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Numerous Syrian and foreign militants have reportedly been killed and several US troops injured in an escalating exchange of attacks between the American invaders and the people in the country whose territory they are illegally occupying.

On Tuesday night US Central Command announced that it had “conducted precision airstrikes in Deir ez-Zor Syria” in order to “defend and protect U.S. forces from attacks like the ones on August 15 against U.S. personnel by Iran-backed groups.”

“The President gave the direction for these strikes pursuant to his Article II authority to protect and defend U.S. personnel by disrupting or deterring attacks by Iran-backed groups,” CENTCOM said.

Iran has denied any link to the troops targeted in the airstrikes, up to ten of whom were reportedly killed.

The US attack was followed by rocket attacks on US military positions in eastern Syria, injuring an unknown number of US troops, to which the US responded with an Apache helicopter assault on Syrian vehicles from which it claims the rockets were launched. Central Command claims “two or three suspected Iran-backed militants” were killed in the helicopter attack.

As of this writing it remains to be seen if this exchange of attacks will continue, but what’s crystal clear is who the aggressor is.

“US claims to be in Syria to fight ISIS, but it rarely fights ISIS,” journalist Aaron Maté tweeted of the exchange. “It’s actually there to deny Syria its own oil and wheat, and to occasionally attack Syrians and their allies who defeated US-backed sectarian death squads in the dirty war.”

What he says is completely true. The US is an occupying force who is there without the permission of the Syrian government, without having been attacked by Syria, and without any valid claim to be defending itself from anyone in Syria. The “Iran-backed” militias in Syria are operating with the full authorization of the Syrian government. The US has quite literally invaded a nation on the other side of the world, killed the people in that nation who don’t want them there, and then claimed self-defense in doing so.

If I broke into my neighbor’s house to steal his things, and then murdered him when he tried to stop me or make me leave, it would look pretty ridiculous if I tried to plead self-defense. It would look even more ridiculous if anyone believed me.

This comes at the same time as a report from Axios that the British special envoy to Syria had nothing but glowing things to say about the way Israel has been constantly bombing Syria for years:

“The British special envoy for Syria told Israeli officials during a visit to Jerusalem several weeks ago that the Israeli airstrike campaign against Iranian military targets is ‘probably the only thing that works in Syria,’ Israeli Foreign Ministry officials briefed on the meetings told Axios.”

“In recent years, Israel has launched hundreds of airstrikes in Syria,” writes Antiwar’s Dave DeCamp on the Axios report. “The Israelis say that the bombing campaign is to prevent Iran from becoming further entrenched in the country, but the strikes often kill Syrian troops and sometimes kill civilians and damage civilian infrastructure.”

“The US tacitly endorses the bombing campaign in Syria and reportedly coordinates some of the strikes,” adds DeCamp. “In June, The Wall Street Journal reported that Israel secretly coordinates the bombings with the US and that Washington has approved many Israeli airstrikes that were launched from areas near a US base in southern Syria.”

So if you’re wondering why western liberals are all waving Syrian flags and loudly condemning the US and its allies for their criminal, murderous assault on a sovereign nation, that’s why.

I am of course kidding; that is not happening. That sort of mainstream public outcry is reserved solely for the misdeeds of governments the US does not approve of, like the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Westerners are only encouraged to contemplate the horrors of war when it is someone else’s war. If it serves the strategic interests of the globe-spanning power structure loosely centralized around the United States, you can bomb your neighbor every week and it will barely make the news. You can even invade a country on the other side of the world and then claim you are defending yourself when they try to throw you out.


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77 responses to “US Invades Syria, Kills People, Claims Self-Defense”

  1. US Invades Syria, Kills People, Claims Self-Defense
    Is this belligerence, cozenage, and engineering approval-for-war?

    The U.S. flag’s colors are really beautiful. In fact, France and Russia also have an affinity for red, white, and blue.

    The flags of countries have historical significance.

    For example, the red and blue colors of the French flag were used by the French revolutionaries as a symbol of their revolt to overthrow the Bourbon Dynasty ( White was added to “nationalize” an earlier blue and red design (

    The Russian flag’s colors are red, white and blue. It is believed that white stands for honesty and nobility. Blue signifies including authenticity, purity, and honesty. The red is supposed to signify love, courage, and honesty (

    The United States’ flag, of course, is red, white, and blue. The red stands for hardiness and valor. The white means purity and innocence. The blue background represents vigilance, perseverance, and justice. Each state has a star sewn into the blue background (

    Many superlatives are used to describe some lofty attributes; but unless we sincerely act these out, they are only hollow words. Now, I don’t say the following in jest, or out of disrespect, but the United States’ flag’s color-representations, seem to have devolved to the Jolly Rogers. That is, our addiction to war (and the derived profit), exerted hegemony, and propensities for regime-change, have fostered animosity and indignance from many countries on the planet, directed at the USA. If we are unwilling to attenuate (or STOP) this warmongering behavior, the future for the U.S. appears to be dystopian!

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  3. Another great piece, Cait, there’s nothing like a big dollop of irony to go with the morning coffee.
    Meanwhile, the BBC is whining that the Evil Rooskies are burning off millions of (pounds!) worth of gas, while western Europe is desperately short of energy. This is so far beyond irony that it’s not even a joke.
    According to Sputnik, the Pentagon has a new plan to ‘mitigate civilian harm from airstrikes’. Wow. What a concept. The entire face of modern warfare will change.
    And again the BBC, reporting that Google will run ads to educate users about fake news, particularly to help combat disinformation about Ukrainian refugees. (Most of the horror stories are actually true and verifiable, as I can personally attest.) Hopefully Google will add a coda stating that on no account should users employ the exact same tools to debunk western propaganda, as of course what the Empire says is completely true and verifiable, always.
    The only possible reaction to all this: LMFAO.


    Who remembers how Germany got enough money to built hundreds of army divisions, ammo, tanks? Who provided Berlin with intel before the war? One king going in retirement to live an affair to cover up some dirty past which turned out to be bigger than anything before.
    It is the same patterns happening in Ukraine. If something serves as example let’s just say that now is when Germany and Franco shared the same bed which means the real war is not so far.
    The nazis still alive and well living on UK, Europe and America.

  5. USA SUCKS! What the Americans have done to Syria is absolutely criminal, a war crime. The Americans are in fact squatting in northern Syria where the oil is and STEALING THE OIL from the Syrians! Not only that, the Americans are BLOCKING companies from doing badly needed rebuilding and construction work for all the cities and towns that were totally reduced to rubble in the 2011-2016 Syrian war. Yes: the Americans are doing everything they possibly can to keep Syria in ruins, and its citizens living in squalor. These is the same asshole U.S. government that STOLE 7 BILLION of the Afghan central bank before suddenly pulling out of Afghanistan last August 2021: today, Afghan citizens are starving, I mean serious famine going on–and Biden REFUSES to give the Afghan government back ANY of their money! WTF!? Since when is it acceptable to invade/occupy/destroy another country on the opposite side of the world–then steal ALL of their central bank’s money!? Leaving the country destitute, starving and penniless? The US government are total, complete criminal assholes! There is not one iota of morality, ethics, humanity or decency in the US military, State Dept, CIA, etc.

    1. It’s for their own good. Didn’t Jesus say “the meek will inherit the Earth”? And don’t forget he too was poor and homeless! What? He ended up on a cross? Who told you that? It’s Russian disinformation!

    2. Wendell ignatin Avatar
      Wendell ignatin

      AS we used to.say when I was a kid 70 years ago,no shit Dick Tracy.It is no secret about who are the biggest threats to World Peace and the survival and prosperity if mankind.

  6. I will translate what Senator Marsha Blackburn really wanted to say.
    “China – according to the US empire – has a 5000 years history of cheating and stealing. Some things will never change”
    Translation – “You have seem it for yourself what we did with Native Americans since we established our sacred and holy mission to rule the world. The future belongs to us now. Old gods and new will be used to shape perceptions. MSM will make you repeat over and over again “people living outside” instead of “homeless” because it is more cool besides the fact that we know how to cancel and enable. If we can make you believe that we can control climate change, the dynamics of viruses-infections being interrupted by facial masks and social distance then we can make you believe that we can control the universe. We will make the world work in equal parts of order and disorder both managed by our empire. No one can fell in love in the wicked arms of chaos like us at the White House. So that is why we the Pentagon and CIA were created. To abuse our power towards everyone and casting the whole world into eternal war. No one can destroy us without destroying the whole world. But his has a heavy price that only America can weather. For without chaos, there is supreme order. A loss of progression and freedom. The powers before us were not doing the right way but now we are. We needed a clean slate to start a world plenty of a beautiful corruption leaded by us. We did pay bribery to make your governments to kill people for us in wars that we started. Fueling war to be fought by proxies is our primary merchandise. It is perfectly controlled for the rest to stay safe at home watching and reading our narrative about it. Any other narrative not vouched by us is pure misinformation. Taiwan will be our best ally since Zelensky did not worked the way we expected. He tried to work his way to the Ukrainian helm but the helm fell off. We can guarantee to Taiwan that we will not fail. We don’t fail. Never. Those against the US are selfish and fucking destructive of our nazi, I mean, neoliberal ideology. We are not about “destruction” but “redirection”. Why you have to go right into the hole if we can walk in circles? There is no profits without circles. Using people’s reliance in our MSM will reshape humanity in our favor. At least those who will survive the global holocaust, of course. Then, we will replace the old world with a new “woke” thing to describe it. All countries can end in its own time but not us. We will rule forever. That is why we need every country to endorse our holy-sacred claim to rule the world. Deliver everything you have and we will give you back what you really deserve. Millions of murdered native Americans, Koreans, Vietnamese, Iraqis, Afghans, Arabs cannot let me lie alone.”

    1. Plus war is excellent for climate change as Greta Thunberg endlessly claims. What? She doesn’t? She should! Why do you think they have hydrogen bombs? Because hydrogen is one of the components of water. Soon they’ll make oxygen bombs too, which is the other component and when they blow both together (one oxygen and two hydrogen), it will produce fresh water complete with fish, potatoes and old newspapers to make fish and chips. The vinegar bomb, which was optional, is still in the research phase but we have good hopes of succeeding before the end of the Ukraine war which we intend to drag on for as long as we can as the perfect outlet for our armament industry cos’ they’re so fucking dumb. We milked Vietnam for ten years, Afghanistan for twenty, we hope to be able to milk Ukraine for forty considering the immense improvements in propaganda technologies and programs which will take compliance to unheard of levels, even in Germany and Italy of the 1930s. The average asshole will be proud to make you comply with the diktats of the state in the name of climate change and freedom from Russian oil and will denounce you to the Gestapo (renamed Force for Unity, Comfort and Kindness or FUCK) if you don’t. You can’t stop progress if it makes more money for us in our Dr Strangelove meets 1984 adventure!

      1. Nice and funny comment.
        Just changing a little bit but related to US state control, yesterday I visited an AT & T store to buy an iPhone 12 to my son. It is been for sometime now the “routine” to use facial recognition in order to buy one and associate it with your face and the respective “virtual file” under your phone number. I don’t use it and my phone is one model late 90s style. A “dumb phone” like the FBI and CIA complain when they have no clue how to know more about you without spending a little fortune mobilizing staff to do that. I still living in the pre-internet era and quite well for the record.

  7. Until the stalemate in Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Somalia, Uganda, Ukraine, Taiwan is not solved one should ask about how America keeps the war machine on with one trillion of dollars but at the same time it does not have nothing to call it a war machine.
    The World Bank and IMF policies to transfer the economic heavy lifting from America and Europe are making the cost of living in South America unbearable. Who used to eat filet mignon now it is eating chicken. Who used to eat chicken and eggs now it is eating ramen noodles. Who used to eat ramen noodles now it is eating nothing. That is the economic state of South America who boosted strongly the policy to privatize public services to let it be managed by Wall Street mafia. Even parking lot tickets managed by the city hall now it is been considered to be transferred to American investors.

  8. Western troll ops taken down by Twitter and Facebook, and a Graphika/Stanford Digital Observatory paper on methodologies, tactics, etc. I’m still working on it but it seems very pasteable and very related to current conditions. If it seems a little quieter this week, and you’re wondering why the ex-head of NATO Digital Innovation is sliding up in your TL, maybe this has something to do with it.

  9. Shame on the rogue state, the U.S. for its’ aggression against Syria. Syria poses no threat to the U.S. The U.S.keeps violating the sovereignty of Syria. People of good conscience must oppose the rampant aggression if the U.S. around the world

  10. You would be in court making the case, “….well the blood is on my hands because my nieghbors familly were all bad persons, they are all….. (fill in the blank, wrong political system, wrong God, wrong economic model, wrong clothing, wrong attitude, wrong education system, wrong science, what ever)

  11. Doris Wrench Eisler Avatar
    Doris Wrench Eisler

    When some country/entity takes over territory in Canada or Mexico and sets up an operation specifically aimed to divide and conquer the US, there you would have a legitimate comparison with Ukraine and Russia. As it is the US can be compared with spoiled and rather stupid elitist school boys lobbing water bombs in every direction, just because they can. But the bombs are real, in US case: the other factors are the same.
    The US have always been chest thumpers and have the infrastructure, the war machine and supportive propaganda to go anywhere it wants and throw figurative water bombs. But it’s getting costly. The shit is rebounding from the fan in clear, unexpected and unacceptable ways. Maybe an end or hiatus, at least, is in sight.

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    1. I thought it was Gloria… Give us Gloria back so we can tell her to get the fuck outta here again!

    2. Quick, tell me more…
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      c’mon.. share…

      1. Ha! CIA’s got the drone pilots working from home now. Who gnu? Eighty-five buck per hit is the going rate now, eh? Dirty deeds done dirt cheap, I guess.

  13. Maintaining a force of 900 some odd people on the other side of the world in a remote desert surrounded by hostiles makes the Alamo look snug. It’s ridiculous even for the government. And now there’s a new Russian sheriff in town drawing explicit lines in the dirt, not just for America but for boss Israel as well, and at some point America is going to have to mosey on along or draw. WTF?, one could well ask. Americans really need to rethink letting power crazed Idiots pursue full spectrum military dominance of the world, which has never seemed like a good idea to me.

    1. Iran could wipe out the American presence in the Syrian desert using nothing but stand off weapons, as they once did to an American encampment in Iraq, but then the high and mighty Yanks would escalate. They would escalate to destroy the last man or woman left on earth as their ego requires that no one, ever, bests the USA at anything! Not even at stupidity and self-destruction. It’s the only reflex programmed into their primitive brain stems. Like the simple knee-jerk response it calls for absolutely no thinking, and no thought process is what you always get from the exceptional ones when their ego is challenged. Moreover, any declination to kiss their sorry asses on demand is reflexively taken as such a challenge. And they wonder why they are so loathed in the company of other humans. Unfortunately, it is not like the place is going to run out of such sadists as run the country. They abuse their own people as routinely as they do those no-count foreigners, so the drill is universally understood and trained recruits are always eager to step up.

      1. The SMO has changed things. Russia is now actively pursuing a fundamentally different multi-polar status quo. Whatever happens, the era of US hobby war and the neocons failing upward is over.

        1. Yanks are gonna need that knocked into their heads. We will still see the most ridiculous reality-denying actions by them. I’ve lived amongst them for all my 75 years (with my family here for two centuries) and absolutely KNOW they do not live in reality. They are comic book heroes in their own minds with, as snake oil purveyor Rush Limbaugh used to say, talent on loan from God. They’d be funny if not so alarming.

          1. Yeah, they’re going to need it knocked into their heads, and that’s what’s going to happen.

  14. “You can even invade a country on the other side of the world and then claim you are defending yourself when they try to throw you out.”

    Yes, lies they are, but the lies work. America is the Amber Heard of nations. America’s lies do not have to convince. It is enough that Amer lies confuse.

    The average knee jerk reaction is to get mad at the liars. I save my outrage for those who choose to believe lies.

    Nobody takes to the street over America’s America’s murderous lies. Getting angry accomplishes nothing so the lies and murder continue.

    That would be bad enough but to make it worse a significant part of America likes the lies and they want more of the same.

    If the majority of American;s did not go to work until Julian Assange was free then Julian would be flying out of Britain in a day. But the only way Americans act in solidarity is to make America’s rich richer. In America rich and poor alike imagine themselves to be kings. In time this attitude will make us all kings of nothing.

    1. “In America rich and poor alike imagine themselves to be kings”.
      Truer words have never been spoken. Except that it’s not only in America. Everywhere, a sizeable portion of the poor love the rich because they think:
      1/ it could be them or their kids. Projection of personalities in a supposedly fluid social scale in spite of the prison sentences regularly handed out to some of the golden boys
      2/ as long as some people have pots of money, they can always hope to get crumbs
      3/ in the most desperate cases, they think these people are favoured by God, worship them, feel honored to be their slaves and try to keep up with the Kardashians

  15. People must understand that the worst enemy of the US-UK-EU empire is its own image. Once you understand that in order to make it fall we need people in power like Cheney, Netanyahu, Scott Morrison, Bojo, Duterte, George W Bush, Tony Blair, Fernando Henrique Cardozo, Trump, Obama, Clinton, Carter, Nixon, Lindon Johnson, Margaret Thatcher, Gordon Brown, David Cameron, Marco Rubio, Mike Pompeo, Bill Graham Jake Sullivan, all fanatics evangelicals, fanatics jews, among many other psychos. They are one and the same and it is in the course of their nature to bring chaos and destruction. They simply cannot live without death and genocide towards other people.

  16. “If I broke into my neighbor’s house to steal his things, and then murdered him when he tried to stop me or make me leave, it would look pretty ridiculous if I tried to plead self-defense. It would look even more ridiculous if anyone believed me.”

    It would make any0one who “believed” look even more stupid and equally criminal

    1. The Kyle Rittenhouse defense worked this way in Kenosha.

  17. It is partially true that the US is trying to justify an illegal base in Syrian soil even ignoring the US Congress voting demanding the end of the US military occupation in Syria about 2 months ago just to deny to the Syrian people access to their own oil and wheat. Richard Medhurst made a video which will link some dots to understand why Israel is occupying Golan Heights and constantly bombing Syria while the US and Israel are perpetrating real terrorism in Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Yemen. It is just an attempt to seize and control something bigger. If you do nothing they will understand it is okay.

    1. Beautiful soundtrack for real warriors and keyboard warriors. Enjoy it.

    2. When the American military blatantly REFUSED to obey President Trump’s orders to vacate Syrian territory it told the world a lot about who actually runs this country. Not precisely who does, but that the elected officials granted the authority to do so under the constitution are certainly not the ones in power. Russia also learned that the hard way in Syria when they thought they had an agreement to coordinate specific maneuvers with the Yanks against ISIS on the battlefield but were blatantly betrayed and attacked by their presumed “partners,” resulting in the deaths of many of their men.

      1. Syria was a turning point where “coincidentally” at same point the euro maidan in Ukraine happened. Besides the fact that the CIA-MI6 black ops in Yemen, Somalia, Ethiopia, Turkey, Pakistan, Uganda, South Africa among others who suddenly almost made all of them to lost control over their own countries through coupe e’tat sponsored by the US-UK-EU. Valerie Gerasimov had to make all S-300 air defenses to protect Russian soldiers and Syrian people from a deadly test surprise to see how good the Russian air defenses in Syria could be. Israel, UK, France, Italy, Australia, US and a lot of NATO buddies launched missiles towards Russian positions. I cannot deny admiration for Putin to still have the stomach to be willing to talk with all these fake-traitor leaders. It is hard to be the only one mature and responsible among terrorists.

  18. peter mcloughlin Avatar
    peter mcloughlin

    “…Mainstream public outcry is reserved solely for the misdeeds of governments the US does not approve of, like the Russian invasion of Ukraine.”
    It is true that in war all governments ultimately put interests before principles. And history warns: all wars are about power, but power is an illusion. That is why everyone eventually gets the conflict they are trying to avoid, in the current context – nuclear war.

  19. I have been buying white T-shirts at thrift stores and I’m buying clothes dye at Dharma Trading Company (plug for a great company!), in order to dye the shirts the colors of the Syrian flag and the Palestinian flag.
    Anyone else who wants to take this suggestion and do the same, go for it!

  20. Was listening to a Col. McGregor video yesterday, and, in the midst of his usual sensible analysis of the Ukraine conflict, he accuses the neocons of being Marxist! I have experienced similar, though less shocking disconnects while listening to The Duran when these guys wander into political or economic commentary, especially about the U.S. I’m an old 60s leftist and can’t wrap my head around this (to me) bizarre blend of left and right. Can someone explain it to me?

    1. I figure that these people know nothing about Marxism. They have an interchangeable group of words which are merely swear words: “Marxist,” “socialist,” “communist,” “feminist,” “right-wing,” etc.
      “Those goddamn @$!!&%$@ jerks!” (insert choice of words here).
      It certainly is disconcerting when they apply “Marxist” to the Biden administration or to neocons, but if you think of it as just another swear word, it helps with the translation.

      1. Yeah, it’s really a hoot the way both hard right warmongering major US parties want to accuse everybody else in American politics of being “leftists.” I haven’t seen a live “leftist” in this country since the Socialist Worker Party and the Socialist Labor Party disappeared from the presidential ballots back in the 1970’s.
        College classmate of mine had a father (Louis Fisher) who would run for president every four years on the Socialist Labor Party. Least that’s what the “kid” (he was going to med school) said. Just looked it up and Wikipedia says it’s true. Spoke at length with his old man and he would have made a better president than Nixon. Like an automaton I voted for the Dems. They started the war in Nam and then promised to end it. Sure. Then they wanted to pull me out of graduate school and send me there to fight. Live and learn–always the hard way.

    2. Good observation. The world has drifted to the right and the old, what we currently call Nazi, impulses are surfacing in many places. They are being opposed, not be the political left which barely exists, but by the right. The Duran folks are right wing. Robert Barnes is almost lunatic right wing. Gonzalo Lira, the same. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone like nitwit Jackson Hinkle, who identifies as communist, becomes right wing. American right wing politicians routinely call opponents, also right of center, communists. There is lots of collectivism in the world, just not for the poor and downtrodden. Didn’t Sinclair Lewis say fascism will come to America wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross? It’s here and waiting, in the police, armed forces and courts. There doesn’t really seem to be the so called red brown alliance. It’s what used to be Birch society lunatics raising the alarm over actual fascism, hoping to stuff the swastika back in the bottle.

    3. He might have meant “ex-Marxist” … it is a fact that the original Neocons of the late 70’s to early 80’s (a few of whom still survive) who set the stage for the lurch to flat out empire post-2001 were primarily ex-Marxists who became conservative as a reaction to the 60’s.

      1. Thanks for the suggestion, Caliman, but I caught nothing “ex” in his offhand reference. I get the swear words thing mentioned by Susan and also the rightward drift observed by James. Still, I guess what baffles me is the lack of crisp theoretical thinking (and consequently consistent categorization) on the part of people who seem smart and sensitive enough to know better. It almost makes me wonder whether nonsensical terms like “cultural marxism” were deep state plants to muddy our thinking, disseminated via the seemingly oppositional work of certain postmodern philosophers.

    4. NeoConservatives have a TROTSKYIST orientation, DEFINITELY. Its not a ”DISCONNECT”. Declaring that you must INVADE every other society on the planet and socially engineer their respective cultures out of existence isn’t an idea derived from John Locke and Thomas Paine. MacGregor understands very well the origins of NeoConservatism.

  21. I completely understand why the US is attacking Syria. The US empire has their proxies attack Russia directly since they cannot do it themselves. The US empire then directly attacks Russian proxies. It all makes perfect sense.

  22. david outa bolelwang Avatar
    david outa bolelwang

    In Scott Ritter’s first podcast which featured a former Russian government official , the Russian talks about a meeting which was held held in Moscow between a group of Russian think tank officials and the American counterparts. The Russian points out that a heated debate ensued during the discussion where one of the Americans blurted the words out saying, If only the Russians could accept that the Americans have a Messianic mission to rule the whole world, everything would be settled’. That must be the crux of the matter and the root of every conflict the Americans have ever started and have been involved in. Why the Americans are failing to secure their own southern border, it is because they believe they have far too many important borders overseas that they have to fight and shed blood for. They are lost in the universe of securing everything that exist in their shallow missionary zeal minds than what is real on the ground. As long as this is the case, GOD help us all.

    1. You think all those Zionists (Neocons) high up in government believe that? More like they are exploiting a lot of dim-witted evangelical foot soldiers who do. I long ago stopped thinking that the likes of Newland, Blinken, Wolfowitz, Perle, and their entire cast of neonazis do anything out of some moral imperative. It’s all for power and money, baby. God, religion and purported morality have served a lot of dubious causes in the history of this country. “Manifest Destiny” was the biggest con that jobbed the biggest population of people for the largest slice of land in the history of this world. It justified the theft of most of this country beyond the 13 original colonies and the Northwest Territories (the Midwest, the “Big Ten” states), which England ceded with the colonies. Everything else was either conquered or purchased under duress (and NOT from the natives).

  23. “If I broke into my neighbor’s house to steal his things, and then murdered him when he tried to stop me or make me leave, it would look pretty ridiculous if I tried to plead self-defense”.

    Not if he was Iranian! It would be a preemptive strike, like Trump’s on Soleimani to “avoid a war” – that incidentally no one but Trump and his deranged security advisers saw coming but never mind that.

    You would be entitled to search your Iranian neighbour’s house and confiscate everything that he could use to kill you: knives and forks of course but also towels, table cloths, pearl necklaces, diamond rings (which can blind you if aimed properly), banknotes (which can be used to pay the assassin that will fulfil the contract your neighbour has put on your head) and even the microwave oven, which can be used to warm a cup of coffee then laced with cyanide to poison you like it happened to Michele Sindona.

    The guy’s attempt to stop you is a blatant acknowledgement of his guilt. He will strangle you if you’re not careful, so you have to whack him first, as well as his wife, children and doggy to make sure you don’t face reprisals.

    Better still if you can nuke the whole neighbourhood. Even if we can consider unlikely that such an evil bastard has friends there, better safe than sorry!

    The same goes of course if he’s Cuban, Venezuelan, Russian, Chinese and of course Libyan, Syrian or Palestinian.

    “So if you’re wondering why western liberals are all waving Syrian flags and loudly condemning the US and its allies for their criminal, murderous assault on a sovereign nation, that’s why”.

    I’m gonna sue you for that sentence! I almost had a heart-attack believing that shitlibs actually did this, asking myself: “What’s next? Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Guantanamo? Where will this stop? Medicare for all? Student loan forgiveness? Denouncing vaccine mandates as useless and illegal? Asking for accountability for the number of deaths superior to that of all vaccines combined since God created the firmament out of an Ikea DIY kit? Denouncing the waste of money to arm Ukraine in a war its fascist leadership – next to which Mussolini would look like Father Christmas – can’t win while this money could be used to end homelessness in the US and mend the 230,000 bridges that need urgent repair before an accident kills folks, robbing them of their right to get bumped off by climate change or nuclear Armageddon? Where will that madness stop?”

    I was already calling an ambulance when I read your next line: “I am of course kidding; that is not happening”. What a relief! While I was on the phone, I called Lindsay Graham and Nancy Pelosi to tell them it was just a joke, so they can go on counting the bucks they got from the MIC this year – or shooting them, depending on where they’re vacationing.

  24. Technocracy is Doomed Avatar
    Technocracy is Doomed

    Where have I heard this before? Oh yeah.
    “When peace comes we will perhaps in time be able to forgive the Arabs for killing our sons, but it will be harder for us to forgive them for having forced us to kill their sons. Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us.”
    ― Golda Meir, A Land of Our Own: An Oral Autobiography

    1. That’s arguably the best illustration of the word chutzpah ever to materialize under the sun.

  25. I’m so tired of this American shite. Get the hell out of Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, Africa … and anywhere else I’ve missed. Go home and fix your own country which is falling apart. Spend money on your own citizens who are falling through the cracks which are widening with every week. San Francisco, Philadelphia … just to name two … are catastrophes. People are really suffering, and their government doesn’t give a damn. America is a failed state … stop trying to bring down the rest of the world with you.

    1. Technocracy is Doomed Avatar
      Technocracy is Doomed

      Bringing down all first world nations IS the WEF plan.
      What if a small group of world leaders were to conclude that the principal risk to the Earth comes from the actions of the rich countries?… In order to save the planet, the group decides: Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?
      ~ Maurice Strong

      1. Isn’t that kinda committing suicide to avoid one’s own death? Besides, I’ve seen in the news that Macron declared that we were witnessing “the end of abundance”, which made me immediately think that in spite of centuries of enslaving people to help us steal their own resources, Western capitalism has proved unable to make everybody free, healthy, wealthy and happy. And even while maintaining people sick and scared because that’s the most fertile ground for business, it has eventually failed – while the sun is still up there providing free energy for the next four billion years to anyone willing to finance the research to capture it – with defense budgets for instance. Fortunately for Macron, he made millions being a banker in Rothschild’s employ prior to his Rothschild-sponsored French president part-time job – the other part having been spent taking twenty-six Yellow Vests’ eyes and five hands with rubber bullets shot by his police in one of the most brutal repressions in French history -, so he should be alright. And so should everybody else since he once explained to one of these guys that you “only have to cross the street to find a job if you really want to work” in a country that has had millions of unemployed for decades because of the outsourcing of its industry. That alone qualifies him for the chutzpah competition.

    2. America has been at war with the world forever. WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Serbia, Iraq twice, Nicaragua, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Russia. Did I miss any?

  26. I have been reading several mainstream media articles about the US government constantly lying without compunction. As this article has demonstrated, the US government has lied unashamedly about its illegal involvement in the Syrian war. While the Syrians are busy fighting a civil war, the Americans are busy plundering their oil resources. This is more than a greedy and obnoxious act of a rich and powerful country robbing a helpless and poor nation. No nation has stooped this low as the US. Shame on the US!

    1. True with one exception: It is not a civil war (defined as countrymen fighting for control of the central government) but a war by proxy since ISIS and the “rebels” came from outside Syria . . . mostly Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

      1. … along with their financial backing as far as Saudi Arabia is concerned.

    2. Oh, I think quite a few have. European countries plundered Africa quite thoroughly in the 19th century.

      1. And still do! And it’s a miracle to see how European soldiers pop out of nowhere to “restore order” as soon as the local populations demonstrate against an African dictator put in place by them. Not even speaking of Libya which is the most obvious illustration of this neo-colonialism, the fate of Patrice Lumumba coming close second.

  27. Again, I find myself applauding the truth that flows from Caitlan’s pen of wisdom. Caitlan, unlike the frauds and phonies that dominate the so-called liberal and progressive wing, represents genuine liberalism and progressiveness. Caitlan’s daily attacks on the power structure and quasi-police state that runs America is breathtaking for its stunning truthfulness. The “western liberals [who are not] waving Syrian flags and loudly condemning the US and its allies for their criminal, murderous assault on a sovereign nation,” are the same frauds who continue to fund the war in the Ukraine while saying nothing about the wealthiest nations of the world (Saudi Arabia and the U.S.) killing the poorest in Yemen.

    Putin, of course, ( and Iran, the Syrian Arab Army, and Hezbollah) saved Syria from ISIS while the U.S., Gulf States and Israel funded and armed groups aligned with ISIS. If not for the funding and arming of ISIS, Iranian-backed militia would not operate in Syria in the first place. But once again, the poison and anecdote were made in the same smelly lab.

    Cheers to Caitlan and Glenn Greenwald, two greats!

  28. One of these days the US is going to go too far and it will find that it has conjured up a World War III on at least three simultaneous fronts: i) v. Russia, ii) v. China and iii) v. Iran. The US will be counting on Nato, presumably stretched to its limits with the proxy war in Ukraine it is supporting, and Israel, which could not defeat Hezbollah in a conventional war in Lebanon several years back. The only way the US and Israel get out of such a dilemma with their hides (theoretically) intact is to go nuclear early and often. Maybe even India and Pakistan will get into the act and lob their nukes (use em or lose em, you know). The way both have been abused by Washington, their parting shots may well be at the Great Satan, not at each other. Of course, that loses the whole planet for the species that calls itself Homo sapiens. The idiots in Washington sure make it seem like this is the scenario they are deliberately pursuing. Wipe us all out before we use up all the resources, hunker down in their tax-payer provided bunkers for a few hundred years till the ice age lifts and the radioactive contamination abates and send their vile spawn out to emerge and pick up the pieces on all their investments. I hope the space aliens move in and declare adverse possession on this planet long before the human assholes dig themselves out. Personally, my druthers would be to string Clueless Joe, Netanyahoo, Zelensky, Nudalman, both Clintons, the Obombers, any Bush with political ambitions and the rest of their Neocon movement upside down from lamp posts with piano wire before a single nuke is fired, but who’s gonna see to that? Yes, their continued escalating aggression against all reason makes me a bit irritable. At least Crazy Joe will accomplish one of his major goals with his planned nuclear Armageddon: it will stop global warming dead in its tracks. Not even any need to replace all ICE cars with EV’s by 2030 (as if). Just the minor inconveniences of constant darkness or gloom, freezing cold, blowing snow and lethal levels of radioactive dust covering everything…and we’re talking about Miami Beach in mid July for at least decades..

    1. A great comment.

    2. Well said. The world is in deep trouble, and most of it would be solved if the US would just stand down and mind its own business, said business being the parlous state of the country and its people.

      1. On the bright side, the US Army is struggling to recruit. Beyond the possible reasons expounded by this guy below, could it be that a suicide of veteran every hour, PTSD and homelessness of others, vaccine and other chemical crap experiments on troops considered guinea pigs (a long-lasting tradition), increasing difficulty to tie wars abroad to the defense of one’s country and exposition of widespread corruption in the Afghanistan Papers discourage vocations?

    3. These neocons believe in apocalypse and by God they are bringing it on.
      Blaming all wrongs on Satan has gotten them to this point. Never their own fault.
      They wasted their own life with unexamined thinking, and are ready to sacrifice ours.

    4. Watch How to Start a Revolution DVD documentary (it’s not what you think) and read From Dictatorship to Democracy, the book by the late Dr Gene Sharp. You can buy a copy on eBay.
      Better yet, host a viewing party for your friends in your home.

      1. In English with Chinese subtitles 79 minutes:

  29. America never had much in the way of soul,or spirit, instead it is really only a pile of rotten flesh, composed of it’s self deluded place as the leader of the free world, when in reality of course it is little more than an ongoing crime against humanity need anymore be said.

  30. All of this war making and deception are symptomatic of the israelis. It is never their fault as they were only defending themselves. Don’t believe the marxist and zionist babble – it’s all fraud.

    1. “Capitalism is Marxism”

      Take your meds and stop using words your imaginary friend tells you not to understand.

  31. All the countries the US bombs in the Middle East, it does so on behalf of Israel. In fact the US does not have its own government anymore and is largely controlled by what people collectively call the Rothchilds. It seems to be a common and prevailing opinion in the US that it is the Rothchilds who are calling the shots. Centcom is just a social media username (one of) for their mercenaries.

    1. Indeed. Memes on the net indicate who controls all the media, press, pharmaceuticals, banks, universities … and now Gates is aiming for the agricultural sector. What’s left? And yes, he is one.

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    2. Where do you live?

      Because I could have sworn that I live in the US, and it’s NOT a “common and prevailing” idea around here that the Rothschilds are running everything.

      How many people were in your sample? Where did you find them? Yours sounds like a poorly designed survey.

      1. I suspect “Rothschilds” is code for “Joos”.

      2. I agree with you on the Red Shields. Most Americans have no idea who that is and those that do think it is a clothing outlet and mispronounce the name as though it meant the Roths’ Childs, rather than the Roth Schilds, from rote Schilde, a bloody red shield, from German not English.

        1. It’s an interesting little puzzle actually because I have also always heard the explanation about the founder of the dynasty, Mayer Amschel, having a red shield (rot Schild in German) above his money-lending shop in Frankfurt. Yet this makes you wonder where they got the “h” from. How and why do you jump from Rotschild to Rothschild?
          Breaking: actually, I just found it. The name is derived from the German “zum rothen Schild” (with the old spelling “th”), meaning “at the red shield”, in reference to the house where the family lived for many generations. At the time, houses were designated by signs with different symbols or colors, not numbers.

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