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Rightists have spent the last couple of days freaking out and invoking Orwell’s 1984 in response to something their political enemies are doing in America, and for once it’s for a pretty good reason. The Department of Homeland Security has secretly set up a “Disinformation Governance Board“, only informing the public about its plans for the institution after it had already been established.

The disinformation board, which critics have understandably been calling a “Ministry of Truth“, purportedly exists to fight disinformation coming out of Russia as well as misleading messages about the US-Mexico border. We may be certain that the emphasis in the board’s establishment has been on the Russia angle, however.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, in her patented “You’re such a crazy idiot for questioning me about the White House” manner, dismissed alarmed questions about what specific functions this strange new DHS entity was going to be performing and what its authority will look like.

“It sounds like the objective of the board is to prevent disinformation and misinformation from traveling around the country in a range of communities,” Psaki said. “I’m not sure who opposes that effort.”

The answer to the question of “who opposes that effort” is of course “anyone with functioning gray matter between their ears.” No government entity has any business appointing itself the authority to sort information from disinformation on behalf of the public, because government entities are not impartial and omniscient deities who can be entrusted to serve the public as objective arbiters of absolute reality. They would with absolute certainty wind up drawing distinctions between information, misinformation and disinformation in whatever way serves their interests, regardless of what’s true, exactly as any authoritarian regime would do.

I mean, is anyone honestly more afraid of Russian disinformation than they are of their own government appointing itself the authority to decide what counts as disinformation?

This important point has gotten a bit lost in the shuffle due to the utterly hypnotic ridiculousness of the person who has been appointed to run the Disinformation Governance Board. Nina Jankowicz, a carefully groomed swamp creature who has worked in Kyiv as a communications advisor to the Ukrainian government as part of a Fulbright fellowship, is being widely criticized by pundits and social media users for her virulent Russiagating and whatever the hell this is:

Because of this person’s embarrassing cartoonishness, a lot more commentary lately has been going into discussing the fact that the Department of Homeland Security’s Ministry of Truth is run by a kooky liberal than the fact that the Department of Homeland Security has a fucking Ministry of Truth.

Which is really to miss the forest for the trees, in my opinion. Would it really be any better if the “Disinformation Governance Board” was run by a chill dude you wouldn’t mind having a beer with? Especially when we know the ideological leanings of this department are going to bounce back and forth between elections and will always act in service of US empire narrative control regardless of who is in office? I don’t think so.

The real issue at hand is the fact that this new institution will almost certainly play a role in bridging the ever-narrowing gap between government censorship and Silicon Valley censorship. The creation of the DHS disinformation board is a far more shocking and frightening development than last year’s scandalous revelation that the White House was advising social media platforms about accounts it determined were circulating censorship-worthy Covid misinformation, which was itself a drastic leap in the direction toward direct government censorship from what had previously been considered normal.

We should probably talk more about how as soon as people accepted that it was fine for government, media and Silicon Valley institutions to work together to censor misinformation and rally public support around an Official Narrative about a virus, the ruling power establishment immediately took that as license to do that with a war and a foreign government as well.

Like, immediately immediately. We went from a massive narrative control campaign about a virus, which people accepted because they wanted to contain a deadly pandemic, straight into a massive narrative control campaign about Russia and Ukraine. Without skipping a beat. Like openly manipulating everyone’s understanding of world events is just what we do now. Now we’re seeing increasingly brazen censorship of political dissent about a fucking war that could easily end up getting us all killed in a nuclear holocaust, and a portion of the Biden administration’s whopping $33 billion Ukraine package is going toward funding “independent media” (read: war propaganda).

We should probably talk more about this. We should probably talk more about how insane it is that all mainstream western institutions immediately accepted it as a given that World War II levels of censorship and propaganda must be implemented over a faraway war that our governments are not even officially a part of.

It started as soon as Russia invaded Ukraine, without any public discussion whatsoever. Like the groundwork had already been laid and everyone had already agreed that that’s what would happen. The public had no say in whether we want to be propagandized and censored to help the US win some kind of weird infowar to ensure its continued unipolar domination of the planet. It just happened.

No reason was given to the public as to why this must occur, and there was no public debate as to whether it should. This was by design, because propaganda only works when you don’t know it’s happening to you.

The choice was made for us that information is too important to be left in the hands of the people. It became set in stone that we are to be a propaganda-based society rather than a truth-based society. No discussion was offered, and no debate was allowed.

And as bad as it is, it’s on track to get much, much worse. They’re already setting up “disinformation” regulation in the government which presides over Silicon Valley, the proxy war between the US and Ukraine is escalating by the day, and aggressions are ramping up against China over both the Solomon Islands and Taiwan. If you think imperial narrative management is intense now, wait until the US empire’s struggle to secure global hegemony really gets going.

Do you consent to this? Do you? It’s something you kind of have to take a position on, because its implications have a direct effect on our lives as individuals and on our trajectory as a society. How much are we willing to sacrifice to help the US win an infowar against Russia?

The question of whether we should abandon all hope of ever becoming a truth-based society and committing instead to winning propaganda wars for a globe-spanning empire is perhaps the most consequential decision we’ve ever had to make as a species. Which is why we weren’t given a choice. It’s just been foisted upon us.

Whoever controls the narrative controls the world. By taking our control of information out of our hands without asking our permission and determining for us that we are to be a propaganda-based civilization for the foreseeable future, they have stolen something sacred from us. Something they had no right to take.

Nothing about the state of the world tells us that the people who run things are doing a good job. Nothing about our current situation suggests they should be given more control, rather than having control taken away from them and given to the people. We are going in exactly the wrong direction.


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85 responses to “Oh God It’s Going To Get SO Much Worse”

  1. Technocracy is Unsustainable Avatar
    Technocracy is Unsustainable

    Does this sound like “unipolar hegemony” to you?

    “Out of 195 countries, only 30 have honored the US sanctions on Russia. That means about 165 countries in the world have refused to join the sanctions.”

    On Ukraine, the World Majority Sides with Russia Over US

  2. Bear Claw Chris Lapp Avatar
    Bear Claw Chris Lapp

    An astute person observed that past her right shoulder on the bookshelf was the book “Lolita”. It is the same room she held up the book 1984 describing it as a manual in the past.

    1. Bear Claw Chris Lapp Avatar
      Bear Claw Chris Lapp

      PS. She did live in Ukraine for a time previously.

  3. In my opinion this disinformation board is just the latest, and perhaps the worst (though how can we know) spawn of the Homeland Security group. The whole department should be disbanded, we have more than enough unaccountable spooks without them.

  4. So exactly how much security does Nina have???? And can they be dealt with quickly???

  5. What was not mentioned here is that Jankowicz is a psychotic man-hating feminist, that wants to lock up men for exercising their First Amendment rights on the internet. She refers to men that seek to exercise their rights as “abusers” that have “toxic masculinity”.
    This was mentioned in this article:

  6. Nina Jankowicz singing “I wanna be rich, famous, and powerful.”
    Dreams do come true apparently.

  7. Happy international workers day!

  8. Who her ancestors are is not important except when she try to hide it. So she is from my Serbian tribe from Montenegro and her ancestors moved to Russia 150 years ago (today Ukraine/Russia main war zone – Donbas region). I suppose bureaucracy chose her exactly because of that. I think Orwell explain how people ashamed of parents/ancestors behave…

    1. I think of it as mental tribalism- the group expects new members to conform socially and politically, and new members are often the most enthusiastic about conforming. That’s how previously sane people find themselves doing crazy things like accusing strangers of working for big pharma conspiracies.

      1. I agree, it is not polite to speak about somebody ancestors but I did it only because she is hiding it from some reason.

        About “conform”, after google search for meaning, I am sorry but I am not “conform type”.

        By the way, mentioned tribe is free and electing its leaders last few thousand years. Civilization only recently rediscover direct democracy which we “tribalists” practicing from beginning.

        1. Serbs are civilized and cultured people who have been victimized by an empire without a conscience. I hope you can share more in the future, we all benefit from hearing new points of view.

  9. My god Caitlin. This article is a banger. This got my first donation.

  10. The problem that has pushed the system over the edge, IMHO, coming on the heels of Trump, Russia-gate, and Covid, is that Russia ACTED, rightly or wrongly, in what we had come to believe was a virtual world. Mutual assured destruction (MAD) makes it impossible to effectively thwart what Russia has done. So we continue desperately to up the ante in the virtual worlds of gestures, money, and media while Russia grinds out an inevitable victory on the ground. What the system and all of us in it are undergoing is a reality adjustment far beyond the power of any farcical ministry of truth. Truth is not appearance, spin, or narrative. It simply is, whether we like it or not, recognize it or not, talk about it or not. And it will always have the last word.

    1. Ted Christian Avatar
      Ted Christian

      To the contrary, MAD doesn’t “make it impossible to thwart what Russia has done”. But it only gives one option, so hopefully we’ll settle for posing. Jesus, between all the lunacy, nukes, and hype right now it doesn’t take too many beers to think we might really be fucked this time.

      1. Right you are, Ted, frighteningly, sickeningly so. But WW3 would not be an effective thwarting of Russia but rather a thwarting of all of us, of life itself. My hope lies, however discordant with manufactured Western opinion, in Russian sanity and restraint. Someone else may have already linked it, but Seott Ritter has an excellent written analysis just published on RT.

        1. Ted Christian Avatar
          Ted Christian

          I just now reposted a comment on Ritter’s piece, opened it with “Scott Ritter for SecDef 2024”. The first post was taken down, as was a post on another article, and as I type I honestly can’t think of a reason RT would do it.

          Yeah, my main straw is Russian sanity and restraint as well.

  11. US propaganda may be relying on our rote memorization; semantic memory deals with repeating information as facts, without questioning. This is why US government cannot tolerate any public dissent that disrupts the official stream of lies.
    Here Pew research center demonstrates how this works easy for them:

    1. In experimental psychology, 70% is about the percentage of people who will confirm to the group pressure to produce a wrong answer even if they know what is true.

  12. The height of the absurd, a tragic comedy.
    It’s “worse” already, Caitlin.

    As you know, the govment has founded upon this land
    a new department, torn from the pages of Orwell –
    The DHS Ministry of Truth. But did you also know that the
    Dependency Wing of the Democratic Party is wondering
    whether the govment is doling out enough free mind control
    to minorities.

    In the Empire of Lies absurd is normal.

    Here is Rep Lauren Underwood, a Black women, watching
    out for the fair share of mind control for minorities.

    1. Perhaps you thought the above Underwood was an exceptional example, I just came
      across another article that suggests the newest thing, the latest trend for group mimicry,
      is that the Underwoods are multiplying.

      Time Columnist Denounces Free Speech As A White Man’s “Obsession”

  13. Beau of the 5th, perhaps the finest military mind in the United States at the moment, seems a bit peevish that some members of usually loyal commentariate are starting question his genius.
    I’m not kidding about that finest mind shit either. It ain’t easy trying to hold this “we are winning” narrative together that the people above Beau are spinning to a wider audience. But Napolean in his prime couldn’t do much better with the nonsensical scripts that Beau is being handed.
    These are our leaders.
    Battle hardened former Rear Admiral John Kirby.
    3rd in line to the Presidency, Nancy Pelosi, appears drunk on duty, and if she isn’t, God help us, our Commander-in-Chief is still having those moments, but even worse, there is the possibility that he actually believes that stealing yachts from rich people is a war winning strategy, and perhaps our next President, Donald Trump, clearly struggles with the word “truth.” It just doesn’t want to come out his mouth.
    Were starting to lose the propaganda war, in my estimation, despite the fact that Russians are offering no meaningful opposition on this front. This is a very bad sign of course. It means most likely that we are going to have to up the ante.
    A major false flag is coming, according to almost all of “my” sources who follow these things, and it will be either a tactical nuke or a very significant chemical attack, because the dozens and dozens of minor false flags that have failed so far, most of the more recent ones within but hours of release, indicates that the minor false flag chamber is completely empty.
    Ok, a so major false flage is coming, and assuming it’s successful, what does this mean? Well, from where I’m sitting, and admittedly I’m no Caesar or Alexander, but it does seem pretty obvious to me, that we have two choices, and only two,* go for the no-fly zone and start WWIII, or simply dispense with the unnecessary pretenses and attempt to take out those diabolic Russkies with a nuclear first strike.
    *I”ve reluncantly accepted that negotiating our way out of this is not an option, mostly thanks to Beau, who has convinced me that we must fight to the death of not only our proxie Ukrainians, but all life forms, because some nebulous unnamed thing demands that we do so.

    1. Apologies if I’m overlinking to Dore and Blumenthal, but they are the last of a dying breed, and I think we should take the time to appreciate journalists before they’re all gone.
      Great journalists, actually, who make a helluva team.
      Note: I’m not smart enought to know if Einstein was a genius, but thanks to Mr. Dore, I am smart enough to recognize that Albert Einstein was one savvy and prescient political thinker.

  14. Ted Christian Avatar
    Ted Christian

    Hyperbole had failed me with Jankowicz and then Caitlin rides to the rescue with “utterly hypnotic ridiculousness”. It’s too bad we can’t bring Orwell back and have him watch the MinTruth Mary Poppins propaganda crackhead video and tell him yeah, Mr. Iconic Dystopian Political Fiction Writer, drop enough acid to write a novel with that in it. Orwell is no longer prescient. He wasn’t weird enough.

    And what exactly is all this “Russian disinformation” supposed to be? If they’re trying to discredit the US government are we supposed to believe they actually need to make shit up? I’m at the limit of what I can believe right now and it’s right there on the fucking screen. Could the Russians actually compete with that? Is there some reason they need to? I don’t see why.

    And has anybody besides me noticed our new Ministry of Truth is the same bunch that lied about WMDs in Iraq, about Saddam being in league with Al-Qaeda, about the Afghan war going according to plan, about our phones not being tapped, about the Syrian gas attack, about Assange, about Russiagate, about Hunter Biden’s laptop, on and on and fucking on, has anybody besides me noticed that this same exact bunch of plainly certifiable pathological liars are now officially going to decide the truth. For everybody. HFS.

    1. If the Russians … “are trying to discredit the US government are we supposed to believe they actually need to make shit up?”
      Lmao …Exactly. Just sit back and watch the implosion, or, as Napolean said, “never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”
      Or going batshit insane.
      It was always my contention that Dr. Strangelove was not parody.

      1. Ted Christian Avatar
        Ted Christian

        Got it on VHS. The Jankowicz video is weirder.

        1. Yeah it is.
          Supposedly there is another one from years ago where she covers a Christmas song, and talks about sleeping her way to fame and forture, so maybe there’s some more weirdness coming out way.
          I kinda hope so, she’s got talent.

    2. Err… you forgot 9/11, the mother of all lies, to such an extent that they even turned it into a taboo that you can only whisper to yourself on Walpurgisnacht on penalty of being called an anti-vaxxer. Nice job if you can get it and you can get it if you try! :o)

  15. Be like Putin. Get vaccinated.

  16. The reason why Bojo is not going gung ho on Russia and prefers insults :o)

  17. Take care people, soon all the screens blackout.
    The wheel is rapidly losing air.
    Unite before the tire hits the ground. It’s coming.

  18. Regardless of what the brain-addled American dictator may believe, or is told to say by his handlers, the “truth” cannot be chosen, decided upon, imposed, passed by legislation, determined by plebiscite, won in a lottery, plucked from a grab bag, proclaimed by dictate, etc., etc. It is not even what provides “the greatest good for the greatest number!” It may, in fact, be your personal ticket to Hell! Or our entire society’s invite to one and the same–hard earned or not. It just “is.” Or, “I am what am,” as “God” would put it. You might be able to attain it, or maybe you can’t, maybe you never will no matter how hard you try. But irrespective of our wishes or our efforts there it sits, whether we or our government like it or not.
    The government does not determine it, and may not even be helpful in discerning what it is. In fact, with so many constituencies, the government has far more reasons to lie about what is the truth than most anyone else. The US government is the LAST place I would go looking for the truth.
    This “Disinformation Governance Board” is not there to provide you with “truth” or to “set you free” in any sense of the word. Hell’s belles, it doesn’t even admit to any mechanism for reasonably and logically discussing whatever relevant evidence there might be on the matter. It is there strictly to enforce your compliance to some predetermined government policy, like it or not.
    Our present dictator is not fooling anyone with this latest mandate. We’ve already seen, too many times to count, that his insane proclamations or those put into “laws” enforceable by violent acts of the military or the police have very little in common with actual physical reality, that is to say with tentative “facts” that can be examined thoroughly, compared with previously “established” facts and fit into a larger model of the universe in a way that does not lead to any obvious contradictions or paradoxes. If this version of reality seems consistent with everything else we think we already know, we may consider it part of our set of tentative truths. Absolute truths are never attainable except in mathematics, and these only within the context of a set of presumed axioms (according to Goedel and his “Incompleteness Theorum,” even in the mathematical world there will always be statements that contradict one or more axioms). In this sense, the best we can ever do is only asymptotically approach absolute “truth.” In this “real” material world, there will always be some degree of uncertainty about everything (go see Heisenberg to complain about that in physics). Lord Biden can take his Ministry of Truth and cram it. However, whether their minions are named O’Brien or Jankowicz, they can, and will, punish people for their “apostasy” thus belying their innate hypocrisy every time they do.

  19. I agree. A broken record becomes annoying.

  20. So now the US will have a DGB to correspond to the former USSR’s KGB.

    My biggest question is: The CIA already exists here. So now the DGB will counter everything the CIA says. After all, it was the CIA that invented disinformation.

    Ukraine has been a center of disinformation in the past 20 years, and I see this dweeb straight out of Central Casting for Crazies got her training in disinformation in…wait for it…Ukraine!

    And I didn’t make up ANY of this shit!

    1. I’m not sure anything you have written is correct.

    2. What you did make up, Kevin my boy, is the correlation between the CIA and the new DGB. CIA creates the disinformation; DWB censors anything not in line with the Hegemon’s narrative.

  21. 6.26 million dead worldwide from covid. We can stop it by wearing masks and getting vaccinated.

    1. Haven’t you read that vaccinated and masked people die too? Get a grip!
      Even the captured Washington Post admits it!

      1. Science is real. The virus is real. Putin was telling the truth. Rush Limbaugh was lying.

        1. Rush Limbaugh was always lying. Nevertheless the global death rate from covid stands cumulatively at 803 per million at, hardly more than a blip in the stats. Contrast this to real epidemics, such as the US smallpox epidemics of the 1790s and the cholera outbreaks in the 1820s, when the death rate was something on the order of 100,000 per million. Reliable reports of the latter said you could be symptom-free in the morning but dead by nightfall, and unlike smallpox, there was no treatment.

          1. 6.26 dead worldwide from covid. So who has to die next because it isn’t smallpox? What are their names? Are you going to break the news to them, because it’s only a statistic? Will your own death be a mere statistic? No? So why should the deaths of the covid victims be written off as statistics?

    2. Perhaps… perhaps not…

      1. Of course science is real! And it tells us that masked and vaccinated people die too!

        1. Please use some logic. Stop using straw-man arguments. Driving carefully will not GUARANTEE that I will not die in an auto accident, but it WILL decrease the likelihood of that event. Staying away from other people and wearing masks and getting vaccinated are steps we took to reduce the ODDS of FATAL illness. It is not a GUARANTEE against illness, which is your straw-man.

          And by the way, I believe in your right to openly state utterly illogical and false bovine fecal matter and the government or powerful government-connected corporations have no right to stop you!

          1. I was just answering that post: “6.26 million dead worldwide from covid. We can stop it by wearing masks and getting vaccinated”. Fact-check: false. We can’t stop it by wearing masks and getting vaccinated. If you claim we can, you are a science-denier.

            1. Do you still think I work for big pharma?

          2. Steve, you’re a total douche bag. Go fuck yourself, leftist turd-sucker!

    3. A small price to pay for never having to think.

  22. This is one of the most urgent and important recent posts of Caitlin’s. I hope it is spread far and wide.

  23. Before the earthquake Avatar
    Before the earthquake

    America doesn’t know how to win a propaganda war against Russia and doesn’t seem on track to learn anything. It’s all about what you believe, what your presuppositions are, and the Powers That Be have pretty shallow beliefs, or so it seems. More madness sweeping, as someone above has said.

  24. Harry S Nydick Avatar
    Harry S Nydick

    “We are going in exactly the wrong direction.”
    Exactly the case.
    Even before this, the 21st century, I have continually trying to wake people up, but repeatedly stating that “We are inexorably marching backward to 1984.”
    Looking at the big picture, it certainly seems that we are still marching and that we have already made it back to 1985. If you pay attention, we’re so close that you can hear 1984 calling your names.

  25. Gee, I wonder if the War Crime Tribunals to begin in Donetsk or Crimea in June could have any old little thing to do with the sudden sprouting of MiniTrue in US? I mean, all those NATO fellows in the bowels of Avostal and their already captured pals sure must have a lot to say, no?

  26. “… the utterly hypnotic ridiculousness …”
    Lmao … Both the finger waving pause before, and then the rip … “it’s how you hide a liddle lie little lie, it’s how you hide a liddle lie little lie … ” were indeed transfixing. *
    As if she were a malevolent Julie Andrews, the staccato modulations of Ms. Janxcowicz cut through the fog of mis and dis information like hot knife through butter … is my review.
    *Like seriously. I watched it four times I enjoyed it so much.

  27. @INNA: No, the reason is not that it costs people more, it’s that Pharma can harvest more from the poor sods whose health they’ve generally worsened in the first place, like the picador weakening the bull in a bullfight, by fucking up their immune system with useless (but never 100% safe in Rochelle Walensky’s own words) vaccines in societies where the diseases they’re supposed to combat have been eradicated long ago, like smallpox or diphtheria (essentially thanks to better hygiene and septic bacteria-free air and water), opioids and other addictive pain-killers, suicide-inducing antidepressants etc. They sell that over the counter, under the counter like it was Christmas in spite of spectacular tragedies due to chronic use like Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson or Prince to name a few.

    The dogma behind that? No government control on prices as exists in countries where public healthcare reimburses medications and therefore haggles with the labs about their prices, with the Brits taking it to a laudable extreme (there was probably a Scot at the helm then :o) in the 70s by giving you at the drugstore just the number of pills prescribed by the doc instead of standard boxes half of which will end up in the dustbin and that serve therefore no other purpose than making ding-ding in Pharma’s coffers. Now that was decent and revolutionary!

    Contrary to Pharma’s propaganda which paints the past as a hellhole where people barely survived, chemical drugs are not a default solution. “Modern” chemical medicine was invented by John D. Rockefeller (whose father was a snake oil salesman) to make money and he then proceeded, thanks to his vast wealth and the politicians he could buy, to have Congress eradicate all other forms of treatments successfully used since Hippocrates as society-threatening superstitious junk. Rockefeller said himself that he hated competition.

    Then the idea is to make you take more and more sophisticated (understand expensive) tests needing more and more sophisticated (ditto) machines because you’ve got a spot on your face caused by an allergy to one of their medications. The symptom of a disease is only the result of your organism fighting an external element it doesn’t get along with, be it a bee’s sting or food additive. The more you poison it with chemical crap, the more it reacts and responding to that with more chemical crap is how you end up with chronic diseases and extremely malevolent stuff nobody’s ever heard of – usually called cancers to be on the safe side. And then of course you’ve got the nec plus ultra, la crême de la crême: the universal vaccine against a disease that we’re not even sure existed as such considering the means of testing used, like the bogus PCR, but got miraculously cured by Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. For which I do hope he gets the Nobel Prize in Medicine that he’ll definitely deserve more than Obama the one for Peace. Then again Obama had the MIC to buy it for him, which will definitely not be the case of Putin even though Natostan is making a killing (no pun intended :o) thanks to him with their massive sales of weapons promised to the junkyard to Ukraine. If that’s not ingratitude… :o)

    1. Leaving aside the daft idea that smallpox was conqured with better hygiene (what, worldwide?), what’s this fantasy about smallpox vaccines still being used when the disease been eradicated?

      1. I was trying to prove that Fauci and Walensky haven’t got a monopoly on saying stupid things :o) Joke apart, I might have been a bit off on this marginal point (the main one being that Pharma is interested first and foremost in making money out of healthcare) but the vaccine problem is an extremely complex one that boils down to the vulnerability of the immune system. Why did some nurses get “Covid” and others didn’t when there were no vaccines? Why did some die and others developed natural immunity instead? And there’s no question that good sanitation improves the immune system and helped get rid of typhoid, cholera, dysentery or tuberculosis.
        However you’re right about “vaccines still being used when the disease been eradicated”. I was vaccinated against smallpox in the early 50s and I always thought it had long been eradicated because I never heard of anybody getting smallpox in my country. Upon checking, it was only declared eradicated by the WHO in 1980. Mea culpa…
        Nevertheless, not only vaccines don’t protect everybody – far from it, check smallpox vaccination campaigns in the Philippines at the turn of the XXth century – but they also bring about their own problems, like this…
        … or this…
        It’s far from the foot loose and fancy-free “You’ll get the jab and you’ll be happy” that we’re being sold by the globalists’ Magical Mystery Tour if we believe the EMA’s and CDC’s (VAERS) deaths and injuries figures.

        1. Polio is surely a success story for vaccinations. “According to the WHO, wild poliovirus cases have fallen by more than 99% since 1988, from 350,000 in more than 125 endemic countries to 33 reported cases in 2018.”

          True, it’s proving hard to finally eradicate this disease, but these vaccine-derived cases are extremely rare in comparison to the scourge polio used to be.

    2. Recently I listened to the lecture on business models,and the professor described US Pharmaceutical industry model in detail. It has high cost and barriers to entry, after which the drug makers enjoy practically monopoly on their patented medicine as permitted by the FDA, until patent expires. Of course they try to modify the drug to extend the patent.
      No challengers or substitutes to the patented drugs, and being entrenched with the help of the medical insurance, the price also is set by the insurers negotiating with drugmakers (not by competitive process). Once you start taking a drug, you are told to keep taking it as prescribed and for your own good you are advised to not stop unless prescribed so.
      No wonder every time a visit to the doctor starts with a question if you are taking any new drugs. Say NO!

  28. Ralph M Streicher Avatar
    Ralph M Streicher

    Amen, Sister!

  29. The end of the world cannot come fast enough.

    1. At least it will bring about the end of toothaches :o)

    2. I have also noted that the higher petrol prices are, the more my car consumes fuel.
      My biggest fear of the end of the world coming is that I won’t have enough time to finish my home brew beer stash. Another fear, shared by my wife, is that our ‘prepper’ plan is to buy books, we have heaps, and so little time in which to read them.
      Do I bother to wash my sheets? I mean, what’s the point?

  30. Kathryn Jorgensen Avatar
    Kathryn Jorgensen

    This is the basic disagreement I see between advocates of liberty versus advocates of maximum totalitarianism –

    Both see that there is a huge problem. But both see opposite solutions. One side thinks that all problems could be solved if we just gave more money and power to the government, as though it’s simply a fact that all problems are caused by them not having enough money and power – and so things will be better the more of those things our rulers get.

    And then the other side says that they ARE the problem, and their power needs to be REMOVED. This is the side called “conspiracy theorists” by the other side, who gullibly swallow every single lie meant to increase the money and the power of the rulers – and cannot believe that they would ever lie.

    In other words, we have a cult and those who see through the cult and the lies of the cult leaders.

  31. I used to attend parties where politics and current events were earnestly discussed as though we were involved and part of it. It has slowly dawned on us that we are not. Most of us now ignore politics and focus on what can be controlled. In the American West, we now have smoke season every Summer as the forests burn. That, higher prices and more homeless tent villages are the changes we experience even if we switch off the news. Thanks, Caitlin, for shining a light.

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      If you think that the climate problems have nothing to do with politics, you are failing to make a very important connection. It is political that the capitalist system continues to support the petroleum industry, which we all know affects climate change. It is political that that same capitalist system is responsible for homelessness, hunger, poverty, and disease. Your idea that things can be controlled without engaging in political activism is the action of an ostrich with its head in the sand.

    2. pretzelattack Avatar

      was California, now New Mexico and Arizona and Colorado are burning.

  32. Been hankering for an expansion on the theme of what are the big successes of this Empire that mean we should obey them unquestioning?

    Obviously those financing and pulling backroom levers of power are ecstatic about their money making, power gaining success, but what drives our acceptance of their right to rule? Our they taking care of us?

    Well in a rubbing their hands together, sneering, gleeful psychopathic way yeah, they are taking care of us all right.

    1. On the subject if care and taking care, the US is the only developed country without public healthcare. The public healthcare in other countries actually costs less than our private, so no reason for the US not to go that way. Costing us more seems to be the only reason for the private only healthcare “model” – a model nobody else wants to follow, apparently.

      1. The excuse I heard when Obamacare and so on were being debated was all the unemployed there’d be in the health insurance racket. I’d have thought after years of poring over claims and contracts looking for loopholes and get-out clauses to avoid paying, they’d be well qualified to do the opposite, cracking down on wealthy tax evaders – but the party donors probably wouldn’t exactly jump at that idea.

        1. @INNA: Please find reply-post above for better writing space.

      2. I have noted before – the chances of being invaded or sanctioned by the US rise exponentially the cheaper or totality of the recipient country’s healthcare plan.
        Australia 1975, Iraq under Saddam, Libya under Ghaddafi, Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, Iran….

  33. Updated version of the ‘luegenpresse’??? The US needs to be taught a lesson it won’t forget so quickly.

  34. It is now quite obvious that the whole Covid thing was also pushed and controlled by the corporate media so the media bosses can replace not so easy to control Trump. Media-mafia.
    Dementia Joe was their hand picked candidate, because you can always count on Biden to screw things up.
    His son is like an apple by the apple tree, helped to start the war over who supplies which gas to Europe at what price.
    It’s worth mentioning that pelosi’s, kerry’s and clintons’s rotten apples work for the gas companies too, according to other comments.
    I listened to Paul Krugman yesterday, he said US used to have middle class, but its current high inequality is due to its politicians. When they pass their wealth to their kids, they help create and maintain oligocracy. These are so called democrats who swear to defend democracy all over the world.

    1. demoncracy
      Perpetual government by an evil ruling elite though with a facade of apparent democracy.
      “Whoever you vote for, the government always wins”

      “Yeah man, what’s the point of that elections shit in a demoncracy?”

      1. Demoncracy sounds about right, I will use only this form from now on. Thank you.

    2. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      “The whole Covid thing”???? SARS Cov-2 is a real and deadly virus that kills people by the thousands and is still doing so. What is the matter with you? Are you so ignorant that you believe Covid is not real?

      1. He can be forgiven. Even Fauci doesn’t seem to know :o)
        And yet Dr Naomi Wolf has definitely heard him say that the pandemic was over:
        Of course, you would know better, having read it in the Bible (sorry the World Socialist Website).

      2. I agree. A broken record becomes annoying.

      3. Hi Carolyn,
        I don’t doubt that SARS in all its mutations exist and are a health danger. I just doubt the capture and direction of our health systems by mainly US Pharma companies – which is the biggest transfer of public monies in world history.
        Russia/Ukraine is a case where the ‘west’ would prefer, or in some cases, insist that pro-Ukraine sources be the only defining source. Three of the sources I go to have at times been blocked. Why? Not because they have a different narrative – but actually substantiate what US military intelligence is telling its pollies. We are getting the political spin, not the hard truth on Ukraine.
        I found the same of relevant information on SARS Covid.

  35. This is just another sign of the time of madness which has once again swept across humanity.

  36. I’m not sure “It started as soon as Russia invaded Ukraine”, not even just the Ukraine angle. Quite apart from general misinfo and disinfo going back at least as far as 2014 and the Maidan days, there’s the tricky question of Hunter Biden’s laptop, which most media outlets self-censored, claiming the whole thing was some kind of Russian propaganda stunt – a claim they’ve recently retracted, or rather pretended they never made:
    ‘People familiar with the investigation said prosecutors had examined emails between Mr. Biden, Mr. Archer and others about Burisma and other foreign business activity. Those emails were obtained by The New York Times from a cache of files that appears to have come from a laptop abandoned by Mr. Biden in a Delaware repair shop. The email and others in the cache were authenticated by people familiar with them and with the investigation.’ (March 2022)
    And guess who was one of the voices calling the laptop story Russian disinformation and fake news to influence US elections? None other than the Director of Disinformation herself!
    ‘Nina Jankowicz, who was a disinformation fellow at the Wilson Center, has repeatedly cast doubt on The Post’s reporting about Hunter Biden’s laptop.

    During a series of live tweets during the presidential debate between Biden and Donald Trump in October 2020, Jankowicz had referenced the laptop.

    “Back on the ‘laptop from hell,’ apparently—Biden notes 50 former natsec officials and 5 former CIA heads that believe the laptop is a Russian influence op,” Jankowicz tweeted.’ (April 28 2022)

    1. We used to joke about how blatantly obvious & crappy Rooski disinformation was, compared to K Street, Madison Ave & particularly UK agitprop got lying subliminal messages, deep into our pre-programmed Hollywood conditioned response. Until, LSD & poliploid sins broke the spell and we noticed Tonkin, IRBMs & B58s in Turkey, Malcolm, Cambodia, ML King, The Shaw, CoIntelPro… What would happen if everyone woke up all at once?

      Oh, nevermind; we WATCHED Jack Ruby shoot Lee Harvey Oswald, live on TV & nobody even remembers the car horn or surprised deputy!

  37. This has been coming for sometime, we are sleepwalking into a totalitarian dystopia and too many people are far too ignorant to either vote out the f…ers doing this or even to care

    1. If voting could change anything, they would have forbidden it long ago.
      Some people argue that “in 2020, Biden got 16 million more votes than Obama in 2012 having won 162 less counties. He got 25% more votes from 25% less won counties. The US population increases by 0.72% per year. So over 8 years it increases by 5.76% not 25%. So all other things being equal, Biden’s figures are not credible. But all other things were not equal. Biden did no campaigning, had absolutely no memorable election slogan and could not string two sentences together without making a gaffe and has very little if any charisma. Whereas Obama did exhaustive campaigning with the wonderful campaign slogan YES WE CAN, is dripping with charisma and is the best political speaker of his generation. So the chances of zero charisma, zero campaigning, no election slogan, mediocre speaker Biden outperforming charisma loaded, YES WE CAN slogan, exhaustive campaigning, wonder speaker Obama by 25% from 25% less won counties are ZERO”.
      What do I know? But I found the argument worth considering…

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