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New Zealand’s PM Wants More Online Censorship For The War In Ukraine

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New Zealand’s prime minister Jacinda Ardern continued her crusade for the expansion of internet censorship during a speech at the United Nations General Assembly on Friday, this time using the war in Ukraine.

“Whether it’s climate, trade, health crises or seeking peaceful solutions to war and conflict, New Zealand has always been a believer in multilateral tools,” Ardern told the assembly, adding that “without reform, we risk irrelevancy.”

“There is perhaps no greater example of this than Russia’s invasion of Ukraine,” Ardern said. “Let us all be clear: Russia’s war is illegal. It is immoral. It is a direct attack on the UN charter, and the international rules-based system and everything that this community should stand for. Putin’s suggestion that it could at any point deploy further weapons that it has at their disposal reveals the false narrative that they have based their invasion on. What country who claims to be a liberator, threatens to annihilate the very civilians they claim to liberate? This war is based on a lie.”

Later in her speech, Ardern returns to the theme that Russia’s war is “based on a lie” to argue for the censorship of online speech which supports the idea that Russia is fighting for legitimate reasons in Ukraine.

Using the 2019 Christchurch terrorist attack as a segue to talk about the perils of online radicalization, Ardern then smoothly transitions to the subject of “mis- and disinformation” on the internet.

“This will also be important in understanding more about mis- and disinformation online: a challenge that we must as leaders address,” Ardern said.

“As leaders, we are rightly concerned that even those most light-touch approaches to disinformation could be misinterpreted as being hostile to the values of free speech we value so highly,” Ardern added, an acknowledgement of the grave human rights concerns inherent in having ‘leaders’ participate in the regulation of public speech. “But while I cannot tell you today what the answer is to this challenge, I can say with complete certainty that we cannot ignore it. To do so poses an equal threat to the norms we all value.”

Then it gets even creepier.

“After all, how do you successfully end a war if people are led to believe the reason for its existence is not only legal but noble?” asks the prime minister. “How do you tackle climate change if people do not believe it exists? How do you ensure the human rights of others are upheld, when they are subjected to hateful and dangerous rhetoric and ideology? The weapons may be different, but the goals of those who perpetuate them is often the same. To cause chaos and reduce the ability of others to defend themselves. To disband communities. To collapse the collective strength of countries who work together. But we have an opportunity here to ensure that these particular weapons of war do not become an established part of warfare.”

Ardern’s remarks are currently getting a lot of criticism in right-wing circles due largely to her suggestion that online discourse about climate change needs to be regulated so that the issue can be properly addressed. And to be sure that is an absolutely insane thing for her to say; I believe climate change is real and anthropogenic and I find the idea of silencing people who disagree with me about that unthinkably nightmarish. This is a line of thinking that can only arise from a profoundly tyrannical mind.

But what isn’t getting enough attention at this time is the fact that Ardern is calling for an increase in the already outrageous amount of online censorship we are seeing with regard to the war in Ukraine. She explicitly said the war is “based on a lie”, and then went on to argue that people need to be stopped from circulating speech which lends credibility to that lie, even if such freakishly authoritarian measures may be “misinterpreted” as being hostile to free speech.

Ardern argues that online speech claiming that the Russian invasion of Ukraine is legal and noble makes it harder to attain peace, but of course she doesn’t really believe that, and neither does anyone else. The idea that free speech about the war could somehow hamper peace negotiations between governments is self-evidently absurd and completely nonsensical.

In reality, this war is just the latest in a string of excuses we’ve been given by the western political/media class to censor the internet, with earlier justifications including Covid-19, election security, domestic extremism, and Russian propaganda again after the 2016 US election. But asserting that it’s important to stop people from thinking wrong thoughts about a war is a major escalation from all those other justifications, because they’re no longer pretending that it’s being done for our own good. Our wrongthink is the justification, in and of itself.

Which is a problem, because this is in fact an extremely dangerous proxy war being waged against Russia by the US and its imperial member states. It was absolutely deliberately provoked, it’s showing no sign of ending anytime soon, and its continual escalation threatens the life of everyone on this planet. The US has lied about every war it has ever been involved in, and if ever there was a war to bring scrutiny and skepticism to, it’s the one that is bringing us closer to a nuclear exchange than at any other time in history.

This notion that it is the job of “leaders” to involve themselves in regulating the ideas and information we’re allowed to share with each other online needs to be stomped out, dissolved in acid, and flushed down the toilet. That’s not their place. They shouldn’t even be looking in that direction, much less talking amongst themselves at the United Nations about how best they can go about doing it. It’s a profoundly dangerous notion that needs to be rejected with unadulterated aggression.

Free speech is not a “weapon of war”. It’s free speech. Either let us have it or stop pretending you value it.


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  • I was surprised to find out that Jacinda is a graduate of the Santa Klaus Schwab school of the great Reset. So expect anything to be coming down the pike for NZ and it’s citizens. Get ready. Essentially you will own nothing, the billionaires will control everything, including every mental or physical move that you make that can be monetized. The result? You will be happy and not worry about a thing. Soma anyone?

  • Jacinda ‘Horse teeth’ Ardern can always be counted on to regurgitate Washington regime change propaganda talk points at the drop of a hat, as she’s just done in her UN speech. But what utter bullshit: just last week Biden says ‘It’s Taiwan’s right to self-determination if it wants to declare independence from China’; so why is it not Donbass’ resident’s right to self-determination if they want declare independence from Ukraine and become part of Russia? And why would the citizens of Donbass want to remain part of Ukraine, which has been shelling them nonstop for the past 8 years and telling them to ‘move to Russia you sub-human Russian scum!’?

    Ardern claims in her UN speech ”Russia threatens to annihilate the very civilians they claim to liberate’!? To the contrary the ethnic Russians in Donbass have been begging the Russians to incorporate them into Russia, because of the nonstop shelling by the Ukraine army on their towns and villages killing thousands, 14,000 dead since 2014. It is not the Russians shelling the Donbass but Zelensky’s armed forces annihilating civilians there. Ardern deliberately left out this inconvenient fact.

    • As a New Zealander I agree with everything in Deschutes comment and Caitlins post …

      I’d just add that Jacinda Ardern is a Blair faced Liar ,,,,

    • You are absolutely spot in. All these ‘speeches’ is written by WH and lapdogs like Jabsinister is used to regurgitate.

      God, this awful creature loves to hear her voice. It’s simply unbelievable how a small democratic nation in the South Pacific has turned Americas attack dog. This is the country who said NO to nuclear ships visiting our shores and charted its own course at one stage.

      It’s amazing how evil quickly takes hold when good just standby and do nothing.

  • Until they stop viewing themselves as leaders and recognize that any power they have is that given when they are chosen to be public servants, the insanity will never end. even then, it will be necessary, by any means possible, to also take back the power ceded to the sociopathic oligarchs.

  • Lemme picture Jacinda as example to picture many other similars leaders worldwide supported by the US empire. Remember Kissinger “The US does not have permanent friends or enemies just interests”. Anything that can be used to collapse a society in a country not aligned with the US empire is used.

    Political profile:

    1) Socialist Democrat – Used by US neoliberals to destabilize right and left dissidents.
    2) Nuclear-free advocate – It is the best interests of US policies to monopolize nuclear power.
    3) Same-sex marriage – Specially used to split conservative societies. The US empire does not care about gays but what they can do as a tool to achieve regime change; The backfire of this policy is contained or expanded by defending or banning abortion rights. They don’t care about abortion but as how it can be used as a tool to destabilize dissidents not happy about same-sex marriage.
    4) Pro legalization of cannabis – Cannabis legalized has the same purpose as tool to split and collapse a society in the same way Britannia intended with the infamous Opium wars on China;

    My point here is to make you to be beware of your flags and what they really intend to achieve in your society. All those topics are relevant to be discussed but not to be used to collapse societies and use them till they are not useful anymore and disposed as trash bags.

  • Two places I always thought would be havens when the SHTF was Australia and New Zealand. Scratch that. Paraguay here I come. If it was good enough for the nazis after WW2, should be good now.

  • An inquisitive mind is an open window, which makes it a bit drafty for the naked emperor…

    Fascism is, at its core, brutal immaturity. Censorship is akin to putting fingers in your ears and singing “la, la, la”. The fascist globalists want to play pretend and those still firmly grounded in reality can’t help but stop and point while shaking our heads. To get behind a podium and deliberately spout lies for the bribery-based order is a very childish thing to do. They should all be embarrassed but the only leadership they exhibit is in how to revel in humiliation, how to bask in dishonor. It’s okay as long as other graduates from a leadership program are doing it, too. The west has deconstructed itself into a blatant lie factory, like Vincent D’Onofrio’s character Edgar in Men in Black. It’s walking around thinking it still looks human, but the world is repelled by it.

    Humanity is at a crossroads – mature or go extinct.

    Those of us who’ve been permanently banned from Twitter and Facebook have this man to thank: https://helenofdestroy.substack.com/p/enjoying-your-membership-in-the-mass

    • Truthstream Media: Finally, a Win for Free Speech

    • THE most immature thing humans have been doing is treating the world like a huge gambling casino. If we’re serious about working in harmony with our delicate ecosystem, this game has to end.

      Whitney Webb & Iain Davis | Sustainable Debt Slavery

  • Woman obviously has scrambled eggs for brains. She claims that Russian actions to prevent genocide of its own people by the American-sponsored Ukies is “illegal.” Well, eight years of simply talking and trying to negotiate treaties with Ukraine and its American puppet masters brought absolutely no results. Yet she and her fruitcake government on the island that actually hosts Mordor (on Peter Jackson’s set) never saw fit to object to any of the numerous and deliberate wars of aggression that have killed millions by the “great and beneficent” United States of America. In fact, Washington purposely provoked all of those conflicts for demonstrably fallacious excuses. As Caitlin drums on, “the false narrative is the message” when it comes to the constant American demonisation of the nations and their leaders targeted for destruction by the American military–mostly just to force their will and exert control over ever more humans. And the costs usually greatly exceed the spoils that these wars might bring in. The great American “peacemakers” surely don’t need to kill, chase away or disrupt the lives of such an expanding population. You can’t miss the reality behind the facade of lies to make it all happen unless you are so unfortunate as to be brain dead or as evil-hearted as Madeline Albright (what a slur on “cookies”) or Victoria Newland (what a slur on “cookies”) or Clueless Joe Biden (who hallucinates being a real tough “cookie.”) Which is it in your sad case, Ms. Ardern? Are you just a simple airhead or one evil bitch? Going by the friends you choose (the Washington Orcs in this case), I’d guess it’s the latter.

  • Just like Hawke and Keating, Ms Ardern was too frigging lazy to form her own party. Too much in a hurry to carve up NZ for the WEF.
    What was wrong with National Socialist Party? Or Christian Fascist Group?
    Nope, gotta capture intact a going concern – a recognised high profile Labour Party, or, in Australia’s case the Labor Party.
    Piss off and form your own. I’ve given you two names already

  • I’m not so sure that there really are that many humans left in the world, things that kind of look human, but obviously not.
    Sabra is a relatively old character, dating back to a Marvel comic, the Incredible Hulk, in 1980. On September 10, however, it was announced that the Israeli character will be included in an upcoming Marvel film, ‘Captain America: New World Order’.

  • Agree with all of you. Jacinda, our dear leader, campaigned in 2017 on fixing the housing problem, the homeless problem and made herself the minister for child povidy. (That’s how she pronounces it, I kid you not). In 2020 because of the pandemic she had no policy manifesto.
    Since then the homeless, housing and poverty issues are multiple times worse and when questioned she explains it by saying she had fine aspirations! I kid you not.
    She also transferred $55 million to the MSM with the proviso, to be signed in the application document, that they would support the LP agenda or the money, a loan, would need to be paid back. Propaganda is not questioned.
    However she did have a secret manifesto called He Puapua (Google it). It is a plan to create a tribal Maori elite with apartheid laws that elevate Maori to a superior status. Also new laws to transfer assets to Maori corporates. All done while she has an absolute majority in parliament that she has squandered.
    All year her Party have been sliding in the polls and we all hope desperately that the Labour Party will sink from sight for the next 15 years at least. However we are not sure what will replace them but it’s “anyone but Labour” at this point in time.

  • Jacinda Ardern said,
    “Let us all be clear: Russia’s war is illegal. It is immoral. It is a direct attack on the UN charter, and the international rules-based system and everything that this community should stand for.”

    NATO and the United States are responsible for this:
    US gov’t knew NATO expansion to Ukraine would force Russia to intervene
    Former US Ambassador to Russia William J. Burns, who is now CIA director, admitted in a classified 2008 embassy cable that NATO expansion to Ukraine crosses Moscow’s security “redlines” and “could potentially split the country in two, leading to violence or even, some claim, civil war, which would force Russia to decide whether to intervene.” (multipolarista-9/22/22-Ben Norton)

    Jacinda Ardern intentionally omitted important facts. She is deceiving you. She is a liar. Jacinda advocates censorship to control the story, eliminate interference, and suppress the truth.

    • That too. Tons of fascist sympathizers, in the comment section. I think that the humans went extinct ages ago. Like the monarch butterflies, lots of look alike species, but the species that they imitate for protection is almost extinct, so as soon as the species that hunt them realize that deadly monarch butterflies don’t exist anymore those look alike butterflies will also go extinct. I certainly hope that whatever is left of that species hurries itself up and goes extinct ASAP

      • Really critical thinking, for me, began sometime after considering the near vertical drop of WTC #7, at maximum velocity, due to near zero opposition resistance to descent. Next, there was no leading-edge damage (from the airliner) on the Pentagon’s concrete facade (not to mention I have never seen any landing gear residue in the impact proximity). This led to an epiphany for me: what’s really going on here? Next, “tons of fascist sympathizers” are an enigma to me. Do people not have a dictionary? How could you possibly support fascism (unless you are top 1%)? The meaning is: a dictatorial government that exalts racism and nationalism. That definition accurately describes Nazism (don’t kid yourself, they’ll come after you too). I suppose the ruling class’s fearmongering/propagandization/chaos dissemination, has affected US’ citizen’s capacity to critically think? Are they marginalized to that degree? It’s plausible. Predatory capitalism is egotistic and caustic. The US has a disturbingly unhealthy level of inequality; but that suits the ruling class’s scheme for social control. Shit, I’m digressing. It’s ironic you mentioned the Monarch Butterfly; I recently had a conversation about them. We came to the same conclusion (they are endangered or extinct). Humans? The critically thinking version may also be endangered. It’s a paradox. The US has devolved; into what? The ruling class doesn’t give a fuck about us. It’s reciprocal.

      • When yuppie Emmanuel Macron calls the French Yellow Vests fascists because they demonstrate against the price of energy that they can’t pay while Macron’s yuppie friends have no problems with that, when yuppie Justin Trudeau calls fascists Canadian truckers who demonstrate against useless and overreaching mandates and has their accounts frozen by the bank for wrongthink, when yuppie Mark Rutte calls fascists the Dutch farmers who don’t want to have to sell their lands for peanuts to Cargill, Dupont and Monsanto like in Ukraine and get expelled, I start to seriously wonder who the fascists are. When on top of it, the same yuppies finance long CIA-nurtured openly Nazi fighters in a war deliberately forced on Russia by Wall Street instead of taking care of their own poor and homeless in their own countries, then I stop wondering. They are the fucking fascists calling the kettle black, aka wolves in sheep’s clothing. Never forget that when you point the finger at someone, three fingers are pointing at you pal!

    • The entire Western “leadership” shares and dispenses the exact same lies. Normally there will be some significant diversity of opinion in any group polled on most any given issue–even on whether the Earth is spherical or flat. Yet, just as in the Western media, every statement from this coterie of people is the same carbon copy. These people never give you their honest opinion or the flimsiest facsimile of a rational analysis. They are all conspirators in one vast authoritarian cabal. There is mind control going on here that would make the “pod people” from the 1950’s quite jealous.

      • They have no opinion of their own. Thats how they are able to do as they are told so easily.

      • The US is broken. It spends countless hours antagonizing and disrespecting other sovereign countries. They have exposed themselves to the world. Prestige and dignity are diminished. Those that choose to operate in the swamp (Manchin, McConnell) have sold themselves and the rest of us out. Once you’re in the club (gang), you must walk a fine line (or you’re banished/blackballed). The ruling class designed it that way. The US is a huge shit sandwich, and it seems the working class will have to take a bite…soon. I’m hoping for a Nuremburg 2.0.

      • Because it’s a script written by Washington. See how terminologies like ‘rules based order’ and ‘build back better’ has crept into press releases and speeches.

        Don’t look for honest opinion from criminals. Lapdogs are not allowed to say anything else.

        • Rules based order: Washington’s designed rules, based on Washington’s orders.
          Build Back Better: a newly fabricated and worthless sale’s pitch (I don’t think many were closed).

  • One might have more time for Ahern’s pov if she castigated the US for their illegal wars, and acknowledged Ukraine’s 8 years of shelling the Don Bass.

    • Yes, she conveniently withholds those important facts, doesn’t she? It strongly suggests pro-western propaganda, and consent manufacturing, for their fabricated proxy war. The US, and the West, are losing support for this illegal struggle.

  • Adern got her start as an intern for Tony Blair. Go figure. The losers in a war have nothing but propaganda, which doesn’t really work well with contrary information or opinions. So, as was the case in Japan in WWII, where the Japanese people were told they were winning — even after the first atomic bomb–the Anglosphere is being told it’s winning. Liar, liar – yes, literally pants on fire and you don’t notice it is YOU who is burning.

    • Tony Blair was definitely a pivotal moment of the Labour moving away from the trade unions – which had financed it for nearly a century – because Thatcher had pulverized them, to the world of finance, with Michael Abraham Levy (now Baron Levy) becoming his chief fundraiser in exchange for a peerage. That’s when the left prioritized societal over social issues. Everything had to change in surface so that everything would remain the same in the depths of the City of London. With that and her WEF training, Jacindita was all set to become the perfect phony that she is.

      • PS: If she plays her cards right, she might become an envoy to the Middle Oil like her mentor when the Kiwis run after her with pitchforks :o)

  • Jacinda highlights what groups are important in the Western World. The West devalues: teachers, nurses, fire fighters, artists, soldiers, families, students, pilots, journalists, well you get the picture. Jacinda (basically a selected appointee) must spew agenda talking points, propaganda, deception, and lies (in a believable presentation), as dictated from her bosses (Donor Class, corporate investors, cloaked dynasties, Wall Street…). For this assignment, Jacinda is handsomely compensated through taxpayers, graft, bribes, favorable loans, bloated stock portfolios, revolving-door career opportunities, etc. Her job is simply to manufacture consent, maintain social control, promote the international rules-based system, and ensure her re-election. If she can carry this out, she’s in the club. As Mr. George Carlin said, “it’s the club you and I can’t join, and the same club they use to beat us over the head with.” We are a society that is designed to incentivize criminal behavior at the highest level!

  • If western leaders already know the truth about everything, why should they give a shit what the rest of us great unwashed morons discuss on social media? How are the rantings of cab drivers and pole dancers a threat to criminals in high places who are going to do whatever the hell they want anyway? Truth is, it’s the independent journalists and thought influencers they’re afraid of, and who they want to silence; they are competition for the “hearts and minds” that inhabit social media and vote on election day. The only way to silence that competition without it looking suspicious is to muzzle everyone.

  • Quite amusing that at the UN she should mention the “international rules based system”, that’s the UN charter,Rome Statute and Geneva Conventions Jacinda, not this never published,constantly shifting chimera she’s thinking of. NZ,along with the rest of “the west”TM has little to say(except support) for Israeli bombing of Syria from the illegally annexed Syrian Golan or the daily abuse of Palestinians civil and human rights. It’s not wrong speak about for eg the NATO/Russia conflict which needs censorship,it’s loud pushback against the complete lies being spread about it with INSUFFICIENT reply. Examples are: Russia is shelling itself at the nuclear plant it controls, Russia shelled Nazi POWs and now the most incredible (so far) that the terrorist act of bombing NS1 and NS2 was done by Russia, not by the obvious beneficiary the US.

  • This kind of response coming from those who are supposed to be more smart than us makes me sick.

    “NATO threatens a serious decisive response for those involved in sabotaging the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines.”

    Since the 50s European pipelines coming from Russia were built and owned by Russia. Time passed and naturally investors decided to put money on it.
    Take a look at who built Nord stream 1 and the shareholders. Take a look at Nord Stream 2.
    Legally speaking whoever did this made a deliberate attack in Russian property and partners involved.

    UN article 51 – Chapter VII — Action with respect to Threats to the Peace, Breaches of the Peace, and Acts of Aggression.

    What NATO, Liz Truss, Jacinda, Macron, Scholz, Trudeau and Joe Biden are smoking?

  • Is Jacinda Ardern a craven manipulator or is she just completely clueless?

  • The United States Declaration of Independence—1776 (uscode.house.gov)
    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,—That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

    It is morally appropriate and imperative that you speak up and object, if necessary, about the behavior of your government. IT IS SPELLED OUT IN YOUR DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE in the second sentence: it is the RIGHT of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government.

    Consider the US’ Civil War. Basically, the war was about the abolishment of slavery; but it was also about competition, commodities, hubris, politics, profit, egotism, power, and more. There were slave holders and abolishment activists on the Confederate and Union sides. This was their time and era to speak up, and ultimately struggle. It’s our time now. It’s OK to make your voice heard. YOU ALREADY HAVE THE RIGHT; don’t let the propagandists dissuade you through their fearmongering! Print this document, reread it, carry it with you. READ IT TO OTHERS IF NECESSARY.

  • America is also run by scared idiots who see enemies everywhere. Trouble is, ours have nukes.

    • Yeah, it’s probably because our idiots watched 73 viewings of: The Sixth Sense (1999): “I see dead people.”
      The US is in dire need of an idiot upgrade! We can just print some money to finance it. Why don’t we start with Joe Manchin? It seems reasonable.

  • The transparent BS tell of Ardern’s speech is her theme that free speech is somehow a new and uniquely perilous threat, when people have in fact been speaking and writing both truth and falsehood for millennia. That’s what bugs me about all their propaganda- that most of it is transparently absurd and yet most people seem unable to see through it. And it’s funny how she doesn’t want people to think she’s hostile to free speech just because she opposes it. I think maybe civilization is self defeating, inasmuch as it seems to be the only way people who would believe such things could survive and propagate.

    • Good points. I think more people are aware of the US’ propaganda and deception. One of the problems is the US uses fearmongering, intimidation, and the threat of incarceration to repress its citizens, and the world for that matter. The American’ working class is intentionally overworked and underpaid to facilitate the ruling class’s scheme of social control. That is, people are exhausted, frustrated, indebted, and discontented with their work (if they can find work). The ruling class hopes to maintain this status to dissuade workers from dissent, protest, and demonstration. With today’s economic/political climate, people are realizing they don’t have a choice. They must speak up. We are in a class war (along with all the other fabricated wars: War on Terror, War on Drugs, Proxy War…).

  • Pretty much the same story as Western Civilization, and no doubt soon everyone will have the disease.

    See How a Parasite Travels from Tiny Crustacean to Fish to Bird


    See How a Parasite Travels from Tiny Crustacean to Fish to Bird

    A tiny bug manipulates the behavior of its hosts to ensure its unlikely life cycle

    By Madhusree Mukerjee

  • She values free speech so much she wants to defend it with censorship? Orwell would like her…

    And how to end this war? Well, technically it ended way back in April already. B. Johnson had to quickly fly there to keep it going.

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  • More desperate actions from would be tyrants and antagonists. The US, and most/all of their vassals, are using duress and propaganda to maintain their world order, control, and pseudo-values. In lieu of cooperation, they have willfully chosen to play the role of obstructionists. Ms. Ardern was correct in stating the Ukrainian was “was based on a lie.” However, she intentionally omitted the true cause: US imperialism/intervention through proxy/regime-change sponsorship. In fact, her entire address is based on projection. Ardern’s address exudes hypocrisy like the sun radiates solar energy. She’s either toxically corrupt, exceptionally naive, or righteously intoxicated. We are in this dangerous state because of: Colonialism, Imperialism, and Capitalism. Your choice is Socialism or Barbarism.

  • If by now you cannot see it is all about a sick game of power played by the same group in both sides then you should keep thinking about bad and good, left and right, god and devil, climate change and nuclear Armageddon.

    “Lockdown was the right thing to do. The pandemic is not over. Opening up the country was a grave mistake.”
    “That is the best comment i’ve read all month, bang on target”
    Which part?

    Sometimes when you stare at the abyss long enough, you become the abyss. Or, if you stare at lies long enough your belief changes into the lie. Best to reduce the noise around you so you can hear your inner voice
    Hope these fully referenced links help in your understanding of the lockdown lie

    1) LOCKDOWN LUNACY: The Thinking Person’s Guide

    2) Solved: The Mystery of America’s First Pandemic Lockdown

    3) Sweden Saw Lower Mortality Rate Than Most of Europe in 2020, Despite No Lockdown

    4) ‘Lockdowns Had Little to No Effect on COVID Mortality’: New Johns Hopkins Study

    5) Horowitz: With no lockdown or mask mandate, Florida has roughly same hospitalization level as 2018 flu season

    6) Unicef warns lockdown could kill more than Covid-19 as model predicts 1.2 million child deaths

    7) Lockdowns, Masks Destroyed The Mental Health Of Massive Number Of Children

    8) Peer-Reviewed Study “Did Not Find Evidence” Lockdowns Were Effective In Stopping COVID Spread

    9) Lockdowns Harms Impossible to Cover Up

    10) Medical Prof Explains Devastating Effects Of Lockdown For A Virus With A ‘99.95%’ Survival Rate

    11) Doctor Proves Lockdowns 10x Deadlier Than COVID

    • Why are so many still fighting the pandemic battle when nuclear war suddenly looms before us? Something has happened to our minds.

      • It’s the US’ game of chaos dissemination. With nearly unlimited income, and time, they clandestinely fabricate their next target for dastardly deeds. The recording ledger is bloated with potential victims, as everyone is a suspect (with capitalism, you can never have too many victims). Through the clever utilization of high technology, they streamline the selection method. How? They assign each potential victim a location on a dart board, and blindly throw darts. In this way, each victim is a random bastard. This method inhibits tracking the great perpetrator, as most Americans lack prerequisite competency for dart trajectory calculus. Therefore, they are free to victimize future targets with impunity (no consequences for egregious malfeasance). The US is a society that is designed to incentivize criminal behavior at the highest level. Please direct questions (especially condescension and insults) to Avy and Gloria.

  • Thankyou at last.I was thinking Im the only one who can can see the facade she has portrayed to cover her hypocrisy.There is no doubt she has many WEF tendencies and the NZ public seem to be in thrall to her.
    She has an ego problem also.Her rise from obscurity to the accidental leadership during the Covid crisis has given her a platform which she has used to promulgate certain learnings during her days in the WEF Young Leaders of tomorrow program.I believe her ego has pushed NZ out of its non-alignment policies into a probability of another war without any say from the people at all.

  • Wanted to check the boxes for follow up — nothing new to say. A wonky system where it’s hard to post from an iPad.

    • Hasn’t J. Biden cornered the market on wonky behavior? He appears to be a qualified candidate.

  • Wanted to check the boxes for follow up — nothing new to say.

  • How about addressing the lack of agreement by people of a democratic bent about what the U.S. is doing? Even the liberal media, serving funders over audiences, doesn’t get into the U.S. venality and culpability, so people who aren’t follow the likes of you and Chris Hedges and Noam Chomsky haven’t a clue about what you write about and think it’s patriotism to fund Ukraine. Why not organize something where the liberal pundits put their heads together as the basis for becoming a force?

    • Nobody in the USA wants to fund Ukraine, also nobody is listening to us.
      The bankers issue new money and they decide where to send it.

  • The trouble with these people – the globalist center-left otherwise known as shitlibs – is that they’re such fucking snobs! I was part of the initial ecological movement in the early 70s when my best friend opened a macrobiotic restaurant, and I went to work with him. We were the only shop in town to sell organic food that pioneers produced on nearby farms and learnt a whole new game…

    My beef with climate change is that it’s become the degeneration of that, a red herring shielding real environmental issues that lead to health problems and are infinitely more urgent but remain unaddressed. Climate change is what makes the news in the corporate media because that’s what they make money from in sheep’s clothing while environmental issues are buried. Lead poisoning in Chicago for instance:


    As explained in the video, the people of Chicago have been drinking water for ages that’s not fit for consumption but the administration of Rahm Emanuel a few years back forbade to mention it in the (free :o) media. Lori Lightfoot campaigned on that. There are 500,000 lead pipes in Chicago. On a good day, a team can change 120. In one year, Lightfoot has changed… 180. The rest is snobbery: speeches telling shitlibs they’ll look good if they vote blue.

    People get sick (cancers and all sort of shit like IQ problems for kids, Alzheimer for old folks) from not only the lead but the heavy metals the industry dumps in lake Michigan! A similar problem in Flint hasn’t been solved after… ten years and a lot of publicity while the US sends billions to Ukraine.

    Ah but climate change yess! A gogo! There was a hurricane in Florida yesterday. A weatherman tried to give useful information to the public, but all (demoted) Don Lemon was interested in was trying to make him acknowledge this was because of climate change:


    Which the guy flatly denied as the cause of this particular event. As a matter of fact, if you look at serious data, there’s been less hurricanes lately than in previous decades but never mind… Climate change is what makes the top of the pops!

    People get obese in obscene proportions because of chemicals, they can’t access medicine because the prices are not capped, they get bankrupt, have to sell their houses and/or die because they can’t afford the insulin they need. In Germany, you were hardly allowed to breathe of late because of the CO2 you emitted (while CO2 has not been proved to have an impact on climate change) but now they’re gonna burn wood and coal to screw Putin and they send weapons to Ukraine like there was no tomorrow. Does that affect climate change? Never mind! Gotta help them Nazis protect freedom of speech by jailing dissenters, which corresponds to Ursula’s values!

    The whole shebang is such a joke that the Guinness Book of Records should create a special section for these hypocrites who don’t even bother to be coherent. Do what I say and say what I tell you to say, otherwise you’re a fascist, period – and that includes thinking for your fucking self! I’m asking you…

  • Censorship works fine. Covid experiment to control content on the internet is the proof they were aiming to test the waters before Ukraine. Luckily we all had something to say back then just to not lose an opportunity to defend freedom of speech during the pandemic.

  • Now people, who bombed the Nord stream pipeline,shall we guess, yep, you got it first time.

  • Freedom is like being Pregnant. You can’t be “A little bit Pregnant”. You can’t be “Partly not pregnant.”
    You either are pregnant or you are not.
    You either are free or you are not.
    This crap started when ALL the world agreed that no-one could question the validity or truth of the “Holocaust”. Regardless of how nonsensical the claims, regardless of the fact that the claims defied both logic and physics, regardless of the mountains of forensic evidence, you may not question the narrative.
    Once you can apply it to one narrative there is no compelling reason why you can’t apply the rule to all narratives.
    Pastor Martin Neimoller led the cry 80 years ago. We did not stand up when they lied at Nuremberg (OK most of us weren’t born then), we did not stand up when they imprisoned David Irving and all those who copied him. We did not stand up against the 9/11 lies, the 7/7 lies, the Port Arthur lies, all the other atrocity lies. Men died for standing up (EG Robin Cook, David Kelly et al) and we sat silent. AIDS, Climate Change, Covid, Fluoride, smoking, election fraud, Vaccines and a million daily lies perpetrated by individuals, corporations and governments we allow them and pretend they don’t matter.
    They do matter and this is where those lies have led us.

    “To stand up for truth is nothing. For truth, you must sit in jail.”

    “You can resolve to live your life with integrity. Let your credo be this: Let the lie come into the world, let it even triumph. But not through me.”
    ― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

    • I believe freedom is simply not a catch-all in human civilisation. We can only use the word conditionally. I never read Foucault, but I agree with the premise that we are on a prison. Nevertheless, that’s not even what I mean.

      I have the freedom to scratch my bottom. No laws exist against it, or about it at all, because it’s so mundane that nobody cares to make laws about it. That’s a genuine freedom. Lots of things should be that way. Free speech, hilariously, isn’t. There are always laws about it. Nor is it real, anywhere. From the fire-in-theatre bit, to sedition, to contumacy, there is no real free speech, even from countries that claim they provide it.

      What we have here and elsewhere is the equivalent of the captain not minding the swabs in the galley talking behind his back. He minds if they mutiny, so he eavesdrops. And if the swabbos know he does, they won’t talk mutiny. That’s the online world today. Nobody dares to talk real mutiny, and everyone expects killers to see reason, if we guilt them enough. They won’t.

      We are constantly told that the Age of Enlightenment and Revolution brought all sorts of freedoms and advancements. All I know is that whenever I read a European history, I start getting more and more bored as we approach the 1700s and beyond, because I see more and more legalism, more fixed national border controls and passports, more scooping of land by private concerns, more bombing and economic abuse of civilians, more paperwork and jobs, and not more freedom. At least they got rid of (overt) chattel slavery.

      Talking against government makes me sound “libertarian,” except I don’t believe a single one of them hates government, nor any capitalist, nor anyone on Earth who assumes the right to tell another person where they can and cannot walk about on what was a free planet once. All property freaks assume this right, at gunpoint. Statists, all of them, and tremendous liars.

      If humanity had sense, which we don’t, we would have built an open luxury world for all, with nothing but sleep containers for when people need to tuck themselves in, and severe curtailments of anything pyramidal in social form. “I’m stealing this bicycle!” could be answered by “Take it, dude! The next person gets to steal it from you.” And we also would have been more judicious about all this Star Trek crap people idolise. We are Borg, not Picard. It is sick what Humanity has done in just 200 years. Probably should have stuck with sailboats and horses on this organic planet, because we’re trash now.

      • You discovered what Hess has said :
        “Libertarianism is rejected by the modern left–which preaches individualism but practices collectivism. Capitalism is rejected by the modern right–which preaches enterprise but practices protectionism. The libertarian faith in the mind of man is rejected by religionists who have faith only in the sins of man…The libertarian insistence that each man is a sovereign land of liberty, with his primary allegiance to himself, is rejected by patriots who sing of freedom but also shout of banners and boundaries.” — Karl Hess, “The Death of Politics,” Playboy, 1969

        No one can take away your Freedom.

        “You only have power over people as long as you don’t take everything away from them. But when you’ve robbed a man of everything, he’s no longer in your power–he’s free again.”
        ― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
        All they can confiscate are your material goods.

        “Bless you prison, bless you for being in my life. For there, lying upon the rotting prison straw, I came to realize that the object of life is not prosperity as we are made to believe, but the maturity of the human soul.”
        ― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago 1918-1956

        Get rid of fear and greed and you have complete freedom.
        “I hope for nothing. I fear nothing. I am free.”
        Nikos Kazantzakis
        Some see the solution but the greed of others destroy it.
        “Give me the money that has been spent in war, and I will purchase every foot of land upon the globe. I will clothe every man, woman, and child in an attire that kings and queens would be proud of; I will build a school-house upon every valley over the whole habitable earth; I will supply that school house with a competent teacher; I will build an academy in every town, and endow it; a college in every state, and fill it with able Professors; I will crown every hill with a church consecrated to the promulgation of the gospel of peace; I will support in its pulpit an able teacher of righteousness, so that on every Sabbath morning the chime on one hill should answer to the chime on another, around the earth’s broad circumference; and the voice of prayer and the song of praise should ascend like a universal holocaust to heaven. “~Charles Sumner, c.1840
        “The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion”
        — Albert Camus

  • Her speech was so good. She is like Obama and Mayor Pete, good looking and articulate. She could be a politician from the US or Canada, she is disseminating a propaganda campaign formed in DC think tanks. I would bet that NZ voters don’t want censorship anymore than US voters or European voters. This disenfranchisement of citizens, and the decline of their material conditions, as elected leaders serve US empire and its struggle to maintain hegemony is leading to a rise in fascism. It’s not leading to class solidarity. Their solution of censorship may be effective short term, but the failure to move beyond capitalism and the suffering and damage it brings to working class people and the environment will result in dark days. We live in a corporate inverted totalitarianism right now, with demagogues and thugs waiting in the wings. Right wingers have been censoring textbooks for decades, no wonder there are right wing circles who propose incredibly ridiculous ideas online. Empires, governments and societies can fall quickly. These educated, pretty empire managers are not capable of seeing the precarious nature of serving capitalism and the billionaires.

  • Ardern’s soul has been bought and paid for by the dark side. She began working for them in earnest a few months after covid started, when a high level reptilian illuminati paid her a visit. She then began by locking down the country on the basis of one single (made up) case.
    All letter agencies are captured, all governments that have any say have been infiltrated. The degree of manipulation is very high on 3D. The way to defeat them is by raising our own frequency through the understanding of non material quantum principles, which in turn, will *exponentially* raise the vibration of other humans. A single high frequency human can raise the frequency of a thousand other humans. When the collective human consciousness releases and transmutes inner fear into love, the dark side will automatically disappear. When we are able to assimilate and integrate our own shadow, our outer “reality” will also change from pain and suffering into peace, love and joy. The world is a mirror of our collective consciousness. The way to change it is by changing ourselves first.

    • Lockdown was the right thing to do. The pandemic is not over. Opening up the country was a grave mistake. That has nothing to do with Ardern’s cheerleading for censorship and war. In that regard, just as in regard to the opening up of the country while a pandemic was going on, Ardern is snugly in the pocket of American capitalism.

      • carolyn, you sound like someone who might come up with a sensible comparison between this drive for censorship of the internet and the ways revolutionaries and the vanguard communicated in revolutionary times (maybe we can learn from history – too bad the elite bourgeoisie has more time and resources to do this). i read somewhere that marx’ das kapital was left untouched by the tsarist censors because they thought the proletariat would never understand it.

      • This coming from the woman who commented on the WSW about her hospital stay in a double room. The other patient was an elderly woman who hadn’t taken the Covid vaccine however the woman was tested negative. Miss Zaremba had nothing but contempt for this person. Judgmental, condescending and up in arms that she had to stay in the same room with such a low-life non-vaccinated (negative tested) person. Miss Zaremba, alleged socialist, take a good long look in the mirror. Part of socialism is altruism. In my opinion it’s part of the foundation, if not the bedrock. If someone in your room hasn’t been vaccinated for sickness X, however has been tested negative for sickness X, where’s the problem? It’s in your head. BTW, I basically wrote the same comment on the WSWS at the time but the WSWS consistently censors any comment that goes against their editorial line. Denouncing censorship while practicing it? Hypocritical.

        • “Judgemental, condescending and up in arms” describes you more than it does her.

        • Slats Grobnik?
          Shades of Mike Royko!!!

      • That’s common sense. Sadly, conspiracy theories get more attention, which is why so many people can believe that Russians are blowing up their own stuff. Reality just isn’t as interesting.

      • The scamdemic you mean. Let go off this Covid crap. There was never any virus. This is made up bollox.

        • Another money-making scheme designed to fill coffers and assist in their endgame: social control and population modification.

    • That is the best comment i’ve read all month, bang on target

  • The kiwi whore is trying to build truth from overt lies to justify her taking Schwab’s money. If you wonder why we tolerate WEF slime like Gavin Newsom, that’s 2 of us that ask the same question. Who knows how much these freakazoids are paid, it begs the question if these takers are true believers in WEF lies or not. Schwab and his followers all need to be hunted down and liquidated.

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    • I am currently interacting briefly during this interest and breaking people’s balls to a pulp by using the usable useful resource through extensive use of fucking SPAM:

  • The worst thing is her Razzie Award-worthy whining.
    “Waaaaaah! My peasants won’t obey me! Waaaaaaah! That’s so not fair! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!”

  • Ardern wants your complete trust that she will do the right thing for you…

    Meanwhile, in other news that got past the censors… https://drjohnsblog.substack.com/p/imperial-convulsions
    NATO was carrying out exercises in the Baltic sea from June to mid September, including a lot of heavy helicopter overflights for days, right over where the (now 4 identified) pipeline sabotages occurred Monday. The sabotage disabled all 4 Nordstream pipelines, not just 3, as initially thought.
    Nordstream gas this winter is impossible for Europe/Germany.
    The US will sell as much liquified natural gas to Europe as is possible, at prices 8-10 times as high as piped Russian gas.
    Poland and Ukraine control remaining Soviet-era gas pipelines to Europe, giving more leverage over Germany, and the ability to extract high transit fees.
    Germany is clearly the loser. German citizens demonstrated Sunday for negotiations with Russia and resumption of gas flows.
    How hard will it be for Germans to see that their country, their homes have been attacked by NATO, (somewhat) in the interests of Poland and Ukraine?
    British strategy, since German states united, has been to keep Germany and Russia separate from each other, and preferably at war with each other.
    Churchill manipulated Poland just before WW-2, with a mutual defense treaty, which Britain did not honor.
    Poland would probably have offended Germany and Russia less without that false-assurance.
    Atlanticist-interests are degrading European-economy, just as they shackle it more tightly to the service of the US. This is not an “alliance”, but a colonial arrangement in rapid decay, supporting the US, as German industry closes down, and German citizens prepare to freeze to death. The City of London is the only part of the UK which does not face a similar economic fate this winter. The “special relationship” is only for the “special”.

  • Appalling!

  • Seriously what the fuck is wrong with the so-called free west nowdays i mean did something suck out their minds and soul’s or something? how these creatures like Arden can get elected is more of a mystery than the Bermuda fucking triangle, is it any wonder the free west is disapearing up its own crack.

    • Sorry mate, the west was never really free. We just had the wool pulled over our eyes. Our thinking is a product of decades if not centuries of false doctrine.

  • Actually so called leaders of the free world are completely un-leaders, because they have to be devoid of any humane morals and values to be useful to the international banking cartel, as well as the fossil fuel extraction industry that powers all the US ships and especially airplanes endlessly circling around the globe to be able to control trade. Typically these “elected leaders” are just people who look good as memes on social media, with histrionic tendencies.

  • Finally we are getting there: international rule-based order means censorship and essentially the opposite of what we generally think freedom is.
    They will deliver it to us bit by bit.

  • Who managed to ‘wash’ her brain??? Very disappointing. Bury the truth ‘six deep’ while nurturing lies. Way to go PM…I used to admire you…no longer.

    • “Who managed to ‘wash’ her brain???”
      The WEF. She’s one of the “young global leaders” along with Sanna Marin (Finland), Sebastian Kurz (Austria), Annalena Baerbock (Germany Greens), Emmanuel Macron (France), Pete Buttigieg (USA) or Chrystia Freeland (Canada) and half of the Canadian cabinet, brainwashed since 1992 by Henry Kissinger’s geopolitical heir Klaus Schwab – with probably a little help from programs born out of MK-Ultra, kinda MK-Ultra Lite.
      Their particularity is that these guys are elected through the very “controlled media for free speech” (!) that Jacindita wants to impose on the world’s sheeple – that’s the problem with ruling a country that has more sheep than people, you take habits… – and these media sell what their corporate billionaire owners have stakes in – which makes them richer and richer – with the simplest of all political programs: “Don’t vote for the other bitch cuz they’re fascists!”. Even Dominatrix Ursula “my dad and my granddad were nazi sympathizers and I’ll do all I can to help the nazis in Ukraine” has no words strong enough to condemn anti-woke pseudo-fascist and in any case democratically elected new Italian PM Giorgia Meloni – with a strange rhetoric that in fine it’s the people who decide but they can’t decide what Brussels’ unelected, heavily lobbied and USG manipulated Eurocrats don’t champion or there will be sanctions (!) – and says that “attacks on the Nord-Stream pipelines (co-owned by German shareholders) are “unacceptable”, discreetly implying that the Russians did it while 7,9 billion fellow Earthlings know full well it’s the US of A! That’s how brainwashed and/or corrupt these guys are. Of course, free media would only pinpoint the extent of their insanity and even possibly have them committed for schizophrenia or jailed for corruption.

      • The US military chief offered to help the investigation of the blown up gas pipelines- a new twist in an old story of fox guarding the henhouse. Could the CIA also help with the investigation? Please, do not skip the theatrics!

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