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NBC News has a new report out citing multiple anonymous US officials, humorously titled “In a break with the past, U.S. is using intel to fight an info war with Russia, even when the intel isn’t rock solid“.

The officials say the Biden administration has been rapidly pushing out “intelligence” about Russia’s plans in Ukraine that is “low-confidence” or “based more on analysis than hard evidence”, or even just plain false, in order to fight an information war against Putin.

The report says that toward this end the US government has deliberately circulated false or poorly evidenced claims about impending chemical weapons attacks, about Russian plans to orchestrate a false flag attack in the Donbass to justify an invasion, about Putin’s advisors misinforming him, and about Russia seeking arms supplies from China.

Excerpt, emphasis mine:

It was an attention-grabbing assertion that made headlines around the world: U.S. officials said they had indications suggesting Russia might be preparing to use chemical agents in Ukraine.


President Joe Biden later said it publicly. But three U.S. officials told NBC News this week there is no evidence Russia has brought any chemical weapons near Ukraine. They said the U.S. released the information to deter Russia from using the banned munitions.


It’s one of a string of examples of the Biden administration’s breaking with recent precedent by deploying declassified intelligence as part of an information war against Russia. The administration has done so even when the intelligence wasn’t rock solid, officials said, to keep Russian President Vladimir Putin off balance.

So they lied. They may hold that they lied for a noble reason, but they lied. They knowingly circulated information they had no reason to believe was true, and that lie was amplified by all the most influential media outlets in the western world.

Another example of the Biden administration releasing a false narrative as part of its “information war”:

Likewise, a charge that Russia had turned to China for potential military help lacked hard evidence, a European official and two U.S. officials said.


The U.S. officials said there are no indications China is considering providing weapons to Russia. The Biden administration put that out as a warning to China not to do so, they said.

On the empire’s claim last week that Putin is being misled by his advisors because they are afraid of telling him the truth, NBC reports that this assessment “wasn’t conclusive — based more on analysis than hard evidence.”

I’d actually made fun of this ridiculous CIA press release when it was uncritically published disguised as a breaking news report by The New York Times:

We’d also had fun with State Department Spokesman Ned Price’s bizarre February impersonation of Alex Jones, where he wrongly claimed that Russia was about to release a “false flag” video using crisis actors to justify its invasion:

Other US government lies discussed in the NBC report were less cute:

In another disclosure, U.S. officials said one reason not to provide Ukraine with MiG fighter jets is that intelligence showed Russia would view the move as escalatory.


That was true, but it was also true of Stinger missiles, which the Biden administration did provide, two U.S. officials said, adding that the administration declassified the MiG information to bolster the argument not to provide them to Ukraine.

So the Biden administration knew it was sending weapons to Ukraine that would be perceived by a nuclear superpower as a provocative escalation, sent them anyway, and then lied about it. Cool, cool, cool.

This NBC report confirms rumors we’ve been hearing for months. Professional war slut Max Boot said via The Council on Foreign Relations think tank in February that the Biden administration had ushered in “a new era of info ops” with intelligence releases designed not to tell the truth but to influence Putin’s decisions. Former MI6 chief John Sawers told The Atlantic Council think tank in February that the Biden administration’s “intelligence” releases were based more on a general vibe than actual intelligence, and were designed to manipulate rather than to inform.

And in case you were wondering, no, NBC did not just publish a major leak by whistleblowers within the US government who are bravely exposing the lies of the powerful with the help of the free press. One of the article’s authors is Ken Dilanian, who in 2014 was revealed to have worked as a literal CIA asset while writing for The LA Times. If you see Dilanian’s name in a byline, you may be certain that you are reading exactly what the managers of the US empire want you to read.

So why are they telling us all this now? Is the US government not worried that it will lose the trust of the public by admitting that it is continuously lying about its most high-profile international conflict? And if this is an “information war” designed to “get inside Putin’s head” as NBC’s sources claim, wouldn’t openly reporting it through the mainstream press completely defeat the purpose?

Well, the answer to those questions is where it gets really creepy. I welcome everyone’s feedback and theories on the matter, but as near as I can figure the only reason the US government would release this story to the public is because they want the general public to know about it. And the only plausible reason I can think of that they would want the public to know about it is that they are confident the public will consent to being lied to.

To get a better sense of what I’m getting at, it helps to watch the televised version of this report in which Dilanian and NBC anchor Alison Morris enthuse about how brilliant and wonderful it is that the Biden administration is employing these psychological warfare tactics to mess with Putin’s mind:

The message an indoctrinated NBC viewer will get when watching this segment is, “Isn’t this awesome? Our president is pulling off all these cool 3D chess moves to beat Putin, and we’re kind of a part of it!”

It’s been obvious for a long time that the US empire has been working to shore up narrative control to strengthen its hegemonic domination of the planet via internet censorship, propaganda, Silicon Valley algorithm manipulation, and the normalization of the persecution of journalists. We may now simply be at the stage of imperial narrative control where they can begin openly manufacturing the consent of the public to be lied to for their own good.

Just as the smear campaign against Julian Assange trained mainstream liberals to defend the right of their government to keep dark secrets from them, we may now be looking at the stage of narrative control advancement where mainstream liberals are trained to defend the right of their government to lie to them.

The US is ramping up cold war aggressions against Russia and China in a desperate attempt to secure unipolar hegemony, and psychological warfare traditionally plays a major role in cold war maneuverings due to the inability to aggress in more overt ways against nuclear-armed foes. So now would definitely be the time to get the “thinkers” of America’s two mainstream political factions fanatically cheerleading their government’s psywar manipulations.

A casual glance around the internet at what mainstream liberals are saying about this NBC report shows that this is indeed what is happening. In liberal circles there does appear to be widespread acceptance of the world’s most powerful government using the world’s most powerful media institutions to lie to the public for strategic gains. If this continues to be accepted, it will make things a whole lot easier for the empire managers going forward.


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149 responses to “US Officials Admit They’re Literally Just Lying To The Public About Russia”

  1. It all comes down to the insanity of the Smith-Mundt Act of 2012 passed by Obama allowing the media to LIE for government propaganda which destroyed all credibility of the news media! Fake news now reigns all over the MSM and only the independent news agencies are the credible news reporters!

  2. They have LIED ever since you wanted to be governed by men. Methinks you enjoy it. Otherwise they certainly would be hanging be now.

  3. So long as the people do not care to exercise their freedom, those who wish to tyrannize will do so; for tyrants are active and ardent, and will devote themselves in the name of any number of gods, religious and otherwise, to put shackles upon sleeping men.

  4. This article would have been more substantive if the supporting information had been mentioned that Obama by executive order rescinded the ban against propagandizing US citizens. That was the antecedent to moving all the lemmings, as needed, in the direction the empire wishes. Here a link to explain the midnite under cover if darkness signed EO:

  5. Thanks Caitlin. I am glad you still also post to RT though your site is great the people of the world need to take a very hard look at what the real story is and how far from the truth the narrative has shifted the Overton Window. If even some of Russias claims are true then there is a very serious potential for a disaster, the likes of which the world has never completely seen.
    A truly affective bio weapon potentially has no bounds. It is not like a nuke. There is no fallout zone or designated path of destruction. A single release of a well designed bio weapon has the potential to spread via anything from insects like flees, bird mites or mosquitos or it could spread via the air. It could migrate across the planet in the space of months or even weeks due to air travel. It could kill indiscriminately. No country would be completely safe. There is some evidence linking the same research carried out in Wuhan Institute of virology China via groups like Eco Health Alliance which was also involved with research on strains of Covid in Ukraine. It is madness that people are blaming the Russians. Their intervention in the corrupt madhouse of Ukraine may have saved the planet.
    Just the fact the US has backed so many labs should be seen as the red flag it was to the Russians. They are not stupid and to allow such to go on.

  6. USA-ma Bin Laden Avatar
    USA-ma Bin Laden

    “Well, the answer to those questions is where it gets really creepy. I welcome everyone’s feedback and theories on the matter, but as near as I can figure the only reason the US government would release this story to the public is because they want the general public to know about it. And the only plausible reason I can think of that they would want the public to know about it is that they are confident the public will consent to being lied to.”

    The reason is called the Normalization of Lying.

    The Americans are openly admitting to lying in order to make a lying a normal and perfectly acceptable way of life.

    Whereas in the past, America would lie–but pretend that it would not do such an immoral thing.

    Now, America will lie openly–but pretend that it eminently justified and moral to do such a thing.

    The American Beacon of Liberty is the Beacon of Lies.

  7. Paul Rackemann Avatar
    Paul Rackemann

    Well, Caitlin, you seem to have stirred up the nest with this one.
    I wonder if anyone here has heard the term “pious fraud”? The dictionary definition of it is, “A fraud designed to benefit the victim, especially to strengthen religious belief.” This boggled me when I first found out about it. But I think it has some relevance here.
    Other people may understand it better than I do, and may be able to express themselves better than I can, so please excuse the rest of this if it doesn’t quite come up to expectations.
    It seems that there is a sort of self-confidence that develops in people who are part of a long-established and complacent thought-group, who are used to imposing their views on others, even making laws to forbid doubt of their pronouncements. I am old enough and rural enough to have experienced Christianity this way. You HAD to believe. If you didn’t, that was proof of your immorality. I won’t go on with this one because I know there really are people, fragile people I think, who really do need Christianity or something similar to keep them functional. But the same attitude is very obvious today in what I call the real official religion of the West, i.e. education.
    I did my primary schooling by correspondence, in the late 1950s. I think the Primary Correspondence School of Queensland (one of the subdivisions of Australia for anyone who doesn’t know) was a rather old-fashioned one for the time, and still adhered to the idea that “education” was to teach us what we needed to know to be able to function in modern society, such as how to read, write, and do sums, and a bit about history and geography, and enough about how the voting system worked so that we would be able to decide for ourselves how to vote.
    That, I think, was the approach taken when “education” was still fighting its way up to dominance against Christianity, in a society in which (especially in rural areas) people really still did believe that God sent his son to die for our sins, so that he wouldn’t have to punish us for all eternity. At the same time, remember, the journalists were fighting for the right to print the truth, which was, from the point of view of the people in authority, a wicked piece of impudence. In those days, journalists and teachers really could be on the side of truth.
    Nowadays, education is the established religion, and there is a new complacent establishment, consisting of the universities and the big media organisations, orchestrated perhaps by the secret agencies; and they take it for granted that they can tell us what to think, just as the Christian clergy could in times past. They don’t burn us at the stake, but they certainly can keep us from getting jobs, keep us poor, vilify us.
    And remember, they are getting better at this all the time. They have departments devoted to studying how to do it at universities.
    This means, I suggest, that democracy doesn’t really function. It only works when people really are equal to some degree. When people are lied to, kept ignorant, have their prejudices exploited against them, democracy becomes just a tool of what I call the priesthood, the people who live by deceit.
    There has been a fair bit of angry talk in the comments about what we can DO. This is the sort of thing that led men to go in for armed rebellions in the past. It is apt to get most of you slaughtered and the rest hanged. I think the best thing an individual can do is what you, Caitlin, do: discuss it, spread the word, argue about faults in our perceptions, DRAW MORE PEOPLE IN. I do realise that this offers no guarantees. But this sort of thing worked for Gandhi.

  8. Ernest Martinson Avatar
    Ernest Martinson

    The public must be lied to so that politicians can get their way. The public doesn’t know what’s going on anyway.

  9. Nestor B. Aguilar Avatar
    Nestor B. Aguilar

    The drumbeats of war, climate change, the false flag of the COVID19 pandemic, and cyberattacks are used to instill fear and cover up the bankruptcy of global corporate government and the impending global currency reset.

  10. I used to believe that Americans are basically good and kind, but now I realize that they are only obedient and pretending.

  11. Conspiracy Analyst Avatar
    Conspiracy Analyst

    The American public does consent to be lied to. The scope and scale of the propaganda campaign by the deep state is staggering. The American public is so completely misinformed because the propaganda campaign is very effective. As former high school teacher, I really think a lot of our acceptance of the lies comes because we just don’t read anymore. JFK’s assassination and 9/11 are two examples for seeing that the official narrative is clearly destroyed with a little reading. Caitlyn, you wrote an article about how we tend to assume that propaganda is focused on the inevitability of war but it’s much deeper than that. We are lied to about everything.

    1. I think your first sentence is the critical bit … it’s one thing to be lied to, it’s another to consent to being lied to. To desire it even, perhaps? Because it makes our life so much less complicated … “see, we’re the good guys we always thought we were”

    2. I do NOT consent to be lied to by presstitute media. You can add TWA flight 800 shoot down and the USA based anthrax attacks to your list of things we have been utterly lied to about. And then there are all those biolabs in Ukraine that Putin wants destroyed. Ask Victoria Nuland about them if you do not believe in them.

    3. Yes indeed. They even lie about lying.
      Why? Because they cant help it.
      Lies are their native tongue.
      They don’t know any other language.

  12. Are you trying to say Wilson and you also are saying all of us, I guess literally everyone, are part of the power elite? If so, I can’t think of anything more idiotically absurd.

    1. That was meant as a reply to the ever-trolling Robyn, here only to advocate for more hating on Russia/Putin, not to Caitlin. (Robyn promotes Two Minutes Hate on behalf of US Big Brother like no one else could.)
      This comment function put it up here on top. This site needs a far less confusing comment board.

  13. For the money they spend on info war you would expect Nato countries to get more doctored info out there and in more creative ways than anyone else, far more – and they do. Maybe they just want to show off a bit, admit in public how good they are. Still, it is pretty bad, the stage we are at now and been for some years, when someone can openly say things like “we didn’t like killing these children, but we all know they deserved it” and that is passed as acceptable, or isn’t even noticed in the sea of their propaganda.

  14. Julius Evola said that one of the favorite tactics of « occult warfare » is to draw « all the attention of the adversary to elements which are only partially or secondarily responsible » for Subversion. « All the reaction is then unloaded on these elements, which have become scapegoats », or, as he writes elsewhere, « false objectives ».
    Link (French):

  15. Where do you go from here? They are literally telling people that they are being lied to constantly and everyone is like “yup okay, no worries.” Sorry humanity you’re too stupid to carry on.

  16. If the Pope told his Sheeple that religion was all lies most of the flock would still worship the invisible supernatural creatures. Most humans are idiots.

    1. Great article – thank you.

  17. Thank you. I’m a huge fan of yours already, as this is one of your best articles. Keep up the awesome work.

  18. But.. but… but… surely Scotty wouldn’t lie.. or even Marise Payne… and not, no, not ever… the ABC!?!
    My world rug has just been pulled from beneath my feet. The bare unpainted and unvarnished boards are on full view… ouch.. a bloody splinter! Is that a nail sticking up…?
    The whopper, still in my view the best, is the Battle of Britain. Even QEII lays a wreath every BofB day.
    Cuba’s ongoing perfidiousness is good too… caring for your own people first! What a low lying, rotten trick that is to play on your great neighbour to the north.
    And god knows, even us poor Aussies did our best for the heathens of Iraq and Afghanistan. Don’t get me started on Vietnam – our press-ganged diggers laid down their lives and countless limbs so that them ungrateful Asians didn’t have to live under the yoke of socialism.
    And now, just when Ukrainians are starting to understand the joys of Nazism – someone just has to try and spoil it. Who hasn’t had neighbours that piss you off? National Socialism says you don’t have to tolerate it any further. Lebensraum is a fact. Out with them pesky Donbass Russians. JFC… can’t they take a hint!?!
    We, in tiny minded Australia have our own problems, new arrivals and ancient arrivals – just where did the indigenes come from… eh? Caretakers indeed! Don’t even understand latin… terra nullius, matey! Well… the real owners have arrived thank you very much. Even 60,000 years a bit late. And the newer arrivals arriving in boats… well, we stopped those. Bloody copycats.
    Don’t tell me about Ukraine. I’m polishing my boots and trying out that nifty little armband… but don’t know if field grey suits me – might try that black number, with the silver piping and badging.

    1. So glad that you can forgive and forget that it was your kin went on slaughter parties to indigenous villages. You tell each other that you’re so different than Scott and the ALP, you are the same kin in my eyes. Make “Australia “ better, go.Just go.

      1. Hi Kirra
        Please look up ‘irony’

        1. You mean pay better attention when White folks speak to you?” So sorry I didn’t tell it was a White who is sorry about all that killing not cricket wot. You forgave yourself that what irony is?

          1. Hi Kirra
            Don’t really know what you’re on about. My heritage is Australian, a dilution from my forebears of Irish convict, part Maori and Indigenous (Awabakal).
            Cheers mate!

    2. Perfectly put….and great irony

  19. Lying is the tactic of a bully. Intimidation forces acceptance. The subservient accept lies. Isolated, depending on oil being affordable to avoid destitution, Americans are the bitch of money and those who have it.

    Morality died and now lies enjoy great status.

  20. BB Benderhaus Avatar
    BB Benderhaus

    Governments have always lied to the people. This is nothing new. Any news of importance is nothing more than propaganda. Your local news is of no consequence so you get a little more truth depending on the story. Today we have more access to alt sites to learn some of the truth about events but like most knowledge it is useless to us on a personal level.

    1. Nothing new but there are new ways to do it and now in the digital age the honesty of printers ink is lost.

    2. thorsjackhammer Avatar

      We also have more access to controlled opposition ‘Alt’ outlets that we don’t know are controlled. Well, at least initially until they slip up.

  21. During Covid official narratives often held up for a long time. Months for most of them, years for some of them. Hell, a few of those narratives are still hanging in there, despite the fact the government and their media is telling it’s citizens “no, no, no, that was a lie, you need to move on.”
    But since this Ukraine thing began, official narratives aren’t holding up for month, most are done within a week, and some fall on the very same day they’re put out there.
    Now the government is advising us that all official narratives are not be believed, even if they’re true.
    “Isn’t this awesome? Our president is pulling off all these cool 3D chess moves to beat Putin, and we’re kind of a part of it!”
    Maybe that’s it. We’ve all been deputized, every one of us made a proud card carrying member of the CIA!
    It could also be that sheer batshit insanity has become official government policy, if for no other reason that it best reflects current … realities?
    Lmao … Who the fuck knows, Ms. Johnstone. We are in a le Carré novel set in the Land of Orwell. The only thing I know for sure, is at the end of the 3rd Punic War, Rome didn’t have to worry about Carthaginian Empire firing off its nukes before they razed Carthage to ground and salted over the remains.

    1. Phillis Stein Avatar
      Phillis Stein

      I believe this speaks to the increasing levels of consciousness on this planet. Many sleepers still remain and some of them won’t get there at all. Many have awoken during covid and many more will awaken with Ukraine. For those of us who have been awake for a very long time – well, we’re just waiting. Actually, we are doing more than that, but you get the point. I love the fact you noticed something I’ve been thinking about the last few days – it seems that the truth is coming faster each time now.

      “A lie will make its way half way around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.”
      ~ Winston Churchill

      Until recently, I would have to say that Churchill had it spot on. However, with the technology we now have and the increase in consciousness more generally that we are seeing; this certainly bodes well for the future. It seems that the light-deficient ones who wish to crush humanity are finding it harder and harder to get one past people now – and the more they do it, the less well it will work out for them. When we reach a certain percentage of AWAKENED ones; then it is GAME OVER.

      1. We are still not getting at the question as to why though. I’ve been at this all day, thinking about it all day, this question our host asked, read several related articles, tons of comments, and no one has even made an attempt to reason out why our government is letting us know that everything they say could be complete and utter bullshit, which means dear citizen, that all official pronouncements henceforward are not to be trusted!
        Again, lmao …
        I feel like this what my brain is designed for, to dive into the madness and pull out a few theories that make a modicum of sense, but when I do I find I’m only swimming in a sea of lunacy.
        Why would our government voluntarily give up its sovereign right to pull the wool over our eyes,* especially one that has proven to be so good at it for such a long time?
        It just doesn’t make sense.
        *Or tell us the truth. They could also do that, as that too is their sovereign right.
        Note: Nice Churchill quote. Thanks for it.

    2. thorsjackhammer Avatar

      “Why would our government voluntarily give up its sovereign right to pull the wool over our eyes”.

      Possibly, because part of the end game is to destroy all ‘sovereign’ governments in order to justify a single central government (NWO). That’s why you get these total clowns like Trump and Johnson, to make what’s coming (NWO?) seem a far better option. A controlled demolition of ‘sovereign’ nations.

      1. Blessthebeasts Avatar

        You could be right.

  22. Frank Thompson Avatar
    Frank Thompson

    Caitlin writes: The officials say the Biden administration has been rapidly pushing out “intelligence” about Russia’s plans in Ukraine that is “low-confidence” or “based more on analysis than hard evidence”, or even just plain false, in order to fight an information war against Putin.”

    The first thing to notice about that paragraph is the use of quotation marks. “[L]ow-confidence” and “based more on analysis than hard evidence” included as quotations implies that there are direct quotations to back up the use of the terms. The glaring omission is Caitlin’s failure to place “or even just plain false” within quotation marks. So that is apparently an unsourced conclusion she has drawn, even though its placement attempts to connect it with statements of fact about the U.S. statements about the information it possesses and the assessments, the guesses, if you will, that it has made from that information (which it admits is not all based on hard evidence.

    In other words, it is a dishonest smear.

    There is little doubt that the U.S. and its allies are engaged in a propaganda war v. Russia. Just remember that effective propaganda is often factual, but presented in a misleading way or presented alongside speculation. And importantly, Russia is also a source of propaganda and lies. There is no reason to credit everything coming from Moscow just because the U.S. may be lying to you.

    1. yes, the western msm should cover russian propaganda more, especially those telegram-accounts of ukrainian nationalist battalions and their attitude towards pow’s.

      1. Frank Thompson Avatar
        Frank Thompson

        Martin, Are you saying, then, that Ukrainian Telegram accounts are tools of Russian propaganda? Thus, you seem to imply that Ukraine and Russia are one and the same?


        1. it seems that ukrainian nationalists are proudly posting their atrocities and ideas on how to treat pow’s on their telegram accounts (pretty much like the jihadi’s did) but it is not covered in western media (because anything that runs contrary to the narrative is considered russian propaganda).

          1. Frank Thompson Avatar
            Frank Thompson

            OK. I don’t have Telegram.

    2. THIS (above) ~ YES ~ I’ve seen her do such things on more than one occasion & I’ve called her out on it before, with other things, always ragging on America, often shady remarks like this, & never a constructive word or positive suggestion for what to DO about any of it. But yeah, I’ve seen her do this before, so thanks for calling it out, sir, GOOD ON ya’, brother, VERY well said. =)

      Ahhh, how deeply gratifying to see that SOMEONE is paying attention to all of this every bit as closely, & with as much CRITICAL DISCERNMENT, as I am. Amazes me how many fairly intelligent/well-read people actually MISS tiny details like that. KUDOS, Frank! YOU, sir, actually have a BRAIN that obviously actually FUNCTIONS properly, & it gives me real hope. Sincerely, THANK you. =) <3

      That said, just on GP, it is my own practice to question/distrust ALL sides, whenever any government & their militaries are involved. So, although I FEEL for the CITIZENS of ALL of these nations, ALL of whom are being detrimentally effected on some level or other, Ukrainians & Russians worst of all, I don't trust the Russian government, I don't trust the Ukrainian government, and I MOST CERTAINLY do NOT trust my own government in the very LEAST. In fact, I trust my own government LEAST of all. So Cait did screw up there, you are SO right about that, & thanks again, but she's also not all wrong about this either.

      Bottom line is, I don't trust ANY of them, including my OWN, because I KNOW for a FACT that they are ALL liars, and that this entire global system & all the constant wars are ALL of a DELIBERATE DESIGN that goes all the way back to the FIRST "King" ever "crowned", the FIRST "government" (abstract mental construct) ever created to MANIPULATE and CONTROL the MASSES/& to forever keep playing this group against that group, because that's what keeps it all going “War is ‘good’ for the ‘economy’.” bleeding crock o’pure SHITE.

      People need to relearn & understand this on a visceral gut-deep level. They need to know that NONE of these governments & their military branches are their “friends”, & that they NEVER WERE, & NEVER WILL be, & that MSM (mainstream media) is precisely HOW they MANIPULATE mass consent for all the EVILS that they do. It’s a FACT. When you know it, you can’t UNKNOW it, & then you are truly FREE from it ~ IF you choose to be.

      Generals and politicians and rulers don’t CARE about you/me/us. They want to maintain their own “wealth” & “affluence” & “power”, and to dominate & RUN the whole world. One thing Cait is right about, it’s always been about global dominion & a unipolar hegemony. YOU/we are ALL their “SLAVES” as long as we keep buying into ANY PART of this putrid thing/this highly UNSTABLE & ultimately UNSUSTAINABLE abstract mental construct by which the whole world now runs. And they’re ALL in on it (Putin, Biden, Zelensky, Xi, Kim, et. al.) <NONE o'these leaders/governments & their military branches can be trusted.

      THIS is all just exactly how they manipulate you, via the media you view/read. And it is ALL about those who run the world maintaining their "wealth" & "power", it always was.

      But the TRUTH is that they really have NO such things, because what they CALL "wealth" & "power" are NO such things, they've just FOOLED everyone into believing these LIES & going along with it like good, blind, obedient, braindead "worker-bee zombies". >> It is time for fundamental change.

      When folks learn that WE (the workers, engineers, scientists, hard laborers) are the ones who TRULY have the POWER, & that we CAN FORCE things if we choose to, because WE are the ones who make the whole world GO, THEN we can collectively get it together and take our WORLD back.

      And when folks learn the fundamental TRUTH, that “wealth” is merely an IDEA (another UGLY abstract mental construct based on the CONSTANT ever-INCREASING acquisition of “money” & what they call “resources”), & that TRUE “wealth” is what you MAKE of what you already HAVE, THEN you will all learn that you are all INCREDIBLY RICH already.

      Oh, yes, *indeed*, we are & always have been wealthy beyond MEASURE. Because the FACT is, this planet was always RICH with life-giving food, water, shelter, & those simple things are ALL we EVER needed, as long as we have each other. Now, social media/MSM would take even THAT from us, because THAT is TRUE wealth. And if wee had that, we wouldn’t BUY all of the GARBAGE they’re SELLING. We’re ALL more wealthy in life than ANYONE will acknowledge/admit. Most folks have just been brainwashed by this commercial/disposable/$$$-making system (read: bought into all this GARBAGE).

      Just my humble opinion, but I’ve felt since I was a child that it is PAST time for us to just SMASH this broken thing once & for all, & then, TOGETHER, as ONE HUMAN “race” go on to create something much BETTER, something truly beautiful, & that actually WORKS, & INCLUDES/PROVIDES for ALL people/ALL nations/ALL cultures, & ALLOWS EVERYONE the kind of dignity, respect, & a livelihood, & the kind of CARE that we ALL deserve.

      This can be done peacefully, & far more easily than anyone seems ready to entertain. I don’t know why, but it is PAST time to stop beating dead horses & have THIS discussion now instead. >>>>> SOLUTIONS, PLEASE AND THANK YOU…..

      And this is not so much for you, Frank, but for all now reading this: SUGGESTIONS, anyone?….. ANYONE?….. *I* have a few, & have shared them numerous times, with no response or feedback, not even a single acknowledgement, & that’s pretty PUTRID too. I have YET to see anything in the way of positive suggestions/solutions from anyone else. So until anyone else is ready to start talking solutions, this is all waste of time anyway. I want to know what we are going to DO about it. I want to discuss SOLUTIONS, which we can ALL COLLECTIVELY implement TOGETHER, on a GLOBAL scale.

      Namaste & Blessed Be =) <3
      Wind (cantakerous 50-something OLD SCHOOL broad)

      1. have you thought about thich quang duc – strategy? it seemed pretty effective. you could pick a us or russian embassy. (fyi: it’s another joke)

        1. Ha… ha… HAH! ~ You’re HILARIOUS! ~ Moi? ~ sacrifice myself so painfully? ~ for THESE putrid human monkeys? >>> Nah, mate ~ think I’ll give it a miss, thanks. These idiotic human monkeys are not worth the pain, the effort, or the sacrifice. Frankly, I hope Covid wipes out 99.9 % of the entire human population ~ & if it ever does (oh, how I pray for this, I really, really do), then any survivors, & the planet itself, & all other life ON this planet will be better off for it. I’d welcome anything that ended in the extinction of the entire human race, to tell you the WHOLE truth. I’m sure this HORRIFIES you, but GOD, it feels SO GOOD to FINALLY come right OUT with it & tell everyone here PRECISELY how I feel. I’m sick of the hatred & the stupidity, and the downright UGLINESS & inanity & insanity & all the stupid sheeple. They are NOT WORTH my sacrifice. In fact, I’m done here. I’ve decided this is a bunch of fucking BULLSHIT that’s not worth it, & is just another UTTER waste of time & effort. FUCK this. I’m unsubscribing & unfollowing, everywhere. So don’t bother replying, I won’t be back. Humans are the UGLIEST fucking creatures on this poor dying planet, & people are just plain fucking stupid. We deserve extinction. Smh. Have a nice day. =)

          1. You can leave anytime you like, we will choose life. You must have take the vaxx. Altering your DNA, which is the antenna to your divine creator, has separated you from any soul you might have ever had.

      2. jerry fischer Avatar
        jerry fischer

        “Peace is the triumph of freedom,
        freedom the victory of justice,
        justice the measure of equality,
        equality the birthright root of our common humanity.”

        Thanks for sharing & PEACE bless your heart!

      3. thorsjackhammer Avatar

        “I don’t trust ANY of them, including my OWN, because I KNOW for a FACT that they are ALL liars, and that this entire global system & all the constant wars are ALL of a DELIBERATE DESIGN that goes all the way back to the FIRST “King” ever “crowned”, the FIRST “government” ever created to MANIPULATE and CONTROL the MASSES/& to forever keep playing this group against that group, because that’s what keeps it all going.”

        Yep, agree. To believe otherwise is cognitive dissonance and abuser bonding working its ancient cult mind control programming, of which it does, and mostly successfully.

    3. The false claims are clearly outlined in the article that you are commenting on.

      1. Actually, it wasn’t that clear. See his point about the part you left out of quotes, which SHOULD have gone IN quotes as well. You need to reread both what he said as well as your own article. Maybe it was just a typo, but don’t be so bloody sure of yourself, because *I* *SAW* precisely what he’s referring to…

        And here I quote Frank: “The first thing to notice about that paragraph is the use of quotation marks. ‘[L]ow-confidence’ and ‘based more on analysis than hard evidence’ included as quotations implies that there are direct quotations to back up the use of the terms.” (I read them, he may not have, but his POINT is, & *I* *agree*)… >>> “The glaring omission is Caitlin’s failure to place (the words) ‘or even just plain false’ within quotation marks.” <<< & frankly, I got stuck on that myself, so no, you were NOT clear enough about that. Just sayin'. You MIGHT want to check & reword it or change where you put the quotation marks. Just maybe.

        1. The quotes were in quotes, the non-quotes weren’t in quotes. Obviously Ken Dilanian is not going to use the words “just plain false” to describe the US government circulating information that is just plain false, but he doesn’t need to because an objective reading of what he reports shows that that’s what happened. Not complicated.

          1. Blessthebeasts Avatar

            Good answer.

          2. Yes, I understood that ~ & no offense, but I agree with Frank ~ without the quotes on that particular part, it is plain that this is just YOUR OPINION & not necessarily FACT. That’s all I’m saying, & if I’m not mistaken, that’s his point too ~ except that he thinks it is dishonest/deliberate, & I think it was an honest mistake. But it was put out there like a fact, & it’s really just your opinion, that’s what I got stuck on, not so much the lack of quotations as the choice of wording & the way you did it. It did come off as kind of sneaky/skewed/with no proof thereof. But whatever. I still like your articles, & more truth here than anywhere else, so no offense, but I still stand by what I said.

            1. Something doesn’t need to be a quote to be a fact. It is a fact that US government officials admitted that they are circulating information that is just plain false. Again, really not complicated.

              1. Your comment was MISLEADING, Cait, OWN IT.

                1. Favor everyone and Go very far away . . . Quickly !

            2. Blessthebeasts Avatar

              No way. She didn’t put in in “quotes” but it’s just common sense if you weren’t born yesterday.

              1. That is not the point. *I* know what she MEANT, but the part that is not IN quotes IS MISLEADING, because it implies “officials” said somehing they did not. I STAND BY WHAT I SAID. It IS MISLEADING. She NEEDS to REWORD that so this is CLEARER. PERIOD.

          3. Frank Thompson Avatar
            Frank Thompson

            If it is not a quotation, then no matter how obvious the conclusion seems to be, it is not true that “US Officials Admit They’re Literally Just Lying To The Public About Russia.”

            1. i don’t think an admission requires an explicit quote to be true.

              1. Frank Thompson Avatar
                Frank Thompson

                And I don’t think you have much of an appreciation of what it means to claim that something is literally being admitted, then hang your hat on your own conclusions when the alleged admissions do not literally exist. A better descriptor might be “tacitly.” As in “US Officials Tacitly Admit They’re Just Lying To The Public About Russia.”

                They are not literally admitting any such thing, but the truth may be shown in what they are not saying. It is dishonest to claim they literally admit something that they did not literally admit.

                1. i’m sorry, didn’t see your beef was with the semantics of ‘literally’. i read it more as an intensifier at first.
                  i think the text in the quote seems convincing enough to the point that was being made, though (‘us officials said they had indications …’ vs ‘us officials told nbc …there is no evidence …’). ‘tacit’ might actually have been better in a way, but then again, it might blunt the sense of flagrancy and passion (and i admit, a kind of ‘folksiness’) slightly.

        2. W.T.F. ???? I was under the impression you were “GONE”.
          So why didn’t you stay “GONE” ?

    4. She linked the article these quotes are in you absolute sandwich – These quotes are in the article.

      1. LOOK ~ WITCH ~ NAME calling is not necessary, but if YOU wanna GO there, you FUCKING CUNT, DO, LETS > You need to GO BACK and READ ALL of what I have SAID. I READ the fucking LINKS you ABSOLUTE IDIOT, and I SAID so, and HER COMMENT there is STILL MISLEADING, THAT is a FUCKING FACT, so don’t BE a BITCH if you can help it. FUCK OFF, you obnoxious fucking RUDE CUNT. You wanna THROW INSULTS, I’ll beat you every day of the week, you putrid CUNT. EAT SHIT & GO FUCK YOURSELF.

        1. Have a good one mate

    5. Phillis Stein Avatar
      Phillis Stein

      I’m sure there would likely be propaganda happening on both sides. So, as someone who likes to look at both sides of any issue (or more, if there are more), I can say that I haven’t actually come across the Russian propaganda that has since been proven to be untrue. So, I’d really love to see some examples of that, if you have any. What I HAVE got, are loads of examples of the propaganda (and proof it is such) from the Ukrainian sides. So, if you do have any examples of the Russian propaganda that I could study, I’d appreciate it – I just haven’t come across anything proven wrong yet, and I’d like to find it if it exists. This is a genuine request by the way – at the end of the day – I’m happy with the TRUTH, however that comes packaged!

      1. thorsjackhammer Avatar

        The TRUTH is simple. ALL Governments lie to stay in control, to stay in power. They compartmentalize their military, their intel services and their ‘subjects’ to divide and conquer.

  23. We’d be hard pressed to find a better definition for the United States than Putin’s “empire of lies”.

    And it’s nothing new either. Like violence and apple pie, lying is an American institution. Proof?

    I once read a beautiful book published in 1971 by one Teresa Carolyn McLuhan and called Touch the Earth, a compendium of quotes by Native Americans recorded at the turn of last century.

    Here’s one of them to back my assessment.

    Pachgantschilhilas, chief of the Delawares, says: “White men claimed loud and clear that their laws were made for everyone but it soon became obvious that while hoping to make us adopt them, they themselves had no qualms about breaking them. Their wise men advised us to embrace their religion but we discovered that they had several. We found them hard to understand, especially since it was rare that two white men agreed about the matter. This troubled us a lot until we understood that the white man didn’t take his religion any more seriously than his laws. He kept them at hand to be used as tools in his relationship with people”.

    Ain’t gonna fuck the chief of the Delawares with sophistry, I tell you that!

    And then the state of Delaware gave us Joe Biden, a fiscal paradise and a lost laptop. Go figure…

    However Kondiaronk, a Huron chief, was not more tender when he said to a baron: “You’re already so despicable that you can’t fall any lower [wanna bet?]. What kind of men are the Europeans anyway? What kind of creatures choose to be forced to do good and whose only incentive to avoid doing evil is the fear of punishment? Take my advice: become a Huron. The difference is clear between my condition and yours. I’m the master of mine. I have full possession of my body and mind, I do what I want, I am the first and the last of my nation and I don’t fear any man because I depend entirely on the Great Spirit. The same doesn’t go for you. Your body as well as your soul are doomed to be in the service of your captain or your viceroy. You are not free to do what you have in mind. You’re afraid of robbers, murderers, false witnesses and you are dependent on a gazillion of folks whose position is above yours…”

    Them Injuns really got our number, didn’t they? And that was before the CIA’s repeat bullshit machine stepped in!

    1. In the economic history of the world, the professor said the “discoverers” of America could not make Native Americans work for them as serfs, and besides various plagues they brought in decimated the native populations. So the Europeans (starting with the Dutch) invented intercontinental slave trade to establish colonies in the Americas.
      I am so disgusted learning about European origins of America.
      Not much there they would want to talk about honestly every day, so the US government has to habitually lie.

      1. But of course ~ Hence this quote on the Stature of Liberty, to lure in more slaves: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore.”

        1. Yep, the Dutch could not find enough people to work, so they invited people from Europe to come on contract as serfs. After they served their term, they were set to be free.
          Still that was not enough, so they expanded the slave trade.

          1. Exactly! Well said. Shadiest & most twisted thing of all is how America went on to make “wage slaves” of us ALL ~ & tricked us ALL into going along with it & ENSLAVING OURSELVES to this foul thing, with MSM. But once you KNOW, you KNOW, & one can then FREE oneself from this foul abstract mental construct, if one chooses to do so. I still say it’s time to stop talking about all that’s wrong, & start talking about what we are ALL GOING to DO about it, collectively. It’s high time we stop beating the dead horse & just bury the poor thing & start coming up with SOLUTIONS. Just sayin’.

            1. thorsjackhammer Avatar

              To even begin at the tiniest tip of a solution we’d need to work out how to dismantle the compartmentalization of their military, their intel services and their ‘subjects’. Their whole divide and conquer system and strategy. Personally, I just can’t see it without a global natural disaster that knocks everyone back on their arses, to the same level of technology and power.

    2. While few today take seriously the spiritualist movement of the late 19th/early20th centuries, it’s no wonder to me that many of the so-called spirit guides were “Injuns.” One of the highest spirits to allegedly communicate with us in those crazy days, one who went by the name of Imperator, had this to say: “The Arab of the desert, the Indian of the far west, in whom nature’s instincts have not been dwarfed, distorted, paralysed by civilization, is frequently a nobler man than the crafty trader, who thinks it clever to outwit and overreach.” Stainton Moses, “Spirit Teachings” (1898).

  24. It’s a good thing conservatives never lie, otherwise who in our government could we blindly trust?

  25. Oh, dear Caitlin ~ please ~ surely, you are not that naive ~ surely, you already KNEW…

    I mean… You HAVE read George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” & “1984”, haven’t you?…

    And you HAVE read Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World” as well, have you not?…

    And surely, you DO understand the implications, don’t you?…

    Isn’t it OBVIOUS?….. What’s NEW? > NOTHING > It’s SSDD & S.O.P.

    C’mon… This is nothing new… This is no surprise… It’s SSDD (same shit, different day) & SOP (standard operating procedure) ~ & as David Byrne of Talking Heads so aptly put it > “SAME as it EVER WAS.”

    I thought intelligent people already knew & understood these things ~ NEXT!….. (SOLUTIONS, please)….. =)

    1. But it’s always worth pointing them out, especially as sharply as she does.

      1. Absolutely ~ no doubt of that ~ respectfully concur ~ but respectfully, I also say all of the following: ENOUGH! There comes a time to STOP regurgitating what we already KNOW & start talking about what to DO about it, & THEN literally TAKE ACTION to CHANGE these things. THAT is my point, & yet here we all are, bouncing the same worn-out message around back & forth, right here inside of our own little “echo chamber” & what does it serve to KEEP REPEATING it to those who already know & agree? >> I want to hear SOLUTIONS now. I wanna see folks putting ideas out there of how to FIGHT this stupidity, how to BREAK the western world of this PUTRID behavior. We KNOW it’s bad, but ENOUGH *bitching* about it now, let’s start TALKING about WHAT we are collectively GOING to DO about it, yeah? < THAT is the point. I am SO SICK of nothing but blah, blah, blah, blah, BLAH about how BAD everything is, & with absolutely NO suggestions forthcoming, of how we FIGHT this, how we CHANGE it. No offense to you personally, but I respectfully submit that that's self-defeating BULLSHIT, & that it is precisely the kind of bullshit that I'm done enabling. I'm calling it out now, that's all, because SOMEONE has to ~ & again, you're right, but enough is enough, & I now DEMAND more POSITIVE/CONSTRUCTIVE SUGGESTIONS/SOLUTIONS, & I do mean from EVERYONE discussing these issues. Period. End of story. I say it's time to STFU about it & start discussing what to DO about it, hello. Just sayin'. It's PAST time we stop regurgitating this ugly shit & actually DO something about it, that's all. NO one can rightfully argue against THAT perfectly fine point, now, CAN they? It's time to STOP regurgitating the same old, same old, & start thinking of SOLUTIONS & DOING something about it. And THAT is a simple FACT. 'Nuff said. ~ Namaste & Blessed Be =) <3

        1. you’d probably have to do that in secret (rules out the internet?), because robyn is also reading the comments and would set up a counter strategy.

          1. HAHA! ~ Yeah, I saw that, & I see what you’re getting at, but guess what?… NOT scared.
            … HAHAHA!…
            That IS funny. Man, I HOPE the CIA is watching/reading ALL of what *I* have to say > I have a *LOT* to say about a *GREAT* many things.

            And I have ABSOLUTELY *NO* *FEAR* of (NOR *ANY* *RESPECT* *FOR*) *ANY* of these filthy three-letter word acronyms ~ CIA, NSA, MIB, et. al. Pompous asses & all of their swaggering hubris…

            NEWS FLASH: It doesn’t WORK anymore.

            You tell Robyn I said BRING it. We can have a NICE *LONG* discussion about ALL *KINDS* of things, I have a LOT to say about, & so help me GOD, I will TELL them ALL to their PUTRID STINKING FACES PRECISELY what I *THINK* of them.

            FYI & theirs: THEY don’t SCARE me & will NEVER have the “power” to do so again, because I flatly will not GIVE it to them.

            Their ILLUSIONS/DELUSIONS of “power” are naught but abstract mental constructs to be discarded once they no longer FUNCTION. THEY’VE got NOTHING. Let’s Go > I’m READY & SPOILING for THIS fight, best BELIEVE THAT. So Robyn can read it & WEEP, because the days of THIS shit are NUMBERED, so HELP me GOD. I will tell EVERYONE in this WORLD how to BREAK this shit up once & for all, BELIEVE THAT, & THIS is exactly HOW you do it, & how it begins. Just WAKE UP & TAKE your power back. You never lost it, they never had it, they just tricked you into giving it up & pretending they had any. They have NO power here, they just want you to BELIEVE that, so you won’t fight back. THAT is how they operate. DON’T give IN to it. NO FEAR, you feel me? NO FEAR. TRUTH to “power”. Period. End of story.

          2. Phillis Stein Avatar
            Phillis Stein

            Great point. I attended a “meeting” in another country a few years ago now, and the group that came were actually lied to about why we were going (although I did have an inkling this was the case). It was explained to us a couple of days in why we were REALLY there. It wasn’t until about 10 months after we got home that a video came out (just for us) that explained that we had received ‘benevolent misinformation.’ Had it been advertised what we were actually going for, then we may not have made it there at all – so we were told. I then remembered that despite the misinformation, there were still 2 of us that had terrible trouble getting to our destination. My plane had an electronics fault and was forced to turn around, meaning I missed my connection. So – this is important to realize that you have to be able to meet in person really – and no smartphones etc.

        2. I have to laugh at some of your posts, WIND, because when it boils down to the nitty gritty, there IS validity in your words. But you fail to recognise that the Australian people, also KNOW very well the situation we are in. They also KNOW the power they hold in their hands, power that would allow them initiate the changes required to change the situation. They also KNOW, there will be a price to pay, to initiate any action, to make changes. That price will be the LOSS of their comfortable lives under the yoke of slavery they are currently carrying. I’ve been there done that. I managed to get a little under a hundred people to withdraw their labour, and demand better working conditions, instead of the forced work place agreements no one wanted, but the Government. Initially, the support was 100% from the rank and file, many of them even turned up in the Industrial Relations Court to listen and observe the developments there as they unfolded. I myself, was worried that I’d loose everything I worked for, as the Down Tools was against a recent law passed by that same Government, making our actions liable for prosecution, if they decided to prosecute me, I’d loose everything. The strike lasted 6 days, then I had fellow workers tell me they wanted to go back to work. I told them it’s not a good idea, we needed to keep the pressure on to achieve our aims. The reply was, ” the wife thinks differently, she’s worried we wont’ be making our next mortgage payment and then get kicked out of our home”, others had similar stories, and others still were concerned about how they were going to pay their groceries the next fortnight. Eventually the 100% support I started with, after 7 days, watered down to about 30%. Then the final rabbit killer blow on the way down from the hearing, from the Government lawyer telling me there were now FOUR individuals who had already signed an INDIVIDUAL WORKPLACE AGREEMENT, thereby undercutting my case in the Court. My own fellow workmates, who convinced me to challenge the Govt in Court, turned around and undercut me before the issue was resolved, simply because they couldn’t resist the harassment from their wives who did not have to work under the conditions their husbands were being called upon. THAT, my friend, is the REAL REALITY we live in today. So whilst you stand on your soapbox and rave on how we need to DO SOMETHING, instead of rabbiting on about what we all KNOW is wrong, demanding “SOMEONE” come up with a solution instead of simply gabbling on, on sites like this. How about YOU, providing US all, with YOUR solution to these issues ? I’ve been there, done that, and am thoroughly disgusted with humanity today, spineless cowards the bloody lot of them, terrified to upset the status Quoe and their comfortable lives under slavery. The events unfolding right now in Ukraine, demonstrate very clearly, the lengths we must go to, to achieve change. How many Australians would be prepared to immerse themselves in such conflict as we see daily on the T.V. to make those changes ????
          Very, very few indeed.

  26. The real story here isn’t that the US and its intel agencies lie – that’s always been the case. It’s that Russia tells the truth – you can trust Russian narrative; Russian intel agencies don’t use crude propaganda or subtle exploitation of SM algorithms, etc. They just tell the straightforward truth.
    For example, Foreign Minister of Russia, Sergey Lavrov, was mocked when he initially explained the reason for Russia invading Ukraine thus: “The Russian operation is being carried out to free Ukrainians from oppression so they can determine their own future”. He was mocked, ridiculed. But we can now see that this is absolutely the straight-up truth. Even Ukrainians will confirm this – millions of them. Just ask them – the ones who haven’t been brainwashed by western lies.

  27. All we need to remember are the words of Karl Rove: “We’re an empire now, we make our own reality.”
    He could have added, “Basically we’re just astroturfing everything.”

  28. “I welcome everyone’s feedback and theories on the matter, but as near as I can figure the only reason the US government would release this story to the public is because they want the general public to know about it. And the only plausible reason I can think of that they would want the public to know about it is that they are confident the public will consent to being lied to.”

    I think you are exactly correct. I think we are in full doublethink territory now. The full “blue pill, prefer the image to the reality even though I know the whole thing is BS” territory.

    I remember back in 2005 when in one of his comedy monologues, Lewis Black would talk about the fact that the US didn’t find any Chem weapons in Iraq after attacking it supposedly for that reason and in his fake exasperated way say “why didn’t you fake it? Why didn’t you just lie to us? We are used to you lying to us; why didn’t you just do that?”

    I think that where we are now is that this is the mainstream media and public position for the “free west”: lie to us. Tell us we are on the side of angels. Tell us that the enemy is everything bad and horrible we know and our allies are good and moral and great and brave. We don’t care what the facts are; reality is what you perceive and so please shape our perceptions so that we are always the good guys.

    1. Another possibility is that by admitting that you lie deliberately to affect the ‘enemy’, you give people an easy option when they are faced with trying to make sense of a statement or accusation that doesn’t ring true – for whatever reason.
      It therefore is another way of placating your own people and making it easier for them to dismiss something as a deliberate lie, and not question it further.

    2. Phillis Stein Avatar
      Phillis Stein

      Yes. They really do think that they are superior to humans. They refer to us, in fact, as human capital – there purely for their manipulation. They tell us what they are doing ahead of time, and if we don’t ‘get it’, then they take that as us giving our collective consent. So, I’ll give you a couple of examples of this – in their own words.

      “Once the herd accepts mandatory forcible vaccination, it’s game over!
      They will accept anything – forcible blood or organ donation – for the “greater good.”
      We can genetically modify children and sterilize them – for the “greater good.”
      Control sheep minds and you control the herd. Vaccine makers stand to make billions, and many of you in this room today are investors. It’s a big win-win!
      We thin out the herd and the herd pay us for extermination services.”
      ~ Henry Kissinger


      “The future will be about finding a way to reduce the population…Of course, we will not be able to execute people or build camps. We get rid of them by making them believe it is for their own good…We will find or cause something, a pandemic targeting certain people, a real economic crisis or not, a virus affecting the old or the elderly, it doesn’t matter, the weak and the fearful will succumb to it. The stupid will believe in it and ask to be treated. We will have taken care of having panned the treatment, a treatment that will be the solution. The selection of idiots will therefore be done by itself: they will go to the slaughterhouse alone.”
      ~ from a 1981 book by Bilderberger Jacques Attalli

      Jacques was advisor to President Franꞔoise Mitterand of France in case anyone is not familiar.

      So, you see you are correct when you say they essentially think we are stupid.

      This works to our advantage, because they ALWAYS underestimate us. So, indeed, they can fool most of the people most of the time, but they can’t fool all the people all the time, and as more time passes, the advantage swings further into our favour. As soon as enough of a percentage of humans are ‘onto them’, their power fizzles, because WE are essentially their ‘power source.’ These people are almost like illusionists and chameleons, so they can be hard to spot for the uninitiated – they are puppet masters. However, what happens to the puppet master when the puppet cuts its strings?

      They are master manipulators, infiltrators, and criminals, but that’s all they have. We are the truly powerful, and I won’t go into that, because it gets complicated, as well as the fact that every situation can be perceived from a number of different dimensional perspectives. However, they need us in order to CREATE. They also think they will get what they want via their transhumanism agenda, but they won’t, because they don’t fully understand what they do not themselves possess.

      That’s some of what I see anyway.

  29. I’d say that the reason they are admitting the truth is that it’s easier than coming up with another lie. And that it doesn’t really matter what they say, because people are conditioned to believe that whatever they say is a “great thing”.

    Very few people even notice that the official story changes from one day to the next. Anyone who points this out is immediately drowned in whatever the approved insult of the day is. They refuse to even see that the approved insults of the day are inconsistent.

  30. “You should view the world as a conspiracy run by a closely-knit group of omnipotent people, and you should think of those people as yourself and your friends.”
    — Robert Anton Wilson

      1. Because, to quote Wilson, “When you define the power elite as somebody else, I regard that as a loser’s script”.

        1. and of course you wanna side with the winners.

        2. Well, Wilson wasn’t using the terms in the narrow egotistical or Darwinian sense.

          1. well he could have fooled me.

          2. He obviously did.

        3. Are you trying to say Wilson and you also are saying all of us, I guess literally everyone, are part of the power elite? If so, I can’t think of anything more idiotically absurd.

  31. From The Dawn of Everything: A New History of Humanity by Graeber and Wengrow (from its footnotes)

    In a brilliant and under-appreciated book called Domination and the Arts of Resistance (1990), James Scott makes the point that whenever one group has overwhelming power over another, as when a community is divided between lords and serfs, masters and slaves, high-caste and untouchable, both sides tend to end up acting as if they were conspiring to falsify the historical record. That is: there will always be an ‘official version’ of reality–say, that plantation owners are benevolent paternal figures who only have the best interest of their slaves at heart–which no one, neither masters nor slaves, actually believes, and which they are likely to treat as self-evidently ridiculous when ‘offstage’ and speaking only to each other, but which the dominant group insists subordinates play along with, particularly at anything that might be considered a public event. In a way, this is the purest expression of power: the ability to force the dominated to pretend, effectively, that two plus two is five. Or that the pharaoh is a god. As a result, the version of reality that tends to be preserved for history and posterity is precisely that ‘official transcript.’

    1. A bit like a group of US politicians at a party during lockdowns, not wearing masks or social distancing whilst the staff must do so, as must their ‘subjects.? Our whole world as become a huge statement of hypocrisy, and it’s getting more noticeable by the day. We truly are living in an illusion – we have the illusion of competition, the illusion of democracy, the illusion of justice, the illusion of education, the illusion of a healthcare system, the illusion of journalism, and on it goes. It’s a false reality.

      Sadly, many humans would prefer to just go along and like the certainty of being told what to do – and that way, they get to complain about what those people over there are doing to us! We must also understand that freedom and free will come with responsibility. Many people appear to prefer being a slave (or you could substitute the word victim there) than taking responsibility. We have all been trained that way, after all.

      Love what you brought above, Adam – I immediately thought about the years I worked for government, and it was EXACTLY like this. There were these personnel lists of how things should work etc., and it sounded quite good. As you got to work there, however, you realized that it was all complete lip service and that you were supposed to simply do as you were told (even if what you were told to do was completely stupid). When we used to fly in for a catch up – myself and another guy who worked remotely together used to walk in there, and we felt like we’d walked into a morgue, or one of those horror films where all the people in a particular village are under some mind control. The culture never seemed to get to me though, or my ‘work husband.’ They used to refer to us as human capital. I freaked out the first time I heard that.

  32. Caitlin….the upside of all this propaganda being force fed to the public is that the CIA and MIC literally warn us in advance of what THEY’RE going to do. One just has to learn to read it the right way. For example: The sentence, “Russia is planning to___________.”, should be read as, “The US and its Nazi allies in Ukraine are going to __________, and we want you to believe that Russia did it.” They do this all the time…I appreciate their letting me know what they’re up to, if even they’re too arrogant and stupid to realize that they’re telling me.

  33. Nydick, Harry S Avatar
    Nydick, Harry S

    Maybe it wasn’t exactly about Russia, but it took a comedian – George Carlin – to warn us about this nonsense and that was at least 25 years ago.
    Remember folks, as Carlin said, the politicians in Washington D.C. are not there to represent you. Regardless of party affiliation, they are all members of the same Big Club and you and I are NOT in the Big Club. As he said “They don’t care about you at all, at all at all.”
    So, they have incentive to refrain from lying and everything to gain from it.

    1. Nydick, Harry S Avatar
      Nydick, Harry S

      That’s ‘no incentive to refrain from lying.

    2. George Carlin would give your arses such a big kick if he knew what you were using his quotes for. He had zero liking for tin-pot dictators like Vladimir short-arse Napoleon.

      1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
        Carolyn L Zaremba

        How long have you been working for the CIA?

      2. Busted! Was it the Satanic Woke thing? Or “short-arse Napoleon”?

        1. pretzelattack Avatar

          it’s the constant repetion of cia talking points.
          repeat after me “the US and NATO bear a large share of responsibility for this war”. it’s not hard.

          1. At least you freely admit it. Even if you’re being “ironic” it’s beyond obvious what an ass-kissing bootlicker you are for every US intel agency and corporate media outlet, of either liberal or “conservative” stripe. If not CIA or NSC, then Jen Psaki must be your supervisor.

      3. from a certain perspective one could say that vladimir doesn’t seem to be in the big club mr carlin was talking about.

  34. russia just got kicked out the un human rights council (93 in favor, 24 against, 58 abstentions).

    1. Blessthebeasts Avatar

      The UN Human Rights Council is a farce.

      1. I would go so far as to say, being kicked out of that organisation deserves a medal.

  35. Trump moves toward greater peace and truth is delusional. He amped up tensions with Russia and sent arms to Ukraine that Obama wouldn’t. Also, Republican senators visited Ukraine promoting confrontation. Satanic Woke makes you sound like an idiot.

  36. Ukrainian socialists are requesting international support for the armed struggle against Russia’s “imperialist aggression.” –

    1. Ukrainian communists are requesting an end to NATO aggression, and getting jailed for it.

  37. Art mimics reality. The US empire is looking more and more like the Cardassian empire on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine series, and all the government mouth pieces are like Elim Garak, whose philosophy was:

    “Never tell the truth when a lie will do.”

    I am sure that the situation will be deteriorating to the point where we will have to quote Loony Toons to come close to the current exploits for the empire.

    1. German chancellor Bismarck famously said “When you want to fool the world, tell the truth”.

  38. Richard Coleman Avatar
    Richard Coleman

    “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.” –A. Lincoln

    Well, here’s hoping anyhow……….

  39. “The US is ramping up cold war aggressions against Russia and China” – CJ
    This is so well stated by Caitlin. Why does the “liberal” West always have to be moving to greater and greater aggression, warmongering and lies – even while Russia, China and far-right heroes like Trump and Assad move towards greater and greater peace and truth (as if they need to, as they’ve always epitomised peace and truth – Western liberals being the real Satanic Woke influence warmongers).

    1. pretzelattack Avatar

      they can stop lying any time they want to. that’s all it would take, that and admitting that the US and NATO bear a major share of responsibility for this war, as all antiwar activitsts know.

      1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
        Carolyn L Zaremba

        Hear, hear. Instead, the answer from the US and NATO remains “send more weapons”. They’re all nuts.

    2. Trump moves toward greater peace and truth is delusional. He amped up tensions with Russia and sent arms to Ukraine that Obama wouldn’t. Also, Republican senators visited Ukraine promoting confrontation. Satanic Woke makes you sound like an idiot.

      1. Autocorrect changed it from “I don’t need to tell anyone that I’m obviously taking the piss” to “Satanic Woke”. Western smartphones for you. Always use Russian-built technology.

  40. I don’t think the US administration would understand what ‘noble’ means. I think the answer to your question Caitlin is that the whole damn lot of them, including the military, have gone Ultra-Woke and completely lost their marbles. According to my counselling training, this is what happens when fear and panic takeover.

    Biden & Co know that they are hopelessly powerless in the face of Russia’s SMO. They have no way of countering his tactical moves so the only option is to metaphorically run away and weep, which is a normal reaction I have witnessed in suffering clients.

    I saw this morning on ZH in a real-life twitter thread (since deleted) a wonderful eye-witness account of how the Gen Z and Millennial, snowflake programmers in Silicon Valley have absolutely lost there minds just like Biden & Co. I have copied it and will be posting on my Substack as a mid-week ‘special’ next week. It’s too near my regular weekly ‘Letter from Great Britain’ which I post each Saturday.

  41. Putin won’t fall for the lies, and neither will the Russian public. Russia has pure truth on its side, always has. The West has been reduced to decadence and lies – its people are a reflection of its twisted “intelligence” agencies and corrupt media. Putin is the spiritual rose on the cross of suffering – his spiritual Christ-current truth is the light of the world. The reconquering of Russian Ukraine is a necessary prick in the bloated bubble of western illusions. Caitlin tells it the way it is, always. Wake up from the matrix, sheeple.

  42. Yes Caitlin, they now believe they have cowed everyone into submission. Everyone seems OK with constant wars of aggression. It happened quite in the open in Israel where the anti-war movement was basically eliminated with propaganda. It is like “hate week” in 1984, where Big Brother can get the entire population whipped into a hateful frenzy just by telling the people “who we are supposed to hate this week”. It is working very well in the US right now, and I am really astonished that it works so well. I think it requires two basic elements, historical amnesia (check!) and lots of propaganda about the evilness of the other (check!). A little dose of imperial history might go a long way toward blunting this phenomenon, but I don’t see that happening on a large scale.

  43. We’ve become so used to living in the virtual world that we forget there is a real one. Even our dear Caitlin”s laser-like focus on “narrative control” is a manifestation of our captivity to unreality. There’s an old saying about sticks and stones that’s appropo.

    What matters in Ukraine is happening on the ground, as Russia and the East know and America and the West will soon learn. What we think and believe or are led to think and believe doesn’t mean shit in the face of brute facts. Reality will assert itself, whether we like it or believe in it or not.

    Once upon a time, before the age of the image and the spectacle, this was common knowledge. It’s destined to become so again, and love it or hate it, Russia is in the process of popping this balloon of illusion in which we’ve been living. The pop will be as unpleasant as it is necessary.

    1. Ted Christian Avatar
      Ted Christian

      Yeah, there’s talk and there’s action, and the Russian military isn’t chasing psyop talking points in Ukraine. The problem is the BS spinmeisters are the same ones formulating the “plan”, and since they don’t traffic in reality it consistently bitchslaps them. And the spinmeisters themselves reflect a populace increasingly distant from physical reality, as you point out. Maybe the only chance of averting nuclear holocaust is to wake up enough people that it filters up, because it isn’t going to happen from the top down.

      1. Blessthebeasts Avatar

        Does Putin even care about world opinion at this point? The West will demonize him no matter what he does. It’s all illusion and propaganda aimed at distracting the masses but I can’t imagine him changing his strategy to gain popularity. Haters are gonna hate.

        1. i think he still cares about opinions of reasonable allies and their people. the western media, politicians and people (majority) are probably irredeemable. the propaganda-machine has gotten so strong and pervasive that russia is kind of forced to adopting a chinese-style attitude to media and press. makes one ponder about the question ‘when is censorship justified?’

          1. Thanks to all for jumping in here. On a hopeful note, let me also suggest that there will not be a nuclear war, not even one stumbled into, for two interrelated reasons: (1) “the exceptional nation” is not the only one with nukes this time around, and Russia’s are apparently better; and (2) those whose noses are stuck in the virtual world are narcissistic cowards devoid of something to die for, the flip side of having something to live for. How pathetically hollow have we in the West become?

          2. Blessthebeasts Avatar

            It’s tricky. The Sandinista government tried to be very open after the revolution in 1979 and look what happened to them. They survived and appear to be thriving today but there has been alot of suffering throughout the years since Iran/Contra. The U.S. is still trying to destroy what they have achieved through these false narratives!

            1. the us/west abuse of ‘free discourse / communication’ as a weapon (of mass destruction) becomes a justification for censorship (which is their win/win). the internet, the press and historians are owned by corporations. there are quite a few advantages to being cut off from the western narrative-matrix. you can hear it in bojo’s pleas to the russians to get a vpn. (i need it to read sputnik and rt). maybe if one could get basic information/media-criticism into the curriculum (begin in kindergarten).

  44. One of the best examples of this was when the US intel agencies released the advance intel that Russia was going to invade Ukraine. Thankfully, we had people like Edward Snowden, Tulsi Gabbard, Glenn Greenwald and Matt Taibbi to put us right on that and call it out as false intel & scaremongering.

    1. i must have missed that. did the intel agencies provide a reason for the russian invasion?

      1. Blessthebeasts Avatar

        The general message is just that “Putin is a madman.”

    2. pretzelattack Avatar

      they kept saying it was on such and such a date. oddly Russia only invaded after Zelensky stated an intention to get nukes. keep pretending. keep on lying.

  45. Ted Christian Avatar
    Ted Christian

    Maybe the idea is that the sheeple are supposed to think they’re clever enough to realize it’s all a ruse to “get inside Putin’s head” and they’re a part of the game. Or maybe they’re just submissive dumbfucks who like being lied to. Either way, I think we all need to quietly contemplate the bizarre image of Putin being taken in by it all. I think the only effect it has on him is to convince him to keep the launch codes close.

    I think there’s a risk of over analysis here. It’s always possible that what appears to be stupid, bizarre government behavior is exactly that. Actually, now that I think on it, these people are professional liars. It would be stranger for them to tell the truth. And anymore with the internet and its marauding truth tellers like Caitlin, since the lies are going to be exposed and ridiculed anyway than maybe there’s nothing else for it but for them to come up with the best, least ridiculous spin they can think of and maybe this is it. At least I get to label Caitlin a marauding truth teller. Speaking of which, let me just wave these in front of you- the Bucha false flag and Scott Ritter being banned from twitter.

  46. “They may hold that they lied for a noble reason, …”, let’s not kid ourselves. they released that chemical weapons psy-op at that moment to drown out the info on the biolabs. same with the other lies. they never lie for noble reasons.
    as to ‘why did they confess?’, the consent-manufacturing indeed seems the most probable theory. sputnik, rt and caitlin johnstone may make a big fuzz about this, but the other msm won’t. their lies will get more fantastic and when the public starts to call them out, they’ll point to the nbc-report: ‘we explained it – you consented. you’re still on our team, right? remember bucha’.
    i think there’s also a kind of struggle going on between the mic, who want to land on a nicely divided new cold war with a good old fashioned weapons race, and the ‘free press’, who want to report (gain clicks) on a hot war from afar (like syria).

  47. This is no surprise at all. It’s always been done by intel agencies (even in WWII and before) – the trick is to seed the disinformation with a small element of truth, so that it’s more believable. The only thing that’s surprising is that it’s being officially admitted to.

    Of course, Russia never does this. Russian intel is simply straightforward truth, whether it’s made public or not. Of course, of course. A big non-story.

  48. I have been told by my US husband that it is not illegal for the US government to lie. Maybe that’s the new order that America wants to bring to the world.
    The whole election system is based on lying.
    Pretty much the only way to get elected to US Congress is to lie all the way to it, because you have to raise over 200,000 USD to start with. How much a candidate raised is an early indicator if the hopeful can win the political race. That said Congress votes in their own pay raise every year, along with the DoD budget increase, so they have to be really good with large sums of money.
    The presidential candidate is a mythical figure who breaks the spell soon after he is elected and does what all US presidents have always done, or worse.
    And of course Joe Biden is a career politician, so he is not a stranger to the system and its lies.

    1. George Cornell Avatar
      George Cornell

      Is it illegal for America to tell the truth, or act decently?

      1. Well, the US claims they have to compete with China. That means working more than the Chinese do.
        Since the 2009 economic crisis in the US, the biggest employer has been the Federal Government.
        Who would think that Federal Gov. employees are willing to work harder than the Chinese people?
        So, they US has to do disinformation war or some other type of war, like economic sanctions, to tank their enemy’s economy.
        Because Americans are not ready to work for the wages their corporations have been paying in China.

        1. George Cornell Avatar
          George Cornell

          For the US, competition means relentless invention of scurrilous stories aimed at pulling down their competitors.The covid saga illustrated it well. So in brief, allegations of delay, biowarfare, and lab escape, have all been exploded as malicious lies. The very brief delay was simply caution in a country still raw from SARS.
          You want delay? Look at what the US did with HIV! And the Band Played On gives a chilling account.

          Not even Americans now can hold on to the biowarfare delusion, thanks to sequencing.
          Lab escape was slain by the sequencing of Laotian bats, hidden by the American press even though it was published in Nature, showing a direct connection between this naturally occurring virus and covid.

          This is not competition it’s evil malice.

  49. Miles Rainville Avatar
    Miles Rainville

    Reason the US government would release this story to the public: because domestic events are moving in Biden’s favor? If you now put this out there the media will report less and people will focus more on the “good news”? They want this war to go on for 10-20 years to drain Russia {and Ukraine} and want the West to “move on” to spending as much as possible?

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