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If someone criticizing the most dangerous agendas of the most powerful and destructive government on earth looks like “Russian propaganda” or “Chinese propaganda” to you, it’s because you yourself have been brainwashed by propaganda.

The western propaganda campaign against China is succeeding, even among many who consider themselves anti-war or critical of establishment power. Whatever sick future agendas they’re manufacturing consent for, they’ll be able to roll right on out. People’s brains are turning to soup.

The best case scenario for Nancy Pelosi’s Taiwan visit — the absolute best case — is that it ratchets up cold war tensions with China that threaten us all and benefit ordinary people in no way. The worst case scenario is as bad as anything you can possibly imagine.

So why are we being told that it’s still happening? Well, as Antiwar’s Dave DeCamp reminded us a few months ago, one major factor is that it facilitates US military expansionism geared toward encirclement strategies against China.

“The United States no longer sees Taiwan as a ‘problem’ in our relations with China, we see it as an opportunity to advance our shared vision for a free and open Indo-Pacific,” Raymond Greene, the deputy director of the de facto US embassy in Taipei, said last year.

Imagine if the Democratic Party fought against Republicans as hard as they fight against world peace.

“A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they know they shall never sit.”
~ Ancient Greek proverb

“A society grows radioactive when old women try to start World War Three on a planet they know they won’t have to live on.”
~ New Australian proverb

Taiwan is a US military asset, not a US ally. That’s a very significant difference that everyone, especially the Taiwanese, would do well to keep in mind.

Empire simps like to say that Taiwan being governed by Beijing would cut the world off from microchips.

Right, sure, because if there’s one thing we know about China, it’s that it never sells anything to other countries.

To be clear I don’t actually care whether Beijing has a legitimate claim to Taiwan. Do not give a fuck. To me that’s just empty narrative fluff. My sole concern is that we appear to be sliding toward a massive conflict that will hurt everyone and may end up getting us all killed.

It’s a safe bet that a minority of Americans could find Taiwan on a map, and that of these the overwhelming majority believe it’s just some island nation that China randomly decided it hates.

The US has no business talking about another nation potentially seizing an island territory by force. This by itself doesn’t validate Beijing’s claims to Taiwan, it just means the US is the very last nation on earth who has any business talking about it.

The US colonized Hawaii. Just took it, and now they say it’s theirs. Now imagine if Hawaii was 25 times closer to the continental United States, and if Hawaii had been American for centuries, and if the Confederates had taken Hawaii after the Civil War, and if the Civil War was much more recent and also was still unresolved. That’s how much the US needs to shut the fuck up about Taiwan.

The single dumbest theory in right wing conspiracy circles today is that Pelosi and “the CCP” are secretly conspiring to help China by inflaming tensions over Taiwan. Rightists cannot accept that they simply have the same position on China as Democrats.

Rightists suck at conspiracy analysis in general, but when it comes to China their brains turn into pure shaving foam. Just complete slobbering idiots. China is not being helped by more US war machinery being moved to its surrounding waters you absolute morons.

There needs to be a major war every generation or two, otherwise peace becomes normalized and becomes the expectation. If you allow that to happen then war begins to stand out against expected norms like the freakish abomination that it is, and militarism looks insane.

They use propaganda to facilitate war, but they also use war to facilitate propaganda. Keeping the wars going helps the propaganda machine spin war as something normal and expected and to be continuously prepared for. It acts as an immunosuppressant against the public’s natural, healthy rejection of war. The more normalized war becomes, the more suppressed our collective immune system’s rejection of it becomes.

War is the absolute worst thing in the world. It’s the most insane thing humans do. The most destructive. The least sustainable. The most conducive to human suffering. Only by very aggressive narrative management can the public be dissuaded from insisting on peace.

Eliminating “Vietnam syndrome” (American reluctance to engage in wars after Vietnam) wasn’t just an effect of the Gulf War, it was a major reason for it. I remember when Bush Sr started bombing Baghdad during the Gulf War and my dad held his head in his hands in shock. He kept saying, “This is an invasion!” They insisted it wasn’t. Now they don’t even mind you using that word, because we are so inured to it.

My dad is a Boomer who missed conscription to Vietnam by one day. He rightly perceived war as an unnatural horror to be avoided except in the most dire of necessities. That healthy response is what they’re continuously working to suppress in us with all the perception management.

Westerners are only encouraged to contemplate the horrors of war when it is someone else’s war.


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53 responses to “The Anti-China Brainwashing Is Working: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

  1. Your writing is heavily tainted with your emotional response. Take your emotions out of this, write objectively and refrain from calling people names in your pieces. Worst written article I’ve read this week.

    1. Are you criticizing or self identifying with your screen name? Telling Caitlin to take the emotion out of her writing is …. I guess too stupid for words. And name calling is one of her great strengths. From each according to their abilities, troll.

  2. Thanks for the link Saker/Hudson. The latter’s view about arms, which are not made to be used but to be sold, reminded me of the joke of this guy meeting a friend in the street, in Brooklyn, and saying: “Look, I just bought a train full of trousers for 100 dollars. I’ve got to make a little profit, so I sell it to you for 200 dollars if you want…”
    – A whole train full of trousers?
    – Yep!
    – Deal!
    Then the buyer in turn meets a friend and says: “I’ve just bought etc. for $200, I’ll sell it to you for $400”.
    – Deal!
    To make a long story short (because it normally lasts several hours :o), this buying and selling goes on all day until a little guy, who’s just bought the train full of trousers for 2,5 trillion dollars decides to go to the station to have a look and there he finds out that these trousers only have one leg. All of ’em! So he goes back to the guy who’s sold him the trainload to complain and the complaint goes up and up the chain until about 450 very angry guys end up in front of the initiator of the whole shebang and yell: “Your fucking trousers are one-legged! Who’s gonna wear one-legged trousers?”
    The guy replies: “I never said they were trousers to wear. They’re trousers to buy and to sell!”
    The subprime crisis was just that too! The banks made packages that were rated triple A by the rating agencies which were commissioned on each sale and they were bought and sold a treat until a motherfucker (in Japan I think it was) had the idea to open a package only to find that half of it was junk bonds based on loans that the signatories would never be able to repay and boom! The whole world economy collapsed.
    In the same vein, I read the other day that someone in some military circle said that the good question about the F-35 (which everybody knows is worth shit) is not “will it be able to survive combat?” but “will it be able to sustain the war economy?”
    We had capitalist economy, then we had casino economy, now we’ve got pie in the sky economy…

    1. This was for Max below.

  3. It doesn’t get much better than this.
    The globe is the commons, and if you are an advanced species with dreams of sticking around indefinitely, priority one should be to recognize this reality.

    1. This was interesting. Some Taiwan citizens seem to recognize that they are not even pawns in this game. They’re just the board the pieces move across.
      Alex from Xinjiang. Seems like a fine young man. My Algo introduced me to him a couple of months ago, and I’ve spent some quality time with him since. I’ve learned a lot in the process, not just about China and the autonomous region of Xinjiang, but about life itself, and I’d like to thank him for it.
      So, thank you Alex

  4. Whenever I wonder if Americans know something I decide no, they don’t.

    “China is not being helped by more US war machinery being moved to its surrounding waters” … Oh yes they are. National governments need external threats, but while other governments have to trump up threats the Chinese government can just point to the US warships sailing up and down the coast, no fabrication required, and this works particularly well given China’s past history of western incursions. Make no mistake, the US government absolutely helps keep the CCP in power.

    Good point about the normalization of war. I grew up around the Air Force and never bought off on the idea of mass indiscriminate slaughter but the older I get the more outlandish it seems to actually drop bombs on people from airplanes. War is organized mass psychosis.

    I still think the hope in Taiwan and Ukraine is to force the use of nukes so Israel can nuke Iran but really, assuming China will eventually retake Taiwan, which it will, why wouldn’t US warmongers try to get China to invade?

    1. projecting yourself on everyone including americans and chinese again? ah well.

      1. not enough there to be slappable

  5. First of all, you should ask to your readers if they know Taiwan is not a country.. I suspect overall Anglo-Saxon nations people are bad in history and geography. After that we can talk about brainwashing.

  6. US Congress is a terrorist organization – obviously and as demonstrated by Monster Pelosi.

  7. The hubris of the American elites is difficult to understand. After all, the US is a giant with clay feet (in Chinese “paper tiger”).

    Going back a shade, it is clear that the country was dirt-poor in the 1930s. Whether allowing Hitler to rearm and even helping him to do so – which was not in the Versailles Treaty by any stretch of the imagination – was ingenuous or not, it is clear that the subsequent arms sales to Britain and the USSR to fight him made ding-ding on steroids in the coffers of the SLICC (self-licking ice-cream cone as some in the Pentagon call the MIC).

    Then the Marshall Plan sold to war-damaged European countries reconstruction, machines, goods and American culture (movies, music, TV series) while the scientists brought about from Nazi Germany (who were at the top of technology in various domains) opened new horizons, like von Braun’s space odyssey, and this led to a windfall symbolized by the Hollywood golden age. Big money attracted big talents – half of the Hollywood main stars were foreign: Garbo, Dietrich, Taylor, Burton, O’Toole, Leigh, Olivier, Loren, Bergman, Grant… and so were some of the top directors.

    The 50s and 60s were no doubt an Eldorado where everybody thought big and built big.

    But the Vietnam war fucked it all up. The country got out of it divided, the innocence was lost and in the 70s, they started seriously downsizing the gas guzzlers doing 23 miles per gallon.

    It was a sure sign the golden age was over. It had lasted exactly twenty years, from 1945 to 1965. Then in 1971, Nixon unpegged the dollar from gold and it really became a fiat money, only existing because of people’s faith in it. Give a caveman a dollar note, he’ll throw it back at you and ask for something of real value: a fish, a bird, a fruit…

    In 1986, a Canadian director made a movie called The Decline of the American Empire. A rather weird title for the average Hollywood-propagandized person but in fact deadly perceptive. And it’s only got worse ever since with the forever wars and the minus $30 trillion bottom line – except of course for a thinner and thinner layer of more and more bloated motherfuckers.

    If the US didn’t have the military might to tell kids “the first one who says ‘the emperor has no clothes’ gets a spanking”, people would consider dollar bills for what they are: pieces of paper made of thin air.

    When the BRICS+ get their financial shit together backed by gold as they will – because American piracy is getting on everybody’s nerves – they’ll say to the US Treasury: “Hold on to the paintbrush, I’m pulling off the ladder!”

    And that ain’t gonna look good at all! So the US elites think they’re at the toppermost of the poppermost because they’ve had twenty exceptional years in the history of mankind thanks in part to foreigners smelling money, like in every empire, who will follow it if it changes hands?


  8. Just emerged from my aberrant sleep cycle and what do I wake up to?
    Nancy walking down the stairs of the plane and being compared to Neil Armstrong in his “one small step for a man” moment.
    Only hers is a giant step for FREEDOM, it says!
    Nobody on this side of the Pacific has the slightest appreciation for what the psychopathic Biden administration has just done… unless they are all tired of living.
    Basically they’ve given the civilised world the bird and announced they have no respect for actual rules and restraints on murder and other violent behavior to get whatever it is they want. This is the most blatant show of deliberate distain for international comity and reasoned behavior in my 75 years. It was as deliberate and in-your-face as stiff arming Russia as it practically pleaded for peace before it had to take the actions it did in the ukraine.
    The other shoe WILL fall. I hope Washington is willing to accept the consequences and ALL the blame for the coming conflagration. Damn these people to hell.

  9. Does anyone see a pattern here. Europe spends a generation becoming dependant on Russian energy. They then call Russia the enemy and expect their natural gas to be delivered. America spends a generation sending all manufacturing and pharmacology to China then calls them the enemy while expecting their manufactured goods to continue. The west is managed by one successive corrupt idiot after another.

    1. Many of my friends went to China to strike it rich and they did very well. I knew at the time that China would learn and take over the manufacturing. My bright, young friends couldn’t imagine what the loss of jobs at home would entail. It’s not corrupt idiots or a man behind the curtain. It’s a philosophy and a system. It flushed out Native Americans, then communists and socialists, then unions, then peace activists, then third party politics, then pensions, then news rooms, ultimately small business. Liberals are the Washington Generals of politics. The real fight will be between the Christian fascists and the brain dead libertarians who think market capitalism is the hand of God. Sure, representative government is corruptible by the hoarders and always will be, but it’s deeper than that. It’s a mass delusion indoctrinated from childhood. That’s why the Matrix film hit home. The bum on the bench bought in to a system that left him there. As far as Russian energy, Europe has no fossil fuels and will be dependent on someone. The US is fracking the entire country poisoning water and causing earthquakes, not a good global energy strategy. The fossil fuels will run out and eventually leave a massive world population hoping for science to find a new, clean source or praying to Jesus to deliver us to heaven.

      1. “Liberals are the Washington Generals of politics.”
        That’s a classic, and I agree with the concludion.
        Unless we don’t time to pray. That would be the other scenario.

      2. Yes, that’s one of the least-acknowledged downsides of government policy by fossil fuel industry decree–that we will use the last of the fossil fuels in a final orgy of consumption and then our children will have to try to survive on a hotter, ravaged world with no better energy sources than candles and horses. Because we aren’t directing fossil fuel energy to a buildout of solar an d wind, batteries and insulation. Another is that tar sands, MTR coal mines and fracked oil and gas are so marginal that they could not possibly be profitable if they had to clean up their messes, reclaim mineland, cap wells. So they are allowed to put up a tiny fraction of actual costs in bonds, then declare bankruptcy when the last potentially profitable sources dry up, and leave the enormous cleanup tab to the public…in many cases the cleanup, the well capping, will never be done, they will just leak toxins for decades. Or longer. This applies to nuclear power too.

      3. perfect description of what’s been transpiring, LOL. just about everyone has been in on it and will pay the price for it. justly so.

  10. Posted this very late on yesterday’s article, so maybe not yet widely seen. Lord Biden is making hits against other competition (al-Zawahri in Afghanistan in this case) even as the Taiwan crisis comes to a head. Playing like he is Michael Corleone perhaps and settling all family business today? Fool is just giving our “enemies” more reasons to target Americans, though a few retired presidents in their ill-gotten mansions could stand a culling.
    American dictator and mass murderer Lord Loco Joe Biden assassinates one of his own allies today upon the droning of Al-Qaeda top man Ayman al-zawahri in Afghanistan.
    Once again the Salafist terrorism movement is betrayed by its American fellow travelers in the CIA and military special ops. Perhaps these strident Islamist movements would do well to invest in their own drone programs like Iran and Yemen have created and take out some former American presidents in their blood stained retirement mansions.
    Unfortunately for ISIS et al, most of the Islamic drones seem to be cursed Shia drones rather than blessed Sunni drones. Also the Sunni states, except for Pakistan, seem to lack top rank research universities and similar venues for engineering the most sophisticated weapons of war, especially the ones that the “kingdom” cannot buy.
    Hapless Al-Qaeda will continue to serve as a convenient target for American aggression, false flag actions and general purpose scapegoat whenever the ruling government needs to deflect from other current operations, like the current Pelosi fiasco. No doubt that Mr. al-Zawahri died to scare the American public into believing that every now and then we have to liquidate (kill) people, important people in other countries, to protect our freedom and democracy, just like we are going to be doing in Taiwan. Just think of al-Zawahri as a convenient proxy for Mao ZeDong, who we will be defeating in the glorious little war we are cooking up in what they always called Formosa when I was a kid. Now the word seems only to apply to a species of termite common to our hot weather states like Louisiana and Florida.

    1. Biden is “…playing like he is Michael Corleone perhaps and settling all family business today? ”
      Lmao … Sure seems like it. Biden tossed Zelensky under the bus yesterday as well, with his NYT piece. Hey Big Z, you are on your own. We’ve got business to the east, the Russia problem is all yours now pal.
      It’s unraveling quick. My favorite this week so far is Ro Khanno. In an interview with Wolf Blitzer, he stated, “we are indespensible to China.” Do people inside the Beltway actually believe this outdated nonsense?
      Do you know what I run into in China almost as often as public parks and food courts, which are everyfuckingwhere? Palatial multi-level indoor-outdoor shopping malls that are invariably attached to hyper-modern metro lines.
      The metro lines are invariably attached to high speed rail terminals, so if you don’t like shopping and eating and walking in the parks of one city, well, you can just hop on a train and try out another.
      China’s internal “market” at this point dwarfs the US (dollar store) “market,” and besides, 130 nations call China their leading trading partner, and the US, as of now, is just another one amongst many.
      But that status could change, and looks like it will.

      1. Troubles begin when politicians start believing their own propaganda. Then again, go explain to an evangelist preacher that Jesus is not coming – and what’s white and streaks the sky is chemtrails…

      2. Moreover, their crime rate is practically non existent. What is your choice here for a quick change of scenery? You take a quick Greyhound bus ride from inner city Chicago to inner city Detroit? or St. Louis? or Milwaukee? where the decay, fear and threat of violence is all the same? It’s like the Orient was swept clean and changed for the better when Godzilla made his infamous run on the 50’s and 60’s silver screen!
        So, what is it to be? Ticker tape parade for Nancy down the Embarcadero in Frisco when the new Amelia Airhead returns?

        1. Lmao .. At all of it, especially the “one small step” quip.

          1. At least the beeotch didn’t pitch forward and land on her face at the bottom of the stairs. Lord Biden wishes he still had enough motor function left to accomplish that. I wonder if as many followers still idolise that buffoon 80 years later as still rabidly defend Hitler–at least on the Unz Review.

  11. This was an interesting post by Moon a couple of days ago, about how to accurately assess the always subtle diplomatic rhetoric that emanates from China in these crucible type moments.
    It was quite hopeful, the piece, as China had not really committed verbally to anything, other than a there would be a “military response” of some kind, which could mean anything, including the old extra special and doubly aggressive jet fighter manueverings.
    Well, you can put all that shit to bed. China has dropped the subtelty and gone ahead made it real fucking clear, as the foreign ministry of China has just issued a statement, that if Pelosi goes ahead with this visit, “Taiwan faces disasterous consequences.”
    The Bloomberg host looks petrified, which might be the right and proper response to take in this deeply troubling moment.
    You know, I’m on record that China will respond to this breaking of their final red line with an SMO of their own, and if Taiwan follows along with the script, it will be a mostly bloodless SMO, and one of short duration.
    But I could very, very wrong. For all I know China has had enough, this inconsequential bug off their cost has been nothing but irritant for many generations, and it is time to squash it once for all.
    You do have to ask, what are these morons in Tapei City thinking, by allowing this woman to make this visit?
    I have repeatedly stated, going back to the start of the Russian SMO in Ukraine, that Taiwan is not Ukraine. They are not ruled by idiots and Nazi thugs, looking to die in the sturm and drang of hopless battle with Wagner playing in the background.
    But I could be very, very wrong about that as well.

      This tweet says that Chinese planes have moved into Taiwan air space.
      I can’t see them shooting down Nancy’s plane, but I can see them escorting her plane to the mainland and forcing it to land there, as the Chinese did to an American spy plane during Dubya Shrub’s first week in office. Anybody else remember that?

      1. Outside of shooting it down, I consider the final destination of “the plane” irrelevant. Whether it’s diverted to the mainland or allowed to land in Taiwan is immaterial. “The plane” has crossed China’s clearly stated, final red line, and if it lands in China proper or China improper will make no difference as to what’s about to be unleashed.
        “Taiwan faces disastrous consequences.”
        There is no forgiveness in that statement. More importantly, there is no wriggle room.
        For the second time this year, the US has backed a superpower into a corner and forced them to do their bidding. In a weird way, you could justifiably conclude they have achieved two historic diplomatic victories in the span of less than 6 months. You could also conclude they have gone insane.

        1. Without shooting her plane down, which would be a gross diplomatic blunder, they could make Nancy’s life very unpleasant if they forced her to the mainland while remaining perfectly polite, like escorting the pilots out, turning off the air-conditioning and keeping the passengers inside while they “checked their passports”.
          This could take hours and the temperature is like 100 F in the sun over there. In a locked plane, you can probably cook an egg. They could also unleash a few rats in the cabin just for fun.
          Apart from the direct impact, rats are just as unpopular on planes as they were on ships because you never know what they’ll gnaw at, which is a direct threat to the security of the next part of the trip.
          Of course, all communications of the visiting party could be cut off, the room service in her hotel might not turn up when she calls, the water might be cold, there might be nothing in the fridge, the towels might have a horrible smell, the air-conditioning (and hair-dryer) might not work, dinner might be the worst shit ever served by the worst waiters on Earth, mosquitoes might be let in her room at night, the director as well as his deputy and anybody with authority might be on vacation… Fifty ways to piss off your Speaker.
          And the worst part: an awful lot of people round the world would find this very amusing if it was “leaked” – including probably in the US – and would call it fair and square too since these guys have been warned, including Brandon.
          One thing is for sure: someone is gonna lose face here. And the Chinese hate that even more than the Americans.

          1. “One thing is for sure: someone is gonna lose face here. And the Chinese hate that even more than the Americans.”
            Exactly Pascal, and the Americans, although insane, aren’t stupid and they know this.

  12. Not much of a consolation but…the war mongers are going to end up paying the same price we are: death.

  13. Laurie De Marco Avatar
    Laurie De Marco

    Please read Major General Smedley Buttler Book …War is a Racket… to understand a little more about war also please read the Book … Killing Hope… by William Blum to understand some real reason for war or researching the allies business dealings with Adolf Hitler during world war 2 or Edward Bernays work for the US goverment during world war 1and beyond…or go to Global research .ca and punch up information about the Giants.who run the world.just research don,t repeat…….

  14. It’s possible that the Nancy P trip is meant to create more tension since the Ukraine war seems to be fading from the public mind.

    It’s also possible that things are not going as well for the establishment as they had planned and are having to get more extreme in their propaganda campaign because the number of moving parts keeps expanding beyond their grasp.

    It’s possible that propaganda is losing its impact as more people both right&left reject it.

    The climate being in the public mind so much now also makes doing something about it more of priority even as the establishment knows little can be done around the edges.

    But I could be wrong.

    1. The climate is ramping up in importance but half the environmental groups are embracing the Shumer-Manchin bullshit deal.

    2. I still think the trip is intended more for an American audience; angry talk from a politician whose party is doing badly and thinks defiant gestures make her look tough on the Russians and Chinese. It’s the same sort of nonsense that started WWI.

  15. USA-ma Bin Laden Avatar
    USA-ma Bin Laden

    “The single dumbest theory in right wing conspiracy circles today is that Pelosi and “the CCP” are secretly conspiring to help China by inflaming tensions over Taiwan. Rightists cannot accept that they simply have the same position on China as Democrats.

    Rightists suck at conspiracy analysis in general, but when it comes to China their brains turn into pure shaving foam. Just complete slobbering idiots. China is not being helped by more US war machinery being moved to its surrounding waters you absolute morons.”

    What do you mean?!

    Donald Trump is a Kremlin asset!!!!

    Oh sorry, wrong narrative.

    Joe Biden is a CCP asset!!!!!

    The Red State cult=The Blue State cult


  16. Timothy Michel Avatar
    Timothy Michel

    The U.S. acquired Hawaii as part of Spanish American War package, not by some Confederates. The Spanish American War was the first war the United States engaged in that was wholly facilitated by propaganda. Spain was not mercilessly killing Cubans, but McKinley saw an opportunity to acquire a good chunk the of Spanish empire and was not about to miss this opportunity.
    As a result of the Spanish American war, which was commenced based on the false flag assumption that Spain had sunk the U.S.S. Main in Havana Harbor, The United States acquired Puerto Rico, Cuba, Hawaii and the Philippines. This was 1895 remember. The U.S. wanted the Philippines because they wanted a base on the doorstep of China. They wanted Hawaii because they needed a mid Pacific Ocean refueling station to be able to reach the Philippines. So this has been part of the strategy for 125 years.
    Having said that I don’t want to see any super power conquer the world, neither the United States nor China nor Russia nor Turkey; don’t count Turkey out. I want to see local communities in control of the affairs of local communities once again, I don’t want this monolithic world that all the super powers and the WEF seem to be salivating over.
    Like the old adage goes, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. If China would end up being the global hegemon, it would be just as brutal as the United State in it’s attempt to retain that hegemony.

    1. You have misunderstood Caitlin’s metaphor. Chiang Kai-shek’s defeated KMT forces fled to, and took over, Taiwan after losing the Chinese Civil War. In that sense, they were like the losing Confederates after the US Civil War.

      1. Precisely. Moreover, there was an unfulfilled precedent for volunteering that potential alternate history. The Confederates did consider trying to expand their CSA nation to Cuba, parts of Mexico, Central America and islands in the Caribbean.

        The Knights of the Golden Circle (KGC) was a secret society founded in 1854 by American George W. L. Bickley, the objective of which was to create a new country, known as the Golden Circle (Spanish: Círculo Dorado), where slavery would be legal. The country would have been centered in Havana and would have consisted of the Southern United States and a “golden circle” of territories in Mexico (which was to be divided into 25 new slave states), Central America, northern parts of South America, and Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic, and most other islands in the Caribbean, about 2,400 miles (3,900 km) in diameter. from Wiki

          This link is supposed to be the map but it’s not working for me.

      2. Timothy Michel Avatar
        Timothy Michel

        Taiwan is actually much more complicated. Japan had occupied Taiwan since 1895. Many Japanese had come to call Taiwan home until the end of WW II when Taiwan was turned over to the ROC by the U.S. after which a purge of Japanese from Taiwan began. Also after WW II Taiwan and the United States signed a mutual defense agreement and the United States has been actively involved in Taiwan ever since. Which is why Taiwanese chip companies that distribute almost exclusively in the United States are being relocated to Arizona in the United States in anticipation of China taking possession of Taiwan.
        I understand that the United States only does things that are in it’s own strategic interest and nothing is ever done out of charity.
        In the case of Taiwan, always being part of China, is however debatable.
        “The history of the island of Taiwan dates back tens of thousands of years to the earliest known evidence of human habitation.[1][2] The sudden appearance of a culture based on agriculture around 3000 BC is believed to reflect the arrival of the ancestors of today’s Taiwanese indigenous peoples.[3] From the late 13th to early 17th centuries, Chinese people gradually came into contact with Taiwan and started settling there. Named Formosa by Portuguese explorers, the south of the island was colonized by the Dutch in the 17th century whilst the Spanish built a settlement in the north which lasted until 1642. These European settlements were followed by an influx of Hoklo people including Hakka immigrants from the Fujian and Guangdong areas of mainland China, across the Taiwan Strait.
        In 1662, Koxinga, a loyalist of the Ming dynasty who had lost control of mainland China in 1644, defeated the Dutch and established a base of operations on the island. His forces were defeated by the Qing dynasty in 1683, and parts of Taiwan became increasingly integrated into the Qing empire. Following the First Sino-Japanese War in 1895, the Qing ceded the island, along with Penghu, to the Empire of Japan. Taiwan produced rice and sugar to be exported to the Empire of Japan, and also served as a base for the Japanese invasion of Southeast Asia and the Pacific during World War II. Japanese imperial education was implemented in Taiwan and many Taiwanese also fought for Japan during the war.

        In 1945, following the end hostilities in World War II, the nationalist government of the Republic of China (ROC), led by the Kuomintang (KMT), took control of Taiwan, however there was no transfer of territorial sovereignty.[4][5] In 1949, after losing control of mainland China in the Chinese Civil War, the ROC government under the KMT withdrew to Taiwan and Chiang Kai-shek declared martial law. The KMT ruled Taiwan (along with the Islands of Kinmen, Wuqiu and the Matsu on the opposite side of the Taiwan Strait) as a single-party state for forty years, until democratic reforms in the 1980s, which led to the first-ever direct presidential election in 1996. During the post-war period, Taiwan experienced rapid industrialization and economic growth known as the “Taiwan Miracle”, and was known as one of the “Four Asian Tigers”.”

    2. Hawaii was never part of the Spanish Empire. And it was not acquired from Spain. It was an independent Polynesian kingdom, initially “explored” by Captain James Cook for the British Empire, but never incorporated into that polity.
      From Wiki: The precipitating event leading to the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom on January 17, 1893, was the attempt by Queen Liliʻuokalani to promulgate a new constitution that would have strengthened the power of the monarch relative to the legislature, where Euro-American business elites held disproportionate power.
      In 1893, a group of American expatriates and sugar planters supported by a division of U.S. Marines deposed Queen Liliuokalani, the last reigning monarch of Hawaii. One year later, the Republic of Hawaii was established as a U.S. protectorate with Hawaiian-born Sanford B.
      Hawaii was a kingdom until 1893 and became a republic in 1894. It then ceded itself to the USA in 1898 and became a state in 1959.
      Why did the U.S. want to annex Hawaii? U.S. military leaders feared potential Japanese occupation of the islands and created a strategic naval base in the center of the Pacific. This provided enough fuel in Congress to pass annexation legislation, in order to save themselves from the perceived “threat of the Asiatics.” Hawaii was annexed in 1898.
      You are right about the acquisition of Cuba, the Philippines and Puerto Rico from Spain. Both Cuba and the Philippines vehemently resisted the attempt by the United States to impose sovereignty over them, the resulting war was especially brutal in the Philippines, resulting in hundreds of thousands of indigenous casualties. The islands were given their independence after WWII rather than recommence the killing to keep them in the empire. Cuba was actually given its independence (except for a region around Guantanamo Bay where both a naval base and a supermax prison for captives held without evidence or charges against the American consitution) relatively soon after prying it loose from Spain, in 1902. It was, however, pretty much a de-facto colony of the United States, owned by the fruit and sugar barons, and later by organised crime which ran rum during prohibition and casino gambling until Castro overthrew and expelled the Banditos Yanquis, for which he was never forgiven by Washington. US history is rarely as presented in American elementary or secondary schools.

      1. Timothy Michel Avatar
        Timothy Michel

        The point was that the United States needed Hawaii in order to subdue the Philippines. So during the Spanish American War, the United States acquired Hawaii so that it would have a refueling station in order to be able to reach the Philippines.
        The Philippines initially welcomed the United States under Commodore Dewey. Dewey actually transported the the Philippine rebels from China back to the Philippines where they organized and routed the remnants of the Spanish forces. Dewey believed that his mission was to liberate the Philippines from Spain. When Washington heard about what Dewey had done, they sent Gen. Wesley Merritt along with the USS Charleston and the steamer USS Peking out of San Francisco to make sure that the Philippines did not achieve independence, but rather because protectorates of the United States. Along the way Gen. Wesley Merritt captured Guam as well, providing the United States with yet another refueling station.

    3. Timothy, I have some sympathy for what you’re doing here, especially your conclusion, “If China would end up being the global hegemon, it would be just as brutal as the United State in it’s attempt to retain that hegemony.”
      Several times I have pointed out the US filled the void after Great Briton and was probably worse. It is clear that if you waved a magic wand and kicked the US out as hegemon, there’s someone else waiting in the wings. That someone is *probably* China, but it could also go a few other ways.
      As long as people are slaving under the assumption they need to own a piece of soil and live on it, this will continue to happen. And the power-elite are gonna be evil, whichever country they came from. Don’t believe it? Check out the actions of the power elite in literally every nation on this globe. Pick one to be the hegemon. There aren’t good choices.
      After awhile, I determined that this audience is people who are at a stage where Johnstone’s messages are probably really needed. Heck, it seems plenty of them are kind of moving from being shitlibs themselves to that phase of experience where both parties are pretty bad.
      I come around every now and again to read the comments. Yours stuck out as “not yet with the meme here.”

      1. Timothy Michel Avatar
        Timothy Michel

        I agree, read: to get an idea of just how heartless and brutal global capital is.

    4. I’ve been to Turkey. You can count Turkey out. I’m sure there’s a wordplay there.

      1. Timothy Michel Avatar
        Timothy Michel

        Turkey was once the Ottoman Empire. I have read other articles that suggest that Turkey may cobble itself back together.

      2. Timothy Michel Avatar
        Timothy Michel

        If you have been there ans seen Turkey in disarray, then I will scratch it of my list of possibilities.

        1. Yeah, if you’re making a list of world conquering superpowers and you really want to put Turkey on it I think put them toward the bottom. I don’t know if I would say they were in disarray but I definitely didn’t get a conquer the world vibe. Actually yeah, there was a fair bit of disarray.

  17. Put the generals and warmongers on the frontline and wars will stop quickly

    1. If only it were possible…

    2. Not so sure about that. Ancient kings routinely led their armies into battle.

      1. There was no artillery at the time though…

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