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A substitute teacher at an Arlington, Virginia middle school has been suspended for teaching an insufficiently one-sided perspective on the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Apparently one of the students recorded the lesson and showed it to their parents who complained to the school.

This happens as RT America shuts its doors following an astonishingly aggressive censorship campaign against Russia-backed media outlets throughout the western world.

The virulent post-9/11-like hysteria about Russia that has been promoted by one-sided mass media reporting on the war, and by the five years of fact-free conspiracy mongering which preceded it, has created an environment where you’ll get shouted down on social media for voicing any opinion about this conflict apart from saying Putin invaded because he is evil and hates freedom. Voices calling for diplomacy, de-escalation and detente are being systematically drowned out.

Meanwhile you’ve got massively influential pundits like Sean Hannity calling for a direct NATO airstrike on a Russian military convoy in Ukraine, without the slightest risk of losing his immense platform for advocating a move that would probably lead to a very fast, very radioactive third world war.

“You know, if we can see on satellite imagery where the convoy is, I don’t know, maybe some smart country, maybe NATO might take some of their fighter jets, or maybe they can use some drone strikes and take out the whole damn convoy,” Hannity said on Premiere Radio Networks’ The Sean Hannity Show on Wednesday. “And then nobody takes credit for it, so then Putin won’t know who to hit back.”

Hannity hastily adds that he’s “not talking about nuclear war,” but then adds a “but” which completely contradicts him.

“But at what point is this gonna end?” Hannity asks. “Cuz nobody did anything after Georgia was taken in ’08, nobody cared about Crimea being annexed in 2014.”

Hannity has also made repeated calls for Putin’s assassination, saying that “if you invade an innocent sovereign country, and you kill innocent men, women and children, you don’t deserve to live.” An interesting position for one of the most aggressive defenders of Bush’s Iraq invasion.

On the other side of illusory US partisan divide you’ve got MSNBC pundits like Richard Engel and Clint Watts also calling for direct hot war with Russia.

“Perhaps the biggest risk-calculation/moral dilemma of the war so far,” tweeted Engel on Monday. “A massive Russian convoy is about 30 miles from Kyiv. The US/NATO could likely destroy it. But that would be direct involvement against Russia and risk, everything. Does the West watch in silence as it rolls?”

“Strangest thing – entire world watching a massive Russian armor formation plow towards Kyiv, we cheer on Ukraine, but we’re holding ourselves back,” tweeted Watts less than two hours later. “NATO Air Force could end this in 48 hrs. Understand handwringing about what Putin would do, but we can see what’s coming.”

“Putin knows stop the West throw ‘nuclear’ into discussion and we’ll come to a stop, but the world should not be held hostage to a killer of societies, the west has nuclear weapons too, and Putin’s track record is clear, every war he wins is followed by another war,” Watts added.

You’ve also got increasingly bold calls for no-fly zones and close air support from the western political/media class, which would also mean hot war with Russia.

Now, theoretically, the actual decision-makers of the imperial war machine know better than to initiate a hot war with Russia because it would likely lead to an unthinkable chain of events in which everyone loses. But what these insane Strangelovian calls for nuclear armageddon do, even if they never come to fruition, is push the acceptable spectrum of debate far toward the most hawkish extremes possible.

When you’ve got the hawks screaming that Putin is Hitler and calling for airstrikes on the Russian military while the doves are using extremely mitigated both-sides language and taking great pains to forcefully condemn Putin to avoid being shouted down and censored, what you wind up with is a spectrum of debate that has been pulled so far toward insanity that the “moderate” position becomes support for unprecedented acts of economic warfare and funding a brutal insurgency in Ukraine.

As a result, advocating for western powers to initiate de-escalation, diplomacy and detente becomes an extremist position, comparable to or worse than advocating for hot war with a nuclear superpower. In reality it’s the obvious moderate, sane position on the table, but taking that position unequivocally would be disastrous for the career of any mainstream politician or pundit in today’s environment, because the spectrum of debate has been pulled so far toward hawkish brinkmanship.

Noam Chomsky outlined this problem clearly when he said, “The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum — even encourage the more critical and dissident views. That gives people the sense that there’s free thinking going on, while all the time the presuppositions of the system are being reinforced by the limits put on the range of the debate.”

And that’s exactly what we are seeing here. Look at this soup-brained take by comedian Tim Dillon, for example:

Ideally this kind of insane extremist talk would get you chased out of every town and forced to live alone in a cave eating bats, but because the Overton window of acceptable debate has been dragged so far away from its center, people think it’s a moderate, heterodox position. Dovish, even.

This spectrum of debate has been further shoved away from moderation with the help of pseudo-left narrative managers like  George Monbiot and The Intercept, who have both published obnoxious finger-wagging articles scolding leftists who’ve been insufficiently servile to the US/NATO line on Ukraine. As though there’s somehow not enough promotion of the State Department narrative on this subject by every single one of the most powerful governments and media institutions in the entire western world, rather than far, far too much.

The worst people in the world have their foot on the accelerator driving us toward escalations that should terrify anyone with gray matter between their ears, while those who want to tap the brakes get their foot immediately slapped away. This is not leading good places. And we know from experience how profoundly unwise the power structure overseeing all this can be.

Treasure each moment, my lovelies.


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91 responses to “The Overton Window Is Being Shoved Toward Warmongering Extremism”

  1. Lawrence, Picot, Sykes, Balfour, and Camels Avatar
    Lawrence, Picot, Sykes, Balfour, and Camels

    …..and JK, you, going by your first post in this thread, have the answers? I think not. All the best.

  2. What was needed was to put that arrogant fool Zelenskyy back on his leash before he stepped in a big pile of his own doo. Like Ronnie Rayguns, he was selected to play the biggest role of his acting career and it went right to his head. He moves half the Ukrainian army into Donbass, including Azov militiamen eager to implement a new Final Solution to the Russian-Speakers Problem – and under the noses of a huge Russian military force going into position on all sides of his country! Then he returns from the Munich security conference huffing and puffing that the Budapest accords are dead and little Ukie’s gonna get some big nukies again.
    Then the Russkies are the bad guys for reacting, godless commie zombies back from history’s graveyard, out to conquer the world once more. And yet Ze rambles on, looking half drunk before the cameras yesterday, ready to fight to the last woman and child in his wretched realm.

  3. Is it not hilarious. Russia passes a law to jail foreign journalists that lie about the conflict. Immediately CNN and BBC leave Russia.

  4. Paul Rackemann Avatar
    Paul Rackemann

    One hopeful aspect of the situation is that the expression “Overton Window” now exists, and a lot of people know what it means. When I was a kid (circa sixty years ago), there was of course a much different Overton Window from the one we have today, but we had no expression to describe it. I can remember how painful and slow a job it was for me to realise that adults were lying to me ALL THE TIME, and especially in Sunday School. Later I was forced to recognise that they were lying to me a lot of the time in regular school (education system) as well.
    I suppose there will come a time when, for one reason or another, the concept of the Overton Window will be forgotten, and we shall go back to having to believe all official lies or else simply be a crank. But for the present, we do have the concept, which makes it that little bit harder for the cheap people in charge to enforce their stupid ideas.

  5. So now Germany is promising Russia that Ukraine will not join NATO. Too little to late. The paper tiger has spoken.

    1. probably not ‘germany’, but the german prime minister who will be replaced in the next election. russia can postpone accepting the promises until the papers are signed, but even then it won’t mean anything (jcpoa, ukraine 2014, …). you can’t engage with those people, a little theatre for pr purposes is possible, but that’s it.

  6. Road Hazard

    March 4th, 2022

    War is a crime. Perhaps you have changed your tone of voice in the last few days. Spontaneous excited utterances directed at people you are close to. No clear reason. If so, you are not alone. Stress is up. Weary from the pandemic now we have new trouble, war. Millions of people stalked by terror, are on the move.

    I filled my gas tank at $4.73 today with a twenty cent a gallon discount. The war is half a world away but the war affects the whole world. I will be keeping my gas tank full, thankful I am not in Ukraine. Anxiety affects the whole world. I don’t anticipate a gas shortage but keeping my tank full makes me feel better. Something I can control.

    Why were there plans to make Ukraine part of NATO? As a former part of the Soviet Union, such plans threaten Russia directly. That does not make what Putin is doing now right. But plans for NATO in the Ukraine made Russian invasion inevitable.

    The reason NATO needed to be In the Ukraine is because the arms industry needs to grow. The military industrial complex sets policy. Nuclear submarines are ready to glass any country on the globe at any moment. Having NATO in the Ukraine serves no purpose.

    Kiev has an average working wage of $918 / month, the highest average wage of any city in Ukraine. Russian salaries average $1402 / month. A simple comparison hides many details, but what do Ukrainians have to fight for? At the end of the day how well has the Ukrainian worker done?

    Which oligarch is worth dying for. That could be a question, but a trick question since no oligarch is worth dying for. Forced to choose I’d choose an oligarch that lets me earn $1400 a month. My choice in actually would be not to make the choice. I am a pacifist. Regarding military activities, I say no.

    The American knee-jerk reaction is to support Ukraine. Having a comedian as national leader is the natural order of the universe in America. America always puts clowns in charge. Zelenskyy, a strong face of resistance becomes more popular. But this is war and not a mixed martial arts MMA match. Zelenskyy the face of strong resistance could be killing as many Ukrainians as possible. Zelenskyy’s expression of power and manly mojo has western media squirming with delight.

    As a man Volodymyr Zelenskyy may be fine. I don’t know him. Russia will occupy Ukraine. Western news reports no current details about the conflict. This silence suggests to me Putin is accomplishing his goals. A good thing if a swift end to the conflict leads to the smallest loss of life.

    As a man Putin may be fine too. I don’t know him. Putin clearly acts in the best interest of Russia, the country. Putin’s concern for Russian people is debatable. I am not doing that. Putin wants to make Russia, the country, more powerful. Western corruption gave Putin an opportunity. Putin can’t say no to opportunity. That he can’t say no to opportunity should surprise nobody. The western military industrial complex gave Putin opportunity.

    As we drive the freeway of life traffic slows. Up ahead Putin in a gold trimmed State troopers smokey bear hat directs traffic around a car wreck. The car, a two toned canary yellow coup with blue hardtop, ran off the road and wrapped itself around a power pole. There appear to be injuries. Everybody is driving slow. There is sadness as people drive past. The driver of the car cited for recklessly speeding into the future. Ignoring existing road conditions, and corrupt pole placement.

    Putin holds up a hand motioning me to stop. This could make me late for work. I must wait while a tow-truck clears the wreck. The tow-truck driver moves with plodding lethargic motion. My anxiety climbs with his slow tired movements. I need my finger on the time clock. For that I need to be at work. Every minute delayed is worth thirty cents. I need to pay for my tank of gas.

    The tow-truck driver puts red tow lights with magnetic bases on the trunk of the wrecked car. Bending over a Biden bumper sticker he places the lights. Next to the bumper sticker, across the top, the license plate holder says ‘I Luv Ukraine’. A red heart in place of ‘Luv’. The chrome palm trees on the sides of the license plate frame are out of place. Putin motions, and finally I move again. This wreck is going to cost me two dollars. I need the hours. I am not happy.

    Thinking the sky over the city could light up like a camera photo-flash does not make me happier.

  7. By sending weaponry, we are already in what is tantamount to a hot war with Russia. It’s just Ukrainians rather than Americans who will be dying because of our actions. The same can be said for every other nation that is flooding Ukraine with weapons.

  8. RT News is blocked in many places and now America.
    How to access
    If you can’t get news from RT due to government restrictions, here are some alternative ways to access our content.
    Serious attempts have been made in Western nations to silence RT, following Russia’s military offensive in Ukraine. The EU Commission has given regulators in the bloc’s nations powers to ban the media outlet. If you’ve faced difficulties accessing RT’s content due to those restrictions, here are some steps you can take to bypass them.

    1. If you’re reading RT on your smartphone, you can use our Android app, which can be downloaded.
    2. On your PC, you can use the Tor browser, which can be downloaded here. RT’s website address in Tor remains the same: If Tor doesn’t work for you, or is unavailable via regular means, you can resolve this issue by sending an empty email to and you will be sent the necessary link.
    3. Another way of circumventing restrictions is to use the Psiphon censorship-bypass tool, which can be downloaded for Windows, Android, and other systems. Alternatively, you can use a VPN service of your choice. (Windows download here, direct Android download here, and other options here).

    4. You can also stay in touch with RT through Telegram by subscribing to RT’s soon-to-be-reborn channel there

    1. Fast fact – In Ukraine-Poland border they are not letting black Ukrainians to cross the border in. Poland. They are treating them as Middle East and Africa refugees and turning them back to Ukraine.
      My point here is – If the word “nazi” is something visceral in the memory of Russians then the word “racism” in Ukraine warfare denying safe shelter to black. Ukrainians it’s something which will deeply resonate with Black Americans. It’s a powerful powder narrative. Not mentioning all refugees from Africa and Middle East. It’s well-know the fact that in Ukrainian soccer league the racism towards black South American players is a big deal. Champions League will show support for Ukraine but they are walking. in dangerous waters.

      1. I think Kamala Harris is going there to enforce racism or to make Poland to embrace black Ukrainians. It’s. a big deal for Poland black people.

  9. Hannity reminds me of sheriff Teasle in Rambo. “You’re gonna die Teasle”, Col. Trautman tells him as he’s turned his power abuse into a pissing contest with Green Beret Rambo who’s promised him a war like he’s never seen if he didn’t let go. “Everybody dies” he replies.
    Hannity is not big because he’s clever. You’d be hard pressed to find dumber than that on a TV screen with that number of eyeballs attached. He’s big because he’s got a large following of sheriffs Teasle who want law and order to the point where it becomes law infringement and chaos. Then it’s every man for himself. When it happens in a war zone abroad, it opens a boulevard to remorse and self-loathing called PTSD and ends up in suicide twenty-two times a day..

    1. You don’t know what you’re talking about, PTSD is not remorse or self loathing.

      1. Lawrence, Picot, Sykes, Balfour, and Camels Avatar
        Lawrence, Picot, Sykes, Balfour, and Camels

        I have read. and tend to believe that PTSD is a broad based term that also includes anxiety and depression, among other soul destroying factors JK. More recent reading has introduced me to the newer terms, “moral trauma and moral injury”. The more I think about participants and the victims of war, the more I think that the medical boffins are seemingly getting closer to the truth, and probable root causes of the disabling diseases. I recall Australians of the ilk of a Major Thomas from Tenterfield, who represented Breaker Morant and others in the Boer War British show trial, that concluded in some of them being shot. Thomas I believe, was a victim of and affected by a brutality that equated to or possibly surpassed battlefield bludgeoning, a type of moral trauma that only supposed disciplined, obsequious administrations, could choreograph and execute. Many other notables have also captured my interest including T.E. Lawrence, a recorded very intense man who fundamentally left little of himself behind after his interactions in the Middle East, and post WW1 activities. Psychological trauma, along with the creation of conditions that lead to eventually regressing a participants accepted good health, through questionable experiences and activities, ie, a personal introspection, and value remodeling post learning realisations, needs further study and more advanced educating outcomes.

        1. PTSD doesn’t involve questionable activities any more than brain cancer involves riding a bike. Is getting raped a questionable activity? No! It’s trauma! I’m tired of bad medical advice, it’s all over the internet. Don’t give medical advice if you’re not a doctor, you’re doing more harm than good.

      2. thorsjackhammer Avatar

        “You don’t know what you’re talking about, PTSD is not remorse or self loathing.” – It is at least partly. The only individuals who can remain un-traumatised by committing state sanctioned murder (WAR) are those that 100% believe they are doing their duty, the right thing, to protect their people and themselves, and sociopaths that couldn’t care either way. Those that believe (or know) that the people they kill in war are not their enemies, or, have serious doubts that they are an enemy that needed to be killed are the ones that struggle with PTSD the most. Normal humans did not evolve to kill another human that is no serious threat to themselves, we evolved to choke someone out, knock someone out, banish, imprison them at best, if they were some sort of threat, but not kill them. Shooting dead a person (for e.g.) that has not personally done any harm to you would be incredibly traumatic for any normal person, enough to cause the type of PTSD that triggers deep self fear and loathing, and potentially suicide as the only escape of how they see themselves.

        1. No, it isn’t, and I’m tired of pretending that fools are experts. PTSD comes from trauma, like a car accident. Your opinion comes from watching war movies.

          1. thorsjackhammer Avatar

            John Knox – yes, the trauma of believing they are murderers and not saviors/heroes. The trauma of blowing someone’s head off and not believing it was the right thing to do, etc. These sort of things produce some forms of PTSD. It’s not always about being assaulted or being physically damaged yourself. It can also be about not seeing one’s self as a good person, or, a safe person for others to be around.

  10. BB Benderhaus Avatar
    BB Benderhaus

    If you think people are stressed now, wait until oil goes to $200 a barrel and the price of wheat and food in general triples in price.

  11. …..passed on the skinny dippin’….big problem now…..wipers broke down and the shit on the overton windshield is like frost….gotta get to scraping…….

  12. ….ok, i got out of the pool now…..showered off…brushed my teeth, looked through the listerine….voila!…still, i’m full of shit, you’re full of shit, we’re all full of shit!……….skinny dip anyone?……

  13. ……one point that i will be in complete agreement with caitlin is that amerikkka is the major problem concerning the fate of the planet…..95%of the amerikkkant people don’t know they are scammed all the time……95% of euro-amerikkkants are white supremist and don’t know it…..95% of amerikkkants know more about consumption and the whole universe of gadgets and gismos they have “choices” in……..i’ll stretch it here….95% of amerikkkants don’t know where the nations we pillage and destroy are on the fuckin’ map….let alone pronounce the name of said nations…….amerikkka has always done it’s deeds in the name of itself…..promoting itself… in jefferson’s “empire of liberty” to the current era of nukes on call…..has some good come out of “amerikkka”?……a healthy debate would reveal that, but the bad shit far outweighs it…..we’ve yet to realize that in an era of such destruction presented as creation will ultimately result in destruction anyhow….there is so much amerikkkant bullshit to cut through, overcome, and understand for what it really is, that i think time is running out for all of us….if one has an issue with my position with amerikkka i say this….by virtue of being born in amerikkka, i have been a part of the social process as all others as well….i do take much license in criticism of it….like swimming in a pool that has been pissed in, smelling and tasting it….and now looking for a life raft that was made in china…..getting on it ….busting a leak….and now back to swimming…..towards………..??????

    1. Good points. My last line now is about surveillance algorithms. These pieces of script designed to. look for specific. keywords cannot understand debates neither ideas. It works like a regular kitchen alarm when smoke is in the air. Our smoke is keywords. Once spotted someone not competent in. multi-disciplinary topics will come and take a look. The thread if found relevant for a more accurate analysis will be forwarded to an analyst. The analyst will not be competent. to figure it out. because it’s too much shit written and most of the time they will see all clues spotted by the algorithm but. they will not. make the connections. So the point is, don’t panic. There is always psychiatric treatment and medicines to explain. delusion covering some well written lines which is not my case because I don’t even speak English.

    2. Spot on Sir…And the big wake-up will be brutal !!!!

  14. Benito Mussolini Avatar
    Benito Mussolini

    “Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power”
    ― Benito Mussolini

    1. Fascism like we have today in America needs a. high level structure and management in PR and MSM. Something missing badly in Russia and China. You don’t conquer minds and hearts without a bunch of twisted truths intertwined with lies. It’s the same tragedy faced by France, Austria, Russia from the XVII to XIX centuries. where merchants and industries overcame the economic power and influence of the state generating enough cash flow to sponsor rebellions, coupe e’tat against. the old order with the help of freemasons, Vatican, UK. It’s not exactly what happened but the idea still there. How to bid time to prepare a strategy to avoid the inevitable? They didn’t have enough time to find the answer. But the answers are available and more powerful than the ones used by the Neo-nazi US-UK fourth reich. Just don’t say socialism, left ideologies, anarchism, communism because you are clueless about what is happening.

      1. Benito Mussolini Avatar
        Benito Mussolini

        If you read more quotes by BM, he talks about socialism, democracy, militarism, education. Very informative. Like we have been through this already at least once.

        1. Sure thing.

    2. thorsjackhammer Avatar

      The version of ‘Democracy’ we all live under IS covert fascism, or, corporatocracy. The multinational corporations are what dictate terms, not voters or politicians. Anyone with half a brain can see how dopey most politicians are, pure puppets of the extremely sharp ‘corporate’ elite.

  15. I have been using Opera for years. No complaints.

  16. it’s bleak (but again impressively clear where we are in the information-narrative-diagram).
    the russian people have to decide if they want to survive as a relatively democratically organised society (putin did put a strain on the 90’s oligarchs) or be absorbed in the shapeless western hierarchical capitalist ‘democracy’. much probably depends on the quality of russian education since the dissolution of the ussr. if they chose to submit, the 90’s will look like a joy-ride, if they want to survive as they are (with an own ‘soul’ as you wish), they will have to devise a nuclear strategy in which they lose the least (they will have to fight the nuclear war sooner or later, if they want to stay sovereign. the logic of the imperialist west is irredeemable in that regard).

    1. BB Benderhaus Avatar
      BB Benderhaus

      The allies will drop the nukes first. Just like they did in WW2.

    2. All MSM and Washington-London don’t want Russia to submit under any circumstances. They need Russia doing this. to rebuilt the n-trillion military structure in. Europe and a new one in Asia. It is what Joe Biden said – “We will make you pay for all of it”
      Take a look at one headline on Der Spiegel:

      United By Danger How Vladimir Putin Brought the West Together
      The Ukraine war is uniting the West – politically, militarily, morally. But what will the world’s democracies do with this newfound unity? Can they succeed in preventing further escalation?
      All these manifests in sports, cultural and music. festivals from every now and on will have this idea implicit in order to legalize national treasures worldwide to sponsor it.

      Senegal – I’m against Russia.
      Vanuatu – I’m against Russia.
      Taiwan – I’m against Russia
      Tasmania – I’m against Russia.
      Qatar. – I’m against Russia
      Lebanon – I’m against Russia.
      Somalia – I’m against Russia.
      NATO – Good. Are. you. willing to give up 10% of your national treasure to help our cause? But let’s. establish some. basic rules first. You cannot be against Russia. if you are not against China. One cannot dismiss the other and there is room for a hidden constant in the equation enabling to. add India, Pakistan and whoever is not with us.
      All countries – Yes, we. against Russia and China.
      NATO – Excellent. 10% for each one of them making 20% of your national treasures our propriety. It cannot be undone once you are in. Any attempt to leave will be considered an act of terrorism much worst than 9/11. Okay? Are you in or not?
      All of them – Huh, now. you. mentioned it we must admit we never liked you so much after all.

  17. Lucky Russians! BBC not going to broadcast to Russia. These developments are taking ironic turn.

  18. I have to take this opportunity to say something which must be said because Caitlin and Tim’s website may get canceled literally at any moment.

    You know what’s ironic? We, the Woke, We Who Already Understand What’s Going On continue to vote our warmongering, false-narrative-creating oppressors’ bought-and-paid-for R and D agents into public offices time and time again!
    What, exactly, does the word “revolution” mean? Is there universal agreement on what the word “revolution” means? If there is, please tell me precisely HOW people “revolt”? What would the BEHAVIOR of “revolting” be? Would We, the Woke, We Who Already Understand What’s Going On be picking up guns and running down the streets with our hair on fire, each of us yelling in perfect synchronicity with the collective “I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more!”? Would We, the Woke, We Who Already Understand What’s Going On be guillotining some VIPs on the White House lawn? Would We, the Woke, We Who Already Understand What’s Going On be marching hand in hand down Penn. Ave. demand, demand, demanding that the Elite behave better, or else? (“or else” just exactly WHAT?!)
    Here’s what you, me, We, the Woke, We Who Already Understand What’s Going On are eventually going to HAVE TO DO because
    there. is. no. other. way. to remove our warmongerng, false-narrative-creating oppressors’ 536 Rs and Ds from federal elected positions of power. (If you know of another way, please spell it out, right here, right now and, BTW, reading another hundred really great books that tell you who’s holding the reins of power in one hand and your balls in the other, wishing upon a star, dream, dream, dreaming; hoping and praying and deep, deep, deep self-study and drug-trips are not going to do that job.)
    THIS is how you “revolt”. Come November, if you do not want More Of The Same that you’ve gotten after every election in the past, do not vote for another R or D, ever, no matter what an R or D promises! Jimmy Dore explains EXACTLY why. If you DO want More Of The Same, when you walk into the voting booth, just vote for another R or D, makes no difference which. (The latter is what the tens of millions of direct and indirect employees of, and the investors in, the MIC are going to do. They’re going to vote for No. 1 and they don’t give a shit if doing that ultimately leads to WWIII; they know precisely what they’re doing and why they’re doing it. )

  19. Maybe someone’s suggested this before, but for all those unable to get RT and so on, have you tried the Opera browser, which comes with a free, built-in, easy-to-use VPN? I can’t really test it from here, as I can still get those websites.
    PS I have no connection with Opera, and I’m not paid by them in any way!
    PPS Do please reply or leave a comment if it does work in getting round the censors.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. Is there any downside to installing and using that browser?

      1. “Some find it troubling that in 2016, Opera was sold to a Chinese consortium. The country’s tech companies have been in the news in the past for controversial privacy policy and data sharing issues. That said, Opera does claim to allow you to disable certain data collection processes in settings.”

  20. thorsjackhammer Avatar

    If this war isn’t as it seems, that is, Russia reasserting control of ‘little Russia’ after it was hijacked politically by the West. Then possibly, this could be a massive controlled opposition ‘war’, with the primary objective of taking out China (the CCP), involving them somehow? The old European powers may have a secret agreement? They’ve always wanted control of China. Who really knows? USSR was on the verge of a nuclear strike on China in the early 70s, calling them ‘The new adventurer’, but the USA/UK at that time would not tolerate that without response, they wanted to maintain a 3 way global power balance. Once the USSR was dissolved, who really knows what secret agreements were made between Russia and the West? Or, my lack of trust in ‘authorities’ has just gotten too wild? lol. We’ll see….

    1. thorsjackhammer Avatar

      The global mainstream media hive mindset on the ‘Russian Invasion’ has me incredibly suspicious, Putin has me suspicious. Something just isn’t sitting right. It is almost ‘theatre’ like in it’s presentation.

      1. You are not wrong. Putin has to know this is a move that is all risk with very little reward. Best case scenario (for the Russian state) is that they take Ukraine quickly and install a russian-friendly power structure. The Ukrainian people and the armed forces would never respect or accept the legitimacy of something like that, which is just asking for a forever occupation exactly in the same mold as Iraq and Afghanistan. This in turn would antagonize the domestic Russian population as well. Putin also knows how the west will perceive this and (more importantly) how they will spin the narrative to their own populace as they are currently doing. It is absolutely logical to be suspicious of everyone’s motivation here. You may very well be right that there is some sort of understanding to go back to the “good old days” of Russia vs the West on the surface to distract while they carry out some other unknown objective. I think we must ask ourselves who benefits from that quagmire of ideologies and why, and perhaps we can find an answer.

      2. thorsjackhammer Avatar

        revyn – Russia ‘allowing’ Ukraine to even get to the point of having Western puppet leaders is incredibly suspicious by itself, let alone all the rest of the complications. The Russians aren’t dumb or blind, they’d jump on anything like that from day one instead of allowing it to grow into a major operation.

    2. You’re comment is incredibly kooky. I like the CCP in parentheses. So, this war of Russia pushing back at NATO expansion is a secret plot to involve the CCP and take control of China? We shall see!

      1. thorsjackhammer Avatar

        yeah, we shall see. If any of us are still around to see anything.

    3. Paul Rackemann Avatar
      Paul Rackemann

      I often get the feeling that we are watching theatre, too, but I think you have to check back against reality, as best you know it, from time to time, to make sure you aren’t losing touch with it (reality) yourself. For instance, there is the flat-earth argument. How do we know the world really isn’t flat? When I think about that, I remember the argument that things in the distance come over the horizon, and you can see the upper parts of them before the lower parts. Also, there are little things like the fact that the moon and the sun as seen from Melbourne aren’t nearly overhead at zenith in summer, as they are where I normally live, on the Tropic of Capricorn.
      I got into trouble with an old friend on the morning after “9-11,” when he rang me to talk about it. He suggested that it wouldn’t have happened if people like Roosevelt, Wild Bill Donavon, and Sir William Stephenson had still been in charge. I said, “Unless they did it to themselves,” thinking that it was highly opportune for the people in charge of the United States and its satellites to have this new, dreadful, but weak threat to force their subjects to unite against. He was a lot older than me and saw things more along World War II lines, with a good side and a bad side.
      I am relying on what I read rather than my own knowledge, but it seems to me that Russia does have a legitimate interest in not wanting to have American missiles pointed at it from its own front yard, and that the Ukrainian politicians are a lot of conniving crooks who thought that they could go on pulling Russia’s tail and that America would protect them.
      I strongly suspect that there are high-level conspiracies, but I doubt whether the people in charge are really all that smart. I was a big fan of President Nixon, but I think he made two big mistakes from the long-term point of view: defaulting on the Bretton Woods Agreement, and “opening” to China. Both of these were responses to short-term problems that have had catastrophic long-term results. That said, you can say the same thing about most capable politicians. Bismarck did a lot of things that looked necessary, maybe even were necessary at the time, and which solved serious short-term problems, but which had catastrophic long-term results. They should have been changed later, when they weren’t necessary any more, but of course, stupid people (e.g. Kaiser William II) were in charge by then, so nothing was done.

      1. thorsjackhammer Avatar

        Paul Rackemann – I used to think politicians were not that smart, but now I think they often play dumb for advantage. Well, maybe not politicians per se, but their puppeteers in the shadows. The puppeteers are very sharp, smarter than what most people believe. Cunning rats. As for Russia, I’m on the fence as to their allegiance and strategy. Just seems very odd to allow the Ukraine to develop into a threat for so long and forcing a major military operation, instead of the logical move, jump on it when you see the first threatening move, minimizing the effort. It’s like allowing a fire to grow when you can see the smoke for days already, doesn’t make sense, particularly when you have the military might that Russia has. They put more effort into Syria, not even a direct neighbor. But, like you, I’m currently leaning toward Russia having a legitimate dispute with the Ukraine leadership. Taking it on face value at present, with a few questions.

        1. the russians probably really believed the minsk agreements were going to be implemented.

        2. Paul Rackemann Avatar
          Paul Rackemann

          On this: “The puppeteers are very sharp, smarter than what most people believe.” I don’t think they are smarter than most people believe. I think, going by what I saw at university, that they are more cynical and plain evil (from a human point of view) than most people could believe.

        3. thorsjackhammer Avatar

          Paul Rackemann – The ruling elite are at least smart enough to know what intelligence to listen to in order to maintain power, control, comfort and their ‘dynasty’. They are sociopaths, but sociopaths are cunning, they are very smart in that way, but ultimately out for themselves. If they aren’t as smart as what you believe, then at minimum, they would rely on access to the most advanced, and advancing A.I. super computer global strategies. Just remember that AI beats the greatest human chess masters, so think about what type of super computer AI they secretly have only available to the select.

        4. Paul Rackemann Avatar
          Paul Rackemann

          That’s not a bad point you have there about the supercomputers. I’ll have to think about it. I have suggested in some other discussion that, judging by what I remember from my first university days in the 1970s, the universities do focus on deception of the public as a science or art to be studied, and that it has probably advanced a lot since I was granted a little peek at it.
          On another point, I don’t much like this current idea of describing the people in charge as “sociopaths,” and accounting for them that way. I think they are just looking down on us, the bulk of society, in the same way I used to look down on a mob of cattle when I was a stockman (cowboy). You can call them evil, and I do, but that is just because I am looking at it from our point of view and not theirs.

        5. thorsjackhammer Avatar

          Our ruling elite are machiavellian sociopaths, they have even eliminated ‘sociopath’ as a personality disorder from the ‘Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders’. Why? Because it describes themselves too clearly. They don’t see sociopath as a negative or a disorder, they see it as an advancement on human evolution, something that keeps them at the top of the food chain. We are seen as their cattle and are only of value if they can quantify a value. Look up updated definitions of sociopath, it includes controlled and calculating behaviors along with concealed abnormally low empathy for others. Sociopath is a bit different from a blood thirsty, out of control psychopath if that what you’re thinking.

  21. After 2nd WW the UN was formed and nations were adopting Universal Human Rights, the UK and US did not want this be known at home.
    The entire movement agains racism was billed as Russian Propaganda.

  22. ” … you’ll get shouted down on social media for voicing any opinion about this conflict apart from saying Putin invaded because he is evil and hates freedom.”
    I just got downvoted to -8, -6,-7, -1, and a plus 2 (!) for my 5 comments in a post made in the subreddit r collapse, for voicing the opinion that the Russian Army should be allowed take the Zaporizhzhia complex unopposed, because to do otherwise risked a potential calamity for Europe’s future (-8), for responding to a reply, where I told them no, the plant was surrounded yesterday, so fighting to keep it would be pointless (-6), for telling folks I know it’s over when my fellow sheep decide it’s time to become lemmings (a deserved -7), for pointing out that doomed Waffen-SS Panzer units often went on what were known as Death Rides, rather than be surrender (-1, I’m pretty sure that comment was mis or dis understood), and a plus 2, for thanking someone for suggesting I try a different tact, where I told them, I have, in fact I believe I’ve tried them all.
    I also got a gold star on the -8, either out of pity, or because there is a one sane person out there lending surpport.
    I bring it because I’ve found the voting in r collapse to be very clear indicator as to what the um, center right liberatarian anarchist movement is thinking at any given moment in time?
    I also run into a Bernie supporter on occasion, which is welcome, but someone who voted for Jill Stein? Never.
    What there has been near unamimous agreement on for about 6 years, is that climate change is man made and a probable near term threat, 2050 is roughly the cutline, and the sub was the first to recognize that “faster than expected” now applied to every piece of climate data coming in, which is a very bad sign, and more recently, there is an even greater consenus that everything about the Official Covid Narrative is perfect, and if you question any of it, even if you claim that Vitiman D is a vitamin, you are MAGA monster.

    1. You must watch your back in certain places. Facebook, Twitter and affiliates are running through NSA-CIA servers. Make no mistake they are here as well. We are 24h being monitored but you know the drill. Here is a low key place for them to to waste resources to keep an eye close because it’s not a common place for regular Joe’s which is sad. But places like Reddit and online journals where traffic and comments are high they have troops 24h monitoring. What we called when coined about quantity but not quality? It does not matter, I had to make some lines.

      1. It’s weird man, I’m rooting for two things now, which would have been unthinkable to me two years ago.
        On’e, speed of military operations. The Russians must do what they must do in Ukraine as quicly as possible, and get out, because their time is also, running out.
        The US wants in, it’s the only way this ubiquitous Airspace and Column in the Open! bullshit makes sense to me. The USAF feels its got a chance to win this one, even though the logistics to me, don’t add up, and they’ve let be known on the downlow they’re willing to give it a shot.
        And maybe their right, maybe they got a shot. Maybe they’re even the favorites, despite the disadvantages in range to theater. People can make light of the US ground fighting abilities, for reasons partially justified, but this type of thinking does not apply to the US Air Force. They are a motherfucking menacing impliment of war.
        And the Navy might also risk a carrier or three, and add its own air wings to the conventional mayhem.
        And maybe I’m wrong about something I’ve always felt was a 100% certainty, and there is a reasonable belief inside the Beltway Complex, and maybe on the other side as well, that a conventional airbattle can be fought between nuclear powers, without it turning nuclear, for reasons I know anything about.
        And maybe this is just politicians and media blowhards babbling nonsense, and the USAF is telling them to shut the fuck up behind the scenes, or its an agreed upon act between the both of them. Let’s hope this is the case.

        Two, if we do survive the current madness, I wanna see my number two arch enemy, Wall Street, and my number fourteen arch enemy Big Insurance, combine to crush this infantile Covid Narrative, once and for all.
        Maybe we can salvage something out of the rubble, and begin to talk a modicum of sense again, because as our host alluded to, where is the Overton window flying off to, when the “left” becomes more batshit insane than the right.
        Clealy, we are playing political leapfrog to the right, but you can’t play leapfrog forever, can you?

        1. We should not go unnoticed that since Trump. the term “economic sanctions” is being. used as a tool similar to “emperor orders”. Paul Krugman wrote about the meaning of it at the very beginning. It’s a two-edged economic-political-military action. Economic sanctions are no different from an open declaration of war. Russia and China have been suffering a lot from it in the last 5 years. Credit Suisse bank released a statement today saying the American economy is at the edge in several aspects. Freezing Russian assets to pay for exports and imports from other countries just enabled all worldwide currencies to replace the dollar as international currency. MSM can play a role announcing about India suffering economic sanctions for not being aligned with Washington but it will make the India currency overcome the dollar currency in the international economic stage. Trade markets are looking very close to the outcome of the American economy right now. Hungary released a statement today about NATO being a powerless military organization to protect any European country. US-UK are dying to gut Russia in this Ukraine war scenario. But they are running short in fools governments realizing what is the reality and who has the upper hand enabling the whole world to see who is faking or bluffing. US-UK know that one small miscalculation when deciding to face Russia can bring severe losses. The EU president stated before the conflict that they didn’t have plans for Ukraine to be a NATO member for 10 years at least. The lapse of time between WWI. and WWII can give a brief idea about how much time is needed to be prepared for such event. A. short leash in allies to keep them all in the same book to pay and to be used. as dead meat. As one American politician said – “We cannot have a war in Europe. There are so many white people there”. The journalist making the interview was black and it prompted a quick reaction from him “So, if the war is. against people with brown, black, yellow. skin is okay, is this what you are saying?”

          1. I was caught comletely off-guard by the racial compenent in all this. It never dawned on me, Russia has committed THE cardinal sin, not by invading a sovereign nation, everyone does that, but by invading a white one.
            It’s the only thing that would explain the near unanimous overnight consensus that this particular invasion was worth risking nuclear war to prevent.
            On the other side, there is also a racial component to this. To me, there seemed to be more outrage in Russia that their cats were also going to be sanctioned, as there was about SWIFT. The tone was mocking, but it was clear they considered this ban on their pets as a signal, that slavic peoples will always be the untermensch, especially those that speak Russian.

    2. well, at least they got climate change right. there is probably a similar consensus on gravity. newsflash, climate change is not big pharma. Chinese climate scientists, Russian climate scientists, the consensus is worldwide. doesnt have anything to do with Covid, doesn’t have anything to do with US/NATO warmongering, it is just reality.

      1. Covid is reality too, that’s why we all need to wear masks and get vaccinated to protect each other.

      2. Ah, a climate change troll (because this autodafe is totally off topic if I’m not mistaken :o)
        Well there’s a 97% consensus worldwide, which immediately tells you it’s bullshit because humans have never been known to have a 97% consensus on anything and especially anything as objectively unmeasurable as “climate change”.
        This consensus of the “scientific community” which is to $cience what the “international community” (aka Wall $treet) is to banking is linked to a large number of reasons, starting with research grants and ending with pressures (like the ones on doctors about Covid and dissident commenters about Ukraine) from the 7M (Military Medical Mainstream Media Mafia’s Mean Motherfuckers) to push this scapegoat nobody will ever do anything about (except collect carbon taxes) because there’s not even a clear definition of it.
        It serves essentially to pit citizens against one another on two sides of an aisle, the climate change freaks and the climate change deniers. Meanwhile, the real polluters (i.e. the industry, in the West as well as in China, India or Russia) go on polluting unabashed and feeding the Atlantic and Pacific garbage patches (which are only the tip of the iceberg) without ever getting the slightest attention from the media because there’s no money in that.
        Thank God for them a sucker is born every minute and is easily turned into a climate change useful idiot.

        1. Pascal (from the Future) Avatar
          Pascal (from the Future)

          Hey Pascal. It’s you from the future. When you’re done over there Strawberry Fields we will need your help. Turns out the pollution you describe has actual consequences and the rich people running the world knew it but let a couple billion people die anyway.

          I came back to tell you that you can save the world. You know exactly what to do (yes, exactly, the opposite of whatever your normal impulse would be).

  23. Thanks Julian! I so hope you are reading this! We love you

  24. Insanity reigns. Buy powdered milk and dry staples. Who knows where we’ll be in a few months. They West has gone bonkers.

  25. Richard Engel: “Does the West watch in silence as …the Russian column … rolls?”

    Is it rolling, or is stalled? I’ve heard both. For instance, I thought I was told by my media yesterday that Russian logistical failures forced The Column to a complete stand still. In other words, it stupidly ran out of gas. And … is The Column 30 miles short, or is it 30 miles beyond? My media did tell me, that seven hours in to the invasion, The Column had already reached Kyiv, yet stangely, there is news coming from the “other side,” which might be highly spurrious, that The Column is now south of Kyiv, and has taken up a blocking postition to the West, not to hold the people of Kyiv in, they are free to go or stay, but to stop weapons from reaching the increasingly chaotic streets of Kyiv coming the East, streets where civilians carrying weapons handed out by the Zelensky government (which was reported by our media), are causing trouble, according to neutrals that are reporting on what life is like in Kyiv – from the cener of the city.

    Col. Douglas MacGregor, letting you know what the overall situation is, right now, but from one week ago. Really weird. My media gave him 3 minutes, which was nice of them, and by golly, he proved 3 minutes is more than enough time for any honorable American officer to sum up such a straightforward military situation – and he give a few insights too, as to what The “stalled-rolling” Column might be do in the future – which is again, weird.

    What I find puzzling though, is the most important city in Ukraine at the moment, is OBVIOUSLY Zaporizhzhia, because the fire that was reported at the Zaporzhzhia nuclear power complex several hours ago, was an existential threat to Europe. Unfortunately, my Western media guides that were giving me updates on the fire, were either in Atlanta, or 600 miles away from the event, which lent to a lack of understanding, for me at least, of what was actually happening there.

    Why not like, go to the place, where the action is not only hot and heavy, but also represents the potential story of a lifetime? Wouldn’t that be every journalists dream, to be at the event that changes the course of human history?

    1. I have just been informed by CNN that the Russian Army ruthlessly attacked the nuclear power plant on the lower Dneiper in apparent attempt to blow themselves up, all a part of a greater “scorched earth policy.” This attempt failed, however, due to the willy nilly nature of the greater operational plan, which leads to tactical errors just like this one, and much to their chagrin, they were forced to take over the facility. But, after the violent takeover, much to their chagrin, they were then informed by the employees at the plant that unless they were allowed to do their jobs at gunpoint, it would lead to “The Death of Europe,” according to Zelensky.
      “The Death of Europe” is by the way, a phrase I trademarked several years ago, in regards to the potential threat this very same power plant presented to the continent in various future scenarios, and one I’ve been using quite frequently this week, for obvious reasons, including for the simple one, that the Russian invasion was moving at warp speed in only one sector of Urkaine – the mad dash up the eastern side of the Dneiper by an apparent rouge Russian column that was moving north from Crimea, directly toward the nuclear power plant!.
      An indication to me at least, as I Iooked at a map, that this might be another clear and obvious attempt by a typical breakaway Russian mobile element, to go on a suicidal Death Ride, the same ones they became famous for, starting in nineteen fourty … or wait, that was the other guys.
      Anyway, I am going to give Steven Donziger a call as soon he is able to receive them, to see what my legal options are, regarding potential trademark infringement. .

  26. Linese Norrish Avatar
    Linese Norrish

    Did anyone see last night’s Q and A where Stan Grant had a young Russian student evicted before the lad had a chance to complete his commentary which I have since read. Grant accused him of advocating violence but this was certainly not the case..the lad was trying to give balance to this situation but was not allowed to and the hypocrasy of Grant in saying that he wants a forum for debate…what a joke! I was shocked and appalled when I watched this a few hours ago, having recorded it as I do with programmes and watch the following day…and the audience and texts coming in sided with Grant’s action…the Ukraine female, Olga, was allowed the final commentary where she said that OUR media should desist from giving the Russian side. How dare she! I wanted to tell Grant how unprofessional his conduct was and he has sunk to low depths in my humble opinion….I don’t know how to vent my spleen with the ABC so posted my comment to FaceBook where no one will see it as I don’t use this forum but if you are interested….check it out and maybe add a comment though as said, I don’t use FaceBook but feel free.
    Linese Norrish

    1. So the newsman played a Russian and a Ukrainian against each other, as in present events, to show that the US is still in charge.
      The US propaganda is not subtle. When Fox was broadcasting Col Macgregor they showed images that contradicted what he was saying. And you know a picture is worth a thousand words.
      I dont watch MSM but they really exploit Americans who still follow them.
      Years ago i used to watch Foxnews online, and each time it made me so conflicted that I quit, and life improved immediately as by magic.
      The only social network I am on is linkedIn, it is pretty bad corporate site.
      For over a year Raytheon has been recruiting women like in times of war.

  27. The Overton Window’s looking more and more like a door.

  28. Now we see cancel culture at peak levels, Cancel Russian cats, conductors, disabled athletes, opera singers, sports stars, etc. have not heard one country banning Russian vaccines yet!
    We all hear of the “Military Industrial Complex” war profiteers in the west, does Russia have a M.I.C. also?
    Protest outrage has not convinced central government’s to drop vaccine mandates in Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc, so why does anyone think their virtue signalling will convince Putin to scrap his plans to “secure Ukraine”All day every day we were bombarded with propaganda about the Pandemic, now instantly Putin killed that narrative by instigating a more terrifying spectre, possible nuclear war, this is all a terror psy-op, because when the greed imperative is exhausted, then the fear factor is more effective in the control of the masses.
    (In response to the lad who posted a criticism of “ anti-vaxxers going quiet” when the war began) Anti- mandate actually, but whatever

    1. Well, I never thought I would see The Guardian and others MSM publishing videos of Russian prisoners being forced to confess to the camera they were cheated when they joined this war. There are no limits for psychological tests to. achieve whatever they are aiming to. The nightmare of any intelligence service in wars is. to let the communications open. Russia is doing this to not generate panic. among. civilians. Russia is playing the fair game but. the nazi-terrorist militia in Ukraine is using it to feed the MSM with. powerful fuel to play a mean game as. never before.
      Perhaps the worst is yet to come indeed.

      1. Reminds me of 1990 when American pilots were shown bruised and confessing in Baghdad to convince us of what a bad guy Saddam was. He had also allegedly tied Americans on roofs to use them as human shields. The funniest part there was that Saddam had actually asked the American ambassador, April Glaspie, for permission to invade Kuwait – who. according to him, owed him money as their quote share in the eight years war (1980-1988) he’d fought for the Sunni Arabs against Khomeini’s Shia Iran – and after referring to Washington, she replied that it was Arab stuff and the US couldn’t give a fuck. Saddam invaded. Then Thatcher zeroed on Poppy Bush in Aspen to tell him Kuwait was de facto British property and the US MIC obviously couldn’t let a good crisis go to waste, so we had the Gulf War.

  29. BTW we do not have to wait much longer for the radioactive WW3. Fire is reported on one of the atomic (nuclear) plants in Ukraine, and Boris Johnson is taking care of this crisis too. Zelensky even consulted Biden (like this would help!)
    So far the fire was at an administrative building and there was no unusual radioactivity detected.

    1. Good point.
      This Ukraine’s war for America-UK is on MSM since Ukraine is bounded to capitulate since day one.
      I’ve been noticing the position of some pieces in geopolitical chess that really pisses off the White House at this point (Am I going too far pretending they know. how to play chess?) They were expecting a committed heavy opposition from some big dogs towards Russia. MSM is trying to color the idea of total isolation related to “Putin” overall worldwide media. The numbers from the bottom in support to the US-UK burning at the stake Putin are okay. But wars cannot be won with hard words nor MSM. The political siege will pop up. India is the next target. to suffer economic sanctions for not openly opposing Russia. A long list of heavy. names in the geopolitical game will be called to take an official position to endorse-legalize whatever they will pull out from uncle’s sam hat. Maybe Putin is not so isolated as they would like to be true.

  30. We’ve reached the point Technologically now where the whole world can come together an scream, “she’s a witch, burn her she’s a witch”

    1. Yes. But we’ve also reached the point where “the whole world” will soon get bored with the witch burning story and refocus on the growing size of a particular celebrity’s ass. WAY too much concern about what talking heads are SAYING, not only about this latest military conflict but about damn near everything else. Things play out in the arena over time, not in the grandstand at the moment. Haven’t we learned this by now?

  31. BB Benderhaus Avatar
    BB Benderhaus

    The reason people like Hannity are advocating war is because they mistakenly believe it will be over there and not here in America. Of course Russia and Nato could fight across Europe but the first time bombs fall on Russian soil they will be closely followed by bombs on US soil. The US will take the war nuclear, not Putin.

  32. Lol Hannity is lying idiot, Georgia was not taken in 2008.

    1. He’s always been a lying idiot, one of the dumbest commentators out there.

      1. BB Benderhaus Avatar
        BB Benderhaus

        Anyone who has to yell to make his point is not the brightest bulb in the pack.

  33. People in the US are really stressed out.

    1. People who hang on every word of the MSM–either to swallow them or to spit them out–are stressed out. As they were over Covid. As they were over a million other things pre-Covid. As they will be over a million other things post-Ukraine. Only one way back to inner peace. Shut off the MSM and live a real, not virtual, life.

  34. At the risk of repeating myself, you could take the media’s anti-Russian talk, switch the word Jewish for Russian, and it would look just like Nazi propaganda.

  35. First Russia has perhaps the most powerful military machine on the planet, so a NATO strike on a Russian convoy would probably fail. Second Russian has one of the best intelligence gathering infrastructures on the planet so they would instantly know where any kind of strike like that came from.
    Russia sees Ukraine as similar to Iraq in the 80’s when Iraq was set up by the U.S. to invade Iran. Putin doesn’t want to have to deal with a similar situation with Ukraine.
    The Ukrainian government only had a 10% approval rating by it’s people
    14,000 people in the Donbass region have been killed (since the 2014 U.S. initiated coup in Ukraine ousting president Viktor Yanukovych) by ultra right wing militias, because Donetsk and Luhansk wanted to separate from Ukraine after the coup.
    Putin had a tentative agreement with the west that NATO would not push father east than the Baltic states, and now Ukraine had become a de facto NATO country as a result of the 2014 coup. Putin had said over a decade ago that this was a red line that Russia could not allow to be crossed, but the west crossed it any way.
    At the same time Putin should not activate Chechen thugs to go in a kill right wing Ukrainian thugs, two wrongs do not make a right. That means that Putin also should not decide to reinstate Yanukovych in order to reverse the 2014 coup for the same reason, two wrongs do not make a right.
    In my opinion Donetsk and Luhansk should be able to vote to decide whether they want to join the Russian Federation, become independent states, or stay with Ukraine. Whatever decision they make would need to be honored by all parties to this conflict.
    I am not sure if all of this is correct, it is correct to the extent that my limited reading on the matter suggests that this is correct.

    1. I’ve also seen the stuff about Chechen soldiers and I’m rather dubitative about that. I couldn’t immediately see why a brigade of Chechen soldiers (Chechnya being one of the constituent republics of Russia) was singled out in this invasion of Ukraine but it definitely looked like there was some propagandistic purpose behind it which I failed to grasp.

  36. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
    Carolyn L Zaremba

    Of course it is. During World War I, anyone in the U.S. dissenting from the war could be arrested for sedition. Eugene Debs was. Also, in the state of Minnesota people with German or German-sounding names (and there were a lot of them in Minnesota) were jailed and even killed. Check out a book called “Darkest Before the Dawn” by Clemens P. Work, to learn about what happened in Minnesota.

    1. I’ve been thinking that now must be similar to the beginnings of WWII.

      Hitler was the darling of rich and powerful Americans and Europeans. Only conspiracy minded weirdos worried about him. Then suddenly, everyone was supposed to believe that Hitler was the most evil entity to ever exist in time and space. And everyone wanted glorious war.

      Putin has never been the darling of the rich and powerful, but he has had his popularity now and then. Now suddenly, Putin is like Hitler. Which means he is the most evil entity to ever exist in time and space. And anyone who doesn’t wholeheartedly believe that war against him is glorious, is almost as evil.

  37. The French Chief of Defence Staff, General François Lecointre, made a point last year about a military conflict with China involving France – Pointless. And France should not let drag itself alongside US-UK-NATO in such event even considering the substantial importance of them.
    NATO is a failed and powerless military institution to face Russia. NATO countries are living inside of a bubble filled up with a hot air reputation endorsed by MSM narrative from a distant past. They are really good though to beat the shit out of third world countries on Middle East.

  38. Truth is the first casualty of war; probably the next is freedom of expression.

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