Hello all! As part of my continual effort to publish my work in as many forms of media as possible, I’m putting out the inaugural (and possibly only depending on how well it’s received) edition of Treazine, the treasonous zine which collects my favorite articles, poems and Notes from the past month into a print-friendly downloadable PDF.

The idea is to give readers something that they can distribute to those who are less online than the rest of us, to print out in whole or in part and circulate however they like, or to just have for their own enjoyment. My goal has always been to crack out of the usual echo chambers in as many ways as I can, and this may end up being one of the ways that happens.

Here’s the intro we put in the front of our first edition:

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Treazine, the zine dedicated to treason. Treasonous speech, treasonous thoughts, treasonous information, the treasonous expansion of consciousness; if it wrongthinks, it Treazines.

If you are reading this, it means you have full control of this body of work. You have full permission to print it out, distribute it, republish it online, translate it into other languages, make money off it, even claim authorship. Wherever you think this material belongs, you have unconditional permission to put it there.

This is a collection of our favorite publications over the past month. If it’s relatively well-received there will be another one next month, if not then our inaugural issue will be our last. Either way, we hope you enjoy!

Caitlin Johnstone and Tim Foley

If that piques your interest, here’s a link to Gumroad where the PDF of the zine can be purchased for five bucks.

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18 responses to “Issue #1 Of Treazine, A Print-Friendly Zine Of Articles From The Past Month”

  1. Hi Caitlin & Tim,

    I have been reading your blogs for about 4 months now. I have been spreading them around like fertilizer. I sent an article to a diehard Biden Believer and she sent me this reply:

    “I don’t want to be on this list anymore. I looked this person up on Google and they said she was a conspiracy theorist far left-wing nut”

    This just reaffirmed my continuation. You see sometimes conspiracy is spelled conspira-see. Best, David

  2. For Pascal. Night Walk, Zhaoxing Dong village, from my favorite China tour guide, Max at WalkEast.
    It’s a small world brother. So two days ago, Max posted a video of a walk through Guiyang City. He was listening in on our conversation, posted not long after, and the video ends with Max in an HSR station and Auld Lang Syne is playing in the background.
    I shit you not. Auld Lang Syne.
    I didn’t post it however. I said to myself, this isn’t what Pascal wants to see, and you are well aware of this Max, so get your ass out there , start off in a rice paddy like you usually do, navigate some treacherous elements and end in the village proper, maybe film a Dong celebration while you’re at it, and make Pascal’s day.
    And why not throw in shot that wouldn’t be out of place in a John Ford film, because that is what you were born to do Max.
    And so it came to pass. Too funny.
    Here’s the first one if you’re interested.
    More up my alley I suspect. Advanced workmanship in steel and concrete (especially concrete), endless food market sprawl, unique bridges, cool looking riverside walks, coordinated skyscraper lighting displays, the usual hyper-modern, Tier 4 city shit I enjoy so much.
    Outside of the malls. I don’t know what it’s called, but I have deepset fear of malls. Just the idea being forced to go in one turns me into a quivering ball of jello. And the bigger and more upscale the mall is, the worse my fear becomes.
    But I summon the courage, knowing that on almost all these city walks I take, my tour guide, whether it’s Max or anyone else, will walk through a giant 5 story indoor-outdoor shopping mall complex because much like parks and other public spaces, to get anywhere in a city in China, you will more often than not, have to pass through one to get to your destination.

    1. Thanks for this present of the Zhaoxing Dong village. I do love that architecture with not a single nail in it. I wonder what they do about termites though…
      I don’t care much for all that modern concrete shit, I’ll admit. Maybe I should have lived in another century. I’ve spent hours in France and Spain in medieval villages watching the streets of beautiful stone houses they made then and wondering “were these people cleverer than us or what?”
      For thanks, here’s a video of a girl playing Auld Lang Syne on her bagpipe.
      ‘Tween you and I and the lamppost though, wouldn’t she look better in that Chinese village with the dragon on her bagpipe than in this field with ‘tricity pylons and concrete shit all around?

      1. The dragon was pretty cool.
        My attitude toward concrete is, if you gotta pour it, you might as well do something creative, and I see more patterns and varieties in the concrete pours, on an average China city walk, than I’ve seen in my entire life.
        Plus I like bridges and viaducts, which do require their share of concrete.
        I’m serious about Max. He took the bullet train in, made two Guijang related vids, and took the bullet train out. Because of us. I’d bet a thousand on it.
        Several months ago I jokingly complained that Max wasn’t showing me the seedier side of China, and in the next vid he was out the boonies tripping his way through a cold swamp, and the walk ended with him following old broken down cow through a long neglected pasture.
        Another time I pleaded with him not to walk on slippery rocks, which is his tendency – he has taken a couple of nasty spills as a result.
        Ever since, he walks up to the dangerous spots, the camera lingers on the wet rocks, almost longingly, and then he turns and goes the other way.

  3. I’m glad you put a pitcher of Crazy Nancy on your first (for which I wish you success) and “possibly only” treazine because this will make her go down in history, like Benjamin Franklin with whom she was at school. Maybe she’ll end up on a dollar bill too! It would be a consecration! The first female on a dollar bill! Better still, the first demented female on a dollar bill!
    On a side… note, many people pointed out the “word salad” that she served the Taiwanese. What struck me even more is her hubris in Americansplaining how freedom and democracy were important, like it was an American invention and exclusive patent. Maybe a nothingburger as a side dish to her word salad as she must have noticed in Frisco that the Chinese meals tend to be made of small servings of different stuff and she was there to please after all…
    It was especially tasty coming from the national of a country that invented politically correct and cancel cultures, is boosting censorship and propaganda to 1984 levels, banned its own president – whatever one thinks of him, he was elected by an Electoral College majority which is traditionally associated with US democracy – from social media at the behest of Nancy and her pals and carries out over 20,000 no-knock raids a year – which is traditionally not associated with freedom – that more often than not end up in the death of innocent civilians. Can’t make that stuff up! Even in “communist China”, they don’t have that!

    1. Trump lost fair and square. Instead of fuming about it, why don’t you run yourself?

      1. I’m talking about 2016, which is the mandate he was doing when he was banned from Twitter on 8 January 2021. Once again, you lost a remarkable opportunity to STFU in order to avoid making a fool of yourself!

        1. That’s not an answer, that’s an excuse.

    2. As I was cooking, I thought back about the 20,000 no-knock raids a year and that I must have gotten it wrong. So I double-checked. I hadn’t. Police carry out (at least in 2014, it probably got worse) 20,000 no-knock raids a year in the US, which is 54 every single fucking day!
      And 82% of the targeted people are black!
      And all this to enforce the Biden 1994 draconian laws about drugs essentially – part of which are provided by the CIA according to late journalist Gary Webb a couple of years later!
      And at press time, there’s never been a no-knock raid at Hunter’s home!
      That’s the freedom and democracy Crazy Nancy’s pushing.

    3. You left off America having the highest rate of imprisonment in the world.
      Waiting for the swimsuit edition.
      Somebody was going to say it.

      1. True! Which is also linked to the Biden law since most of the prisoners are there for minor (i.e. non violent) drug offences.

        1. I think “victimless crime” better conveys the oxymoronic injustice of the drug war.

  4. Robert Heuermann Avatar
    Robert Heuermann

    I think that the people most in need of your commentaries have too little time to be choosy. They most likely work hard, raise children, shepherd men, and have no time to waste. AN anthology/digest such as this is IDEAL (I think). ANYTHING you can do to spread your commentaries far and wide would be great. Bob Heuermann

  5. left off the UBC

  6. My first zine was in college, called “Mickey’s Pink Butthole” (named after a cat) a bunch of ramblings about music, gay-adjacent weirdcore poetry and stick figure comix made sporadically by a bunch of us dirty nerds. Zines are inherently mind-expanding and awesome!

  7. Brilliant idea and clever thinking!
    Well done, Caitlin.

    1. Deryck Anderson Avatar
      Deryck Anderson

      Hi Caitlin,

      fyi – I tried to purchase (from Australia) and it came back, We couldn’t charge your card.” “Protected by ReCAPTURE.”

      There are sufficient funds.

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