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Big Brave Keyboard Warriors: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

The only real anti-war position on the Ukraine conflict is support for de-escalation, diplomacy, and detente. Yelling “PUTIN BAD” and calling for escalations that could lead to a very fast, very radioactive WWIII are not anti-war, and indeed such sentiments are being exploited to prolong this war.

No efforts are being made toward diplomacy and peace, only toward escalations like building an insurgency and unprecedented economic warfare which fit perfectly into pre-existing US agendas against Russia. This is in the exact opposite direction of peace.

De-escalation is a skill we’re meant to start learning in kindergarten. These people act like they learned their de-escalation skills in the Minneapolis Police Department.

If you want to keep screaming that Putin is Adolf Hitler and even insignificant concessions like promising not to add Ukraine to NATO would be Chamberlainesque “appeasement” then go ahead, but don’t pretend you’re anti-war or pro-peace, because you’re not.

Wars end in one of two ways: with diplomacy and negotiation, or with mountains of corpses. If you’re opposed to any kind of negotiation with Moscow to bring about peace, then you want the latter. And if you do, you should get your bitch ass on a plane and join the front lines.

Ukraine is still accepting foreign volunteer recruits. Go on all you brave blue-and-yellow keyboard warriors who scream at anyone who calls for negotiations with Russia to end this war. Put your life where your tweets are.

Condemning Putin is the easiest, safest, most redundant, least courageous thing that anyone in the western world can do right now. What’s a lot harder at the current moment is taking a bold stand against the west’s depraved role in getting this war started and in keeping it going.

Demands that you precede every criticism of the west’s role in this war with an enthusiastic condemnation of Putin are just vapid tone policing to silence your very valid criticisms. Nobody truly believes there’s not enough condemnation of Putin in our current media environment. They just want you to shut up.

I’d like to see a poll asking Ukrainian mothers the question, “Would you sacrifice your son for the remote possibility of future NATO/EU membership and control over Crimea and the Donbas?”

Because those have been the conditions for ending this war for over a week.

People who believe this conflict started on February 24th 2022 are as naive as people who believed America’s racism problems started on January 20th 2017.

This conflict began in 2014 when the US backed a coup to oust Ukraine’s government. Experts have been warning this was coming ever since:

It gives me no pleasure but I’m confident western powers won’t start World War 3 with a Ukraine no-fly zone because western rulers don’t give a fuck about Ukrainians. They’d much rather watch every single Ukrainian die a horrible death than risk their own deaths via nuclear armageddon.

The main danger of the calls for a no-fly zone is not that they’ll be listened to, it’s that they push the Overton window of acceptable debate much further toward warmongering extremism, so supporting extreme things like mass-scale economic warfare becomes the moderate position.

People tend to overestimate the power of the US war machine and underestimate the power of the US propaganda machine. They won’t fight a war for Ukraine, but they will use it to build international support for unprecedented acts of economic warfare and funding a bloody insurgency.

So nuclear war over a no-fly zone seems unlikely. There’s still no reason to believe these idiots won’t get us all nuked some other way amid all this brinkmanship, but they’ve got enough brains and self-preservation instinct to avoid deliberately attacking the Russian military.

(NATO powers saying a chemical weapons attack may get NATO involved in this war) + (Ukraine has been pleading for direct NATO involvement since it’s their only chance of winning this war) = Strong incentive for Ukrainians to stage a chemical attack and frame the Russians for it.

It’s very unpleasant to be subjected to the 24/7 deluge of unbelievable vitriol and McCarthyism that speaking out against the west’s role in this war gets you these days. I understand why more people don’t do it.

I’m not complaining; I know it comes with the territory. I’m just saying I understand.

Those who love peace and have enough inner clarity to see through the propaganda tend not to be thick-skinned keyboard warriors. We’re sensitive people with gooshy hearts, and it doesn’t take much to shut a lot of us down. I’d be the same if I didn’t have my healing practices. I’m sure there are many others who haven’t been able handle it.


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  • Being encouraged to support an army of neo-nazis in their quest to incite WW3 reminds me of a particular quote from an old seafaring romantic I admire:

    “That’s all I can stand, I can stands no more.”

  • >This conflict began in 2014

    I nominate April 2008, when NATO promised Ukraine (and Georgia, which went pear-shaped almost immediately) eventual membership in the Alliance at their Bucharest Summit.

  • And overarching everything is geoengineering. What are the agendas of this global operation? https://twitter.com/NixHollowell/status/1397299661761916932

  • 1) This massive CIA-MI6-MOSSAD MSM lies warfare it is coming to a point where officially they are seizing the American Congress and Supreme Court in the process. CIA will have to review all deliberations from those houses in order to make them not contradict the official narrative and to not generate conflict of interests.
    2) Enhanced torture 101 – All Russian athletes are banned from international competitions unless they make an official statement condemning the Russian government. The breakthrough here is not having to inflict a lot of physical pain in prisoners in order to get a signature in a pre-cooked confession.

    • I’d like to know why no one has heard of the July 2021 ‘On the indigenous peoples of Ukraine’ No. 1616-IX which Zelensky says he composed and was adopted into lay by the Verkhovna Rada. I can’t get a website with a transcript to load, of course.

      According to this document, according to the law, the indigenous peoples of Ukraine, which formed on the territory of the Crimean peninsula, are Crimean Tatars, Karaites, Krymchaksindigenous peoples have the right to observe the revival and development of their spiritual, religious and cultural traditions and customs, to preserve tangible and intangible cultural heritage; determination of the list of their own places and objects of religious and cultural significance; restoration of its historical place names; cooperation with educational institutions to ensure the study of their language, history, culture of the indigenous people.

      Moreover, indigenous peoples have the right through representative agencies to create their own media and receive government support.

      In addition, indigenous peoples can direct part of the income from the use of natural resources located in the territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol for their own needs; for reservation for representatives of indigenous peoples, return to the territory of Crimea, agricultural and other land.

      Representative agencies of indigenous peoples can participate in their international representation. This does not include people of Slavic, Roma, Rissian ancestry.
      They tried to do this in 2017 but it did not fly with that RADA membership–now it does, and Putin registered his strong objections, and Zelensky told Putin he could eff off.

      Apparently, Slavs, Russian ancestry and Roma can have their property confiscated under this law with no compensation, or little compensation.

      • You need method to explain your thoughts using google translator. It does not help much if you don’t speak your own language properly as a matter of fact. About your miscellaneous of arguments I think you have been through a lot of ctrl C + ctrl V building your knowledge. But even to do that you gotta know something about real history. Otherwise it’s just a ghastly illiterate diarrhea.

        • You obviously don’t know anything about this either and have nothing to add except ghastly arrogant ignorant verbal diahrrea.

  • Looks like America is doing what it has always done. For details, read
    Allen Ginsburgs’s America:

    • I met Allen at a college event in Minnesota. Sweet, naïve unsophisticated Minnesota. I was standing near him as a young local girl was doing a radio interview with him. He had admitted that he’d been on the road and was getting worn down and the girl interviewer asked him what he would rather be doing. Well, I’d like to suck more cock he offered. Later he gave a reading of Witchita Vortex Sutra. I asked him to autograph a copy of that that I still have even though the gerbils I kept in my student room took some nibbles out of it.

  • Let’s ask hard questions. Where is Marina Ovsyannikova? She risked all to be seen briefly on Russian TV stating NO WAR. Hey, keyboard kommandos, she’s missing! Do we have to paint the narrative before we raise hell on her behalf? What if she’s a shill for some faction? SO WHAT?
    Which is worse-Russian imprisonment of dissent, or Western streets empty of protest. Make up your own reasons, but STOP THE WAR! Let’s march. Or think up a comfortable excuse to sit and do nothing. Find the “red line” between war and peace, and push the world backwards to peace.

  • “thick-skinned keyboard warriors” – The persistent ones with seeming vested interests in shutting down what they perceive as ‘harmful’ opinions, you can bet they are state backed psyops. They are very, very ‘brave’ when backed by intelligence agencies with unlimited resources. Funny about that.
    The thing with nukes is, you don’t have to launch first, even if you launch second you cause the same amount of damage to your opposition. Think about all the silent nuke submarines out there. All the secretive deep underground launch sites. That’s why M.A.D. works so well.

  • Old Zippity Duda seems to be getting his facts mixed up when he accuses Russia of employing chemical weapons (or so intending) in Ukraine. He seems not to realise that the whole rest of the world knows that it was really the Brits that poisoned the Skripals, the US (or Germany) that poisoned (or faked the poisoning of) Navalny, and the CIA-sponsored White Helmets that poisoned hundreds of Syrians and their children to frame Assad and Russia. It was Russia that suggested and assisted in the destruction of all Syria’s stocks of such weapons as soon as such slanders were first floated by the West.
    No lie or character assassination is too onerous to use in the service of Washington and its demented geopolitical goals. But there will always be some clownish chief executive from some 5th rate Nato “power” willing to prostitute himself to America’s false narratives. Hope the fool saved the video clips from this high point of his life.

    • Yet another visionary in the opium den. The truths are truthier the more you toke. Maybe put down the pipe and make one simple effort worthy of a thinking human. I know “they won’t let you.” That’s why they allow opium dens – all smoke no action.

  • You are seeing WW3 right now because NATO were already in Ukraine !

    Russia has already destroyed over 3500 military Installations which would well Indicate that NATO were ALREADY well prepared !

    ZIO/US/NATO are powerless to stop Russia – otherwise they would have tried !

    WW3 is OVER !

    ZIO/US/NATO lost !

    ZIO/US/NATO are just all piss and wind now 🙂

    • Typical trendy anti American nonsense…all very Rad Chic.
      Now let me tell you what I know & You may not hear it from any main line trendy sites.
      Ukraine is a pawn in the ever eastward march of the NWO Bankers against Russia & the Russians are not backing up.
      America,for its part is not leading the way in any meaningful way.
      The Regime in Washington is an American Vichy like puppet to London & Biden has nothing to say on this level.
      The real push is from the followers of Cecil Rhodes in London.
      George Soros & his associate,Lord Mark Malloch Brown control Dominion Voting machines which stole the election & put dopey Joe Biden into the White House. Which makes Washington occupied territory and as such unlikely to lead the attack in Ukraine against the big bad Putin.
      This war is the London Bankers War & Ukraine just happens to be where the adversaries collided!
      It’s basically a war to determine the future banking system of the global economy Between the NWO in Western Europe vs a new financial alignment in the East made up of Russia,China,India & others in south Asia & east to the Pacific Rim.
      I repeat,the USA is at this time is a captive nation and not a leader!

  • You do realize that this war is being fought between the Rothschilds ( who own the $US and the EURO ) and the BRI – which won’t REQUIRE the Rothschilds – don’t you ?

    This is an essential bookmark if you want to understand geopolitics and what is happening RIGHT now !


  • It seems to me in fact, the more politico-economically liberal Americans and the rest of the west , our citizen are the more intellectually fascistic they usually tend to be.To be in deny of this is simply not accepting reality.

  • The end result of this is going to cement relations between Russia (the world’s second greatest nuclear power, though past a certain point everybody is tied for number one), with the world’s second (for about three more years) number two economic power, and with India, while further eroding the Dollar’s reserve status. If the object was to hasten America’s hegemonic demise, the Biden administration could not have done a better job. Obama said it best (I paraphrase): ‘never underestimate Joe Biden’s ability to fuck things up’.

    • I agree, Biden has fucked it up badly – but the question is whether it was deliberate or not. It is certainly going to polarise the East versus West in all respects, but it will also severely weaken the West economically.
      The US economy can’t be propped up much more by printing money and increasing debt, something has to give – and soon, which will trigger a massive economic collapse that the East may well be able to withstand.
      It will be the last gasp of an evil corrupt empire (reminds me of that song by Queen, ‘Another one bites the dust’).

      • It is not Biden. He is a senile place holder. The real decisions are being made by committee. Of course in this case, more opinions are not bringing wisdom or intelligence. Usually someone runs the president like Cheney did with Bush. Problem now is there is no vision as too many are trying to steer the bus at once. Works ok on a straight road but we have major curves just ahead.

  • Be careful about subscribing to this blog. It appears there is no way to unsubscribe.
    And there is no way to block the daily email either. At least not that I’ve found. It shouldn’t be hard, but apparently once you subscribe, Ms Johnstone insists you must stay.

    • Rubbish. The Unsubscribe link is at the bottom of the email.

  • The demonization of the two BRI titans – Russia and China continues !

    You do realize that this war is being fought between the Rothschilds ( who own the $US and the EURO ) and the BRI – which won’t REQUIRE the Rothschilds – don’t you ?

  • The demonization of the two BRI titans – Russia and China continues !

    Do do realize that this war is being fought between the Rothschilds and the BRI – which won’t REQUIRE the Rothschilds – don’t you ?

    • Yes it is apparent this is all about banking with fiat money – because the sanctions on Russia are to disconnect it from their banking system, as well as stealing Russia’s reserves.
      They are irate they will not be getting their rent on paper they print, because China will be investing in BRI instead.
      In the process the bankers also revealed to the whole world that they are essentially thieves.
      Btw inflation benefits the bankers as well, our Central bank chose inflation for us instead of doing their job.

      • No coincidence that smack dab in the middle of all this mess Biden picks his moment to sign an executive order directing the “urgent” need to develop a US CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency).

  • I’m going with the GOLD backed digital Yuan !

    China has never had a single internet outage !

    They are unhackable and along with Russia they OWN the skies !

    ZIO/US just think they do !!

    How did the moon ‘ buggy ‘ fit into the TINY lunar capsule again ??

    You know ?

    The capsule that hurtled through space on that epic EIGHT day mission to the moon and back in 1969 !

    Rothschild owned media has been lying for a long – long time !

    250 years in fact !

    The Rothschilds ZIO/US are about to be brought to their knees

    • Fact: There was no moon buggy on the first manned lunar landing mission in 1969.

    • There’s a reason why BOTH the USA and USSR used Retroreflectors, or corner-cube prisms to bounce light back to earth. The reason is they can more easily be positioned by unmanned lunar landers and robotics than a flat, non-prismatic reflector. Think about it…….

  • Moscow cancels masks and COVID requirements for businesses starting March 15

    Russia is winning EVERYTHING !

    NOW that they have found the source ( which they obviously already knew about ) – ZIO/US military Bio Labs in Ukraine – well – it is all systems GO !

    Russia is getting back to humanity !!

  • In order for we, the Elite, to live like 21st-century Kings, you serfs are going to have to live like ………….er……………12th-century peasants.

  • Thanks for being a powerful voice of sanity Caitlin.

  • US-UK-EU-NATO have plenty of experiences over the last decades in making not only Iranians, Venezuelans and many third world countries so miserable that they rise up against their own governments. Well, what can I say in the actual economic scenario? USA and allies delivered all sanctions possible towards Russia. Life is already becoming miserable in America. I have no info about England, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, France but if the economic logic in America will prevail to everybody else, they are having and will have a full experience about what looks like to be in Iranians shoes.

  • Briahna Joy Gray tip toed in a week or so ago, and now attempts to get her feet wet, by interviewing Andrew Cockburn. A small step in the right direction I think.
    Yes Ms. Gray, we are all aware, “you have all these interesting pictures floating around, that has an interesting racial subtext to it, that I won’t get into right now.” Even the mainest of the main stream media have covered this “subtext.” We care about Ukrianian freedom more than we care about … Yemeni freedom, for example, because Ukrainians are white, and Yemenis are not, and this is an aspect of this conflict that we should consider, but only after it is over.
    My suggestion would be, if I could be so bold; if you do get into a “racial subtext” at a later date, get into one that apparently no one in America knows anything about, whether they watch The View, or Tucker Carlsen Tonight.
    There are people on the other side Ms. Gray, who do something very similar to what you do. They think, they study, they willing debate every issue on the board, they disseminate as much valuable information as they can, to a wider audience, in the hope they can make this world a slightly better place, or maybe even, more implausibly, leave one behind that might be conducive to the existence of life forms.
    What I find separates them most from you this troubled moment in time, is one, they understand war, and have relectantly spent years studying it in a desire to learn how it applies at all levels in this ongoing process we call the human something or other, and two, because they live on the other side, they believe they understand the true role race is playing in this conflict.
    Just so you know, the “intelligenstia” over there calls themselves the “snow n words,” the ukrainians are the “steppe n words” and they all fall under the greater rubric of “the white n words of Europe.”
    This would’ve been all fine and dandy, but unfortunately the “steppe n words,” starting in the fall of 1941, began to reject this way of thinking, and the n word they began to embrace started with a capital N, and is often these days proceeded by the superfluous prefix neo.
    Slavs. Somwhere between 25 to 30 million people of Slavic origins died very unnatural deaths, of every concievable variety, during a five year stretch in the middle of the last century, meaning, not all of them perished in time honored ways, like killed on the battlefied, or shot for their political beliefs, or let starve to death in slave and/or prison camps. As a lifelong student of what was the greatest slaughter of them all, I can say with some degree of confidence, one of the indisputible reasons so many died in so many unique new ways, over such a short period, is because their were people who had convinced themselves, that people of slavic origins were the untermensch.
    Racial inferiors. Subhumans. Or for me a more accurate translantion, comletely irrelevant life carbon based life.
    Their are untold millions of folk on the other side Ms. Gray, who had convinced themselves otherwise, that this was no longer how they are regarded in this modern liberated world, that “race” was no longer a part of this, who just two weeks ago found this new way of thinking about themselves, almost in an instant, smashed beyond repair.
    Yes Ms. Gray, I follow you, I follow them, and I see nothing but brilliance, but I also see a curious lack of interest in how the issue or hatred of the other, for the sake of hatred, based entirely on “human origins” of one kind of another, is applied on each side of this non-existent divide.

  • Look at the this quote from the Rothschild agent Soros !

    This is how they do it – they quote the EXACT opposite of the reality !

    As for Putin, in the wake of the Russian army’s underperformance ( overperformance actually ) in Ukraine, “Putin seems to have gone literally mad,” ( Putin is the sanest leader on the planet ) Soros said. “He appears to be acting without any constraint. ( Putin is extremely constrained – Russian army is well oiled and a tactically perfect machine )

    He is throwing the entire Russian army into the battle and ignoring all the rules of war, (Putin is engaging in a strict code of war conduct ) not least by indiscriminately bombing the civilian population.” ( Russia is extremely careful not to injure civilians – let alone bomb them )

    It’s possible Russia could lose the war, Soros said.( Russia has already WON !)

    • Well said. But one thing we must recognize. They lied their way out of JFK assassination. They lied their way out of 9/11. The have tons of experience about sinister things. I assume Russia already knew about the outcome coming from them. All what is left to see is how reality will shift around them after the total decouple of the Russian economy from Washington-London. The US-Uk evil empire can only be challenged by Russia or China. Let’s see if we can call it diversity in geopolitics some decades later.

  • If despair won wars, our little company could clear the field. Wow. You think you got bleakness. You think the monolithic media lies in harmony. You think you’re oppressed. You feel powerless.
    You’re not African-American, that’s for sure. Lead an African-American to a cliff, they start climbing. How many achievements came from smiling white folks boosting you up? In 1964 African-Americans marched in the hundreds of thousands to Washington. To desecrate the Capitol? No-that Capitol belongs to Americans like themselves. That’s a white trash move. Quiet Black Power. Another ledge reached up the cliff. Did they wait for the propaganda and oppression let up? They kept climbing in the sleet and wind. Don’t wait for the oppressors to make you happy.

  • Just a few possible facts to interject:

    A. The only credible connection I have seen to actual NAZI’s in Ukraine is the historical reference to Ukrainian support for the Germans fighting against Poland because Ukraine wanted to reclaim Ukrainian territory from Polish rule.

    B. Russia already borders NATO, so the addition to Ukraine to NATO would merely add more of a border with NATO, it would not be a breakthrough as has been trumpeted as an excuse for Russia to invade.

    C. “Amid the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, the fourth round of peace negotiations between the two countries has started virtually on Monday.” I do not know how reliable Republicworld.com is as a source. The Wikipedia entry lists republicworld.com as the website address for Republic TV. The entry contains this description: “Republic TV is a free-to-air Indian right-wing[3] English-language news channel launched in May 2017.” The story is being reported by multiple sources.


    • A. it may very well be a fact that you have seen no connection to actual nazi’s in ukraine, but in that case it is also a fact that you have not looked very hard, imo. people often point to bbc-documentaries and new-york times articles from a few years back, but there has been some recent stuff too. i just read on sputnik that now you can buy azov-batallion merch on amazon.

      B. did they trumpet it as a ‘breakthrough’? or was it a ‘red line’?

      C. check sputnik, rt or tass instead (the western narrative-side will be blown in your ears and eyes automatically as you breathe.)

      • Apparently the blog is blocking me from the opportunity to answer your comment. I’ll see if I can do it in smaller pieces.

      • A. The articles I see in RT, etc., declare there is NAZI influence and that actual neo-NAZI’s are involved in the anti-Russian activities. But it is mostly just innuendo. I see no reason to credit those sources any more or less than western sources. AtomWaffen Division members in the U.S. military does not mean that the U.S. military is a NAZI organization.

        B. Redline, why? Russia already borders NATO? And when Ukraine was not close to becoming a member of NATO?

        C. Are you trying to say that there are not ongoing peace talks between Russia and Ukraine? RT would disagree in this article on line:
        “13 Mar, 2022 16:18
        Moscow and Kiev may soon come to agreement – Russian negotiator
        Ukraine said Russia was seeing the situation much more adequately” than before ”

        Search for “RT 13 Mar, 2022 16:18
        HomeRussia & FSU
        Moscow and Kiev may soon come to agreement – Russian negotiator
        Ukraine said Russia was seeing the situation “much more adequately” than before” and the first result in DuckDuckGo is the article I wanted to link.

        Apparently the comments section did not like the link being included.
        It is sometimes troubling that the reporting and propaganda emanating from Russian media and government sources is not subjected to a similar level of skeptical scrutiny as the reporting and propaganda coming from western sources. Rather, on this blog and in the comments, the U.S. narrative is rightfully questioned while the Russian narrative is seemingly accepted as gospel.

    • Never Heard of Bandera ? This nazi collaborator and mass criminal is now Hero of the country and has statues all around. Openly nazis like Yarosh are inside the government (Yarosh N°2 of defense). The Nazi Regiment Azov is integrated in the national guard (more than 10 000 men). The law in Ukraine now denies any rights to slavs and hungarians origins ukrainians. The Nazi groups that commited thousand of war crimes (Azov, Aïdar, Tornado,…) are free without any judiciary troubles. Never was investigated the Odessa and Marioupol massacres of russian speaking innocent in 2014. Those engaged in ethnic cleasing of russians since 2014 could be consider as nazis, cause it’s what nazis do in theory and did in practice in the same area and against the same kind of people in 1941-1944.

  • Russia has destroyed over 3500 military Installations in Ukraine already !

    The Rothschilds NATO had already moved in and were well established !

    Ukraine now has nothing left to fight with – apart from a few Neo NAZIS still on the loose !

    Despite what the Rothschilds owned media tell you – well – It is ALREADY over !

  • I can’t remember a time I felt more depressed about the future of humanity as now. Even after two long years of being controlled with propaganda and narrative-controlling “fact-checks,” it seems the majority of humanity falls right back in line when the ruling elites roll out another propaganda campaign. I’ve been wise to this game since the 1991 Gulf War, when I felt like the only one who saw what was really going on. But this time it’s worse, because powerful people now possess the technology to financially isolate and destroy an entire nation. And if they can do it to a nation for defying the narrative, they can do it to each and every one of us. And my poor 10-year-old is going to have to grow up in this godforsaken world. And all for what? Power, money, control, empire? Temporary dominance of a little speck floating through the vastness of space?

    It’s times like this when life feels like a big practical joke.

  • If people weren’t saturated with the lying media day in day out – they would be able to work out that the Taliban retaking KABUL in ONE week – bloodlessly and unopposed – after 20 YEARS of occupation is hopelessly IMPOSSIBLE without HELP !

    ZIO/US/NATO ran like scared rabbits and left behind 80 billion dollars worth of SH!T !

    Russia and now China can disable anything the ZIO/US/NATO has !

    THIS is how they avoid WAR !

    Afghanistan was just Russia and China clearing the BELT road !

  • It’s not X-Files, it’s Ukraine.
    It’s not Fox Mulder but Putin.
    The truth is not out there but in libraries.
    Holy illiterates! Holy laziness!
    MSM twisting facts.
    People clapping, people asking,
    Where is Ukraine? where is the protest? where I can enlist?
    No, ain’t an alien crap but CIA-NATO round earth army.

  • Someone may have already posted this link (if so, I apologize for the duplication), but like the Lee Camp/Scott Ritter interview, this more in-depth discussion is another MUST-SEE:


  • ~
    You know, the same narrative has been expounded again and again since the sixties when the assassination of John F. Kennedy shocked the world. John F. Kennedy had just avoided nuclear conflict with the Soviet Union which began the process of detente. I guess that wasn’t acceptable then, and it sure looks like it still isn’t acceptable today.. Though those narratives continue to this day, they have become progressively more muted.
    We just keep getting fooled again.

  • “There’s still no reason to believe these idiots won’t get us all nuked some other way amid all this brinkmanship, but they’ve got enough brains and self-preservation instinct to avoid deliberately attacking the Russian military.”
    i fear hypocrisy and secrecy (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) have created miscommunication between those at the very top and those one or two echelons down who feed information to that top. The latter think the bunkers are furbished and ready and they’ll take this all the way. russians should start country-wide nuclear shelter drills (and yes, they’ll probably have to launch first. lindsey is damn sure they won’t, and that he can just come in and rape a russian kid).

    • The thing with nukes is, you don’t have to launch first, even if you launch second you cause the same amount of damage to your opposition. Think about all the silent nuke submarines out there. All the secretive deep underground launch sites. That’s why M.A.D. works so well.


    That headline without substance is top at CBS news now.

    A very bad idea. Crops need to be planted.

  • This is mental torture by the empire. Anyone with critical thinking skills is being tortured right now. If I hadn’t cut my cable years ago I would have had a breakdown. It’s bad enough to see it online, but watching, even for a few seconds, the TV talking heads makes the depression 10 times worse.

    • I agree 100%. I got rid of my TV a decade ago, but even scanning the headlines of mainstream news gives me agita.

  • Appeasement NOW! Folks don’t get it. Negotiations and detente are about what civilized people do to prevent slaughter. We’ve had some leaders who are UNcivilized who think they can fool the wimps and crush them.
    It doesn’t work that way.
    If the world in general acts together as a calm, rational and collected group, whatever agreement that doesn’t barter away lives is a victory for humanity.
    IF we need an intermediate strip of “East Nato” that’s not the warsaw pact nor nato, what’s wrong with that?
    We see…“Russia destroying NATO’s terrorist training camp mere miles from the Poland border would have been an ideal pretext for NATO involvement = just add a couple of false flag explosions on the other side of the border and NATO has it’s dreams come true. Except .. that opportunity wasn’t taken.
    NATO is sh*t scared of exposing what a charade it actually is.”

    It’s not hard to show off you gots balls by flying a few tac nukes, un-huh, daddy showed THEM and blew the fuck out of Kyiv… um…well, we told them!
    It’s hard being a grownup. Kinda lonely, too.

  • You’ll be happy to hear that Country Joe McDonald’s I Feel Like I’m Fixing to Die Rag, which I tried to post four times to illustrate your phrase about the “brave keyboard warriors” is now off limits and freezes your post.
    Even Artificial Stupidity has learnt how a satirical song about the Vietnam war 53 years ago can put at risk the Western media’s deranged propaganda about Ukraine!
    And yet these two events couldn’t be more unrelated. The US was involved in Vietnam when Country Joe sang that song. It is not involved in Ukraine.
    It’s probably just the anti-war notion that gives MIC friendly Silicon Bully’s “brave keyboard warriors” the creeps.
    I bet Tolstoy’s War and Peace is also in the crosshairs. They’ll have to change the title to just War if they want to go on selling it on Amazon.
    They should soon have peace talks though… Tradition… And the US has become quite good at fucking up peace talks. Trump, against all odds, had managed to have a very encouraging meeting with North Korea’s Rocket Man when John Bolton put his foot in the door saying: “Be like Putin, get vaccinated!” No sorry, I’m getting mixed up with someone else… Bolton said: “Be like Gaddafi. Get disarmed!” Just six years after Nato had bombed Libya back to the Stone Age and sodomized Gaddafi to death with a bayonet in broad daylight! I’m asking you…
    Then there was the negotiation with Iran that Obama had managed to conclude at the expense of a beautiful love story with Netanyahu. Trump put an end to that – tells us the fragility of the Pax Americana by the way… Then all the new president’s men tried to put Humpty-Dumpty together again but the US and Israel had whacked General Soleimani as well as a few Iranian scientists and the spirit was lost, so to speak…
    Obama had also made a move toward Cuba but there again Trump said “Fucking commies!” to get the votes of the Miami diaspora and slapped the full enchilada back on Havana again.
    The best thing is to keep the Americans out of the peace negotiations about Ukraine if you ask me. Especially since we have French president Macron who is just as bad. He managed to go and see Putin after accusing him the day before of duplicity and got booted out of the Kremlin without achieving anything and his unhinged defense minister keeps saying on TV that Putin is a dictator who doesn’t realize that Nato is a nuclear power too. As if he didn’t know… These guys’ arrogance is something else…
    Putin will have to hold peace talks on his own: “I’ll tell you what we’re gonna do…” kinda stuff.
    At least, he won’t have to take all the Western wolves-in-sheep’s clothing usual bullshit that nobody believes anymore unless you put subliminal messages in their TV programs and tune Artificial Stupidity into shoving anything that even vaguely resembles an anti-war thought down the memory hole.

  • Once again, totally agree with Caitlin.
    We readers all need to repeat, over and over, to anyone who will listen: we are being lied too. Why is this so hard for supporters of our war loving media and rulers to understand?

  • Your last paragraph really hit me. People who know me consider me tough as I match all the stereotypes.. but in my heart I am a lover and I pray for peace. I do not want to see anyone suffer.. and when they do,, I see my family in them .. and I feel their pain. The injustice in the world makes me want to set it right.. but only God knows how. When you care deeply for other people, these things tend to get heavy upon the heart. It is on those days I tend to spend just a bit more time with those whom I love and remember how lucky I am to have that opportunity.
    As always Caitlin, I appreciate your writing and your anti-war efforts. If I was not just scraping by financially ( been fired 4 times in 2 years from civilian jobs due to not being vaccinated..) I would donate. One day when I am more capable I will give you a good chunk. Just know you are appreciated and keep up the good work.. as well as your mental sanity. When it gets too heavy, set it all down and focus on the beauty in the world. Despite our current circumstances.. the world is much more beautiful than it is dark. We sometimes just have to take a moment to allow ourselves to see it.

    • Thank you. Only in my 73rd year did I realize our oversized brains tend to suppress the awareness of the miraculousness of our cosmic existence. Without it, obsessive fear-dominance-control freaks take over as barbarian enforcers of exclusive eternal life fantasies. “Kill them before they kill us” is USrael’s official military-corporate mantra.

      • A daily battle, the War for our minds is not just external.. we quickly can become our own worst enemy. Always good to win that battle first. Clear heart, clear eyes.

  • https://sovren.media/video/ukraine-on-fire-893.html
    You can find it on rumbledotcom by searching for the title you find on amazondotcom on rumbledotcom.
    I keep referencing these videos because they were made before the conflict began and the second video actually predicts that if the U.S. continues in the way it has for the last decade or so, that a hot war would become inevitable. So watch these censored on YouTube videos while you still can so you can understand this conflict from a better historical perspective, so you won’t be so inclined to become a keyboard warrior.

  • “The system will collapse if we refuse what they are selling—their ideas, their version of history, their wars, their weapons, their notion of inevitability. Remember this: we be many and they are few. They need us more than we need them.”
    – Arundhati Roy

    • No Facebook? No McDonald’s? No problem!

  • The subtle perfume of “whataboutism”

    Adolescent compulsion or tactic?


  • “So nuclear war over a no-fly zone seems unlikely.”

    It depends on what percentage you ascribe to unlikely. If we are to believe that all it would take for Article 5 to be invoked is for a stray Russian Federation bullet to cross a border of a Nato member, then the establisment of a No Fly Zone seems to be something more like a near certainly.
    And establishing a No Fly Zone will require all out war – of the conventional kind of course.
    We all know that when the Big Boys finally get around do duking it out, they will agree to the something akin to the Marquis de Queensbury rules of modern warfare, no biting, no gouging, no low blows, and absolutely no nukes.
    But as anyone who has seen a boxing match or two knows, although biting (shout out to Iron Mike!) and gouging are rare, low blows happen all the time, sometimes on accident, sometimes on purpose.

    • The Russians have already established a no-fly zone over Ukraine and Nato just doesn’t have the capacity to undo it and replace it by its own. So what we’re really talking about here is WWIII. Would Nato really start WWIII because a couple of conventional missiles landed by mistake on Polish soil knowing that a couple of hypersonic missiles with nuclear warheads could just as well land “by mistake” on the Pentagon and NORAD ten minutes later? This is not clear…

      • Well, two points I would make; one, WWIII started the moment the US froze the assets of the Russian Federation’s central bank,* and two, I really don’t know what Nato would do should a stray bullet cross the border and hit a young child, or an ederly grandmother, riding a bicycle down a country lane perhaps, somewhere in eastern Poland.
        The problem with drawing lines in the sand is, once those lines are crossed, hard decisions have to made by those that have drawn them.
        My contention is, Vlad the Line Drawer had two options when his line was crossed, invade Ukraine, or be shot in the head and replaced.
        Now this Nato line drawing is a little more complicated. There a lot more line drawers involved. In fact, it seems like any Nato nation can announce what constitutes a line the sand whenever it wants.
        *And this war is more or less permanent, in my opinion. Anyone alive today, will not see the end of it.
        Now it remains to be seen whether this relatively cool war that we experiencing at the moment will turn into what Saagar Enjeti would call “a long … hot … burning war,” but when you kick down the door of your neighbor’s house, and forcibly steal their life savings they have stashed under their mattress, unless your neighbor is a Buddhist-type, they will never forgive you, and you will be their enemy until the day the first one of you dies.
        Unlesss you believe in an afterlife, of course. Then, for all we living know, the unforgiving might continue.

        • I agree that we won’t see the end of the US/Russia war because 1/ it’s in the US genes to try to conquer the world and Russia won’t let them and 2/ the US MIC has to replace Afghanistan’s cash cow one way or another and there aren’t that many ways you can pocket $300 million a day. A long low intensity war with Russia by proxies will do the job a treat.

      • an old russian (mentioned in media)-made, ukrainian (not always mentioned in media) drone with a 400 pound bomb flew through nato-airspace and crashed in croatia the other day. there will be a nato-investigation.

  • Russia went into Ukraine prepared for any level of war with NATO/US. This is a very big deal.
    NATO/US are NOT prepared for actual war with Russia. They (seemingly) thought Russia would just free the Donbas and stop. That’s what I thought, too.
    The West needs the “WAR!” narrative for the level of extreme financial/economic reset which is about to take place, which cannot be avoided. They thought it would be a Goldilocks “just right” war, but it’s a momma-bear war. Oh NO!
    Secure your needs for the financial reset and extreme war-powers repression of human rights of speech, meeting and property. We are about to be assaulted hard by the governments which represent our owners.
    Our hope and potential allies are their enforcers, people like us in the police and military.

  • NATO loves to give the impression it’s an attack dog straining at the leash … so Russia better beware! …

    … except … Russia destroying NATO’s terrorist training camp mere miles from the Poland border would have been an ideal pretext for NATO involvement = just add a couple of false flag explosions on the other side of the border and NATO has it’s dreams come true. Except .. that opportunity wasn’t taken.
    NATO is sh*t scared of exposing what a charade it actually is.

  • Here here!!!! But most of all, “hear”.

    • “The deaf dumb and blind kid sure plays a mean pinball.”
      Google this statement to find it’s meaning.

      • Google – LOOOL !

        Wikipedia – LOOOOL !

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