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At the risk of upsetting the entire internet, the annexation of those four Ukrainian territories seems like a great time to end this war to me. Does anyone honestly believe a significant percentage of the people who live there want a massive counteroffensive on their doorstep? I don’t.

The west knowingly provoked this war, the thing experts warned for years would happen did happen, and now Ukraine lost some territory. Rather than risking millions or billions of lives escalating this conflict, it seems sensible to draw a line under it. You can yell “Putin bad!” and “International law!” all you want, but it’s just a cold hard fact that after the annexation the US/NATO/Ukraine tandem is going to be presented with the choice of either ending the bloodshed or massively, massively escalating it. Pretty easy choice, in my opinion.

There are two kinds of people who want peace in Ukraine: those who want it to come now via diplomacy, negotiation and compromise, and those who want it to come years from now after pouring millions of lives into driving Russia out of every last inch of Ukraine’s pre-2014 borders. You either support a negotiated settlement right now or you support an extremely long, protracted proxy war that risks nuclear annihilation, ends up costing millions of lives and trillions of dollars, and has no guarantee of success. And the latter position is what’s being planned for:

Of course I don’t actually believe the fighting will end in this way at this time; there’s too much riding on keeping the bloodshed going. I’m just highlighting the fairly obvious fact that it could end now, and should end now.

So far the strongest arguments I’ve seen that Russia destroyed its own pipelines essentially boil down to “Putin is CRAAAZY! Who knows why that wacky guy does what he does? He’s bonkers!”

“Of COURSE Russia would destroy its own energy infrastructure and hundreds of millions of dollars in natural gas against its own interests and in direct facilitation of longstanding US unipolarist agendas! He’s nuts! He’s CWAAAZY!” Science should really start taking a closer look at this unspecified mental illness which only affects geopolitical foes of the US empire.

If we really believe Putin is so crazy and irrational that he’s begun exploding Russian pipelines and shelling Russia-controlled power plants, the strategy should logically be to simply stand back and let him bomb Russia back to the Stone Age.

A think tank is an institution wherein academics are paid by the worst people in the world to convince everyone that good things are bad and bad things are good.

To want a healthy world is to want what the ego sees as a boring world: peace, collaboration and harmony instead of conflict, competition and drama. The fact that egos can’t be content without conflict and drama means humanity must transcend egoic consciousness to become healthy.

Our movies, shows and stories all revolve around conflict and drama because most of humanity is enslaved by egoic consciousness, and conflict and drama are what egos find appealing. We’re going to have to change that about ourselves to be able to live in a healthy world.

If we remain in the same egoic patterning it wouldn’t matter if someone used a genie wish to make the world harmonious and egalitarian today, because we’d just ruin it immediately and return to our old modes of dysfunction. A healthy world can’t exist without a conscious humanity.

We’re going to have to change, and we’re going to have to change in all the ways that are least appealing to the ego. It’s a hard sell. But it’s also an existential necessity, because we’re going to wipe ourselves out if we don’t.


And of course a healthy world would not be boring. Peel away the egoic filters on human perception and all of life is clearly seen as thunderously beautiful and endlessly fascinating. The inability to be content with life as it is is just dysfunction born of egoic consciousness.

The universe is becoming more and more perceptive. More and more sentient. More and more capable of knowing itself, to greater and greater degrees of depth, breadth, and complexity. It’s like a baby slowly developing self-awareness.

Did you know evening primrose flowers can “hear” bees approaching, and quickly make their nectar sweeter in order to attract them? Perception is happening all around us in the most unexpected ways, in places we’d never even think to look. Life is amazing. The universe is amazing.

The dawn of life allowed the stardust to behold itself for the first time. And as life becomes more and more advanced, the stardust gets better and better at beholding.


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66 responses to “This Would Be A Wise Stopping Point For This War: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

  1. I think you need to distinguish between the West ‘planning for long term war’ and actually being ruthless in ensuring that it happens.

    I have seen zero to suggest that any US official in a position to actually influence diplomacy has any interest whatever in peace. None. They don’t have any interest in the prosperity of at least 250 million of the 330 million US citizens either, so that’s hardly a surprise, is it?

    There comes a point when you have to stop assuming that Western politicians are honest and decent, if well-meaning people; and face the fact that they are genocidal psychopaths who are utterly sanguine if 7 billion ‘useless eaters’ are quietly phased out over 2 decades or so.

    1. They don’t have any interest in the prosperity of at least 250 million of the 330 million US citizens either, so that’s hardly a surprise, is it?
      No, it is not a surprise. It is imperative for the US’ public to come to this realization. Then, they may begin to coalesce into resistance.

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  4. Well, lo and behold someone else kind of seconded your motion by claiming that the US blew up the pipeline to save face, when the US accepts Putin’s terms for a permanent cease fire. I didn’t bother to read it, because the author claimed insider information. LOL, elsewhere in the news millions claim to have seen Jesus descend from heaven onto a minaret of an Islamic temple, no collaboration though from western msm.

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    1. Avy…your ideology and character are perfectly suited for a spokesperson. It is rumored that Joe Biden has an opening for his “Build Back Better” dissimulation/mystification project. you’ll need to hurry, as this is a “Revolving Door” opportunity; and I understand that Jacinda Ardern is currently interviewing for the position (as we speak). Reply for details.

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  7. zbigniew dzwonkowski Avatar
    zbigniew dzwonkowski

    So Caitlin another good article as usual…. at present , Life is so intensive worldwide … Life was intensive less and more through all human history … thanks to human false self the ego-mind … and as a paradox saying from the real mystics , that are conditions to speed up the human inner development of consciousness … the sole purpose for all Creation ….

  8. This is not a website. This is outta sight! It’s farm out. Thank you for this opportunity; I can almost feel my dendrites branching out into an ever-expanding consciousness (It’s like the Big Bang, and I don’t have to use any gasoline). We can learn something here! Isn’t it great? I’m always a student. The more I know, the more I know I don’t know.

  9. And NATO (US) is foolish enough to get “further” involved; It’s what fools do.

  10. Love reading your essays, but…

    “The fact that egos can’t be content without conflict and drama means humanity must transcend egoic consciousness to become healthy.”

    “conflict and drama are what egos find appealing.”

    “We’re going to have to change that about ourselves to be able to live in a healthy world.”

    I suggest these things are NEVER going to happen, (change ourselves, are you kidding me?? ) unless there is an evolutionary change, and that is probably totally out of our control, unless of course you think science can genetically modify humans to create this new human being which will have transcended egoic consciousness and then every thing will be sweetness and light. That is of course if the new humans can survive the attacks by the old humans.

  11. ….been trying to subscribe, but no response from you, send me the email to confirm, thanx…..

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  12. Putin accuses West of demanding ‘hegemon’s rent’ from humanity (

    “The West will cross every line to preserve this neocolonial system, which allows it to parasitize the world, essentially rob it through the power of the dollar and technological supremacy, to collect tribute from humanity, extract the main source of its unearned wealth – hegemon’s rent, “the Russian president said in a speech on Friday.
    The world is being robbed “through the power of the dollar and the technological supremacy” of the West, the Russian president says.
    This is where their aggression towards independent nations, traditional values, and original cultures stems from.
    They don’t wish freedom for us. They want us to be a colony. They don’t want cooperation of equals, but pillaging. They want to see us not as a free society, but a crowd of soulless slaves.

  13. Let me tell you what is going happen next. Ukraine is going to attack now Russian sovereign land. Russia will pound Ukraine into the stone age. Utilities, bridges, roads, cities all flattened. This is how it will end. That is unless NATO is foolish enough to get involved.

  14. Truer words have never been spoken. Unfortunately, this is rational thinking and anybody who’s been observing the US/UK brahmins and their European lackeys knows that they are anything but rational.

    First they believe their own propaganda as showcased in this Napoletano/McGregor video where this professor of strategic studies (!) at the University of St Andrews in Scotland clearly doesn’t know what he’s talking about (2’20) and likely gets all his references from Western propaganda think tanks as Colonel McGregor suggests.

    So some of the Whitehall honchos are probably similarly persuaded that it’s only a matter of weeks before Kiev pushes the Russians back to their borders and then only a few more days to corner what’s left of them in Vladivostok and drown their bellicosity into the… Pacific.

    At least it’s the impression you get from reading the British press which hasn’t spent a week without telling us that Putin has terminal cancer, has lost the use of one arm, has fired his ministry of Defense Shoigu who was a joke anyway, is losing ground by the day and is politically isolated while propping up Zelensky to Superman status.

    The British authorities’ raw hate for the Russians goes way back in history too! They share with the Nazis the notion that the Russians are “Untermenschen” to subdue.

    Chances are some heads will have to fall before anything changes.

    This piece by Thierry Meyssan contains some elements worth pondering in that respect:

    Excerpt: “Nato, for its part, has developed a plan to mobilize a core group of states and an expanded group of its more distant allies. The idea is to spread the financial effort over as many partners as possible until Russia is exhausted.

    Moscow responded by announcing that if the West took a further step, it would use its new weapons.

    The Russian and Chinese armies have mastered hypersonic launchers, which the West lacks. Moscow and Beijing can destroy any target, anywhere in the world, in a matter of minutes. It is impossible to stop them, and this imbalance will last at least until 2030, according to US generals. Russia has already said that it will strike first at the British Foreign Office, which it considers to be the head of its enemies, and the Pentagon, which it considers to be its armed wing. In the event of an attack, the Russian and Chinese armies would first destroy the United States’ strategic communication satellites (CS3). The latter would lose in a few hours the possibility of guiding nuclear missiles and therefore of retaliating. There is little doubt about the outcome of such a war.

    When Russia talks about using its nuclear weapons to attack, it is not talking about strategic atomic bombs like the United States used in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but about tactical weapons to destroy small, specific targets (Whitehall or the Pentagon). President Biden’s grandiloquent statements about the risk to the world are therefore null and void”.

    1. That’s right, Russia is not playing the role of imperialist; they are defending their sovereignty and way of life. Any other interpretation of their actions is malarky and propaganda.

  15. When, and if, you can step back and consider our context, we are organisms occupying a big rock. The rock is hurtling through interstellar matter at about 66,000mph, and rotating around its axis. We are alive because we happen to be appropriately distanced from a stupendously large hydrogen/helium furnace, our sun. And what do we do? We relegate, or ignore, the significance of this magnificent phenomenon! You’re so vain, you probably think this song is about you (oh, sorry)? Stopping this war at the point you mentioned, would be ideal; but, as you said (paraphrased), the die has been cast to have a protracted struggle. It’s too late for the US, and its so-called leaders; they are just simple fools that have deluded themselves into thinking they’re important (inside their exclusive, pathetic club). Their world is like a circus under the big tent; the lights are on, but nobody’s at home.

  16. Being one of them, I happen to know there are more than 2 kinds of people. And, I keep wondering, “Who’s this ‘we’, Ke-mo sah-bee?”

  17. Is just me who is awake? Europe is gone after the Nord stream sabotage. No more gas coming from there but from US, Norway, Qatar for awhile. Germany is (was) the economic pillar of Europe. Mainly incoming coming from chemicals, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, fertilizers, automotive industry, metallurgy using Russian gas. Prices will go trough the roof. Ursula and Borell, Lagarde are leaders of nothing. Perhaps they need more time to realize.

    1. It would be intetesting if the gas pipeline coming from Norway is blown up.

    2. It is just you who is awake! The rest of us are asleep at the wheel. I think Germany will come to its senses…eventually. This oppression, by the US, is not in Germany’s best interest. Maybe that will be the catalyst that initiates the US’ Imperialist/hegemonic drawdown (the expulsion of US’ military facilities from around the world)!

      1. Paradiddle, I disagree with your belief. The reason I do, is because the German Industrialists have already stated, the cost of continuing production in Europe is far too high as a direct result of the energy crisis.
        These very same Industrialists have stated, they intend to TRANSFER their manufacturing to the United States, where energy is cheaper, and labor is readily available at far cheaper costs then in the E.U. So, instead of standing up to the bullying, they intend to go to bed with them, and abandon their people and homelands. B.T.W. this action will also have devastating effects on their much vaunted NATO. If the engineroom of the E.U. is transfered to the U.S. you can kiss the E.U. portion of NATO goodbye as well, because no one willbe able to afford to be a member.

        1. Eddy, I disagree with your interpretation of my speculation. By using the term “think,” my premise about a German response was “speculation,” not my “belief.” I used the term “eventually” to indicate the “uncertainty” associated with this conundrum (the sensitive US/German relationship). As in math, there are many variables involved with the eventual outcome. There is an old saying: keep you friends close but keep your enemies closer. This action may be playing out; it’s difficult to know. The German state may be hitching their wagon to a “dead man walking.” The German state is not sovereign (as understood through US’ forced-hegemony and US’ military facilities occupying German territory (e.g.-Ramstein AFB—a United States’ AFB)). As a result of living in the US, about the only thing I strongly “believe” in is nature (I can actually see the sun –empirical evidence—and feel its warmth). There’s far too much propaganda, superstition, and deception in the US (it’s unhealthy). The game is rigged.

  18. Burn The Ships

    Military expeditions have long used the technique. Julius Caesar used ‘you are with me or against me’ tactics frequently. The story goes Caesar did the burning the boat thing when he invaded Britain. Cortés made sure his men were ‘all in’ with his rape of the Mexican Tenochtitlan empire and his get the gold plans. Cortés burned 10 of his 11 ships. Defection was then not possible. The choice of his men was conquest or death. An Indian Hindu empire was founded hundreds of years ago when front line soldiers in a losing battle discovered soldiers behind them would kill them if they retreated. Go forward or die or go backwards and die. Fear of death from behind drove them forward to victory.

    It is much safer to be feared than loved because …love is preserved by the link of obligation which, owing to the baseness of men, is broken at every opportunity for their advantage, but fear preserves you by a dread of punishment that never fails. ― Niccolo Machiavelli, The Prince

    Joe Biden blows up Nord Stream. Germany now gets no gas from Russia. Before last week, all Russia had to do was turn Nord Stream back on. In 2019 Germany got about a third of its gas from Russia. Germany uses about 80 billion cubic meters a year. Germany and the rest of Europe will have a cold winter. Joe made sure Europe will shiver without American gas.

    Sabotage was not possible. Nord Stream is in the middle of the Baltic Sea at a depth of 80-110 meters. Submarines were used. Who has submarines? People who do acts of war have submarines. Saboteurs do not have submarines.

    The American war machine has submarines. So does Russia, but Russia did not blow up their own pipeline. Only China, the US, and Russia have more than 50 submarines. Did China do the deeds? I don’t think so. Joe Biden did it. Was a submarine used? I’ll guess several were used. There were multiple detonations. Any surface ship on the Baltic larger than a canoe is watched by multiple countries. Something would be seen. There is a war in Europe. There is a lot of watching going on.

    I support the right of the people of Donetsk and Lugansk to determine their own future. Referendums in the Donbass region of Ukraine are over. Voters overwhelmingly chose to join Russia, with 99% of voters in Donetsk and Lugansk making the choice. In Zaporizhzhya 93% chose to join Russia. In Kherson 87% voted to join. Culturally, these areas are Russian and should never have been Ukrainian in the first place.

    The idea that the people of Donetsk and Lugansk should determine their own future is dead in America. I am embarrassed for my country. American Capitalism is determined to start WWIII. Money and the 1% who have it have full control. Media has Americans brainwashed and it has always been Ok to hate on Russia in America. Ignorance blossoms. Empire always needs an enemy.

    Our energy companies badly need the war stimulus American Capitalism provides. Charging you $6 a gallon for gas is a matter of national security now. Unleash the hounds. Pour yourself some coffee and have a nice cup of shut the fuck up. Get some warm clothing.

    Concern about the environment has no place in war. Old men in suits dance with joy. Somebody tell Donald Trump Jr. he is right. Greta Thunberg did not blow up the pipeline. Joe did. I doubt Greta knows how to do mixed-gas deep sea diving anyway. Greta would have at least torched it when she was done.

    When I was young, I thought going to a circus was a treat. I find living in a circus with clown leaders is not.

    A total circus. In ring three, Jeff Bezos goes to space. Clowns dressed as $16 dollar an hour Amazon workers without health care run around the ring below Jeff as he rises in a glittering cage to the top of the big top. One of the worker clowns lives out of a clown car. He goes in and out of his clown car changing clothes. He fries eggs on hood. A hole in the hood puts his coffee pot on the engine. When not living out of his car, the clown drives a clown van and throws packages to the audience. Stopping to piss in an empty coffee thermos at every circle around the ring. Jeff goes higher and higher. Like Jeff’s desire for wealth, space does not end. One of the Amazon worker clowns just died.

    Russia sent troops into Ukraine on February 24 because Kiev failed to implement the Minsk agreement. Former Ukrainian president Pyotr Poroshenko admits Kiev’s goal was to use the Minsk agreement to buy time as it prepared its military to war with Russia. Between 2014 and 2022 the war in Donbass killed over 14,000 military troops and civilians. This American media won’t say. I do not think the people of Kansas would tolerate the same treatment from Arkansas.

    What’s that in ring two, the center ring! A Joe Biden Clown has just brought out a clown camera as big as a flatscreen TV with an even bigger old school flashbulb on the top. The flashbulb is as big as the clown is. Bigger than the clown camera.

    The Joe Biden clown is putting on dark glasses. The Amazon driver clown with a license plate for an address throws dark glasses into the crowd. He has a pair on. I hope you get a pair so you don’t go blind.

    The Joe Biden clown is pushing down on the camera button. We did not get a pair………

    1. I think Joe Biden should not be allowed to decide what happens to the people of Donetsk and Luhansk for the same reason Mel Gibson should not be allowed to decide what happens to the Jews.

      1. Joe Biden (Senator Credit Card) should immediately incur a 40% increase on his credit card interest rate (all of them). And then, Joe’s credit rating should suffer a 200-point drop. Further, each time Joe attempts to gas up his Corvette, his card will immediately be declined. Next, just before Joe attempts to retrieve his card, the ATM swallows the card due to fraudulent use investigation. Afterall, a fraud used it to begin with. Don’t you agree?

  19. It’s alwys a good time to end this war for most people, but most people are not the owners of this racket.
    It is the fact that the current global financial regime, using $US, backed by other-people’s-oil and the US military enforcers, is in terminal decay, even though it is extracting as much as the people and industries of the world can choke up.
    Really, it needs exponential growth to stay even, and it has been contracting (secretly) since at least early 2019. The only MOAR it can really spot right now is Russia.
    This is existential conflict between Russia and the Western neoliberal financial regime, enforced by NATO goons.
    Even if western neoliberalism “wins” it will collapse in another decade.
    Russia is over 1100 year old, I read.
    Russia just got a bit bigger, and France became the second largest European country today.
    Sadly, both sides are better able to starve the other than to win. We are all going to starve for stuff for a long time before there is a new order, or a clear victory by the cancerous and parasitic current order.

  20. Ask to anyone who know Joe Biden as a Senator and Vice Dumb President. “Joe Biden hates to be challenged”. He will go beyond if there is nothing pushing him back and look at that! There is nothing pushing him back as president. He can use the power to shut down the congress and supreme assholes court under a special legislation made by Obama to defend “national security interests”.

    1. Thinking Biden decides anything when the White House steps in every time he goes off script to say it was bullshit, his son is held hostage by the deep state (only one word from the FBI away from jail) and he’s regularly incapable to get offstage on his own after reading his speech on a prompter looking completely lost in dementia, is a very long shot indeed!

      1. I sure hope the FBI releases that one word.

  21. This sounds so close to reality, so how can anyone claim it is a fake?
    However, I doubt anybody in US government could pull this off, such effort must be led by the CEO’s of corporations, the movers and shakers.
    Or maybe by military leaders, although frankly I doubt their intellectual abilities. Though they probably have executive abilities.

  22. “Conflict” and “drama” — I hadn’t quite thought of those as even close to ‘primary drivers’ for sociopaths before. Thanks for the insights, Caitlin

  23. Yes I know you’re an infant country but pardon me, USofA, your Id is showing.

  24. Thank you for another great essay, Caitlin! There’s no way Russia would have bombed their own pipelines. If they didn’t want Germany to have their gas, all they had to do was shut off the pipeline valves. No need for sabotage like this.

    1. Washington bombed the pipelines because they heard that Germany, not wanting their citizens to freeze to death in the dark during the winter were getting ready to lift sanctions on Russia and make a deal for the fuels they need. Putin had made Scholz the offer. Washington, of course, would not tolerate any other country deciding their own future, and so this. Russia erred in misreading Zelensky. They did not realise how bloodthirsty he and his followers were. What does this gain them? Nothing but an early death. They are either insane or utterly evil–probably both. The US is run by an equally insane group of evil egomaniacs and they will not hesitate to deploy the nukes, especially since they have proven repeatedly to have no talent for winning wars even against primitive countries. They think they can destroy Russia in one pre-emptive strike. They’ve got a surprise coming. The people in Russia were cheering in the streets today. They will be delighted to punch Uncle Sam right in the chops if he deploys any form of WMD’s. Why did our leaders choose to self-destruct rather than slow down, let alone stand down which they definitely must do. Americans are not going to be cheering on Crazy Joe Biden in our streets.

      1. Because they are not leaders, they are a smokescreen.
        Seems US corporations are more of the leaders, or at least executors.

      2. “First strike” should send a chill through everybody on Earth, and I’m not sure it’s beyond the neocrazies. And it won’t be a case of anybody being punched in the chops, it will be mutual death and horror on a scale the survivors will have difficulty grasping.

        1. The United States, based on conduct in several recent wars of its own making, has always made clear that it will not hesitate to use any weapon at its disposal to “win” the conflict because it will never accept losing face. It will never repudiate first strike use of nukes as Russia has done. It has escalated at every turn, and seems to allow the construction of no potential off-ramps, if you have not noticed. By implication they claim they are exceptional and everyone’s better, entitled to whatever they demand. I’m just saying if Sam plays it that way Russia would be cringing losers to just let him and do no more than throw back kisses in his direction. I don’t advise Putin to make a first strike, but if Sam does it’s all over anyway. Might as well give him a taste of vengeance. You destroy my world, family, history, culture, etc, you are going down too if I have the means. That is all Putin tries to make the maniacs in Washington aware of. Only they, not he, make the threats. The Russian leadership (not just Putin) has tried for years to interact civilly and beneficially with the barbarians from America, but clearly the Yanks want no part of cooperation no matter how many times Putin called them his partners. They intend to be his killers and conquerors unless they are made clear on the consequences of such thinking. If the fools in Washington remain within the bounds of conventional weaponry (which does NOT include bioweapons such as they have been caught red-handed synthesizing in labs all over Ukraine) their well-deserved punch in the face will be done with conventional weapons and humanity might survive. Putin is a stickler for such conventions and uses the least harmful applications of force, if you have not noticed. I perceive quite a difference in style, civility and common sense between Putin and whomever is the American president, but especially Joe Biden who acts like the criminal that his son surely is based on the evidence. Just think, our president making public threats entailing destruction and violence just like a common gangster. Then those very threats come true. He’s a tyrannical dictator, plain and simple, a stain on America’s “honor” if it had any of that left.

          1. “First strike” commonly means a massive nuclear attack intended to substantially destroy the target nation’s nuclear retaliatory capability. It would presumably fail but that seems more a requirement than a bar for the neocons, and Biden may be too befuddled to argue with them. Putin doesn’t particularly worry me.

            1. If US is planning to use F-35 for this, it is guaranteed to fail at least in half.

      3. Your theory is plausible. Sooner or later, someone will overtly act out with logic and reason. They want to change directions right now but are afraid of Washington’s unreasonable/irrational response. Some actors are thinking about grabbing a chair but are not quite sure when the music will stop; and they’re also uncertain about which chair to grasp. That affordable and available energy source looks mighty tempting (from Russia with love). Now you know who sabotaged the pipeline.

    2. That’s right, there is no need for sabotage. The US’ actions are non-sustainable, just like United States’ capitalism and warmongering.

  25. There is nothing ordinary people can do to stop the US empire this year and in the coming years.
    Putin speech today calling Ukraine to come back to negotiate the end of war is a courtesy. In the background of NATO, EU, Great Britain is piled up trillions of dollars in failures created in oval offices mirroring hundreds of billions of lives wasted to reach total domination worldwide.
    Lemme translate what Putin said after signing the docs annexing those 4 Ukrainian regions “You see, this is the furthest you could go. I’m offering my hand once more. Turn down this offer and next time you hear my voice the Russian troops will be in Berlin. Your way of living in borrowed splendor from us is over.”

    1. There is nothing ordinary people can do to stop the US empire this year and in the coming years: then we must become extraordinary!

      1. That’s the spirit. But it requires legendary sacrifice and heroism only seem in mythology.

        1. The (2) Russian 1917 revolutions overthrew the imperial monarchy and placed the Bolsheviks in power (these are facts, not mythological). I can also say that their effort was not “legendary,” as the revolution was historical AND verifiable.
          Nicaraguan Revolution: Nicaragua defeated the US’ backed Contras and have repulsed previous US’ invasions and hegemony.
          These events are NOT mythological or legendary (they are FACTS).
          The US’ ruling class fears solidarity (as verified through their union-busting efforts), and constantly attempts to crush any fledgling rise of anti-capitalist (socialist) ideologies through: invasions, regime change, privatization, hegemony, sanctions, embargo…).

          1. We are talking about a global change in a scale never seem before. All you mentioned were epic movements who deserve our praise. They are fact based, indeed. Legendary still to be seem about what is happening. I admire your passion but think before realizing what is involved if you can see. No shame in not being able to see.

  26. The salvation religions all popped up a couple thousand years ago because we were bad, m’K, and needed a magic hero(s) to save us. Today, we notice that gurus, priests, imans, preachers, well, they tend not to practice what they preach. The human animal may be hard wired for drama and egoic conditioning, otherwise the gurus wouldn’t be getting their perv on. Perhaps we need systems that don’t require heroic efforts at enlightenment. Kind, compassionate systems that nurture us through our troubles and don’t bombard us with beer and online gambling ads, and tales of virtuous war. Most folks I know are fairly powerless, just trying to negotiate living, but could use the relief of free health care and dental, liveable pay and an assured retirement pension. Maybe a compassionate system would severely limit capital and power accumulation, so the poor souls with psychopathy don’t have to struggle with their dark urges to dominate and destroy. I’m with Caitlin on the evolution of consciousness, but humanity may need training wheels to get through this ecocidal rough patch.

  27. It has become more than obvious that the US military/industrial complex rather see the war continue…And once this war finally comes to an end, I am sure the Yanx will look for another ‘trouble spot’ into which to stick their unwanted noses.

    1. They don’t call them wars anymore, because if you call it a war you are implying that there are rules that both sides have to follow. Now, if anybody even cares to name them, it’s “interventions” and “assistance” with no rules required. The last time America declared war was against Bulgaria in WWII, but America hasn’t been at peace since 1990. It’s not war, it’s not peace, and apparently it’s not stoppable.

      1. Isn’t it ironic, it seems that Washington would rather destroy the world, rather than cooperate with the world as equals. The United States must be sick and pathological. Did you know, according to a “Pew Survey” the United States is the most religious wealthy country in the world ( Burton). Is there a correlation here?

    2. I think you’re correct. The US is addicted to war and the generated profit. Why can’t they substitute that addiction with Robert Palmer’s song: Addicted to Love? Through instantaneous substitution, the United States should suffer only a minor degree of separation anxiety (and the love addiction will quickly rehabilitate any residual suffering). Yeah, I know, I must be living in another dimension (it’d be fine with me).

  28. I just read an RT article about Ukraine shelling 24 civilians dead in a convoy in Zaporozhye and then flipped over to Wikipedia and read in the WSJ link how the Russians did it, and we’re supposed to believe the Russians launched missiles against ethnic Russians fleeing Ukraine and then a bunch of Ukrainian soldiers stood around the burned out cars waiting for more missiles to come incinerate them, it’s a nicely framed shot, and it’s becoming difficult to believe how stark the lying is but you can’t spin mushroom clouds. Short of nuclear holocaust it looks like the war will stop when the US runs out of Ukrainians, because it certainly isn’t going to run out of weapons or lies.

    1. Col. Doug Macgregor told Judge Napolitano this morning that sources indicate that Zelensky, in addition to applying for expedited admission to Nato which Stoltenberg is processing, has contracted with workers from one of the nuclear power plants in Ukraine to fashion dirty (lethally radioactive but not explosive) bombs to deploy in his relentless war against Russia and all reason. The sonofabitch plans to take everyone in the region with him whether a stone cold killer or a sainted innocent. The bastard is such an egomaniac that he must have a Masada complex. Well, he knows he can’t be taken alive and expect to have any future, so WTF… Putin needs to focus on capturing or killing him ASAP as he will NEVER surrender or negotiate a peace. He knows all the lies will simply pour forth and the truth will be revealed if he ever has to testify under oath.

      1. After watching Zelensky dance around in spiked heels and leather and then pose as a t-shirted Churchill hobbit since February I have no surprise left, but he’s certainly mistaken if he thinks he can escalation dominate the Russians. Dirty bombs by Ukraine or false flagged by Russia would be a halfway step toward the real thing.

    2. Instead of mushroom clouds, why can’t we have magic mushrooms? It’s a hell of a lot saner; and damn sure more fun. I live in a country that criticizes me for not supporting the war effort (destroying nations, nuclear weapons, and killing someone) and attempts to jail me for enjoying an organic magic mushroom (and most likely I’m not causing anyone any trouble, and just staring into space). What the fuck? Ground control to major Tom, take your protein pills, and put your helmet on. It’s time to get out of here!

  29. Beautiful, thank you Caitlin. Beyond ego… and it’s already all around us every single day, if we just stop and listen and take it in.

  30. A very, very interesting document coming from the Swedish newspaper Nya Dagbladet. Just in case you were wondering who provoked this war who is profiteering from it. It’s all written in clear English.

    1. Apparently fake but substantially correct. It seems like it hits too close to the bone to be a US false flag, maybe the Russians put it out, or on second thought maybe the US did it to spin reality as a disinformation campaign. Or maybe it was some high school students. Hard to say, but the document has more than a little grounding in reality.

      1. Could you explain why you find it “apparently fake”?

        1. It seemed implausibly plainspoken plus there were some typos and grammatical errors and when I googled it the internet thought it was fake. And where is the rest of the document and why did the leaker only have a hardcopy? I’m reasonably confident it’s fake.

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