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The last few days in the United States have seen a parade of wealthy freaks fellating each other’s egos and preening for the cameras in outlandish garb while ordinary Americans suffer more and more.

The weekend’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner saw a gaggle of media celebrities congregate to congratulate one another on what a great job they’ve been doing bravely telling the truth and holding the most powerful government on earth to account. The host, Trevor Noah of The Daily Show, gushed with enthusiasm about how much freedom the press have in America to say things the powerful don’t like.

“As we sit in this room tonight, people, I really hope you all remember what the real purpose of this evening is,” Noah said. “Yes, it’s fun. Yes, we dress nice. Yes, the people eat, they drink, we have fun. But the reason we’re here is to honor and celebrate the fourth estates and what you stand for — what you stand for — an additional check and balance that holds power to account and gives voice to those who otherwise wouldn’t have one.”

“And if you ever begin to doubt your responsibilities, if you ever begin to doubt how meaningful it is, look no further than what’s happening in Ukraine,” said Noah. “Look at what’s happening there. Journalists are risking and even losing their lives to show the world what’s really happening. You realize how amazing it is. In America, you have the right to seek the truth and speak the truth even if it makes people in power uncomfortable, even if it makes your viewers or your readers uncomfortable. You understand how amazing that is? I stood here tonight and I made fun of the president of the United States, and I’m going to be fine. I am going to be fine, right? Do you really understand what a blessing it is?”

Of course there are people who’ve said things that US presidents don’t like who are not in fact fine. Julian Assange continues to waste away in Belmarsh Prison as the US government continues its efforts to extradite him to he can become the first publisher ever tried under the Espionage Act. Edward Snowden, an American, remains in exile because one US president after another continues to refuse to pardon his heroic whistleblowing about the sinister surveillance practices of the US intelligence cartel. Daniel Hale, also an American, sits in prison for exposing the depravity of America’s monstrous drone program.

Trevor Noah did not mention these people, or the many others who’ve been persecuted, silenced, imprisoned and killed for saying things the powerful individuals who govern the US don’t approve of, because as a member of the mainstream media his job is not to inform but to propagandize.

Far from providing “an additional check and balance that holds power to account and gives voice to those who otherwise wouldn’t have one” as Noah claims, the people in his audience on Saturday night are tasked with manipulating public thought in facilitation of the interests of the powerful. The mainstream news media in America, and throughout all the so-called free democracies of the western world, are propaganda institutions whose first and foremost job is to manufacture consent for oligarchy and empire.

Which is why the President of the United States, when he took the podium that night, had nothing but friendly words for the mainstream press.

“What’s clear, and I mean this from the bottom of my heart, is that you, the free press, matter more than you ever did in the last century,” Biden said. “We’ve all seen the courage of Ukrainian people because of the courage of American reporters in this room, and your colleagues across the world who are on the ground taking their lives in their own hands.”

This past weekend also saw a friendly gathering of brave fourth estate truth warriors and political and government operatives of the US empire at a party hosted by the billionaire owner of the neocon war propaganda rag The Atlantic.

Politico reports:

David and Katherine Bradley and Laurene Powell Jobs hosted a dinner at the Bradleys’ home. SPOTTED: Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Cabinet Secretary Evan Ryan, Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo, CIA Director Bill Burns, press secretary Jen Psaki, Deputy A.G. Lisa Monaco, Sen. Tina Smith (D-Minn.), FCC Chair Jessica Rosenworcel, Del. Stacey Plaskett (D-U.S. Virgin Islands), homeland security adviser Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall, Jeffrey Goldberg, Nick Thompson, Peter Lattman, Anne Applebaum, Russell Berman, Franklin Foer, David Frum, Elaine Godfrey, Adam Harris, Mark Leibovich, Jeff Dufour, Heather Kuldell, Kevin Baron, José Andrés, Enes Kanter, Mitch Landrieu, Dafna Linzer, Rachel Martin, Judy Woodruff, Jake Tapper, Wolf Blitzer, Jonathan Capehart, Katty Kay, Steve and Jean Case, John Dickerson and Jen Palmieri.

Yep, when you see a shady basketball player/empire propagandist fraternizing with the CIA Director while surrounded by media celebrities and government insiders at a party hosted by a media-owning plutocrat, you know you’re in a country where power is held to account. Right, Trevor?

The orgy of embarrassment was capped off by the 2022 Met Gala, a big weird dystopian parade of rich freaks dressed like Hunger Games aristocracy and laughing in the face of everyone who can’t afford to live.

An honest Met Gala dress would have a corset made from the bones of Yemeni children, draped with a cloth of stolen gold and lithium spun by the tiny hands of child slaves, with a full-length train that leached oil and blood wherever it went.

This while ordinary Americans struggle just to survive. While American women appear to be on the precipice of losing their reproductive sovereignty. While money is poured into a proxy war which threatens to escalate into a conflict that could easily end all life on earth.

This is your dying empire, America. This is your end-stage capitalism. This is your dystopia, in all its weird, phony, stupid glory.

It is horrifying. The longer you look at it, the creepier it gets.

Breathe it all in, folks.

We’re in for a hell of a ride.


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72 responses to “A Weird, Stupid Dystopia”

  1. If you want to see the Met Gala on the movie screen, rent Fellini’s Satyricon. If anyone doesn’t think we’re living through the last days of Rome, I want to live where they live.

    1. Step O'Rafferty Avatar
      Step O’Rafferty

      When Fellini Satyricon was released it became a cult movie for those who enjoyed indulging in such debauchery. Now half a century later many of the people who enjoyed that movie are now in powerful political and public service positions.

  2. Sorry we sent you Trevor Noah.

    But at least we don’t have to listen to him cheerlead for corrupt South African oligarchs anymore.

  3. Last May when Israel was destroying Gaza, again, Noah intoned with gravitas the equal destructiveness, thus culpability, of Palestine tossing a couple of Katyusha firecrackers over the border wall and the Israeli response of F-16 and helicopter gunship bombings

  4. such hypocrisy of the proxy war in ukraine against russia! all we see and here are u.s. propaganda of the death of people by russia,but we never here of the millions of people the u,s, have killed with all there endless wars! we want complete control of the world and russia and china have been on the hit list!
    i am so afraid of a nuclear war that will destroy the world

  5. Third-Eye Roll Avatar
    Third-Eye Roll

    Today’s America resembles The Cloud Minders episode of Star Trek more and more with each passing dystopian day.

  6. Step O'Rafferty Avatar
    Step O’Rafferty

    I have been watching this horrific dissolution of the ‘west’ for decades. While most peoples’ attention is focused on external ‘threats’, the putrid rot from within is spreading like the worst cancer. No amount of military expenditure can stay the hand of the this enemy.

    Those of us who have been conveniently labeled as conspiracy theorists have tried our best to awaken the zombies. The degeneration seems to be unstoppable.

    Please leave the cities as soon as possible and grow food in the countryside. People who do not own land need to find communities who are going to survive this holocaust. people who can make themselves useful are welcome anywhere.

  7. Applause Caitlin !
    Gratitude for your continuing excellence . . .

  8. Mr. Bojangles ! This was the impression I got from the Trevor Noah talk. I think he is really funny sometimes but I was extremely disappointed when Trevor started tap dancing for his dinner. Of course I started screaming at the computer….ASSANGE….SNOWDEN….(but he didn’t hear me.)

  9. Trevor Noah is a FUCKING WORTHLESS CUNT..a HUMUNCULUS grown in a laboratory beneath a tesla factory, then trained to talk in a program run by the CIA and funded by George Soros Goldman Sachs and traitorous Chinese finance sector parasites

  10. thorsjackhammer Avatar

    The establishments facade is getting more and more surreal by the day, but why? Apparently any indoctrination process, dissociation, brainwashing, mind control, etc, relies heavily on a sustained period of anxiety. A surreal, cartoon like world being constantly MSM force-fed to the global public may be making ‘indoctrination’ (Establishment approved cult brainwashing/mind control) to the ‘new normal’ a much simpler task. 1. Increasingly absurd and ‘dangerous’ (political/societal) world. 2. Sustained Anxiety – 3. Psychological Dissociation (escape into comforting fantasy) – 4. Cult Programmed to Establishment specifications.
    And yeah, the cult controlled Fourth Estate doing what the cult leaders want. Fucking drone stooges.

  11. Michael Hudson interviewed by two of my country’s 14 remaining journalists, Katie Halper and Aarron Mate. Via theSaker, another sane Russian who is willing to look reality in the eye. It’s getting tedious and a little bit irksome. Every Russian I run across on the internet is as steady as she goes. It’s like disease over there, sanity, it’s running so rampant.
    Michale Hudson: “But we do want you (Japan) to rewrite your constitution so that you can have atomic weapons on your soil so that we can fight against China to the last Japanese. ”
    “And, of course, the Japanese love that. The government loves that idea. They love sacrificing the population … ”
    Lmao … Michael Hudson has clearly had enough of playing nice – he’s taken the gloves off. And why not. One of the best minds my country has ever produced, and what do we do with him? We shun his anti-neoliberal ass, just like Russians did with their version of Michael, the anti-Atlanticist Sergei Glazyev.
    I may have to rethink my postion on us taking on China next. I didn’t think we could, not because we’re not stupid enough to try, but because we had no proxies in the region willing to sacrifice themselves for the greater glory of neo-liberal globalism.
    Thanks to Mr. Hudson, I feel honor bound to at least entertain the possibiliy that I was wrong, that China is indeed, next up on the American menu if we can just get past these irrational Russkies.
    Note: Still, I do believe it’s going to be Saudi Arabia next. Think about it. End stage capitalism was always going to be about wild and unthinkable geo-political gambits by the US to “aquire” the planet’s last viable mega-fields, and if Russia refuses to be tricked into giving up theirs by installing a Boris Yeltsin clone, and Venezuela’s tar sands require a 20 year plan, and long range plans are something we don’t do, well, Saudi Arabia is as soft an invasion target for our military – and our oil majors – as there ever was.
    Ghawar! Need I say more? About easy pikings?
    Gotta deal with the Mecca thing, of course, that will be tricky. World Islam will not be happy about the occupation, to say the least.

    1. thorsjackhammer Avatar

      Saudi Arabia is a puppet stooge nation of the UK/US, there’s no reason to invade it. In fact, it helps justify inflating oil prices when required. A handy whipping boy. China is the end game for the western powers. Russia? Truly sovereign? They may be onside with the west already? They might be handy just playing ‘Bad Guy’ theatrics to fuck around with global market prices and eventually turn on China, wouldn’t be the first time either. who knows?

    2. The Saker is Russian, but you should read his bio. His White Russian family left Russia in the early twentieth century and he ended up working for the U.S. surveillance system (I refuse to use the word intelligence), which he now sees for what it is. I would describe him as Russian-American.

  12. Klaus von Berlin Avatar
    Klaus von Berlin

    Thanks again Caitlin for all your synopsis.Yes it’s in the nature of a totalitarian society to sow the seeds of hatred and ill will amongst its citizenry in order to create a war of each against all and all against each other where such fear driven atomized individuals gladly surrender their personal power and civil rights to the totalitarian agents of the national security state that claims to want to protect them but in actual fact sees the overall population as an enemy that can only be controlled through the methods of those billionaire parasites and the police state.It’s too bad we are blowing it on the stupidity of ego -driven warmongers that lead us to nowhere but destruction,perhaps maybe another specie may evolve an intelligence to fully appreciate and enjoy their time in the sun.

  13. Not to mention the 84 billion that US has given to Ukraine (arms, military training) since 2014.
    It is a weird, stupid dystopia. I don’t think I could find better words.

  14. I’d never been aware of Trevor Noah but I heard his speech on Jimmy Dore last night and felt like the guy on the beach, in The Spy Who Loved Me, who sees 007 get out of the water in a submersible Lotus Esprit while throwing a fish out the window and looks at his bottle of alcoholic beverage in a dubitative way.
    This address should be used, in medical studies, to illustrate the concept of severe schizophrenia.
    As Jimmy Dore pointed out, at some stage, after the guy said something to the effect of “make no mistake, you’re the superheroes of our times and your fearless way of speaking truth to power will make Robin Hood and Lady Marian go down in history as pathetic pussies” – as if the MSM freaks weren’t vain enough as it is and blatantly incapable of underestimating themselves -, it took almost a minute for the audience to applaud as they seemed to be wondering, from their daily experience in the Ministry of Truth of copy-pasting CIA press releases and memory-holing evidence to the contrary while only going out of their offices triple-masked to get a cup of coffee from Starbucks down the block, “Is he taking the piss out of us or is he serious?”
    So would Elephant Man if Trevor Noah had told him, “Make no mistake, Michelangelo’s David, next to you, looks like the hunchback of Notre-Dame and you should immediately enter your name in the Mister Universe pageant for the title has your name written all over it!”
    Past the first bouts of nausea though, I put on my Monty Python glasses and started to find the whole thing rather amusing until it became clear that Trevor Noah, busy as he was propelling himself to Guinness levels in the bootlicking section, was never going to mention the elephant shitting in the room he was painting in such pleasant colours while climaxing with the Stars and Stripes in the other hand: Julian Assange.
    I couldn’t help thinking that, contrary to many nazi collaborators during WWII, he didn’t even have the excuse, for all we know, of being blackmailed or tortured into falling that low…

    1. Ted Christian Avatar
      Ted Christian

      Huh, “dubitative” is actually a word.

      You can see why these people want hate speech outlawed.

    2. thorsjackhammer Avatar

      LOL, awesome

      1. They urgently need Ricky Gervais at the White House Correspondents dinner. With a team of paramedics for the guys in the audience suffering heart-attacks, nervous breakdowns and bouts of anxiety :o)

        1. thorsjackhammer Avatar

          George Carlin as guest speaker would almost certainly have caused the ‘journalist’ stooges mass nervous breakdowns, with a series of truth bombs smashing through their collective superficial personas (controlled ops personas).

        2. Ted Christian Avatar
          Ted Christian

          Suicide by comedian. I would get cable for that.

  15. Ted Christian Avatar
    Ted Christian

    Kind of hard to be an“adversarial press” when you’re the dinner date.

    I had to take a break at “parade of wealthy freaks fellating each other’s egos”. Thanks for writing stuff like this so I don’t have to. Trevor needs to ask Mr. Camera why the US military budget is approximately equal to that of every other country on Earth combined, and just how much we’d have to spend to actually win a war, and then he should ask about Guantanamo, Hunter’s laptop, Assange, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. etc. etc., while security hauls him off.

    1. thorsjackhammer Avatar

      “Kind of hard to be an“adversarial press” when you’re the dinner date.” That’s how arrogant the establishment is, they know the average person wouldn’t even make that connection. They rub the truth of the matter it in the general public’s face, knowing that cognitive dissonance will work its magic and keep their minds safely inside the overton window.

  16. People like Trevor Noah make me ill.

    Yes Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Daniel Hale and so many others are sitting in prison, have had their livelihoods taken away, are forced to live in exile or are dead. The United States is not a country that honors the truth or a free press.

    One person that died in 2012, that has fallen off people’s radar, because he is dead and not organizing, developing and creating public good any more, was Aaron Swartz,, This says it all about how we can ostensibly even criticize anything in the United States. Trevor Noah is dead wrong.

    On the issue of Ukraine, if there is so much free press, how is it that the press got Ukraine so consistently and dramatically wrong. Volodymyr Zelenskyy has had his political critics, jailed, beaten or killed. He has also shut down any media in Ukraine that disagrees with his perspective. Did Noah Trevor ever report on that? See: Volodymyr Zelenskyy – and then watch Ukraine On Fire – to get a sense of just how corrupt Trevor Noah and his so called free press in Amre4ica is. Trevor Noah is a good looking well dressed propagandist, not a journalist.

    Thank you so much Caitlin form keeping the names of Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and Danial Hale in front of the public. We don’t want to forget these guys because they risked everything including their lives to help us understand what is happening to our world in the name of democracy. The fact that Hilary Clinton gets to attend such an event, and they don’t, speaks volumes to the injustice that is taking place.

    1. Yes Trevor Noah is a comedian, not a journalist. In the setting he was in, he was trying to make a few points, but ultimately gave fawning praises to mainstream media figures.
      He did poke a lot of fun a Ron DeSantis, who was one of the few governors to stand up to the mandates madness.
      The way Ukraine is being spun must be a shock to most people living in Ukraine who aren’t connected to the Zelenskyy government or the Azov battalions.

  17. Harry S Nydick Avatar
    Harry S Nydick

    Three quick thoughts:
    1. Trevor Noah’s speech sounds good, but it hasn’t applied to the reality of life in the U.S. for decades – and the situation gets worse every day.
    2. Regarding a Republican majority in our not-so-supreme court, it’s decisions have been primarily right-wing and religious since this band of extremists took ‘possession of the court. Cases in point, among any others, are the citizens United, McCutcheon and Hobby Lobby decisions.
    3. It seems ridiculous that they should be outlawing abortion, since it is primarily Republican politicians caught in extra-marital affairs and/or having sex with teenagers too young to give consent.

  18. Goodbye reproductive rights, hello covid surge.

  19. Denis Hillman Avatar
    Denis Hillman

    Great work Caity – as usual xo

  20. Thanks for this.  The U.S. of AmeriKKKa has become a perverse, cruel Disneyland where only the shiny tinsel is allowed to be shown.  At 73, having opposed U.S. wars , imperialism, and narcissistic capitalism for the last 55 years, I welcome voices such as yours. – REDPILLED

  21. Third-Eye Roll Avatar
    Third-Eye Roll

    I heard a wet sticky sucking sound while reading the Trevor Noah portion of this article. I was never impressed with Noah, and never found him funny, now I actively despise him for being just another cock-sucking sellout pretending to give a damn about anybody but himself.

    1. pretelattack Avatar

      I thought he was mildly clever at times, but a fraudulent asskisser. “standing up to power” what a farce.

      1. Third-Eye Roll Avatar
        Third-Eye Roll


  22. Oh, ‘lady in red’ we wish you were ____.

    It is easy to get upset over the charm of a Trevor Noah as he cheer-leads for inequality.

    I save my upset for those who would make him king. American morons are always wanting royalty. Royalty makes for easy dreams in people who have nothing to dream about in their own lives.

  23. Really, if the demographics, history and politics in Ukraine were found in any other country in Europe, Nato, the EU and the US (not that the latter should have a say) would be advocating breaking it up into separate states along these same lines, as they made sure to happen in Yugoslavia when it was forcibly fragmented into 6 or 7 mini-states, and later in Serbia, when it had Kosovo forcibly excised from within its borders. Similar issues have yet to be permanently resolved in Ireland or Spain, where Northern Ireland and Catalonia remain restive. Would the entirety of Europe gang up against the separatists there, should they gain the upper hand in armed conflict? What if the Scotts succeed in breaking away from the UK? Would Nato supply unlimited weapons to England to make sure the Union Jack never changes?
    Or, is this insane overreaction limited to just the special case of Russia and Russians forced to live in Ukraine where they make up approximately 40% of the population and have lived in what was called Novorussiya since it was wrested from the Ottomans before “Ukrainian” was even an ethnic group yet are vociferously considered spawn of the Devil by their vainglorious Nazi-loving cohabitants?
    Is there really any more to all of this except following orders and doing whatever it takes to help advantage Washington and its myopic geopolitics of keeping Russia, China and Iran down and denied any attempt to develop their influence and economies? The US has single-handedly screwed up its own economy and good will around the globe. I’d say it can blame itself for its own waning fortunes without casting about for scapegoats, especially not on the opposite side of the globe.
    Hiding the facts and deceiving the American people with false narratives about the actual conditions and circumstances in Ukraine are not going to help Washington’s goals, its image, or credibility or these same traits of its subservient tools in the American mass media.
    Just as the veil was eventually lifted on the dishonest machinations of President Bush, Co-President Cheney and Secretary of State Powell in the pursuit of illegal wars of aggression, the current American dictator will also be exposed and rightfully condemned by the remaining honest journalists and the history books. At some point, when this country is at war with its last possible adversary–itself!–someone in an hysterical congress or in the hysterical media will want to know why that $33 billion was squandered on a pack of murderous Nazis in the Ukraine when there was so much want in America chronically going unaddressed.
    The emergence of “whistleblowers” or not, somebody always leaks when there is money and influence to be gained. Just wait for it. When Lord Biden’s name is mud, the cockroaches will spill out of the woodwork. It will be so funny when Ukraine’s comedic head of state has his Miami Beach manse and yacht seized by someone representing himself as the law. I hope he is forced to share a jail cell with Bill Broward, another shameless American expat who got the ball rolling on kindling this new war with Russia just to feather his own financial nest.

    1. Corrigendum: Bill Browder, not Broward.

    2. ‘British-American financier Bill Browder was Russia’s largest foreign investor in the 1990s. During the 1998 Russian financial crisis, his fund lost almost one billion dollars. In 2005 he was expelled from the country as a “security risk”. In 2009, his employee Sergei Magnitsky died mysteriously.

      According to Browder, his company was stolen by Russian officials and criminals and misused for a $230 million tax fraud. His lawyer Magnitsky uncovered this and got arrested, tortured and murdered in a Moscow prison.

      Browder subsequently lobbied for the U.S. Magnitsky Act, which in 2012 for the first time imposed sanctions on Russian officials. The Council of Europe, too, adopted a report condemning Russia.

      Movie director Andrei Nekrasov, a well-known Putin critic, wanted to film this story. But during the shooting he became increasingly doubtful: he realized that Magnitsky was not Browder’s lawyer, but his accountant, and that he was arrested not as a whistleblower, but as a suspect in the tax fraud allegedly organised by Browder himself.’
      (You can watch the documentary there, or search for ‘The Magnitsky Act-Behind the Scenes [2017] Andrei Nekrasov’.)


      ‘ The Nation commented that … “the film provides a valuable service by asking how it is that American (and European) officials bought Browder’s story without doing even the slightest due diligence. The American and European legislators who took Browder’s version of events on faith now look credulous, at best.” ‘

      1. And Browder renounced his American citizenship to thank the Congress because he didn’t like paying American income taxes. Real class guy all around. These are the guys that Washington just lives to ass kiss, not YOU, the working stiff taxpayer!

      2. So you’re just gonna $hill for US/UK Intelligence assets, then?

        Another take (not relying on Browder as the source) is that he’s part of US/UK Intelligence/Regime Change OP, inside of Russia…and that he was caught and expelled. His asset Magnitsky then stayed behind, and found out what happens to NOCs, caught spying.

        1. And why would the deep state, or whoever, go to the trouble of making a film that effectively exposes a massive tax fraud by Browder and Magnitsky in order to conceal their true roles as spies, when Magnitsky is dead and Browder no longer in Russia, and then do its best to ensure the film is not seen?

          1. Did you fail to notice the political demonization campaign against Russia, launched by/with Browder, off of the corpse of Magnitsky? It’s still in play.

            Maybe that’s part of it.

            Why would Hollywood make a movie about, and drawing attention to the Al Qaeda PR team, known as the White Helmets? Because they control the narratives. The facts revealed in the film, aren’t relevant.

            What percentage that read the headline – actually read the article? And what stays with people, when the article undermines or contradicts the headline?

            1. Have you seen the film, or read the synopsis and backround here:
              Did you fail to notice it is basically about the political demonization campaign against Russia, launched by/with Browder, off of the corpse of Magnitsky? In what way do
              you think the film helps Browder or contributes to Russia’s demonisation?

              1. And the facts of the film, like far from being ripped off, Browder ripped off Russia to the tune of $230 million, aren’t relevant to what exactly?

              2. Nobody cares about, or has seen
                the movie. It’s not relevant.

                All that matters for propaganda purposes is awareness of the headlines. That’s why the Tabloids are all located at the check stand, rather than the magazine and book section of the store. Generoso Pope was a CIA PSYOPS specialist, before starting the Nat’l Enquirer. The article often undermines or contradicts the headline. That’s not important – because most people only remember the headline – or relative to Magnitsky, the Title.

                1. I suspect you mean you haven’t seen the documentary, and don’t wish to do so either. The Magnitsky Act has been used on multiple occasions to impose sanctions on various Russians. Why is an exposé of the facts behind it, such as Browder and Magnitsky being crooks rather than victims, not relevant? Not relevant to what, exactly?

                  1. PS Browder cared enough about it to threaten to sue.

                  2. You’re focusing on minutiae, to avoid the propaganda forest, that you raised as some kind of evidence of something, while pushing CIA/MI-6 TALKING POINTS.

                    THE ONLY THING THAT’S RELEVANT – is creating the justifications- and manufacturing the consent- for economic, information and actual warfare against Russia. As you were also doing, at the start of this thread
                    All that’s required for that to occur, is that people see that there’s a movie, mentioning the name of this faux-martyr that YOU ALSO brought as part of a story that you don’t really understand, or that you were deliberately misrepresenting.
                    The movie was your Shibboleth. I could give an F-… but yes, it actually makes my point in some bastardized and simplistic ways. And I probably did see it. But it doesn’t matter. The OPCW whistleblowers debunked the Douma Syria story. But Wikipedia won’t mention that they exist – while repeating the big lie…as you do, consistently. So the details are never as important as controlling what’s discussed, and the titles and Headlines used to do that
                    That’s the power of narrative control.

                    You know Magnitsky and Browder’s names, for a reason. You’ll never hear the names of Journalists killed in Ukraine. Michael Hastings is just listed as a tragic accident. Danny Cassolaro’s murder is reported as suicide, that isn’t ever mentioned. Inslaw?…. What’s that?

                    1. Magnitsky’s alleged murder was used as justification for the Magnitsky Act, which is used for economic warfare against Russia. So, by your own logic, the film is relevant. And how on earth is exposing the shaky, if not downright false, basis of the Act a CIA/MI6 talking point? I’m at a loss to see how, or to see what big lie I’m endlessly repeating. The film says Magnitsky and Browder were villains, not victims. Do you consider that a minor detail? By your logic, any documentary about, say, Julian Assange would effectively be Empire propaganda, since most people – you say – would only notice the title, thereby confirming the official narrative about him.

  24. What do you do with the Washington press corps? Put a velvet rope up along the Potomac River and tell them they’re on the wrong side of it.

    1. The steno pool might need a little more encouragement. Perhaps a simplistic poll or corporate-funded scientific study indicating the overwhelming majority of Americans support river swimming?

  25. Every good thing, like The Daily Show, eventually gets corporate captured and ruined.

  26. If Russia tried to expose or slander the US, they could not have done a better job than White House Correspondents’ Dinner news coverage or its ignoble guest list.
    It is sad that this lot of creatures that remotely resemble humans will be bringing the end not only to the Empire that produced and financed them, but to our whole human species.

  27. It is horrifying, Cait. What if it isn’t dying empire or end stage capitalism? Dissidents hope it is. During the great depression, millions just disappeared, starved, died. Everything changes all the time. What if empire and economics are just morphing? That there will be great suffering, but the rulers will prosper come what may? That technology will preclude armed revolution? The historical poor and oppressed seem to get this, but the clever, more privileged dissidents struggle with the unfairness.

    1. The ones who are so vexed by it are my generation. Those born during WWII or right afterward–the 40’s cohort. The “boomer” paradigm is false. At 75, I have nothing in common with Barack Obama, who avoided Vietnam, the Civil Rights movement and all that upheaval. He came twenty years later. He was a free rider. A smug one at that.
      Why are we so pissed? Not just because of the above. All that we survived and paid our dues. Our lives slowly turned into disappointments because our parents benefitted from the financial aftermath of that world conflict which made America “great” and the privileges transferred to us. So many of us were the first generation in our families as Americans to go to college, become doctors, lawyers or affluent businessmen. I’m talking about breakthroughs against class, not race, gender or sexual hijinks. The “Greatest Generation” and their children (us) thought we had changed the paradigm. Should be a “happily ever” after tale, no?
      We received all this and thought that the gravy train would never stop. But, because of greed and corruption at the top, it was all temporary, ephemeral, transient…for all but the insider elites. In fact, now a lot of us, nearing our big sleep, are pissed that these advantages and opportunities are being withheld from our children and grand children in order to confer them on various others defined by their “identity” group and politics–“woke privilege” rather than white or male privilege.
      Why? To curry yet more favors for those same elites, win them elections from a clueless citizenry and remain in eternal control of all that matters. They even want us to pay reparations for slavery that was abolished before most of our ancestors even migrated to this place, and they want the pay outs to go even to many who never arrived here until well after emancipation. Again, Obama serves as a prime example.
      Don’t believe it? Check out the plan that California is crafting. They even want Asians and Latinos to be payers and not payees! Crazy and unjust. America has already gone to hell in a hand basket.
      Now the dictatorship running this place expects you to believe that we can balance our books by conquering Russia and appropriating their resources, but even before that, we plan to rob them blind by simply seizing the assets of any Russian they can get their hands on. “Sanctioning” everything and everyone Russian under the Sun. This is not only unworkable, it is criminally unjust. It’s the fantasy of an ancient demented mind possessed by the likes of Dictator Biden, who is so far gone that he is reduced to trying to parrot the words he is given by his handlers but sucks even at that.
      I think I am correct when I say that there is an inverse relationship between support for Biden and age cohorts in the electorate. Those of us born in the 1940’s are now either in or rolling into our 80’s as this decade progresses. I submit that none hate that bastard more than we. Of course, I will listen to complaints by any other group. Maybe you will change your allegiances and stop rewarding your exploiters. Trump is in this same age cohort, nearing the end of his useful shelf life, so I’d be cautious about supporting him in the next election if the GOP wants to win and change the direction of this country. I’d pick the guy in the GOP or the gal with the Dems who are outspokenly anti-war. You know who.

      1. thorsjackhammer Avatar

        “woke privilege” is what the establishment are using to engineer an eventual massive enraged white backlash, you watch….. First you disenfranchise ’em, then you enrage ’em, then when you reach a critical mass you signal the ‘official’ all clear to subjugate minorities and any non-aligned nations. The establishments goal is to re-align the vast majority of whites world wide to have no sense of justice/compassion for any minority, unless, that minority is establishment approved. Maybe, the social justice warriors were going a bit too far and gaining a bit too much critical mass for the establishments liking, hence, pushing SJW issues to new absurd extremes, i.e. transgenders being allowed to compete in female power sports where muscle and bone density are a huge (steroid like) advantage.

  28. Blessthebeasts Avatar

    They’re a bunch of circle jerks. Totally exposed as the whores they are.

  29. “This while ordinary Americans struggle just to survive. While American women appear to be on the precipice of losing their reproductive sovereignty.”
    Luckily for us ALL, then – that the Mandatory Human Medical Experimentation Gene Therapy injections cause vast increases in sterility, birth defects and miscarriages.
    For those who don’t just die from the more than 1200 ACKNOWLEDGED potentially severe to lethal iatrogenic adverse events – they should be relieved to know, that while having an abortion may now be illegal – that their inability to have healthy children is now part of “the new normal” as well.

    And yes Caitlin – great work, as always, on covering our Dystopian nightmare and its corresponding Hunger Games celebrity spectacle.
    It was quite a weekend. Jimmy Dore did a segment on the Trevor Noah disaster, yesterday, as well – and has been doing the usual level of fine work – borrowing from you at times, and from your fabulous tweets.

    In case any of us have missed it – there’s a stealth Global takeover afoot, as well – being run by the O’Bomber Regime, through the Gates’-owned WHO.

    In the comments you’ll find a link to James Roguski’s substack blog… It’s worthy of reading, subscribing and following. He’s done some great work over the years. Good enough that his amazing “Ultimate Guide to Health” website was deplatformed by his ISP – because we live in a post-Truth, Orwellian reality now.


        That’s REAL DoD data – not just a press release put out by an Institute underwritten by Big Pfharma.

        A 300% increase seems statistically significant – wouldn’t you say?

          1. Great work.
            And thank you. The Ministry of Truth Disinformation Operations are STRONG with some people.
            “safe and effective” is a mantra for some. Even though the trials didn’t include anyone that was pregnant – “Health Authorities” have claiming it – contrary to the available evidence – that pregnant women should get injected with the toxic slurries.

            1. Initial official advice was generally that COVID vaccines should be avoided in pregnancy. Since then it’s become apparent that the virus poses far greater risks to mother and baby than the vaccines.

          2. The extended perinatal mortality rate for women who gave birth within 28 d of a COVID-19 diagnosis was 22.6 per 1,000 births. Overall, 77.4% of SARS-CoV-2 associated with hospital admission and 98% of SARS-CoV-2 associated with critical care admission, as well as all baby deaths, occurred in pregnant women who were unvaccinated at the time of COVID-19 diagnosis.

        1. The DoD says those numbers were due to a glitch in their database. Of course you can be sceptical, but other researchers have not found evidence of increased rates of sterility, birth defects and miscarriages, in addition to which you state these increases as fact, not even mentioning that they are at the very least disputed.


            I get it – the DoD, in addition to violating several US laws, and the Nuremberg codes, to force service people to take extremely dangerous, medically contra-indicated, novel, experimental medical procedures – is now LYING about the data that’s resulted from that completely political decision.

            And now you’re relying upon their representations, and those of the world renowned “researchers”(aka notorious and politically-motivated Bullshitters) at “Politifact”. Well done.

            And what of the evidence that the Pentagon has been deliberately suppressing data, and punishing Whistleblowers and Doctors that work for them, for a long time – and not just relative to Covid?







            Looking at these posts of yours…well it comes across to me, that you’re… ODDLY MOTIVATED, to present some pretty obvious lies, as facts… Why is that?

            For instance – the risk to ANYONE who as access to the various, available, safe and effective medical protocols for treatment, to the dangers posed by Covid, is negligible. Particularly as we’ve moved on to the much less pathogenic Omicon variant.

            Babies (and anyone under 5) have so low a risk, as to defy calculation. Except that they run the risk of being treated with the HIGHLY TOXIC, and notably ineffective, Remdesivir, now…which undoubtedly raises their levels of potential harm, considerably. Meanwhile – their risks from these Human Medical Experimentation Gene Therapy injections – is ridiculously high, particularly by way of comparison. In the Pfizer trials – they selected for younger, healthier people… And still killed 21 people, vs. the 15 who received a non-inert “placebo”. And as the British Medical Journal Whistleblower’s testimony demonstrated – they were cheating in their trials. Maddie de Garay, a healthy 12 year old girl, is now a paraplegic, on her way to being a quadraplegic. Pfizer listed her as merely having “intestinal discomfort”. So that’s CLEAR CUT EVIDENCE of FRAUD – committed by a CONVICTED, REPEAT OFFENDER. The Head of the FDA promised to look into the matter. That too was a lie.


  30. Let them eat cake! It’s the freedom to eat cake that makes America so great. The freedom to bake the cake, poison the cake and feed you the cake. It’s time for the cake-eating to begin. At least that’s what I herd 🙂 baaaaad people look, act and sound like this.

  31. The US fourth estate held power accountable for the invasion of Iraq? I must have missed that bit.

  32. The savagery of pretense
    the silence of chatter
    the excuse of principle
    the solitude of crowds

    leaders beneath all

    hiding from time
    line upon lie atop
    a graveyard
    of ignorance

    At least it won’t be boring

  33. Susan Mercurio Avatar
    Susan Mercurio

    Stop the world! I want to get off!

  34. that darned dingo Avatar
    that darned dingo

    Let me guess, Russian caviar wasn’t on the WHCD menu this year.

    Just a plate full of Amnesia, and wine spiked with a little of that popular date rape drug.

    And also, since the US loves selling billions in weapons to the KSA, Jamal Khashoggi is now being reverse-engineered into a Terrorist who deserved his own butchery.

    1. Russian caviar wasn’t on the WHCD menu this year? I wouldn’t bet on it. Hypocrisy’s always been one of the elite’s strong points. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were giggling about how naughty they were being for breaking sanctions while stuffing their faces with it.

  35. pretelattack Avatar

    This is powerful writing. You can see scenes like those in Philadelphia in every major American city now.

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