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The US government has shut down multiple news media websites based in the Middle East, including Iran’s state-owned Press TV, and al-Masirah TV which is owned by the Houthi group Ansarullah in Yemen. The Department of Justice said on Tuesday it had seized 36 Iranian-linked websites, claiming without evidence that they were associated with “either disinformation activities or violent organizations” and were shut down for a violation of US sanctions.

This would be the same US government that is imprisoning Julian Assange for journalism which exposed US war crimes, the same US government which paid for the weapons used to destroy more than 20 Palestinian media outlets in Gaza last month, the same US government whose unipolar domination of the planet is made possible by the journalism-destroying propaganda of the media-owning plutocratic class in alliance with sociopathic government agencies.

This would also be the same US government which constantly pays lip service to the need to protect the freedom of the press, as part of the “rules-based international order” it purports to uphold in the world.

The Biden administration has been bleating “rules-based order” so frequently and with such obvious meaninglessness that even The New York Times voiced some criticism of the way that vapid, idiotic phrase is being used instead of the well-defined term “international law”. As Medea Benjamin and Nicolas JS Davies wrote for Salon last month:

For Blinken, the concept of a “rules-based order” seems to serve mainly as a cudgel with which to attack China and Russia. At a May 7 UN Security Council meeting, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov suggested that instead of accepting the already existing rules of international law, the United States and its allies are trying to come up with “other rules developed in closed, non-inclusive formats, and then imposed on everyone else.”

Today, far from being a leader of the international rules-based system, the United States is an outlier. It has failed to sign or ratify about 50 important and widely accepted multilateral treaties on everything from children’s rights to arms control. Its unilateral sanctions against Cuba, Iran, Venezuela and other countries are themselves violations of international law, and the new Biden administration has shamefully failed to lift these illegal sanctions, ignoring UN Secretary-General António Guterres’ request to suspend such unilateral coercive measures during the pandemic.

Indeed, US government officials babble endlessly about “rules”, and the “rules” are literally always tools used for the benefit of the US government, and the US government literally always flouts those “rules” exponentially worse than any other government on earth.

What the phrase “rules-based order” actually means is Washington-based order. It means a world order imposed by the US government and its lackey states on pain of devastation and death, which exists solely to keep the US at the head of a unipolar empire. It means do as I say, not as I do. It means rules for thee but not for me. It means we decide what happens based on what suits our interests.

If you peel away all the narrative spin and outward politeness, the US empire just looks like any other tyrannical force that has ever existed throughout human history, except it kills a lot more people than most of the others. In the old days the thugs with the most effective killing force would dominate everyone else using terror, wearing frightening battle costumes adorned with the body parts of their enemies. Nowadays they still dominate everyone else using terror, except they do it while wearing suits, and while waxing self-righteously about the “rules-based international order”. And they are much better at killing.

There is no other government on earth that is less qualified to impose any “order” upon the world. This is the only government on earth which has killed millions of people and displaced tens of millions just since the turn of this century, the only government on earth that is circling the planet with hundreds of military bases and working to destroy any nation which disobeys its dictates. Yemen alone completely delegitimizes any claim the US may have had to be the arbiter of “order” in the world, to say nothing of Iraq, Vietnam, Libya and all the other innumerable atrocities that this monstrous regime has inflicted upon our species.

The sooner humanity can extract the parasite that is the US empire from its skin, the better off the whole world will be.


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89 responses to “‘Rules-Based International Order’ Means Washington-Based International Order”

  1. Johny Conspiranoid Avatar
    Johny Conspiranoid

    I’m confused. What does siezing a web-site involve? Has the computer hosting the web-site been siezed? Has the website been blocked in specific countries?

  2. To focus on the US is to miss the mark a bit –
    US is simply the military arm of the neoliberal monster – the owners.
    To appreciate this helps to understand why the US behaves irratically at times.

    And according to Carlin –
    The government is the entertainment division of the military.

  3. I didnt realize it had a name –


    Generally labelling is bad and inhibits real thought, but this one seems correct and clear.

    Liberalism – not respecting norms.

    But it reflects the seeming contradiction – when good becomes bad.

  4. Stephen Morrell Avatar
    Stephen Morrell

    Hopefully Anonymous to the US seizure will respond with interest.

    1. Stephen Morrell Avatar
      Stephen Morrell

      Sorry for stupidity: Hopefully Anonymous will respond to the US seizure with interest.

  5. On the bright side, the Evil Empire (aka USA) is sliding into third world status fast.

    1. A banana republic that can barely grow bananas.

  6. More like a CANCER than a ‘parasite’

  7. Mme. Caitlin, Happy for you to blast this empyre-sprach. The flak you seem to be taking (comments) must indicate a near/direct hit on sensitive toes. There are plenty of places to insert crowbars in the empyre’s narratives – and you keep finding them!
    Now I have a practical aspect to my comment: If you can find the IP addresses, or in-country national suffix versions for silenced sites (e.g. –> – and/OR their national broadcasting (english pls!) frequencies, please publish them — as a deterrent to any more of these hijackings; it might persuade more people to find out just what all the empyre’s designated bogeymen have to say.

    1. This one’s working, at least right now:
      This gives information about PressTV’s satellite broadcasts, apparently in English, but not having a TV, I’m unable to check it out*:
      And these are online, but appear to be unavailable in English:
      *Satellite Frequency Symbol Rate FEC
      Badr 5 (26°E) HD 12265 H 30000 3/4
      Badr 5 (26°E) HD 12284 V 30000 2/3
      if that means anything to you!

      1. Oh! Of course almasirah is available in English –

    2. Technical note: 1) we should all encourage national “radio stations” – that have mostly become IP packet generators – to (re-)start shortwave broadcasting as an independent and relatively hard to jam channel for ideas. The true charm of shortwave is that there are no packet addresses of the listeners for the spooks to track w/o exotic equipment and very close proximity to the listener. 2) Since so many are addicted to their screens it may be possible to get the internet engineering task force (IETF) to define a uni-directional (receive-only) protocol that could be used – where a user with a shortwave set and a simple modem could display low-graphic-content text on their PC or cell phone.

  8. I have to say that most of the comments struck me as cretinous. I thought it was a splendid column. Thank you.

    1. I AM AN INFERIOUR PUNCHING BAG. FUCK YOU. OH, I AM INFERIOR FOR NOT SAYING “my kindly fornicate with the person speaking please” ANd I am so securely in my place

      1. Whatever led you to imagine James was referring to you?

  9. I’ve come to know and follow Caitlan on a few progressive websites that carry her work. Saying that I am very disappointed and will not make one more comment than this one. The level of discourse in this comments section of her website is of no interest to me – lots of ignorance, name calling and incivility – no thanks -adios.

    1. so sorry to see you go-good riddance- and you will not retort as you are soooo superior

    2. So stay, and educate them.

  10. The timeframe of “since this millennium” is completely arbitrary and chosen just because it’s a useful rhetorical tool for your narrative. If I were to follow your black-and-white moral logic, “this choice alone” on your part disqualifies you from lecturing on the moral character of others.

    Get off your game of moral one-upmanship. Saints are the greatest sinners of all.

    1. I don’t follow your logic- how can writing about the present be immoral?

      1. Just writing about it isn’t, but she’s implicitly making the case that the US is more deadly than other powers on the basis of her chosen timeframe. Factor in the crimes of, say, the Soviet Union, from which my own parents fled and the US starts to look far less menacing.

        The truth is that only in the Western order can one evern write such utterly one-sided, scathing criticism of their own powers. People like her are long locked up or “disappeared” in places like China or Russia.

        The worst kinds of humans are committed idealists who believe with a religious fervor that all suffering can be extinguished, and in their zeal typically come up with a single institution or person to blame for all the ills of the world, be it the US, Russia, globalists, racists etc.

        The road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Thousands of years of moralizing haven’t changed that.

        1. It’s the present, not something that can be chosen. So I ask you again- how can writing about the present be immoral? Are we only allowed to write about history? If so, then you are being immoral for writing about what she wrote today instead of something she wrote 50 years ago.

          1. Do you have functional reading ability?
            It’s irrelevant what time period she’s writing about, I’m criticizing her manipulative take wherein she chooses a convenient time period to support her case, which makes her no different from the manipulators in the media she likes to portray as immoral. She might just as well have chosen the period of the Civil War and said – well, can you believe your eyes, the US is the most violent and unstable country in the world!

            1. Between the turn of the century and now is what we’re living in, not some random page in a history book, so that’s what modern people write about. You’re angry and trying to say there is something evil about it, but you can’t make sense of your own hurt feelings. Now you’re stuck trying to defend this nonsense you wrote about unfair time periods. Go ahead and try to convince yourself that it’s immoral to talk about the present, but you can forget about convincing the rest of us. We can tell you’re just butthurt.

        2. IN USSR people are “disappeared” so I have heard. But I know from PERSONAL EXPERIENCE and from what is happening to Assange, that it is similar factual knowledge it happens here in the US. The difference is propaganda- the US follows a strict moral and ethical code and is the policeman of the world, correcting all nations from their wayward ways and promoting democracy. And you probably buy into that. Please spare me the humor in your ridiculous statement. THe US is the most evil of all times, and is getiting worse.

          1. More evil than the Mongol expansion? Wherein they came upon a city, and if it did not immediately surrender they killed the entire population? The US is by far the worst today, but history is pretty rife with some really bad actors. Baghdad did not achieve its pre-Mongol population until the 1970s.

          2. That’s privilege working at its finest – the society you enjoy is so free, so secure and so prosperous that it enables you to actually go on believing insanities day in and day out.
            I specifically wrote there’s no such thing as a *perfect* society, and no, the US is not a flawless angel, but it’s you, not me, who is incapable of thinking of the world beyond black-and-white terms.

        3. Actually post Stalin the Soviet Union became pretty tame.

          And it continued right on becoming tamer and tamer.

          1. Pretty tame?? There was no independent media – unlike this very site –, people had to wait in lines to get basic foodstuffs like sausages even until the very end. I remember my parents describing what a big deal chewing gum was in the late 80s when it first started appearing as a Western import.

            You have no idea what you are talking about, taking the comforts of Western life for granted, without realizing how fragile and rare they truly are.

        4. Johny Conspiranoid Avatar
          Johny Conspiranoid

          How do you know what goes on in China or Russia other than what their enemies have told us?

    2. The timeframe of “since this millennium” is fairly arbitrary, but Caitlin’s final paragraph mentions Vietnam, referring, I guess, to the US war on that country and its neighbours, and previous US backing for the French attempt to keep control of them. If you want to go even further back, Caitlin often points out the genocide of native Americans involved in the founding of the USA.
      It seems to me ‘just since the turn of this century’ is a convenient point to start, as most readers will probably be at least vaguely familiar with these events, and in no way an attempt to twist or distort history.

  11. Rules. LOL.

    There is no justification for theft. Yet coming up with bullshit justification seems to work. A sad fact of life. Enough repetition and the brain leaks. It lets lies in like a leaky roof after hours of rain. The roof may not leak right away, but it will.

    Like this job advertisement which seeks people to defend billionaire fortunes.

    This is the story of a
    soldier who operates your nation’s
    patriot missile defense systems
    it begins in California with a little girl raised by two moms
    “i like to think i’ve been defending
    freedom from an early age
    i needed my own adventures my own
    and after meeting with an army recruiter
    i found it
    a way to prove my inner strength and
    maybe shatter some stereotypes
    along the way.”

    Hear that shit enough and you WILL believe it.

    So ignore what is said. Turn the volume down. See it all for what it is. Murder and theft.,

    I can’t imagine a more chickenshit way to show The power of the United States than by stealing web addresses. I I wonder if my URL ( ) is safe? I am sure everyone who has their own URL wonders the same thing.

    First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a socialist.

    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a trade unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

    Are we experiencing a rhyme?

    1. I’m not a techie, and hopefully someone more knowledgeable will explain further or correct me, but I think your website can be taken down in the same way as PressTV’s has been. As I understand it, the USA maintains control of internet domains and so on. On the bright side, PressTV is back up at

        1. Or perhaps not!

          1. “Most of the domain names seized were .com, .net and .tv addresses. The .com and .net addresses are generic domains and are not specific to a particular country. The .tv domain is owned by the Pacific nation of Tuvalu but is run by the US firm Verisign. … The .com domain, for example, is operated by the US firm Verisign.”

  12. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
    Carolyn L Zaremba

    An excellent little book entitled, “Washington Bullets” is dedicated to this very subject. I recommend it to your readers.

  13. Charlotte Ruse Avatar
    Charlotte Ruse

    Would someone gift Caitlin with a world history textbook describing how all past Empires have been equally brutal.

    The only difference is “science” the discipline relished by today’s affluent liberals.

    It should be noted, scientific research at DARPA Labs and other such military related organizations associated with “Santa Claus Fauci” has created a smorgasbord of deadly weaponry from items that explode to genocidal pandemic viruses, as well as an array of delerterious vaccines.

    1. How many past empires have tortured tens of thousands of people, including hundreds of children, just to inspire fear, with no other reason?


      Much of the following information is dated at 2005, from the book “Our Endangered Values” by Jimmy Carter. It is not the kind of knowledge you will get from the establishment media, so this will be new information to most readers, coming from a source that had access to data that is only available to those in high places. I want to note that Jimmy Carter focused his presidency on human rights, and did not get elected for a second term, as the Christian right backed Reagan with its funding and support, despite the fact that Carter belonged to the southern Baptist denomination. He had some principles that disqualified him from position.

        From page 119-“Physicians for Human Rights” reported in April 2005: “At least since April 2002, the United States has been engaged in systematic psychological torture of Guantanamo detainees.” The prison camp had 520 prisoners from forty nations that have been held incommunicado for more than three years, with no charges stated against them. Many of them were physically abused. Regarding Abu Gharib prison – US intelligence officers estimated to the Red Cross that 70%-90% of the prisoners were held by “mistake”.

      In 2005, it was reported by military officials that at least 108 prisoners had died in American custody in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other secret locations since 2002, and acknowledged at least 28 to be homicide. Only one homicide was in Ghraib. You will perceive that prisoner abuse is widespread, not limited to a few rogue military personnel actions. Our military dutifully obeys wicked evil policies of their “superiors.”

      After visiting six of the twenty-five US prisons, the International Committee of the Red Cross reported that there were 107 detainees under the age of eighteen, some as young as  eight years old. In May of 2005, journalist Seymour Hersh reported that defense secretary Rumsfeld had received a report that 800 to 900 Pakistani boys 13 to 15 years old were in custody. The International Red Cross, Amnesty International, and the pentagon gathered testimonies of tortured children, confirmed by soldiers who had witnessed or participated in the abuse; physical and mental mistreatment.

      Physicians for Human Rights reported in April 2005-“At least since 2002, the United States has been engaged in systematic psychological torture of Guantanamo detainees.”

      “Human Rights First” released a report in March 2005 stating that detainees in US custody in Iraq and Afghanistan grew in the preceding six months from six thousand to eleven thousand. The secrecy surrounding American detention camps intensified.

      I recall the mainstream media reporting “waterboarding” of a few “terrorists” under Bush’s presidency. Most people were ambivalent to it, as 9-11 was still considered to have been executed by Muslim terrorists. Our reaction should now be, in my estimation, outrage. It is common knowledge that under excruciating torture, a prisoner will admit to almost any suggested crime. Such confessions are not admissible in trials of civilized nations. The primary goal of torture or the threat of torture is not to obtain convictions for crimes, but to engender and maintain fear.

      Now, if you combine that with the establishment of Homeland Security and the Patriot Act, which declares that all a government official has to do is to say “I think that he is a terrorist” and the victim can be detained indefinitely, exiled, tortured, or even executed with no trial, no proof necessary, and no evidence required. Is fear a tool of a righteous government, or is torture or deception?


      1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
        Carolyn L Zaremba

        We know all of this already. I don’t see the point of your repeating it in your comment. Most of us who read Caitlin read non-establishment news. We read history books. The idea that the U.S. is an empire is kindergarten stuff to us.

        1. Carolyn, Telling Michael you don’t see the point after he writes 623 words is kind of mean. If Michael is writing to clarify his own thoughts and he inflicts the process on us you have a point.

          But if Michael is honestly trying to communicate repetition could be the point. It does not matter if it is kindergarten stuff to you. What about other people?

        2. Concur – this frenetic preaching to the choir has a sense of OCD to it.

      2. Well, the Mongols for one. During their expansion, their military tactic was, if you don’t immediately surrender, we are going to kill every last one of you. Baghdad did not reach its pre-Mongol invasion population until some time in the 1970’s. Just about 30 years before the US empire tamped it back down again.

        1. Did they plan to reduce the world population to 1/15th of its present (of that time) world population, as do the real world rulers of this time? 500 million – see the Georgia Stones. And of those that they plan to save alive as slaves to the elite few are to be transhumans- doing their will without ability to think on their own? OF course they did not have technology back then, but think of the evil designs of present day globalists and satan worshiping Vatican

    2. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      Someone should gift YOU with functioning critical thinking. Caitlin talks about exactly what you are advising her to read. I believe that Caitlin knows a great deal about history, as do I. Your attack on science proves my point. And just because earlier empires were brutal doesn’t excuse the brutality of the United States and its slave states (oh, I mean “allies”). And you really do need to catch up about the science regarding the current pandemic.

      1. Carolyn
        Do you believe the bullshit ;put out by the media? Look up Dr Tenpenny, Dr Mercola, Dr Francis Boyle, Dr Majed, and hundreds of others, and journalist Whitney Webb. Covid was created not in Wuhan, but in North Carolina chapel on a hill laboratory by Dr Shi Zhwengli under US and Chinese government funding. with both Fauci and Gates supervision. Wuhan is blamed, and CHinese agents conclude, but all rulers are under the same globalists and the Vatican. Every world ruler is bought or scared into compliance. Burundi and TAnzania had the only two rulers to dissent and kick out the WHO, but they died mysteriously and were replaced by cooperative puppets. I am fully aware of the variants bullshit, but dont believe a word of it. I am also aware of hte nanotechnology, and of transhumanism, which is possible, but since 2015 GAtes has made it clear that he wants to reduce world population using vaccinations. I have seen the patent for coronavirus applied for in 2015, granted in 2018, and tens of millions of PCR test kits were bought by many naitons in 2018. The current information that you have is bullshit. 150,000 deaths due to vaccines have been removed from the VAERS database. My information is current, and verifiable. YOu have bought into the establishment media and if you took the jab, there are not pharmaceuticals to save your life, but i suggest that you make pine needle or fennel tea daily to prolong your life. The spike protein and RNA altering factors will destroy your immune system. THose teas do prevent aneurysms and blood clots.

        1. Covid was created not in Wuhan, but in North Carolina chapel on a hill laboratory by Dr Shi Zhwengli under US and Chinese government funding. with both Fauci and Gates supervision.

          You forgot to add the original intent was to create a virus that can change men into trannies or make them sterile.

          Try to give more than half the story next time!

              1. You need to see this!!!
                ‘Vaccine nanoparticles self-assembling a neuro-spider “operating system” in your brain?’

          1. here’s an article from the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists which tests,scientifically, the various theories on the the origin of covid.


            1. Regarding the article which I skimmed over. I have some information which was missing in the lengthy report, and is valuable to know. First of all, Dr Shi worked in North Carolina University Chapel on a Hill Laboratory, under Fauci and Gates supervision. AS stated, in “gain of function” research. The funding from US sources on this type of research is illegal, but indeed was given. Dr Shi traveled back to Wuhan shortly before the so-called “leak” Since 2015, Gates has been talking about (particularly on TEd TAlks) reducing world populations significantly using vaccinations. Gates has donated huge funding to the WHO and CDC, and has referred several members there. He also owns much pharmaceutical stocks. Vaccines that he funded killed 47,500 Indian children back in 2015 or so. My conclusion is, and has been since early 2020, that covid was created for the express purpose to create a need for vaccinations that will kill up to seven billion people. On a DEAGEL (a weapons distributor linked to the CIA) it removed a month ago their forecast US population for 2025—-99 million. they said it was currently 332 million. Biden has said that he wants 70% US citizens vaccinated. Do the math.

        2. If you ‘have seen the patent for coronavirus applied for in 2015,’ you’ll no doubt be aware it related to SARS-CoV-1, not SARS-CoV-2. From memory, the patent was for a stretch of DNA to be used for tests. I have my doubts about patenting genetic information, but it in no way proves SARS-CoV-2 was engineered.
          You probably also know that deaths reported to VAERS are deaths following vaccinations, not necessarily due to them. And where on earth do you get that figure of 150,000? Even the most extreme anti-vaxers usually count around 4,000.

          1. Anti-vaxers, or vaccine sceptics if you prefer, have been monitoring the VAERS website extremely closely – so how come no screenshots or archives showing these supposed 150,000 deaths before they were removed? Could it be that you’ve simply invented them?

          2. VAERS is compiled from reports by people, of themselves or their family, who took the vaccine, which they highly suspect to be the cause injury or they would not have reported it. Considering that estimates of the number reported to VAERS is only about 1-10% of actual events, there is little doubt that the actual adverse events are considerably higher than VAERS numbers. Most people don’t even know it exists, or what its for. Hardly any one is encouraged to use it. It’s more or less kept secret to protect Pharma. Also, since VAERS is not an avenue for restitution regarding these vaccines, as it has been for others, there’s little incentive to report. The last number I read was 6,000

            1. I forgot to add that tens of millions of PCR kits were purchased by multitude of nations in 2018. But I am just somebody who is stupid and likes to spread rumors. My books are read by millions of gullible rebellious people who have their ears tickled by my hatred of authority and government and deception and exploitation- we are all deluded that US has the highest incarceration rate in the world had the most slaves, has a terrible medical system, is the imperialist and militarist bully of the world, we enjoy spreading such unreliable information because we like to hear that our own government and peoples are evil.

      2. My point, einstein was that the US is the worst one ever. I have not attacked science, I am a scientist. What you are told “the science backs the vaccines” is bullshit, I do research, listen to mulitiple sources explain to me what I dont comprehend at first, and do not trust anyone, least of all establishment media, neither rightwing or left. That you trust them and cannot comprehend a simple comment and its intent, is a blatant exposure that you have comprehension inability, and simple concepts are confuising you, as most likely all you can understand is to repeat what you are told by the “experts” in the establishment. A scientist is NOT somebody who is spoonfed “scientific”information to regurgitate. IT is defined as somebody who seeks ultimate and true knowledge. When some factors of a given “fact” dont add up to truth and fall short under scrutiny, it is time to challenge what you are told and seek the real truth. I have debunked the bible, the health field including psychology and allopathic mediicine, the schooling system, the criminal injustice system, and politics. I do not repeat what I am told, but challenge it, research analytically, come to my own conclusions, and am an author of world-circulating and paradigm changing books. I debunk what was considered science and have helped millions of people challenge the status quo. What have you accomplished, and what is your witness to truth and science?

        1. You write, “150,000 deaths due to vaccines have been removed from the VAERS database. My information is current, and verifiable.”
          How might we verify this fantastical claim? If it is verifiable, as you claim, why aren’t you disclosing this information?
          I put it to you that you’re simply lying. You are wilfully inventing numbers out of thin air. You are talking crap. You are a bullshitter.
          If you disagree, show us something to verify your supposedly verifiable claim.

          1. I had retired for the day. I took two minutes to find it and ;posted it. Wasnt so hard. You could have done it yourself if you had any interest in truth. I never say anything unless I am sure of its truth. I am one of the most respected authors and journalists out there, have never been proven wrong on any of my radical and new paradigms and concepts that I have introduced. But to you I am a bullshiter. Evidence has been submitted look at the thread

      3. Charlotte Ruse Avatar
        Charlotte Ruse

        How interesting, Carolyn a psuedo critical thinker promoting the official COVID security state narrative.

  14. is shut down but still works

    1. Chris, clear your cache and you will see that it does not.

      No offense to you Chris, you likely just forgot. But the average person does not understand how the internet works well enough to understand the myriad ways users can be fucked with.

    2. Looking again I see the .ir at the end. My bad.

      Press TV (stylised as PRESSTV) is an Iranian state-owned news and documentary network that broadcasts in the English and French languages owned by Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB), the only organization legally able to transmit radio and TV broadcasts in Iran.

      That is from Wikipedia. I’ll guess shutting down the state owned news agency of Iran might have a bit of blow-back. A banquet of unintended consequences.

    3. worked for me also. i heard it had been shut down from Medhurst earlier today.

  15. “Rules based order” as in order inflicted by a ruler. Which ain’t the same thing as “government”.

  16. Piracy on the high seas wasn’t good enough. Piracy on the internet probably won’t be either. Military invasion for the purpose of outright theft is down the road, as it’s being tested in Syria.
    This is the most blatant, and by far the largest act of censorship the world has, or is likely to see. Hard to see how it could be scaled up much and even pretend its not censorship. Which censorship always does, pretend.
    Truth can easily withstand any scrutiny, criticism, or argument. It neither needs, requires, nor demands censorship. LIES DO!!!

  17. Teleprompter typo. He meant ruleR based.

  18. BB Benderhaus Avatar
    BB Benderhaus

    Throughout history a deadly train of thought breaks forth to destroy society and require society to be rebuilt. This thinking begins small as such things normally do and over many years takes root until it becomes a contagion. This type thinking takes many forms, capitalism, socialism, fascism, communism and others. It is the belief that we cannot live in relative harmony together and must be told what to do. Today this moment it is a rules based order. This did not occur overnight. It was the culmination of hundreds of groups trying to tell others what they must do. It coalesced into the deadly form we see today.

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      Don’t compare socialism to those other doctrines. Unless, of course, you believe that the USSR after the death of Lenin was socialist. It was no such thing. Stalinism destroyed the Soviet Union. You really should shed your antisocial individualism and realize that our species is a social one, that we evolved from creatures who joined together for survival, not a vicious lone-hunter species. Are you one of those people who lives in the backwoods with tons of canned goods and weapons? I ask, because society does not need people like that.

      1. I will compare what I wish with anything else I wish. You have proven what I’m about to say. All government, whatever form it may take or claim to take, are founded on the premise that they, and they alone have sole authority to kill you if you don’t go along. Socialism, among others, can only exist at gunpoint. I do not agree with it. So, if socialism is imposed, I’m faced with complying or dying. How utterly humane is socialism? Like any other system, it will be corrupted for the very reason that allows it to exist. Force. The threat or application of violence, including murder. Such power does not settle on the shoulders of the sane.

  19. “The concept of a ‘rules-based order’ – as conceived by those who essentially laugh at ‘violations of international law’” – and even scoff at the impacts of such “unilateral coercive measures” continuing “during the pandemic”: Venezuela COVAX Payments Blocked
    Bob Dylan: “And I’ll tell it and think it and speak it and breathe it. And reflect it from the mountain so all souls can see it.”

    1. Of course ;piracy is bad, but damn it, covid vaccine is the killer. As long as you believe that the vax is a good thing, you are basically trusting evil entities and have not researched the science. I have put so many links to proof that covid was created in a lab in North carolina, not China, and that the vaccine, according to truther doctors, many of them, not poliitically placed figureheads, the vaccine will kill within six weeks to three years after being jabbed. The powers have already removed the reports of 150,000 deaths from VAERS database. You do good research to find nice songs to be inebriated with, but have no love for real truth. That the US did this good deed will soon be replaced with a bad one. The rulers have no good intentions.

      1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
        Carolyn L Zaremba

        Your anti-science primitivism is really repulsive, you know that?

        1. Just in case you haven’t a clue, which becomes ever more likely as I read what you write, science is the ongoing and continuous questioning of everything. It is NEVER settled, or it isn’t science. If it were settled, the earth would still be flat and the center of the universe. Ask Galileo.

      2. “The vaccine will kill within six weeks to three years after being jabbed.”

        OMFG I am DOOMED. I came up with the clever plan of pretending I was OK with getting vaccinated but kept finding excuses not to get the jab for two weeks. Nobody caught on to my little ruse.

        I wanted to see if other people were going to drop dead from the vaccine first. After two weeks nobody dropped dead so I figured it was safe and got my shoulder jabbed. I figured the chances a problem with the vaccine would show up within two weeks to be more than 98%.

        Now it has been more than six weeks since I got both jabs and I could drop dead at any time.

        Is that what you are saying? A simple yes or no will do. But were my calculations in error or have the fates just put the 2% in our face?

        1. THe government is aware of the level of intelligence of some skeptics, and made sure that the vaccine will not kill immediately, so it created it to kill a bit later than within a week or two, to convince people that it is safe. Our rulers, as everybody on this website, and outside the nation are fully aware, are completely evil and deceptive, have planned to murder us, have no problem deceiving and murdering, all in a day’s work. Their lackeys are paid well in their complicity and don’t stop doing so, they fear the pitchforks. I know you are saying this in a more personal manner, and I am confirming that what you say is absolutely true.

          1. ‘THe government … the vaccine’
            So you not only think there is only one vaccine, but also only one government?

            1. First of all, the vaccines have a spike protein, and are RNA altering, as well as having nanotechnology. It is curious that they were all created in less than a year, and despite what we are told, all have very similar qualities. THERE being one government? Think, every world leader kisses the ring of the pope. They all (except for Burundi and Tanzania, whose leaders did not participate, but both mysteriously died and were replaced by compliant rulers) followed the mask and shutdown agenda. My knowledge has shown, as indicated in ANGRY LOUD AND CLEAR TRUTH, that globalists and the VAtican have bought and cowed every world leader into obedience. As I stated in EXPOSING THE MONEY MACHINE, all our politicians are actors, and globalists are pulling the strings, mostly through THE COUNCIL OF FOREIGN RELATIONS. One government, one vaccine. Politics is the entertainment division of the government- George Carlin

        2. ‘so I figured it was safe and got my shoulder jabbed”
          So did you “figure” that from all the long term tests that never happened, or from the VAERS report that it has already killed 6,000 people in the US, making it the most dangerous vaccine ever used? Or, perhaps because it is being pushed on teenagers who suffer little if any effect from the virus, but are most assuredly equally suffering adverse events, suffering worse from the vaccine than from the virus?

          1. VAERS has not reported that ‘it’ has already killed 6,000 people in the US.
            VAERS has reported nearly 6,000 US deaths following vaccinations. With 150 million USAmericans fully vaccinated, that’s around 0.004%. It would be surprising if nobody had died following a jab, and VAERS would be failing in its job not to record all deaths which could have been caused by vaccines..

            1. Never mind common knowledge that VAERS only gets reports from 1% to 10% of actual adverse events.

              1. Many people don’t bother reporting sore arms and so on. I expect nearly all deaths following vaccinations get reported. It would be very surprising if they didn’t. Can you suggest a reason relatives wouldn’t report a suspected vaccine-related death?

            2. Most people aren’t even aware it exists, or what its for. Practically no one is encouraged to use it. Nearly kept secret to protect Pharma. Not to mention that it is NOT an avenue to be compensated for COVID vax damage, as it has been for other vaccines. No motive to report.

            3. No response to children not needing it? Or that they suffer more from the vax than from the virus? You pick and choose your targets depending on what you think you can dispute?

      3. You write of ‘the vaccine’ as if there is only one. Are you aware there are not only many, but many different types?

    2. US wants to convince us to go to war against china. Enlist today
      Regarding the article which I skimmed over. I have some information which was missing in the lengthy report, and is valuable to know. First of all, Dr Shi worked in North Carolina University Chapel on a Hill Laboratory, under Fauci and Gates supervision. AS stated, in “gain of function” research. The funding from US sources on this type of research is illegal, but indeed was given. Dr Shi traveled back to Wuhan shortly before the so-called “leak” Since 2015, Gates has been talking about (particularly on TEd TAlks) reducing world populations significantly using vaccinations. Gates has donated huge funding to the WHO and CDC, and has referred several members there. He also owns much pharmaceutical stocks. Vaccines that he funded killed 47,500 Indian children back in 2015 or so. My conclusion is, and has been since early 2020, that covid was created for the express purpose to create a need for vaccinations that will kill up to seven billion people. On a DEAGEL (a weapons distributor linked to the CIA) it removed a month ago their forecast US population for 2025—-99 million. they said it was currently 332 million. Biden has said that he wants 70% US citizens vaccinated. Do the math.

  20. I beg to differ. THe United States, god bless America, is a land of exceptionalism. It is not like any other tyrannical empire. It excels at all it does, and its tyranny, still in process, and gaining more advances in power and control hourly, is the most successful and extremely supreme in tyranny, it is a true practitioner in terror, death, hypocrisy, fear-mongering, deception, oppression, manipulation, and is the empire of lies, and few people recognize the extent of the US greatness. You come close, but need to validate this truth and worship this blessed nation. ONly one real power exceeds that of his highness the president, and that is his holiness the Jesuit general. Shut up or go to prison. On your knees, boy or go to hell. OH, did I forget to mention that every politician is a subject of fascist globalists and the Vatican working in cahoots?

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