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So yeah basically we’re watching sociopathic oligarchs shore up more and more control over the global population and our electoral systems are rigged to prevent us from doing anything about it and our information systems are stacked to prevent mass-scale direct action against it.

You can’t vote your way out of a problem you never voted your way into in the first place. You can’t have a revolution while everyone is being successfully propagandized into accepting things as they are. Any solution is therefore going to have to come from somewhere they haven’t secured.

So we’re all just kind of watching this happen and hoping for what amounts to a miracle, or really a stack of miracles. What gives me hope is that I know humans have a lot of surprises within themselves that they haven’t even begun to explore yet. We might just get some miracles.

The behavior of global oligarchic power structures makes a lot more sense when you see that it’s not as much a lucid elite conspiracy as it is a few barely-conscious humans compulsively acting out psychological dynamics within themselves that they don’t really understand. Elite conspiracies happen to be sure, but what’s ultimately driving them is not a complete and coherent vision for the future which takes all things into account but rather the simple egoic impulses of barely-evolved primates blindly trying to shore up control like chimps asserting dominance.

The sociopaths who rule our world are no more conscious of their own inner processes than your average serial killer. They can act out their impulses in a way that looks very organized and efficient, but the driving forces beneath it are the least-evolved aspects of humanity. We are ruled by apes with PR firms.

That’s why they often behave in ways that are nonsensical. Some ask why they’d continue killing the biosphere and flirt with nuclear war when it can kill them, for example. And the answer is not that nuclear brinkmanship is a phony performance or that climate destruction is a hoax, but that you’re dealing with the same dumb stimulus-response impulses as any other basic organism.

It is true that the drivers of the US-centralized empire want to live as gods, able to cause famines or rain fire in any part of the world which disobeys them. It is not a coincidence that the few remaining parts of the world where they cannot do this are the parts you’re most forcefully trained to hate.

But these are not gods enacting grand visions from on high; they are organisms acting out the same forces that have been unfolding since the Big Bang just like the rest of us. And they are less conscious of the way those forces are playing out within themselves than your average healthy human, not more.


No normal people want digital identity laws passed. Rank-and-file members of the public aren’t sitting around going “Man it sure sucks we can’t prove our identity online with a digital ID that contains all our information.” Only the powerful want this, and for good reason.

If voicing very basic human rights concerns about mandates and digital IDs will get you called an “anti-vaxxer” (and it will), is there any reason to treat that label like it’s a real thing with any actual meaning?

Trans people are not a threat to you, immigrants are not a threat to you, Russia and China are not a threat to you. Please stop letting the world’s worst people manipulate you by tugging at the strings of the least-evolved parts of your brain.

First hackers, then Havana Syndrome microwave beams. It sure is crazy how Russia keeps attacking the US in invisible ways that only US intelligence agencies can see.

I’m old enough to remember when advancing US military objectives needed to be justified by actual, physical events, like planes crashing into buildings. Now it’s justified by invisible, unverifiable allegations for which the evidence is classified.

To be absolutely clear, the US government has appointed itself the authority to unilaterally decide which of the world’s populations get to eat and which do not, and to imprison anyone who tries to facilitate unauthorized eating in a US-sanctioned nation.

“Tax the rich” is a great banner for Democrats because it’s completely meaningless. “Tax them” how much? Enough to level the playing field or a tiny percentage that won’t make any real difference? It’s perfect for Dems because it sounds revolutionary but is just more of the same.

“Tax the rich” in practice just means “Tax the rich a tiny amount more which will make no difference and will be rolled back the instant Republicans are in control.” In practice slow, incremental change always means no change at all.

Inequality makes you less safe, not more. No matter how much money you obtain, the greater the disparity between you and others the more unsafe you are, and the more you have to rely on outer structures of protection which need constant maintenance.

This is why I’m always talking about how dumb the wealthy people who rule our world are. Their reptile-brained thinking isn’t good enough to even serve their own interests, let alone the world’s.

The purpose of establishment propaganda is to deceive the ruled into believing that their interests are one and the same as the interests of their rulers.

I see the fact that we are hammered with propaganda so aggressively 24/7 as cause for hope, not despair. The fact that they have to work so hard to keep humanity this crazy means the gravitational pull is toward sanity, and they’re fighting harder and harder against that pull. It takes a lot of education to keep us this stupid.

It really is a struggle between light and darkness, in a sense. A struggle between those who want to make things visible, conscious and clear against those who want to keep things secret, unconscious and distorted. Dysfunction can’t survive if all its mechanisms are clearly seen.

Those who want truth and health want things transparent, honest, and awake. Those who want untruth and dysfunction want government secrecy, propaganda distortion, and a deeply unconscious public. The latter are the ones in power right now. The former are trying to oust them.

Every positive change in human behavior, whether individual or collective, has always been preceded by an increase in awareness, by becoming aware of something that was previously hidden. Those who want positive change want to increase awareness. Those who don’t want it all dark.

But of course it’s not as clear-cut as good guys vs bad guys, us vs them. Within even the best among us there are parts which want to keep some things endarkened, and within even the worst of us there are parts which yearn for truth. So really it’s an impersonal, universal fight.

No matter how conscious you are, coming all the way out of hiding is still a lifelong journey. You’ll still find parts of yourself that have been hiding from the light of consciousness you never would have guessed were there many years down the road. We’re all waking up together.

Our collective awakening will look like that too. Things are going to keep becoming more and more visible, and just like individual awakening it will be awkward as fuck sometimes. And just when we think we’re done, whole new levels of previously endarkened inner territory will emerge. But the basic trajectory, whether individually or collectively, is the same: things becoming more and more visible, with a corresponding increase in harmony. The secrecy of the powerful giving way to transparency, distortions giving way to clarity, lies giving way to truth.

How are we still being deceived? How are we still deceiving ourselves? It’s the same question and its resolution happens in the same movement; it’s just that one is directed outward and the other inward. They’re both equally important for our collective movement into the light.

Dysfunction and clear seeing cannot coexist, collectively or individually. If dysfunction is occurring, it’s because something remains unseen. Our purpose here is to try and see it all; to let the human adventure behold itself from all different angles.

And move toward harmony.


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39 responses to “We Are Ruled By Apes With PR Firms: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

  1. subcomandante Felix Avatar
    subcomandante Felix

    Nothing left to do
    When you know that you’ve been taken
    Nothing left to do
    When you’re begging for a crumb
    Nothing left to do
    When you’ve got to go on waiting
    Waiting for the miracle to come

    “Waiting for the Miracle” song by Leonard Cohen

  2. So I read 2 artices today which complement each other perfectly: this one and by Tim Foyle. It makes absolute sense, considering the world / politics as they are and were over the centuries. The only new thing about is the possibility to destroy most of the planet by nuclear weapons. The climate problem still seems to me being a propaganda narrative and I’d like to see a discussion between Caitlin and Antony Watts from What do you think…?

    1. Yes, interesting piece from Foyle. Written by an “idealist.” But guess what? I have my own way of dividing the human kind, into only two basic categories; the ideologial versus realistic.

      To me, all the types Foyle describes line up on the ideological side. That includes idealists; people trying to make the world work according to some “narrative” they have. So if someone wants to stop paying attention to the news, and start listening to some “conspiracy” person, he or she better be careful about who she picks.

      No point going from one ideological narrative into another. Better find a realistic person to listen to or just get stuck in a new pile of shit. I am going to be writing a lot more about ideolaistic versus reaistic minds, but not here.

  3. It really is a struggle between light and darkness, in a sense. A struggle between those who want to make things visible, conscious and clear against those who want to keep things secret, unconscious and distorted. Dysfunction can’t survive if all its mechanisms are clearly seen.

    Well said. but:

    Many years ago, a floating bridge across Lake Washington was being refurbished. The floating bridges across Lake Washington float on hollow concrete boxes. Two feet above the water line, holes had been jackhammered through these boxes for construction. It was a fine sunny day. I was driving on a parallel bridge to the bridge with holes. I was on my way home. I thought to myself. Somebody should cover over those holes with plywood. A storm could sink the bridge. The bridges carry I-90. Traffic was heavy. The holes were there for hundreds of thousands to see. For days

    It sank.

    1. I was a kid when that happened. Part of me thinks it had to be intentional. Only a moron wouldn’t cover a hole in a floating bridge in one of the rainiest parts of the country.

  4. I said I would pursue the topic of vaccine passes under a different heading. I have now posted my own bloggery about it. Here it is. Enjoy.
    PS. I think Cait herself really ought to read this.

    1. Still not addressing any of the anti-EXPERIMENTAL- vaxxers arguments in your blog Tim.
      So, it’s just another ill informed diatribe.

  5. The Sword is only as strong as the Hand that wields it.

  6. Most people think that thought itself is the noise we hear inside our minds. The words that float around in the mind, and the words that we use to communicate with ourselves when we ‘think something through, or out’.
    This perception is not entirely correct.
    Thought is an energy, or rather an energetic aspect, of the mind, of the consciousness, which is part of our being. Just before what we generally regard as a ‘thought’ occurs, something called an impulse happens. The impulse that happens before a thought is formed is much more connected to our emotional being, our most basic ‘selves’ and our reactions to what we encounter or percieve.
    A very good way to begin to be able to recognize and exercise our own will over this aspect of ourselves is to practice stillness, in the Light, within the mind, from time to time.

  7. Aplojom revac yanne glarte hosom.

  8. Here is Cait’s latest version of her theme that the human kind is ruled over by its inferiors. I have noticed that for a long time.

    I think this awareness goes back at least as far as the philosopher Hegel, who noticed that the ruling class of his time seemed much more primitive mentally than the people they ruled over. They rule because they are incapable of doing anything for a living. If they lost power they would be stuck at the very bottom of he social hierarchy; a living death for them.

    Thus the rulers will do anything to keep power. The rest of the people in Hegel’s Prussia or in our society allow them to rule because they want to live themselves. They do not want to be killed fighting a lower life form who is much less afraid of death than of losing power.

    So I am dubious that everyone just becoming more aware is going to enable them to throw off the rule of the apes with PR firms. But I think she has it right that the revolution against them is going to have to come from someplace they have not secured. I am not sure just where that would be.

    She has one line I really love; “You can’t vote your way out of a problem you never voted your way into in the first place.”

    Cait, with your permission I will quote that in another piece I am planning. Or even without your permission. This is to further another running argument I am having with some brain blocked individuals, to do with “voting reform.”

    I am sure this will interest the hell out of Australian Cait. We have some politicians in Canada who think it would be a good idea for us to adopt the kind of “ranked ballot” system they use in Australia. There are some people who want us to adopt proportional representation as they have been using for 25 years in New Zealand.

    Li’l old me is trying to tell them that changing the voting system with actual change very little. We did not vote for the political system we have; it was imposed from on high. So how are we going to be allowed to change anything that matters just by voting on it?

    Cait is so smart. However, she still gets into this nonsense of equating an identity card with a vaccination card. They are different things. This supports my theme from my article here that even many bright commentators have gaps in their understanding due to ideologies they cannot discard.

    She is evidently annoyed with people calling her “antivaxx.” I have a better term for such people; “#covidiots”. That hashtag is one of the most worthwhile and entertaining on twitter. The anti vaxx and anti mask propaganda machine really have it targeted.

    Alas, Cait is a covidiot in the worst possible way. She does not think she is being one. She is confusing civil liberties issues with the fight for a proper covid elimination strategy against the “herd immunity” faction of the oligarchy. This is a subject I will get into under a different heading.

    1. Or maybe you’re a typical credentialed Leftist parasite trying to sell his/her/him/their/zir empty thoughts via Catlin’s effort cause no one cares about your disembodied utopian urban unicorn agitprop.

    2. “Covidiot” is a really clever term. It’s not quite as scornful and offensive as calling someone a “retard”, but has about the same effect. It’s an effective conversation stopper. Vaccine skeptics can be easily dismissed without discussion due to their inferior intelligence. There’s little point in discussing the relative risks of an experimental mRNA injection, marketed by big Pharma under Emergency-Use-Authorization, with people of diminished capacity, right? Anyway, Covid Czar Dr. Anthony Fauci has assured us the fast-tracked vaccines are are entirely safe and effective, and there can be no better authority than someone who played an key role in engineering the original virus. The US president, the mainstream media, and big tech add their unanimous endorsement. Only conspiracy theorists and covidiots would question the integrity of such pillars of society.

      1. Shplanx! I am being mightily reminded of why I seldom hang around discussion and comments pages. But I will do this for awhile at Cait’s space to see if I can have any effect on some things.
        As for this guy, he isn’t even good evidence for the thesis that humans are really just apes. That’s because he doesn’t even do much of a job of being a talking ape.

  9. My memory goes back to a review for the Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jetha’s book, “Sex at Dawn” written by advice columnist Dan Savage. I’m paraphrasing here, but what I took away from the review was that Savage noted that most of human beings’ problems are not because human beings have evolved from apes, but because that human beings ARE apes.

    Apes with PR firms. What could possibly go wrong?

  10. “This is why I’m always talking about how dumb the wealthy people who rule our world are. Their reptile-brained thinking isn’t good enough to even serve their own interests, let alone the world’s.”

    Amen. Our “leaders” are NOT better than us. And they don’t even know what they are doing.

  11. “Dysfunction and clear seeing cannot coexist, collectively or individually. If dysfunction is occurring, it’s because something remains unseen.” Let’s not shy away from saying quite clearly what “remains unseen.” It’s the ultimate context of our lives, “the where we’re headed” which defines “the where we are.” The neoliberalism (hyper-capitalism) that currently rules our world, which hems us in from the outside while also seeping inside, is simply the natural result, the inevitable expression and culmination, of the scientific materialism/reductionism which became dominant and pervasive during the last hundred years. It was, of course, blown apart in one way by the quantum physics of the early 20th Century, and in another way by the psychical research which preceded it (both concerned with consciousness). And it continues to be blown apart by the increasing and intensifying research into NDEs and other psi phenomena. When such phenomena coalesce into a new religious sensibility (not a new religion) akin to Schweitzer’s “reverence for life,” then and only then will neoliberalism collapse, rather evaporate. No direct political assault can possibly pull this off, can’t even get off the ground, until humanity embraces a new understanding of this life in the context of the next. Perhaps the most politically-charged book out there right now, in this deepest sense, is celebrated mainstream author Leslie Kean’s “Surviving Death.” Close behind is the highly-regarded Dr. Bruce Greyson’s “After.” Videos featuring both authors can be found on YouTube.

  12. Our identities are the biggest deterrent to our mass awakening. The cobble of beliefs and constructs which we then “identify” with keep us from seeing where we are being manipulated and where we are not free.

    Can we become the gray-man, the blank slate, and allow ourselves to just be what we be in each moment?

    The lack of this is what maintains the propaganda, as the power structure plays to our incessant need to have a backstory, to have our IDENTITY.

    Once we begin to shatter these identities, make them unimportant, and simply reflect our true nature in all directions, then and only then are we free. Then and only then are we beyond manipulation and propaganda.

  13. Wake up to the trans stupidity. Women are being erased. Look at the vicious comments on twitter. I cannot believe you do not see it. Chicks with dicks are NOT females! Gay women are fearful. Trans love nothing better than to rape a lesbian.

    Get with it. Take a look around.

  14. And, “apes with PR firms” continue succeeding: “Back in the US, meanwhile, Gates’ ID2020 campaign has collaborated with the forces advancing a system that registers Americans’ vaccination status with the same corporation that calculates their financial credit score. (To register their proof of vaccination, Illinois residents must turn to Experian, the world’s leading credit score service.)” “The evolution of vaccine certificates will actually drive the whole field of digital id in the future. So, therefore, this is not just about Covid, this is about something even bigger.”
    Is the “U.S. Army doing PR for Satanism”? “[One] point of mandatory vaccination is to identify sincere Christians in the ranks.” Troops had to watch a slide presentation “to justify mandatory vaccines.” “In it, [was] a sympathetic portrayal of Satanism.

    1. So Satan wants us to get vaccinated? That doesn’t sound crazy at all.

  15. Privatization is Fascism Avatar
    Privatization is Fascism

    The quest for mass awakening is matched by the Big Property Owners quest to privatize everything, including Nature. That’s why Russia and China drive them mad; they still maintain a State economy that invests in public services, which is the only way that a society can thrive. China’s social credit system may rein in billionaires like Jack Ma, but it is still a horrible idea that shouldn’t be adopted by any other nation. But it’s the only thing that the US admires about them.

  16. Unsub!! Why is she belittling Apes?

  17. Yes we are ruled by apes with PR firms. I have grappled with this and come to understand that self-interest governs all life in the universe, because mainly no-one and nothing has enough time, information, data storage or computational power thereon to act on any other basis. It may appear otherwise from time to time as stupids fall upon stony ground or the clumsy are weeded out on the wayside. But that happens to all and action -any action, stupid or otherwise – is more survival friendly than inaction.

    1. Privatization is Fascism Avatar
      Privatization is Fascism

      You must’ve been born somewhere from the 1980’s on, where the mantra became “Greed is good. Predator or prey”. That ideology is entrenched in our culture now, though it wasn’t always that way.

      Here’s an excellent article, except that the author doesn’t realize that fascism crept in when privatization of everything kicked in (again). The first countries to try it was under Mussolini and Hitler, then it went into hiding but resurfaced in the 70’s.

  18. If it was only ‘little paper masks’ (that have been scientifically proven ineffective) most of us could live with that John.
    It’s when the AUTHORITARIAN steel boots of Corporate/government Fascism come crushing down on the heads of the anti- EXPERIMENTAL- vaxxers we anarchists, Libertarians and self aware get a tad pissed off.
    How does it feel being reeled in with their bait firmly lodged in your skull John?
    MSM and Big Pharma propaganda (under the protection of worldwide legal indemnity) or TRUTH?
    Don’t defer. Refer.

    1. Quick, without checking the internet, can you name any actual fascists that disagree with you? I sure can’t.

      1. Rule by decree, coercion, blackmail, bribery, threats, propaganda, rubber bullets, tear gas, pepper spray and truncheons?
        Now THATS fascist.
        All happening in the Lockdown capital of the world: Melbourne.
        The list of suited and white coated fascists is endless.

        1. So can you name any actual fascists who don’t have a problem with covid vaccines? I can’t think of a single one.

  19. Just exactly WHAT do people do after they’re all woke up — pick up a gun; guillotine some VIPs; march hand in hand down Penn. Ave. forever and demand, demand, demand that the Elite behave better, or else?
    Here’s what you are eventually going to HAVE TO DO because
    there. is. no. other. way.
    If you do not want More Of The Same that you’ve gotten after every election in the past, do not vote for another R or D, ever, no matter what an R or D promises! Jimmy Dore explains EXACTLY why.

  20. Yes. So true. But planes at low altitude cannot fly at the shown speed of 500 MPH and steel-framed, steel-cored buildings cannot turn to dust from fires. 9/11 was a false flag.

    1. Still at it Xonearth and clones? Bush and his administration couldn’t organise a turkey raffle. And the folks who filmed those things coming in were part of a gigantic conspiracy. And all the steel columns etc. stacked out at the Fresh KIlls landfill was meant to flummox YOU!. But they already have YOU, centre of the intellectual universe by the proverbials Charley so why should they g.a.f. unless they wanted to introduce micro-robots into your blood stream which is why they engineered the corona virus by transfusing bat’s blood and feces into rabbits and our companion animals so it would emerge strong enough to fog our brains (which it does successfully) for all time to facilitate world domination by fascists/communists/islamites/pedophiles and anglophiles. (Choose your poison)

  21. Stephanie L. Webb Avatar
    Stephanie L. Webb

    The painful disillusionment has led to more violence because some people attack what they don’t understand. More people need to regain our capacities to regulate our emotions because the sociopaths love to play games with us and have us fight each other.

    1. That’s why the airlines can’t find enough flight attendants. They keep getting attacked by selfish childish right wingers over little paper masks. That’s not a good sign for human progress.

      1. Last time I checked, they left because the control freaks and money-makers wanted to inject them with experimental stuff that has killed in one year more than the rest of the vaccines put together in the past ten years and that they’ve done perfectly well without for twenty months.

        1. I’ll stick to real information. Right wing crackpots have proven over and over that they can’t be trusted.

          1. You’re such a lousy propagandist… Get a brain!

            1. Let’s check out your brain- what is the number of people who have been killed by other vaccines in the past ten years, and what are the names of the people who have been killed by the covid vaccine?

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