Colin Powell, creator of the viral anti-war meme featuring himself holding a stage prop while lying to the United Nations about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, has died at the age of 84.

Over the years Powell’s meme has been an invaluable asset for opponents of western military interventionism and critics of US propaganda narratives about empire-targeted nations, serving as a single-image debunk of any assertion that it is sensible to trust the claims US officials make about any government that Washington doesn’t like.

In online discourse the Powell meme makes the perfect response to anyone regurgitating an unsubstantiated claim about a government that has been targeted for disobeying the dictates of the US empire.

“We must remove Assad by any means necessary because he’s killing Syrians with poison gas!”

Oh yeah? Boom. Powell meme.

“Russian hackers are attacking our democracy!”

Boom. Powell meme.

“Iranian nuclear weapons program!”


“Uyghur genocide!”


“Maduro narco terrorism!”


It stops the conversation in its tracks, using a single image that doesn’t even contain any words. Now the conversation is about what it should be about: the indisputable fact that US officials lie. They lie brazenly. They lie even if it can lead to the deaths of millions of people. Any narrative about any empire-targeted government that is backed by US officials must be presumed false unless and until it has been backed by mountains of independently verifiable evidence.

Other memes have emerged in recent years to criticize the absurdity of western war propaganda which are not without their own charm, like the “Really makes you feel like you’re part of history” one and all its variants:

Or the one about Republican bombs vs Democrat bombs:

Secular Talk🎙 on Twitter: "Can somebody please tweet me that meme where  one fighter jet says republican and the other says democrat and they're  both bombing but the democrat one has a

But nothing has ever emerged that rises to the level of efficacy and utility as the simple image showing Colin Powell lying to the entire world about a government the Bush administration wanted to destroy.

Powell’s deceitful performance was after all picked up and parroted as “irrefutable” proof about Saddam Hussein’s WMD operations by the very same mass media institutions which tell us we must ramp up aggressions against other foreign governments on equally insubstantial claims today. It was a pivotal moment in the propaganda war the US-centralized empire was waging upon our minds to convince us that it would be good and smart to do something evil and stupid.


Powell’s other contributions to the world include covering up and participating in war crimes in Vietnam, facilitating atrocities in Central America, and destroying Iraqi civilian infrastructure in the Gulf War. But it’s hard to dispute that his greatest lasting legacy will be his immortal reminder to future generations that there is never, ever a valid reason to trust anything US officials tell us about a government they wish to bring down.

Powell’s contribution to the war effort has been considerable. But as time grinds down the tall spires of artificial insanity that the powerful are continually imposing upon our species, when all is said and done his contribution to the anti-war effort will have been greater.

Be sure to remind everyone of Powell’s sociopathic facilitation of human slaughter often and loudly in the coming hours. Public opinion is the only thing keeping western war criminals from The Hague, after all, and those war criminals are keenly aware of this fact. At times like these, they suddenly become highly invested in making sure that regular people “respect the dead,” not because they respect any human alive or dead, but because they cannot allow the death to become an opportunity to amplify and change public opinion about their egregious murderous crimes.

There is a giant narrative management exercise that will be playing out over the next few days. Be sure to enthusiastically disrupt it with the truth.


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44 responses to “Creator Of World’s Most Effective Anti-War Meme Dead At 84”

  1. Thank you for nice information
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  2. Dead asshole = Good news
    I sincerely hope and pray that real Justice is the Fate that he faces on the other side.

  3. “Under the spreading chestnut tree I sold you and you sold me.”
    Collin, Condoleezza, Barrack, Eric, Susan, Loretta and numerous other “courageous and charismatic” people of color from both major parties sold their people a load of insincere campaign promises to get themselves or their bosses elected and then, once in office, turned around and sold them and all the rest of us out to the insider elites per the American political tradition of “nothing ever changes.” You remember, things were gonna be different this time because these were honorable black folk giving you the lowdown and vouching their credibility.
    Black folk have proved time and again they really are no different from those villainous whites when it comes to the theory and practice of “bait and switch” in the political arena. The parties have used the same come on with with women (whatever your definition of that gender may be) since Geraldine, Sarah, Hilary, Kamala et al., and, predictably, will do the same with a whole smorgasbord of candidates flaunting group identities in coming elections.
    I think they call such sponsoring entities “parties” because because the controlling insiders live large (and aim not for simple respectable survival but full blown whoop-it-up “happy days” to arrive again!) while you, the voters (and legal guarantors of all their shenanigans, like the hapless holders of any insurance policy), pick up the tab for their poor judgement and bad behavior every time.
    Once General Powell took the job proffered by President-elect Dubya Shrub he should have known that he had sold his soul and there was no executing the office of Secretary of State on his own terms. That he was black was just a matter of cosmetics, or optics, in the constant game of PR that permeates American politics. It was all just a performance, like the jobs routinely performed by the coterie of four-star generals and admirals at the Pentagram. He was already a proven pro and knew the chief talent he brought to the Cheney administration was “diversity.” Sorry that’s not the way the establishment wants you to look at the matter. Caitlin at least salvages a lesson to be learned from the man’s unfortunate performance in the spotlight. Sometimes you have to say the things that are not permitted by the weavers of America’s fictitious history because you cannot both deceive yourself and respect yourself.

  4. Sometimes you have to go to cabaret to see the truth. Canada’s Rick Mercer did a spoof on Powell’s UN presentation soon after Powell had mad it, using some of Powell’s imagery, and finished with the punchline “… proving conclusively that Saddam has … a truck!”

    Unfortunately, politicians paid to sell a narrative can’t afford to be honest.

  5. Sometimes you have to go to cabaret to find the truth. Canada’s Rick Mercier did a spoof of Powell’s UN presentation on “This Hour Has 22 Minutes” soon after Powell gave it, used similar props including some of Powell’s photographs, and summarized it with “… proving conclusively that Saddam has … a truck!”

    Of course politicians serving a “higher” purpose cannot afford to be honest.

  6. Making Morrison look smart.

    CIA – Caitlin has too far Morrison.
    MORRISON – Now what?
    CIA – She is writing bad things about our allies.
    MORRISON – It’s not a big deal. We gave green light to many others write positive things about us.
    CIA – Why do we need to keeping gaslighting the others to make them write by the way?
    MORRISON – Have you not done to your ex boss what are you trying to make me to do?
    CIA – Careful. How dare you to compare me with that man? I have been always several steps ahead of any of my predecessors. It’s why I’m here speaking with you and not them. I worked my ass out of my chair to be in front of a clever audience.
    MORRISON – Hmm, the same audience you judge. Should it not be clever enough?
    CIA – Careful, my reports will go to America. I can include you in some.
    MORRISON – Ok. You got my attention. Tell me. If I am allowed to say what I wish to keep our agenda going on, should not be allowed the others contrary to us to do the same? It’s the basic principle of legitimacy without further actions revealing our intentions.
    CIA – Of course not. Plans change as it does life.
    MORRISON – What if what I say offends one but is loved by another? Should I say nothing in fear of what people may think? This whole sentence is not the hardcore of the Trump’s presidency?
    CIA – That would be nice. But I get your point. I see you have made your choice.

  7. Caitlin,

    Do you know of a case where memes and protests and etc have actually stopped the US from going to a war?

    Any other country?


    1. It never happened.

    2. Memes and protests helped somewhat to bring an end to the Vietnam War, which is, of course, different from stopping one before it starts. The most effective peace movement of recent times, one which likely stopped (at least for a while) the next in the series of America’s forever wars, was not a movement of people but of a virus.

        1. Of course, which explains the “somewhat” in my comment. Why would you assume I didn’t understand the valiant and relentless struggle of the Vietnamese to unite their country?

  8. If by “respect the dead,” our masters mean “the dead Colin Powell,” I can only say that I never respected him in life, so why should dying give him a halo of respectability?

    And if they are going to point fingers at everyone else for WMD, we need to ask, “What about the Covid-19 virus, which the US CDC PAID TO CREATE”? When will these monsters be sent to The Hague to answer for the deaths of millions?

    1. It will not happen. All what we can do is to keeping moving from one side to another of the wagon till the imminence to see it roll over the cliff. Social imbalance. Burning bra used to be a thing like walking naked on the street but today it will not work. Capitol riot was neutralized ostensively by MSM and no one lifted a finger to protest against the prosecutions. This is the real deal but the system is always paying attention to find.a way to neutralize it. It must happen something they were not counting and they are not prepared to react like being more villains and monsters than they already are. Like not signing up to covid passports. This would definitely hurt them bad. It’s several countries aligned with Washington doing the same thing. Everyone must sign up otherwise it will not happen. It’s the best shot for a lifetime to make some real thing to happen. You gotta be prepared to live and to not give in to what is coming. How many can afford that? England, France, Italy Germany are trying but they need more people worldwide to do the same thing or they will be neutralized. America not joining will definitely stop it. But someone has to start. And keep working local. No communication would be the best to not be tracked.

  9. Kathleen Thomson Avatar
    Kathleen Thomson

    Susan Lindauer was a CIA backchannel and had the TRUE IRAQI INTEL, which proved there was NO reason for the Iraqi invasion. POWELL was the first one who ordered her to be JAILED under PATRIOT ACT to SILENCE the True Intel; they didn’t have bad Intel, it was silenced. Patriot Act has the person jailed without knowing what the charges are and NO access to a lawyer to defend you of those unknown charges. Susan was facing getting drugs to annihilate her memory until a moral Judge stopped it that morning. She did write a book detailing all of this in ‘EXTREME PATRIOTISM’.

    1. After all this time using the Patriotic Act and what this is all about The Patriotic Act is in fact The Terrorist Maker Act.

      1. If you laid Hitler’s ‘enabling act’ side by side with the ‘patriot act’ and read both you would assume the same guy wrote each of them

        1. We needs us an UPVOTE button! Thank you.

  10. Virginia Knowles Carper Avatar
    Virginia Knowles Carper

    Thank you for this. I had listened to the regular media who presented a different picture.

    1. Basically: if you’re being told (or shown) what you believe, on a LED display. Everything you BELIEVE is hastily slapped-together horseshit, your great grandmother would’ve laughed at, as intentionally obvious propaganda. Blatant is essential to große Lüge, as the lie has to be SO outrageous, normal people wouldn’t DARE to lie so brazenly. The lie is inversely proportional to the size, clarity, annoying repetitious, ubiquitous prevalence and VOLUME?

  11. In these times, we should continually remind ourselves of the power of words, alone. Ask questions: What do they serve? Whom do they serve? Where are they leading? “Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”

  12. Rumsfeld said goodbye first. Now Powell. I wonder if Cheney and Bush will also say goodbye this year.
    I like to pay attention in details and let them go pretending I don’ know about them.
    From Stalin till Brezhnev Russia used to have a straight position about Israel not having relationship. Things were almost about ups and downs since then. Putin brought back Russia to own itself, I thought. No one can deny or take that from him. But his close relationship with Israel specially now makes me believe Russia will not have a happy ending after all. Israel cannot leave USA partnership and vice versa. The doom of both is intertwined in each one going in opposite directions. Let’s say after 76 years of armistice WWII never really had an end. It was all about to gain strength, numbers and power to solve unfinished business when the time is right. Look how well infiltrated US coalition are now overall Asia. More stronger than never. We all know how things got sour between Romanoffs and Britannia. How things got sour between Britannia and France. How things got sour Between the USA founders and Britannia. How things got sour between Japan and Britannia. How things got sour between China and Britannia. There is a common actor at the root of everything. Israel was only possible due to the fact Britannia betrayed Palestine after Palestine helped to do the heavy lifting fighting for USA and Britannia there. Also, we have seem what is the real meaning of Anglo-Saxon promises at the beginning and how it will end to the people. So the question is why people still trust it knowing it will betray? Philosophers in the past used to argue about the fact a person isn’t the same forever. Someone bad can become good. But is the inverse not also true? How can someone predicts someone’s actions let alone in the future? We can’t. I wonder if Putin’s bad actions can reverse good or good actions can reverse bad only if his own life was at stake. That’s precisely the burden leaders have to shoulder and let the future after them to be revealed.

  13. Covid 1 – Colin 0

    1. PS: Of course the tributes of the other war criminals (TM) tend to mask the fact that Powell had been double-jabbed cuz “that will keep you from severe breakthroughs, hospitalization and death” which his own death couldn’t illustrate better as another egregious lie.
      In that sense, it can be considered a manifestation of karma and I’m looking forward to a bold cartoonist writing on Powell’s infamous UN vial that cost America its reputation “Safe Covid vaxx for all” :o)

      1. Yep. COVID: 1, Colin: several hundreds-of-thousands? What they going to do, NOW? Lie ever more blatantly. Feed us to ever more virulent plagues; which the commercial class brings over, then our smug bosses, landlords, media, creditors, kleptocrats… spew directly into our faces, sneering how they’re IMMUNE and we’re evil (since, having BEEN infected, we’re far more likely to miss work from bad, PASC & inflammatory vaccine side-effects) so, having caused 4-5-6… ginormous spikes by spewing LIES to get 1099’d “essentials” reinfected, now it’s time to kill 558 kids, and tens-of-thousands of eventual chronic victims.

      2. Utter nonsense. Powell had multiple myeloma and Parkinson’s. He was a dead man walking even without sars-cov-19, his immune system was shot. Do facts even matter to you?

        1. Errr… 95% of the other alleged Covid deaths had four comorbidities. Are you trying to tell me there’s a difference here? And talking about facts, did Fauci say that the jab would protect you from getting a severe form of Covid, being hospitalized and dying?” Is that a fact? Or did he add: “Except of course if you have multiple myeloma, Parkinson’s disease and if you and your pals are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis including half a million kids that Madeleine Albright thought were worth it”?

        2. If Powell believed he would die of cancer why get jabbed at all?

          I don’t give a crap what killed the bastard, just great that he’s dead.

        3. Thank you, Pasha – that is relevant an essential fact as opposed to vitriol speculation

    2. Covid does not kill. It facilitates death. Many ppl appear healthy but are actually just one system shock from death. Knew a man who died from gallbladder surgery. Organs just shut down. It was later discovered he was taking heavy codiene medication from Canada not prescribed by his doctors. Surgery, trauma, covid….none kill but facilitate death nonetheless.

      1. proof that 95% had 4 comorbidities. yeah there is a difference here, he was 84 and had cancer.

        1. 84 is the AVERAGE age of the “breakthrough” deaths and cancer is one of the four comorbidities. Looks like we don’t have the same definition of a difference.

    3. Or … mRNA gene-therapy 1 – Colin 0? Powell was fully, dutifully “vaccinated”

  14. Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice Tell The Truth About Iraq

    This clip from John Pilger’s documentary, Breaking the Silence, contains 2001 footage of Powell and Rice declaring that Iraq is not a threat.

    During a press conference on 24 February 2001 during Powell’s visit to Cairo, Egypt, answering a question about the US-led sanctions against Iraq, the Secretary of State said: “He has not developed any significant capability with respect to weapons of mass destruction. He is unable to project conventional power against his neighbors.”

    On 29 July 2001, Condoleezza Rice appeared on CNN Late Edition With Wolf Blitzer. Guest host John King asks her about the sanctions against Iraq. She replies: “We are able to keep arms from him. His military forces have not been rebuilt.”

  15. These sociopathic/psychopathic pricks just don’t get it do they?
    WE ALL DIE!!!
    Every billionaire, every CEO, every politician, every General, every mass murderer.
    So why add to suffering on the planet in the short time we are allotted?
    Just LOVE, LIVE and LAUGH.

  16. The US seems to employ war criminals as Secretary of State: John Foster Dulles, Henry Kissinger, Madeline Albright, Condoleeza Rice, Hilary Clinton, Colin Powell, et. al. Great group of sociopathic human excreta.

    1. Human excreta can be used to fertilize plants. Those pathological narcissists have done nothing so useful. They have no empathy and so do not look on the 99% as worthy of anything but manipulation. The lead up to and the result of Powell’s lies are just small paragraphs in a tale that has been going on since the creation of the US and before. It is all about the control of money, people and drugs. The Taliban had stopped opium production, a necessary part of international private banking. Afghanistan also had its own publicly held central bank not controled by the BIS, IMF and the other instruments of private banking. Iraq was creating an independent bank funded by its oil which it was selling not exclusively in USDa. Alol primary sins that had to be quashed. Since the Halls of Montezuma and The Shores of Tripoli the US military and all of its other imperialistic apparatus has been at the disposal of private banksters. Remember the Opium Wars? That was before PR firms had taken over the narrative else Vietnam would have been named Opium War III instead of a domino. Libya also had an independent central bank and was going to use its oil and gold to create a universal African currency until we came, we saw, He died. Where is all that gold and independent central bank now?
      To real humans the behavior of the pathological narcissists does not compute. We think; “How could they knowingly do that?”. They are not human . They have no empathy and only think of power and control.

  17. Dermot Meuchner Avatar
    Dermot Meuchner

    No good men among the living, no bad men amongst the dead. Old Afghan proverb.

    1. Those Old Afghans knew something, didn’t they? How many people do you win over to your side by piling on a corpse?

      1. Dermot Meuchner Avatar
        Dermot Meuchner

        Everyone is bad until they’re good. We see it all the time in America, war criminals labeled “ statesmen “.

  18. No different to any warmongering/war criminal Septic Tank.

  19. All the “Hero” and “…man of integrity…” posts today by nationalist morons makes me throw up in my throat.

    1. yes, it’s sickening.

  20. When you hear that Powell didn’t know the CIA was lying to him, make sure you note who the person saying it is and never believe a word from that person ever again.

    1. Anyone alive, who perpetrates the fallicy of Powell not knowing what he was doing, is simply perpetrating the LIE, for their own reasons, most usually, personal gain. I believe the REAL World today, needs to mark on their calenders this day, and celebrate it every year, that this piece of human garbage went to his rightful place. I most certainly will celebrate his justful demise. Covid did actually come in useful.

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