, really, it appears you haven’t noticed the correlation between the evil empire, who really controls it, and the scamdemic. I recommend Professors Antony C Sutton, Carol Quigley and Guidi Preparata’s books since they describe in detail the machinations of the Transnational financiers. For example, from the 1913 Federal Reserve act, WW1, the Wall Street Crash of 1929, WW2, the Cold war, the financial crash of 2007 and the scamdemic have all had their fingers at the tiller. They use the hegelian strategy of creating a crisis, offering a solution which enables a new paradigm to be installed. Eg the UN, IMF, WB, NATO, WEF and of course the WHO. The Evil empire is but more piece in the jigsaw!!

  • Glad you’re back. Don’t worry, you didn’t miss anything.

  • Missed You , rested recharged & focused
    Thank You Caitlin here we go again

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