Listen to a reading of this article:

If you think the Biden administration caging kids at the border is bad, wait til you hear what it’s doing in Yemen.

Would you be willing to murder a child every ten minutes to advance US geostrategic interests in the Middle East? Because that’s exactly what the US government and its proxies are doing in Yemen.

Imagine watching a political party consistently demonstrate the exact same pattern of behavior for generations and then thinking it’s about to change.

When the US changes political party leadership you’ll see minor superficial changes which don’t affect the powerful at all—letting trans people in the military or whatever—while leaving all the actual dynamics of oligarchy and empire intact. This creates the illusion of change.

You don’t get to vote on oligarchy or empire. You only get to vote on what window dressings they use from year to year.

It’s weird how Biden’s obvious dementia has made it essentially mainstream knowledge that the president doesn’t actually call the shots in the US government but everyone’s still going to treat the next presidential election like it matters anyway.

I mean it was basically already mainstream knowledge, as evidenced by the fact that whenever you’d point out that Obama or Trump were continuing the same evil policies as their predecessors their supporters would say “Come on you can’t just expect the president to do things.” But then the next presidential election rolls around and once again it’s “THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION OF OUR LIFETIME”, even though deep down everyone knows it’s basically an audition for who gets to play the lead character in a scripted theater production that’s been running for generations.

I always get people saying “You can’t say my president has dementia! You’re not a doctor!”

It’s funny how Biden’s obvious cognitive decline used to be something establishment Democrats openly discussed, but when he become the Democratic frontrunner it suddenly became something you can’t say unless you have a medical degree. Please people, just compare recent footage to footage of him a few years ago. If all his very obvious mental lapses aren’t enough to convince you, the fact that he’s indisputably a completely different man should.

Watch the man in this video:

Then compare that trainwreck to the man in this video:

Or you don’t even need to go back that far:

If you tell me you’re seeing the same level of cognitive functioning in the first video as the second and third video, you are lying.

Compare that drastic change to what we’ve seen from Bernie Sanders, for example, who aside from his appearance and voice changing with age still has the exact same personality and demeanor he had forty years ago:

Again, this is important to flag not for partisan reasons, but because it makes it abundantly clear that the elected officials of the most powerful government on earth don’t actually run things. The official head of an empire doesn’t have anything to do with the actual operation of that empire; it’s being run by unofficial unelected forces from behind the scenes. The emperor has no authority. People’s attention should be drawn to this fact.

Defending press freedoms without defending Julian Assange is attacking press freedoms.

Israel’s Gaza Policy:

– Trap an ethnic group in one of the most densely populated areas on earth.

– Routinely drop military explosives on them knowing you will definitely kill civilians.

– Claim they’re using “human shields” because they live in a densely populated area.

There is no confusion in the Israeli government about the fact that they will kill civilians any time they do this. They know full well they are doing something that will necessarily kill people who are not “Hamas”, but they spin it as being exclusively about Hamas anyway.

Q: What is Russia?

A: Russia is a strange enchanted realm whose magical properties render western minds completely incapable of forming rational thoughts about it.

The powerful understand that narrative control is everything, so when someone with influence begins punching holes in power-serving narratives, it is 100 percent certain that you’ll see them smeared very aggressively at some point. It is very important to prevent these smear campaigns from succeeding.

It can be tempting to avoid confronting smearmeisters, because they’ll always make it an ugly fight. But the only alternative is to let them control the narrative about you, which is the same as letting them control you. Because, again, narrative control is everything. If you’re being targeted in this way it really is necessary to wade into the muck and make sure you’re making your smearers look worse than they’re trying to make you look, make sure their gross behavior damages their reputation worse than it damages yours.

If you’re actually interested in making a difference and helping the world you need to not just put out solid work but also protect your reputation, because if you let the smearmeisters control your reputation it won’t matter how solid your work is since nobody will look at it.

Making sure their smears damage them more than they damage you is the only way to create some space for yourself and your work, because it’s the only thing that deters them. Otherwise they’ll keep smearing and smearing until there’s no possibility of your work having any impact.

The more conscious you are the more conscious people around you will become; there’s an outward ripple effect that’s amazing to watch. Becoming deeply conscious of your inner world and your outer world is the best way to help wake up humanity, because consciousness is contagious.


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49 responses to “The Emperor Has No Authority: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

  1. I am bracing myself for the moment Joe Biden mistakes his podium for a urinal.

  2. Robert L Phillips Avatar
    Robert L Phillips

    Look what happened to Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – a respected Washington D.C. attorney who headed the National Resources Defense Council for years – after he publicly outed Bill Gates and his hideous legacy of “vaccination” programs in India and Africa. Not a word he published was false or conjecture – he’s an attorney and knows better than to slander someone like Gates. But he was immediately discredited by all the mainstream “news” outlets and labeled as a “crazy right wing conspiracy theorist.”

    Why? Because Gates has the money and the influence. Now, try to find anything RFK Jr. has to say, and good luck. It’s pretty sickening. First they blow away his uncle, then his father, a cousin, others. I’m sure he has a good security detail to avoid getting blown away himself.

    Everything he published about Gates was true; the man poisoned and killed thousands, sterilized more thousands, pretended he was doing humanity a favor. He’s a liar with a capital L, and is hailed as the most generous, virtuous savior of humanity existent, the world’s ‘greatest philanthropist.’

    See also: the Georgia Guidestones. People need to wake up, but it’s already too late I’m afraid.

    On the other hand, never give up the fight, till the bitter end.

  3. Since arriving to the White House and like the header picture above with the President sucking off Jill’s finger, Biden is being treated by the corporate news media and his elected Democrat establishment handlers like the patriarchal grandfather from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

  4. The fury–apron–housewife–maa-sons are telling us the age of commanders is on its board ends.
    Biden is the white rabit. The maa-sons say ‘look at this idiot,Don’t yoall want to kill him’.
    This is all due to a problem in an alpina region where there is an intractable problem with the retired.
    They are doing the same on the canadian native reserves. They are trying to cause disassociation from our knowledge keepers(symbollicly), all who won’t acknowldge the kingly religion of drug dealing.
    In harpers, 2015, there was an article on police states, may; which had an israel police supplies corporation stage a zombi killing for us police buyers. It appears that they have been pushing this since time was a boy.
    It is all about turning us into snow drop hippies afraid to embrace each other.

  5. So who rules?
    The same psychopaths (or their offspring) who ALWAYS have.

  6. Presidents are installed as an expedience.
    From Nixon to Biden they were ‘dropped’ into their office as a convenience for the ruling class.
    Voting is a jingoistic fantasy.

  7. * It takes a doctor to diagnose dementia but we can all see his mental faculties are declining
    * The POTUS is a mere figurehead so his mental acuity is more or less irrelevant
    * The US empire is a war obsessed geopolitical nightmare but everyone is too propagandised and busy trying to make ends meet to do anything about it
    * Corporations have hijacked the workings of government but enjoy legal protection from the courts and the police so they are now more or less untouchable
    * The biosphere is being destroyed but the problem is so large that it’s impossible to form a unified front let alone initiate any meaningful action
    * The health of the biosphere and indeed the health of the citizenry is in direct opposition to capitalist economies
    * Capitalist Realism has so captured the populations that any notions of doing it differently are impossible to conceive
    * In order to exist you must work. In order to work you must destroy the biosphere
    * Cars are a major pollutant and they are everywhere but no one seems bothered
    * Monoculture farming practices are devastating ecosystems but no one seems bothered
    * The meat and fishing industries are environmental wrecking balls but no one seems bothered
    * Social media is very bad for human relations but that doesn’t matter
    * Action heroes in American movies kill hundreds of people and we cheer their victories but that’s okay it’s just a movie
    * Innocent people are being killed by a war mongering empire on a daily basis but that’s okay it’s just a movie
    * I don’t know anything about my neighbour but can tell you all about celebrity Xs latest haircut
    * The population is too high for the resources we consume but babies are cute
    * There is no tech fix to climate change but everyone is just pretending there is anyway
    * There is no “you”, that is you are no different from anyone else save your individual quirks and uniqueness. We are all simply manifestations of consciousness experiencing ourselves subjectively
    * The state can legally do violence, you cannot
    * If you try to make the world a better place, if you take to the street with your placard the authorities will kill you

    1. I’m happy to say I think you exaggerate a bit with some of your everyones and no ones.

      1. “Yeah they are bad.” Says the everyone’s… drives to McDonalds.

  8. Remember: there’s really no-one Caitlin, & only apparently there is

  9. Things will change for the working classes when the parasitic, yes parasitic rentier classes become physically fearful of a bloody overturning of their rule. It came close to that with FDR and it hasn’t since. The propaganda and mind control today; the knowing you better than you know your self; the division of the working classes is so, so all pervasive, I see no chance of serious change. Of course, climate change and the rise of authoritarian states led by China could and will create new paradigms and the future is unpredictable as always. Change is inevitably coming for better or worse… enjoy your self, it’s later than you think in more ways than ever.

    1. You remind me of this song:
      It was later than I thought
      When I first believed you
      Now I cannot share your laughter
      Ship of fools
      I won’t slave for beggar’s pay
      Likewise gold and jewels
      But I would slave to learn the way
      To sink your ship of fools

  10. Roundball Shaman Avatar
    Roundball Shaman

    “The more conscious you are the more conscious people around you will become; there’s an outward ripple effect that’s amazing to watch. Becoming deeply conscious of your inner world and your outer world is the best way to help wake up humanity, because consciousness is contagious.”
    How do waves in the ocean change? How does a single wave ever have any effect on the vastness of endless currents and sea far beyond its reach? One wave begins to flow in a slightly different direction. It keeps going in that direction even though the other waves might be fighting against it. Eventually, another wave begins to flow in the changed direction. And then, another. And another. And suddenly, the whole rush of the surf is now headed in a completely different direction from before.
    And a few waves that took a while to finally change look around and say, “How the hell did THAT happen? I wasn’t going THIS way. I didn’t even see anything COMING.”
    And after a while, those same waves might even say to themselves, “Hey, I think I LIKE going this way! Damn! What was I thinking? Or better yet, WAS I even thinking?”
    “When the Tides of Life turn against you
    And the current upsets your boat
    Don’t waste your tears on what might have been
    Just lay on your back and FLOAT!”
    – The Honeymooners, Year 1955

  11. The whole American political scene is a fucking mess with no hope of redemption whatsoever. I was reading the transcript of George Stephanopoulos’ interview of Sleepy Joe last March. At some stage, he brought up the news that the DNI “came out with a report today saying that Vladimir Putin authorized operations during the election to under — denigrate you, support President Trump, undermine our elections, divide our society” and asked ex abrupto: “What price must he pay?” Number one: how can you be so condescendingly rude when publicly talking on a major TV channel of a foreign head of state with whom you are not at war? Number two: everybody knows (and particularly political journalists like Stephanopulos who worked in the White House) that these intelligence dudes are professional liars, from James Clapper infamously perjuring himself in Congress by denying under oath that the NSA was spying on everybody (which triggered Snowden’s whistleblowing) to Pompeo famously boasting in a video that he lied, cheated and stole via John Brennan who, at least, has the honesty of looking exactly like the serial lying sociopath he is. Instead of distancing himself from this evidence-free news as any journalist worth his salt would have done, Stephanopoulos greedily asked Biden what price Putin “must pay”. I’m asking you… If that’s not warmongering of the first water, what is? Then he asked him out of the blue if Putin was a killer. What does that mean? As an individual? As a head of state like nearly all US presidents – starting with Biden who is still labouring under the “two US bombs an hour” regime that’s been going on day in day out for two full decades – who have been known to kill millions over the years through endless wars, direct or by proxy, with the assassination of Qasem Soleimani – a top foreign diplomat of a country with which the US was not at war and whom it had lured into a peace talks trap – being particularly gruesome by any standards known to man and only matched in horror by the slaughter of Jamal Khashoggi at the behest of Biden’s Saudi friend Mohammed bin Salman. Is that the standards by which Stephanopoulos would assess Putin’s alleged killer instincts or is it through the immediate evidence-free New York Times title “Putin did it” popping up magically every time someone dies in Putin’s vicinity like Boris Nemtsov – killed by Chechen hitmen for all we now know? Stephanopoulos definitely must know better and so the only explanation for his warmongering and un-Christian stances must be that, for power and/or money reasons, he’s evil incarnate… I had a look at his Wikipedia entry. His father was a Greek Orthodox priest, his mother also worked for the Church, he himself earned a Master of Arts in theology, once contemplated becoming a priest and has been practicing transcendental meditation for years. What kind of hope can we retain for American politics if a guy with such a near saintly profile acts in such evil ways? It’s kinda reminiscent of Emperor Constantine, the father of Christianity as we know it with loving Jesus front and center stage, who had his wife boiled to death in her bath…

  12. Paul Douglas Rackemann Avatar
    Paul Douglas Rackemann

    Caitlin, you say above, “When the U.S. changes political party leadership you’ll see minor superficial changes….”
    I read some of the business news, and my understanding is that it’s a bit more than that. There are a lot of silly people in all major political parties, and this is a generalisation, but as I understand it, there is a difference in the degree of regulation and interference by stupid people in authority, between leftist and rightist parties. The leftists tend to gum up the works more, with more of the sorts of busybodies that Ayn Rand depicted in ‘Atlas Shrugged’ running around hindering business and extracting rent. The rightists tend to restrict this normal bureaucratic tendency a bit. It may not look like much to the ordinary person on the street, but it does make a difference to general welfare. People in general have more when bureaucrats and parasites have less.

  13. Random Castagna Avatar
    Random Castagna

    Like many others, you assume that verbalizations that don’t match in quality over time are indicative of the onset of Dementia or some other degenerative disease, at least in older people. There are many things wrong with this conclusion, since it fails to take in more common causes such as fatigue, poor speech-writing, and teleprompter malfunctioning. As you stated in the beginning, you are not a doctor, and even more specifically, you are not a neuropsychologist or neurologist, and really are unqualified to make statements explicitly or implicitly about brain health.

    As someone who actually is qualified, I really wish you (and others) would stop it;

    1. You don’t need a doctor to notice a broken leg, and you don’t need one to notice incongruous incoherent speech. Since this was not the case with Biden a short time ago, one can only assume this is a new impairment, as in dementia. Believe it or not, many of us have seen it before when it WAS diagnosed by an “expert”.

      1. Random Castagna Avatar
        Random Castagna

        You need a doctor to diagnose the precise nature of any fracture, and you cannot be certain it really is fractured without an x-ray which only a radiologist can completely interpret. Your analogy is ridiculous.

        How many times have you supposedly seen it? How many times have you thought you saw it and been wrong, and how many times have you thought everything was fine when it wasn’t?

        1. Dont believe your own eyes and brain!!!!!!!!

          1. Random Castagna Avatar
            Random Castagna

            Your eyes and brain are not infallible.

            1. Robert L Phillips Avatar
              Robert L Phillips

              You are making excuses for what is quite obvious to anyone who cares to be honest. Even if “our good friend Joe” is still all there, his policies and utter hypocrisy are worse than dementia.

        2. Playing backyard football at the age of 16 I had my legs clipped out from underneath me and landed on my left forearm. Both bones completely fractured. As in all the way through. As I tried to lift my arm from the ground it became quickly evident there was nothing holding it together.
          Everyone there knew I had a broken arm. And, of course, they were right.
          Yes, Biden has shitty speech writers. But they have nothing to do with his obvious (the word has a meaning because…) mental difficulties. And “difficulties” is euphemistic.
          The President of the United States ought to be able to know what it is he is trying to communicate and should have the skill to speak “off the cuff” if his teleprompter malfunctions. I’ve known 3 History professors who could speak “off the cuff” for hours with fully formed syntax, logic, and abundant knowledge. That is to say, they could give remarkable and lengthy lectures without notes.
          Your assertions are ridiculous.

          1. Random Castagna Avatar
            Random Castagna

            Your anecdotal Tale while it evokes sympathy, has absolutely no probative value in this situation. Similarly your comparison of history teachers who lecture at least several times a week if not more often to a President Who lectures or speaks infrequently is simply a false equivalence. you might want to try comparing apples to apples and oranges to oranges and also not speaking about football accidents in the context of public speaking.

            1. Speaking is the outcome of thought. A President should be a practitioner of thought.

        3. Given their ever increasing role in promoting the interests of Pharma, whether willing or not, doctors are fast losing credibility. Other than repairing injuries, they are in some cases downright dangerous. Every year in the US the third leading cause of death in the US that will never appear on a death certificate is medical error. killing about 225,000 per year.

    2. “Your eyes and brain are not infallible … ”
      Only the eyes and the brain of a “precise” doctor are “infallible” …
      I guess you qualify for the Team, Random Chestnut. Thanks for the helping hand.

      1. Random Castagna Avatar
        Random Castagna

        Nobody is infallible but would you prefer trained eyes and an experienced brain or just some guy like yourself with Dunning-Kruger syndrome and too big an ego?

    3. I’ve watched the Twitter video, above, of Biden mentioning Libya and Syria, and it’s by no means clear to me that Biden confuses the two countries as Aaron Maté claims. Russia has a very clear presence in Syria, while the Russian Wagner Group is active in Libya, and Russia seems to be backing Haftar’s side in the conflicts there. Nor is it that surprising he fumbles for words, as no US president would want to give a straightforward answer to questions about the chaos in those two countries, for which the Empire bears far more responsibility than Russia.
      If that clip is supposed proof of Biden’s dementia, I’m thoroughly unconvinced.

  14. To pay attention and not be angry all the time you either need to be profiting from misery or you need to look at everything from a comically hilarious point of view.

    1. Linda Jean Doucett Avatar
      Linda Jean Doucett

      I maintain by writing snide insulting poems… it helps and I never run out of fodder.

  15. Altho many of the people of Russia serve to support your claim “Russia is a strange enchanted realm whose magical properties render western minds completely incapable of forming rational thoughts about it.”… you seem to omit the reality that enemies of the current Russian authoritarian government seem to get sick and die a whole lot more than mere happenstance would suggest.

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      I hope you are not defending Alexei Navalny, that western right-wing shill and racist. That Juan Guaido of Russia. Because if you are, you are beyond redemption.

      1. Navalny may have been adopted by the West, but he doesn’t follow the Western agenda. For example, he firmly maintains Crimea belongs to Russia. The same may not be true of his sidekick Maria Pevchikh.

      2. Carolyn, so it would be perfectly OK to poison … him, right?

        1. What would Russia have gained by poisoning him? He had little support within the country – around 5% by most estimates.
          What might the West have gained from poisoning him? A cause célèbre whether he lived or died, and perhaps a more amenable puppet if the latter.

          1. Ian:
            15% support, an annoying, embarrassing critic leading into elections; good reasons to poison or jail:
            Per PBS: “ Mr. Navalny is well known, but perhaps not universally loved. And in fact, one pollster says his approval rating is around 15 to 17 percent. Nevertheless, he can discredit the Kremlin with his allegations of corruption, his movement that he’s begun. And so it is likely that these protests will continue because it’s likely that Alexei Navalny will remain in jail.
            And here’s the key thing to keep in mind. In September, Russia is going to have a very important parliamentary election for the State Duma.”

  16. “A pox on both your houses” is a frequent dismissal of the observations about the Biden regime being no improvement over the last one;
    this appears designed to offer comfort to disappointed liberals, leftists of all stripes, and mere cultural Democrat partisans. But this dismissal is pretty obviously
    missing some serious clues that there is a schism in the USSA’s oilygawky. If’s so clear that I will try to convince the remaining
    rational fragment who dare to entertain the Romanian proverb “a change of rulers is the joy of fools.”

    I assert there are at least two teams of off-stage plutocrats – a “red” team and a “blue” team (oddly [inversely]-named [by design?])

    The Red Team: (last mascot – Donald J. Trump)

    — Seemed to faintly entertain taking America in a direction back towards a normal country with a ~Jeffersonian foreign policy. Anathema to the Red Team!
    — actually proposed stopping the wars and overseas deployments. Overrruled by controlling $upreme Beings, but broached as an idea nevertheless.
    — Headed tentatively towards self-sufficiency in revivifying domestic industrial production: not a goal of the globalist Bankster community.
    — Suggested the current heavy embrace of all things Chinese was unhealthy: Inconvenient to the gods of technology and finance.
    — Resisted illegal immigration that exacerbates already very high US homelessness and unemployment – and health issues.

    The Blue Team: (current mascot – Joseph Robinette Biden)

    — Seems fixated on going for planetary hegemony with a one-world government at any cost in lives, infrastructure, or financisl integrity.
    — have made no effort to throttle back wars/deployments, but assisted groups/proxies engged in them.
    — appears to be playing “chicken” with two nuclear-armed peers; showing scant concern for a WW3 by most observable actions.
    — seem indifferent to the state of notably declining USA physical infrastructure – and abet groups that riot, pillage, and further degrade it.
    — have enthusiasticslly encouraged illegal immigration of marginals and transported them across the USA to conceal them from immigrstion controls.

    I’m not perfectly convinced it’s a l l oligarchical D&C scripting – but do entertain the possibility.

    1. Sounds like you’re still caught up in the Red team. The part you forgot to add is not knowing where Israel ends and Trump (and Biden) begins. Trump literally crawls before Israel while Biden plays controlled opposition by acting like he cares about the Palestinians while still giving Israel billions along with weapons to use on them.

      Look to the wars of aggression that started these massive migrations and then blame the Blue team for not building enough walls to keep them out? Allowing Talmudic trash to control our money supply, entertainment (entrainment) and media and then wonder why it’s all collapsing?

      Why don’t we just vote in Netanyahu as he currently needs a job. That way, America can at least be consistent regarding its behavior and allegiance. And all of Congress supports him, not just half like they do our own presidents.

      Voting in presidential elections has become an act of treason.

      1. Talmudic trash = religious Jews?
        You’d be happy enough with some other group controlling your money supply, entertainment and media?

        1. Talmudic Jews see goyim as cattle. The American people are beginning to understand. I suggest that you stay under the bridge, Troll.

            1. OT demon is a supremacist god and it’s what these religions have in common.

              Get rid of this imposter and we have a chance.

      2. Not forgetting; lived in the ME; school in Beirut, tracking it for 50+ yrs. Like the term Talmudic Trash; have used (Talmudic) Termites because they have structurally hollowed out the USA —> USSA (UK, Europe+) with their SOP infestations of all their “ho$t” societies’ control points: financial, cultural, educational, legal, political, etc.
        France tracks Scientology as a cult; but it is too late – and it dares not track its infinitely more dangerous, corrosive TT – and passes laws forbidding their well-deserved criticism/disparagement.

    2. Issues taken with: “seem indifferent to the state of notably declining USA physical infrastructure – and abet groups that riot, pillage, and further degrade it.”

      Counter point 1. Massive infrastructure improvement proposal that Team Red (including double-agents Manchin and Sinema) reflexively tries to kill.

      Counter point 2. Rhetorically siding with the oppressed by calling for an end to summary executions on the streets is far from abetting rioters, pillagers and mobs degrading the infrastructure.

      I would like for you to examine why it is you are still caught up in Team Red narrative framing. And pointing this out is not an argument for Team Blue.

      1. 1) The term infrastructure – denoting physical resources by habitual usage – has been recently hijacked to provide diversionary bread and circuses to the peasantry (def: anyone with assets of less than 1 B U$D.
        2) Applying new labels to common-sense observations (and footage!) of rioting and pillaging by self-styled (~Mao-ist) ‘cultural revolutionaries’ running amuck on George $oro$’ logistical support has the odor of standard ‘color revolutions’ – now seen as mere social engineering.

        1. Alex, you appear to be solidly on Team Red. Don’t forget

          When their captain was in the White House, Team Red kept announcing “Infrastructure Week” was coming, but it never arrived. Just like the unbelievably great health care plan that was going to be announced over and over in two weeks.

          Team Blue announces infrastructure plan, and the opposition sows division by getting the peasants to argue over the definition of “infrastructure.” The point seems to be to gin up opposition to plans to make sure the federal government delivers nothing for the peasantry.

          BTW, I’m still waiting for my first check from Soros. Or even evidence he is involved. Yes, blaming Soros is a Team Red is another divisionary tactic.

  17. “Having a conscience now is a grief-soaked proposition.” – Stephen Jenkinson

  18. As written (years before), these are all Acts, from Actors, paid to perform “in a scripted theater production that’s been running for generations.” All Talking Points are provided. Every goal is set. And, they do not Exit Stage Left until the latter is fulfilled. While witnessing, ask questions: What do they serve? Whom do they serve? Where are they leading?

  19. “The emperor has no authority. People’s attention should be drawn to this fact.”
    No, but the office surely does, and a lot more than its legally allowed to have. Which is why it won’t be relegated to an actual human being with independent thought. There is no legal foundation for an executive order other than to facilitate execution of laws passed by Congress. Instead, they are put forth as edicts, which POTUS sells to the highest bidder, which is always the bank cartel.

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