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Nothing about America changed in any meaningful way after Trump took office or after he left. An oligarchic empire kept doing the things the oligarchs and imperialists had always planned on doing. All that changed were the narratives laid on top of this very boring reality.

What actually changed? The tweets. The punditry. The levels of pundit-manufactured hysteria on each side. Nothing real and significant in terms of actual government policy and behavior. The powerful capitalize on people’s inability to distinguish narrative from reality.

Your support for socialism is just narcissistic public masturbation if it does not include rigorous opposition to US imperialism. So is your social justice activism. So is your environmentalism. So is your anti-fascism.

You know what would’ve been a lot worse than a vile McCarthyite smear against an important antiwar journalist igniting an ugly war in online left media circles? A vile McCarthyite smear against an important antiwar journalist being tolerated by online left media circles.

I keep seeing people say things like “This feud is destroying the left!” Alright, first of all, no it isn’t, that’s stupid. Secondly, even if it was, no “left” that tolerates the use of disgusting McCarthyite smear tactics to marginalize important anti-imperialist journalists would be worth saving.

I mean imagine a different timeline where The Young Turks had said Aaron Maté is paid by the Russian government and working for dictators, and nothing happened? Imagine if that had caused no controversy at all and everyone had just let that slide on through? How much worse would that have been? Imagine if people in online US media circles had just gone “Yep, yeah, that’s how we behave now”, and it became normal and acceptable for unprincipled progressive media outlets to target Maté and other anti-imperialist voices with that smear? Would you have preferred that?

Now imagine another timeline where instead of this becoming a contentious issue where those on one side try to blackmail the other into silence and half of lefty media takes the side of the blackmailing McCarthyites, everyone had just condemned the smearers from the start? How much better would that have been?

So we’re not in the best-case scenario where everyone just says “Yeah nah, fuck off” when McCarthyite smear tactics are deployed, but we’re also not in the worst-case scenario where they have widespread acceptance on the left either. That’s a  good thing.

Jimmy Dore is popular because he’s passionate, interesting, and speaks to ordinary people across the political spectrum instead of just to pseudo progressives or elitist university Marxists. Getting upset about his popularity instead of just doing what he’s doing is pretty silly.

Part of the widespread vitriol toward Dore is due to jealousy about his popularity and influence, and part is due to a belief that he’s the wrong kind of voice to be leading the left. But in both cases the solution is to just do the thing that makes him so popular and influential yourself, not to bitch and moan while continuing your failed approach. I’m always seeing people talk about how their dad hates both parties and just discovered Jimmy Dore and loves him or whatever. What are Dore’s haters doing to appeal to ordinary disenfranchised working class people like this? They’ll say they want to, but their actions and methods say otherwise.

And if you can’t do what Dore has done to become so popular—appealing to ordinary people in an interesting and accessible way—you should probably rethink getting into the left political commentary thing anyway.

“How come you always criticize America instead of your own government?”

The US staged repeated coups in Australia to ensure we remain a continent-sized military base for imperialist agendas in Asia and they’re jailing Assange with impunity. Washington is my own government.


Manipulators can only project. They don’t have the imagination or empathy to create something out of whole cloth to say about you, which is great because all you have to do is listen carefully to what they say about others with the realization they are just telling on themselves.

In order to really say something that is true and meaningful about someone else’s character, you have to have the ability to lean in with empathy to understand them. People who have spent their lives manipulating others rather than working with them, don’t have empathy.

This is good to know about yourself too. If you are ever stuck hating on someone and you know it’s petty and it’s not helping you, try reversing what you see in them and see if it’s just something that you do too, something that needs to be seen, loved, listened to and let go of.

These things are sneaky though. Obviously it’s not going to present in you the exact same way as you hate it in others or else you would immediately see your own hypocrisy. They will take a little coaxing and a lot of love to draw out. Make sure you feel safe and do it by yourself. Then, when you’re feeling comfy, identify what you suspect is the core motivation of the behavior you see in the person that you hate. All it takes then is to get honest with yourself about if that motivates you sometimes.

Be real playful and gentle about it. Most of the time, that’s all it takes. Just an “Ah, yeah I do do that,” and that’s usually enough to stop your reactiveness. Even if you do do it again, you will be watching yourself more closely and collecting more data. Once it’s fully seen, it will leave by itself. And you might continue hating that person, that’s cool, but it’s those kinds of hypocrisies that we hide from ourselves that cause a lot of psychological distress and prevent you from seeing yourself and the world as it is, and not through a veil of dissociation and self-hate.

If you’ve looked and looked and you still can’t find it, then that’s fine. Some people really are just assholes and they need to wake up to themselves, nothing to do with you. Always worth doing the work on yourself first though. You’re the only asshole you can actually change.


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76 responses to “TYT, Jimmy Dore, And Other Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

  1. Paul Douglas Rackemann Avatar
    Paul Douglas Rackemann

    Caitlin, I don’t know who Jimmy Dore is, and I don’t think you are going to like this comment. I am just replying to your first two paragraphs.
    You say that nothing changed “in any meaningful way after Trump took office or after he left.” That might be how it appears from where you are, and in many ways it is true. America is still a country dominated by its military and its military manufacturers, and it is still a military empire which preserves some of the forms of the democratic republic from which it arose, just as Rome did.
    However, what people outside the business world miss, I think, is the level of stupidity in government. This may be a sad truth, but people are generally better at managing their own affairs than they are at managing other people’s affairs. This is why socialists (or “leftists” if you like) always foul up. They try to manage other people’s affairs.
    They aren’t the only ones. There are still a few people around who I call “high Tories.” They are British Empire people who really do believe in what is expressed in Rudyard Kipling’s poem, “White Man’s Burden.” You often notice this same point of view, this same set of assumptions, or a very similar set anyway, in leftists and feminists. They take it for granted, for example, that all women should be treated as white women are treated in the English-speaking world, and they take it for granted that we should beat the hell out of the Afghans, for example, until they learn that.
    There are all kinds of cross-currents and surprising sets of interests in the business world, some of which I probably haven’t a clue about, but one thing you can usually rely on is that “rightist” governments will include people who have some understanding of business and some idea of the rule of law and leaving people alone to get on with managing their own affairs, and “leftist” governments will include a large proportion of bossy idiots who will go around propounding regulations and fouling things up. There are exceptions: as an Australian, you have probably heard of Roger Douglas, who took over as finance minister in the New Zealand government after a long period of a feather-bedding conservative administration, and unexpectedly straightened things out.

  2. W and HRC were perpetually projecting too. It was informative and quite handy. Hillary: ‘Online trolls are harrassing my supporters.’

    That and preemptive denial. W: ‘We aren’t torturing anybody. There are no dark sites.’ (You could even tell what vocabulary they used. I like to think it really bugged Dick Cheney.)

    You always knew what they were up to.

    As Maya Angelou said, ‘When people tell you who they are, believe them.’ Cenk is a bully and a sellout. Ana is a Mean Girl who mocks real victims of sexual harassment by weaponizing it to attack someone who called her out. Same as Hillary did.

    I remember when Gloria Steinhem said women who supported Sanders were just ‘chasing the boys’. That made me really sad. Is it THAT difficult to maintain one’s integrity? It seems people I admired are dropping like flies.

    I hold Jimmy Dorein high esteem. I understand he’s not everybody’s cup of tea. My daughter doesn’t like him. He’s loud and brash and blue collar. So what? The truth is more precious than platinum and it flies off him in buckets. It’s like drinking clear water, long and deep, to hear the truth — neat, straight up, no frills. Of course they’re establishment is afraid of him.

    The more Cenk sells out the more he has to confront JD.

  3. “Some people really are just assholes and they need to wake up to themselves, nothing to do with you. Always worth doing the work on yourself first though. You’re the only asshole you can actually change.”

    PURE GOLD!! In my Toltec tradition, this is “The Petty Tyrant.” Do what Caitlin says! 🙂

  4. Wow, Assad got 95% of the vote? That’s almost as high as the U.S. vote for one of the U.S. oligarchy’s pre-selected candidates.

  5. ‘DIGITAL VIOLENCE – How the NSO Group Enables State Terror’
    with a three minute video/graphic narrated by Edward Snowden

  6. Both of America’s political parties are imploding threatening to leave only splinter groups in the remains. But a slave still needs a master. My guess is that no more charismatic leaders in America get to rule. Cuomo was taken out and Trump will probably get the same.

    We await the Beast that will soon be crawling out of the pit to bring us all together.

  7. “The powerful capitalize on people’s inability to distinguish narrative from reality.” Such as: Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian’s Orwellian/McCarthyite attack/smear on Aaron Matte (and, eventually Jimmy Dore) was wholly representative of a modern age Psy-Op-style narrative-controlling onslaught. It was not organic. It was preplanned, fully – as part of the elite’s goals in taking down any remaining truthful voices. It was scripted theater. Anyone who could not see that is blind to the “reality” of this current stage. Anyone who still refuses to see that will most likely remain blind to the “reality” of the levels in which they will go to achieve their goals.

  8. China is not a socialist country, it is a totalitarian regime.

    1. Actually, China is a pragmatic authoritarian state that works and doesn’t fit in to any boxes. We should do as well.

  9. Rusty Corvair Avatar
    Rusty Corvair

    Jimmy Dore is a Truth Teller.

  10. Caitlin – you really should get rid of the Hasbara shills on here like Ian Perkins !

    They will destroy your blog and nobody will visit !

    Terns like ‘source’ please ? OR “Do you have evidence of that” are typical methods that they use !

    They just distract from any intelligent conversation or opinions being aired !

        1. … and very on topic. ‘aaron maté is paid by the russians and works for assad.’ -‘source please?’, ‘do you have evidence for that?’ – ‘you distract from intelligent conversation or opinions being aired’.

        2. Like a prison snitch, you aren’t even trusted by your owners. Your existence reveals that, even now, your masters fear like-minded and yet authentic people who come to their own conclusions and the power that they pull from. You are an imposter that serves the same.

    1. The obvious troll is probably in place for the more sophisticated trolls to hide behind.

  11. Jose Pardinas Avatar
    Jose Pardinas

    James Howard Kunstler aptly described these people as Jacobins.
    And radicals, as history amply demonstrates, always overplay their hand.
    Given enough time they’ll guillotine each other till “there were none.”

  12. Socialist, capitalist, it doesn’t matter. Both can be corrupted, and usually are, the very instant the Sociopaths In Charge put their finger on the scales. The differences are quite useful to those Sociopaths In Charge, since division is one of the tyrants favorite tools, along with fear. You put either system in a community that believes in it, and so no goons with guns are needed, and I might become part of either one. Though I lean toward capitalism.
    The thing we need to remember is that the Sociopaths In Charge have no principled position. Socialism or capitalism are just tools they pick up and use to improve their own lot, since they have no intention of allowing ether to take hold.

    1. Starry Gordon Avatar
      Starry Gordon

      Most people who are interested in anything political outside of arguing with family members over who’s going to walk the dog, are interested in getting stuff and and more stuff, and in power and status. They aren’t interested in truth, even though truth might help them. The power available to most people is team power. So they will set truth aside most of the time in order to support their team. This includes liberals. Right now, the liberal team is still pushing Russiagate and the associated McCarthyism.

      Since those interested in truth are a minority, they should try to take care of each other.

      1. Indeed, the only interest I have in politics is what is needed to defend myself and those around me of like mind from it. Which unfortunately is quite a bit of interest. But probably still not enough. Because politics is far too interested in me, and how it can enslave me, and mine.

  13. I don’t hate Jimmy Dore. I’ve occasionally enjoyed his episodes. However, there’s something about his style that just doesn’t appeal to me on a regular basis. To be clear, it’s a matter of style, not of content. Of course, I don’t agree with everything I’ve heard from him – nor from you, Caity, nor Lee Camp, nor several others. But, it is the few points of contention that spur me to research anew, to either reinforce or modify my already-formed positions. But the 2 – 5% difference is minuscule, in relation to the truths.

  14. I took the liberty to translate to French the part of your daily chronicle about the manipulators, I find it wonderful and hope you can help many others. See

  15. TYT isn’t on the “left” — they’re termites eating away at it. There’s a video on youtube where Cenk says that he thinks bestiality is OK. Kucklinsky’s fake righteous outrage at Jimmy Dore shows he’s garbage too — I don’t recall him ever condemning TYT’s blatant on-air objectification of women and misogyny. Ana Kasparian kissing war criminal Madeleine Albright’s ass should have discredited TYT immediately and forever.

  16. TYT is garbage but that doesn’t mean Jimmy Dore isn’t also garbage.

    Long before this latest thing, Jimmy was making similar accusations against journalist Ryan Grim, accusing Grim of working for the Democrats because he reported on things Jimmy didn’t want heard. Of course, accusing Aaron Mate of working for the Russians is a deranged step above that, but we can’t let Jimmy off the hook for playing in the same dirt.

    If you’re willing to defend Jimmy Dore’s tactics, then you’re already on the side of McCarthyism. Whoopsie!

    1. Rusty Corvair Avatar
      Rusty Corvair

      Nice try

    2. Raspberry Respect Avatar
      Raspberry Respect

      Absolute rubbish. That is all that needs to be said to you, Dore tells the truth, get over it.

      1. No, he doesn’t. I listen to him & hear him make assertions that are objectively incorrect constantly. He also engages in wild speculation in such a way that it doesn’t sound like he’s wondering, it gives the impression that he’s informing ppl about something that he knows. And ppl trust him so that causes a lot of ppl to think his speculation is actuallytrue. And he shouts accusations about ppl who arent there to push back, & he’s jst so confident he knows what they’re really thinking that he’s basically smearing ppl w/o actually having any clue if he’s correct because he’s not a mind reader.
        Lastly, he still doesn’t seem to know how the legislative process works at all (& he’s made no effort to learn despite it being something he talks about daily). Its like he thinks mean-tweeting is how bills get passed, when the process is often boring & tedious & going on w/o our knowledge.

        I could go on & on.. And I can back everything I say up too! Because if it wasn’t true I wouldn’t say it, simple as that. I actually value & prioritize truth!

        Jimmy appeal to ppl on an emotional level, in an immature way. Beyond entertainment thats pretty useless.

  17. “How come you always criticize America instead of your own government?”

    The Australia people gaze not upon a Federal government acting in the intersts of the people of the Commonwealth of Australia, rather they watch a dysfunctional puppet show deliver an astoundingly misleading and socially destructive narrative with poor scripting and clumsy inept execution.
    Their goverment’s management of the nation’s internal governance, economy and foreign relations is even worse.
    These tiresome clowns once elected or re-elected to office then draw the nation and it’s peoples both resident and non-resident, steadily and relentlessly further toward a dystopian future.
    Yet in their induced delerium those eligble to vote in the nation’s Federal elections monotonously re-enfranchise these elected sychopants, opportunists and sociopaths to continue their activities virtually unchecked for another round whenever the opportunity presents.
    Like the US, there is a choice of bad, or bad in a slightly different way, and if they are not inherently bad in the first instance then they are quickly compromised by those who are.
    It seems the effects of cognitive dissonance takes care of any lingering doubts in the majority of the electorate and those who disagree with either the process or the outcome are invited to go elsewhere to live.
    Perhaps consider the above commentary provided on Assange in this context.
    That may throw some light on how this works if someone challenges things, or draws attention to deficiencies in conduct or maybe just exposes outright criminal behaviour.
    A gaggle of US Government officials and popular commentators called variously for the “assassination”, of Assange, or his trial for “treason” whilst also accusing Assange of being a “traitor” to the United States.
    In this quite alarming case of literally calling for ‘shooting the messenger’ these options were considered to be ‘on the table’ by many of that nation’s elite.
    However, is the assassination of an Australian citizen by the USG somehow considered to be OK in these quarters?
    Would that be legal?
    Does it pass the sniff test in regard to ethics and morality?
    Why are any of those remedies even ‘on the table’ as a talking point?
    What has the Australian government done to protect the rights of their citizen from the highly questionable antics of the UK and US governments?
    Does this perhaps raise a question of vassalage in the G2G relationship?
    Further to this, how do these people in the US even think to put the citizen of another nation on trial for “treason” against the US, or for being a “traitor” yet alone call for “assasination”.
    The ludicrous concept of ‘exceptional nation’ and the accompanying notion of ‘exceptional people’ likely drives a lot of this sort of plain crazy and perhaps even magical thinking.
    We are confronted by people in positions of power and exceptional influence in the US who are apparently unable to use a dictionary before they commit their thoughts to public announcement. Sadly many of these same individuals also exert control over one of the most violent, powerful and overfunded military forces on the globe.

    So I hope this helps understand why someone like Caitlin Johnson speaks up so often in a voice that hopefully resonates across the broad expanses of the Pacific ocean to land upon the ears of the inhabitants of that quite reckless “exceptional” nation and it’s inhabitants.

    She is trying to influence thinking, she is attempting to adjust the lens, to poke some injections of truth and reality into the prevailing control based narratives.
    Good luck with that Caitlin, at least someone is trying.

    1. Here is a hilarious Australian comedy skit where military officers attempt to justify a huge budget increase. All are afraid to discuss the topic, but eventually agree the money is needed to protect free trade with China — from China!

  18. Charlotte Ruse Avatar
    Charlotte Ruse

    Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Mo
    pick which sellout stays or goes.

    Who cares about the nothing burger spat between Dore and Kulinski.

    What should be pondered is their political ideology and what they’re promoting to hundreds of thousands of followers.

    Kulinski did a phony turn around during the 2020 elections and used his channel to coyly market Biden for president, while “Jimmy Jab” bought the official COVID narrative hook line and sinker. Dore, did complain about his jab adverse reaction, but never dived deeper than his quivering deltoids into why the government/ big pharma is testing a deleterious experimental gene therapy on the young and healthy.

    It’s pretty safe to say, that any channel allowed to stay on YouTube “uninterrupted” is either towing the Google/NSA line or is co-opted.

    Krystal and Saagar REACT: Kyle Kulinski says Trump actions so bad he may vote Biden
    Krystal and Saagar REACT: Kyle Kulinski says Trump actions so bad he may vote Biden

    1. Did you manage to find the evidence that VAERS is deleting reported post-vaccination deaths from its database? The links you provided yesterday don’t appear to mention this, and it seems odd that you’d forget where you saw evidence for such a remarkable claim.
      Or did you imagine it?

      1. Charlotte Ruse Avatar
        Charlotte Ruse

        I thought we ended our discussion, after it was determined you were a nut case, remember……

        1. No, you chose to end the discussion rather than provide evidence for your claim. You still haven’t provided any. Perhaps you have none?

          1. Charlotte Ruse Avatar
            Charlotte Ruse

            Evidence was provided by two scientists, but you preferred to dismiss it. Now go away and read a book.

            1. Which two scientists? Where?
              You provided three links yesterday which didn’t mention VAERS deleting reported deaths from its database, let alone give any evidence for this occurring. Could you provide a source for your claim?

              1. Charlotte Ruse Avatar
                Charlotte Ruse

                Suffering from Dementia, maybe that’s another neurological adverse effect of the jab. Carefully review yesterday’s video. The scientists discuss the “mess” surrounding VAERS statistics and its website.

                1. Two guys describing VAERS as a mess is hardly the same thing as evidence of VAERS deleting reported deaths from its database.
                  You said yesterday there was evidence of that. Where is it?

                  1. Charlotte Ruse Avatar
                    Charlotte Ruse

                    Two scientists one a physicists/mathematician the other a well-known biologist analyzed the VAERS website and concluded it’s a “purposeful mess” designed to mislead and discourage the accumulation of accurate statistics.

                    1. That’s two guy’s opining the VAERS database is badly designed, not evidence of VAERS deleting reported deaths from its database, and yesterday you said there is evidence of precisely that – so where is it?

                    2. Charlotte Ruse Avatar
                      Charlotte Ruse

                      I see, so Joe Scarborough and Mika on “Morning Joe” along with the entire biosecurity state as well as yourself are the most reliable source all COVID scientific data.

          2. You will never get evidence from Charlotte. Once cornered, that account will just start calling you crazy and claim that some tenuously related fact-free opinions from a crackpot site constitute evidence.

            Charlotte says there is evidence, but until she shows it, I am inclined to believe there is no evidence and it is more likely that it didn’t happen.

            Good luck!

            1. Charlotte’s continued failure to provide evidence she claims exists says enough. Her insistence this link she provided yesterday isn’t cued to a specific time says even more:

                1. For some reason I can’t fathom, the link refuses to be posted.

                  1. If you’re interested, search Caitlin’s ‘Happy “Independence” Day’ post for “LexFridman”.

  19. Charlotte Ruse Avatar
    Charlotte Ruse

    Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Mo
    pick which sellout stays or goes.

    Who cares about the nothing burger spat between Dore and Kulinski. What should be pondered is their political ideology and what they’re promoting to hundreds of thousands of followers.

    Kulinski did a phony turn around during the 2020 elections and used his channel to “coyly market Biden” for president, while “Jimmy Jab” bought the official COVID narrative hook line and sinker. Dore, did complain about his jab adverse reaction, but never dived deeper than his quivering deltoids into why the government/ big pharma is testing a deleterious experimental gene therapy on the young and healthy.

    It’s pretty safe to say, that any channel allowed to stay on YouTube “uninterrupted” is either towing the Google/NSA line or is co-opted.

    Krystal and Saagar REACT: Kyle Kulinski says Trump actions so bad he may vote Biden
    Krystal and Saagar REACT: Kyle Kulinski says Trump actions so bad he may vote Biden

    1. did you buy some unofficial covid narrative or did you make up your own?

      1. Charlotte Ruse Avatar
        Charlotte Ruse

        What’s your point, probably nothing another “zero.”

        1. the point of a question is an answer.

          1. Charlotte Ruse Avatar
            Charlotte Ruse

            When you have a question which makes sense, ask it otherwise go away.

            1. where did you buy your covid narrative?

              1. Charlotte Ruse Avatar
                Charlotte Ruse

                Just because you asked:

                “Robert Malone invented the mRNA and DNA vaccine core platform technology. He has grave concerns about the lack of transparency of side effects, censoring of discussion and the lack of informed consent that these bring
                Free SARS-CoV-2 spike protein is biologically active — contrary to initial assumptions — and causes severe problems. It is responsible for the most severe effects seen in COVID-19, such as bleeding disorders, blood clots throughout the body and heart problems. These are the same problems we now see in a staggering number of people who have received the COVID-19 “vaccine”
                The spike protein also has reproductive toxicity, and Pfizer’s biodistribution data show it accumulates in women’s ovaries. Data suggests the miscarriage rate among women who get the COVID “vaccine” within the first 20 weeks of pregnancy is 82%
                Israeli data show boys and men between the ages of 16 and 24 who have been vaccinated have 25 times the rate of myocarditis (heart inflammation) than normal.”

                1. i see …. and jimmy dore did not do a segment about it. On the other hand dr malone also said he was not discouraging the use of the vaccine apparently.

                  1. Charlotte Ruse Avatar
                    Charlotte Ruse

                    In fact, Jimmy Dore described his adverse reactions and mentioned YouTubers are being intimidated and threatened by Google censors if they question the official COVID narrative.
                    So, he like Kyle is a “coward.”

                    Would you like more info regarding the vaccine.

                    1. no, thank you. the information you provided will suffice for quite some googling and verifying.

                2. Malone is but one of many researchers whose work contributed to this technology, not ‘the inventor’.
                  And cases of myocarditis following mRNA COVID vaccinations are hardly a secret –
                  “Since April 2021, there have been more than a thousand reports to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) of cases of inflammation of the heart—called myocarditis and pericarditis—happening after mRNA COVID-19 vaccination (i.e., Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna) in the United States.
                  These reports are rare, given the hundreds of millions of vaccine doses administered, and have been reported after mRNA COVID-19 vaccination, particularly in adolescents and young adults.
                  Patients can usually return to their normal daily activities after their symptoms improve. They should speak with their doctor about return to exercise or sports.
                  More information will be shared as it becomes available.”

                  1. Charlotte Ruse Avatar
                    Charlotte Ruse

                    “The calculated number needed to vaccinate (NNTV) from a large Israeli field study to prevent one death. We accessed the Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR) database of the European Medicines Agency and of the Dutch National Register ( to extract the number of cases reporting severe side effects and the number of cases with fatal side effects.


                    The NNTV is between 200–700 to prevent one case of COVID-19 for the mRNA vaccine marketed by Pfizer, while the NNTV to prevent one death is between 9000 and 50,000 (95% confidence interval), with 16,000 as a point estimate. The number of cases experiencing adverse reactions has been reported to be 700 per 100,000 vaccinations. Currently, we see 16 serious side effects per 100,000 vaccinations, and the number of fatal side effects is at 4.11/100,000 vaccinations. For three deaths prevented by vaccination we have to accept two inflicted by vaccination.”

                    1. is three deaths better than two deaths?

                    2. Charlotte Ruse Avatar
                      Charlotte Ruse

                      Another psycho response. Lets kill a young adult and a child with an experimental gene therapy to save someone crtically ill in a nursing home with 18 months to live.

                      That’s insane. Now go away.

                    3. the thing you describe is as insane as suggesting that 300000 deaths are better than 200000 deaths, in my humble opinion. btw, nobody but you entertained the idea of sacrificing two young people for someone critically ill in a nursing home afaik, and the math is incorrect: 3 saved for 2 lost.

                    4. Charlotte Ruse Avatar
                      Charlotte Ruse

                      If you took any time to do a “little research” you would find “the asymptomatic” suffer the worst adverse reactions from a “gene therapy” misnamed a vaccine. 99.9% of young people have mild or no symptoms when they contract the virus and develop a powerful natural immunity to COVID. The asymptomatic are the ones experiencing intense deleterious side effects from the jab. In any event, those who have no chance of dying from a virus and have no symptoms should NOT be coerced to risk their health with an experimental treatment which bypassed several stages during its “warp speed” safety trials. Gene therapy is not new. Past animal “testing trials” yielded disastrous results.

                    5. coercion is to be avoided, i agree, but that also works in different directions, e.g. can one coerce people in a nursing home to interact with young unvaccinated caretakers, etc … it’s quite a crisis this pandemic.

                    6. Charlotte Ruse Avatar
                      Charlotte Ruse

                      Don’t kill your grandmother with COVID just murder her with isolation, neglect, and relentless loneliness.

                    7. indeed, quite a crisis, isn’t it?

  20. The WSWS had a recent article with plenty of background on US manipulation of Australia. It goes a lot further than the title suggests, and ends with “Future WSWS articles will examine some of the cables in greater detail and review the historic significance of what they reveal.”

    ‘Diplomatic cables show Australian Labor leader Bob Hawke was US informant’

  21. aUStralia.
    We’re kneeling in it.

  22. I feel so simpatico with you sometimes Caitlin. I was reading your article and was about half way through and I was thinking to myself: wouldn’t it be good if we just injected a little lightheartedness and self reflection into this mess and BOOM! That’s exactly where you took it! Bloody legend mate.

  23. Frank Thompson Avatar
    Frank Thompson

    Wow! Bereft of any context for this post I am. I think I’ll have a nap.

  24. I found a guru who has the right attitude about this.

    1. Play it at 49:09 to get to the Guru.

  25. Cenk: I want a smart audience not a dumb one.

    Bernie: Enough with your damn emails!

    Lefties love their fake, made-for-tv heros that flatter them as they undermine them and pretend to be noble as they pull punches


  26. Jimmy Dore is exactly the kind of voice and leader working people need. He’s a straight talker, funny, and authentic working class. Thus he’s a huge threat to establishment Democrats, to whom TYT are beholden.
    The outrage in some quarters over his #forcethevote campaign outed many phony progressives who pretend to champion universal health care.
    I wouldn’t wish it on Jimmy to run for office but boy, do I wish someone like him would step forward. He’s a gem.

  27. Susan Mercurio Avatar
    Susan Mercurio

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR STANDING UP for Jimmy Dore! Jackson Hinkle on The Dive has also supported him, while Kyle Kulinsky, his “friend,” took the weasely road of, “Oh, I’m friends with both sides and I don’t want to get into it,” after which he jumps into the pool at the deep end, wrings his hands, clutches his pearls, and generally tries not to offend the offenders.
    I have been telling everyone who excuses this pretzel-backboned behavior on social media, when they insist that he really shouldn’t take sides, that if you have any principles, sometimes you have to stand up for your principles and take a side against abuse.
    Consider child sexual abuse. Would you say that both the child and the abuser were equally responsible? Well, that’s what the mental health professionals said in the 1950s and 60s: I read the literature. We don’t think that way now; we stand up for the victim against the abuser. It’s your principles at stake here. If you claim to have some, you have to practice them. You can’t keep them up on a shelf where they won’t get that “lived-in look”; you have to live them or die.
    What your followers like about you, Cait, is that you live yours. Always.

  28. William Edward Kierath Avatar
    William Edward Kierath

    In my 84th year I have Jimmy Dore pinned to my Chrome bar.
    And you are one of the few Australians who are not smothered by the Establishment and I almost daily email the ABC and for several years saying “In Print” they are liars and lying and quoting their lies and I have never received a Lawyers letter. I have named the liars as well!
    So below is the email I sent at 0.15 AM this morning.

    After everyone gets over the reply …..He’s a Putin Puppet!
    Which World Leader do you have in mind who could speak to his people for nearly 4 hours like this below link shows when answering questions.
    And someone who knows the details to cover almost all his replies and not insult the people around him by smirking his reply’s.
    Putin’s reply speaks for itself even if you’re not a Puppet if you have any powers of observation.
    I dream of an Australian Leader who could do this and believe that person,…….. as all we have is the slime of man exposed brilliantly and shown for what he is tonight on 7.30?
    As I have said on multiple occasions …..You don’t have to like Putin but after 20 years there are no troops in the streets and the Russians approve, 66% June 2021.
    While in the June Newspoll, Morrison fell to 54% and Albanese scored 32% and the 2PP Poll was Coalition/Labor 50—50? Up from a streak of 4 Polls where Labor lead.
    Personally I think the title shown on the link is wrong and it’s because people have lost faith in Labor. And Albanese as a “Nothing” is poison.

    William Kierath

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