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The official story is that we live in a free democracy where our teachers tell us the truth about our nation, our government and our world when we are children, and then the free press continue telling us the truth about our nation, government and world when we are grown, and then every few years we have free and fair elections in which we use this truthful information to make decisions about which politicians and policies to vote for, and it is only by pure coincidence that what we vote for just so happens to benefit the most wealthy and powerful people on the planet.

In the official story, the democratic process consistently fails to let us progress beyond a status quo of profound inequality, injustice, oppression, exploitation, war and ecocide because that’s simply how people are voting in their free and fair elections. The official story maintains that this occurs because the populations of all free democracies coincidentally happen to be organically divided into two ideologically opposed camps of equal size, creating a political deadlock which just so happens to benefit the people who profit from profound inequality, injustice, oppression, exploitation, war and ecocide.

Per the official story, society is driven by the majority, and it is only by an immensely widespread and startlingly consistent series of coincidences that society remains perpetually shaped in a way that benefits a small minority of rich and powerful individuals.

“These are some pretty strange coincidences,” you might find yourself thinking. “What are the odds that a society which is driven by the will of the people would so consistently benefit a small minority of rich and powerful individuals to the disadvantage of the voting majority, across so many separate nations, from generation to generation for many decades, without ever deviating from this pattern? Seems like the rich and powerful must be tipping the scales in their favor somehow.”

The official story holds that you are a crazy conspiracy theorist if you say this, and should be shunned and denied any platform from which to speak to a large number of people.

The official story is that this sort of society, which only serves the worst people in the world by pure coincidence, is so wonderful that it needs to be exported to every corner of the earth. Also by pure coincidence, all of the nations which most urgently need freedom and democracy always just so happen to occupy land of immense geostrategic importance for planetary domination and resource control.

In the official story, the United States and its allies are always on the right side of every international conflict, and it is only by a series of unfortunate accidents and intelligence blunders that this alliance is killing far more people with military violence and starvation sanctions than any other power structure in today’s world. The news media feed us accurate information about each and every one of those conflicts, explaining truthfully why each country’s government needs to be toppled to free the people of that nation, and it is only by coincidence that we suddenly stop getting news reports about how those people are doing once they have been liberated from their tyrannical oppressors.

The official story tells us that while the US might not always make perfect foreign policy decisions, it’s better to have them leading the free world than to risk some tyrannical regime like Russia or China taking over. If the US wasn’t constantly invading countries and dropping bombs and staging coups and starving civilians and fomenting unrest and arming terrorists and torturing people and escalating cold war aggressions against nuclear-armed nations, the world could find itself ruled by bad guys.

The official story protects the official story. Anyone who disputes any part of the official story is peddling misinformation, or is a Russian propagandist, or is an anti-semite, or is a dangerous extremist, or is mentally ill, or is whatever they need to be in order to ensure that they are never taken seriously by anyone and are silenced on social media and are never given a mainstream audience. Any dissent from the official story is evidence that you must be prevented from interfering in the official story, according to the official story.

In the official story, our world will be guided by this truth-based free and democratic status quo in a way which benefits all of humankind. If it seems like inequality is getting worse or governments are becoming more authoritarian or capitalism is becoming more exploitative or wars are getting out of control or the ecosystem is dying or we’re hurtling toward nuclear war on multiple fronts, that’s just your stupid brain trying to trick you, and you should stop listening to it immediately and re-acquaint yourself with the official story.

Here. Here’s some celebrity gossip. Did you see that Superbowl ad? Come watch a movie on this streaming service. Take some time off, calm down, have a beer, and then plug your mind back into the official story. Just ignore the parts of yourself which find it intolerable. Only the official story is trustworthy. Only the official story has the answers. Block out all the other noise, jack your mind firmly into the matrix, and be the loving loyal gear-turner you were born to be.


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67 responses to “The Official Story”

  1. Steve M Helms Avatar
    Steve M Helms

    there is no such thing as coincidences! ALL THINGS ARE ENGINEERED! JUST AS THE GOBAL NWO LEADERS CREATE THEM, DUH?

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    (urine filter straws sold as is)…….

  3. Conspiracy Analyst Avatar
    Conspiracy Analyst

    Brilliantly written. Reminds me of James Corbett’s 9/11 video- biting and devastating sarcasm. Thanks much.

  4. Thank you once again. You have an uncanny ability to see the big picture and cut through all the BS. Bravo!

  5. Someone is a student of Zeitgeist and Manna…

    Love you passion mate, I hope your utopia works out.

  6. Many people I encounter are so brainwashed by media that they can’t see two inches in front of their noses, and if you ever challenge them on the propaganda they find there, like Pavlov’s dog they will call you a conspiracy theorist. They will then turn up their nose and walk away with a heightened sense of superiority.

    The term “conspiracy theory” is remarkably adept at turning off all critical thinking like a light switch in a large portion of the people I have personally met.

    Conditioning the public to react this way has to have been one of the most effective PSYOPs ever pushed onto the general population.

    It is equal parts diabolic and brilliant, and it means that the elites can get away with just about anything with little to no scrutiny because everyone is too afraid to point out that the emperor has no clothes lest they be labeled a “conspiracy theorist”.

  7. One MUST vote for candidates for public office who promise to enact measures that will lead to whatever type of world or system that you want to come into being. History, history, history has proven beyond any shadow of doubt that no R or D candidate who is allowed by the RNC or the DNC — both oligarch-controlled organizations that serve those same oligarchs — to run for office AND WIN will ever do anything more than make a promise to garner votes and then, after being elected, will break that promise. Mr. Potato Head’s broken promises are the perfect example of what you will contune to get if you continue to vote for Rs or Ds.
    Yes, socialist-attracting fly-papers like Bernie Sanders and AOC will be allowed to run, but they won’t be allowed to win. Their function will be to gain a following and then turn over their votes to the officially approved D candidate.
    OTOH, if you want More Of The Same that you’ve gotten after every election in the past, just vote for another R or D, doesn’t matter which, and you’ll get it, lower and harder.
    If he’s still alive in 2024, Noam Chomsky will once again play his role of telling voters which R or D candidate is the lesser evil of two evils and then you can hold your nose as you cast your ballot.
    The important question is: what type of world do you want a candidate for public office to work for, to strive for? If you cannot imagine that world and express its details, that proves how well you’ve been “conditioned” since the day you popped out of your mother’s birth canal. Being “tongue tied” is the classic symptom.
    I want to take a mind trip. I want to compare two worlds – the earth on which we live and another planet that is identical to ours, except that in that planet’s solar system there has been a brief solar event whose radiation has not only instantaneously killed all of the people on that planet, but, amazingly, also slowed down the physical deterioration of any of the things that the planet’s deceased inhabitants created.
    Hearing about the calamity on the twin planet, millions of people from our planet, who just happen to be unemployed ex-technicians from various professions (yes, a very competent bunch), jump into spacecraft and fly to that other planet. It’s a one-way-only trip. But, before they leave, they agree that all of what is on the other planet will be “owned” equally among them and used for the good of all. (Yes, you’re right, that is exactly where I’m going.)
    Just like there is on this planet, there is an internet on the other planet, so the immigrants instantly realize that a so-called representative government will not be necessary …………. on the other planet. In that place there shall be direct democracy. People will hammer out important decisions among themselves using the internet as a means of virtually instantaneous mass communication.
    There will be only one “nation” on this new world and that nation will cover the entire world. There will be no other nation to export to. There will be no other nation to import from.
    Every person in the new world will be a “world citizen”. There will be only one set of rules for every person. Human beings will either sink or swim together on this new world.
    After the new immigrants arrive on their new planet, using existing transportation systems, they disperse all over their planet so that they can get their new (old) machines up and running; fields plowed and planted; hospitals operating, etc. (Yes, it wasn’t easy. But with the common good in mind, people were successful. Just accept it for the moment.)
    The immigrants soon realize that it takes very few people (far fewer than immigrated) to keep the machines running, food on the table, etc., and with some more design engineering and automation, even fewer people will be required as time goes on. Not only that, but the products of these machines can be made to a much better quality then they apparently were previously, so these products will last far longer. As a result, it is realized that perhaps some of the huge machines/factories can be operated far less frequently than they used to be by the previous inhabitants. For example, automobiles soon come to be made much simpler, easier to fix and much more reliable. They have a far greater useful lifespan than they once had.
    The people enjoy leisure time, developing their artistic abilities, playing games and other non-productive activities.
    Rather than unfairly have the same small number of people constantly toiling on the machines, the people decide to divide up, or “distribute”, the human labor that is necessary to operate the machines, plow the fields, construct buildings, roads, etc. That is, everyone has to work on the machines, etc., but for only a short period of time each year. And as the machines get improved and further automated, even less labor is required and, therefore, even more of each individual’s time is “free”.
    The newly-designed machines in this new world come to do almost all of the things that must be done, and the “profit” from the machines – leisure time and the actual products of the machines – is equally divided among all people.
    Some of the leisure time is used for training all people in the variety of tasks they will be undertaking – everything from brain surgery to sewage treatment. Apprenticeship and training via video (just like Youtube on planet earth!) are found to be the ideal ways of training people. It is soon discovered that most medical and dental procedures can be either performed by robots or learned in a fraction of the time once thought to be absolutely necessary.
    Through apprenticeship and video schooling, the population becomes very knowledgeable, so they soon realize that by reducing their own population by slow attrition – by having only one or two children – the remaining population has even less to do (less water treatment, housing, electricity, food, everything), so their descendants have even more free time to themselves.
    These people’s new-found religion is two-faceted — the Golden Rule and the continually-evolving simplicity, ease-of-use, and, most importantly, high-quality-construction and, therefore, long usable life of the products they create. Unlike the people did back on planet Earth, the people on this new world strive to manufacture things only once — things that with simple, inexpensive maintenance, last essentially forever.
    Transportation systems move people to and from the machines and other places where labor is needed, as well as moving people about the planet for other less practical reasons.
    Life is great in the new world.
    The End
    My point is that there are possible alternative ways of living (economic systems), but the only thing we are allowed to hear in our prefect Matrix of education and 24/7 propaganda is that there are NO alternatives available to the present arrangement, other than the experimental ones that are at this very moment being literally dreamed up by the present entrenched powers-that-be in order to serve only themselves.
    All of us commenters and Caitlin and Tim have to RIGHT NOW do exactly what our billionaire Elite Overlords are doing – at first “imagining” a different arrangement than the one we were born into (a greed-based arrangement that has for literally centuries benefited only a microscopic percentage of the population and which has led the human species of animal to the edge of extinction either by environmental catastrophe or nuclear war) and then implementing that new arrangement by electing representatives who have that same “vision” of a better arrangement and will carry out their constituents’ wishes against an entrenched, near-omnipotent opposition.
    Keep in mind that I intended my hypothetical world to stimulate discussion of alternative arrangements. If you can imagine a better arrangement than the one I have imagined and a better way to bring that arrangement into reality, please type it out right here, right now. Big things have small beginnings.

    1. I tacked on AOC to Sanders and I shouldn’t have. Yes, AOC won, but what has she accomplished as a D since being elected?

      1. Actually, Bernie has won many elections and has succeeded in convincing many naive citizens that there is hope for the electoral system.

    2. Someone is a student of Zeitgeist and Manna…

      Love you passion mate, I hope your utopia works out.

  8. How can “the Russian leader’s unspoken threat to invade” be taken as an intent of anything, when nothing of the sort has actually been uttered, by that person?
    How can it be written by a pseudo-journalist in MSM, and seen as a threat, or anything at all, for that matter, other than the paranoid reflections of her/his editorial board proscribed concoction of imagination that it is.
    Photojournalism without a deliberate caption, is the art of using raw images, in an unspoken attempt to openly convey commentary to a viewer; to interpret for themselves what the picture paints.
    Doing this is one thing! On the other hand, captioning the picture with a biased viewpoint is quite another matter – manipulative, underhanded propaganda.
    Where human beings’ emotions and passions are engaged, and they always are, all is subjective; no opinion can be pure objectivity, despite what they try to inculcate into the minds of young students in the liberal “sciences” of academe.
    Where the premeditated intent of journalism is to play off the subjective biases of human beings, there is no room for critical thinking, and no critical thinking is permitted in totalitarian societies; and, isn’t this where we are at, especially in the U.S. today.
    When the U.S. and its European allies (NATO) stage war games in the vicinity of Russia’s borders this should not be taken as a display of aggressive intent, however, when Americas purported archrivals respond in-kind, this threatens world peace. This is an open display of U.S. hegemonic sanctimony.
    The Soviet Union may no longer exist, and Russia may have shrunk to half its size geographically, as well as in the economic sphere, but it is still the second most powerful nuclear power on the planet, lest anyone in American ‘diplomacy’ forget.
    Where ethics and morality are corrupted beyond repair, only hypocrisy remains, and such, sad to say, is where U.S. repute stands globally today. It is literally not worth the paper it is printed on, nor is the rhetoric of the persons who represent it abroad, or anywhere else for that matter.
    What do we still love about America? All that remains is the idea of the biblical Jesus’ city upon a hill; daily cursed, by the likes of bigoted, conceited, greedy and self-aggrandizing hypocrites. And those of us who remember, do recall their names, for what it is worth!
    These are our leaders, asking for compromises from Russia, yet compromise is NOT compromise, if it is unilateral!
    When has America ever shown a willingness to altruistically listen to two sides in a dispute, and devised a compromise acceptable to both, in behalf of humanity’s ability to survive equitably, rather than surreptitiously plotting its own narrow hegemonic self-interests?
    So long as a unilateral, hegemonic power reigns supreme over the nations of the world, there can be NO comity among the community of nations; as the disregard for United Nations Organizations decisions, by the hegemon has shown, since its founding in 1945; neither is an International Court of Justice viable, as an international court, so long as the global political and economic status quo goes unchallenged.

  9. Simply put, the official story is a load of crap. To the extent that anyone buys into it, society is worse off. To the extent that the vast majority buy into it, the official story is an invitation to eventual totalitarianism. we need more, today, like George Orwell and Aldous Huxley, though I imagine that they’d have to self-publish if they wanted to see their creations hit the marketplace.

  10. Republicofscotland Avatar

    O/T but interesting.

    The late Jeffery Epstein’s best buddy Prince Andrew settles out of court with Virginia Giuffre.

  11. Once you come to appreciate this snapshot of contemporary society, what’s next? Is there a next? Do you feel good about yourself as being woke and merely try to make your way? Do you relentlessly deconstruct each new installment of the false narrative, speaking largely to your fellow choir members? Do you revel in hating your overlords and their lackeys and dream of their demise? Do you sign petitions, participate in demonstrations, make socially or politically disruptive gestures, refuse (as someone here is bound to advocate) to vote for an R or a D?

    All of that seems so safe–doesn’t it?–this being what Thoreau called a patron of virtue, while we are literally killing the world? Do we have even a hint any longer of what a truly virtuous life would look like: one with real skin in the game, one involving courageous action and costly sacrifice, as in life and limb? And if we had such a hint, would we do anything different? Could we do anything different? Does the old sage have the last word: “Vanity of vanities; all is vanity?” Including what we do here….

    1. The Canadian truckers are setting a fine example of what must be done.

      1. Of course. Because the Canadian truckers are so dead set against taking anti-COVID-19 precautions that they identify health emergency orders as dictatorship. Those who refuse to slow the spread of a deadly disease are not a fine example. They are another part of larger social problems.

        1. Let’s see, the experimental gene therapy “ vaccines “ neither prevent you from getting the SARS-CoV2 virus nor transmitting it.

          Moreover, the boosters don’t work either as Israel has discovered on its 4th booster. In addition, the wearing of face masks don’t not prevent someone getting the virus as many scientific large scale studies have demonstrated. So what do these “ vaccines “ do.

          Well, looking at the US VAERs plus the U.K. Yellow Card Scheme, they caused over 22,000 deaths in the US and nearly 2000 in the U.K. besides the tidal wave of adverse reactions some very serious such as blood clots, paralysis, blindness, heart attacks, strokes myocarditis ( increasingly prevalent in young people and very very fit young athletes) and pregnant women having miscarriages.

          So the question is why the mandates plus “ vaccines “ passports are being used. Look no further than the former USSR for many answers or the communist dictatorship in China !

          1. Yours is just one of many competing narratives that oppose the public health measures and that are often contradictory.

            Some of the ways the anti-vaxx movement has gotten its claws into people: Some are roped in by religion—fetal lines or the Mark of the Beast—others by fears of 5G or chemtrails, some just don’t want the government “telling them what to do,” and others are afraid of scary-sounding vaccine ingredients.

            There are the those who believe it’s a global elite trying to “force” people into “compliance,” while others think it’s a plot by dastardly China to destroy our economy. Or maybe it was a plot to deny Trump his rightful reelection.

            Some believe COVID-19 is a hoax, others believe it’s just the flu, while others admit it’s real, just won’t do anything about it because something, something freedom.

            Some wouldn’t take the vaccine because it didn’t have FDA authorization, others think it’s been “rushed” now that it has been, and yet others think the vaccine is literally killing millions and even billions of people.

            Then, somehow, you have to fit in the “vitamins and supplements” crowd, the hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin proponents, the “Big Pharma is making lots of money off me” crowd (as they buy ED pills), and the “hospitals make big money from killing COVID patients” people.

            This chaos is a huge advantage for you conspiracy theorists—you can create any number of narratives that fit into any number of people’s preconceived biases. A single story to explain it all would fall apart under the weight of evidence. But 1,000 theories? It’s impossible for anyone to systematically undermine all of the shit that’s being flung against the wall.

            So, go ahead, contract COVID-19 and die, I just hope you don’t take the rest of us with you. Oh, and remember the hospitals are trying to make money by killing you, so avoid those (freeing up space for those of us who believe in medical science and take the advice seriously – we may need them while you are sick by choice).

            1. Nice summary of the madness. But might there be something positive in the long run to the breakdown of ALL official authority, from adulterated science to propagandist media to corrupt government?

            2. Hmm, if you had been following the peace convoy in Canada, many of the people participating in the resistance to the draconian, totalitarian mandates from Trudeau are already vaccinated.

              They are demanding freedom and liberty which is what the resistance is about.

              By the way, as both the CDC and the NHS have stated, 95% of the fatalities from Covid-19 had one or more serious illnesses, did not die of Covid but from these underlying illnesses and the vast majority of the fatalities were over 80 years of age.

              The average life expectancy in the U.K. and US is approximately 80. In addition, the vast majority of people in hospital with Covid -19 are those who have had 2 or more experimental gene therapy injections.

              Do try and do some independent research then you won’t look so foolish!

              1. Robert antonucci Avatar
                Robert antonucci

                i love your theory that comorbidities killed all
                those people.

                by that reasoning AIDS never killed anyone. it merely facilitated their early demise.

                1. You posted “ I love your theory that comorbidities killed all those people..”

                  I posted “ as both the CDC and the NHS have stated 95% of the fatalities from Covid – 19 had one or more serious illnesses..”

                  Reading comprehension is not one of your strong points !

          2. A couple of family members died of COVID-19 before there were any vaccines available. So I took the Moderna vaccine as soon as I could. Two shots 4 weeks apart. Then a booster 6 months later. And I contracted COVID-19 last month. I didn’t know it until I was tested. I thought I had a cold. Stuffy nose, a few headaches, some muscle aches. But, yes, I got a positive test. It was gone in a week. I do believe it was the vaccine that kept me from suffering a severe case.

            1. Do you believe in Santa Claus too? I’ve had the sniffles a couple of times too and recovered quickly with no jab!

              1. You had sniffles. It could have been a common cold, then. If you didn’t get tested for COVID-19, your little comment is worthless.

                1. HaHa–what’s the difference? Your little tests are worse than worthless. They’re bogus. Still wearing double masks, I assume, in spite of being triple-vaxxed!

                  1. When I got the vaccine, one of the commenters here told me I would be dead by Christmas. Well, I’m still around, still healthy, and still recovered from a mild case of COVID-19.

                    Scoff as you like, you’ll be singing a different tune if you end up hospitalized with it. Actually not singing, because you won’t be able to breathe. You are in a death cult. Realization of that is the first step towards health.

            2. To repeat the vast majority of the fatalities from Covid-19 were over the age of 80, the average life expectancy in the U.K. plus the US is about 80.

              As the CDC and the NHS have stated 95% of the fatalities had 1 or more serious illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, heart attacks, strokes etc

              Therefore, they did not die of Covid- 19.

              In addition, the experimental gene therapy “ vaccines “ neither prevents you from getting the SARS- CoV2 virus nor transmitting it.

              Israel is one of the most vaccinated countries in the world and its on its 4th booster, yet, the overwhelming majority of the people in hospital with Covid -19 have had 3 injections.

              They don’t work but they are killing and maiming people in ever increasing numbers!

              1. Repeating your nonsense does nothing to increase its credibility. However, your credulous naivety will kill more if others believe you.

        2. Two weeks to “slow the spread.”

          1. To Flatten the curve, just a short lockdown to stop the spread, just 1,2,3…….to get back to normal.

      2. As with so many of today’s conflicts, the hot-button issue wars, I have no horse in the race, no team to root for or work for. Don’t identify with or support truckers who refuse to be vaccinated, who seize upon an issue like that instead of imperialism, exploitation, ecocide, etc. Sure as hell don’t identify with or support the neoliberal elites and their governments which couldn’t care less about truckers and others in the working class, not to mention the underclass. Am I the only man or woman without a party these days?

  12. Psychologist and author Jack Canfield teaches to ask questions to unravel the official story of your life. Like, “What I am pretending not to know.”
    That will help with the society’s official story too.

  13. Years ago when the tail started wagging
    my dog I knew it was not going to end well. Now the poor thing is so dizzy and confused, it can barely walk.

  14. The illusion of democracy, trauma bonding and cognitive dissonance. A winning combination for the megalomaniacs. If voting changed anything of real importance to the elite, they wouldn’t let you do it.

  15. Republicofscotland Avatar

    It must break the warmongers hearts in the West, that one of their funded news outlet Reuters is reporting that some Russian troops are pulling out and heading back to base including tanks and armoured vehicles.,could%20de-escalate%20frictions%20between%20Moscow%20and%20the%20West.

    1. Reuters! Gosh, it must be true then.

      1. Republicofscotland Avatar

        A wee bit of info on Reuters.

        the CEO of Reuters, James C. Smith is also on the board of the Atlantic Council, the most central military-industrial/NATO think-tank. Thomson Reuters consistently promotes a very strong pro-US/NATO line in geopolitical questions.

        The Canadian politician, and fluent Ukrainian speaker (her grandfather edited a sympathetic Nazi magazine) Chrystia Freeland was/is the global editor of Reuters, she’s a Russophobe, and is currently involved in Ukraine with regards to the ongoing unrest.

        Reuters also runs a private intelligence service, with commercial ties to governments and national intelligence services. The president of the company,Timothy P. Murphy, was previously the FBI’s Deputy Director and worked for the Bureau from 1988 until 2011, and the board is full of deep state operators.

        Just a wee peek behind a very large and heavy curtain on Reuters.

  16. Well written. I enjoyed reading it.

  17. Here, get your mind right! According to the U.S. Sun, and the Drudge Report that uses such Scheiss as its sources, once Vicious Vlad Putin overruns the People’s Paradise of Ukraine he will systematically set about to do all kinds of unkind things to those nice peaceable people.
    To wit, just under the lede: “VLAD’S LAIRS Fears torture dungeons led by sadist dubbed The Maniac who electrocutes & mutilates victims could follow Putin invasion.”
    The following text: “FEARS have spiked that Putin’s potential invasion of Ukraine could be followed by an influx of horrific torture dungeons.”
    “Concerns have been raised that troops could enforce a barbaric Russian regime if tanks roll over the border in a bid to keep defiant locals in line.”
    Captions under exclusive photos of the torture chambers: “It is feared Russian forces may roll out the horrific torture dungeons across Ukraine”
    “Thousands of people have been banged up by Kremlin-backed Ukrainian separatist forcesCredit: Telegram/traktorist_dn”
    “One monstrous torturer known as ‘The Maniac’ is said to mutilate victims with a surgeon’s kit”
    And when all else has been exaggerated beyond belief, think of the children:
    “Chilling pictures even showed CHILDREN learning how to fire guns as they prepare for the potential conflict.”
    Read twice daily before scheduled “two-minute hates” and remember to love Lord Biden, aka “The Big Guy” who’s always got your “sicks… I mean six, America!”
    Require more political porn to stoke your hate? Go to the source:

    1. I wonder if the CIA’s “Abu Ghraib Handbook” is still in print?
      Well, there’s money to be made, so why not, eh?

    2. Jesus F. Christ they are utterly shameless. remember the incubator babies and the rape rooms, before that the “bloody huns”. the propaganda always seems to follow the same rules.

  18. Thank you for continuing to kick against the pricks; though I can’t help thinking that things could be worse if Russia’s and China’s oligarchs were overtly in control generally, instead of limited subversion. Maybe we’ll find out soon.
    I have just finished reading Ian Plimer’s (another outspoken Aussie) book “Green Murder” and I commend it to you if you haven’t seen it already. Its complicated to read and there are lots of typo’s and repetition but factual information abounds and it looks hard to fault. That information desperately needs people with your comprehension and profile to talk about it and draw attention to the climate conspiracy, which appears to be at least as pervasive, wealth directed and bad for first and third world peoples as the U.S. military industrial complex.
    May the force be with you.

    1. “May the force be with you.”
      – poorly conceived metaphysics

      “May the energy be with you.”
      – much better

      “May the Spirit be with you.”
      – and better still

    2. the climate conspiracy? you mean the oil companies and their disinformation campaign against science? never mind, i remember that ahole Plimer now.

      1. Everyone has their blind spots. Even you.

  19. The Vatican and McDonald’s and the Pentagon have many franchises all of them have Black rock in common The fortune 500 companies have Black rock in common Russia and China and the USA have Black rock in common the global financial system regardless of a country’s geography or name has Black rock in common you getting the picture yet Black rock and Vanguard are the 2 hedge funds that combined have funds in the multi trillions and no sovereign debt. They run the media the governments the corporations and the official story who are the story writers they are and they manage the wealth of the global megalomaniacs they are the farmers and we are their slaves history has always had the ruling class now its Black rock and Vanguards time to manage the slaves please watch the documentary who owns the world ps Black rock and Vanguard are also running the scamdemic yes they also own the pharmaceutical companies please also watch planet lockdown who runs the official story they do.hello caitlin you are my hero thankyou so much for your wisdom …

    1. While I agree with most of Caitlin’s stuff, I have to call out this Blackrock meme. Blackrock and Vanguard are not fund managers, they are basically custodians for vast ETF structures that are little more than tracker funds for the US savings industry. For sure, Larry Fink is having his ego stroked by the lobbyists for the ESG agenda and is being courted at COP26, Davos et al, but he has no power over the companies you talk of. He is running a quant business that essentially does admin. You are looking in the wrong place. Read Michael Hudson, he nails the whole Wall Street rentier economy, which together with the MIC and the Crony Capitalists of corporate America is the real story.

      1. BlackRock is interlocked with Vanguard which are the major shareholders of a $30 trillion + fund that is 3 times the size of the economy of Germany. They control the stocks of almost every major corporation on the face of the Earth from oil, media, pharmaceuticals, armaments to mercenary corporations.

        Who are the owners of Vanguard?

        Nobody knows but it’s not difficult to work out who some of the major players are since they own major banks plus fiancé houses both in the City of London and Wall.

        Any idea who owns the Federal Reserve?

        1. please read article on global research .ca june 19 2020 the federal reserve cartel the 8 families look in search bar you will have all the info you need on fed ownership ..

          1. I know who owns the Federal Reserve. It was a question for Mark T. But thanks for the link.

  20. OT

    Moviepass, the now-defunct service that was supposed to allow users to watch movies inexpensively, has pivoted ever-so-slightly into the business of being an Orwellian advertisement machine.
    The service is “returning as an app that will track users’ eyes when they watch adverts”, according to an alarming new report from The Independent. In exchange for your computer-verified undivided attention, the app will let users have access to movies.
    Moviepass now will use facial recognition and “eye-tracking technology” to “ensure that viewers eyes are looking at promoted content in exchange for access to films”.

  21. Free epaulets with every line of easily digested bullshit that confirms the previous line of easily digested bullshit.

    I do enjoy how those we empower to act are the ones that tell us exactly what we want to believe; the insistence for validation supplanting the multitude of information expanding exponentially.

    A story, while I listen to the song that has been in my head for three days, from a band titled Placebo, it seems.

    Rich guy, influential, has some concerns about the neighborhood. It’s so nice it’s like a billboard for home invasion. He’s thinking about getting a dog, maybe a gun and one morning as he’s shuffling down the driveway with the trash, a mangy cur is sitting on the end of his lawn. Big dog, dangerous looking and in the moment he’s about the chase it off, his little princess, closer now to someone else’s little darling cries out from the open front door and that big dangerous beast runs to her.

    Startled the rich guy is first afraid for his angel, but when he sees the dog crouching at her feet and rolling over at her very thought, he decides he’s saved himself a few bucks, maybe, depending on the vet bill needed to let this beast in the house.

    Inseparable, the beast and the princess and the world seems a bit more right for a time. But wouldn’t you know it, that damn dog barks his head off at the worst times: 3am, business partners over for dinner, schtupping the wife-it’s getting to be a problem. The guy buys a doghouse, the princess is displeased, and that damn dog is barking almost constantly.

    The newspaper works, after awhile. Rolled up tight, swung hard-eventually the dog doesn’t want to bark so much. People sleep at night, the who’s who of Cooltown don’t have their cigars interrupted, the wife can climax without distraction, or so she claims over breakfast every Saturday morning.

    Rich guy and wife decide they’re going to LaLaLand for the weekend; the princess gets some dollars, instructions not to have too many friends over, not to let that damn dog in the house.

    Someone stops at the house-she needs to use the phone. She looks scared, she’s crying, so the princess does what a good person does, but the tears have friends and they don’t want help, they want to help themselves, and they do.

    The dog barks, he pulls at the chain until his neck bleeds, he whimpers, he cries too. Every scream.

    Later, the rich guy decides the useless dog has failed, and like every overly efficient person, he finishes out the dog and as he does so, staring in those broken eyes he could swear he sees relief before the deed is done.

    He takes his broken princess to the best breeder in Cooltown and tells her to pick out any one she likes, sure that he’s going to get a good dog this time, standing by the door, slapping that rolled up newspaper in his hand.

    Apologies to CJ for verbosity in the comments section, and anyone with a certain sort of masochistic streak that would get to this point.

  22. Very well articulated! Imagine this one article was required reading in a college political science—and merely to smear it! Now that would be an eye-opener!

  23. Truth here is painful as we hurtle towards a time and society where only Elites have the privilege of remaining flesh and human like – the rest of us can’t truly think for ourselves because we’ve been sold that it’s a privilege to have apps to do it for us – plus we need to work like maniacs with no time to enjoy the natural world (what’s left of it) – working round the clock so we can buy the updated cells brain-app’ed to think for us.

    I wanna cry.

  24. Yes. It’s depressing isn’t it? And no amount of Hollywood trivia can dull that nagging knowing that all is not well with the world.

  25. You described it really well, thank you.

  26. Great Post!! unfortunately it is too close to the truth

  27. And don’t forget Big Brother is watching you! :o)

  28. You are such an insightful and articulate writer. Thank you for your contribution to the world.

    1. You said it all, IDIG! Caitlin, you are such an insightful and articulate writer. Thank you for your contribution to the world.
      A little plagiarism here and there when it is necessary.

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