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Sure, Ukraine Is The First War The US Hasn’t Lied About: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

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If, hypothetically speaking, the US wanted to rule the world, it likely would have begun planning years ago to subvert the rise of China. Step One would have involved a plan to cripple the powers who support it, like Russia. They’d have begun propagandizing us for this years ago. Hypothetically speaking.

It’s a good thing this is a hypothetical scenario and the US has no plans of global domination, because otherwise by now we’d probably have been marinating in a virulent anti-Russia propaganda campaign for five or six years and would be brainwashed into cheerleading for Russia to be choked off from the global economy with the goal of toppling Moscow.

This hypothetical scenario could never happen in real life, because such a propaganda campaign would require western intelligence agencies to plant stories demonizing Russia in the western press for years, and our free press would never uncritically publish claims by spy agencies. That would be flat-out propaganda. The free press are full of hard-nosed muckraking journalists who shine the bold light of truth on government agencies to hold the powerful to account. They’d never act as willing proxies for government agencies working to manufacture consent for unipolarist geostrategic agendas.

And it’s a good thing, too. Can you imagine if the US and its allies and the entire western press were working together, wittingly or unwittingly, toward toppling powerful nuclear-armed nations in the way the USSR was toppled? Things would be getting very crazy and confrontational by now.

Thank God we live in a free society where government agencies are transparent and accountable, where military geostrategic objectives are rigorously checked by democratically elected officials, and journalists never face any consequences for telling the truth about these things.

Because we might be staring down the barrel of nuclear armageddon just to fulfill the unipolarist fantasies of a few powerful psychopaths if the situation I just laid out were anything but purely hypothetical.

Fucking ridiculous that it’s 2022 and it’s still a shocking and controversial position to say your government and media are lying to you about a fucking war.

You know you’re living under an empire with the most sophisticated propaganda machine that’s ever existed when it can lie about literally every war it’s ever been involved in and then when you say they’re lying about the latest war people still act like you’re a paranoid lunatic.

Someone who acts like it’s absurd to think the US may have played an underhanded role in starting a war is someone you can just ignore.

Putin is responsible for Putin’s decisions, the US empire is responsible for the US empire’s decisions. Putin is responsible for choosing to launch an invasion of Ukraine, the US empire is responsible for deliberately provoking that invasion with the goal of removing Putin.

It’s just amazing the mental gymnastics people will do to avoid confronting the basic, commonsense fact that the US could very easily have prevented this war with a little diplomacy and instead chose not to because the war advances its own goals.

My take on Will Smith slapping Chris Rock is that we’re the closest we’ve been to nuclear war since the Cuban Missile Crisis and it’s only continuing to escalate.

Never forget that the real reason they hate John Mearsheimer is for being objectively, indisputably correct about how wrong they are.

Shitlibs can forgive a lot of things. They can forgive you for being a Bushite warmonger. They can forgive you for having been a racist or homophobe. They can even forgive you for being an active Nazi. But the one thing they can never forgive is being right about their wrongness.

Still blows my mind that the last president spent his term pouring weapons into Ukraine, shredding treaties with Russia and escalating cold war tensions with Moscow which helped lead us to where we’re at now, and yet liberals spent that whole time calling him a Putin puppet.

This war has outed a lot of closet empire supporters who got excited about Putin’s invasion because at long last now the US power alliance is The Good Guy, and now they’re spending their time screaming at those of us who’ve declined to play along with that infantile framing.

“Haha, now surely these disobedient lefties will fall in line and support our beneficent imperial leaders- Hey! What the hell do you all think you’re doing??”

I keep getting people telling me I “just hate America,” which is silly in so many ways it’s hard to even know where to start. If they’re referring to the nation’s land and people, then no of course I don’t hate them. If they’re referring to its government or the oligarchic imperial power structure that runs it, then of course I do. It’s the single most murderous and destructive power structure on earth. Everyone should hate it.

It says so much about how propagandized people are that they think “You hate America!” is some kind of scathing accusation. The US empire has spent the 21st century killing people by the millions and shows no signs of stopping. It is normal and good to hate such things.

The warning signs that our competition-based systems are unsustainable will get less and less subtle until we either move to collaboration-based systems or receive our final warning in the form of climate collapse or nuclear armageddon.


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  • So, why are people falling under the spell? Anyone here dig Robert Anton Wilson? Here’s a great article linking Wilson’s semantic theories with the new social media algorithms that are controlling our thinking and behaviours in ways we don’t yet appreciate:


  • Absolutely fascinating to see people here turn against Noam Chomsky (see threads below). Prof Chomsky hasn’t changed his views – he calls out imperialist aggression and war crimes whatever the perpetrator – not just when it’s the west. He’s been around long enough to be immune to the propaganda that people here are swallowing.

    It’s difficult to distinguish the organic comments here from the engineered (the paid trolls). Some of the framing is identical to Russian state media (“special military operation”, lol). I hope those aren’t the organic (ie authentic, sincere) commenters. Wake up and grow the fuck up. Most of you sound like 14-yr olds or Q-Anon converts.

    • Maybe a little Trolling yourself Robyn? Just flinging critical comments with no original substance is the first sign of an empty mind.
      Wake the fuck up might be something you say to yourself each morning then.
      There are more sides to anything than the public consumption stuff pumped out by so called ‘official’ especially state or any controlled media. First casualty in any war is the truth so why believe the BS of either side?
      Want to be awake? Then do the homework it requires and maybe a very different picture begins to appear. Wars kill no matter who is pulling the trigger or sending in the bombs and rockets.
      Ukraine is immensely rich in all the resources any nation could wish for so should anyone be surprised there is a competition to get control of them and mayhem and chaos being generated within.
      This is a good starting point to begin looking at this war from a different perspective than either of the main protagonists and their media voices.

      • Chomsky would probably say your hearts are in the right place, but you’re being seduced by a different kind of propaganda – a more sophisticated kind that adapts and optimises rapidly (via sm algorithms) and appeals to young “anti-establishment” types. Breitbart pioneered that on the right. The tropes on the “left” look similar, but framed with variants of older anti-imperialist leftist thinking, and newer broadly anti-liberal memes. A heady mix for some, no doubt – especially with the seductive radical conspiratorial flavor.

        • the propaganda is in essence not that much different than that of the iraq war or the syrian war (except those jihadi’s really fucked up their image with their executions, the nazis seem more disciplined – in not filming to much of their bs). And of course the intensity … a lot of good hearted ‘grown-up’ civilian volunteers also contribute to the effort.

        • Robyn I do not respond well to names and slogans – they are pieces of rubbish picked up and thrown by someone who cares not what they are an d kn ows not what they mean.
          Come up with something of your own please or STFU.

    • people disagree, i’d say. i don’t think nc knows all the details. here’s some scott ritter: https://consortiumnews.com/2022/03/29/russia-ukraine-the-law-of-war-crime-of-aggression/

    • Again, Chomsky’s comparative “ranking” is ludicrous. Russia’s military incursion in Ukraine doesn’t even faintly resemble what was done in Iraq. And yes, I use the term “special military operation” because it “fits” what I think the Russian Federation is doing—meeting stated objectives with precision as opposed to careless destruction.
      Other reasons for “Chomsky distaste” beyond his ludicrous comparison have been mentioned. I’ll add a personal note and say it comes with no pleasure (as one who has read a good deal of Chomsky and up until the last 12 years or so he was someone I greatly admired) to realize that he has become just another run of the mill mouthpiece for superficiality, rank stupidity, and worse.

      • If you had any depth of appreciation of Chomsky’s views, you wouldn’t change your evaluation of him to “just another run of the mill mouthpiece for superficiality, rank stupidity” – since his views and manner of expression haven’t changed.

        Unless: a) You’ve fundamentally changed, or b) You never really understood him in the first place.

        • Chomsky was a detailed critic of U.S. foreign policy. His knowledgeable elucidations of much of that history—particularly as it pertained to Central & South America and Southeast Asia is appreciated. His analysis of NATO’s war on Yugoslavia, in real time, remains impressive. And Chomsky’s views on how to read, and not read, the New York Times for example, were constructively instructive.
          My first displeasure with the man involved the discovery of his insistence that Kennedy’s assassination made no difference with regard to how the war against Vietnam unfolded. Soon after, I was taken aback by his remarks about 9/11. I won’t go into rationalizations for these two striking discomfitures, but I suppose they can be made (unconvincingly).
          But what I find totally inexcusable should be clear to you by now, but I will repeat myself for clarity’s sake.
          He was all-in on the demonization of Assad. Superficial and stupid. He may of well had been Joy Behar or Chick Todd for crissakes.
          He was all-in on the lesser-of-two-evils drumbeat for Clinton. Superficial and stupid.
          He recently voiced an inhumane disregard for those who decline the “vax” with fascistic fervor. Turns my stomach.
          And now, with no contextual analysis that gets to any of the deeper truths about the Ukrainian situation, he manufactures consent for the demonization of Putin by ludicrously comparing the war crimes perpetrated in Iraq to the ongoing military operations of the Russian Federation in Ukraine.

          • Right. But you said he’d “become” a mouthpiece for rank stupidity. My point was he hasn’t fundamentally changed. His 9/11 and JFK views go back decades.

            • The dirty war on Syria, Hillary, the technocratic push towards fascism, and the new McCarthyism are all, much to the point, (what I call)“inexcusables.”
              Fair to say from my perspective, which I detailed, Chomsky has “changed.”

      • I knew Chomsky had gone senile in Arizona when I heard he signed a letter with David Harvey and the late David Graber asking for U.S. military intervention in Syria to protect a small group of Kurds who were attempting a consensus-based experiment.

        No one in their right mind asks for U.S. military intervention, no one. I would rather think he has gone gaga than that he is now a mouthpiece for the Evil Empire.

    • Hi Robyn, I’m a paid troll on a special operation. I have been eating organic since deciding sincere is the way to go. And yes, I’m 14 years old.
      Anyway, have a look at Noam’s position on 9/11. That ought give you a good clue as to what he”s up to. I’ll save you a few seconds of neural stress … the phrase is “controlled opposition”. And it ain’t the US of As doin’ the controlling.
      Next …

  • I STAND WITH GOVERNMENT NARRATIVES. ;D https://ibb.co/0n23zfs

  • Always worth quoting Chomsky –
    he’s not stuck in binary eithor-or logic:
    “the Russian invasion of Ukraine is a major war crime, ranking alongside the U.S. invasion of Iraq […] It always makes sense to seek explanations, but there is no justification, no extenuation.”
    – Chomsky on Russia’s war on Ukraine

    • I don’t remember hearing Chomsky much about the 14,000 dead resulting from the shelling by Kiev of the Donbass Russians for eight years or the ethnic cleansing (pogrom in Russian) advocated by the Azov Battalion and other nazis. Of course, since Chomsky declared that studying 9/11 would take up too much of his time and one can’t do everything, it’s a bit difficult to take him seriously in his old age. I’m glad he found time to study the Russian invasion though (which has however nothing in common with that of Iraq) but he would certainly be well inspired to consider the advantages of retirement after a long and brilliant career :o)

      • There was a time when prominent dissidents like (ahem) Glem Greenwald, Piss Aaron Maté and Mediocre Lens (etc, etc) had a Chomsky quote for every occasion. Now such folks are far more selective in quoting the esteemed MIT professor. Blame it on Noam’s age? No, I think he’s as sharp as ever – he still has more intellectual nous, worldly savvy and penetrating good sense than all these fraudulent idiot wannabes put together.

        • comparing this war to Iraq is a sign of his decline. calling brilliant and effective journalists like Greenwald and Mate names is a sign that you cannot decline–you’re already at the bottom.

          • @Pretzelattack: Couldn’t have said it better meself :o)

        • It’s a ludicrous comparison. Chomsky is bereft of credibility,—particularly since his endorsement of Clinton, his demonization of Assad, and his insane remarks about the unjabbed.
          Russia’s choice was to:
          a) allow the continued slaughter of civilians in the Donbas with a concomitant buildup in Ukraine of heavy weaponry via the West, the result of which would leave Russia in a vulnerable position that can be likened to a knife at their throat as well as shortened minutes to evaluate and respond to a potential nuclear strike
          b) do a special military operation to stop the slaughter and deal with the imposed and hostile threat.
          Not much of a fucking choice—and that’s entirely due to the hubris and insanity of “our” foreign policy (otherwise known as full spectrum dominance with an added fuck you to common working people around the globe.

          • Totally with you, totally. Living in some facility — assisted living? nursing? — in Arizona is not the way one sharpens one’s wits.

      • Just for interest. Instead of trying to find what DID happen with 911, do as a good detective might do, test the ‘official’ narrative and see if it stands up. I have been all over it at least three times and for me the so called official story is just that, a story with nothing worthwhile to support it. Full of holes everywhere with so many signs of disinformation, redirection and outright falseness (lies I call them privately) that there is no way what is claimed could fit that narrative.
        Lets not forget the more than 4000 rescue and clean up people who have died since and those still dying from the toxic load they collected. Add this number the deaths on the day and you have murder on a massive national scale only eclipsed it seems by the last year plus of jabbing people with seriously toxic substances that do not good and a huge lot of harm.
        Time the world woke up which fortunately it is doing, a little part as witnessed here with brave Caitlin’s articles and the discussion they generate.

    • Chompsky is controlled opposition. Anyone that gets that much MSM exposure is suss….

  • I live for this industrial-strength whataboutism. It’s a beautiful thing, compulsive and addictive. Don’t be ashamed of it. It’s what I’m here for. Keep it coming. Let’s own those shitlibs once and for all.

    • you still can’t come up with a coherent argument.

      • Hmm… “Pretzelattack”. I note you’ve been busy policing critical comments about Aaron Maté at Craig Murray’s blog. You do the same above in this blog (in addition to generally attacking people who are critical of Maté). Is this a full-time occupation for you? How’s the pay?

        • someone’s working hard.

          • Your mum. It’s difficult when your kids are addicted to conspiracy theories.

            • And so many of those Conspiracy Theories have turned up to be True, so yes a Conspiracy but full of truth this last couple of years.
              Still flinging negative comments Robyn.
              Can you do better perhaps? Show us what YOU have.

            • you might have to go down the rabbit hole if you want to convince people.

  • Putin sat down one day around 2013 and thought – what if we make it Impossible for the ZIO/US/NATO to retaliate !

  • How good is this !

    The Yemen war may well be over !

    Russia is enabling country after country to reject the ZIO/US

    Of course Yemen has joined the BRI ( so has the KSA ) and China will rebuild it !

    You are witnessing the death of the Rothschilds !

    This site won’t accept the RT link – you will find this news on there !

  • Earlier, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov arrived in the Chinese district of Tunx for talks with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

    Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that amid the current, serious stage in the history of international relations, Russia and China will move to a multipolar, fair world order.

    “We are going through a very serious stage in the history of international relations. I am convinced that as a result of this stage, the international situation will become clearer significantly and we will move together with you, together with our other like-minded people, towards a multipolar, just, democratic world order,” he said.

    The Rothschildless BRI is on FULL throttle – prepare accordingly !

  • I remember Putin saying about 12 montths ago !

    ” Like the USSR – the American empire will collapse because there will just be too many FIRES to put out ”

    How prophetic !!

  • “The warning signs that our competition-based systems are unsustainable will get less and less subtle until we either move to collaboration-based systems or receive our final warning in the form of climate collapse or nuclear armageddon.”

    The problem is that a cooperation-based system looks like this:

    A concrete technical solution to enable direct democracy on the internet, outside of any current government, and make politicians obsolete.

  • One of these days you are all going to find out that it is the Rothschilds financed CERN in Switzerland is manipulating the weather !

    Based on Nikola Tesla’s discoveries CERN creates Radio Frequency ‘cavities’ that can travel near light speed heating up the Ionosphere !

    Also be aware that China or Russia are not allowed near the place and have NO positions on the research committee !

    I mean WTF does the world need a ‘particle’ collider for ???

    In fact molecules ‘colliding ‘ and creating friction heats your food in a microwave oven !

    Radio Frequency is no different when applied – the RF ‘cavities’ increase the speed to almost the speed of light !!

    • A lot of Tesla’s activities were being financed by none other than J.P. Morgan et al in order to control Tesla’s push for D.C. voltage electrical distribution as opposed to the in service winner A.C. electrical grids, which Morgan and friends were also invested in. Bet both sides and you can’t lose.
      Tesla had a huge device ona tower in NE of the US which pulled enormous power when operating. Under threat of being closed down some suggest Tesla wanted to demonstrate the importance of his work OR it was the planned last test before putting it all out of sight and out of Tesla’s hands and involvement.
      The final effort seems to have occurred at the same time as a massive event that flattened a huge area of northern Siberian wilderness especially forest areas. Some have said this was a meteor/comet impact effect though none seems to have been found and others that Tesla’s device caused the impact when it missed the northern arctic target just enough to hit in Siberia. Not sure how much truth is here but the Tesla facility was shut down and dismantled with Tesla no longer getting support.

  • ” … wait til the imperial crosshairs move to Beijing.”
    Oh no Ms. Johnstone not so fast, we have to crack the Russian nut first!
    Hey, we do have the diabolical Russkies on the run. The Column That Fell Asleep, the one to the west of Kyiv, has decided to retreat – aka skeddadle! – it was failing so miserably due to logistical difficulties.
    This not a feint, there is no Sun Tsu-sian deception going on here, The Column That Couldn’t is running for its life!
    Now we just have to get past the rubbles for gas sanctions the mean-spirited Russians have imposed on those countries on their list of “unfriendly” buyers. Once we overcome that minor hurdle by using sound – aka indecipherable – financial engineering principles, we can move on to China.
    The scenario I call, the Redoubtable Lamb in a Cage with a Hungry Tiger.

    • The UK and US led club after WW2 birthed a baby called NATO to supposedly oppose The Soviets and then after the 1990’s to control Russia and the former eastern block satellites etc. projecting UK/US and others power and influence.
      It is instructive in looking at all this to look at the history of what became kn own as NATO’s secret armies that were established in ALL European countries often with no more than two people in each having any idea of their presence and protecting the secrecy and activities from interference. There is much more to Stig Larsen’s series starting with The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo.
      Now the NATO baby may be pulling both the UK and US into a drama they cannot control and cannot get out of with the whole commitment and activities in Ukraine these last 8+ years.

      • Nato’s secret army is called Gladio and is behind a lot of the terrorist attacks attributed to the Red Brigades in Italy and to the Baader-Meinhof gang in Germany, among others, during the 70s. Some people have also wondered why the terrorist attacks in France in 2015 were carried out by Muslim thugs from Brussels, where Nato has its headquarters, and how they could so easily manage very complex operations with just the same military training as the boxcutter wielders of 9/11: sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll… Some people specifically wondered about that when the Arabs shooting at people in Paris described by the media looked more, according to survivors, like guys from the Azov Battalion :o)

        • Thanks for the extra info Pascal. This Secret Army was handed to NATO to restructure and appear to disband after the Italian Prodi let the cat out of the bag and it was becoming exposed anyway. The bombing -shooting in Norway may also have involved a rogue member of this shadow group which it seems got involved in all sorts of other unlawful activity (drugs etc.) using the cover they had and the resources and training given to them.
          Decades of murders, bombings, shootings and other activity none of which have been investigated properly says this was state sponsored and protected. Those responsible need to be at least exposed and called to account. A lot is known now so the picture is much clearer and people can be identified as associated.

      • Operation Gladio (Stay-behind army)

        • YEP. Highly secret, extremist political and social beliefs, mostly ex-fascists (or still fascist in reality) and highly criminal murderous well funded, well armed and equipped.
          All courtesy of the UK-USA or perhaps more correctly the hidden Cabal using their UK-USA control to create, fund and use for state sponsored terrorist activities across Europe, and for decades.
          Transparency, full total exposure of all State activities, with full responsibility and accountability of all in any political or public administration positions IS the only way to prevent this private take over of all life on our earth home.
          The private take over and control is in place now and must be removed for the survival.of all.

      • I’d say we were always in ‘private’ control. The ‘democratic’ facade was/is used to give the masses an illusion of ‘some’ control (voting). Can non-sociopaths remove sociopaths from power? Good question? Personally, I have no idea.

        • The word DEmocracy has no meaning as almost everyone has a different idea of what it is – and I say in reality no idea. Democracy is something people do yet 99% I am sure think it is something we ‘get’. A myth for sure and as you suggest a charade pretending to give the enslaved a belief that they mattered and had any power.
          When enough wake up to the pantomime the show will be over and I sense we are heading into the final act about now. – may be quite wrong, have been many times, but…. When the screens are removed, the props and backdrop gone the show will not work anymore and the actors seen for what they are – without the willing support of the masses, nothing can happen.

      • The hidden in plain sight elite have rarely lost their ‘throne’, I doubt if it’s going to happen, they have the general public brainwashed pretty good with the MSM and their controlled oppositions, not much different from a religious cult’s methods. On top of that, they have perfected cult ‘mind control’ to a fairly high level, I know from personal experience of what’s occurred to the many people I’ve known. So, yeah, it won’t necessarily be the ‘willing support of the masses’ they are after, not if they can cult control the majority. I get the impression that there may always only be a small minority of people like us that can see through the bullshit and can’t be brainwashed, because we are aware of their psychological and chemical methods.

      • **Partly** because we are aware of their psychological and chemical methods. Ironically, the film The Wizard of Oz is a great analogy of how they stay in power, via illusion and the majority being encouraged to be heartless (out for themselves), brainless (not thinking outside the box) and cowardly (lacking courage to challenge pathogenic authority). It takes a toy breed dog (trusting only its own senses/critical thought) to expose the realities of the charade and pull back the curtain.

    • No, it’s still on YouTube, posted on 24th, 6 days ago. He’s posted quite a few videos since then – check it out.

      • No, the interview I’m talking about was, I believe, done yesterday. Most of us have seen the Grayzone piece, and excellent it is. My bad on providing the wrong link to the video. This latest interview of Ritter is by Sam Gerrans and hopefully THIS is a better link. Watch it while you can…if you still can.


        • Guess I’m too late:

          Page Not Found

          The censors are faster than I.

  • Amazing how everyone, even Caitlin, ignores the fact that Ukraine has been ethnically cleansing the east Ukrainian republics who refused to cowtow to the illegally imposed US puppet government for 8 years. 8 years of cluster bombs and white phosphorous, slaughter of women children and babies. 8 years hosing the blood off the streets. I’m sad it took Russia so long to run out of patience with the diplomatic route, which the Ukrainians were never going to honour. Just before the invasion, a shitload of weapons were delivered to Ukraine from the west, and the build up of troops on the edge of the 2 Republics escalated. No doubt it was bait for Putin to invade, but as a Christian nation, there really was no alternative. The intention was to completely annihilate every man woman and child in the Donbass. Bravo President Putin … you restore my faith in humanity, because I’ve lost it with the West. Now the Russians have the Ukrainian army surrounded in the east, and have called upon them to surrender, which will spare them, but not the cruel Azov Batallion … they will be destroyed. It’s up to that pathetic actor Zelensky whether he grows a pair and saves the young men of Ukraine, but he will not oppose his puppeteers. It’s all very, very sad.

    • Not everyone is ignoring it, Helen, just the mainstream media.

  • Calling out the lies, misinformation and deliberate disinformation about the US involvements in SE Asia and the Vietnam war in particular brought on scorn and ridicule and worse during my teenage years and early twenties. i take no satisfaction at being proved right in time as it points to the big problem we face.
    Despite publicly available evidence including from the US government information office in Melbourne as to what was going on the vast majority of people sucked up the brainwashing and propaganda eagerly, unquestioning and uncritically. Pedigree sheep have more functioning brain cells, inbred Marino did not so Sheeple is sort of correct. Cambodia collapsed and uncounted numbers butchered or simply dead as a result of direct western interference which replicated so many conflicts in that area and elsewhere (see UK and the Mau Mau in Kenya, the Burma, Borneo and Malaya campaigns ).
    We must remember this is not about the American people though they have been co-opted to supply much to it all. The UK people are the same as are most, including Australians. There is a Cabal that control these resources to their own vicious purposes and they use nationality against us. There are two identities to almost all countries and peoples now, the true people one and the Cabal one. We need to start separating these two in our own minds and in speech.

  • Construction began on the Pentagon on 9/11 1941 – 60 years later to the DAY – they celebrated their complete control over the American people who fight the Rothschilds finananced WARS

    Remember the Pentagon is the SAME owners as the FED counterfeit money issuers !

    The Rothschilds !

    Unfortunately this war had to happen because the Rothschilds had moved in to Ukraine – lock – stock and barrel !

    They were preparing to murder the Ukrainians and steal the land !

    Just like the did to the Palestians circa 1948 – stole the land – murdered the Inhabitants and ‘cleverly ‘ called it ISRAEL in order to dupe all the Christians around the world !

    These are FACTS !

    • Indeed. Khazaria was pretty much where Ukraine is now. Those Khazars carry the memory of their tribe into the present. In their mind, Ukraine is theirs, and they don’t give a toss about any of the current Ukrainians. As I post above, the flower of the youth of Ukraine is about to be destroyed, just as the flower of the youth of Europe was destroyed in the trenches of France in WW1, another Khazarian culling. The world truly needs to wake up.

  • Re my earlier post regarding the Spectator article, I should just point out that I don’t read or subscribe to the Spectator, and the article was linked to in a recent piece by Peter Oborne about Jeremy Corbyn. Anyway, that said, I just went on the Spectator’s website a little while ago and did a search re >jeremy corbyn<, and over one thousand results came up. The articles are listed in the results chronologically, starting with the most recent one and working backwards. So anyway, it just this second occurred to me that the vast majority of them will no doubt have been written since he was elected leader, and since he stood down, or since he stood as a candidate in the leadership election in 2015 to be ultra precise.

    Anyway, to cut a long story just a teeny weeny bit shorter, I just checked out when the first of their articles about him was posted, and it was June 2015, just after Jeremy threw his hat in the ring. In other words, in less than seven years the Spectator published/posted over one thousand articles about him (1038 to be precise) – ie about 130 a year. And no doubt the vast majority of them were derogatory. Anyway, most of their articles are behind a paywall, but here's the visible part of a recent article:

    Jeremy Corbyn may no longer be Labour leader but he's still parroting the Kremlin's lines. It seems like just yesterday the former Leader of the Opposition was accused of siding with Moscow over the Skripal poisonings, having suggested that Novichok samples from the Salisbury attack should be handed over to Russia. Undeterred by the opprobrium he received in 2018, the Islington North MP is one of the usual suspects arguing that the current crisis in Ukraine is the result of – shock, horror! – those dastardly democracies in the West.

    For Corbyn is part of the gang of hard-left MPs who have signed up to a ludicrously one-sided 'open letter' by the ironically-named Stop the War coalition. All the old favourites are there: John McDonnell, Richard Burgon, Diane Abbott, Claudia Webbe. The group's letter argues that that it is 'the policies of the British government which have poured oil on the fire throughout this episode' – quite a claim when one side has 190,000 troops on the Ukrainian border and has occupied part of the other country for the last eight years.


    NB I should just clarify that the author of the piece is NOT a right-wing fascist propagandist.

    • Your point?

      • And yours?

  • I think the problem here today in this article is very basic. ‘If you have a go – you get a go’.
    Capitalism is neutral – it doesn’t love or hate you. Giving the dole or benefits to people makes them financially lazy. Nothing like going without food to give you an incentive. Can’t afford to adequately support your children? Capitalism has the answer… and it’s not nice. Stop whining about all the empty apartments and properties when you’re living in a cardboard box. You are part of the capitalist enterprise and without you it won’t work.
    War is good. Don’t doubt it for a second. A lot of important people have designed various conflicts around the world so you can contribute your little bit… maybe an arm or a leg. Should have diversified your investment portfolio to include prosthetics! See how easy it is.
    Stop niggling about lies – haven’t you heard of ‘white’ lies? And most of them are. War is a sausage and you shouldn’t look into the blender.
    Work hard if you have a job. Keep your head down. Consume. We all have a role.

    • Exactly. It’s a system we can all exploit. Life isn’t about what you want it’s about manipulating others to get what you want. Ultimately the buck stops with Mother Nature but that’s what we humans are here for – to transform the biosphere into the Noonshpere, the Anthropocene, transhumance and all that because of AI and uploading our consciousness into computers and Mars and stuff … or something. Anyway yes consume and be like everyone else.

  • Now are we just talking about US hegemonic policies here – which would be bad enough – or about shady dealings by Biden & Son and their possible cover-up by a full-fledged war if we’re not careful?
    According to various documents published by British newspapers and hyperlinked in this synthetic article…
    … we’re not only talking about support to a poor European country whose freedom and democracy are threatened by their neighbour Bad Vlad but of a high-flying multi-million dollar influence-peddling biolabs and energy scheme run by Hunter Biden while his dad was VP, complete with an email from Burisma board adviser Vadym Pozharskyi to Hunter in May 2014: “We urgently need your advice on how you could use your influence to convey a message / signal, etc. to stop what we consider to be politically motivated actions.”
    Following which, Brandon infamously boasted on video about how he got the prosecutor investigating Burisma fired by threatening the Ukrainian government to block the loan promised by Obama if they didn’t comply. In other words a rather sleazy blackmail to get off the hook a company in which his son was paid a fortune for being a White House doorman.
    At this point, it’s one of two things: either this will turn into a story next to which Watergate will look like a fairy tale (complete with vested personal interests to impeach Trump) or the establishment media will be able to maintain the American people in the dark along former CIA director Bill Casey’s line that their mission would be complete when everything the American people believe is false – in which case there will be two realities on this planet – as is already largely the case: the USG’s reality (also imposed on its allies or else…) and the reality of the other seven billion human beings.
    Whatever the case, in the light of all this, it’s a bit stiff to hear politicians tell us the sheeple that we’ll have to put on an extra jumper to mitigate the spike of the electricity bill and most particularly Brandon say that food shortages is the price we’ll have to pay for Ukraine’s freedom. Through a “special politicians” Google translator, it comes out as: “Here’s the deal: me and my pals – that is my son’s mostly -, we made a lot of dough in Ukraine with a little help from our friends Vicky “Fuck the EU” and Alex Windbag. The Russians now want to mess with that. So I demand you freeze your balls for what’s left of the cold season and possibly eat yourself a magic mushroom to ward them off”.
    Added bonus: it’s unlikely any of these guys will have to put on an extra jumper themselves or suffer food shortages.
    This arrogance is reminiscent of Gene Hackman playing a POTUS in Clint Eastwood’s Absolute Power, asking his agents to murder the daughter of a witness to a crime in which he’s involved and ending this turpitude with these cynical words: “Let’s get cracking boys! Show that you love your country!”

  • ‘It’s a good thing this is a hypothetical scenario and the US has no plans of global domination, because otherwise by now we’d probably have been marinating in a virulent anti-Russia propaganda campaign for five or six years and would be brainwashed into cheerleading for Russia to be choked off from the global economy with the goal of toppling Moscow.’

    Yes, and the idea that ‘Salisbury’ was all a massive big hoax and was all staged is just rickidiculous, and it was obviously the Russians wot done it, and the Tories and the Blairites were quite right to castigate Jeremy Corbyn for doubting that it was the evil Mr Putin wot ordered the assassination attempt, and the author of an article in The Spectator at the time obviously got it completely wrong. The article was headlined ‘Jeremy Corbyn is right about Russia’, and the author says the following:

    Those who do stand to benefit from this attempted murder are opponents of the Russian regime; either organised criminals, Mr Corbyn’s ‘Russia mafia-style groups’ or other states – I dunno, maybe Ukraine? – which gain rather than lose if the Putin regime is even further discredited…..

    Either way, I can’t help thinking that Jeremy Corbyn cuts a more convincing figure in this awful affair than either Mrs May or poor Gavin Williamson who told the Russians they should ‘just shut up’.

    The author of the piece also says the following: ‘But really, in this as in so much else the question is, cui bono?’

    Irony aside…..

    Putin stood only to lose of course – ie sanctions and international condemnation etc, etc. And does it seem remotely plausible that he would have an assassination attempt carried out just two days before the hundred days to go ‘celebrations’ for the World Cup Football, and just three months or so before the Tournament kicked off, and which Russia was hosting for the very first time?! OR, that the assassination would be planned and executed in such a haphazard way?! But how fortuitous for the Skripals though that the Chief Nurse of the British Army just happened to be walking by with her daughter at the time and, as such, came to their aid!

    Craig Murray put it like this: ‘The odds are about the same as the chance of my vacuum cleaner breaking down just before James Dyson knocks at my door to ask for directions.’


    NB The Spectator is a right-wing publication, and Boris Johnson was the Editor between 1999 and 2005, and I can’t help wondering if the article wasn’t so much a defence of Jeremy Corbyn, but as a way to let the readers of The Spectator know – if they hadn’t worked it out for themselves already – that of course Putin and Russia weren’t behind the episode. Maybe the folks at The Spectator even knew what was coming a few years further down the road!!

  • I wonder how much Homeland Security PAID Will Smith to slap Chris Rock. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

    Violence justified. Reasonable action to escape, in this case a distressed and irritable wife who was sure to give Will a hard time after the show. Justify violence to the zeitgeist in front of millions of people. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

    Violence justified, as in the shipment of Javelin Anti-tank guided missiles to the far-right neo-Nazi Azov Brigade.

    Like Jada Smith’s head, the naked truth.

  • Many Americans believed they were winning the Vietnam war right until the end.

    • They were if you count winning as wasting as much aging military equipment and debt based public money as possible while pushing the loot into private hands by the truck load.
      Who cares how many got killed, maimed and how much damage was done. Hey jungle grows back does it not?

  • Yes, and thank heavens psychopaths don’t run and control the world:


  • Tony Greenstein is on the ball as per usual:

    To understand the conflict in Ukraine today one has to go back to the talks held with Russian leaders in the wake of the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact, followed by German reunification. US secretary of state James Baker gave his famous “not one inch eastward” assurance about Nato expansion in his meeting with Mikhail Gorbachev on February 9 1990. It was part of a “cascade of assurances” given by western leaders to Gorbachev and other Soviet officials throughout German unification, according to declassified US, Soviet, German, British and French documents in the National Security Archive at George Washington University.

    The first such assurance was given by West German foreign minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher on January 31 1990. The US embassy in Bonn informed Washington that Genscher made clear that the changes in eastern Europe and the German unification process must not lead to an “impairment of Soviet security interests”. Therefore, Nato should rule out an “expansion of its territory towards the east: ie, moving it closer to the Soviet borders”.

    As late as March 1991, according to the diary of the British ambassador to Moscow, John Major personally assured Gorbachev: “We are not talking about the strengthening of Nato.” Subsequently, when Soviet defence minister Marshal Dmitry Yazov asked Major about east European leaders’ interest in Nato membership, the British prime minister responded, “Nothing of the sort will happen.”


  • The state of the system of election in the US is, as of right now, anyway, irrelevant. I say this because even if every aspect of that system had been conducted absolutely perfectly, its last outcome would still have been either a D – Mr. Potato Head or an R – Donito Assolini that would be POTUS for the next four years. 153 or so million voters voted for one or the other. Roughly 10 million voters did not.
    Therefore, More Of The Same it would be for the next four years!
    Only one “mission” matters to the Western Oligarchic Transnational Elite Collective (WOTEC) that “manages” the western empire — that Rs or Ds are “chosen” by voters to occupy elected positions of political power in the US. It does not matter one iota to the WOTEC whether it is an R or D that holds those positions!
    As it has occurred throughout my lifetime, the WOTEC once again accomplished their mission in the last presidential election. Only one fifteenth of the people that voted did not vote for an R or D. The REAL result of that recent election is that the WOTEC won a landslide victory in which they were certain to remain the WOTEC for another four glorious years. But, as it has been since at least 2000, the only topic of discussion in WOTEC’s MSM and among the members of WOTEC’s Bewildered Herd is the integrity of the election apparatus and whether it will be WOTEC’s R or D clones that will live as POTUS in the White House for the next four years, even though either will be, in the horrible end (which, IMO, will arrive far sooner that anyone expects), equally disastrous for the herd and all the people of all the other nations of the world that are suffering under US oppression.
    Again, to drive my point home deeper, even IF the system of election of candidates for positions of political power in the US had been absolutely perfect in every way during the last election,153 million people still voted for an R or a D, which means they would still have voted for More Of The Same — which, in reality, was “willingly” voting for a WOTEC to continue ruling over them; voting for a group of billionaires that is only interested in becoming increasingly wealthy, increasingly powerful, and increasingly world-crushing.
    It is exactly what happened — how much was spent and by whom — in the lead-up to the election that is of far greater importance than “the integrity of the voting system”. For example, just exactly WTF “led” Noam Chomsky, of all people, to recommend to voters that they vote for D – Mr. Potato-Head for POTUS? Did/does he not realize that in order for better politicians to be elected people have to actually vote for them?! I guess not.
    Regardless, whatever Holy Water it was that “worked” on Chomsky, OTEC is going to bottle it and sprinkle it on voters in the lead-up to the election in 2024.
    What’s really interesting to me is to consider the possibility that if the members of the Bewildered Herd quarrel enough among themselves to the point of “coming to blows”, the WOTEC just might propose a Constitutional amendment to completely get rid of this “divisive” right to vote………. because it really can’t be fixed. It’s beyond human capability. Human beings have to conduct this process and human beings are innately flawed and, therefore, the results will always be flawed. You can believe that, can’t you? So just get rid of the right to vote and then things will be great — far less divisive, etc. The way the Bewildered Herd apparently thinks nowadays — that voting doesn’t really matter; it’s an obvious waste of time as the last election just proved (even though the WOTEC spent tens of billions to make sure that the herd voted for an R or D when they stepped into the voting booth), etc. — I think there’s a better than even chance that the “ban the vote” amendment would pass …….. which would be great, right? THEN “things” would get better for average Americans, right? Certainly the WOTEC would appreciate it, because they then wouldn’t have to spend billions “conditioning” pigeons to peck at the “correct” R and D buttons in the voting booths and ignoring all the others.

    • Spot on.

  • We could stop much of the madness which envelopes our world if we could keep the psychopaths in our midst from acquiring political power. Science has proven this. For enlightenment, see theauthoritarians.org. There are even tests to identify psychopathic authoritarians and experiments which show what a world without them would be. Bob Altemeyer has done these studies. Until we somehow control them, they will continue to put the world in danger and, incidentally, to make our lives difficult in day to day living as well.
    Sadly, we don’t seem to have a clue about how we can control them.

  • With the ‘crud’ out of the eyes!
    Can anyone really know what the truth is; when chaos reigns? This is, and has always been the hegemonic foreign policy of the U.S.
    It consists in creating chaos and destabilization the world over. In this, they have been highly successful, for far too many years now.
    This is the power of the ‘public relations’ industry’s commanding force driving the American propaganda narrative machine.

  • The geostrategists and the MIC and OGMC got exactly what they wanted, schemed for and needed with this military intervention by Russia.
    The problem is that the former were too stupid to grasp the inevitable consequence of it and of them driving a wedge between Europe/Germany and Russia through their scheming over decades and its climax: an ever closer Russia/China&co long term relationship.
    Which is why they are panicking now, as evidenced by their criminal and mainly suicidal sanctioning and their outrage about the demand by Russia for Rubles instead of $s to pay for gas.
    They can’t even see that Russia would otherwise give away its gas for free, if it accepted for it useless, frozen and likely ultimately even confiscated $s (nor that they’ll have to buy the Rubles via a non-sanctioned foreign currency like Yuan first, of course).
    One can forgive the MIC and OGMC, as their evil scheming is quite normal for them and solely money-driven, but with stupid geo-strategists like this, who needs enemies?!

  • Any war is contrary to our essential humanity, so the instigators lie about it to keep it going.
    Let us consider how the wars end: usually by dividing the territories.
    So this is what it must be all about, dividing other people’s stuff.
    The truth is not going to be found somewhere in between what the US and Russia say, as some comments suggested.
    Simply there is no truth in war, war is always a lie, the information war especially.

  • Caitlin: That you see so clearly and state it so forcefully and come at it each day from another angle and with a new perspective yet still the answers are the same – stunning, brilliant, and always expressed so intelligently! The US is simply the single most belligerent and imperial power loose in our world to-day. Oppressing its own people – and all those others who won’t lie down and allow their tummies to be tickled – countries which have more respect for equality and for their own people. Who will not be steamrollered! Sure – all countries have dark histories and inequities but almost none so glaring as the US. Keep writing. I’ll keep sharing, Caitlin. Were I of a religious bent I’d be calling down blessings upon you – so maybe it’s best I am not? But certainly you are my World Citizen of this past decade!

    • Wonderful comment. Being of a religious bent, I gladly call down those blessings. May the best in the human spirit reassert itself and allow these new and promising developments in the peace talks to bear fruit.

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