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So there are going to be soldiers policing Australia’s streets.

In what was already being called the harshest pandemic restrictions in Australia, New South Wales police have requested 300 Australian Defense Force troops to help enforce lockdown rules in eight local government areas in the suburbs of Western Sydney.

“The personnel will deploy on Friday, Defence Minister Peter Dutton said, and will begin assisting police with ensuring compliance with restrictions next week,” Reuters reports.

“Army troops will door-knock homes of people who have tested positive to COVID-19 and those deemed to be close contacts to ensure they are isolating in a crackdown on Sydney hotspots after NSW reached a record number of new infections,” the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

This would be the same ADF which has been caught committing horrific war crimes in Afghanistan, by the way. These are the wonderful people who will be going door to door through Sydney’s poorest and least-white neighborhoods “ensuring compliance with restrictions”.

I haven’t felt comfortable writing about many aspects of the worldwide government responses to Covid-19 for a number of reasons, but it doesn’t take a scientific genius to understand that once you’ve got a war criminal military force patrolling the streets of your country, things have gone too far. With the US president toying with the idea of nationwide vaccine mandates and protests erupting in France over vaccine passport policies, things are clearly heating up around the world.

This is coming as more and more aggressively manufactured stigma is directed at unvaccinated people and “conspiracy theorists”, up to and including widespread support for banning vaccine skeptics from social media at the US government’s direction. The way unvaccinated people and conspiracy theorists are being increasingly blamed for society’s problems is beginning to look a lot like the liberal version of blaming poor people and immigrants for society’s problems, which is very convenient for the powerful people who are actually responsible for society’s problems.

It’s outrageous how we all know our governments and institutions lie to us all the time about important things, yet when people are distrustful of those institutions they get treated like they belong in a straight jacket. I mean sure, this distrust sometimes manifests in ways that are not well-informed or truth-based, but expecting all rank-and-file members of the public who work full time to have a perfectly erudite understanding of every situation is absurd. The distrust is reasonable, and it’s not their fault.

If people distrust their government and institutions, the blame rests exclusively on the shoulders of the government and institutions who created that distrust in the first place. You can’t create distrust and then act like people are crazy for distrusting you. That’s not a thing.

If those in power weren’t lying and propagandizing all the time and concealing what they are doing behind thick walls of government secrecy, distrust would never be an issue. The issue of “trust” would never come up at all, because there’d be no need for it: people would just be shown what’s happening in a straightforward and honest way, as should happen with any power structure, and the people would conduct themselves accordingly.

Instead we’re getting increasingly authoritarian measures slammed down upon us for being insufficiently obedient, up to and including soldiers patrolling our streets. This is very concerning, and we should all pay close attention.

Keep ADF troops away from Australians. And away from everyone else while you’re at it.


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43 responses to “Australian War Crimes Syndicate To Police The Streets Of Sydney”

  1. Just saw today that the regime is putting another 500 troops on the streets in Sydney. Keep Calm and Sieg Heil!

  2. Catelyn, I heard you are an aussie, what took you so long to turn your eyes homeward and wake up these drones who are following along the road to servitude. Ask anyone on the streets if they have heard of the ‘Great Reset’, The Davos Crowd’ ,it’s no secret that there are plans put into motion by Klaus Schwab and his WEF cronies to completely change the way we live, if we happen to survive the depopulation that is already in practice. Somebody has to remove the blinkers from the public’s vision of what is taking place. This is no conspiracy.It’s happening in real time, and that time is running out.

  3. You never want soldiers patrolling any streets. This is who we hire for cops in the U.S. and they treat people as they were trained, in the army, to treat civilians: break down doors, shove them to the ground, point guns at their heads, etc. No ex-military should ever be hired as cops, and letting your soldier thugs patrol the streets of Sydney is a beyond stupid idea.

    My husband works for a cooperative and a farm which have been very careful of covid. We did all the protocols last year, neither of us got sick despite being senior citizens. We both got vaccinated after it was easy to do so and have no regrets, and I’m not worried about our atrocious government putting a microchip in me. We’re both still wearing masks, washing our hands, and trying to keep our distance from other people (we live in a tourist area which is seeing covid infections going up).

    I don’t think people should have to be vaccinated, but the unfortunate thing is that the people who don’t want the vaccine also won’t follow safety protocols. You know, there are mountains of things to be paranoid about in this surveillance world, you don’t need to make up things to be paranoid about.

  4. And let’s not forget that the spike proteins may be able to remain active even after leaving the body via bodily secretions and go on to contaminate the environment, re-infecting people and effectively turning humans into vectors of disease.

  5. Oops, I need to add an asterix and some fine print to my earlier comments about the global COVID conspiracy plot thing. Turns out there is a conspiracy after all, but maybe not the one some people see. Here it is, beautifully pinned down like a bug in a glass museum case, in a Deutsche Welle YouTube video, of all places:

  6. MASKS DO NOTHING to stop viruses. NOTHING! 80% of those that got ill WERE WEARING A USELESS MASK! They DO on the other hand CAUSE a host of HEALTH PROBLEMS. Oxygen deprivation, dental problems, BACTERIAL PNEUMONIA and more.
    Figures vary now from 5000 to ???,000 DEAD IN US BECAUSE OF THIS POISON THAT MAY BE SELF-SPREADING like the 1918 PLANDEMIC SPANISH FLU /SMALLPOX VACCINE. Its VERY important to understand EPSTEIN GUILTY Trump’s ROLE in this so you dont make the SAME MISTAKES or support him as he MAKES MORE! CASES NOT DEATHS! EVENT 201 proves this was all a PLANNED FARCE! Understand that Epstein GUILTY Trumpy is a deep state FAKE like all others before him and gave Gates GAVI group a BILLION to FORCE a DNA ALTERING NOT-a-vaccine on YOU using the MILITARY in a ‘powerful way’ at “WARP SPEED” Gates controlled and funded Fauci AND Birx and they ALL should be EXECUTED. Trump PARTIED WITH Clintons, Gates and EPSTEIN and AS A DEMOCRAT! BOTH parties in the US are two sides of the SAME COIN.

  7. Caitlin, I respect your reluctance to be drawn into the global COVID conspiracy plot thing. Itʻs looking more and more like the global con trail conspiracy plot thing. Remember con trails? How come we are not reading about them any more? Perhaps both paranoid plot things are bit thin on solid evidence and allow the supposed plotters FAR more intelligence than they actually possess. No, they are just really good opportunists, like all top-level predators. They make up their own little 1% predator class. Didn’t Marx tell us that people almost always choose to support their class interests? Since Iʻm an expert on almost nothing, Iʻve learned over the years to trust a few writers and sources. When those folks start writing about the global COVID conspiracy, Iʻll look again.

  8. The troops are being brought home from abroad so they can be used back at home. Door-to-door is the way to go for gun confiscation with a mandatory vaccine for cover. But Australians have already given up most of their guns already. That’s why this is already happening to them prior to full blown economic collapse.

    Here in America, with Biden lifting the housing moratorium at the end of the month, this will put millions of people out on the street with nothing left to lose. In other words, the looters will be at our door first to justify the order-followers arriving their next. More chaos required for an armed populace to be enslaved.

    1. Yesterday I saw a couple of overweight guys on overweight Harleys flying huge american flags with the words “Patriot Guard” on their jackets. You sound like you might have joined them in that mental road warrior land always just around the corner.

      Far better to re-read this earlier column by Caitlin and to consider its implications:

      Build community.

      1. The only thing under your control is your own behavior. Sell your shit-on-a-shingle story to the Aussies now being forced to take an experimental vaccine at gunpoint with no legal repercussions with a 6-month expiration date before they will be forced to take their next booster shot at gunpoint and then talk to me about community. Some of us would rather die on our feet.

  9. Door-to-door policing? Should we be reminded of anything in history? Proof: “Nothing will fundamentally change.”

  10. I dare to say you write better than Greenwald and Paul Krugman just to name a few.
    So what’s wrong? What happened since 2017? Instead of going up is going down. One international media outlet embraced your articles because they are really good otherwise they would not give a shit.
    Let’s think.
    a) The World Wide Web in anti feminist;
    b) The World Wide Web hates leftists, anarchists, radicals;
    c) The World Wide Web is designed to suppress people’s rights to crush and to scare the shit out of people;
    d) The World Wide Web does not forgive nor forget people’s bad moments;
    e) The World Wide Web does not like to hear the truths about how people see the world;
    f0 The World Wide Web cannot think more than one thing at time when reading;
    g) The World Wide Web does not appreciate theoretical examples neither people without prior practical experience right there on the front;
    h) All above are true;
    i) All above are not applicable. People are stupid and I am right.

  11. My concern is this: The message for humanity right now is that everyone must be vaccinated if we are ever to end the plague of the virus. Anyone who refuses is essentially an enemy of the people and therefore must be forced by restricting their freedoms to the point that they cannot exist or must exist in solitary without access to anything. Assuming that this is not merely propaganda but is absolutely necessary, what assurance do we have that once given this power, governments will not abuse this and use it to control forever through the mandate of endless inoculations with God knows what, into perpetuity? How could we ever get governments to stop the mandate as long as there is forever a perceived threat? And how can we trust governments to not ever put anything harmful in the injections?

    1. Joseph Mirzoeff Avatar
      Joseph Mirzoeff

      my assumption is that this is a depopulation effort. little else makes sense. see georgia guidestones for details.

    2. Exactly. Viruses are the new terrorists that we must eagerly abandon our freedoms for. So that we can remain free.

  12. A year ago you pronounced the covid thing is “boring and irrelevant” and you have “more important things to focus on than how governments should handle a virus.” You did not, and with this essay, still cannot grok that the covid thing is not about a virus or a medical issue and it never was.

    “it doesn’t take a scientific genius to understand that once you’ve got a war criminal military force patrolling the streets of your country, things have gone too far.” Rich words from a johnny-come-lately This should have been recognized and telescoped a year ago instead of sitting idly by while others struggled to stop push coming to shove.

    1. Amen. The psyop was obvious from the earliest days. Remember when we were getting video feeds of Chinese people riding their bikes or walking down the street and then just falling over…dead from the virus? All of that was clearly fake; we all know by now that that is not how COVID patients die. And those videos justified the stories about people being sealed inside their apartments, left to starve to death. They justified massive government control over every aspect of our lives.

      They focused more on tracking and tracing innocent civilians instead of tracking and tracing the origins of the virus. That right there should have made everyone doubt what the “experts” had to say.

      And when the United Nations (and the World Economic Forum), very early into the pandemic, described the virus and lockdowns as being (paraphrased) “an unprecedented opportunity for us to advance our global goals,” all eyes should have been focused on the globalist oligarchs who are trying to impose a surveillance and control system which will enable them to control all of the worlds resources, including humans.

      The virus is real. It’s a bioweapon. It is being used to justify a massive takover by techno-fascist globalists. This was never about a virus.

      How many times to “conspiracy theorists” have to be proven right before people take them seriously?

    2. How about a “welcome aboard”? Attacking your allies is not a winning strategy.

  13. Important to use an Empire trope here – and start making sure that every mention of the “Covid” lockdown comes out as “martial law” because (no matter the uniforms of the enfarceurs) that’s what it is: a pure social control geste ordered by the (now, plainly scared oligarchs) to pin down the natives (every country) and keep them from talking in (angry) groups.
    Now you won’t like this from an ~unrepentant yanqui – but surely it is becoming clearer by the hours for the Ozzites that they should n e v e r given up their weapons – because they usually seem to be an aid to setting implicit some bounds on what governments (/s) will attempt to stay in control.

    1. You Americans are always banging on about how letting the government take your weapons will be the end of your freedom and you need to be armed to protect yourself from tyranny. But your government is the most tyrannical in the world, trampling on your freedoms and constantly enacting more draconian laws and allowing militarised police to further ramp up their violence against anyone they deem an enemy yet when have Americans ever used their guns in organised resistance against an obviously tyrannical government? What’s the point of being armed to the teeth if you never resist the dark forces of a corrupt government making your life increasingly harder? The answer is that no amount of guns will ever help you because the government will outgun you every time and with weapons far more powerful than the citizens will ever get access to so how do all those guns help you?


  15. The HEAVY BLOODY HAND of the ruling class.
    They despise dissent and Truth telling.
    They fear for their privileged positions.
    They are made of hubris and ignorance.
    Dutton revels in this sort of shit.
    Blood on the streets of ‘She’ll be right mate’ Australia? Who would have thunk it?
    Welcome to government sanctioned terror. At home.

  16. Aha, the rich have the final solution for the multitude of peons!
    This fine article can be read here:
    The Problem Is Evil: Of Cyberterrorism, Great Resets, and Political Prisoners by Joaquin Flores!

    1. That was excellent, Ron. As to the last part of your article regarding capitalism vs. communism, I try to remind people that tyranny involves the political structure, and this can exist under any economic system. Right now, people like Bill Gates (definitely not a communist) have far more power than any government. The danger isn’t in the type of economic system that is employed, but in the system’s ability to concentrate wealth and power — which can happen under nearly all economic systems.


      What we’re dealing with today is techno-fascist globalism. The oligarchs are very focused on transhumanism and the singularity. They intend to use technology to monitor and control all of the world’s resources. They are using “climate change” as another one of their tools in the advancement of fascism. Soon, we will be renting everything we need from them, and we will own and control nothing. It sounds completely crazy,. but anyone can easily do their own research to find out how very real it is.

      And thank you for addressing planned obsolescence (and global trade). The way to discern if someone is a true environmentalist is if they mention this, as it contributes a huge percentage of the total waste and pollution on the planet. People who don’t mention it, like those who push for the corporate-backed “Green New Deal,” are scammers who are looking to make a buck from the well-intentioned, but gullible, people who are easily led by “experts” who nearly always have conflicts of interest.

  17. Amazing isn’t it how the US government or if you like, the US regime, is pushing for the removal and censorship from social media of those it accuses of spreading vaccine misinformation.

    Does this mean they are putting up their hand and asking that they themselves be removed from social media because if I’m not mistaken they have spread deliberate misinformation about Chinese and Russian vaccines. Why do they get a free pass on that?

    Here’s an idea for a drinking game guaranteed to never get you drunk – you have to drink a glass of beer every time a US official tells the truth!

  18. Caitlin, Perhaps this will resonate with you…

  19. I’ve got a conceptual simplification that helps clarify the confusion in the information feeds we are fire-hosed with these days.
    Look at the opposite, and see if things make more sense if the opposite is true.

    New York mandates that nursing homes accept patients sick with COVID, but not dying, to free up the hospitals to “Save Lives”.
    The actions taken make perfect sense in the context of wanting to kill a lot of useless-old-has-beens in the first wave of a mass cull.

    Let’s look at everything purported to “Save Lives” as a way to kill-people, and see if that makes sense going forward.

    From the UK, where they kept switching back and forth between various plans as the virus seemed to go about it’s daily business, but where they did not give anybody high dose vitamin-D, though they were the country that pioneered its use for rickets.
    ​ ​The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) has issued advice to Sajid Javid’s Department of Health and Social Care, stating that children with disabilities should be offered a Covid-19 vaccine, despite the fact real world data shows that children as young as two-months-old in the USA have suffered paralysis, cardiac arrest and death after being given one of the experimental jabs.

    ​ I’d like to call this conceptual tool “Occam’s Switchblade”, because it strikes me as apt, colorful and memorable.​

    This says they found spike protein actively circulating in the blood of all 6 mRNA “vaccinated” persons (Pfizer and Moderna) 5 months after they were vaccinated.
    ​ ​Robert Malone has said you need to measure duration, distribution, and amount for the spike protein. FDA never did this; one of our researchers did. They found spike protein is still circulating 5 months from vaccination in 100% of patients tested (6 people; random pick).​
    Robert Malone MD bio: ​
    ​ ​I​ just saw this today, and I sure would like to see verification.corroboration of the report, but it’s important enough to think about right now. ​
    If spike protein keeps being made and circulating without cessation, what are the effects of keeping a foreign protein that is aggressively caustic to the blood vessel linings, and causes clotting, in your bloodstream for months, years, the rest of your life?
    This is a lot easier to make sense of if the intent is to cull, rather than save a whole bunch of folks.

    1. And let’s not forget that the spike proteins may be able to remain active even after leaving the body via bodily secretions and go on to contaminate the environment, re-infecting people and effectively turning humans into vectors of disease.

  20. If only that big strong guy hadn’t punched the police horse while trying to grab it’s bridle, none of this would have had to be done. It’s all his fault that martial law needs to be declared now. They should lock him up with Julian Assange, but not in the same cell. they need to suffer in solitary for their infamous crimes.
    {sarc. sorry I have to say it, these days}

    1. Your sarcasm is appreciated, as is your conceptual tool.

  21. “Their chickens have come home to roost.” — Malcolm X

  22. What a great way for Dutton to execute his coup d’état – under the guise of helping the police enforce lockdowns. He is itching to become Australia’s first dictator, and now he is moving one step closer to his goal.

  23. “once you’ve got a war criminal military force patrolling the streets of your country, things have gone too far”
    The problem, surely, is having a war criminal military force. Sending them abroad is going too far.

    1. “Sending them abroad is going too far.” Well of course, sending them to Afghanistan to shoot farmers is “going too far.” Duh. That’s an old problem.
      Having them patrol the streets of their own country is another (fascistic) problem arising from a problematic (false) pretext of “protection.” That’s not “going too far”?

    2. Your so fucking “punny” Ian. The problem with you is your Big Pharma shilling which services a cornerstone of the fascism that has lurched from a creep to a full trot—seeking to soon gallop over the entire globe. Wake up.

      1. Any pun was entirely unintentional.
        I don’t support war criminals, whatever their excuse – imposing lockdowns or imposing democracy, fighting COVID or fighting the Taliban.
        “Army troops will door-knock homes.” In Afghanistan, they’ve been slitting the throats of 14-year-olds. That’s going too far.

        1. So you now, as I do, feel the lockdowns are abhorrent? Or is it just when soldiers are used to impose them? Government imposition of lockdowns have been very real with deleterious effects for many people for some time now. No lengthy answer required.

          1. No to both questions.

          2. Okay. Perhaps “abhorrent” is too strong a term. Do you feel they are productive?

  24. It is the beginning of military occupation of the country. Once a government gets started with this stuff it never goes away

    1. Sooner or later, most armies (/police, spooks, etc.) seem to be directed at surveilling and suppressing civilians – but some deluded folk think that when t h e i r party is in control, they are protected. They forget to look off-stage at the (often dark) agendas of their nation’s (generally unloving) oligarchs – the real rulers.

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