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The news man tells me the CIA’s “Queen of Torture” now runs a life and beauty coaching business which helps midlife women “look good, feel good, and do good.”


And I can only sit here and wonder, twiddling my pockmarked heart in my hands, how one is meant to react to such information?

Does one fall to one’s knees and weep hot tears for her victims, whose screams still haunt soulless fluorescent echoing corridors and whose hurts will never heal?

Does one fall to one’s knees and weep hot tears for our children, whose inheritance is a culture made of wetiko virus and psyops and a world we are clearcutting to make billboards?

Does one fall to one’s knees and weep hot tears for the Indigenous, whose lives we bulldozed and paved over with asphalt just to build a ghostmind civilization where something like this could happen?

Does one shout “Allahu Akbar!” and throw one’s smartphone off the overpass?

Does one take off one’s clothes and shriek like an ape in a last-ditch attempt at restoring the primal clarity?

At bringing things back to before they went wrong, back before CIA torture queens became life and beauty coaches?

Back before CIA torture queens were able to shout from the Reuters rooftops, “I raised my hand loud and proud and you know, I don’t regret it at all”?

Back before Hollywood movies glorifying CIA torture and its queendom began warping our minds and turning our souls into oil?

Back before the sky was scraped by dark towers built on the foundation of an economy that’s held together by lies and cruise missiles?

Back before brainwashed mouth muppets said things like “We can’t be afraid of war with Russia just because Putin has nukes” or “Unregulated speech is bad and dangerous” or “If the CIA was propagandizing us we’d have heard about it in the news”?

Back before we found ourselves sitting here killing time waiting to find out whether humanity dies of climate collapse or nuclear armageddon and whether the inevitable Zelensky movie will star Ryan Reynolds or Channing Tatum?

Back before Silicon Valley Pentagon proxies funneled 21st-century Norman Rockwell paintings into each of our QR-coded skulls?

Back before our dreams had Downvote buttons and our nightmares had laugh tracks?

Before directionless lives and carefully scripted wars?

Before truth was a choked off whisper and bullshit had a Jumbotron?

Before hallucinogens were outlawed and hallucinations were mandatory?

I see you, Queen of Torture, and everything you’ve always been.

Do you think your Instagram ads and Botox siren songs fool me?

I see the eels behind your eyes and the skulls inside your smile; in your heart you are still torturing, and you love it.

Torture is your first love, your only love, your soulmate, your sex; torture is what you’re made of, torture is what you are.

You are inseparably one with the machine which tortures the poor, which tortures our ecosystem, which tortures children under blockades and starvation sanctions, which tortures our dreamworlds and our sacred seeds of disobedience.

We will beat the machine. We will win.

That primal clarity lives within us still, and you can only sedate a giant for so long.

The primal giant will rise, will crush the machine and the CIA black sites, will crack open Gitmo and devour Hollywood, will defecate on the Pentagon and wipe its ass with Langley, and will howl at the moon and banish the narrative matrix to wherever deleted files go.

And we will be free. And we will be vast. And we will look at each other with unpolluted eyes for the very first time.

And we will go out into the world, the real world, the original world, walking with our original feet and looking with our original eyes.

Our seeds now great forests.

Tortured no more.




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44 responses to “CIA Torture Queen Now A Beauty And Life Coach”

  1. This world is strange as it is evil. One of the most evil people on earth, Andrija Artukovic, second in command to Ante Pavelic (leader of the Ustasha) lived in California for almost 40 years. Fun fact had he veered right instead of left then I wouldn’t be alive. (Still not sure if that’s a good or bad thing…) He personally murdered the town right beside my grandma’s village. He was in the 2nd most powerful position of a brutal fascist regime that murdered well over half a million people mainly Serbs in Greater Croatia in WWII. Fun fact: his son denied it which the LA Times ran with, despite the fact that even the US government had publicly conceded the truth and had agreed to extradite him when he was well into his 80s…

  2. A brief but fairly thorough summary of SS symbolism and it’s use by quite a few Ukraine Army units from Mark Felton Productions, for anyone interested.
    The Ukraine commander of the Azov regiment, which openly embraces all things SS, recently received the highest honor one can achieve in service to his country, when he was awarded the Hero of the Ukraine. medal by President Zelenski.
    This does not mean however, that Nazi’s or their idealogy are running rampant in Ukraine. It just means that one major Ukraine Army unit embraces SS symbology a little bit more than several other major Ukraine units which also like to roll with SS markings on their uniforms, vehicles and various other accoutrements.
    That’s all.

  3. Everyone should scream in protest at torture.

  4. Is central command in Beijing ordering the killing of pets in Shanghai? Probably not.
    Are the lockdowns in Shanghai – and elsewhere in China – brutal and senseless? Absolutely. They are beyond stupid to anyone who follows Jimmy Dore (which I do), a man who believes that lockdowns don’t work, especially in the aggregate, based on the science.
    That said, what I think most seperates China’ lockdowns from some of those in we’ve seen in the West, is the equitable nature of them. If you are billionairre, or a famous celebrity, or prominent politician, including the President; in China you must follow lockdown protocols no exceptions allowed.
    Note: Brian Bertileck does good work. He has a nose for recognizing and calling out the hyprocrisy that has become the only thing Western media is good at.
    Another ex-Marine with a code of honor. Possibly not a coincidence, in my opinion.

  5. I wonder if Russian deep state agencies are using waterboarding in their interrogation sessions? I doubt it. Waterboarding is about illiciting confessions and inflicting pain at the existential level for the gratuitous pleasure of the tormentor, and is very useful in this regard, is in fact the creme de la creme of tortures if these things are the objective.
    But I think the Russian Federation has no interest in false confessions that won’t hold up to international jurisprudence, and instead wants to obtain legitimate information from its prisoners using better – and legal – methods, because this information will prove necessary to bolster the post-war, lock tight evidence based case the Federation is going to make to the international community.
    As I said on a Day 3 of Operation Z,* it’s like the Russians are attempting to leave a forensic trail behind. because it was the only thing that made sense to me as they went tip toeing around the Ukraine countryside like lovers gaily dancing in a daisy field.
    So, they’re not going to set up a world-wide torture network, or even a local one, during the prosecution of this war, because it doesn’t suit their purpose, is my prediction.
    I could be wrong though. Humans will be humans.
    *Am I allowed to use that letter?
    Note: My main man Sun Tzu-sie gets a shout out from a former Russia President, but more importanty, and possibly even rarer, a former neo-liberal.
    Sun Tzu, the Miss Manners of War, and I’m not being disrepectful to Sunnie T. Miss Manners was, in my opinion, a better and more informative journalist, and critical thinker, than the entire Western main stream media combined … times five.
    Or maybe times ten. I have to think about it, as the current pace of the degration of the MSM seems to be reaching exponential speeds and clearly, knows no bounds.

  6. I think my favorite sentence is “Before hallucinogens were outlawed and hallucinations were mandatory?”.

    Thanks for publicly pillorying this woman. It’s not what she deserves but it’s as close as she’s going to get. I can’t quite manage your optimism but I like they way you express it.

    I remember back when torture emerged as an issue, which I hadn’t realized it was. My official position was “How can we even be having this debate?”. I flat refused to discuss it in any other terms. If somebody’s not offended by torture even being a subject of debate a part of me genuinely doesn’t want to hear a fucking thing they have to say about anything. I remember the American public being something like 50/50 on it. I think that’s when I first realized humanity isn’t quite the species described in the brochure.

    1. The way you feel about torture is the way I feel about natural acquired immunity.

      How are we not allowed to have that debate? If one can’t see that is completely superior to any jab, then I will not listen to anything else you have to say. I wish there were hospitals and clinics that posted where they stood on this, so I could know if a place was safe or not.

  7. Our black hand Catholic fundamentalist judicial system not to mention the propaganda system create trouser snake monsters like Amber Heard and Claudia of the Victorian, Australian ombudsman’s office for two.
    Shouldn’t you be explaining how the female opperaters in one Jason Bourne film are portrayed as feminine despite their fox hunting mentality?
    Shouldn’t you be explaining how Claudia in the Australian, Victorian ombudsman’s office betrays men on a half hourly basis and then convinces another man to sleep with her?
    You refuse to discuss the fact that if femininity existed at all these women could be cut from the herd by other women.
    You normalize an extreme by never discussing the fact of its eye poking extremity. You won’t discus the black hand of the feminist unbalanced wheel propaganda. Who made Amber Heard?
    You make the absurd normal like a war correspondent.
    Don’t hate me!!

    1. You lost me at “black hand Catholic fundamentalist judicial system”.

      1. This guy obviously knocked at the wrong door. I hope he didn’t drive!

      2. I can’t figure it out either, but it sounds like misogynist drivel along the lines of this woman is nasty, therefore feminism is evil.

  8. Marie Antoinette gave beauty advice. Just sayin’.

    1. And US senator AOC chats while she does her makeup online for “fans”. No doubt brands are discussed.

      Birds of a feather.

    2. Decapitation is one way to avoid unsightly facial blemishes being noticed.

  9. A few weeks ago I penned a short letter-to-the-editor of my local paper on the tardy response of the Australian military to the east coast floods.
    I had done my homework and asked the question “…was the military response delayed… as the relevant US General could not be found to sign off on the deployment of Australian troops and vehicles?”
    The AMF has not only inter-operability within the US military command structure, but also inter-changeability.
    Deploying Australian troops outside of these parameters means consulting with the US. Australia had already deployed troops and medics to the Covid arena and to add more troops to the floods degraded Australia’s ability to respond to US military commitments.
    How did Zelenskyy ‘know’ Australia had armoured Bushmaster trucks ready and available? How was the government and the Defence force able to fly them out within a week of offering them? It took the AMF nearly two weeks to respond to the floods. To take a wild stab in the dark… the US had already committed the use of the Bushmasters to Ukraine – and only needed a ‘request’ to set the whole train in motion.

  10. “Channing Tatum” ??!#* IS that actually a human name ? I wouldn’t name a fucking hamster channing tatum. If my name was channing tatum i owuld rather change it to “Mr. Crackers”

  11. “Six decades after the unexplained death of United Nations Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjold and 15 other people in a plane crash in Central Africa, a new discovery in French government archives may bring researchers closer to the truth and answer a famous Cold War riddle: Who killed Hammarskjold? …
    It contained a typewritten death warrant against UN Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjold, issued by a mysterious “executive committee” that had “gathered to examine . . . the behaviour of Mister Hammarskjoeld in Tunisia,” where French forces were besieged by Tunisian militias in the coastal town of Bizerte and the secretary-general tried to intervene on July 26, 1961. …
    Asserting that Hammarskjold’s “angst of the Russians” made him “change his mind and decide to support them in the Congo,” another serious crisis facing the UN at the time, the warrant concluded that it was “high time to put an end to his harmful intrusion [sic]” and ordered “this sentence common to justice and fairness to be carried out, as soon as possible.” …
    The warrant had no signature. Just three letters and a notorious acronym: OAS (Organisation Armée Secrète, or Secret Armed Organization), a far-right French dissident paramilitary group opposing Algerian independence and the Gaullist regime.”

    1. I suspect that OAS might just have been one of the groups that later became Nato’s Secret Army, established by British and US and quite possibly French support (maybe others) as well, which recruited left over Fascists giving them training, often in other countries, arms, radios and lots of cash, and best of all complete anonymity and all the protection a gang of killers could want. They existed in every European country on the so called western side of the Iron Curtain usually only known to two high level figures in each country, one political and one military. The Italian Prodi ‘apparently’ let the cat out of the bag on TV referring to bombings and assassinations claimed to be by Communists Reg Guards or whatever which were actually he said these secret groups.

  12. If war criminals can open a BDSM (sorry a gym) in broad daylight now, I wonder why they keep Assange in jail…
    Anyway, this is proof that the Muslims are nowhere near as bad as the media whores paint them, or there wouldn’t be one safe square inch for that bitch on the planet.
    Still, thinking that 56 years old is “midlife” as she does might be a tad optimistic…

  13. In the article that Caitlin’s piece links to, Freda literally describes her former job of torturing people as her “comfort zone”.

    1. That’s what they call psychopathy.

  14. How far must one go to achieve a “total makeover” of the soul? For Ms. Scheuer, the more appropriate question would be “where does one begin?” In her case, I’d say “take off one’s clothes and shriek like an ape in a last-ditch attempt at restoring the primal clarity” would be a good start.

  15. “Life Coach” …

    Journalist Gonzalo Lira, who has been reporting from inside Ukraine, while walking around through cities, has disappeared suddenly, and has reportedly been captured and killed by Ukrainian neo-nazi secret police.

    On a much, much smaller note, Google Blogger has enigmatically deleted another post of mine, “Individuals Matter” from Johnday’s Blog,
    on April 17, after it was posted April 7.
    I must presume that parts of it are outside of the Google-approved scope of American public discourse.
    It can still be viewed on Substack

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      I have heard this also. It is frightful.

      or, minus paywall, :
      “Tweets from Ukrainian Nazi Sergei “Botsman” Korotkikh, who has now made his account private, say Gonzalo Lira has been kidnapped, tortured and might be beheaded. Impossible to verify, but this is plausible. SBU is known to torture and murder its victims.”
      More generally,

      ‘Ukraine’s “pro-democracy” president has outlawed his opposition, ordered rivals arrested and presided over the disappearance and assassination of dissidents, Max Blumenthal and Esha Krishnaswamy report.’

      ‘ “There is one less traitor in Ukraine,” Internal Affairs Ministry adviser Anton Geraschenko stated in an endorsement of the murder of a Ukrainian mayor accused of collaborating with Russia.

      Zelensky has further exploited the atmosphere of war to outlaw an array of opposition parties and order the arrest of his leading rivals. His authoritarian decrees have triggered the disappearance, torture and even murder of an array of human rights activists, communist and leftist organizers, journalists and government officials accused of “pro-Russian” sympathies. ‘

      1. Apparently Gonalo has activated his Twitter account from Poland. We are hopeful he escaped, but await confirmation, as the password could have been extracted from him.

        1. I don’t do Twitter, but I can’t find any mention of that searching with Google, Qwant, Bing or Yahoo, and it’s over two hours since I saw your comment. There are things from Sputnik, RT and The Saker, among others, posted in the last fifteen minutes, still describing him as missing. Still, it’s a glimmer of hope.

  16. Not to mention that cuddly Freda’s boss, Gina Haspel, the architect of the entire torture system, ran the CIA for three years. Does anyone suppose that she didn’t leave her stamp on it and that the CIA has repented and now runs an international chain of hospices, formerly known as Black sites? Well these bastards taught Azov and co. all they knew. Rejoice!

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      Gina must be having a makeover and “feeling invincible”.

      1. She’s sitting at home binge-watching The Price is Right and knitting swearers out of wasps’ legs.

        1. Sweaters. I hate this keyboard.

  17. Wow, I also never heard of her. I hope she repented and wants a new life for herself and to help others.
    The system uses up and spits out its servants, unless they rise up to the very top.
    And even more so when they to, just look how fast the US presidents age.

    1. You have GOT to be kidding. Did you read any of the links? She’s all warm and cozy about what she did, because, you know, defending democracy and all that. Besides, waterboarding isn’t torture so what’s to repent of?

      1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
        Carolyn L Zaremba

        Yeah, she obviously misunderstood and thought it was water skiiing.

    2. Alfreda Bikowsky

      Born 1965
      Nationality US
      “The Unidentified Queen of Torture”

      Alfreda Bikowsky is a CIA officer.


      Mark Gorton noted that Alfreda Bikowsky “committed multiple acts of treason by frustrating the efforts of honest law enforcement officials to stop the 9/11 plot”.[1]
      Support for Torture

      The Senate Intelligence Committee report on CIA torture, released in December 2014, showed that Bikowsky was not only a key part of the torture program, but also one of its chief apologists, resulting in the media giving her the moniker “The Unidentified Queen of Torture.”[2][3][4]
      Exposure in Who is Rich Blee?

      In 2011, independent journalists Ray Nowosielski and John Duffy planned to release an audio documentary entitled Who is Rich Blee? The documentary focused on the CIA’s Bin Laden Issue Station before 9/11 and how certain CIA officials blocked information on future 9/11 hijackers from reaching the FBI. They planned to be the first to reveal the identity of two CIA agents, including Bikowsky, who had previously only been identified as “Frances” in an AP news story from 2011 or as a red-headed CIA agent in Jane Mayer’s The Dark Side. However, after receiving threats of prosecution from the CIA under the Intelligence Identities Protection Act, Duffy and Nowosielski decided to release the documentary with the names redacted. They claim that their webmaster later posted an email containing the identities by accident. The identities then spread to the wider Internet.[5][6]

  18. I can no longer comment on Twitter since I was kicked off permanently for life. Maybe of my measly three to four thousand followers there at least a few miss me. I still follow you and read almost all your writings. This comment is about what to me is a recent development reading your work. I always follow all your links, but in this one for example, you are using None of the links work for me on any of the conventional browsers like Chrome or Firefox, even in private windows or incognito mode. The first thing I did was turn off ALL extensions on the browsers. Nothing has worked so far. The only browser that lets me reach at all is Tor, but even there all your links return SSL_ERROR_NO_CYPHER_OVERLAP. I wonder if that is happening to everybody. I’ll keep digging to try to figure out what is going on.

    1. certainly works for me.
      Do either of these work for you?
      Please reply: I’ll switch to using for links if that works and .ph doesn’t!

      1. Wow, both the direct NewYorker link and the one are now working for me.

        The second one immediately re-directed to, and after that all the former links that were returning the error on trying to go directly into now work. Maybe it was a cache thing?

        Anyway, thanks very much for your reply. I’m back on track. I also have a scrolling problem on your site. A tiny move on the scroll and I’m sent flying down the page. I have to hover over the scroll bar and very slowly & carefully drag it down to control it jet movement. I’ve learned to live with that. Your content makes the aggravation tolerable.

        Please reply: I’ll switch to using for links if that works and .ph doesn’t!

  19. The “COMMUNE”, the Society as A Whole, the ‘COLLECTIVE’, has an unquestionable right to Ownership of the Wealth it has accumulated, in every & all forms imaginable, during the many passed Aeons, since the beginning of Humanity.

    Up to a certain limit there be private Ownership, above that limit ‘WEALTH’ belongs to Society.
    Human Society; Globally.

    All Natural resources of the planet belongs to ‘GlobalSociety’.

  20. Sorry, I have never heard of her but am glad she found a new career path.

    1. It’s not so surprising you haven’t heard of Alfreda Scheuer, née Bikowsky.
      The New Yorker article ‘The Unidentified Queen of Torture’, , makes it clear the CIA wasn’t exactly keen on her or her deeds becoming widely known.

  21. Primal giants crushing CIA sites – walking with our original feet – taking off our clothes and shrieking like apes:
    has Caitlin been listening to Ray Davies’ ‘Apeman’?

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