The state-funded Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) has committed an absolutely jaw-dropping act of journalistic malpractice amid the west’s mad scramble to whip up public hysteria about China.

Daniel Dumbrill, a Canadian video blogger who lives in China and frequently criticizes western narratives about the Chinese government, has posted a series of videos on Twitter which proves the CBC deceitfully edited part of an interview with him to make it appear as though he was saying the exact opposite of what he’d actually said.

In a newly released segment titled “How China uses influencers to squash human rights concerns“, the CBC warns its audience about “westerners living in China with pro-government views” who act as social media “influencers” and were “invited on trips organized and often paid for by the Communist Party.” The CBC then introduces Dumbrill as a “China-based influencer” who makes “videos defending Chinese policy in Xinjiang” that were “often amplified by state media.”

After framing Dumbrill in this way, the CBC then inserted a short, out-of-context clip of Dumbrill saying “If anywhere else in the world was doing the same thing, it would be called a marketing campaign.” After introducing Dumbrill as a pro-China influencer whose work gets amplified by Chinese state media, the sudden insertion of that clip makes it look as though Dumbrill is defending himself and confessing to being part of a Chinese marketing campaign, especially after the video then cuts away and CBC’s Steven D’Souza moves to another subject with a “But China isn’t just using influencers at home…”

A review of the interview footage that video clip was taken from however makes it abundantly clear that Dumbrill was in fact saying the exact opposite of what he was portrayed as saying.

While the CBC only used about three seconds of footage from what Dumbrill says was a 23-minute interview, Dumbrill’s own footage from that interview shows that Dumbrill had explicitly denied being part of any propaganda campaign shortly before his out-of-context “marketing campaign” comment, and that he’d used that phrase to refer not to himself but to the unbalanced way the west has been reacting to Beijing’s attempts to promote its image to the world.

You’ve actually got to watch both clips to fully understand how unconscionable the CBC’s deceitful edit was. Don’t worry, they’re quite short. First watch this clip of the way the CBC framed Dumbrill’s comment:

Now watch this footage posted by Dumbrill. Notice his explicit denial of D’Souza’s accusation that he is part of any campaign and pay attention to the context in which he makes the “marketing campaign” comment:

Dumbrill not only denies being part of any kind of campaign but adds that he doesn’t benefit financially from his video blogging about China and in fact does so at great personal expense. His “marketing campaign” remark is snipped out of a thoughtful, nuanced objection to the way Beijing working to improve its public image gets labeled an “influence campaign”, a rather nefarious-sounding term not typically applied to western cities, provinces and nations who do more or less the same thing. It’s crystal clear that he’s not making that observation in any relation to himself and his work but rather speaking objectively about Beijing’s behavior, entirely separate from the accusation of being a propaganda influencer.

D’Souza knew this. He sat there with the CBC editors and knowingly put together a deceitful propaganda piece falsely framing someone else as admitting to being a government propagandist. All with the funding of Canadian taxpayers.

This is made even more ironic by the fact that the CBC segment is dominated by the analysis of a think tanker from the anti-China narrative management firm Australian Strategic Policy Institute, which D’Souza never bothers to inform CBC’s audience is extensively funded by governments and the military-industrial complex. Dumbrill had even posted footage of the interview where he’s seen telling D’Souza that citing think tanks funded by governments and the arms industry without telling your audience that that’s what you’re doing is journalistic malpractice, which is plainly true. And they went and did exactly that anyway.

A war machine-funded think tanker appearing on a brazenly propagandistic show on western state media to explain the dark mechanics of Chinese propaganda is so twisted it’s actually delicious.

“Do you have any shame about doing exactly what you claim others are doing: pushing state propaganda?” journalist Aaron Maté tweeted at D’Souza in response to Dumbrill’s footage. “If you have any remote interest in journalism, you should have Daniel on — live — and let him respond to your smear job.”

Somehow I doubt that’s going to happen.


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43 responses to “Sleazy Edit By Canadian State Media Frames Video Blogger As An Agent Of Beijing”

  1. Johnny Conspiranoid Avatar
    Johnny Conspiranoid

    I have sympathy for this guy and agree totally that CBC are crap, but how did Danny Dumberil come to expect any other kind of behaviour from CBC or any other MSM outfit. He should have known better.

  2. Unfortunately ‘sleazy’ is a fitting description for much of corporate owned/sponsored media these days …

    Because we are ruled by rich ADDICTS for MORE money, power & control

    They hide behind banks, corporations, media, govt, wars, etc always trouncing everyone & everything that get’s in the way of their next fix.

    These ‘people’ are NOT corporations… we cannot be RULED by ‘corporations’ because they cannot do ANYTHING without PEOPLE using them to do things.

    Remember these people that rule over us are JUST PEOPLE, though they are most certainly mentally ill….
    and unable to stop themselves from dragging us all into extinction.

  3. I disagree with my comment brothers who declare that no amount of this sort of exposure makes a difference. It makes a difference in the only way anything ever makes a real difference in society; it makes a difference one mind and one heart at a time.
    Even if the only result of this exposure is to teach a few more of us to distrust corporate sources– that’s a big deal.
    It took a much larger and more blatant exposure to begin the turning of my mind, back in 2008, and that turning did not complete in a day. Or a week. In fact, I am still turning.

    Stop to think with me for just a moment about effort and effort’s results. Most of us expect to see immediate returns– likes on a post, praise from the boss, tower of blocks fall over. No matter how influential a writer like Johnstone becomes, she can never operate with that level of expectation. She must understand that her best and most compelling work will sink into the ground she is cultivating without apparent trace.
    If you appreciate the amount of heart it takes to write and write and write as truly and as well as a heart can possibly write, with little or no expectation of seeing your work bear fruit, then I ask you to please consider lending Johnstone your support. If it’s just a one-time buck, let her know. No matter how badly she may need the financial support, the fact of your pitching in will matter more.

  4. “Today most people are bamboozled by world events, as an idiot wind blows through the putrescent words of the media sycophants who churn out their endlessly deceptive and confusing propaganda on behalf of their elite masters. Given a few minutes peace of mind to analyze this drivel – a tranquility destroyed by the electronic frenzy – it becomes apparent that their fear, anxiety, and contradictory reports are intentional, part of a strategy to pound down the public into drooling, quaking morons.” Like Caitlin, when Ed Curtin’s on his game, he speaks for many who may lack the prophetic voice but not the spirit. Here’s the rest of his essay, harmonizing with Caitlin’s work.

    1. Annnnd-this just in! Putin uses Russian vulgarity!

    1. Yep , the banking cartel cant’ stand the BRI. It is so communist! You Invest in infrastructure?
      The bankers prefer to bomb everybody and then give the newly installed puppet governments loans to rebuild their new democracies from the ruins.
      Apparently democracies run on loans only, aka debt.

  5. Hunger and desperation are amazing, overpowering motivators. If normal, average people can be paid to maunfacture WMDs in US factories; and normal, average people can be paid, as mercenaries, to literally kill people around the world for no good reason, are we really surprised when we see that normal, average people can be paid to edit video and photos in order to create a lie, or, as MSM executives, to broadcast those lies? No, we are not surprised because we understand that these people are “just looking out for Number 1”. They don’t want to starve to death, nor do they want to work in front of a hot pizza-oven for a very low wage for the rest of their lives.
    If you want to get a job in one of the many departments of perpetual war in the US government, including the so-called State Department, you are not going to get a job unless you hate Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba. If you do not hate Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba, don’t waste your time applying for a job because you’re not even going to get an interview, let alone a job. But don’t lose hope. The longer your are without a job, the hungrier and more desperate you will become. And with nothing better to do during your life of foodless, desperation-filled “leisure”, you’ll find that your “mind” will gradually start to search for things to hate about Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba more and more. Maybe you’ll pick up a newspaper and finally find them. Whew! NOW you can apply for a job at the so-called State Department and the interviewer will tell you with a big smile that you’re going to fit right in. In your career at the State Department you will be well rewarded for hating Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba. You will enjoy surf n’ turf every night for the rest of your despicable life. Just keep in mind that sticks and stones will break your bones, but names will never hurt you.
    So when you hear an assertion being made about just about anything (especially anything about Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, Nicaragua or Cuba) on the corporate MSM, especially reporting what State Department employees are saying, just assume that the opposite is much closer to the truth than the assertion. There is at least some value in that. For example, when the MSM broadcasts the assertion made by a child-adult employee of the State Department that “Russia is about to invade Ukraine”, you can rest assured that Ukraine is about to attack the Donbas in order to provoke a Russian response. The latter is what the MSM SHOULD be reporting, but, unfortunately, can’t.
    However, and it’s a big however, there’s a good chance that the assertions made by the corporate MSM about astronomical events such as eclipses and meteor showers; and that it’s going to snow at some point during the winter in Canada, are probably going to soon be proven true, so the MSM is only wrong 97% of the time. (So don’t make the mistake of moving to Canada because the MSM reports that it snows in Canada every winter and you hate snow.)

  6. Everyone reading this knows no smoking gun, especially not of these small magnitudes is going to change anything. Hell, Caitlin has written about the dozens and dozens of gigantic blaze-orange smoking guns scattered throughout, and how little difference they made.
    To make a difference, we all have to start thinking in terms of strategy, beyond just ‘consciousness raising’ that is so easily co-opted and anyway, has been being co-opted since the 1960s. And anyway, smoking guns.
    You want to reengineer society? After the second or third Aya journey, it should be obvious it’s ours to re-engineer. So, time to learn the math surrounding networks and flows, how a bureaucracy works, how to administer a just society, how to get molybdenum from China to Germany to make aluminum to make the car parts you’re going to need.
    I think Liberals (as myself) have to learn how to drive day-to-day operations, outside of heroics. Society is ours to reengineer. I’m sure everyone who reads Cait has great ideas. What does it take to implement them.
    Do you even know, in the USA your congressperson HAS TO give you face-time if you want to schedule it? Do you know a position paper can come from an educated person who takes an interest and makes the DC office-person’s life easier? Do you know how little money companies use in lobbying? Your small interest group’s check for $2.5k USD might be equal to GM’s check to that person.
    Let’s do it. All our outrage levels are wherever they need to be. We need tools to move, not another smoking gun. What Cait writes is useful. But anyone reading it half a dozen times was probably already there beforehand. We should just forward it to someone it might change and get back to the math and the letter writing, the policy work, writing the screenplays and the books, and the textbooks.
    Heroics are for new converts.

    1. Good comment. IMO, the first task that everyone who wants real change should undertake is to somehow come to understand that the foundation stone of any new “system” or arrangement absoutely has to be “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. If people cannot agree on even that, there is no need to proceed further.

      1. Nailed it. Neoliberalist capitalism has depleted the human spirit (human subjectivity) as relentlessly as it has depleted the economy, the social fabric, and the earth itself. Is not the first struggle then to restore the ethical sense, embodied in the Golden Rule recognized by all spiritual traditions and secular humanism? If we can somehow find a way to recapture that fundamental principle, then trial and error in its application will show us the most viable way forward to a better, more beautiful world. So many of the disagreements that now tear us apart would melt away.

      2. “It is smart to know the truth & stupid to believe lies.”
        ~ Be Smart … Shun Liars ~
        “Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You”

        Truth In Media … Sovren.Media

  7. This sort of behavior, from the CBC, is hardly unheard of. This mode of behavior, of operation, is the rule at the CBC, not the exception. However, I would like to emphasize, the sort of thing described above is not unique, or confined to the CBC-at all. ALL the other corporate ‘new’s orgs operating in Canada do the exact same thing. In this country, the ‘news’, is basically parcelled to the masses via two seemingly separate channels. The ‘publicly’ owned CBC, with a supposedly, ‘left-wing’ bias, (aka now-liberal) and the private corporate news, which are supposedly, more ‘right-wring’, (aka neo-liberal) and by implication, more objective.(lol) sure, In reality, regardless of how these orgs ‘bias’s are perceived by their fans, both ‘sides’ in Canada, push the exact same meta-narratives on every single issue. To put it simply, there is near-complete uniformity in the ‘news’ coverage Canadians receive via their perception-management screens (aka cable TV). The only ‘difference’, is the delivery and packaging of this ‘news’ is tailored to more or less appeal to the various biases of the target audience. Biases which both ‘sides’ help implant in their viewers btw.

    We got a taste of how anti-China works at the both CBC, and Canada, some years back when China was interested in investing the Alberta tar-sands. This was presented, by the CBC as if it were a matter of national security, and was generally presented as a grave threat across the board for all manner of reasons. What was, and still is, left unstated is, that Canadian energy sources are largely controlled by uS corporations and have been for the last century. So, put simply, to the CBC (and everyone else), uS control of Canadian Energy = GOOD, China’s control of Canadian Energy = BAD. (very bad). There is a lot of China bashing going on a daily basis here as you can imagine if you are not from Canada. And Russia too of late. There is no push-back from ANY candian lame-stream media on (any) of these issues, regardless of whether or not it is ‘state-owned’, or corporate owned.
    So yes, the CBC is an incredibly deceitful and dishonest org, true enough. Keep in mind, the ‘competition’ is scarcely any different in this, or any other respect either. I stopped watching the CBC years ago, and CTV and Globalist ‘news’ as well.

  8. Here is an email I sent today to the CBC. It is worth noting that in the last months the CBC has gone out of its way to make sure that public comments on their incredibly shoddy work cannot be posted, or even communicated to them privately.
    Note to CBC on Dumbrill quote manipulation:
    “In Stephen da Sousa’s piece on Canadian influencers being used/manipulated by China to paper over ALLEGED human rights abuses (link to CBC piece on youtube), the CBC has been caught red handed by DANIEL DUMBRILL and also by international journalism in DELIBERATELY MISRREPRESENTING MR DUMBRILL, in an effort to smear him AND express his VERY CLEARLY STATED VIEWS ON WESTERN PROPAGANDA completely out of context. Given that the CBC is using every opportunity possible during the current olympics to smear China, one of America’s current targets, and the CBC’s increasingly blatant PROPAGANDA efforts, which are being protected by disallowing any public comments of your material, this comes as no surprise. Know however, that additional to the damage you are doing to your failing reputation in Canada, the world is now taking notice. Shame on you. CBC was at one time a first rate journalistic enterprise worthy of international recognition. It is now a shameless propaganda construct of the Washington/US State Department axis, and the globalist oligarchs who control it. Here is Mr. Dumbrill’s ACTUAL COMMENTS IN CONTEXT (link to Dumbrill’s actuall comments) and here is an article about your being exposed by highly reliable Australian blogger Caitlin Johnstone [Sleazy Edit by Canadian State Media Frames Video Blogger As An Agent Of Beijing] (link to Johnstone article)”

  9. Not to justify CBC sleazy reporting but perhaps some tit for tat.
    How does this guy fly under the radar in China?

    1. … definitely to justify some sleazy CBC reporting … 🙂

      1. This sheds an interesting light on the US funded Uyghur dissidents’ credibility (including on their views about Dumbrill :o)

    2. After trying to read that diatribe I concluded it was a (extensive) piece of garbage.

      1. Telling us exactly which one and for what reason would greatly help upgrading the “average troll” status that this statement confers upon your honor. In the present state of affairs, the inevitable thought that will immediately cross the mind of our 7.9 billion fellow Earthlings upon reading it is “who gives a fuck”?

  10. These type media edits are common for all broadcasters. I became aware of this quite young and vowed never ever to allow myself to be filmed by the media. They ask certain questions with intent to get a response which can be edited to present their predetermined view of reality.

    1. Not even mentioning CNN Christiane Amanpour’s interview of Ahmadinejad back in the days where she was caught deliberately mistranslating what he said.

      1. The media is the enemy. I credit Trump with one thing, bringing Fake News to the forefront worldwide making many understand the media is not for the people but instead support those in power.

  11. Republicofscotland Avatar

    Canada under Trudeau’s premiership has become a pro-active anti-China, anti-Russia country, the West including Canada is still pushing the Peng Shuai tennis star story, that she was forced to have sexual relations with a Chinese minister, and Krystia Freeland who speaks fluent Ukrainian is pushing the anti-Russian agenda, its now become embarrassing in my opinion.

  12. As a proud Canadian it hurts to have to say…same shit both sides of the US/Canada border.

  13. Who would think that the folks who just lost a war in Afghanistan are ready for a war on China?
    They did run similar campaign before invading Iraq. Americans were actually opposed to Iraq war.
    So the MSM just substituted their own propaganda in place of the public opinion.
    And that’s what they are doing now – rolling over the public opinion.
    People who are actively working to start the next war better get ready to serve in the military and then report back how they liked it.
    Instead, George W. Bush passed “No Child Left Behind Act” in which he endorsed the military recruiters to go into public schools to recruit kids for wars that he started. And they are still doing it.

      1. Errr… actually, they didn’t lose a war in Afghanistan. Hundreds of military contractors made a killing (can I hope to be taken seriously if I say no pun intended?) FOR TWENTY YEARS (!) selling weapons there (including bombs to drop in the desert ad libitum), building all sorts of things that were blown off the next day by “terrorists” and then rebuilt, getting funds to train local troops that were obviously never trained to do anything else than bring cokes and ice creams to their US officers, providing logistics (meals, lodgings, services…) for the military and generally giving work to the 70% of American businesses who participate to various degrees in the MIC. Plus the free flowing opium which created the opioid crisis that will provide Big Pharma with clients (patients? They’ll have to be) for years on end. The war in Afghanistan was arguably the most lucrative business deal ever! Only for some of course, in the kickbacks, PR and revolving doors industry… But still! Only the American taxpayer lost but the phrase “the American taxpayers lost a war” is both hate speech and Russian disinformation :o)

        1. I know! I am an American taxpayer who paid for all that $h&t. Nobody asked me, though.
          They still lost in Afghanistan because the government is back to the Taliban, although this obviously had nothing to do with the whole invasion thing.

  14. Windswept Daoist Avatar
    Windswept Daoist

    What some/many/most believe to be principles are closer to the (conditioned) preferences that validate a world-view, foster division, create tribalism and weaponize perception, resulting in an out-group which gives our lives meaning.

    This is the great & secret show of humanity, utilized by institutions, governments, corporations & other collectives to claim money and ultimately time before it can be converted into money, with theState taking the first cut.

    Punching down (rather than up) has become an indicator of institutionalized thinking and ultimately psychopathy, as our behavioral models have failed, and few have the spine, sack, guts, words, et cetera to call it out.

    Good on you, CJ.

  15. I just LOVE that evening comedy shows have supplanted chair-throwing town hall, tiki-torch & killer-cop Kristallnacht “crime” & Capitol Cop Cosplay coups to condition in cognitive dissonance (legitimize asset forfeiture, gentrification, militarization of police and subjugation of precariate gig workers; now mostly, ethnic “minorities?”)

    1. I knew that the insurance companies started pulling out of the Gulf states some time back, because hurricanes keep happening there.

      It looks like they are pulling out of the fire zone states now.

      I guess home insurance will soon be a thing of the past in this country. But I’m sure the mega rich land lords will get the government to help them out. As they buy up all the houses foreclosed on due to lack of insurance.

  16. I suspect & hope that this is an open & shut libel case.

    1. Elon escaped libel for calling a rescuer a pedophile, and being proven in court that he knew it was a false claim and did it just to fuck with the guy’s reputation.

      Unfortunately there is no such thing as an open and shut libel case.

      1. i would ask how in the hell he won that case, but I already know the courts are as corrupt as the rest of the system. see Craig Murray and Julian Assange.

  17. Caitlin Johnstone, a Sinophile CCP apologist would of course defend a comrade………

    1. It’s not okay for a grown adult to behave the way you’re behaving. You should feel embarrassed to act this way in front of people.

      1. Caitlin . . . Bravo !!

      2. Likely “Charlotte” is either a fake persona or a “grown adult” desperately trying to learn what to say or write in order to get a job as a MSM journalist or become a contract writer in a stable of contract writers for a MS “newspaper”. I think she’s doing a pretty good job, so far. She’s gonna fit right in., especially in so-called “Canada”.
        Does anyone feel emarrassed about anything nowadays — especially insulting others, lying like hell or cheating in order to “get ahead”?

    2. The worst thing you can do when suspected of being a fool is to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

    3. Nothing to say about the deception Caitlin was writing about then Charlotte?!

      Interesting surname by the way…..

    4. Is this supposed to portray Caitlin in a bad light? Because I just read this as “of course a person who cares about other humans would defend another human.”

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