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Republicans are up in arms over remarks from the White House depicting the Trump-aligned faction of their party as “extremist”, which Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre defended Thursday by saying that MAGA Republicans are extremist because they disagree with the majority of Americans.

“When you are not with what majority of Americans are, then you know, that is extreme; that is an extreme way of thinking,” Jean-Pierre said.

Every part of this controversy is hilarious, from Republicans thinking they are not extremists, to anyone thinking that MAGA Republicans are meaningfully different from generic brand Republicans, to Democrats thinking they are any less extremist than MAGA Republicans, to Jean-Pierre claiming that you are extremist if you don’t agree with mainstream political consensus in the United States.

If you look at who is inflicting the most violence, terrorism and tyranny upon the largest number of people in our world, it’s clear from the numbers that the worst offender by far is not fringe neo-Nazi groups, nor violent jihadists, nor communists nor anarchists nor environmentalists nor incels, but the bipartisan political consensus of the US-centralized empire.

No other power has spent the 21st century killing people by the millions in wars of aggression. No other power is circling the planet with hundreds of military bases and working continuously to destroy any government which disobeys it. No other power is starving entire populations with economic sanctionsmilitary blockades and brazen theft. No other power has been interfering in foreign elections anywhere near as often. No other power is terrorizing populations around the world with wars, covert ops, drone strikes, proxy conflicts, and staged coups and uprisings. No other power is using its military, economic, diplomatic and media dominance to bully the world into serving its interests.

The only reason the mainstream views espoused by Democrats and Republicans are mainstream is because massive amounts of narrative management have gone into creating that consensus. The fact that the social engineers of the oligarchic empire have poured vast fortunes into making sure Americans consent to capitalism, corruption, militarism and murder is the only reason those perspectives are so mainstream that they can be labeled “moderate” or “centrist”.

When people hear the word “extremist” they tend to think of groups like ISIS or the Ku Klux Klan, but per definition an extremist is just someone whose political or religious beliefs can lead them to do violent or illegal things. The US empire would crumble if it didn’t do violent and illegal things continuously, which is why its body count dwarfs those of any of the extremist ideologies the news media tell us to worry about. And it is fully supported by both Republicans and Democrats.

To pick a recent illustration of essentially limitless possible examples, imagine what the response would have been if a prominent MAGA pundit had given an award to neo-Nazis at an event hosted by the US military during the Trump administration. Imagine how Democrats and their aligned media would have responded to such an event.

Can you picture it? Can you hear the shrieking in your mind’s ear? Good. Because that’s exactly what happened at the Pentagon’s annual Warrior Games at Disney World a few days ago, only it was a liberal pundit and Ukrainian Nazis during the Biden administration.

In a new report titled “Jon Stewart and the Pentagon honor Ukrainian Nazi at Disney World,” The Grayzone’s Alex Rubinstein shows the former Daily Show star presenting an award to a member of Ukraine’s neo-Nazi Azov Battalion who is wearing a t-shirt and a suspicious-looking red sleeve on one of his arms, with another photo showing the same Azov member a tattoo of a Nazi symbol on that same arm. Rubinstein presents evidence that this wasn’t the only Nazi-affiliated Ukrainian at the event, which was also attended by musician Darius Rucker.

I keep thinking I’ve seen the most liberal thing that could possibly happen, but 2022 keeps proving me wrong. I have a hard time imagining how you beat a liberal comedian honoring a Ukrainian Nazi with an award at a Pentagon event in Disney World, but I’m sure they’ll find a way before long.

Biden is advancing the interests of the murderous US empire by waging a world-threatening proxy war in Ukraine whose combatants can’t seem to get photographed without Nazi insignia on their person. Trump advanced the interests of the US empire by inflicting death and starvation in nations like Yemen, Venezuela, Iran and Syria, as well as ramping up the brinkmanship with Russia which led to the current proxy war in Ukraine. The Biden administration is the Trump administration with a different soundtrack. The Trump administration was the Obama administration with a different soundtrack. They are all violent extremists. None are superior to the other. They all serve the interests of the most murderous and depraved institution on earth, as does anyone who supports any of them.

Democrats calling Republicans extremists is like ISIS calling Al Qaeda extremists, only Democrats and Republicans have a much higher body count.


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65 responses to “Democrats Are Violent Extremists”

  1. When Obama took office I said that he was simply George Bush with a “deep tan”. The death and destruction all continued while progressives and liberals performed back flips and lies in support of their militaristic mastubatory fantasies.

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  3. I’m sorry, I posted the wrong video with my last comment, no way to remove or edit. I meant this, The US is on the precipice of war with both China and Russia, and the President is only worried about his political opponent. No mention of WW3 that he is instigating.

  4. The US is on the precipice of war with both China and Russia, and the President is only worried about his opponent.

  5. Dr. Michael Yeadon: The Most Important Single Message I’ve Ever Written ( – 9/2/22 – Dr. Mike Yeadon)
    Copy and paste the following in search engine:
    Dr. Michael Yeadon: The Most Important Single Message I’ve Ever Written – Global ResearchGlobal Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

    Excerpt ( – 9/2/22 – Dr. Mike Yeadon): Dear everyone, who is nervously looking around and is asking “What the hell is going on?”
    I hope this isn’t too controversial. It’s certainly frightening, but I believe we are still on the right side of disaster & if enough of us become aware of what is happening here & everywhere in the democratic world, we can recover the situation. We really don’t have long. I believe it’s likely things will change irretrievably over this coming winter. Hence this urgent and unusual request. Everything that’s happened and is happening becomes much simpler and it all makes sense, only when you force yourself to think the impossible. If you experimentally adopt the position that OUR GOVERNMENT IS ACTIVELY WORKING TO HARM US, TO DISMANTLE MODERN SOCIETY & ENSLAVE ALL PEOPLE IN A DIGITALLY CONTROLLED TOTALITARIAN WORLD, it all fits. Nothing is surplus.

  6. Trump Brags Mar-a-Lago Search Improved His Polling – It Didn’t (truthout – 9/2/22 – Chris Walker)
    Trump told a radio host that his numbers “have gone through the roof” due to the search, a demonstrably false statement.
    Trump claims his numbers “have gone through the roof,” but I sense he has a low ceiling. Why does he have to brag and make claims? Can’t his supporters research his status themselves? Does he not have confidence in himself, or his supporters? Is it a matter of Trump’s self-esteem? According to: (CBS News: Trump groups head into 2022 with $122M on hand – 2/1/22 – Aaron Navarro and Adam Brewster). To be clear, I’m not an advocate of either party (so don’t freak out).
    Where do these “donations” go? Should they be shared with Trump’s supporters (e.g.- for their loyalty and hard work, etc.?) Some of you might say, “that is free money and I’m not going to accept that!” Well, don’t they? Maybe we should think about taking money out of politics? In this way, other people, who have not amassed such great sums of wealth, can participate in the electoral process.
    Also see: Ranked Choice Voting (especially the recent election in Alaska).

    1. In the first Trump-Biden presidential debate, Trump was about to unload a bombshell to the people watching who only consume MSM. Then he said I, and got sidetracked with a litany of I this and I that and never got back to that important point.

      1. They both have bombshells to reveal and are both egotists. Their interests are focused, I suppose, on their immediate family (debatable), the donor-class, and whatever rhetoric/propaganda will best accomplish their interests, at working-class expense. The MSM imbues advocates with establishment affect (it’s caustic). Americans are so propagandized, agitated, and divided, that it is difficult for them to inter-empathize (i.e.- the dastardly scheme that inhibits solidarity.)

  7. Do you object to what I write? You still have that right…if you are offended, it may not have been intended.
    Perception is frequently in question…mitigate agitation, activate cooperation.
    Washington sows obfuscation…a third party can encourage inspiration.
    Prison industrial complex, calculated misery index…student loan debt trap, a load of fucking bullcrap.
    Solidarity is imperative, to thwart deep state narrative…voice your opinion or risk losing dominion.

  8. Better archive the link to the online dictionary before the Ministry of Truth changes the definition of “extremist.”

  9. Wilson entered the USA into WW I after promising in the election that he would not do that.
    Truman shipped the French Colonial Army to Vietnam after WW II and that led to the French Indo-China war. Perhaps the worse democrat warmonger was Lyndon Johnson whose “intervention” in Vietnam caused the deaths of about 3 million.

    1. To be totally accurate, it’s the French who sent the French Far East Expeditionary Corps and the French Legion to Vietnam which was a French colony from 1884 until their defeat in Dien-Bien-Phu in 1954 that put an end to the first Indochina war and led to the independence of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.
      But Truman bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, presided over the onset of the Cold War, created the CIA with Wall Street bankers in 1947 and involved the US in the Korean war in 1950.
      Before him, Roosevelt had involved the US in WWII after promising the Americans he wouldn’t – there’s quite a consensus that he provoked Japan through an energy crisis and had foreknowledge of Pearl Harbor through both US and Australian intelligence but didn’t do anything to prevent it.
      Johnson, as you say, started the Vietnam war as we know it after the Gulf of Tonkin false flag of 1965.
      Under Carter, Brzezinski invented Muslim terrorism (Taliban and al-Qaida) to “give the Soviets their Vietnam” in Afghanistan.
      Of course Clinton bombed the hell out of Serbia after the split of Yugoslavia in the 90s and Obama extended the war zone created by Bush and dropped more bombs than him after receiving the Nobel Peace Prize.
      Before that, as you say, Wilson had got the US into WWI after promising the Americans he wouldn’t and even before that, slave-holding Southern Democrats had started the Civil War, later created the Ku Klux Klan to prevent the implantation in the South of the GOP created by Lincoln and launched the Jim Crow laws.
      But they’ve become excellent at PR (especially through their control of the corporate and then social media), greatly benefitted from the aura of Kennedy after getting him whacked (Johnson’s cover up being the smoking gun) and then rode the societal wave to perfection: LGBT, Black Lives Matter…
      We’ll see if they’ll be able to get away with playing footsie with the nazis in Ukraine when the dust settles down but so far, they’ve been the best illustration one can get of the phrase wolves in sheep’s clothing, as opposed to the Republicans who are… wolves in wolves’ clothing.
      Of course there are exceptions like John Brennan who could never get sheep’s clothing his size and uses the same tailor as Pom Pompeo :o)

      1. Isnt democracy a wonderful thing.

  10. Really can’t get worked up over Biden’s speech. He distinguished most Republicans from the MAGA variety who often proudly define themselves in those terms anyway (as outside the mainstream and disliking tepid democracy). His generalisations were nothing compared to those made by Trump against “the media”, or by Glenn Greenwald (or indeed Caitlin) against “liberals”/”shitlibs”.

    “Liberals” as a class of people is vast and broad, containing little homogeneity beyond broad “liberal” leanings (as opposed to broad “Conservative leanings). The MAGA cult is something more rigid and narrow in ideology. The only people I’ve seen getting worked up by Biden’s speech are the MAGA folk themselves. There’s a funny episode of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ ridiculing the MAGA cult, and depicting them as aggressive/violent, which goes much, much further than Biden’s speech.

    Out of all the topics to focus on, it’s strange that Biden’s speech is selected. Is there a correlation between talking points on here and those in the online RW influencer universe?

    1. If America declares War agains Russia and China at some point – considering it is just a conventional war, of course – Biden’s speech is a warning for those debunking the American MSM narrative and “Trumpsters”. In war time, the president can name those who will be pressed charges of treason which according to the American constitution relies solely in the hands of the President. Fortunately America does not have a history of tyranny, censorship, blackmailing, framing up innocents (hold that laugh, ok). I assume allies on the UK can do the same if things start stir up too much, who knows. Let’s drink some wine and laugh while the decrepit madman is not above life and death, officially, because it is has been always the case, unofficially.

      1. Obama built the detention camps. They are ready for use anytime.

  11. There DOES seem to be a genuine hatred for Trump and his brand of populism in the power center or Deep State of the US though. It is quite palpable. So while I don’t disagree with Caity that the US empire advanced in Trump’s term, some of this was by working around the president rather than instigated by him or his people. Another joke on the concept of “democracy” advanced by the current president, this … the entire bureaucracy works against anyone genuinely trying to implement democratic change.

    1. what would be an example of trump genuinely trying to implement democratic change?

      1. Jimmy Dore nailed it when he said that the deep state hates Trump because he gives American crimes a bad name by being candid about them, like steal the oil. He does in your face what Democrats like Clinton do behind the scenes, but for a few exceptions like her own “we came, we saw, he died” or Madeleine Albright’s “it was worth it”.

      2. Democratic change is ambiguous. I call TDS.

      3. “Building the wall” as opposed to listening to megacorporations … you/me may not like it; but a majority of Americans want to stop illegal immigration.

        Forcing the Nato “partners” to pay their dues … or ending Nato if they don’t.

        Attempting to sanction China and EU for unfair business practices and generally attempting to bring industry back to the US …


  12. Thanks for writing all this stuff so I don’t have to. Numbers don’t lie. Pars ideologies all you want, the US kills more than all the other isms combined.
    I just want to reiterate my observation that the face of America is a gay golliwog, and now I notice the person has a hoody Karen Disney cartoon French name, and that’s nothing against gays or golliwogs or the French. I actually like France. I think golliwogs are kind of freaky but whatever. But, yeah, extremism is not going along with the ostensible crowd, which I think raises the question of how in the fuck she’s the White House press secretary, but then I remember the government is run by lunatics.
    I want to think Nazis aren’t actually participating in Warrior Games at Disney World, but I keep reading and they are. Maybe next they’ll make torture an Olympic event. Maybe I shouldn’t even speculate.

    1. And you really have to wonder at a gay French golliwog’s endorsement of conformity. I’ve defended both the French and gays in conversation and writing and have difficulty with the concept of conformity, though I’m basically neutral on golliwogs, but really, what are we to make of a gay French golliwog actually saying you should be like everyone else? What would Orwell or Nietzsche or Hunter S. Thompson say? But, to be fair, if I had Jean-Pierre’s job I can’t say I would do any better. At least she keeps a straight face.

      1. To be totally accurate, Karine Jean-Pierre is not French but Haitian-American. Haiti was a French colony between 1625 and 1804 and so people there speak French and often have French names but they are not French by any stretch of the imagination.

        1. PS: As for the golliwog comment, then you’ll wonder why some people think the US has a systemic racism problem.

          1. So that explains it. I’ve been to Haiti and France and would absolutely never confuse them. And I’m strictly golliwog neutral. Raggedy Anns on the other hand really put me off.

  13. For the ordinary people in America it is enough to say “I was wrong” and all is forgiven.
    Not everybody is like Scott Ritter who refused to collaborate with the CIA plot to set up Iraq for inexistent WMD. His actions delayed for some time what was for long years scheduled to happen. But as soon as the replacement is on duty, the agenda goes on. David said “I was wrong”. It was not his place to stop what came from a power far above him at the White House. I bet he died a week ago thinking about “What if”. No one wants to be remembered as a patsy but David died as pretty much like one from the point of view of ordinary people watching the news about the deceased. And all his personal glory doing his job will be forgotten but not his position as the one who helped the CIA to enable what they wanted so bad. And like the rest of us not so glorious the MSM will never show our human side. Our virtues. Just flaws. David was not a hero for most of us ignorant about what really happened. Perhaps for his family and friends.
    Despite of that, perhaps we should have some alternative spot to promote people writing amazing stuff about what is really happening around the world. Gender neutral spot? No patriarchy? Caitlin writes good stuff. Perhaps three times better than Glenn Greenwald, Max Blumenthal, Aaron Mate for example. They have in common a bunch of fake followers on Twitter considering how much likes and retweets they get. The boys even have an option for readers to buy a monthly subscription cheaper than one happy meal at Mac Donald’s. Greenwald has a Pulitzer the other ones nothing relevant but the price is the same. Cate don’t bill nothing. It is free content with the option to republish it for free. It is a talented girl. Underestimated as underestimated go. Fighting every morning lions, dragons at her virtual door. No one will look at her with respect talking about men’s topics because she is a woman with no real experience and work about war unless it is war at the kitchen. Thanks for your work girl. Good luck.

    1. tell us more about this david fella.

      1. You can learn more with the one who knew him better than anyone else at the UNSCOM.
        Just don’t say to Scott that David still guilty as charged. He might not take it well. As I said, not everybody was forged to be like Scott. A man who can weather any storm. David was not.

  14. Jon Stewart is Ellen.

  15. Its about time you acknowledge the left are extremists. Its about time you acknowledge the left are fascist. Its about time you acknowledge the right are homicidal maniacs bent on world domination and destruction. Its about time you acknowledge the right is controlled by corporations. Oh yea, I forgot to tell you, I am dyslexic and cannot tell my right from my left.

    1. Don’t equate Democrat with left.

    2. Because there is no left in US politics. You can’t tell your right from your right. Fascism isn’t left. The GOP and the Dems are both right wing parties. The GOP has always been the more effective marketers, spreading their fascist message through the churches since the early ’70s. They equate socialism with LBGTQ and racial equality movements, the stereotype of pink haired girls shouting about micro aggressions and safe spaces. That’s not socialism. The USA is an militaristic empire abroad and a police state at home, regardless of what the citizens want.

    3. It certainly is confusing that the political death match here in the US is between two fanatically authoritarian right-wing parties.
      Here is a helpful guide to locating the nut job in question wherever extremism is discussed. From left to right:
      Jesus, ex-Democrats, independents, Nixon, Bernie, Kissinger, partisan Democrats and Republicans in 2022, Trump, Satan, Hillary, and wow is Satan pissed.
      Hope this helps.

      1. You left off Biden by I guess he doesn’t really matter.
        Hillary should carry a riding crop. I whip might be over the top but I think she could pull off a riding crop.

  16. The majority of Americans want Medicare for all. So I suppose the president and the vast majority of congress ARE extremists. Who knew?

    1. People want anything that is free. The Romans got bread and circuses, we get medicare, medicaid, welfare, social security, etc.

      1. It is not “free” … we pay for it through our taxes. It’s just that we want our taxes to be used for ensuring health care for all rather than for blowing up parts of the world.

        1. But I dont pay taxes so its free. Besides I also get a refund each year. More free money.

    2. Pfizer can deliver prozac and clonazepam to the people if the White House wants it delivered. It will calm down everyone. It a fake calm, in fact. To get rid of these medications is hard for patients. Veterans need this kind of medication to get their shit together. The problem is that the prolonged use for years can lead to dementia. You stabilize one thing but problems will pop up before the ultimate pop up.

      1. @BBB: 250 million Americans have refused the booster even though it was free :o)

      2. That a corn pop up?

  17. “An egoist is someone who doesn’t care about me”, said Eugène Labiche. Karine Jean-Pierre just completes the picture by adding in substance: “An extremist is someone who doesn’t think like me” There are other lovable quotes from the same barrel like Dylan Thomas’ “An alcoholic is someone you don’t like who drinks as much as you do”.

    It brings a new element of analysis too through the phrase “you don’t like”, which is really at the core of the whole shebang and the sacrosanct basis of the popular guilt by association smear.

    The game really uses back engineering technique: I don’t like this guy, how am I going to make him look bad? And that’s where the exercise becomes a bit disappointing because the smearers just look at what’s trendy instead of using their imagination.
    Anti-Fill-the-blank has had a very good run for its money. Yet there are (admittedly rarer and rarer thanks to outstanding lobbying) occasions when you can’t call someone an anti-Fill-the-blank. And it’s not necessarily because they’re Fill-the-blank themselves. Lots of Fill-the-blank have been called anti-Fill-the-blank by other Fill-the-blank for supporting the Palestinians, which is admittedly stretching it to a snap but they got away with it. Yet it rings an alarm…

    Fascist is kinda more universal, especially in their European abbreviations: “facho” in France or “facha” in Spain. Practically anybody with the slightest authoritarian tendency can be called a “facho”. Trump of course fits the bill perfectly. According to Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony at the January 6 Committee, he was not able to make his driver take him to Capitol Hill on that day in spite of grabbing his steering wheel, which is the hallmark of fascism. Mussolini was notorious for repeatedly trying to grab his driver’s wheel and being systematically slapped on the wrist and yelled at: “Leave me the fuck alone asshole!” Most historians now agree on this point.

    Yet even that has been used so often that it’s kinda worn to a thread. Anti-vaxxer was a nice innovation to qualify the people who had had all the vaxxes available in the past but refused the Covid one because it was experimental or even had been double-vaxxed but refused the booster because they thought it was an acknowledgement that this shit didn’t work and it was just as experimental anyway. Good news for these folks: the new one has been tested on eight mice!

    But even anti-vaxxer has its limits, like racist, sexist, homo and transphobic… Extremist is a significant improvement since it’s more neutral. It doesn’t require any particular ethnic, religious, gender or medical feature. An extremist is just someone you don’t like who disagrees with you.

    In that sense, Ukronazis are not extremists because they agree with the president of the United States who’s your ultimate “good guy” (TM). How can you be an extremist if you’re given weapons of mass destruction by the ultimate good guy?

    1. Remember how Trump was helicoptered out of the White House so he could get the Ivermectin and bleach infusion that saved his life?

      Me neither.

      1. Yea. It was all over CNN.

        1. You mean the horse-dewormer?

  18. And the people inside the beast can’t comprehend why those outside the asylum hate what’s happening.

    The “esteemed” presstitute-secretary got one important point exactly wrong. Disagreeing with what your nominal political opponent does or says does not make you an extremist. By her own utterance of that stupid statement, she is criticizing every protest engaged in by her Democrat brethren during the regimes of Republican presidents. If Trump had given this speech during the Summer of Saint Floyd, who would have been the extremist then?

  19. “When you are not with what majority of Germans are, then you know, that is extreme; that is an extreme way of thinking,” Goebbels said.

    1. I wonder why we increasingly find stuff said by Goebbels in the declarations of the “global leaders” of the New World Order, aka WWF (World Wide Fascism :o)

      1. I am thinking he was one savvy psychopath who figured this manipulation stuff out.

        1. He had all of Edward Bernay’s books.

  20. Join the dark side, Luke Avatar
    Join the dark side, Luke

    “I’m a centrist,” said the swine.
    “A proud and vocal moderate.”
    “This system really works just fine.
    Don’t break, or bend, or bother it.”

    “I’ve got my health care, job, and house.
    I’ve got my cars and toys and games.
    I’ve got three kids, two dogs, one spouse.
    From Hobbiton comes my street’s name.

    “And all day long, I do pretend
    to hate those damned Republicans.
    Sure, one of them’s my closest friend,
    But that’s okay. He’s Mexican!”

    “Grow up! You aren’t as popular,
    No, nowhere so very much,
    As you kids really think you are.
    The *votes* prove that you’re out of touch.”

    “Now, honestly, I really care
    About our world’s environment.
    But later. I’m late for my airplane
    trip across the sea to Ghent.”

    “It’s really normal – don’t you see? –
    to make a living planet that
    brings coffee constantly to me
    from forty different countries, *brats.*”

    “I know that I could never stand
    a world where, following my bath,
    I lose my precious set of Land’s End
    towels with my own monograph.”

    “Children, I shall now display
    the vast wealth of my mental vault.
    I’ll never lose the chance to say,
    to all of you, ‘It’s all your fault.’”

    That’s how the centrist talks to you.
    They think their CVs make them great.
    Their jobs, degrees, and self value
    imbue them license to berate.

    Let’s open such a vault and see
    what brainy stuff awaits us there.
    Hmm…Work-related specialty,
    mass pop culture, their lawn, and…

    That’s all. That is the centrist’s head.
    You wouldn’t think it possible..
    Their television habits shred
    a salad brain that’s tossable.

    The Dingleberry Democrats
    will cling and clump until the end
    to their old asshole plutocrats,
    who call on them to fund and spend.

    I feel a duty at this point.
    A simple moral to impart:
    Differently, but truly, we’re all ignorant – even The Smart.

      1. Join the dark side, Luke Avatar
        Join the dark side, Luke

        Thank you!

        Missed the word ‘near’ in the “No, nowhere so very much” line, but it still works rhythmically if we retool how we read it.

        The screen name I chose was actually the poem title, referring to the American brain full of pop culture and almost nothing else, but also to one of the only two options the capitalists ever give to the disaffected: join us or get out of the country (which means we have to join them anyway, to pay for it. We are not “free” to leave, nor do they want us to, which is – I suspect – why we Americans are rarely bilingual, among other things).

    1. Living is easy misunderstanding all you see.

      And even easier if you choose to not see.

      America is the home of “Not-See-ism”

  21. peter mcloughlin Avatar
    peter mcloughlin

    Any nation that is prepared to kill innocent civilians in the millions with nuclear weapons could be described as extremist. All wars are fought over power. But power is an illusion: so all wars ultimately end in defeat.

  22. It’s been quite the phenomenon watching so many Hollywood stars, especially from the clown class like Stewart, Reiner, Colbert, Kimmel, Olbermann and many others transmogrify from former raving liberals to unwitting Nazis right before our very eyes simply because they prefer to run with a specific crowd, the Democratic Party to be precise, rather than adhere to a consistent set of moral principles and a political philosophy.
    I’m not sure they are even smart enough to understand that the oligarchy they support through their beloved Democratic party is no different in its beliefs and methods, especially conducive to war and the application of rank hypocrisy to some insincere platitudes about social justice all fluffed up as being “woke” today, than the very similar oligarchy that identifies with the Republican Party and its favorite media celebrities, like James Woods, Arnold, Clint, Roseanne, Kelsey Grammar, and Bruce Willis.
    The social justice schtick is just a distraction through which they can virtue signal while keeping the American electorate fragmented. The money to be made by the bipartisan upper crust through unrelenting weapons research, development and sale and consequent global domination is the golden fleece that they all pursue. It’s irrelevant that they are mostly amoral airheads as long as they have beaucoup bucks to invest in armament sales, war profiteering and the plunder of victim countries. Frankly, this class of domestic predators would much rather dedicate the use of your own tax dollars to your economic demise and the cultivation of more American foreign “enemies,” because it would be bad for their business if we ever ran out of such targets to complement all the domestic crises they endlessly gin up to make you think their sage “healing” services are needed. “Anybody else want to negotiate?”–Corbin Dallas

  23. The pursuit of happiness, declaration of independence…stop the bullshit and endless belligerence!
    pretense and exceptionality… war is obscene, where is the rationality?
    Propaganda and skullduggery…the United States must stop the tyranny?
    Incessant lies to justify proxy war…encourage solidarity and stop the gore!
    They want power and our submission…reject their plan for our division!

  24. The so called democrats are in reality merely a sick, psychotic parody of humanity, posing as the concerned so called intellectual champions of the poor and downtrodden,when in reality , well of course it is painfully obvious, the expression on Nancy pelosi’s face says it all .

  25. WATCH: Biden Speaks on MAGA Republicans Posing ‘Extremist Threat to Our Democracy’ ( – 9/1/22)
    Here’s another example of the “Class War” in the United States. That is, the Ruling-Class dictates to their appointees (the (2) branches of the same corporate party: Dems and Pubs) to maintain agitation and division throughout the working class (e.g.-finger-pointing at MAGA to inflame the Dems and incite civil instability). This is propaganda to inhibit the rise of Solidarity. Solidarity is the enemy of the Ruling-Class (it threatens their money, power, and dominance). That’s what the union-busting is about: to prevent solidarity.
    Take a look at Biden’s quote:” Extremist Threat to Our Democracy.” Biden’s directors (the dictators behind the curtain) mandated that he use the term “extremist.” This is fearmongering. The US employs fearmongering as it facilitates their agenda of destabilization and regime-change. Hell, prove to me the US is a democracy! The “real” threat to our alleged democracy is the donor-class (e.g.- the Rockefellers, Plutocrats, and Corporatists, etc.). They ensure their power through graft, blackballing, etc. Take a good look at Nicaragua, Venezuela and Cuba. They struggle to maintain their sovereigness, independence, and self-determination; but the United States is determined to prevent this by imposing imperialism through propaganda, subterfuge, sanctions, and regime-change. In this way, the US hopes to prevent the rise of economic/political rivals that threaten their “Rules-Based World Order.”

    1. One minute I am fine. The next I am standing in line for 4 hours to get a few groceries. What happened?

  26. Yeah, living here in the USA is definitely a living hell, every time I turn around I find the thugs have turned my phone’s microphone back on just so that they can eaves drop on me 24/7, camera too. Doesn’t matter what party it is, they all come to church drunk packing their guns, yup, all of our best and talented are corrupt vicious scum.

    1. Get rid of your phone. That will show them.

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