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At a recent appearance on Sunday Night in America with Trey Gowdy, Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton took a break from masturbating to drone bombing footage to explain what it is he and his fellow psychopathic warmongers love so much about the hypothesis that Covid-19 originated in a Chinese laboratory.

“I think the American people deserve to know what caused the worst pandemic in a century,” Cotton told the show’s space alien host. “Look, China should be made to pay for their negligence and their deceitfulness at the outset of this pandemic: covering up its origins, not being open about what was happening in that lab in Wuhan.”

“There’s lots of things we could do to impose accountability on China,” Cotton gushed. “We could for instance work their allies to ensure they’re no longer getting sweetheart deals from international financial institutions like the World Bank. We could repeal the permanent most-favored nation status we foolishly gave China 20 years ago. We could cut off visas to Chinese Communist Party officials and their princeling kids who like to come to America to go to school.”

“But if it turns out that the Chinese Communist Party and their labs were responsible for a lab leak that caused this pandemic, just imagine what the American people would demand in terms of accountability; what I said would just scratch the surface,” the senator said. “And the American people would be right to demand that kind of accountability.”

Cotton has been pushing for a “full, impartial investigation into COVID-19 origins, with a special focus on the Wuhan labs,” and he knows full well that there is no mechanism in existence which could carry out such an impartial investigation. There is no reason to believe any investigation into the Wuhan lab would not be heavily biased toward a pro-US narrative and used to manufacture international agendas to smash China, and there is every reason to believe it would be.

Have you ever wondered why the people indicted and detained by the International Criminal Court are always from weaker nations—overwhelmingly African—while far more deadly war criminals like George W Bush and Tony Blair walk free? It’s because “international law” only exists to the extent that there’s an international willingness and ability to enforce it, and the US uses its military and economic might to keep the international community mostly aligned with it. If US allies ever contemplate charging America’s military with war crimes, they are threatened that they’ll wind up on the wrong side of US military protection. If ICC officials ever dare to cast their gaze upon the US government’s behavior, Washington just laughs and sanctions them.

The US actively works to bribe, bully and manipulate international governments into protecting and advancing its interests. When the US was seeking UN authorization for the Gulf War in 1991, Yemen dared to vote against it, after which a member of the US delegation told Yemen’s ambassador, “That’s the most expensive vote you ever cast.” Yemen lost not just 70 million dollars in US foreign aid but also a valuable labor contract with Saudi Arabia, and a million Yemeni immigrants were sent home by America’s Gulf state allies.

Or take the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, which began in 1997 as an independent international body working toward the elimination of chemical weapons from the world with great success. That all changed in 2002 when the OPCW Director General, José Bustani, became viewed by the Bush administration as an obstacle to the agenda to manufacture international support for the Iraq invasion. The US threatened to cut off funding for the organization, Undersecretary of State John Bolton threatened Bustani’s kids, and Bustani was sent packing. Now the OPCW is a lackey of the US war machine whose leaders actively manipulate chemical weapons investigations to produce results which align with US imperialist interests.

Hell, look at the first international investigation into the origins of Covid-19, whose findings stayed far away from anything which would turn up the US scientific establishment’s involvement in the controversial gain-of-function experiments at the very Wuhan lab in question. There’s no reason to believe an inquiry focused on the Wuhan lab wouldn’t be rigged to hurt China while leaving the US empire looking clean as a whistle, whether the virus did in fact originate there or not.

None of the people pushing for an investigation of the Wuhan lab seem to have any idea how such an investigation could take place in a fair and impartial way. They just say “We need to get to the bottom of this!” and “We need to find the truth!”, without ever saying who “we” is or how they would be “finding the truth” in a way that is not subject to the manipulations the US government always inserts into international disputes whose outcomes it has a vested interest in. It doesn’t seem like anyone’s even thought about this little wrinkle in their plan, or if they have they haven’t thought very hard.

When I point this out people act like it means I have some sort of aversion to the truth. “So you just don’t want to know where the virus started?” they ask incredulously. It’s not that I don’t want to know, it’s that there’s no possible mechanism which could produce results that I find trustworthy on an international stage which is continually manipulated by the US empire. You’d have to get the US empire to cease behaving in the way it always behaves.

When I ask people how there could possibly be a fair and impartial investigation into the Wuhan lab, they can never answer me. This is because we all know there is no possible scenario under which China or anyone else could trust that the US would not engage in the same kind of manipulations it always does. Beijing would be absolutely insane to open its doors to such an investigation, because it would have no way of preventing the US and its lackeys from manipulating the results and producing a narrative which fully incriminates the Chinese government while leaving Washington innocent.

I don’t know where Covid-19 came from; there are many different theories, some of which cast doubt that the virus originated in China at all. I just know that viruses happen, that there’s no valid reason for them to drive us apart instead of bringing us together, and that the US war machine is inherently untrustworthy.

Tom Cotton is such a disgusting warmonger that a Washington Post columnist once warned that he would be “most likely to start World War III” if he became president. He’s been openly saying for over a year that he plans on making China “pay” for the damage caused by Covid-19, and now he is seizing on the increasing acceptance of the theory that the virus may have escaped from a Wuhan laboratory to manufacture a demand for more cold war escalations against Beijing.

There’s a special revulsion among American opponents of rampant US military expansionism for Beltway war hawks who avoided military enlistment in their youth, disdainfully branding them “chickenhawks”, but in my opinion a hawk like Cotton who has seen war firsthand is far worse. Someone who seeks to expand the horrors of war without ever having experienced those horrors is less of a monster than a veteran who experienced those horrors and seeks to create more of them, because they know exactly what they are inflicting upon the world and are choosing to do it anyway.

There’s a quote from the movie Jack Reacher:

“There are four types of people who join the military. For some, it’s family trade. Others are patriots, eager to serve. Next you have those who just need a job. Then there’s the kind who want the legal means of killing other people.”

Tom Cotton’s insatiable appetite for war throughout his entire adult life makes it abundantly obvious that he is the fourth kind.

Not everyone who supports an investigation into the lab leak theory is a warmonger, but warmongers will definitely be happy if they get that investigation. One thing’s for sure: we’re not getting the truth regardless.


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127 responses to “Tom Cotton Explains Why Warmongers Love The Wuhan Lab Leak Theory”

  1. I started out writing a short comment on good ol Tom Cotton, lighting bolts hit me while doing that, and I’m a bit surprised where that led me. It took a while to assimilate and make sense of these new views about life, and then say something intelligent about all that. All I can say, is once again, what a long strange trip.
    My experience in the military was that the quotation near the end of this essay understates the cultural diversity in the military.
    – A few people really truly are examples of the wonderful americans that many people fanaticize about.
    – Some others make Machiavelli look rather sweet, which is part of why so much of the world hates the US.
    – Tom Cotton is a symptom of a huge underlying cultural problem in the US, this is a root cause of many critical problems, and it is urgent to address this root cause.
    I read firsthand accounts of rape survivors because I’m severely traumatized and those essays are the best available accounts of how a person copes with living with extreme emotional trauma and what this kind of life is like. Sometimes I wonder if I’m just a whining defective person, read those essays, and then am reminded that my issues are very common and real. I was reading one of those accounts and a series of lighting bolts hit me:
    – The typical rape, where a male penetrates a female with their penis, can’t happen unless the male has an erection.
    – This means that the male is standing there, looking a cringing, crying, moaning female, with snot running out of her nose, and this is so sexually stimulating that he gets an erection.
    – I was stunned and tried to imagine this, and couldn’t because those males live in a different universe from me.
    – Trying to imagine this caused my penis to shrink so small that it almost disappeared, I also got a bit nauseated.
    – Even writing this comment is making me queasy, but I’m doing it because these issues need to be raised and discussed.
    – Now think about a society, where a large number of males find it sexually stimulating to humiliate and terrorize females.
    – The not-toxic males are respectful and compassionate, along with being strong, assertive, and courageous, and males like this will feel revulsion at the humiliation and terrorization of females, however the existence of males like this has been buried by the MSM.
    – Feminism, along with racism, has been co-opted by the billionaires and now they are just more perpetual divide-and-conquer wedges.
    To the great detriment of society, the phrase “rape culture” is very poorly defined, and there are many greatly different ideas about what it means.
    – The simply minded scoff at it because they think it means men are wearing tee shirts with “I Love Rape” printed on them.
    – Almost nobody is talking about the fact that rapists are raised that way, that an innocent male baby is raised up so that as an adult they find humiliating and terrorizing females to be sexually stimulating.
    – It shouldn’t surprise anybody that these males are attracted to joining the military.
    – An accompanying and enabling problem is that some female babies are raised up so that as an adult they find abusive males to be attractive and sexually stimulating.
    Along these same lines, some people get an euphoric rush from hurting others (i.e. good ol Tom Cotton).
    – It shouldn’t surprise anybody that these people (males and females) are attracted to joining the military.
    – This statement in the essay above triggered this line of thinking:
    – He’s been openly saying for over a year that he plans on making China “pay” for the damage caused by Covid-19.
    – When somebody is talking about making somebody else “pay” for alleged crimes, its not about justice or restoring equilibrium to society, its about abusive power and control, getting a euphoric rush from doing this, and finding a vulnerable scapegoat to do it to.
    – For hundreds of years the demagogues in the US have pictured Asians as evil, retarded, scum, and the demagogues are so stupid they fail to realize that picture is now backfiring on them.
    – The Chinese are gradually loosing patience with the idiot demagogues in the US, and it worries me that so many people are failing to learn from this.
    For a long time the US has blown off the responsibility to do diligent stewardship in how children are raised.
    – The statement “garbage in, garbage out” is true, so if you are producing garbage, then the process is broken.
    – Since the billionaires are destroying the public school system in the US, our only hope is for people to start forming homeschooling cooperatives.
    – A key factor is few families can afford to dedicate a full-time parent to homeschooling, however many families could contribute a parent part-time to homeschooling. Several parents, cooperating together, could homeschool a small group of children, with each parent contributing to this part-time. Besides, few people are universally talented, so a group of parents cooperating together increases the chances of there being at least 1 parent who has talent in each subject area.
    Rape is a worldwide problem, particularly in militarized cultures.
    > How do we change human society so male children aren’t raised to find it sexually stimulating to humiliate and terrorize females?
    Its likely that once the rape culture issue is fully addressed, then the issue, of people getting an euphoric rush from hurting others, will also have been addressed.
    > Tom Cotton is a symptom of a huge underlying cultural problem in the US.
    – Addressing the factors contributing to the rape culture will also reduce the number of warmongers.
    A major problem in human society is that a lot of behavior is genetically based, and this issue is buried by the MSM.
    – With work and discipline your genetic inclinations can be reprogrammed, so “my genes made me do it” isn’t a valid excuse for anything.
    – Likely it will take a lot of peer pressure to suppress predatory behavior that is in part generically based.
    – A huge downside to wokeness is that is has discredited holding others accountable for moral failures.
    – A good start is avoiding judgmental condemnation of people, and focusing on respectful and firm criticism of unacceptable behavior.
    In general:
    – People, who are condemning other people, are reinforcing a divide-and-conquer wedge.
    – People, who are criticizing unacceptable behavior, are working towards improving society. While they might be misguided, at least they are working to avoid further fracturing society. Devoted stewards will listen to each other, and keep listening until they reach common ground and agreement about good stewardship. Dogma and ideology will derail this cooperation every single time!
    Billionaires love dogma and ideology because beliefs in dogma and ideology guarantee there won’t ever be a mobilization of people large enough to successfully oppose the billionaires.
    When working to heal society, focus on pragmatic causes and effects. For instance, what changes to child rearing practices will decrease the chances of a male child growing up and then getting a hard-on when abusing females?
    – Doing this is also the best starting point for reducing the number of warmongers because:
    > The factors leading to incidents of rape are a major root issue in US society.
    > Addressing the roots of rape is a concrete action item that many people can relate to and will support.
    > Objectifying people is an enabling factor for warmongers, and encouraging deep seated respect and empathy for women counters that objectification.
    – You can’t bomb the shit of some city while you are thinking of what you would feel like if your parents, siblings, children, or cousins were turned into pink paste by some evil war profiteers.
    Actually, objectification of people and other life is a precondition for many of the bad things going on in our world, so any training countering objectification addresses all of those issues.
    – This training must be applied broadly to all life, otherwise you end up with a hierarchy of privileged and unprivileged, and it being okay to objectify the unprivileged.
    – The training must include: Respect for All Life – Listening with Your Heart – Empathy – and Cooperation,
    So then healthy and productive relationships will be established with all life that a person has contact with.
    There is one more issue that must be mentioned in the context of warmongers and the US.
    > If the US unravels as a country, who gets the thousands of nuclear bombs and nuclear warheads?
    – Do we want a world where warlords are armed with nuclear weapons? I don’t think so.
    – Do we want a world where global corporations are armed with tactical nukes, so they can vaporize local governments that stubbornly resistant to becoming corporate satrapies? I don’t think so.
    – This gets back to the urgent importance of doing cultural healing in the US. The focus of this must be on raising a functional next generation. We need functional younger generations so that even if the US is floundering around, there is still a marginally functional federal government managing the mess, AND accepting responsibility for the huge pile of nuclear weapons the US has.

  2. Elden Ray Morrison Avatar
    Elden Ray Morrison

    You need to rein it in a little Caitlin. You’re hysteria is starting to show. I say that a flawed investigation is way better than no investigation. At least there is a starting point for a discussion.

    1. Tell the families of people who have been wrongly sentenced to death that it’s better to have a flawed biased investigation than it is to have no investigation.

  3. The USG outsourced gain of function research thru intermediaries (duszak) for $millions to China.
    China was dumb enought to let gain of function happen at Wuhan in a leaky level 2 or 3 bio lab.
    So a US bioweapon was released by China on China and the world.

  4. We are losing the forest by obsessing over a tree or two. Isn’t the core issue the continued practice of gain of function research? It has just killed 3.7 million people. If you were not paying attention or consulting the right news sources, then feel free to insert ” possibly” into the previous sentence. That is still more than enough for a worldwide ban.

    1. Thomas Prentice Avatar
      Thomas Prentice

      Indeed and amen, amen, amen!

      Humans should NOT be fucking around at this microbiotic level with gof when the risk — and HUBRIS — is stratospheric.

      As was the case with “smashing” the atom.

      Electricity too cheap to meter we were told by Lewis Strauss when atom smashing’s greatest and only success had been immolation off 200,000 humans at Hiroshima and Nagasaki…

      the USA using indigenous pacific peoples as guinea pigs for nuclear testing… !

      and use of so called “depleted” uranium for bomb casings, poisoning whole areas and peoples for generations …

      and Chernobyl, three mile island, and Fukushima among others …

      This species has lots of smarts: processing too much information, constructing little useful knowledge and generating precious little wisdom as I have said before.


  5. I still haven’t read a plausible explanation of how this virus could have been detected (via antibody tests) in so many Americans before or roughly the same time that it had perhaps infected people in Wuhan. There IS copious and easily-confirmable evidence that this was the case. I guess this is insignificant or irrelevant COVID trivia.

    1. False positives are the simplest answers. Many people developed a more generalized immune reaction for common cold viruses from the same family. For that matter, many “suspicious earlier deadly break-outs” could be caused by local mutations of otherwise mildly harmful viruses. This is why for the first month or so, neither Chinese authorities, nor WHO, nor anyone else had certainty that this is a very infectious virus.

      1. By my count, there are at least 16 known Americans who had positive antibody tests (per media reports). They all had symptoms identical to COVID. Tim McCain’s severe case was a perfect match for the severe, critical cases of COVID. Brandie McCain has had three positive antibody tests. Michael Melham has had two positive antibody tests. All these people believe they had COVID. Since they had the exact symptoms, and since they received positive antibody tests, why should we doubt them? The big “tell” though is that the CDC nor state health agencies won’t even investigate their claims. Why wouldn’t these agencies do this if they are being sincere when they say they are “searching for clues” of early spread? Only one answer comes to mind to this question. They know if they did honestly investigate these credible claims, they would have to agree these people did have COVID in November and December 2019. They would have to admit that COVID WAS circulating widely in America months before they said this was possible. The fallout from such an admission would be nuclear. Much better to NOT do any real investigations into these claims and this EVIDENCE.

        1. Thomas Prentice Avatar
          Thomas Prentice

          Fish rot from the head down. As true of Democrats and media manipulators as if Nixon.

          1. Are you saying my statements are fish rot? If so, why? What specific statement/claim?

            1. I think he was saying that the entire system (healthcare and regulators and investigators) is rotten, and that it starts from the top on down.

              To add some anecdotal data to your investigations Bill, myself and a few other people I know became very ill with something we hadn’t experienced before in late December and January. It wasn’t nearly as serious at the McCains, but i was waylaid for almost the whole month of January, and experienced quite a few stereotypical symptoms (fever, cough, fatigue, aches, and compromised taste and smell). Given the timeline I’m pretty sure I got it at a show on December 26th. Someone else who frequents that same location was the first person i personally know who tested positive for covid (it was probably late February when he got it, though it could have been earlier).

              There’s no way I would be able to prove it, but I’m certain that it was already circulating in our area by December, and it was most likely even earlier than that. I had been hearing about people getting sick with unfamiliar flu and cold like symptoms in October, and my own circle had way more people getting sick than usual throughout the fall and winter of that year.

              1. Bill Rice, Jr. Avatar
                Bill Rice, Jr.

                Tx. I’ve heard countless similar stories. I think I had it in late Jan. 2020.

            2. Thomas Prentice Avatar
              Thomas Prentice

              Oooh. Kind of defensive, aren’t you? Go take a fucking pill.

  6. Christian J. Chuba Avatar
    Christian J. Chuba

    The WSJ is being used as the ‘Mystery Machine’ to push the Govt narrative of the Wuhan Lab leak. The Funniest talking point to emerge is the AHA moment that it could not have been natural in origin because BATS AREN’T SOLD in the Wuhan WET MARKET ! ! !

    I thought Laura Ingraham was going to have the Big O as she gleefully repeated this point on her show.
    But wait …. I also remember Laura, Carlson, and many many publications, especially the British Tabloids showing us pictures of those disgusting, filthy, bat eating, sub-human, Chinese people eating bats while sitting in their own filth.

    What happened to all of the stories of Chinese eating bats ? ? ?Were they lies?

    1. Thomas Prentice Avatar
      Thomas Prentice


  7. Well, of course the reptiles and reptile wanna bees are going to deny, redirect, obfuscate, and distort. Paying too much attention to their antics is not helpful. Of course there is not going to be an unbiased investigation into COVID origins. However, listing various hypotheses does not absolve one from having an opinion, especially about a pandemic that has to date killed 3.7 million people. That is almost a small nuclear war, the kind reptiles have wanted in the past to start with China.

    None of us, I would guess, are virologists. We can all toss around the term “furin cleavage site,” but none of us actually knows what that means. As Chomsky pointed out once, we all have to depend on sources we hope are reliable. And perhaps some experience with the reptilian mind and how it manipulates narrative to advance its agendas.

    The only consistently reliable source of COVID information and analysis I have found is GM Watch. Once again, I recommend that site. Do a search on “Wuhan” or other related terms.

    1. And concerning the reptilian mind, the way the COVID origin scenario is playing out reminds me more and more of Russiagate. Almost all progressives and progressive news sites were too fastidious to question the official Russian hack narrative, simply because to do so would have offered support to Trumpler. The progressive sites with more integrity remained silent and others allowed themselves to be hijacked by the DNC and Robert Reich. The ONLY progressive site with authentic analysis was Consortium News, especially while Robert Perry was still contributing. Russiagate. COVID. Seems to me that there is a pattern developing here that conveniently results in the neutralizing of any thorough progressive analysis.

    2. Why not go the whole hog, and assume that nobody know what a furin cleavage site is, and virologists have simply made up phrases like that to conceal their ignorance?

      1. You are spouting nonsense. Of course the term has meaning for a small number of experts who have done work on viruses. Do I need to refer you to Nicholas Wadeʻs excellent piece on the site of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists?

        1. So what did you mean by “We can all toss around the term “furin cleavage site,” but none of us actually knows what that means”? Who is ‘us’?

      2. You are sounding a bit reptilian here, Ian.

  8. My senator, Tammy “Two Limbs” Duckworth is one of those who’s been damaged by war and seeks to perpetuate its horrors. She’s recently in Taiwan to deliver 750,000 doses of COVID vaccine As I understand it, a relatively insignificant amount. In other words to goad the Chinese dragon. Duckworth first began to make a political name for herself in 2006. She was one of the six pro-war Dims running in the primary for representative that year against those vocally anti-war, whose campaigns were sabotaged by Rahm Emanuel’s Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Duckworth and the other machine pro-war candidates won their primaries. They one and all went on to to lose to the Repugs in the general election. To the Repugs! Duckworth’s primary opponent in 2006 was Christine Cegelis, who in 2004 almost single-handedly defeated, 16-term Henry Hyde. When Hyde retired in 2006, rather than throw the Democcratic Machine’s heft behind Cegelis and the others, Emanuel went the pro-war route.

    1. I don’t think they’re actually delivering any vaccines. They might come later.

  9. Caitlin is a natural born marine architect ( !) … even though some observers apparently can’t make out the clean lines of her sleek, hull designs under the rapid barnacle ( comment:) build-up !

    – treading water, JJ


    The West has a long and sordid history of using bioweapons. Western sanctions willfully targeted Iraqi water systems with the intended objective to create unsafe, biologically-contaminated drinking water. The result? The West murdered almost two million Iraqis, including 600,000 children under five. (6)

    As for NATO terrorists in Syria, one of the first things they and their masters do is destroy water plants and water sources.(7) Likewise for Libya. NATO bombed the famous water infrastructure.

    The West has been using biowarfare for ages. Americans used it against indigenous peoples, centuries ago. In fact, many First Nations communities in Canada right now do not have clean drinking water.
    While the “Made in China” coronavirus label served as a pretext, the unspoken objective was to bring the Chinese economy to its knees.

    It was an act of “economic warfare”, which has contributed to undermining both China’s economy as well as that of most Western countries (allies of the US), leading to a wave of bankruptcies, not to mention unemployment, collapse of the tourist industry, etc.
    Late February: Financial manipulation characterizes stock market transactions Worldwide.

    The stock value of airlines companies collapses overnight. Those who had “foreknowledge” of Trump’s March 11 decision to ban transatlantic flights from EU countries made a bundle of money. It’s called “short-selling” in the derivative market among other speculative ops. Institutional speculators including hedge funds with “inside info” had already placed their bets.
    More generally, ,A MASSIVE TRANSFER OF MONEY WEALTH HAS OCCURRED among the largest in World history, leading to countless bankruptcies, not to mention the loss of lifelong savings engineered through the collapse of financial markets.

    This process is ongoing. It would be naive to believe that these occurrences are spontaneous, based on market forces. They are deliberate. They are part of a carefully designed plan involving powerful financial interests.


    It is now virtually certain that COVID-19 was brought to Wuhan by American troops taking part in the city’s World Military Games last Oct. 18-27.
    The 300-strong US contingent stayed 300 meters from the Huanan Seafood Market where China’s outbreak began (see map below) at the Wuhan Oriental Hotel.
    Five of the US troops developed a fever on Oct. 25 and were taken to an infectious-diseases hospital for treatment.
    42 employees of the Oriental Hotel were diagnosed with COVID-19, becoming the first cluster in Wuhan. At the time only 7 people from the market had been thus diagnosed (and treated before the hotel staff). All 7 had contact with the 42 from the hotel. From this source, the virus spread to the rest of China.
    The American Military Games team trained at a location near Fort Detrick, the military’s viral lab closed down by the CDC in July for various deficiencies.
    The big question now is whether the transmission was planned, or accidental.

    The Senate’s $2 Trillion Coronavirus Relief Package is not fiscal stimulus and it’s not a lifeline for the tens of millions of working people who have suddenly lost their jobs. It’s a fundamental restructuring of the US economy designed to strengthen the grip of the corrupt corporate-banking oligarchy while creating a permanent underclass that will be forced to work for slave wages. This isn’t stimulus, it’s shock therapy.

    Remember the 2009 H1N1 swine flu pandemic when Obama’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology compared the H1N1 pandemic to the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic while reassuring the public that the latter was more deadly. (CBC: Get swine flu vaccine ready: U.S. advisers)

    Based on incomplete and scanty data, the WHO Director General predicted with authority that: “as many as 2 billion people could become infected over the next two years — nearly one-third of the world population.” (World Health Organization as reported by the Western media, July 2009).

    It was a multibillion bonanza for Big Pharma supported by the WHO’s Director-General Margaret Chan.

  12. @ IAN ( the ZIO shill ) PERKINS !!

    Hey IAN

    Can’t wait for the upcoming YEMENI ‘documentary’ SHOWING the Stolen/Zionist/Apartheid states FINGERPRINTS all over the WAR and GENOCIDE of the YEMENI people !

    Should be a BLOCKBUSTER !

  13. “Beijing would be absolutely insane to open its doors to such an investigation, because it would have no way of preventing the US and its lackeys from manipulating the results and producing a narrative which fully incriminates the Chinese government while leaving Washington innocent.”
    Yep. Just ask Putin how brilliant it was to send Navalny to Germany to “save his life.” The entire West is so much under the thumb of Washington that none of those lackeys can be trusted whatsoever. I’m sure that Washington constantly reminds them all, “what a nice country you have there, wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to it.”

    1. Precisely. Meanwhile not “discovering” that the US played a pivotal role in the development of this virus, and may have had a hand in its departure from the lab.

  14. What about the one where the US planted the virus in the Wuhan lab so that it would leak and then they could blame it on the Chinese?

    1. Or Ron Unz’s favorite theory that the little beastie was spirited into Wuhan by the US military during the international military games held in that city just before the outbreak.
      With Fauci bankrolling Wuhan’s “gain of function” research on the little critters and genetically-modified strains being swapped between labs in the US, Canada and China, the opportunities for skullduggery are limited only by your imagination. There are enough truths, half-truths and damnable lies floating around to build any kind of case you like.
      Just like the charge that “Russia stole the election from Hillary to ensconce Trump as their puppet,” none of these confabulations will ever really die. Brainwashed partisans will be regurgitating them on their death beds.

      1. Truer words have never been spoken. On every topic, there’s a watershed on both sides of which people miraculously fall in equal numbers with the added bonus that, as Montaigne says, “nothing is so firmly believed as what we least know.” :o)

  15. At last, here’s a man with whom Adolf Hitler might compare favorably!
    It has been written that Hitler had a soft spot for dogs and little children. We don’t know how Cotton, who seems to hate an awful lot of folks, scores on these two items though.
    Joke apart, would it be outlandish to opine that someone who claims Hezbollah is plotting with Mexican drug cartels to attack Arkansas (which doesn’t even have a border with Mexico – let alone Lebanon) is exhibiting symptoms usually associated with acute paranoia?
    Of course an impartial observer might argue that Cotton is simply pushing the agendas of his hawkish sponsors to make a name for himself with all the money he can get from extreme militaristic stances, which would only be Beltway business as usual.
    China’s ownership of 15% of the US foreign-owned debt…
    … might not be alien either to Cotton’s classical mafia-style shakedown to make it cough up “reparations”. Like the US did for the wrongly labelled “Spanish flu” in 1920. Pardon? The US did not? Sorry… Then again nobody asked. People had manners in them days…
    However, the most surprising of it all is the ease with which the greed-driven G20 (if, like me, your don’t like the imprecise concept “new world order”) imposed the Covid-19 propaganda and how nobody with any media visibility is now questioning the VALIDITY of treating as the scourge of God a disease which has killed a mere 0,04% of the world population in 18 months, 80% of whom already had one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel, while the flu (which shares a common RNA virus which the alleged, if never isolated, Covid-19) has magically disappeared. Could there be some confusion here as well as with some other pulmonary diseases which represent 7% of all deaths year in year out?
    Believing the contrary is not made easy by the WHO’s eventual acknowledgement that the tools to detect cases and therefore deaths from Covid-19 are – and therefore always have been – unreliable…
    … which everybody interested has known from the get go while they got goosebumps at hearing Dr Birx declare that the USG’s count of Covid cases was “liberal” in that it considered deaths “with” Covid-19 as deaths “from” Covid-19. Like you tested positive and got run over by a bus going out of the hospital, you were a Covid fatality. Is that how science operates in the XXIst century? Surely Hippocrates is rolling over in his grave!
    And we’re not even talking about the masks that were initially useless, then useful when they started to mean money (two German MPs were caught red-handed the same week a few months ago getting kickbacks out of them). And we’re not even talking about the corporate and social media’s obvious (and unprecedented in the so-called “free world”) lack of transparency when it comes to debating anything possibly hurting Mammon’s feelings as far as the Covid environment is concerned, like the cons and pros of cheap and effective hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin treatments in parts of India compared to the controversial results of expensive remdesivir or the legitimacy of selling barely “authorized in case of emergency” vaccines as God-sent fully FDA approved panaceas and possibly even making them mandatory. Bill Gates sponsored drugs made universally mandatory for 7.8 billion de facto guinea pigs to possibly (it’s not even guaranteed) protect them from a disease that has killed 0,04% of them (3,7 million) so far, 50% over 80 years old? What kind of delirium is that? The whole $hebang is such an obvious joke that one wonders how anybody with two connected synapses can take it seriously – not even mentioning that the best part of East Asia has a very low percentage of deaths per million, starting with whom?
    Yesss! China. Gotta laugh! Of course they’re fudging their figures – cos’ they’re commies, you see! Instead of the 3 deaths per million they declare (as opposed to 1,842 in the US), the Chinese in reality have 24 trillion deaths per million, everyone knows that – 48 trillion per million in Uyghurland even!
    Is Covid more or less of a joke than Tom Cotton remains however a topic open to debate :o)

    1. Influenza viruses contain negative sense RNA, coronaviruses positive.
      And has Gates sponsored any of the Russian, Cuban, or Chinese vaccines?

        1. Well, has Gates sponsored any of the Russian, Cuban, or Chinese vaccines?
          Or do you mean you don’t believe influenza viruses contain negative sense RNA, or that you don’t believe coronaviruses contain positive sense RNA?
          And thank you for posting a comment underneath mine. What conclusions should I draw from that?

  16. Meanwhile, back in the real world, climate catastrophe is happening right under our noses.
    Unprecedented fires, floods, droughts and sea level rise are taking millions of lives every year.
    It will only get worse.
    If the psychopaths who rule think Covid chaos will somehow diminish the climate catastrophe, they’ve got their heads further up their arses than I thought.

    1. As I’m sure when the Sahara started turning into a desert, the residents also considered it a climate catastrophe. The climate has been changing ever since there was one, often quite radically and suddenly. The notion we can stop it from doing so is nothing but hubris.

      1. ‘What Really Turned the Sahara Desert From a Green Oasis Into a Wasteland?’

        While the shifts between a green Sahara and a desert do constitute a type of climate change, it’s important to understand that the mechanism differs from what we think of as anthropogenic (human-made) climate change today, which is largely driven by rising levels of CO2 and other greenhouse gases.

  17. BB Benderhaus Avatar
    BB Benderhaus

    Covid 19 came from an technologically advanced civilization (Space Aliens) to undermine the stable and peaceful American Empire. The virus was introduced by the Space Aliens allies (China). This will not be taken lightly. An investigation will be conducted to come to the predetermined results. Any questions.

  18. Assassins and war-mongers in the CIA and Britain’s MI6 do not need the legal means to kill people. They do it for the money and super-wealthy globalists put up the money. Money is the root of all kinds of evil and who does not live money?

  19. China is not some helpless ragdoll of a country like Libya, Syria or Yemen, and because of that, I don’t see our government going to war with them, or someone like Tom Cotton seriously entertaining the thought of it. China is a nuclear power with a sizable standing army, so a fight with them would be a no-win proposition. It also just happens to be true that China’s military have been speaking for years, of the usefulness of bioweapons to quell the ethnic and political divisions within China and to fight a gradual, non-nuclear “world war III”. But if the rumblings of those like Tom Cotton lead to the exposure of not just Faucci, but much of the medical-industrial establishment who have been celebrating this pandemic and making predictions of enhanced profits resulting from it, I’m fine with that. Whether the virus was released by accident, or deliberately by some combination of bad actors from China and from our own establishment, the first steps our people should demand would be to disengage from their scientific establishment, and distance ourselves in other ways. China has gotten cooperation from paid shills like Fauci and from our medical, intelligence and “defense” establishments without firing a shot. Before starting (or escalating) WWIII, we need to clean our own crooked house.

  20. The United States government can never be trusted to do anything in an honest and above board way. You can bet your last dollar that they never will be honest!!

    1. True. But can you name one government that could be called trustworthy? I can’t. This is not “The USA VS. the world”, it’s the same web of bad actors that control most of the world’s governments, a web that while it uses the American people as its mercenary force, has increasingly been tyrannizing the populations of other Western countries like Canada, Australia and the UK, all of which have imposed lockdowns that include arrest for people who leave their houses without permission. Whatever its origins, this “pandemic” has been a wet-dream-come-true for authoritarians all over the world.

      1. Politician: One most adept getting the most people to believe the most preposterous lies the most often. Usually a sociopath.

        This definition does not vary by nation of origin.
        Every single government is founded on its presumption it has sole authority to kill you if you don’t go along. The only difference is where they draw that line between going along or not going along, and how often and how much it changes.

  21. China didn’t need a lab leak. All China needed to do is show some videos of people allegedly dying of a horrible virus and the imbeciles in the United States and Western Europe took care of the rest. The psycopaths in the ruling capitalist class were easily outfoxed by a bunch of Orientals sitting around the table playing “Go” . Yes, the 21 Century will be the Chinese Century. The Europeans are too brain dead to understand.

  22. Yes, U.S. NIH invested 3.7 million dollars into Corona-Virus research at the Wuhan lab and the CCP had to be completely aware that was taking place. Nothing happens in China without the CCP’s knowledge and approval.
    “According to documents obtained by British media outlet Daily Mail, scientists there experimented on bats as part of a project funded by the US National Institutes of Health, which continues to license the Wuhan laboratory to receive American money for experiments.” See: “Shocking! US gave $3.7 million to China’s Wuhan lab that conducted coronavirus tests on bats”

  23. Thomas Prentice Avatar
    Thomas Prentice

    Cotton is a warmonger and dangerous. But he was right on $2K snd right on this … like a stopped clock tells correct time 2x a day.

    But to hell with him. There is a profound need to investigate US funding by US agencies of gof research especially during the Obama pause.

    This could be Far Worse Than Watergate: no one died there let alone millions.

    This just landed in the inbox from Independent Science News:

    By Investigating Itself The US Can Answer Many Of The Key COVID19 Origin Questions

    Policy not personalities.

  24. In reality, China had no need to unleash a bio weapon. China is winning the strategic battle against the militarily bloated and largely bankrupt US system which has allowed itself to become hostage to the droves of zombie banks known as ”To Be To Fail.” As the US continually tries to overextended itself and contain China and other nations, it’s ultimately just using up all its resources and accelerating the internal collapse of financial and infrastructure systems.

    If one were to argue for the virus being used a bio weapon, or not an ”accidental leak” then the default suspect would have to be not even the US, but in reality the whole Five Eyes intelligence and finance establishment.

    To quote a recent piece entitled ”Beijing, the Five Eyes or Something Else? Who’s to Blame for the COVID Pandemic?”:

    ”When Sir Richard Dearlove (former head of MI6) became a loud proponent of the Wuhan lab leak hypothesis in June 2020, something seemed amiss. Dearlove certainly knew a thing or two about bioweapons. He knew very well of the Pentagon’s vast array of internationally extended bioweapons labs peppered across the world, and he certainly understood the art of misdirection being himself a byzantine shadow creature who operated at the highest echelons of British intelligence. Dearlove was after all in charge of the “yellowcake” dodgy dossier that launched an Iraq war, he knew of the fallacious reports of nerve gases used by the governments of Libya and Syria sponsored by MI6, had even overseen major components of Russiagate that drove a color revolutionary process in the USA. Dearlove also knew a thing or two about the Porton Down labs that manufactured Novichok used in the Skripal Affair.”

  25. The leak is obviously in Cotton’s brain!
    It is specimens such as he, that are the contagion that have been unleashed since the ousting of symbolic figurehead Trump; that are more of a threat to life on Earth than is a viral bug.
    The panic of COVID-19 ‘messaged’ into the heads of so-called leadership is beginning to run amok, just as envisaged by their promoters.
    Why are you looking under the light, the drunk is asked? “Because that’s where I lost my keys.”
    When we figure out who is directing the beam, we may become more sober-minded, but alas, it has taken us 30 generations, and more, just to arrive at this point of so-called ‘enlightenment’.

    1. This is pretty bold hypothesis. Are you sure that Cotton has a brain?

      In any case, we are talking about the guy who proposed to airborne divisions agains riots in US cities. Slaughtering furriners is not as much fun as it used to be, so he invented a method for enacting mass slaughter without the necessity of new foreign wars.

      1. Thomas Prentice Avatar
        Thomas Prentice

        It’s not about Cotton!. It’s about real science mocked by Dems and media last year only to be embraced now.

        Policy not personality ! Trump is gone, deal with it!

        Stop looking for more trumps to hate on. Get off someway else. This requires reason not lust.

        This also means you, amiga Caitlin:

        By Investigating Itself The US Can Answer Many Of The Key COVID19 Origin Questions

        1. why not ask china to investigate the us?

  26. Dan Landewall Avatar
    Dan Landewall

    As long as war can render billions of dollars in profit – there will be wars, as well as false narratives for starting wars.

  27. thank you all so far on this thread. and CJ, i do not know how you do it. day after day: amazing writing, my trade i know, is embarrassed by your perseverance and accuracy. are you a person or a group?
    and Ms Ruse, great insight great name.
    here are some factoids born from my internet research when this stuff first pooped up: Wuhan Lab’s first 20 years were managed by Harvard U. Both Moderna and Pfizer began research on mRNA vaxes way before the covid appeared. Corona virus is the best known among genetic engineers, or microbiologists and CHRISPR has made gene insertion or replacement a garage or basement technology. one guy got arrested–unverified–for adding 4 ebola genes to corona virus, he said it cost him 100,000.
    so imagine a patchwork lab assembled by looney tunes like Dr. No or Goldfinger using Proud Boy Muscle etc. Paranoid yet?
    wait. China has been paranoid also that the US of A-holes was working on a virus thst only attacked Asians or Chinese. they needed to spy. now flash to Winnipeg. canada’s ostensible biowar lab, probably controlled by the CIA. google Ms Qiu, a recent grad of bio-warlab school in China and winne of the 1,000 talents award which could send her to any lab in the world that would take her. for some eperience. uh-huh. there she meets and “falls in love” with another Chinese (male) scientist already there. their love affair is pleaseing to many Canadians and good PR for Canada. then she says she–being old school–has to return to China to ask her parents for permission. she goes t general applause. the story goes she is ushered immediately to Wuhan her original place of work. why?
    She makes 6 f these trips. un-huh. onthelast her lover accompanies her as he has yet to meet and chat with her parents. as the plane is taking off the Mounties smell a rat. they race to the lab and inspect the vials or whatever and find much of the current samples are gone. this in 2019, dates not specified.
    So. Case closed. Right. notsofast.
    Two chinese men are arrested near Univ. of North Carolina, same time in general. they are accused of stealing vials but the charge is changed to “CONSPIRACY”! My favorite word. 2 or more people planning to do something illegal. how often does that happen in real life. ai mean there must be 10 million conspiracies that never get discovered in one’s life. and yet here is the FBI using the word, when they never used it for 911 or the sinking of the Maine, or that vial that Gen. Not myProudest moment held up in th4e UN in New York–that was supposed to be nerve gas the same thing King Un used to kill his bro, i dunno, in Singapore or Malasia.
    wait! ever heard any of this before? nope.
    then about December 2019, China holds this convention: hear me out pls, this is unbelievable to human brains: …of MIcro biological waarfare labs world wide. AND 120 nations attend. US contingency is a bulging 300 people, all of these entering China with or without being inspected. gimma a break. inconceivable. and so i ask you: if true. all of this true: and plugging in this hatred of China suddenly, how many of our 300 would’ve been CIA ops who knew viruses?
    guys wandering about laughing at the wet market as if they were tourists going oh darling! i could never eat bat! when plink! maybe. or not.
    the first cases like 2. broke out in another part f Wuhan a rich suburb i’m told. and still 600 miles or kms from the town where the bats come from. where they never did get a big demic of any kind. not did Indonesia, who apparently kept the bat sans swine flu pigs separate who knows.
    you guys take this from there: i’m all conjecture from here. i am incredulous that China would let out this new bat flu anywhere in China. but i’m totally on board with it being released in China by CIA special ops. AND then the next 3 nations as follows: Iran, of course, why not? Italy, who had just signed up with the New Asia Free trade via jet train, to sell their designs and maybe sports cars….and then Spain for whatever i guess letting Franco die.
    it sounds like a typical Special Op boyz tour of EU, for a job well done. justa
    theory: humbly presented. always apply the qui bono test.
    {maybe china got out of the ‘demic because they thought they ought to make a vax for every virus they ever make. good rule of thumb doncha think? and what up at a university near you? Ames is making anthrax. wanna go sniffing around Iowa State?
    some say (china does) that the USA has 200 biowarfare labs on Earth.

  28. Here’s the biggest thing that most folk are not noticing:
    WHAT VIRUS? What virus, please, is yet isolated/purified and even been shown to be infectious, one human (or bat, to be sure..), to the next? It has not happened in more than a hundred years of, “virology”. That, virology, is a failed theory; quick and simple.

    This looney idea of, “virus escapes the lab after years of gain-of-function attempts”, is another part of the con. It’s a scam. It’s fraud. Anyone believing in it is simply not paying enough attention to know the WHOLE, “pandemic”, is a lie.

    Now, let’s just start from there, eh? That way, we don’t get taken on the crazy-train for any more ride(s), within the stupid system of, “today’s science”. Honestly, I have quit doctors, and others, for refusing to learn the truth.

    1. They are both bioweapons but believing that could lead us to the global collaborators responsible, including those in our own government and universities. It’s much better for our Overlords to get us to believe their half-baked bullshit in order to turn us upon each other.

    2. Anne, I read Dr. Lanka’s essay on virology being fake science so I understand what you base your claim on. What I don’t have an answer on is what is causing all these people to die then?

  29. Timelines and chronologies – and “known knowables” – should matter when investigating origins of this virus (and its “spread.”). The fist known or “official” death from COVID reportedly occurred on January 9, 2020 in Wuhan. Well, Tim McCain of Sylacauga, Alabama almost died of what is almost certainly a severe case of COVID on January 3, 2020. I wrote the story linked below. I’ve looked at Mr. McCain’s medical records. I’ve seen his positive antibody test (and those of his wife, who has now tested positive THREE times). Both of these Americans had COVID in December 2019. I’d bet my net worth on this. So how does the CDC – or the press – explain this? My answer: They can’t. So they don’t even look into the copious evidence both of them had this virus.

  30. Susan Mercurio Avatar
    Susan Mercurio

    “International institutions like the World Bank”? – which is a consortium of American banks!
    Liar, liar; pants on fire..

  31. Hey folks, read Bitten: the secret history of Lyme disease and biological weapons by Kris Newby and The Poisoner In Chief by Stephen Kinzer. You will never be able to look at the monsters who run the corporate state in the same way again.

  32. Bernard Desgagné Avatar
    Bernard Desgagné

    The Chinese could start by providing exculpatory evidence to the rest of the world if they are so sure that the Wuhan military lab is not the source of the virus. We have evidence already, coming namely from Professor Luc Montagnier, that the virus did not “jump” naturally from animals to humans. Mr. Montagnier is a very reliable source and he has given clear explanations about that.

    We also have evidence that Mr. Fauci has been working on gain of function research for decades and that he did so lately with the Chinese military lab of Wuhan. Mr. Fauci admitted to doing so, in fact. It looks very much like the psychopath club in the U.S. plotted the pandemic with their Chinese accomplices and that one of their goals was to organize fraudulent elections with mail-in ballots and rigged voting machines connected to the Internet for Chinese hackers to alter the counts in favour of Mr. Biden.

    You must be outright blind not to see that in the evidence of election fraud already publicly available which shows, for example, that all counties in the state of Ohio had the same percentage of participation in the 2020 election, for a given age group. This was demonstrated through a statistical analysis by Dr. Douglas G. Frank.

    The U.S. is not the only country who suffered due to COVID-19. The world wants to know. Now, let the Chinese show us their evidence.
    Mrs. Johnstone forgot to mention the number one war criminal among U.S. presidents, Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama, who never stopped waging war abroad during his two mandates. With the help of his Saudi, and Israeli friends, and others in the Middle East, he unleashed CIA-trained jihadists on Syria to destroy that country and kill hundreds of thousands of Syrians. In the meantime, he continued the bloody war in Afghanistan. He bombed and destroyed Libya with the same jihadists—that country is still in ruins as we speak.

    In 2011, Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama overthrew Laurent Gbagbo in Côte d’Ivoire with one of his proxy armies, the French one, under the command of President-Puppet Nicolas Sarkozy, who covered for terrorists perpetrating genocidal massacres, namely in Duekoué, on March 28 and 29 of that year. Mr. Gbagbo has recently been acquitted of all charges against him by the judges at the International Criminal Court, after being detained for eight years and prevented from returning to his country. We did not hear any excuses from Mr. Obama or Mr. Sarkozy.

    Mr. Obama, from the psychopath club, also overthrew a duly elected president in Ukraine, which degenerated into Crimea’s secession and a civil war in the eastern part of that country. Scenes of destruction from that war are abominable.

    Mr. Trump would have deserved a peace prize much more than Mr. Obama. He managed to govern the U.S. empire and rein in the psychopaths without starting any new war or genocide, contrary to his three predecessors, Bush, Clinton and Bush Jr. That is quite an accomplishment from Mr. Trump. The reason why the Chinese would prefer a return of the psychopath club in the White House, instead of Mr. Trump, certainly is a good indication that they like war also and that if, one day, they are to attain military supremacy in the world, we can expect bad things to happen to humanity.

    1. Bernard Desgagné Avatar
      Bernard Desgagné

      Mr. Trump managed to govern the U.S. empire and rein in the psychopaths without starting any new war or genocide, contrary to his FOUR predecessors, Bush, Clinton, Bush Jr and Obama.

      1. good stuff, but you cannot compare Ohio to Georgia or the South, et all. minor error. you write it well.
        getting the vote out in Georgia gave the dems 2 more senators. Ohio already allowed blacks to vote.
        remember blacks were once slaves in the South, in Ohio not so much….Dems did not gain so much in the Great Prairie states. they are way white.

    2. When you think about it, the only “confirmed evidence” the virus existed in a country before, say, January 1st, 2020, would HAVE to come either from antibody tests and/or from serological tests of archived blood (like that collected by the Red Cross). Well, two Americans sick in November 2019 did later get positive antibody tests. There was ONE study of archived blood collected by the Red Cross (in mid-December 2019 in three states) and then in mid-January in six more U.S. states. 1.43 percent of this tested blood (out of a “sample” of 7,385 blood donors) showed signs of virus presence. I don’t know why the CDC did only ONE such study from just two points in time (in just nine states). And I don’t think China has done any such study. Still, the only “confirmed” cases – via antibody tests – was done not in China, but in America. But this evidence of early spread in America has been largely ignored. I can only speculate as to why this is the case.

    3. there is no military lab in Wuhan it is attached to the university there

  33. When will life’s eternal optimists finally cotton on???
    “My theory is more valid!”
    “No, mine is!”
    Bob said it best, generations ago!
    “THE answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind… “

  34. Stick with the B-league, heroes. Otherwise, you’ll need to come up with a new formula for “winning” other than body counts.

  35. Re: Theories about the “origination” of this virus …
    What’s clearly off limits to inquiry is any reporting that reveals the FACTS that at least 16 Americans were sick with COVID symptoms in November or December 2019. All 16 of these KNOWN Americans have tested positive for antibodies. The mayor of Belleville, NJ, who got sick on or around November 20, has received TWO positive antibody tests. Brandie McCain of Alabama, who was sick in December, has now had THREE positive antibody tests. Her husband Tim nearly died from a severe case on January 3, 2020 – six days before the first “official” COVID death in Wuhan on January 9. Neither the CDC nor the press (except for me) has interviewed a single one of these almost-certain “early cases” in America. If this virus did originate in Wuhan, it would have had to been “spreading” well before November 2019 to have infected Americans in at least five states by November. Here’s a piece I wrote about these early cases, and my effort to publicize this evidence of early spread in America. Note: Neither the MSM nor public health officials were interested in following up with these very credible – even “confirmed” cases.

    1. Clarification: A reporter for The Palm Beach Post, a reporter for The Seattle Times and a reporter for Fox News DID interview some of the people who were almost-certain “early cases” in America. These stories were published in early May – weeks before a CDC official told the country (on May 29th) that his agency had been searching for evidence of early spread in American and could not find any such evidence. However, all these news organizations then dropped this story like a lead ball. They’ve never done any follow-up pieces (as I did). They also never asked officials with the CDC why they didn’t question these people. In short, no “dots have been connected.” To this date, no summary of all this EVIDENCE has been published … except by me (see above link). Needless to say, no mainstream news organization ever “picked up” my stories on the McCains and my follow-up piece.

  36. Linda Jean Doucett Avatar
    Linda Jean Doucett

    I concur. The purposeful leak by the US to cripple the chinese economy is exactly the type of bullshit the bullshitters have used over and over again in the past. This is their modus operendi; commit attrocities, blatantly project culpability at their victims then extract payment from them.
    Uncle Sham has enacted 12 Monkeys.

  37. Wonderful observations about one of our fave addictions … INVESTIGATION -itis !!

    ‘THEY’LL’ surely get to the bottom of _ _ _ _ ( fill-in-the – blanks ) !!! ( if we have an INVESTIGATION )

    I didn’t realize how deep a claw-hold that ridiculous faith based belief has on me !

    – shaki’n it off, J.Joslin ( electrician -Detroit , Michigan , near Canadian border)

  38. I’m no “war monger” but I too support a full investigation of the origins of the virus. But that will never happen. Why? because even after the Obama administration banned gain of function research, the US continued to support the Wuhan Lab under the table. Fauci himself facilitated the payments. But those facts don’t support the narrative that China is the evil empire. In this case thee US and China were partners in crime. In fact China produces 20% of the pharmaceuticals that are sold in the US, and the US was partnering with China in the Wuhan lab research.

    1. “the US was partnering with China in the Wuhan lab research”
      That’s one way of looking at it. You could quite reasonably say the US didn’t want this research done in its own back yard.

      1. Coronavirus: Bioterror and the US military laboratory in Kazakhstan – Investigation
        March 17, 2020

        By Yan Ostroumov, for Rusvesna

        China for the first time officially announced suspicions of US involvement in the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 in the republic. Beijing referred to information about the appearance of the first infected in the United States long before the official date and, possibly, earlier detection of infection in Hubei.

        The reports of the “American trail” in a pandemic that usually break out seem insane, but this version begins to show solid evidence.

        Recently, a Kazakhstani resource Yvision reported that “a source among the staff of the Central Reference Laboratory (CRL) in Almaty confirmed that the deadly coronavirus was developed in this institution.”

  39. If you all want to read the most comprehensive account of what we know about the origins of the virus that is written for non-experts, you should read Nicholas Wade’s article from May 5th published at the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists.

    The odds that it was a lab leak seem substantially higher than the natural origin hypothesis. One of the main reasons is that in previous outbreaks (SARS-CoV1 and MERS), researchers were able to quickly find the population of local animals that harbored the virus, and in both cases the virus found in the animal population was similar to the one that started infecting people, but not identical. No such animal population harboring a variant of the virus has been found in the Wuhan area, or anywhere nearby. In fact, right after the outbreak started, researchers looked at the wet markets and found the virus in animal samples there. The virus they found there was literally 100% identical to the human version, and the researchers concluded that those animals had picked up the virus from infected humans at the market, not the other way around.

    There are many other issues, all detailed in Nicholas Wade’s article. I highly recommend it. It will give you a very clear picture of the evidence in favor of both hypotheses.

    1. I should add, I do not believe that the Wuhan lab was the only responsible party, they were being funded by an NIH grant to Peter Daszak, who runs EcoHealth Alliance. The research was intended to find out how viruses jump from animals to people, but may have, inadvertently, made that happen rather than prevent it.

    2. Slate has a recent article which, while shorter and less detailed than Wade’s, is probably easier reading and makes many of the same points:
      ‘A Very Calm Guide to the Lab Leak Theory’

    3. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      Nicholas Wade is a racist whose book is pseudo science. The World Socialist Web Site has exposed him. See:

      “Wade is a known serial fabricator and a leading advocate of racist pseudo-science, whose 2014 book arguing for a genetic basis for differences in intelligence between races was condemned by the scientists whose research he cited, together with more than 140 other leading human developmental biologists.

      “Nor do they mention that Wade’s book was hailed by former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke—together with other neo-Nazis—as a blow against ‘Jewish Supremacists.’”

      And THIS is the man you are citing to defend your position? Think again.

      And just so you know, I read Wade’s article. It is only Wade’s “opinion” that the odds of it being from a laboratory “seem substantially higher”. This is the man in whose “opinion” capitalism was an environmental factor in the evolution of Jewish people the way cold weather was an environmental factor in the evolution of the physiognomy of the Inuit people. And Wade is not a scientist.

      1. What of the various scientists who have said a lab leak should be considered a possibility?

      2. Thanks for pointing to that. I really don’t know anything about Wade’s past, so this is good to know. However, I am a scientist, and have looked into several of the things that he outlines, and they check out for the most part. I am not saying it was a lab leak, I am saying that some very troubling evidence points to that possibility, and there are connections to NIH funded research farmed out to the Wuhan lab through EcoHealth Alliance. None of that is disputed as far as I know. I have read the paper that says that they could not find any “missing link” viruses in any animal population around Wuhan. That doesn’t mean they aren’t there, but in the past such reservoirs of variants have been found quickly. A fairly large group of scientists has written that they believe the lab leak needs to be investigated much more thoroughly, including opening up the records of the lab for public scrutiny.
        It is really important for me to say that I did not believe the lab leak hypothesis at all until the last few months when more scientists have come out and said there are too many questions that need to be answered, including the unusual codon in the furin cleavage site between the two spike proteins on the virus.
        I do not hold the Wuhan lab totally responsible if their funding came from the NIH. Even Peter Daszek, who farmed the work out to Wuhan admits that the work would not have been done there without the funding he provided.
        A real investigation is needed, and it should not be about blaming China. It should be about finding out what happened, and making sure that gain-of-function research on viruses is banned worldwide.

        1. I’ve read all these recent reports very closely. They all say the people who might have gotten sick in Wuhan got sick in “November” 2019. Some say “the fall of 2019” (and fall starts on Oct. 21st). To me, these recent stories are interesting, but they would be irrelevant if one could simply confirm that this virus was spreading in other countries before, say, early November. After all, it would take a week or two for the virus to spread to different parts of a far-away country (like America), right? It’s bizarre that no reporter is reporting on all the “confirmed” cases in America that happened even at the same time or before these “early” (November 2019) Wuhan cases. See my link above for “evidence” of these “confirmed” cases in America. Also, a CDC (!) study of archived Red Cross blood collected between Dec. 13-16, 2019 in three western states showed that 39 Americans had these antibodies when they donated blood. Well it takes time for antibodies to develop and be detected, right? If this is the case, most if not all of these people also had this virus in November 2019. And if you extrapolate the percentage of people who had antibodies in this CDC study (1.43 percent)to the general population you would get about 3.7 million possible or likely cases in America prior to mid-January. Why are all these likely/confirmed cases “off limits” in discussions of “early spread” or “origination” of this virus? And why didn’t the CDC even investigate the claims of the 16 people who tested positive for traditional antibodies? Probably because if they did perform a legitimate investigation they know what these results would show – namely that this virus was already in America before it can be proven that it was in China.

        2. I think ‘the unusual codon in the furin cleavage site’ isn’t that unusual; it’s used for something like 8% of coronavirus arginines if I remember rightly.

        3. is the wuhan-lab the only one where the gain-of-function research was conducted?

          1. By no means. Cornell University in the USA was sticking furin cleavage sites into SARS back in 2009. And that’s just one of many.
            ‘Activation of the SARS coronavirus spike protein via sequential proteolytic cleavage at two distinct sites’
            “We also introduced a furin cleavage site at both the S2′ cleavage site within S2 793-KPTKR-797 (S2′), as well as at the junction of S1 and S2. Introduction of a furin cleavage site at the S2′ position allowed trypsin-independent cell– cell fusion, which was strongly increased by the presence of a second furin cleavage site at the S1–S2 position.”

          2. Coronavirus: Bioterror and the US military laboratory in Kazakhstan – Investigation
            March 17, 2020

            By Yan Ostroumov, for Rusvesna

            China for the first time officially announced suspicions of US involvement in the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 in the republic. Beijing referred to information about the appearance of the first infected in the United States long before the official date and, possibly, earlier detection of infection in Hubei.

            The reports of the “American trail” in a pandemic that usually break out seem insane, but this version begins to show solid evidence.

            Recently, a Kazakhstani resource Yvision reported that “a source among the staff of the Central Reference Laboratory (CRL) in Almaty confirmed that the deadly coronavirus was developed in this institution.”

  40. I don’t know where Covid-19 came from either. But the US effectively outsourced potentially dangerous coronavirus research to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, presumably hoping that if anything went wrong, it would be something on the scale of SARS or MERS, affecting mainly those in the region, and leaving the US untouched. If SARS-CoV-2 is ever proven to have leaked from the WIV, not only does the US share responsibility, but it chose to endanger China, and east Asia more generally, believing the risks would be confined to there.

    1. the US effectively outsourced potentially dangerous coronavirus research to the Wuhan Institute of Virology,
      so they could blame China and hide their involvement in it have people already forgotten that the virus internally infected ASIAN males making a bio wepon that
      attacks your own population would be very stupid

      1. ?
        This virus affects a lot more than just Asian males.

  41. “One thing’s for sure: we’re not getting the truth.” Now, no matter what subject appears (after total coordination) on the world stage screens, all one needs to remember, for clarity: WMD! WMD! WMD! (Then, just insert whatever country is being targeted). Example: “The Chinese Communist Party deceived the world. It should be held accountable!!!” Is China under an onslaught of being targeted? Yes. Is there any (verifiable) proof for the (current) assertions? No. Then, again, just remember (and apply what was learned). Thereafter, one can be freed from the most concerted lies (deceptions), presented as truth.

  42. Who has ALL the Bio Weapons Labs around the world ??

    Who dusted the Vietnamese with Agent Orange causing generational cancers and birth defects ??

    Who used white phosphorous and depleted uranium on the people of Fallujah – causing horrific generational birth defects and generational cancer ??

    Who used white phosphorous on the Syrian people and had their ‘proxy’ terrorists ISIS lay hundreds of thousands of land mines in Syria – over 200 THOUSAND of which are still active ??

    Who killed 2.5 MILLION innocent Iraqi’s on a WMD LIE ??

    Who turned the most successful North African state of Libya into rubble – killing or displacing millions ??

    Who dropped the BOMB on Japan when the war was virtually OVER ??

    THERE is ON:LY ONE candidate for the MAN MADE Bio Weapon !!

    The ZIO/US !

    1. And Israel used white phosphorus in Gaza in 2014.

      1. Linda Jean Doucett Avatar
        Linda Jean Doucett

        and 2021

        1. Possibly. They admitted to using it in 2014, while they deny using it this year. To my knowledge, there are no videos of its use this year, which would be odd if it had been used.

      2. It is NOT Israel – it is Palestine !!

        What part of the Stolen/Zionist/Apartheid FAKE state of ISRAEL is on PALESTINIAN land – DON’T you understand ???

        1. “It is NOT Israel – it is Palestine !!”
          So what do you make of people who write things like “Israel had to call a ceasefire with the Palestinians because the IDF and their military installations were getting the SH!T kicked out of them !! …. This is a hybrid WAR and IRAN are way too advanced for ISRAEL OR the US ! … The average IDIOT has NO idea what is going on because the Rothschild’s ( Israel ) OWN Al Jizzera”?

    2. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      The U.S. used white phosphorous in Falluja, too.

      1. Thomas prentice Avatar
        Thomas prentice

        Indeed. I regret not recalling these USA atrocities for my earlier reply.

  43. Actually, there’s not even any proof that it actually originated in China, lab leak or not. and no one, possibly other than Cotton, is alleging that, if a lab leak, that it was anything less than an accident.
    Clearly, the entire purpose of Cotton’s remarks is, to further the government’s propaganda efforts, in painting both Russia and china as dangerous enemies.
    But, thanks, Caity. I was unaware of Yemen’s dissenting vote. Now, I can understand why the U.S. is destroying a country, both by sanctions and military assistance to the ruthless dictatorship of Saudi Arabia.
    Vulture’s feast on corpses – and the world’s largest population of top-ranked human vultures resides in the power halls of the U.S.

    1. I’ve come across a few nutters alleging SARS-CoV-2 was engineered as a weapon and deliberately released, whether by the USA or China.

      1. There’s a commenter below who says, “I personally believe, the virus was “purposely released” for political and financial gain,” apparently believing this was done by the US.

        1. Precedents: Bird Flu, African Swine Flu affecting China

          In the last two years, since 2018 alone, China was hit by several types of bird flu (H7N4 and H7N9) in 2018 and yet another strain just in January 2020 which was overshadowed by the more serious COVID-2019.

          There was also an outbreak of the African swine Flu (2018), killing millions of pigs. And there was a massive food crop destruction (2019 – mostly corn and soybeans) by the so-called “armyworms”.

          Compensating for the impacts on the supply of pork, corn and soybean, China resorted to importing theses commodities– and most of the imports came from the US.

          Were these ‘outbreaks’ which had destructive impacts on China’s economy coincidental? They have created instability, food price inflation and a dependence on imported agricultural products from the US.

          The western media has been playing up the so-called Trump tariff war with China, while hidden from the limelight and in parallel, more serious warfare – bio-warfare – was going on.

          In fact, little is known in the west about these previous biological attacks by the US-led west, aiming at damaging massively China’s economy – as well as heightening China’s dependence on imports from the US; in addition to damaging China morally, thereby, they, the west, believe (wrongly), weakening the level of resistance. A real war with bombs and guns, maybe nuclear, aiming at total destruction, cannot be ruled out.

          Let’s remember the Big Picture – namely that this is in whatever way you want to turn it, a bio-war against China, and perhaps the first step of an all-out war against China’s rising economic power, and foremost against China’s solid currency, the yuan which may soon take over as the world’s chief reserve currency.

          1. Thomas Prentice Avatar
            Thomas Prentice

            My beloved country the Exceptional USA has engaged in multiple strategic and tactical bio weapons warfare throughout history starting with sending to Indian tribes blankets contaminated with smallpox, ahem, “humanitarian aid” …

            Recent reports in Counterpunch have confirmed ghastly USA infliction of bio weapons warfare on North Korea at the same time “our” esteemed general MacArthur was demanding power from Truman to drop dozens of nuclear weapons on China.

            Moreover the USA plotted ways to kill or contaminate food supplies in Ukraine with biowarfare during the Cold War at the same time the Joint Chiefs convicted Operation Northwoods — a ghastly pre 911 911 – to blow up buildings in a major southern city, blame it on Cuba, and obliterate the humans in Russia with a pre-emptive nuclear first strike.

            Is it possible that dr fauci and the agencies he heads might have been weaponized to fund gof research in Wuhan for nefarious purposes?

            Is it possible the USA deep state used swine flu and sars to decimate hog herds and tax medical systems to destabilize the Chinese economy while interfering in both Xinjiang and Hong Kong and while sending hostile vessels into the South China Sea — the Chinese Caribbean — since economic sanctions didn’t work?

            If true, Jesus would certainly disapprove and say “Go and sin no more.”

    2. Charlotte Ruse Avatar
      Charlotte Ruse

      Not true, everyone over the last year who mentoned COVID was manipulated in Wuhan’s biological warfare lab was censored by the techno fascists.

      1. That’s not entirely true. Apart from whether the WIV is a biological warfare lab, there’s this from August 2020 for example (peer reviewed), which wasn’t censored so far as I can see:
        “Gain-of-function research on bat-borne coronaviruses has been ongoing for nearly a decade everywhere from the University of North Carolina to the Wuhan’s Institute of Virology, which is supported by related facilities such as Wuhan’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention as well as Wuhan University. A coronavirus that targets the ACE2 receptor like SARS-CoV-2 was first isolated from a wild bat in 2013 by a team out of Wuhan. This research was funded in part by EcoHealth Alliance.”
        Might SARS-CoV-2 Have Arisen via Serial Passage through an Animal Host or Cell Culture?

        1. Charlotte Ruse Avatar
          Charlotte Ruse

          “The most compelling evidence of COVID’s laboratory origin is that the coronavirus has no furin cleavage sites, and until last year, this trick had never evolved naturally.”

          1. SARS-CoV-2 does have a furin cleavage site, and these have evolved independently in several coronaviruses.

              1. I had noticed. It says “Flynn is an enzyme that cuts out protein molecules.” What on earth is ‘Flynn’? It says “the coronavirus has no furin cleavage sites,” which is not true: SARS-CoV-2 has one, as do several other coronaviruses. It says “There is a reliable mechanism in that peaplomers are partially homologous to synthine,” which is a rocket fuel.
                Need I go further? The author is clueless.

                1. I haven’t come across anyone else who thinks this virus lacks a furin cleavage site. That includes many who use its presence as evidence it was engineered in a lab.

                2. Charlotte Ruse Avatar
                  Charlotte Ruse

                  Instead of dismissing evidence let’s examine the broader picture.

                  The Scandemic was planned and described by the Rockefeller Foundation in a study prepared in 2010
                  Charlotte, Fauci is a diversion. The little fuck will be allowed to retire and then put out his book. The real issue is described here:

         A must read…..

                  The real issue is Fascism. A ubiquitous word thrown around by Liberals to describe Trump, but in reality Trump was just a distraction deployed by the security state to implement fascism. In 2021, it was imperative to install Biden because as history demonstrates it’s always more effective to initiate repression under the guise of smiling Dems. Hence, the usefulness of identity politics–minority and female “misleaders” are a must to sell the plan to the millions of schmucks.

                  What these creeps needed was a crisis that gripped the idiotic public. Tax funded COVID followed two decades of the phony baloney War on Terror which was losing its intensity among the population. COVID, was just what was needed to scare the shit out of “if only I had a brain public.”

                  Apparatchik Fauci” is just a cog in a much grander fiendish pulverizing mechanism.

                  China’s population is always the test sample for what Western Governments
                  plan to implement against it’s own citizens. It’s been that way for decades. In fact, look no further than China and see American life in a few years.

                  It’s not hyperbolic to say the US will be a technocratic capitalist dictatorship deploying heightened data surveillance on “each individual” to repress the many millions who’ll be living in permanent neofeudal squalor.

                  1. Well I’m not sure that proves SARS-CoV-2 lacks a furin cleavage site.


          Other media and internet posters regularly insinuate or claim that the new coronavirus “leaked from the Wuhan bio-weapons lab”, yet another example of writers making claims while lacking any close personal acquaintance with the facts. The University of Wuhan contains The Wuhan Institute of Virology, which is one of the country’s premier biosafety laboratories which works with the WHO and other international groups as part of a large network studying pathogens from all over the world, as do all other such institutes. I have seen many insinuations or accusations of the Institute being a bio-weapons lab, but those are claims made with no supporting evidence. I am generally aware of the Institute, and it is purely a civilian operation. It has never been associated with biological military or combat research.

  44. Charlotte Ruse Avatar
    Charlotte Ruse

    What needs to be discussed is how Fauci used the “NIH loot” to extort and bribe scientists so they would support the “official scamdemic narrative.” This was done to protect government agencies and to ensure pharmaceutical companies amassed wealth by distributing experimental vaccines under “emergency authorization.”

    For example, studies regarding
    Hydroxychloroquine were tainted. The Fauci funded studies selected dying patients and gave them toxic doses of Hydroxychloroquine. Hence, killing them to prove Hydroxychlroquine doesn’t work. Hydroxychloroquine, was to be used as a prophylactic in conjunction with vitamin D and Zinc. These inexpensive treatments were to be taken before a virus is contracted or during its very early stages. Instead Fauci, and his cadre of ghoul scientists were determined to maximize the effects of flu-like Covid so that Big Pharma could cash-in on experimental gene therapies, which as of June 2021 killed more than 5,000 and irreparably damaged hundreds of thousands.

    In addition, Fauci covered up the US tax funded biological warfare experiments in Wuhan. I personally believe, the virus was “purposely released” for political and financial gain.

    It is also important to mention the sadistic psychological damage done to the dumbass US population by supposed “men of science.” Their actions were psychopathic in nature. Many people will never recover. These neurotics will now remain germaphobes and hypochondriacs. This will especially be the case for young children who are constantly coerced to wear masks. And how about older adults, some will never leave their homes. Not to mention the isolation imposed on the elderly in nursing facilities.

    If we lived in a sane and moral society the sociopaths responsible for this diabolical pysop operation would be brought before a Nuremberg-style court. Unfortunately, the CIA controlled mainstream media news will protect these scoundrels and excoriate the truth tellers.

    1. If hydroxychloroquine studies were deliberately tainted in order to boost pharmaceutical companies’ profits, why do you think the equally cheap and off-patent dexamathasone was found to be effective?

      1. Charlotte Ruse Avatar
        Charlotte Ruse

        To but it simply, TDS is associated with hydroxychloroquine…….. As I posted above, hydroxychloroquine was to be used as a prophylactic along with Vitamin D and Zinc. In fact, Ivermectin has also proven to be useful, but the “big pharma gangsters” are securing trillions distributing experimental gene therapy and killing thousands.

        1. If “Fauci, and his cadre of ghoul scientists were determined to maximize the effects of flu-like Covid so that Big Pharma could cash-in on experimental gene therapies,” why would they allow dexamethasone to be approved simply because it lacked the TDS factor? Do you think they’re happy to miss out on profits so long as Trump isn’t endorsing a product?

          1. I’ll speculate that because dexamethasone has not gotten the kind of exposure that hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin have gotten in this country, big pharma had no reason to perceive it as a threat. As long as they can peddle remdevir for $3,000 per dose and barely-tested vaccines at $1,000 per dose, they’ll be happy and if dexamethasone starts to threaten that, they’ll kick into action and get the Lancet and CNN on board to smear it the same way they smeared hydroxychloroquine.

            1. The pharmaceutical industry certainly noticed dexamethasone a year ago.
              “Dexamethasone’s swift rise as a COVID-19 treatment has U.S. drug suppliers struggling to keep up.

              Hospitals in U.S. regions hard hit by COVID-19 are ramping up use of the well-known steroid, Reuters reports. And group drug purchaser Vizient, which supplies meds to about half of U.S. hospitals, confirmed that surge: It’s seen a 610% increase in calls for the steroid in hospitals across the country.”

              1. never heard of

                1. Seriously?

    2. Well said, Charlotte.

      There is more to this story than just China or the U.S. Is there a plan that’s been agreed to by global powers to shift power from the U.S. to China? Even the Green New Deal (Agenda 21, SDG 2030, the Great Reset) moves us from fossil fuels to “alternative sources” which include extremely toxic materials that have to be mined, processed, manufactured into final products, and then shipped from China to the rest of the world. Who benefits most from that?

      They don’t even try to hide it anymore.

    3. As Hydroxychloroquine is widely available in India I’m wondering if there are new findings on it about providing better outcomes to patients in India. I mean that place must be a very active proving ground right now…

      1. Charlotte Ruse Avatar
        Charlotte Ruse

        An interesting preCovid article:

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