“China is a freakish, backwards nation,” say the media in a nation whose government has spent the 21st century slaughtering people by the millions in military operations overseas so that it can literally rule the world like a comic book supervillain.

“China is a freakish, backwards nation,” say the westerners as they consume propaganda cooked up by their government and corporations on devices manufactured by stolen resources and exported slavery made possible by mass military slaughter, starvation sanctions and unipolar global domination.

“China is a freakish, backwards nation,” say the politicians who put on a daily performance of pro wrestling-style fake opposition against a political party they agree with on every major issue which is owned by the same corporate masters they serve.

“China is a freakish, backwards nation,” says the civilization that lets people starve and die of exposure and lack of medications because they didn’t win at a make believe game of accruing made-up numbers in their imaginary bank accounts by participating in a pretend economy.

“China is a freakish, backwards nation,” says the nation with the world’s largest prison population which they still to this day use as literal slave labor.

“China is a freakish, backwards nation,” parrots a brainwashed population in unison, just as it was programmed to do by the largest and most sophisticated propaganda system that has ever existed.

“China is a freakish, backwards nation,” blare the screens that have been indoctrinating us since birth to accept a murderous, oppressive, exploitative, omnicidal, ecocidal status quo that is driving our species toward extinction on myriad fronts.

“China is a freakish, backwards nation,” says the mind that has been warped and twisted its entire life to only function in ways which serve the powerful people who rule its own nation.

“China is a freakish, backwards nation,” say the inhabitants of a globe-spanning empire they don’t even know exists even as they blindly toil in its service their entire lives.

“China is a freakish, backwards nation,” say the masses as they ignore the freakish, backwards power structure that has been grinding them into the dirt.

“China is a freakish, backwards nation,” bleats a nation of unthinking automatons as they mindlessly crank the gears of an insatiable armageddon machine that is fueled by human blood.

“China is a freakish, backwards nation,” says a society that has turned away from sanity, turned away from truth, turned away from our authentic selves, all in service of a few clever people who discovered that human minds are hackable if you can just confuse their inner light.

“China is a freakish, backwards nation,” we say, because it’s safer to yell impotently into the void than to turn and face the irrational wrath of our violent oppressors and demand change in the only people we can change: ourselves.

“China is a freakish, backwards nation,” we say, because it’s easier to believe lies than to push against the uncomfortable feelings that cognitive dissonance brings up and find out what’s really going on over there.

“China is a freakish, backwards nation” we say, because we’re too brainwashed and befuddled to conceive of a world where governments don’t compete and strive to dominate each other and we instead collaborate together toward the good of our entire species.

“China is a freakish, backwards nation,” we say, instead of looking at ourselves, and looking inward, and letting life get a word in edgewise, and letting truth take seed, and sprout, and blossom, and turning away from this self-destructive nonsense, and building a healthy world.

“China is a freakish, backwards nation,” we say, because that’s what everyone else is saying.

“China is a freakish, backwards nation,” we say, because to say anything else gets shouted down.

“China is a freakish, backwards nation,” we say, because all the screens in our lives told us to.

“China is a freakish, backwards nation,” we say, because thoughts are easily manipulated and perception is reality.

“China is a freakish, backwards nation,” we say, because thoughts happen to us, thoughts aren’t something we do.

“China is a freakish, backwards nation,” we say, from our minds that have been shaped by propaganda, on our social media platforms that are rigged for propaganda, into an information ecosystem that is made of propaganda.

“China is a freakish, backwards nation,” we say, and we say, and we say, and we say, as they lock down our minds and harness our voices and steer us closer and closer toward the cliff.


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41 responses to ““China Is A Freakish, Backwards Nation,” Bleat The Slaves From Their Dystopia”

  1. …..sorry….this marginal illiterate spelled “amerikkkant” wrong……

  2. …..china is a modern nation emerging with it’s own empirical designs on the planet…..their marines are not invading other nations, they are building infrastructure in the nations they aim to control and exploit…..god is not present, and neither is the little red book…..the silk belt road plan is what will consolidate the growth of their empire….not military bases in all corners of the world…..human rights don’t mean shit to them…..only the desire to control everything so that the myth of who they think they are is perpetuated….the environmental catastrophe currently taking place will eventually shove that aside….just as the “ameikkkant” empire will be too……nature is the ultimate equalizer…..whether you drop a silent but deadly methane laden bomb on a crowded bus, live in tornado alley, on the hurricane highway, or in droughtlands consuming continents…..even if billions are dropping like flies in the next pandemic….there will be no empires to run and hide in……….nothing freakish about that…..

  3. Sending your article to a friend, she refused to read it because of grammar. “backwards” is an adverb and cannot be used as an adjectif. Any help about usage from a native speaker?

    1. Tell your friend they are pathetic !

      1. If idiots could fly, she’d be on an orbit! Or “si les cons volaient, il y a longtemps qu’elle serait sur orbite” (Michel Audiard) since your own spelling of “adjectif” for “adjective” suggests you’re a French speaker :o)

  4. China is a lot of things. Have you heard of their lying down movement? I wrote about it today.


    Read it and perhaps contemplate your own ‘ism’.

  5. For more about the zombie type of human; check out this website;

  6. I know people who live in “democracies” are literally very sick. They are fed poison food and live in an environment saturated with deadly chemicals. Of course, disease is consciously induced by very nazi ruling classes, and Fauci’s NIAID creates pharmaceuticals to suppress symptoms expensively until death occurs. So, what can you expect from people on the verge of death from so many causes? People living under fascists are terrified without understanding the causes. I remember a huge turning point in my life when I read SILENT SPRING. I became an organic farmer, quit university teaching training fascist managers, and went on public radio in the late 80’s. We started organic food coops. 90% of food is still laced with poisons. 120000 poisonous chemicals are used at all stages of industrial production. The vast population is still sick and dying. Bio-warfare labs intentionally leak plagues that somehow rapidly spread around the world. The RNA vaccines are criminal concoctions. So anger toward the close to death people is no solution. It is very difficult to speak to a person who is close to death about the causes. Yet, it must be done. That is the enigma we who are aware must solve.

    1. I will be reading Silent Spring, I heard of it from an entomologist. It stopped everything being sprayed with DDT. I want to know how the book did it.

  7. The left-wing media propaganda about Russia is unbearable. So, to keep us in stereo (which is progress), the right-wing media has come up with propaganda about China just as unbearable.
    The most unbearable is probably the two-pronged attack on the Westerner’s psyche about racism. You’ve got to hate the Chinese to be a good citizen. “OK, I hate the Chinese…” Stooop! You’ve got to love the Chinese immigrants! Shit!
    Like with the Arabs… You’ve got to hate the Arabs because they’re all terrorists, as any Hollywood movie will demonstrate. “OK, I hate the Arabs”. Ah but not the Arab immigrants that Trump tried to block – except of course if they try to build a mosque near Ground Zero because there’s a limit to extravagance! It’s complicated…
    You also have to love the rich Arabs because they’re obviously different. Instead of slitting the throats of American media correspondents in the public space for all to see, they chainsaw massacre them in the shade of their embassy away from public gaze. See the difference? Modesty… Allah u akbar!
    Oh yes but the Chinese genocide the Uyghurs! This is total bullshit as everybody knows by now contrary to what the Saudis do in Yemen but the Chinese do have a marginal problem with Muslim terrorists there supported from “abroad” that they’re dealing with as best they can. The Russians had the same problem in Chechnya, also supported from “abroad”. In that case, we do know for sure that “abroad” was code for CIA. What about Xinjiang?
    We don’t know. Anyway, the right-wing press extrapolates this to “the way the Chinese treat their minorities”. Are you kidding? I’ve personally visited Guizhou, one of China’s most diverse provinces where minority groups account for nearly 40% of the population (Miaos, Dongs, Bouyeis, Tujias, Yis…), all of whom speak languages distinct from mandarin Chinese and maintain their traditions. Very friendly, cheerful and colorful people! And the Chinese Tourist Board has been sending them tourists for over thirty years. To witness how bad they’re treated by Beijing? Come on…
    Then we’ve got China’s alleged desire for military conquest, which has been out of fashion since the unification of the country by the Qin dynasty in… 221 BCE – doesn’t make us any younger! Their current Belt & Road Initiative, a modern version of Admiral Zheng He’s expeditions described in Gavin Menzies book 1421: The Year China Discovered the World, is purely about establishing trading posts – which of course translates in American English as “military bases”.
    And then we’ve got Covid-19. That’s the winner! The sucker has been developed in a Wuhan lab belonging to the Chinese State with Anthony Fauci’s NIH grant because Obama forbade that gain of function research to continue on US soil in 2014. DARPA thought it was too risky and declined the grant. Of course, for Western propaganda, there’s no such thing as a Chinese State. It’s the “Chinese Communist Party regime” and so the product of that outsourced American research is called by the right-wing media the “Chinese virus” or in its purified version the “CCP virus”.
    Couldn’t get dumber than that if you tried!

  8. Institutional control over the behaviour of the living is always morally suspect. Institutions which cannot be “reset” by humans have no effective conscience, and thus tend to enslave humans.

  9. I don’t hate China, it’s awesome! They have an 87% covid vaccination rate and a socialist society!

  10. We continue to find out why “China bad”.

    China’s introduction of its own digital currency ended Visa’s monopoly on payments at the Olympics.

    The US also feels threatened that China’s introduction of digital currency threatens dollar as a reserve currency (i.e. practically a monopoly on payments for much of the trade in the world).

    Monopoly is bad for most people.

  11. Republicofscotland Avatar

    China is a freakish backward nation, because we cannot control them, or place a puppet president in power to do our bidding, and Russia is about to invade Ukraine because of the same reasons. North Korea is the same, as is Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, Iran, and any other country that doesn’t do our bidding when we say so.

    We are hoping that if we say it enough times that people will begin to believe it.

  12. Off-the-wall question/thought experiment: What if progressive Democrats in the U.S. who see through their neoliberal party stopped trying to push it more leftward and instead joined and became active en masse in the Republican Party, operating as a radical, insurgent wing in the only party which still has some slight courage of its (grossly mistaken) convictions? This crazy thought sometimes surfaces in my disordered mind and likely in others. Might this counterintuitive and initially repellant strategy, involving the sacrifice of identity politics, prove more effective in the long run than trying to form a third party or not voting at all? Has Jimmy ever talked about this, or is it too nuts?

    1. I’d say beware of politicians. More Republicans means more corporate donations to the RNC. They use that money to get the ones they like the most into office. The ones who would go after Americans’ reproductive rights faster than you can say “coat-hanger” and make electing progressives harder through gerrymandering. Basically, we would be counting on the Republicans to be become people than the Democrats. Best not to hold your breath.

    2. Jill Biden, wife of Mr. Potato Head, recently confirmed that free community college will NOT be in MPH’s build back better bill.
      No doubt this latest broken campaign promise is going to disappoint many, many D voters. I guess there wasn’t enough support for free community college in the D-controlled executive and the D-controlled House and the D-controlled Senate. Must have been too expensive. A choice had to be made between perpetual war and free community college and war won.
      No doubt this is going to result in many voters seeking an alternative to the Ds. Now, here’s the dissatisfieds’ dilemma. Do they,
      A. vote for yet another D in November who promises the same things that Sanders and MPH did during their campaigns and keep their fingers crossed, just like this time, or
      B. vote for an R who promises that there never will be medicare for all, or free college tuition and that, come hell or high wateer, the US is going to bring the world to heel through the Global War On (competition) Terror or,
      C. vote for a third or fourth or fifth party candidate who promises that if enough people vote for their party’s candidates, they will bring medicare for all and free college tuition into being and, to pay for it, they will de-fund the MIC, stop the War Or Terror on the world, close overseas military bases, bring the troops and the mercenaries home and make peace with the world rather than perpetual war, or,
      D. Don’t vote
      Tough choice, right? Only for “the left”. But not for the millions either directly or indirectly employed or invested in the MIC. These benign looking threats to human existence will be taking option B come November because the Ds haven’t been making enough war on the world or stealing enough from poor people around the world, including those inside the US, knowing with certainty that the R candidate they select will fulfill every promise, come hell or high water (maybe even INCLUDING hell and high water).
      The losing D candidates will notice what campaign behavior got the Rs elected.

  13. Ray Dalio cites persistent and large wealth gaps in a society as one of the last conditions for the country’s downfall into a civil war or revolution.
    Economists agree that the US has the highest inequality in the world.
    Instead of building a prosperous society, the US tells its indebted slaves to worship the oligarchs as a superior race.
    Many of the US Congressmen are on the way to becoming billionaires themselves, having over $100,000,000 net worth now, not counting the offshore accounts.
    Americans fully expect to have to serve in the military, where they harass poor nations, to get their college tuition partially paid. If not, the college debt will hold them down for a while.
    Who creates this widespread persistent large wealth gap and how? It looks like the US Congress has much to do with it.

  14. “Working people are a freakish, backwards nation,” says a society that has turned away from sanity, turned away from truth, turned away from our authentic selves, all in service of credentialed urban keyboard-plankton who discovered that sitting at home in their pajamas while the freaks kept the lights on has created a monster that is going to cost them exactly as any book in a public library warns.”

    Because we’re special we bleat about race instead of class in our humanities degree agitprop while waiting for a hormone prescription for our 7 year old to be delivered to the front door by an “immigrant” who’d better be wearing a mask and stay 2 meters away from me.

    Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tick Tock.


  15. What really pisses me off is the cowardice of our arse wipe politicians who kiss American arse at every opportunity. Just look at the all the loses we’ve taken to please those Seppo’s (US). We have no more Coal, fisheries, Fine Wines Exports, etc etc not to mention the halt of Chinese students and tourists just those two alone is well over $70 B. And you know what’s really F**ked up? The USA has swiftly filled in the market Australia lost to China. And what exactly did we benefit from all this? Absolutely Nothing.

  16. It is well known, in esoteric circles, that The Chinese were of the 4th race of Altantis and migrated before the flood, – their mission, to save that ancient culture.
    However, the fifth epoch, – starting with India, had to bring new things, and it is whether that occurred that should occupy the thinking population of our current civilisation, in the widest possible sense.

  17. It is easy to confuse people who do not know anything about China. There is a solution, ask yourself what you actually know about China or any other country – Russia, Iran, wherever the US government is directing its ire.
    The solution of course is to learn about it from multiple sources.
    For example, the Great Courses company and Wondrium have lectures on history of China, Russia, the Middle East, taught by best professors (in English). Why waste your time listening to the MSM or CIA (the worst), when you can learn from actually the best in their field.
    I have taken these history courses, I have worked with Chinese people for many years, and I love China.
    Anybody who wants to speak badly about my friends is doing so to their own detriment.

    1. Have your friends any knowledge of the ancient origins of China, ? – when I was in China those, my friends did not. But they would have liked to, there is a real spiritual desert in China, felt by the young people.
      Have you come across the I Ching?
      The I Ching was supposed to have been given to the Chinese by the Prince of the Golden Gate, the which name is that of the king of Atlantis.
      The Atlanteans knew what was going to happen, but the Prince of the Golden Gate knew most especially what would happen in China, so the I Ching is in essence a communication with the Chinese group soul, an ancient being.
      One, (but not me), could argue that if the new adventure in human evolution begun in India failed, then China would have to pick up the pieces. – Salutary !

  18. Saying terrible things about China does not make America look any better. Did not know I had to explain such an obvious thing, but here we go.

  19. China is a freakish, backwards nation that mysteriously poses a terrible existential threat to the US Empire.

  20. This is what happened to ghionjournal ;

  21. I wish I’d said that! I’ve certainly thought it, but less eloquently.

  22. Oh – and well done Caitlin !
    The TRUTH really does set you FREE !

    1. Social credit scores: I live in China and have discussed this matter with Chinese. They support the system fully because it is an effective way of dealing with criminals and deterring crime. These punishments are not handed out willy-nilly: the alternative would be heavy fines or spells of imprisonment. And the restriction is for a fixed sentence period after which the offenders are invited to behave better in future. It seems to me to be both more civilised and more effective than the Western approach which just bangs them up in extremely poor conditions and does little to correct their attitudes. But it is the Chinese way so it must be bad.

      1. What is ‘the Chinese way’ and ‘the system’ you refer to? Social credit scores? If these exist outside of the rants of Western media and anti-China Youtube channels, pray tell, what do they look like? What is the name of the app? Has anyone ever taken a screenshot of it?? Or is it a secret system known only to you, your special Chinese friends and the Western media?

        1. As I think you have read, but perhaps do not believe, they take the form of stopping people using trains and planes, receiving credit etc. for a limited period of time. As I said it is a sound alternative to fines they cannot pay and imprisonment that does not work. As a foreigner it does not affect me and I know no-one who has been affected by it as my circle of Chinese friends lacks any criminals. That is the extent of it. It applies only to people who have broken the law, and honest Chinese citizens approve of it. Makes sense?

          1. If you had read the article you would know that these travel restrictions have nothing to do with the imaginary social credit system.

            1. Well all I can say is that your sources and yourself are totally misinformed. I live in China and I do know what life is like here. I don’t know where you live but you know nothing about it. I don’t see any point in continuing with this conversation and will neither reply nor read any further troll submission from you. Over and out.

        2. Yes, I have some evidence from my reader in China:

          This is where where we are headed, and Dr Peter Breggin has documented it all in his book which i have just finished reading – I recommend his stunning research:

          I write a weekly Letter from Great Britain which might inform:

      2. China does not exist. It is the name of a basket into which we stuff nonsense so as to associate individual disconnected assertions so as to mythically aggregate them in some commonality. First, know yourself. Next, understand your common virtues head with those around you. That should keep you busy until you learn something. They is a falsehood showing you have not studied who WE are.

  23. Some Fucking Guy Avatar
    Some Fucking Guy

    Does this mean I have to choose between Daoism, baguazhang, xingyi, etc. and being an American? Will my veteran status be revoked if I opt for a philosophy (or religion, not quite sure) rather than what the liars, cheats & thieves tell the willfully blind masses to choke down and spit out?

    If I was a Black person that had to pee sitting/squatting (to keep it less messy) would that make a difference in my choice between spiritual ideology and national identity? What if I promised to buy American at every opportunity (mostly food, it seems) lied about trying to stop looking at naked Asian women on xhamster?

    What if I abandoned the social engineering and top-down authoritarianism of dissociative regimes isolated from the masses whose lives are directly impacted, if not damaged, by policy devised and designed to benefit few while damaging many? Sorry…I forgot that gave up on the Democrats in 2007 after I looked up the definition of liberal.

  24. Indeed. And if you challenge the group-think you get shouted down about Uyghurs being slaughtered (they’re not) and total surveillance (same in our countries). China is an amazing country, its people vibrant and happy … that was certainly my impression. The advancement of a great proportion of the country from poverty to prosperity is an astounding accomplishment. They are hard-working people with a love of family and ancestry. We would do well to take some of their attributes and emulate them. Ignore the silly propaganda and look at China with an open mind.

  25. Your point is well made.

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