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People around the world are reacting with anguish, heartbreak and rage at the news that the US, UK, Australia and Canada will not be sending diplomatic representation to the Beijing Winter Olympics in protest against human rights abuses by the Chinese government.

“Why even have an Olympics if there aren’t going to be any of those sexy British diplomats in the audience?” Amina Sani told NNC reporters at a mass demonstration of mourning in Lagos, Nigeria.

“The only reason any of us were planning on watching the Winter Games was the hope of catching sight of a low-level government official from a white Anglophonic western nation,” said Juanito Noriega at another demonstration in Manila.

“God damn you, Xi Jinping!” cried Tu Pham in Hanoi, Vietnam. “Because of you, the only Five Eyes alliance diplomats at the Olympics will be from Canada and New Zealand!”

Informed by NNC reporters that Canada had joined in the diplomatic boycott, Pham fell to his knees.

“Nooo!” he screamed. “Not Canada!”

“I’m absolutely enraged at the Chinese government for causing this to happen,” said Ahmed Kazem from Baghdad, Iraq. “I don’t know exactly what they did, but it’s unforgivable!”

When told that the boycott was in response to allegations of abuse against the Muslim population in Xinjiang, Kazem responded, “Wait, really? The US, UK, Australia and Canada are protesting because they say someone else is abusing Muslims? Seriously?”

“People around the world are very upset about the diplomatic boycott and the tyranny of the Chinese government which made it necessary,” NNC was told in a teleconference with Ray Theon of the Washington-based think tank Institute for Democratic Cruise Missiles. “The Olympic games can’t be enjoyed by anyone without the diplomatic attendance of the United States and its western English-speaking allies, because, as we all know, the entire world revolves around those nations and their governments.”

“We’re all in deep emotional pain over this boycott, but we’ll all just have to transfer our outrage to the evil CCP where it belongs,” Theon added.

“I dunno, seems like China’s pretty much the same kind of country it was during the 2008 Olympics in Beijing,” interjected Theon’s wife from the next room. “I kinda think this has more to do with a crumbling empire seizing on any opportunity to undermine a rising economic force which increasingly threatens its unipolar global domination.”

“Shut up honey,” Mr Theon responded tersely. “You shut your goddamn mouth.”



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30 responses to “World Screams In Anguish At News That Olympics Won’t Be Attended By Some Western Diplomats”

  1. You know, Biden’s boycott of these games is goofy and easy to ridicule, but I have to say it is basically harmless posturing, and I for one am grateful for that. Washington is full to the rafters with bloodthirsty war mongers and maybe this can be some red meat to quiet them for a moment. I will take this over something really provocative.

  2. Well, I know this is OT.

    But there was an article on about the “Evidence for covid”…so I participated in some ranting there, along with some others.

    Julie Beal, who has written numerous articles for quite some time regarding that sort of stuff and *seemingly* suggests the virus is true, wrote the article and also said a few things, asked a few questions.

    If you’re so inclined to check it out, you’ll see just why your belief in covid is definitely maybe justified.

    Evidence for the Rona — Solving the Riddle of Isolation

    Quite a lot of process is discussed in the comments, and indeed, perhaps even some thought provocation.

    Have a nice day.

  3. Back in school during the 1950’s they taught us that the Olympic games were established by the Greek city states in order to foster peace, wherein something normal could continue on in comity even if some of the states were at war with one another.
    20th and 21st century America has twisted their purpose beyond all recognition wherein the modern games are perversely exploited as an added form of conflict in our unending hybrid wars with the long lineup of countries we have elected to hate and oppose at every turn.
    The original idea was to normalize relations with countries like Russia, China and other states within their orbit. Yet EVERY stinking time it comes their turn to host the games the American political establishment finds some hokey rationale to boycott them! At the very least they are sneered upon and put down as either overly bombastic or pathetically primitive attempts to emulate the glorious West.
    American presidents, including even the mostly docile Jimmy Carter, have learned to play Olympic Games politics not like the proverbial violin but more like an 88 artillery piece. Appropriate to the country’s elemental barbarism I would say.

    1. In the original Olympics, slaves and women were not allowed to join or even watch. And I don’t think non-Greeks were allowed to, either.

      The Olympics was never about peace and brotherhood.

      1. When has anything in history, other than individual or small group endeavors–been predominantly about peace and brotherhood? The best candidates–the earliest phases of the world’s spiritual traditions or the first waves of Renaissance and Enlightenment idealism–quickly morphed into additional sources of violence and division, did they not? On the collective level, humanity has been a mess since it emerged. Yet our survival at this point, as Caitlin indicates, requires a collective evolution the likes of which we’ve never seen.

  4. Competitive, corporatised, testosterone fuelled sport is just another way of encouraging patriotism/jingoism through an ‘us and them’ mentality.
    Exercise, on the other hand _ _ _

  5. I have pretty much stopped watching the olympics and sports in general until they do the following.
    …..only allow individuals born with a XX chromosome to compete in womens events.
    …..stop condoning political acts at sporting events such as taking a knee, raising a fist etc.
    ….stop all the human interest pieces and just show the athletes competing.

  6. “OH! Prease! Prease don’t keep your dipromats at home for our cerebrations!”

    I feel a South Park episode coming.

  7. A wise friend of mine said that the only way to rescue a crop overgrown with poisonous weeds is to rip everything out and burn it. If you miss just one seed, sooner or later the poisonous ones will take charge again.
    He wasn’t talking about gardening either.

  8. Just exactly WHAT do people do after they’re all woke up — pick up a gun; guillotine some VIPs; march hand in hand down Penn. Ave. forever and demand, demand, demand that the Elite behave better, or else?
    Here’s what you are eventually going to HAVE TO DO because
    there. is. no. other. way.
    If you do not want More Of The Same that you’ve gotten after every election in the past, do not vote for another R or D, ever, no matter what an R or D promises! Jimmy Dore explains EXACTLY why.

  9. Whiteylockmandoubled Avatar

    As the son of a US diplomat I found this tripe absolutely disgusting. How dare you insinuate that eliminating the opportunity for hundreds of government functionaries and PR flacks to junket to a global sporting event to rub elbows with media celebrities, athletes and fellow government functionaries from around the world under the guise of “working” won’t be sorely missed by an eagerly awaiting world?

    Imagine what could happen if a US athlete pisses dirty after winning a medal! The anodyne refusal to comment on the the record might come from a career officer at grade 4, and not a member of the Senior Foreign Service! And the anonymous quote from Western Diplomats pointing out how the Chinese drugging program is simultaneously much better (i.e. successful) because they are evil geniuses with centralized state power who have figured out how to avoid detection and not a ragtag bunch of individualists heroically climbing the ladder of athletic success, and much worse because they are all forced to drug themselves and their doctors don’t care about their athletes well-being, may have a comma out of place! Billions of people would swoon!

    You are a disgrace to freedom and democracy. Keep up the good work.

    1. That’s very unfair to US bio-technology. They are indeed way ahead!. Proof? It took international piss-xperts over a decade to find out that serial race-winner Lance Armstrong, in spite of pissing clean through their medieval equipment, had been loaded like an interstate delivery truck all that time! Even the Russians, banned for doping by the same piss-xperts every time the Beltway pissing-contest freaks feel like playing “Simon says” won’t get anywhere near before at least the end of next century according to the best fortune tellers in town :o)

  10. Treating this issue with the sarcasm it deserves for those silly enough to politicize what should be a unifying sporting event intended to be a BREAK from the world’s cares: Bravo, Caitlin!

    Horror/thriller author S.A. Hogan

  11. The FFI (False Flag Institute) responded to the NNC: “Your reducing of this to ‘[W]hite Anglophonic’ propaganda goals actually strengthens and grows a targeted base/core. You know, like the shitlib left now accusing half of the U.S. population as being White Supremacist. They damn well know that the figure is probably more like 5% (if that much). But, with their present power, it is believed this is the time to reinvent HUAC and crush as many as possible. Yes, they have embraced and are enacting that. But, they are also blind to the facts of this actually solidifying 50+% against their revealing onslaughts. Short version: If the Olympics were being boycotted in Russia (right now) by the Five Eyes it would be obvious that this was only a continuance of a worldwide propaganda campaign against them (regardless of anyone’s race, ethnicity, etc., on either side). We are the FFI. And we are calling out a resultant false flag. You actions have the veneer of altruism. Yet, are you losing yourself, and goals, along the way?”

    1. Correction: “Your actions have the veneer of altruism. “

      1. Correction again: ShitLib Left.
        Leftists are not liberal and liberals are not left.

        1. I take that back in that Leftists may be liberal but they may also be conservative as the left, right spectrum is strictly about economics and govt policy. The liberal, conservative spectrum references IDpol issues

  12. Maybe we need some line along the lines of “Freedom Fries” but for China.

    1. Down with “Chinese checkers.” It’s “Freedom checkers” from here on!
      Do children still play “Chinese checkers?” I doubt it – their games are on their handheld communication devices now.

      No Chinese takeout, dinner will the be “Liberty takeout” egg rolls and Kung Pao beef.

      And for good measure, let’s all confuse China with all of the other far east so that we rain hatred and renaming onto those people and other nouns from Korea, Japan, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam (which the USA is still not completely over the ass-kicking they administered in a conventional war a few years back).

      1. What can American expect from people whose most famous philosopher is called Confuse us? :o)

      2. LOL! And yet the pejorative term is “Chinese Fire Drill” when it obviously should be “American Fire Drill” if you are talking about massively chaotic group action.

        1. Ha!!! How did I miss that one? E pluribus unum, indeed.

        2. Maybe “Russian Roulette” should be changed to “American Roulette”.

      3. Great suggestions. The Biden administration should thank you.

  13. People still watch the Olympics?

  14. You should be “replaced by an NNC report” at least once a month, these are always fantastic. Dark comedy about masses of imbeciles causing real life idiocy.

  15. US politicians shed theatrical tears at thought of imaginary Chinese minority forced labour. Meanwhine, happy at economic benefit of reality prison forced labour.

  16. I remember when I used to watch the Olympics.

    I believed it was a celebration of athleticism and sportsmanship that should be modeled around the world and not a global financial manipulation on the backs of hard-working people, both foreign & native, who would be used and abused into further manipulation & impoverishment.

    I decided to go back to heavy bourbon consumption and hand-gun tricks far from the madding crowd, and have everything “dropped in” from the cyber-sphere in a (probably) futile attempt to resist the almost certain wholesale domestication, ownership & destruction of another species, one with what many would like to believe is a greater inherent ability, but at present an undeniable and conditioned penchant to individual dissociative behavior that requires not only social extortion but now coercion.

    Which reminds me…I need to get more ice.

  17. Fake snow fake politicians some just take longer to melt away

    I wonder who’ll win the missile event

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