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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has left Taiwan after a brief but diplomatically corrosive visit, the aftereffects from which may be felt for years to come.

Toward the end of her speech alongside Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen, Pelosi’s brain underwent one of its increasingly common software glitches, causing her to begin babbling inarticulately.

Here is a transcript of what Nancy Pelosi’s brain said:

“In our earliest days at our founding of our country, Benjamin Franklin, our presidency, said, freedom and democracy. Freedom and democracy, one thing, security here. If we don’t have- we can’t have either, if we don’t have both.”

Of course Benjamin Franklin was neither a president of the United States nor a “presidency”, and the quote Nancy’s floundering brain was reaching for was “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” These are not difficult things to remember or articulate for someone with functioning gray matter.

This is right up there with other famous neural malfunctions by the speaker, like her “Bernie loves hearing” gibberish from last year or her bizarre “Good morning, Sunday morning” restart in the middle of an interview a couple of years ago, and it calls to mind a DC pharmacist’s casual remark in 2017 that he had filled prescriptions to treat Alzheimer’s disease for some powerful decision makers on Capitol Hill.

None of which would be a problem, if we were talking about some little old lady whiling away her twilight years at a retirement home in Florida. But we are not; we are talking about one of the most powerful elected officials in the most powerful government on earth, third in the line of succession to the presidency after the vice president.

More importantly, we are talking about someone who just participated in an incendiary visit to Taiwan which has ensured the escalation of dangerous cold war tensions between major world powers, and could potentially have triggered a hot war with China.

US war machinery, including aircraft carriers and large planes, were mobilized to provide security for Pelosi’s visit ahead of her arrival. The United States military was literally just used to help a dementia patient try to start World War Three.

China’s response to Pelosi’s provocation has thankfully been relatively measured, though we’re about to see Taiwan fully encircled by the Chinese navy for a show of force unlike anything we’ve seen in decades, and Chinese sanctions upon Taiwanese commerce are still being announced. There will be political pressure in Beijing to escalate tensions with the US so as not to look weak, and the intensity of the new cold war has certainly been ratcheted up a notch, but when it comes to hot war it looks like humanity’s better angels have prevailed for now.

None of this makes it acceptable for the world’s most powerful government to send a politician whose brains are leaking out her ears to try to stir up hostilities under cover of its military forces.

The world is a worse place now than it was before Pelosi’s plane touched down. Less safe, less wealthy, less kind, and more frightening. Not one ordinary person has benefitted from her insanely hawkish provocation made in her final years on this earth, especially not the people of Taiwan.

The US empire is sick, and it is playing sick games with all our lives. As far as I’m concerned, its downfall can’t come soon enough.


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71 responses to “The US Military Was Just Used To Help A Dementia Patient Try To Start WW3”

  1. WWIII started by a demented octogenarian? American exceptionalism at its best…..

  2. Since 1945 (Operation Unthinkable) Heaven is holding back the wind of the WW3. And so it will be until the appointed time. In the Book of Daniel we read: “At the appointed time [the king of the north] will return back [Russian troops will return to where they were previously stationed. It also means military actions, a major crisis. Not only the eurozone will break up, but also the European Union and NATO], and come into the south [this will be the beginning of the nuclear war], but won’t be as before and as afterwards [these military actions will not lead to a global nuclear war. This will only happen after the return of the king of the north, (but it won’t be immediately after his return). This war will begin as a result of ethnic conflict, “for nation will rise against nation”, like as in 2008 in Georgia (Matthew 24:7)], then the dwellers of coastlands of Kittim [the distant West] will come against him, and (he) will break down [mentally], and will go back.” (11:29, 30a) This will be a mutual slaughter and the sword of great power will be used. (Revelation 6:4) Jesus characterized it in this way: “A frightening things both and extraordinary (related to unusual phenomena) from sky powerful will be.” Because of the use of these terrible weapons there will be significant tremors along the length and breadth of the regions [of strategic importance] and famines, and pestilences. Some ancient manuscripts contain the words “and frosts”. The Aramaic Peshitta: “and will be great frosts”. (Luke 21:11) We call this today “nuclear winter”. In Mark 13:8 there are also words of Jesus: “and disorders” (in the sense of confusion and chaos). The Aramaic Peshitta: “and confusion” (on the state of public order). It won’t be Armageddon. “But all these things are a beginning of birth-pains.” (Matthew 24:8, DLNT)

  3. Edward Hackett Avatar
    Edward Hackett

    Since you have openly expressed your desire for the downfall of America, I want to know what you would like to see it replaced by?

    Some country or group of countries will rush in to fill the power vacuum left as America leaves the world stage. Conflicts will not end, and the expansionist dreams of some existing world leaders are clear, so who are your choices?

  4. The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs says:
    “As the number three official in the U.S. government, and the face of democratic problems in her own country, Pelosi is spending taxpayers money using a military airplane…
    The esteemed minister does not understand the nature of the democracy. The will of the people is paramount. If the people of some California district wish to re-elect a superannuated individual that was frequently babbling through the last several election cycles, that this will happen. If the freely elected leaders of Taiwan wish to inflict such bubbling on their people, again, the will of the people, however indirectly formulated, will happen. And, of course, taxpayer money can be used for boondoggles large and small, to the degree explicitly requested by the people, AND MORE.

    Here, in USA we pride ourself as having the government that “looks like America”, in all its amazing variety. And do senile or prematurely incoherent folks belong to that tapestry? Yes. And the coherent thoughtful types? They could! if there were a majority of aware and thoughtful people somewhere. In a good year, this may result is 1-2 such person in the House, and with luck, even in the Senate (which cannot be gerrymandered). But this seems to be the top, and it is debatable if a variant of proportional representation would change that.

    1. Well …. yeah. Democracy worshipers seem like they’ve never been to Walmart. The overarching root of humanity’s problems is that it’s nothing more than the latest iteration of hominid and doesn’t belong in the 21st century.
      The senate can’t be gerrymandered. Huh.

  5. Taiwan is part of China. It became in the 50s the refuge of rebels sponsored by the USA trying to start a civil war in China in order to the empire have a safe heaven for terrorists in Asia. It didn’t work. But Albania and Moldova were in the 90s the source of terrorists who helped the empire to dismantle Yugoslavia. After that, soon after 9/11 they were the ones who fill the ranks of ISIS, EL, Al Qaeda, etc. Almost 99% of all terrorist organizations worldwide are funded by CIA. Terrorism was what made possible the inclusion of US military on Middle East. Chelsea Manning docs released have proof from top White House officials speaking and writing down “Al Qaeda works for us”. The whole world does not have a clue about what the US government really is. It is worst than a rogue-terrorist state. Everything is coming to the light. They don’t have more necessity to hide what they really are.

  6. Unhappily, Pelosi (the daughter of a corrupt Baltimore politician with deep Mafia ties, you’ll recall) seems to be living evidence of the accuracy of the warning Ben Franklin included when he presented the new federal constitution to the nation in 1787, that “this is likely to be well administered for a course of years, and can only end in Despotism, as other forms have done before it, when the people shall become so corrupted as to need despotic Government, being incapable of any other.”

    1. Damn. Franklin really was Mr. know it all.

  7. Richard Bradshaw Avatar
    Richard Bradshaw

    There’s cognitive impairment and dementia: two different things. Stress or fatigue (not to mention alcohol!) can easily make any of us get our syntax in a twist, but away from the pressure we function just fine. Dementia is irreversible.

    Biden is obviously tired, his mental processes are slow, and struggles to do his job adequately. He may well have early dementia; at his age it would not be improbable and he has had brain aneurysms in the past, which increase the likelihood. He should dispel (or confirm) the rumours by taking the test – easy enough to administer – and resign if it’s positive. An honourable man could do no less.

    PelosI – Not so sure.. We throw the charge of dementia around too freely in my view. Many of us have days when we just can’t get our words out. The visit to Taiwan was a big mistake, my guess is she realises this and tripped over her words in panic.

  8. LOL WTF !! Alzheimers? Booze ? Ambien ? all the above ?

  9. If you ever wondered what happens when intelligence agencies, central banks and mega corporations run your country, just take a look around you. ~ Michael Krieger

    The off-the-charts hubris of western central banks and transnationals want to live above the laws of sovereign nations, which would create an even worse Lord of the Flies global scenario. Central bank digital-vouchers that control what and where you buy, basically a cult-like open air surveillance prison.

    Russia and China, though far from perfect, at least want to maintain decentralized nation-state financial authority. They haven’t completely succumbed to the financial class as sole governance (neoliberalism). Their 40-yr. track record has already revealed their incompetence and/or needless cruelty, which is why so many nations are turning away from IMF/World Bank austerity dictate that demands an end to “public” anything.

    “China has kept money creation in the hands of the government itself so that when the government creates money it can finance the creation of factory plants and equipment, dams, transportation infrastructure, public housing.” ~ Michael Hudson

    1. Yes!
      Actually financiers surveilling us all either by intelligence agencies or the big data collection is just a modern form of what other empires did right before they cane to the end: secret police.
      Basically they hope they can save own skin by controlling us more.
      Being controlled makes people more dissatisfied, so I guess we are going to hear more about how free we are, especially compared to China or Russia.
      Anybody who blocked cookies on their phone knows almost no website or app will work anymore, but that is the good news actually.
      The groceries want to ti check out with your phone number – there is no privacy or concern for privacy anymore.
      Just believe that the mega rich have your interests in their hearts, dummy. And, let us not pay teachers or fund education, you can get all you want on your phone, so no real need to think or learn.

  10. Reply to Pascal:
    Two different theaters Pascal. The bridge the Ukies struck with their HIMARS was in the Kherson region – a bridge over the Dnipro, being used by the Russkies as a main supply route to one of their forward salients.
    All the heavy weapons, the vaunted HIMARS, tanks, armored vehicles of all types, artillery, and a lot of other stuff, including food, ammo, and troops, that is being supplied by the West and/or distributed by the Ukraine Army, that flows to the Ukie forces in the Donbass at some point passes over Dnieper bridges, three main ones I believe, two road and one rail.
    If the Russians didn’t want the bulk of this shit to arrive directly in front of their positions, they wouldn’t let it.*
    Do you see it? I would equate what the Russians are doing perhaps to the German’s stategy on the Western Front during most of WWI, let your enemy build up his forces to the nth degree and for the most part unopposed, so that he can attack you with everything he’s got.
    And then annihilate him while he’s on the attack.
    Rinse and repeat.
    The only difference is that in this instance, the forces that are “building up” are doing nothing more than herding themselves into a giant static kill pen.
    As for leaving the bridges intact for any coming Russian blitzgrieg to the west of the Dnieper, make no mistake, the Russian Army, once it was ready, could bridge that river in a matter of hours and at as many various locations as is deemed necessary to achieve success.
    But ain’t gonna come to that, I don’t believe. Odessa and Kharkiv will fall, but the badlands of the western Ukraine, those will be left for the Poles and Romanians to divvy up.
    *My theory is, that constantly trying to interdict – or stop – this flow with high precision stand off weapons would not only use up valuable missiles stocks, but might even prove counterproductive. Better to let the war material continue to show on your doorstep, so that you can then blow it up using the cheap stuff, rockets and artillery, until it is … all gone.
    Fuel being the one exception to all of this of course. I still have yet to see even a 5 second clip of a Ukie fuel truck. I don’t believe this is an anamoly or a coincidence.

    1. The two vehicle and one rail bridges you mention sound like the ones near Izium that were in the news several times back in the spring but they’re not over the Dniepr. They’re over the Donets river. Apparently, the Ukies badly damaged the two vehicle ones back in March to stop Russian advance toward that town:
      The Russians already pontooned there.
      My understanding is that the HIMARS, tanks and artillery operate west of the Donets river south of that area now under Russian control.
      Bombing bridges on the Dniepr between Dniepropetrovsk and Kherson to stop weapons, ammo and food to get to the front is a long shot from there. Also the Americans may have provided the Ukies with effective interception systems.

    2. Ukraine is one big barrel of fish.

  11. Normand Drolet Avatar
    Normand Drolet

    Concise. Direct. Striking. Pertinent.
    You made the best commentary I have read on Ms. Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan.
    Thanks Caitlin Johnstone

  12. Would like to read more of these
    “ humanity’s better angels” you speak of. As for the downfall of the empire, what form will this take? Economic collapse or military action or civil war or other.
    Your ‘sharp objectivity’ would be appreciated (that’s sincerity not sarcasm)

  13. The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs says:
    “As the number three official in the U.S. government, and the face of democratic problems in her own country, Pelosi is spending taxpayers money using a military airplane to violate the basic norms of international relations and interfere in another country’s affairs and undermine our sovereignty and territorial integrity. This can only make the world see the United States hypocrisy and ugliness more clearly—and further bankrupt it’s credibility.”
    Lmao…the Chinese just stuck it to Pelosi pretty good. You are the face of our problems Nancy!

    1. The present US demented gerontocracy is strangely reminiscent of the USSR in the 80s with Brezhnev, Kosygin, Andropov and Chernenko who all died in office except Kosygin who retired because of bad health and passed away two months later – a close shave. From Kennedy to Biden, the long and winding road…

    2. I’m not convinced that Nancy was fully aware of what was going on all around her. She is just as demented from senility as Lord Biden. The speech she gave before the convocation was just a word salad–with many of the seemingly random parts of speech even slurred or mispronounced, worse even than the gibberish usually dispensed by Kamala Harris. The ideas she was trying to convey were absolutely nothing profound, revolutionary or imperative, nothing but the simplistic empty platitudes learned in the third grade. Absolutely nothing that would justify bringing the whole world to the precipice of a nuclear Armageddon.
      The whole thing was truly a farce to the eternal embarrassment of this country and Western cvilisation. I’ll even go so far as to say that in the Star Trek episode about the Yangs vs the Comms, the leader of the Yangs explained the runaway cold war between America and Red China far better than Nancy ever could, and his English had mutated and evolved way beyond easy understanding by people of our time.

      1. Please don’t dirty Star Trek.

        1. It’s not me, but In 2017, Den of Geek ranked this episode as the 5th worst Star Trek episode of the original series.
          Actually, sending 91 year old William Shatner to Taipei would have been dumb though he IS more coherent than Nancy. Not just all the computers, but everyone’s brain would explode listening to the great man speak, and the crisis would be over.

          1. Shatner is a Yang worship word. You will not speak it.

  14. The Chinese consider the West to be insane. They are playing the long game waiting for us to implode.

  15. I wonder how those words of wisdom translated into the Chinese. Our now clearly defined adversaries must have a powerful new appreciation of America’s vision for the world and its determination to let no other country stand in its way. Just a brilliant strategy for making friends and influencing people.

  16. I don’t think this is what Franklin had in mind. Actually, I’m confident Franklin would be completely freaked out.
    Pearls before 6, Nancy? Really?
    The masks really take it to the next Kafkaesque level. But she matches, anyway.

    My view of a conventional war between China and the US is a contest between missile platforms where one side is a collection of easily tracked and sinkable targets and the other is a continent. The US would quickly be faced with a choice between abject loss and nuclear weapons.

    1. “My view of a conventional war between China and the US is a contest between missile platforms where one side is a collection of easily tracked and sinkable targets and the other is a continent.”‘
      Agree. Col. MacGregor trotted out an old Naval adage in an interview yesterday with Tucker, which I believe in this era of precision stand-off missiles holds even more true than it did in ther era of the cannonball.
      ‘A ship’s a fool to fight a fort.’
      “The US would quickly be faced with a choice between abject loss and nuclear weapons.”
      The blockade has begun. It will grow in strength and be in place for X amount of time, and if Taiwan doesn’t submit within given timeframe X, China will start turning off the island’s electronics.
      If Taiwan then decides to fight in the dark to the last Taiwanian, China will oblige them.
      The die is cast.
      The minor wild card now is the US Navy. Does it rule all the seven seas, or just 5 or 6 of them?
      And the major wild is as you said, the US of A itself. Can it accept total defeat in all theaters of this hyper-modern, full spectrum, geo-political struggle, without thowing an armaggedon-level hissy fit?
      Something tells me we’re about to find out.

      1. I think the current system of governance in this country has consistently proven itself so flawed and incompetent over the past 30 years and six presidencies that either i) it will be overthrown from within–a coup from one (or more!) power centers, be they military, financial, political, technocratic or who the hell knows, OR ii) one or both of our two peer adversaries will pick up the gauntlet foolishly thrown down by our own demented leaders, engage in the war that our fools have chosen, and kick our incompetent woke military butts back into the last century and make the required change in management for us, or iii) die and kill us all in trying. We are on the verge of both these scenarios. Which way will it go?

        1. For 15 years now I’ve been of the position that the Pentagon WILL STEP IN when we get to the nitty gritty. They are the only ones with the capabilities, if for no other reason than all the other power centers with coup dreams of their own would have to take on the vastness of military’s tentacled superstructure.
          And they would lose.
          15 years ago I might’ve said it could, in some admittedly bizarre and complex scenarios, work out for the best, but now, no way.
          There is no honor left in the institution, even worse, and on a more pragmatic level, it’s broken, fried, rotted out to the core… pick your own descriptive.
          It’s not even a shell of what it once was, and it was never anywhere near what is was cracked up to be to begin with.

          1. The military can be very efficient when politicians are removed. They can subdue all of their major populace quickly. They can be as ruthless as necessary to establish order. The military follows the chain of command usually. If the US or any country goes to hell, they are more than capable of taking control and have time and time again going back to the Roman Empire.

          2. Few may know that the military have contigency plans for war or any other major threat on American soil. All military and dependants are brought to the base. The base is sealed and the general population fends for themselves. The military will roll right over the general populace if we dont get out of the way.

            1. Military doesn’t stock the shelves.

        2. Novelists, like Stephan King, pose religious uprisings–maybe likely to happen but not likely to succeed. Hollywood goes for corporate takeovers, especially if they have under development Wunderwaffen not yet in the hands of the military. Teamed with the financiers that have all the money, and a large political cadre–like Trumps MAGA movement, such as alliance could succeed if the military stands to the sidelines, but not if the military is a major player. The country will probably fragment, no one force may be acceptable to all and power not distributed evenly. Another wild card would be Canada. Will it be pulled into a continent-wide “reset” (pardon the expression)? The Maritimes may be better bedfellows for New England than the basically Mexican Southwest. Quebec will have the sovereignty it’s always sought. The prairie provinces are basically the American Midwest in a Fridgiaire for most of the year. There’s your last bastion of White nationalism. BC is a natural fit with “Cascadia” of the PacificNorthwest. And the know-it-alls insisted that Russia would be fragmented. It well might be, years down the road, but more likely by China than the United States. Well, those would be interesting times, but you don’t get to view the action from the bleachers, you have to live amongst the turmoil–hence the Chinese characterisation of “interesting times.”

      2. “Never re-inforce a failure” and “never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake” are two additional military adages that apply to our current “situation,” I think,
        I’ve been pointing out for 5 months now, that the Russians – for some strange reason … lmao – have not dropped the bridges over the Dneiper, which is something you would do if you were an army that intended to quickly crush the enemy before you, so you could then move on to other objectives.
        The Donbass cauldrons present only one quandry for Russian high command at this point, can they restain the natural inclination of their field commanders to roll over the defeated enemy, before the greater objective has been met.
        Which is to de-militarize and de-Nazify the entirety of the Ukraine, and if everyone in the chain-of-command is willing to show a little patience, and suppress their natural martial urge for glory seeking, the Ukrainians will de-militarize and de-Nazify themselves in the most efficient manner possible.
        How do the fish get in the barrel? Well in this instance, the fish are jumping into the barrel of their own volition.
        So it seems to me the strategy for the Federation is quite simple at this point. Don’t move the barrel.

      3. China is going to blockade fuel shipments or cut them off?
        “Armaggedon-level hissy fit” about sums it up. I’m not sure the military would take a launch order from people who can’t manage a coherent sentence but that’s as far as my optimism goes.

        1. Well if embargos worked for the US to provoke WW2 against Japan, why not WW3 now.

        2. I don’t know. I just hope I’m right and Taiwan submits long before this enters the pre-invasion starvation phase.
          The deeper I get into this, the more it seems to me that China’s provinces have much greater degree of autonomy than our states do, for the main reason they are allowed to formulate their own central plans, and execute them once they get the ok from Beijing.
          They all have their own banks as well. Tied of in of course, to banking command central, but if anything, this backstop frees them up to pursue almost any grand projects their provincial heart’s desire.
          Also, and weirdly, the whole process seems to be designed so that the skim that naturally takes place is more equitably destributed throughout the land. Just don’t get caught. China might not have any cops on the streets, but they do heavily police their wannabe billionairres.
          Taiwan could easily fit into this arrangement, is I guess what I’m saying, and if they don’t delay too long, they might even receive extra special semi-autonomous status.
          The status they enjoy now though, “one country, two systems,” is surely gone.

        3. “coherent sentence” …did you watch nan’s performance? LOL.. Im bettting you didnt..its ok i wouldn’t watch it either it is wasnt so damn funny

      4. “China will start turning off the island’s electronics”.
        Looks like they’ve started:

        1. As for the bridges on the Dniepr, according to my sources, the Russians wanted to keep them intact to use them to move forward and it’s the Ukrainians who’ve bombed a couple of them to try and cut their supply chain.

          1. If the bridges are up the Russians want them to be.

    2. The US has conducted a series of war games to test a US/China war scenario around a Chinese invasion of Taiwan. In every case, the US lost, and lost badly. The military knows how this would go down, yet the geriatrics in Washington keep picking fights they can’t win.

  17. This is frightening news – our president AND our speaker are both senile and getting more so every day!
    As you spoke of China’s response it occurred to me how smart it would be for China to immediately back off after hearing her strange incomprehensible speech; and tell the world that they are offering get well wishes for MMe Pelosi who appears to be losing her senses, and that they hope she will feel better soon. It ill behooves a powerful nation to be afraid of a senile old woman, so instead of looking weak they will look sensible and powerful. The Chinese are usually very smart so we’ll see if they switch gears.

    1. Thank goodness we have a younger savvy vice president to make coherent decisions (insert sarcasm here) for us.

  18. smart people with personal integrity tend to make bad puppets for the parasites and thieves. don’t ask me why.

    1. and ever notice that scum floats to the top in the cesspool??? very curious.

  19. david outa bolelwang Avatar
    david outa bolelwang

    Rich Nancy has proven that she is in with the deep state. Her partisan politics is a facade which hides the tentacles of the moneyed globalist bankers who are behind the wars the world is ever entangled in. The support of the extremists across the board has revealed her true colors.

  20. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
    Carolyn L Zaremba

    In a speech worthy of Dubya at his most obscure, Nancy Pelosi has proven that we are being ruled by a Dementocracy.

  21. The US government backed this move or there would’ve been a denial and lack of escort. It’s theater for the tough on CCP red team. China is expanding it’s influence through belt and road, and increasing prosperity with exports. It doesn’t want war. Neither the US or China will storm the other’s beaches. Clearly, the US believes in its naval superiority as it sails around China. I briefly lived in Taipei in the ’90s, it’s a really interesting place. A lot of the art was saved in their national museum. The old culture was preserved from the red guard. The people looked westward even back then, but their hearts were with what they called the mainland. I hope Taiwan isn’t destroyed because of US meddling. Nancy, Joe, Trump, Bernie, Mitch, Dianne hold office into senility and beyond, you would think they might be puppets.

  22. Pelosi loves to mention the Founding Fathers: it’s her favorite trope. She’s is remarkably unsophisticated as a politician. The only thing she gets is how to raise Corporate money. That stuff about the Founders is just a sort of cliche that she vaguely remembers from an old civics class 75 years ago. As it stands, she perfectly represents the political class here (along with Biden): tin-eared, out-of-touch, ignorant, self-absorbed, stupid, and greedy.

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      Can’t argue with that. Yes, she is so old she probably knew Ben Franklin, but can’t remember anything about him.

  23. Yes. My God, I learned that in 4th grade, I think.

  24. Proxy wars are the ultimate endpoint of offshoring all our problems.
    These idiots are in power because people do not want to face ultimate responsibility for Western lifestyles. We in the West (be it USA, Australia, or otherwise) live in worlds where the trash is dumped elsewhere and you cannot even purchase solutions to many needs that are not built on human slavery. Were it otherwise, you would visit a nice hotel or nice neighborhood and somewhere nearby would be a lot filled with the resulting trash output. This is how it is in India, for example. No one can turn from the consequences or pretend their hands are clean.
    One pathway to revolution would be taking radical responsibility of all of that. Because proxy wars amount to one more form of trash output by the corporate Oligarchy controlling the US and the West while providing housing, internet, clothes, cars, etc. The situation amounts to a lot of people who do not want to take responsibility, at the core, for some very unpleasant facts, decisions, administration, and truly hard problems. If you build a road, the blood of everyone and everything that dies on that road is on your hands. Yet you might still have to build the road. No one wants to face this.
    As long as people imagine that they can exempt themselves from the full set of consequences of the phone, computer, or shirt they bought (and indeed, may have to buy), you will get powermongers who want to tell people “No, none of this is your responsibility,” while ensuring those problems are all off-shored. People want to abdicate responsibility, thus a Tyrant will always shrug and say, “Okay ya’ll, I’m in.” You can only manufacture consent if the deep wish for it is already there. Since about 1999 the internet is rich enough you can wrap yourself in any ideas you like.
    Yeah, I would love to see all this fall. But until core issues are handled, I see no reason to believe we will get something better. If the USA and NATO were to fall tomorrow, all of us would end up under Corporate Governance, either directly or by another proxy.
    What other likely outcome is there? Sometimes I think China, but they are just another oligarchy clawing to hold power. I don’t think they will keep it very long. It seems WWIII might be as inevitable as a forest fire by now.
    TL;DR: Those warmongers all suck and are clearly evil, but at some point we have to look past victimization and face the question, “Exactly how are those bastards all still there when there have always been more of us than them? What is it that keeps us complicit in this?”

  25. As a registered Democrat, out of necessity where I live, I think Pelosi’s dementia is even more advanced than Biden’s. She should take her ill-gotten millions (the last report I saw had it a something like $176 million), and go enjoy the few years her brain still has to function at all.
    PS Don’t think that this comment is a vote of approval for Republicans. I can’t think of a single politician for whom I’d give a plugged nickel. As puppets, they are all lesser sociopaths to the billionaire sociopaths who tell them what to do and say.

    1. I think it is trillionaires, not billionaires, who pull the strings. People who own the banks.
      But who am I to make such guesses? Just the dumbest person in the US, who is paying taxes to clowns like Pelosi and Biden.

      1. I know right! Get billionaires to pay more in taxes, instead of doing something with your taxes that isn’t policing or military to deal with all the conflicts they create and politicians and judges to determine what freedoms you’re allowed to enjoy. There’s plenty of tax money, that’s not the problem.

  26. Typo: she’s actually 2nd in line of succession, not 3rd.

    1. Never heard of vice presidents? That’s Kamala, who is actually 2nd in line. Pelosi is 3rd.

      1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
        Carolyn L Zaremba

        Kamala is first in line after Biden. That makes Nancy second.

        1. I guess so, if you want to leave Biden out altogether as sitting dementedly at the front of the line.

          1. Biden is not first in the line of SUCCESSION, he’s the guy in office. I guess you could call the zero in the line the line of succession if you wanted to be clever.

  27. George Cornell Avatar
    George Cornell

    Pelosi sounds suspiciously like Biden, or George Dubya on a good day.
    And Mankind’s survival hinges on these?

    1. Biden sure, but G.W. wasn’t demented – he was just stupid. Maybe G.W. had some minor brain damage from his years of being a huge drunk, but mostly just stupid.

  28. Time to remove ALL senile politicians…

  29. I cannot remember who Nanci Pelosi is, hope she is not our commander in thief.
    She must have stolen my alzheimers medication.

    1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn L Zaremba

      Wish I could. I unfortunately live in Pelosi’s district. Never voted for her. She’s an idiot.

      1. Give us some insight on why people vote for her. Is it a controlled district like Chivago where no one runs against her in the primaries.

        1. Maybe people forgot to run against her, or maybe those who ran simply disappeared… by the same magic trick that she gets elected with – despite outliving her life expectancy.

          1. I understand there’s 21% Chinese-Americans in Frisco that she cosies up to – which is why she stopped in Taiwan in the first place, probably after having this electoral move explained to Xi through backstage diplomacy.

            1. Arent you the person who always claims the space program is a hoax ?

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