Stella Assange just delivered a beatdown on one of her husband’s persecutors that was so scorched-earth demolishing I feel like I need a cigarette after watching it.

In an appearance on Piers Morgan Uncensored, the wife of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange explained the threat her husband’s persecution poses to press freedoms around the world and the profound suffering his imprisonment has inflicted upon him. As some kind of bizarre counter-balance to the family of a persecuted journalist pleading for basic human rights, Morgan invited on John Bolton, the man who was the National Security Advisor to President Trump when Assange was imprisoned under a US arrest warrant. Which if you think about i is kind of like having a sex trafficking victim on your show and then bringing in Ghislaine Maxwell for a balanced perspective.

After Morgan introduced the segment and Assange laid out some facts of her husband’s plight, Bolton was given the floor to explain why persecuting a journalist for telling the truth is actually good and right. He went over the usual smearmeister talking points that Assange is not a journalist and endangered people around the world with his publications exposing US war crimes, adding that the possible 175-year sentence Assange stands to face if convicted under Espionage Act was inadequate, and that he hoped Assange “gets at least 176 years in jail for what he did.”

Stella responded by calling Bolton a war criminal, right to his bloodthirsty face.

“Well of course Ambassador Bolton is kind of the ideological nemesis of Julian,” Assange coolly replied. “He has during his time for the Bush administration, and later the Trump administration, sought to undermine the international legal system, ensure that the US is not under the International Criminal Court’s jurisdiction. And if it was Mr Bolton might in fact be prosecuted under the ICC: he was one of the chief cheerleaders of the Iraq War, which Julian then exposed through these leaks. So he has a conflict of interest here.”

“Well that’s ridiculous!” Bolton said with a nervous laugh at the accusation. “I have an opinion, so does Assange’s wife; I guess we both get to speak them. You know I think that what she fears is being brought to the United States and having Assange put under trial. If he’s innocent, if she can at least show reasonable doubt that he’s not guilty, he’ll go free. What’s she worried about?”

Morgan interjected that the concern is likely the chance of a fair trial, to which Bolton responded with a demand that Stella herself say that she didn’t believe her husband could receive a fair trial in the United States.

“Let her say that Julian Assange could not get a fair trial in America; let her say it,” Bolton replied.

“Well he cannot get a fair trial in America, because he is being prosecuted under the Espionage Act and he cannot bring a public interest defense,” Assange replied. “He cannot say ‘I published this information because it was in the public interest,’ precisely because it is under the Espionage Act. And it is the first time that a publisher has ever been prosecuted under this act, something that constitutional lawyers in the United States have been warning could happen for the past 50 years. And The New York Times and The Washington Post say this prosecution strikes at the heart of the First Amendment.”

Bolton replied, on no apparent basis, that The New York Times and The Washington Post were wrong and that their position on the Assange case is “dangerous”, and babbled some nonsense about Assange being a “hacker who breaks and enters into secure information.”

“Not even the US alleges that,” Assange replied, entirely correctly.

Ahh man, that’s the stuff. It’s so annoying to see this actual war criminal invited on mainstream news networks time and time again to drum up support for increased military aggression in every conflict the US empire is involved in from day to day, without ever being challenged or called out for what he is. For someone to say on mainstream television that he’s a war criminal who just doesn’t want people holding him accountable or shining a light on his crimes is a rare treat for anyone who’s been watching this monster operate all these years.

This is the man who just 24 hours prior to this writing put out an article titled “Putin Must Go: Now Is The Time For Regime Change In Russia,” just the latest in this psychopath’s relentless campaign to start World War III at every possible opportunity. It’s just so freakish and bizarre that there are people whose actual job is to continually work toward creating as much death and destruction in the world as they can, and that they are elevated to the forefront of public attention by the most prominent platforms in the world.


This happens as Assange supporters prepare to demonstrate for his freedom on October 8th. In the UK a massive human chain to surround Parliament is scheduled for 1PM London time in a show of solidarity with the world’s most important journalist, and from 12PM to 3PM DC time there will be a demonstration at the US Department of Justice with appearances by some of the best humans in the world.

If you can’t attend live you can watch the London event online here and watch the DC event here (set an alarm on your phone right now so you remember). There will also be other Assange events scheduled at or around the same time; check out this link to find one in a city near you.


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78 responses to “Watch Stella Assange Slap The Mustache Off John Bolton’s War Criminal Face”

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  2. The end was beautiful: “I want to thank him for that” said Paula Estill as she reminded us that Julian had published the names of the BNP leaders. You could see the tears welling up in Stella’s eyes. The best bit of MSM I’ve seen in a long time. But Piers Morgan……

  3. During the interview, did you notice that John Bolton is never really emotionally involved? Whatever heart he has in not involved in the conversation. Only his brain is in control (I say that in jest). Like the USA, he is an actor and a very good liar.

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    1. It is kinda of a dumb statement to use “preventive” when the target has thousands of nuclear warheads. One Russian submarine can launch 100 nuclear warheads and the Russian fleet has a lot of these submarines. One preventive attack against Russia can trigger the end of the US East and West coast at the very beginning and moving fast to the rest of North America and other puppet allies.
      Too many old men playing as tough guys.
      Don’t start something you cannot outlive the event because there will be no time to say “I was just playing a game, don’t launch it”.

      1. Can you believe we’ve devolved to this? Like launching massively destructive missiles is going to solve ANYTHING. My submarine is bigger than your submarine. It’s like a big dick contest. Those submarines are just a big dick full of seamen. The next thing you know the ruling class will enact legislation leading to the erection of auto-venerating statues of their likeness (on the white house lawn). The ruling class are just a bunch of venal individuals who need their egos stroked. I can just envisage Joe Manchin’s statue: flaccid and horizontal in position (Mitch McConnell also).

  6. Bolton looks like a cross between Joseph Stalin and Groucho Marx with that ridiculous mustache. Stella did a great job representing her husband against that psychopathic warmonger. We need more Assanges and fewer Boltons in this world.

    1. Stalin and Groucho both has distinctive looks..Bolton just looks like another homo

  7. Ukraine is just dead meat for EU and US empire. That’s a fact.
    About 8 months it is clear we will see a lot more US empire-allies 4th Reich talking and doing.
    Today US just made Saudi Arabia and UAE enemies of the empire. I think India will be included too sooner than later. Serbia and Hungary probably will join that list as well.
    It is a demonstration of power to intimidate Russia even if the American economy is struggling while Europe is going down in a horrific style “I can’t breath”.
    The ww3 will just start when all is said and done.
    Probably when testing the obedience of the European people freezing their butts to death to keep the morale high on the MSM-CIA Ukraine.

  8. Bolton (4:45 approx):

    “I presume he will get due process in the United Kingdom to determine whether extradition should go forward and when he gets to the United States …..”.

    Bit of a Freudian slip that says it all really.

  9. I have a bad feeling Israel or its US proxy is about to stage a false flag nuclear detonation in Ukraine, and the more I think about it the more ridiculous/dangerous/crazy and thus more likely it seems. I just read and the author cycles through a whole propaganda laundry list he didn’t write on his own and it just smells like false flag. The neocons are sociopaths whose only tool is deceit and they’re caught in a downward spiral which they aren’t going to get out of it by intelligence, decency, common sense, etc., which wouldn’t work by this point and are foreign to them anyway. Lying is all they know, and they may be fading back for their big hail Mary. A nuclear detonation in Ukraine would unleash NATO conventional and possibly nuclear forces, and it would green light use of the Israeli nuclear arsenal on Iran. I hope I’m wrong but about all I can come up with is that it’s too stupid and crazy, which by this point isn’t much of an argument.

    1. The author of the article specifically and repeatedly refers to “a tactical nuclear warhead” being detonated by Russia. No military objective is given and no rationale offered except Putin’s mythical desperation, and the author clearly and persistently specifies use of a single small nuclear warhead and what to expect afterwards. Think Syrian gas attacks, think Bucha, think Zaporizhzhia shelling, think Nord Stream, think about the full court propaganda press against Iran going on right now, think about the coming winter, and think about the loss in Ukraine that’s just about to happen, and connect the dots. Skeptics welcome.

  10. Bolton is a war criminal and the voice of Empire. Somehow he makes like the Energizer Bunny and keeps on ticken. Never takes a licken.

    1. He is the kind of swamp monster beloved by the Hegemon. Remember when the murderer of 500,000 children was interviewed by Leslie Stall on national television and was allowed to say, without any critical inquiry or criticism, that that was perfectly fine and good? Those are the true “American Values” practiced by the Hegemon and its swamp monster agents. Bolton is, of course, one of the very worst of them, but is he really any worse than Chaney and all the other war criminals?

      1. Cheney is definitely the worst with 3,000 people killed in NYC on his watch (without entering into perhaps even more nauseating details) and telling the CIA to torture clueless Afghan prisoners in Gitmo to make them say Saddam was behind 9/11 to provide him with the excuse to invade Iraq! When he points the finger at Trump being the “worst thing that happened to America”, look at the three fingers pointing back at him. But being anti-Trump, he’s a Dem establishment darling now. Can’t stop progress (or hypocrisy)!

  11. Blood-Walrus Bolton meets Sister-Sledge(hammer) and looses a tusk.
    Go Stella of Arc!

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  13. Qatar’s leader being snubbed to participate as a guest today on EU leaders meeting in Praha, Czech Republic is a clear sign that more thunderstorms will coming towards Russia from Europe and America. No one in sane mind would turn down the largest LNG supplier because “he is not one of us” or as in European crusades during medieval times “your kind does not deserve to live”. And I’m right. They are not sane neither they were at the beginning of this global mess we are all hostages MSM-CIA misinformation to keep people unaware about what is being decided in the next Ukraine’s war chapter.
    OPEC+ decision to cut off 2 millions of barrels per day put cold water about what is going on behind the curtain. US gasoline is already skyrocketing again. The American network of gasoline suppliers are already working almost at the break-even point. With no more room to keep the appearances and pants up, Biden clearly pissed off in his visit on Florida said – “No one fuck with a Biden” perhaps should be considered as a sign that the US and European establishment are going full to break Russia. How? Certainly not with sanctions which turns out are hurting more those deliberating it than the one receiving it.
    Money from the colonialist Europe is dwindling. America is trillions beyond the point of no turning back. And more important, time. Time is playing against the colonialists and the US empire.
    Perhaps now it is the time for those willing to withdraw from NATO to do what is needed to do.
    Perhaps now it is the time to save Assange from the US empire while still possible.
    These two options sound more reasonable than waking up to hear the sky falling from afar and coming straight for you.

  14. Piers Morgan is such a creep! Fancy running a soft ball interview of Bolton in the face of this poor girl and even asserting the long-debunked lies that Assange didn’t redact what he published and that it endangered people’s lives! What kind of presstitute would do that?

    And Bolton openly laughing at her the way I imagine pedophiles laugh at their defenceless little victims.

    Piers Morgan knows how to carry obscenity beyond the limits of extravagance, like squarely interrupting one of his guests right in the middle of a sentence when he was explaining how horrible Belmarsh prison was and why Assange shouldn’t be there and giving one sentence to the black girl after she boldly forced her way in, which makes one wonder why he invited her in the first place, other than for trying to appear inclusive.

    The cynicism of these TV freaks knows no boundaries. I met one once at a dinner, who was deputy editor at the news program of the main French TV channel. We agreed about everything, i.e. the exact opposite of the propaganda her channel was endlessly pushing. I’m asking you…

    So Piers Morgan comes out here as the smug bastard that he is. I remember reading an article by George Galloway in RT where he said Piers Morgan was his man. He had the balls. How can he both support Assange and Morgan? Is he practising splits?

    Some names are cruelly missing on the “Hands off Assange” poster for the Washington demo by the way. What about Tulsi Gabbard who sold us Wandering Joe as “having a good heart”?

    Further away, what about Jacindita who’s so committed to freedom of speech that she wants to guarantee it through censorship? How does she feel about Assange?

    And all the other world leaders supporting “freedom and democracy” at the drop of a hat: Macron, Johnson, Truss, Scholtz, Ursula, Sanchez, Meloni, Rutte, Kurz, Zelensky – just joking ?

    Klaus Schwab? Is he in favor of free speech? Yuval Noah Harari? Elon Musk, who wanted to buy Twitter to guarantee it! Whatever happened to him? He took a step back after learning 5% of Twitter accounts were bots, saying it wasn’t worth the price in that case. Now a whistle-blower says that no less than 80% of Twitter accounts are bots, including from the Pentagon, and Musk announces he’ll close the deal at the full $44 billion. Was he promised a defence contract? Did he find himself between a rock and a bullet?

    And what about Netanyahu, who elbowed his way onto the Paris photo for free speech after the 2015 Charlie-Hebdo attacks in spite of not being invited? Will he come? And Salman Rushdie and his numerous supporters?

    Then again it’s true, as Jonathan Cook puts it, that “Rushdie has won trenchant support from Western liberals and conservatives alike, not for being a brave articulator of difficult truths, but because of who his enemies are”.

    As Bolton could have told Stella, if Assange had denounced the war crimes of America’s enemies instead, none of this would have happened…

  15. Massage knew going in that Morgan is a conservative and it would be a hostile interview. ‘The News’ is portrayed as serious, but is at it’s heart, show business. Bolton is a brand, not dissimilar to, say, Bernie Sanders, each playing a role. Bernie asked if we were ready for a revolution, but it was theater. Bolton knows he’s playing a extremist and will be the heel, isn’t his mustache funny. Watch any so called news channel carefully and see the clownish theatrics. I used to work for a financial firm, it was like high school with a lot of money. Politics is high school with a lot of power. Bernie isn’t playing revolutionary anymore. Bolton could play reasonable man if required. US citizens likely don’t care about Assange, but the political parties do, so he probably goes away, unless the Brits grow a spine. Bolton, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, the old heels are beginning to fall away. There will be auditions for their replacements. The liberals still have an opening for the new Obama.

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    1. Gloria, Avy called with an emergency. Her computer Wi-Fi suddenly disconnected. She needs your help. I told her you would call and obfuscator later. BTW, how are your unionizing efforts proceeding? Is Starbucks still interfering with your right to unionize? Yes…I understand…they are constantly brewing up trouble.

    2. Please take your fraudster word salad elsewhere. What the hell does any of your scamming have to with the issue at hand here?

      1. I’d speculate it’s a CIA (or analogous rapscallion) bot. By interfering with independent dialogue (e.g.- Gloria and Avy), and attempting to distract, annoy, and frustrate would be commenters, it is strategized that commenters might be dissuaded from visiting the site and participating. It seems to fit the MO of Washington’s psyops. “They” are the masters of chaos (the sinister administers).

  17. Growing up in the United States, and while attending public education, you are pressured to recite the Pledge of Allegiance each morning at the beginning of class. People like John Bolton never say the Pledge of Allegiance. They say the Pledge of Allegations.

  18. Wikileaks docs released has plenty of docs which can explain many countries cannot under any circumstance to become economically independent from the US. CIA is not about just spying on Russia. All American investments in third world countries have on CIA the logistic tools to help American ambassadors and US government to manipulate and to interfere in other countries internal policies not favorable for American corporations. CIA is what makes the Oligarchic industrial American establishment prosper abroad.
    Let’s take one example.
    Brazil had two models as options in the 50s to build its own industrial park: Germany and USA.
    The military coupe état in the 60s forced by US interference settled this decision. The prosperous Brazilian railroad services were left to be rotten. The automotive industry leaded by Ford, GM, Scania established a strong lobby to protect the automotive industry in order to not let the agricultural products to be exported to use railroads but trucks. It became logistical unsustainable. Products which would be affordable for internal use and exported had an increased cost. The 1988 constitution made to replace the previous one suffered the pressure of political factions sponsored by foreign industrial conglomerates not interested in an independent Brazil free from foreign interference. Agrarian reform was put aside for example.
    Brazil is part of the BRICS but its own role cannot go further due to internal legal obstacles bonding the country to the US and EU industrial conglomerates.
    About a month ago, Chile tried to start a referendum to reform the constitution of that country. It failed. Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay had military coupe état backed up by the US about the same time in the 60s and 70s.
    Perhaps, a new international law should be written about that.
    “Foreign Industrial conglomerates are welcome to invest and to make business in our country but once you interfere with our internal policies you are automatically a persona non grata and you should leave the country immediately”.

  19. I suppose Bolton is an example of a different type of prostitute, not to say that he’s a carrier of STDs, literally, but that he’s an STD figuratively speaking. There’s no reason why a sexual relationship needs to be the cause of or the result of a mental illness, but for way too many people it is, no matter what their orientation or gender identity, any illness that they suffer it is most assuredly imposed upon them by the rest of us and thus, unable to compromise his values to a degree that another human or other animal will be interested in him intimately, he turns to hatred of all that does not pay the prostitute. We all know them, they stay in their cars watching the hookers waving down their fare, as they masturbate to their fantasy’s desire, both males and females do this as a cheap date with themselves. It’s a different type of sex that involves no sex, in the West, this type of sexless sex, is often perpetrated by parents upon their children, and thus the cycle of denial and death selfperpetuates itself, as a moral value, and presto! We have empires built on lies, theft and murder; and, might I add, is there even one human who can recognize that as we as a society become more moral and righteous, we also become more murderous? Is morality really worth it? Christ never said a damn thing about sex, other than to not throw stones, so why is it that our religious institutions in the West preach about nothing but sex? Isn’t that the real difference between the faiths of the Eastern World and the West?1

  20. Caitlin, I am confused. I watched the entire interview. I closely watched John Bolton’s mustache but it never left his face. 🙂

    1. Hopefully when ICC puts Bolton in jail, his moustache will be forcibly shaved off.

  21. John Bolton: made in the USA.

  22. John Bolton, like the United States, is sick. He’s another warmongering addicted sycophant that is unable to, or refuses to, acknowledge the truth. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. The US is a society that is designed to incentivize criminal behavior at the highest level.

  23. I look at people like Bolton and wonder – do you have to be an asshole to become a right-winger, or does being a right-winger turn you into an asshole?

    1. Neither. Think Hillary “We came, we saw, he died” Clinton, Madeleine “It was worth it” Albright, Victoria “Fuck the EU” Nuland’s support for the Ukronazis who burned people alive in Odessa and killed 14,000 ethnic Russians in the Donbass and of course the indispensable John Brennan who always looks like he’s about to strangle someone and shove them on top of the pile in his cellar. Not even mentioning the Nobel Peace Prize who allegedly boasted being good at killing people but even if it’s just an urban legend, was… very good at killing people, especially with drones. So all this corporate media propaganda shit “me left good guy”, “him right bad guy” is just a dangerous delusion. The motherfuckers are on both sides and this is exactly the problem, because voters want change, vote change and when the new one takes over, he starts right where the previous one left – no pun intended but still… :o)

      1. Nothing changes because it’s designed that way. The money was never intended to “trickle down,” or “float all boats.” These adages are sale’s pitches designed to bamboozle and placate the masses. If the US ruling class were honest, they would lower the stars and stripes, and hoist the real flag: the Jolly Rogers.

      2. PS: And excuse me for glossing over Biden who does everything he can to make Bolton’s dreams come true by provoking Russia, China, Iran and what have you…

        1. People who tell the truth are criticized, lambasted, fired, and incarcerated. John Bolton receives bonuses. Here’s another example of John Bolton:
          “John Bolton is a bully,” said José Bustani, a retired Brazilian diplomat. “I don’t know how people can work for him.” ( Hasan)

          1. Calling him a bully is far too kind. He’s a dangerous psychopath. And that ridiculous mustache….

            1. His mustache is the wrong color and slightly too wide. Nevertheless, his rhetoric compensates up for it. He should use artificial dye (the artificial aspect is perfectly suitable) to blacken his mustache. In this way, he can personify his true self, his alter ego: Adolf Hitler.

      3. In many countries they have fake opposition. If it appears the opposition will take control, the true powers create a candidate to vote for who will continue their agenda.

    2. Piss Morgan orchestrated this fiasco of an interview by inviting John Bolton to comment. He’s not sincere in trying to solve problems; he just exacerbates them. The drama, in theory, increases viewership and advertising dollars. I don’t miss piss.

      1. Thats his job. Bring in viewers. Worked well for Jerry Springer.

        1. That’s right. It’s the same MO. He profits from exploitation.

    3. Oh they are on both sides of the aisle. Open your eyes, liberal assholes are all around us as well.

      1. @Paradiddle: “If the US ruling class were honest, they would lower the stars and stripes, and hoist the real flag: the Jolly Roger”.
        Exactly! The Jolly Roger is the perfect emblem for the “rules-based order” which is the order whose ever-changing rules are made to benefit the US, aka international piracy. If we look at it that way, we bump into the Jolly Roger in many places. Yale’s Skull and Bones is the most in your face with not only Dubya (code name Magog – can’t make that stuff up!) and his father but also James Jesus Angleton (likely involved in the JFK assassination) and John Kerry having been members. Both Bush and Kerry were asked on Meet the Press about their Skull and Bones membership, to which Bush replied, “It’s so secret we can’t talk about it” and Kerry: “You trying to get rid of me here?”
        He was probably not joking either.
        Another example is Isis, the CIA subsidiary created to oust Assad with the weapons left behind by US troops in Iraq. Even if there’s no skull and bones on their flag, the black and white is strangely reminiscent of the Jolly Roger, especially since it doesn’t correspond to any tradition in the area.
        At the Boston marathon 2013 bombing, dozens of Craft International (formerly Blackwater) “skull” logos were seen on camera near the finish line. The Boston Globe tweets reported a planned controlled demolition at 673 Boylston St, the exact site and exact time of the explosion, and the backpack used to contain the pressure cooker bomb had the same skull logo.
        In Ukraine, one of Zelensky’s bodyguard appeared in a recent photo – deleted after it went viral – to sport a slightly altered version of the SS-Totenkopf’s (skull and bones) patch even though it was missing the crossbones and the skull was wearing a helmet.
        So Jolly Roger is alive and well in the empire, thank you… :o)

        1. Yale’s Skull and Bones is the most in your face with not only Dubya (code name Magog – can’t make that stuff up!)
          No, you can’t. Ambush #1 and Ambush #2 attended Yale. It’s a family tradition (when you have the money). Here’s a story about Ambush #2: Here’s the story as generally agreed upon: In January 1968, with the Vietnam war in full swing, Bush was due to graduate from Yale. Knowing he’d soon be eligible for the draft, he took an air force officers’ test hoping to secure a billet with the Texas Air National Guard, which would allow him to do his military service at home. Bush didn’t do particularly well on the test— on the pilot aptitude section, he scored in the 25th percentile, the lowest possible passing grade. But Bush’s father, George H.W., was then a U.S. congressman from Houston, and strings were pulled. The younger Bush vaulted to the head of a long waiting list— a year and a half long, by some estimates— and in May of ’68 he was inducted into the guard. ( Adams)
          Remember the courageous pretender in the flight suit on the Aircraft Carrier? Didn’t he proclaim: “Mission Accomplished?” Now look at us.

    4. John Bolton is not a mere asshole or rightwinger. He’s a sociopath, a pure one (completely unable to feel moral sense or compassion). To a pure sociopath (as opposed to someone with sociopathic tendencies) the concepts of right and wrong are like the concepts of red and green to a colorblind person. They observe this phenomenon, where for other people something exists that they can’t sense–but they learn to fake it, as that often helps them get what they want. Bolton is not very good at faking it, but his position doesn’t require it.

    5. Bolton is a paid performance artist in the red wing of the Globalist Suckup Party. If called upon to do so, the blue wing of the Globalist Suckup Party could effortlessly pirouette into position as his adoring fans, just as they’ve done with any number of highly placed WEF-fellating red wingers; Dubya Bush, for a notable example.
      Thoughtful young people should stop pretending there are two opposing political camps among the elitists in charge years before they drop the Santa Claus thing.

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  25. On the other hand, if it wasn’t for people like Bolton, we wouldn’t grasp the depth of evil which the US has sunk into. You’d wish these dangerous culprits, who must be the face of what is referred to as “the deep state’ would live long enough to see the unravelling of their diabolic scheming which today is harming their own citizens as much as it does others around the world. The scary part is that these folks don’t seem to have any intellectual depth to understand how the world works and what their proper role in world affairs should be. They tend to think along the lines of every problem they face being a nail that needs a hammer. One doesn’t have to love the Russians to agree that they understand better what is right in global affairs and are able to communicate it to the wider world community. With each passing moment, western leaders appear more and more ridiculous and utterly insane.

  26. Bolton and his ilk…shit always raises to the top. These people have been at it for so long, they are unable to smell their own stench. The wheels of justice grind slowly but…

    1. It seems as if the wheels fell off the bus. It’s time to get off the bus Gus.

  27. What could ever be said in defence of the likes of John Bolton?, he is typical of the vile and psychotic creatures that infest the good ole USA,and as for the British or their horrid little values.. to hell them .

    1. The Yanx and the Brits…two peas in the same pod. US/UK= Asses of Evil. This is why they get along so well…

      1. It’s a marriage between two outlaws. They’re not friends, they just have similar interests. They are like the Republicans and Democrats: they don’t like each other (or feign it sufficiently) but will coalesce when their power is threatened.

  28. Why isn’t there some kind of action in Australia since Assange is an Australian? Don’t you all care about your own citizens? Why isn’t there a HUGE outcry for your own brother? Why are other Australians so complacent and why isn’t the Australian government asking the British govt. to send Julian home?

    1. Because Australia is of the same ‘cloth’ as the Yanx.

  29. There should be some kind of action in Australia since Assange is an Australian. Don’t you all care about your own citizens? Why isn’t there a HUGE outcry for your own brother? Why are other Australians so complacent and why isn’t the Australian government asking the British govt. to send Julian home?

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  31. If you wanna have an epic historical opportunity to be on the front page of a journal for doing the right thing, go for the Human Chain for Assange. It is worthy but go prepared to be attacked by the police using pepper spray, gas, rubber bullets, dogs, horses, batons, teaser guns. At least you will be somehow doing amendments for past supports to the US terrorist policies against the world.

    1. It would seem folks posting on here have forgotten, Assange is NOT in America, but currently locked up in the U.K. by the British Govt, responding to U.S. dictates. And have given the Poms a free pass on this issue.

      1. Don’t forget…the Brits another American lap dog.

    2. You damn right but just to let you know – “NO ONE FUCK WITH A BIDEN!”
      I think Biden would say that to Assange given the opportunity for a meeting between both.

  32. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
    Carolyn L Zaremba

    There will also be a chain in San Francisco on the 8th at the Embarcadero. I will be attending that demo even though I have trouble walking. It is that important.

  33. John Bolton must go to prison in place of Assange.
    He is 73 y old now, and life expectancy for a male in USA is 79 years (half of people die before that age, another half after). At this point he can be expected to live 12.4 years more!
    ICC still has time to go after him.

    Also, I think Bolton gets invited to interviews because he is a monstrosity, not out of respect or to hear one of his malicious opinions. It is kind of a freak show.

  34. John Bolton is the poster child for US foreign policy. He is one of the worst people ever to walk this planet. The US hegemony must be ended. It has bred criminals like Bolton and numerous others. The US has rejected international law and is a rogue state. It must be stopped.

    1. “He is one of the worst people ever to walk this planet.”
      He’s exceptionally pernicious! But why not consider these two Roman Emperors: Elagabalus and Caligula? They walked on earth too.

  35. I think it is important to point out at every juncture that the U.S. Oligarchy (where citizens are not represented by the govt and we have no real voice in it) persecutes whistleblowers and truth tellers consistently as well as uses their control over media and technology to censor heavily even the smallest sources of independent voices that attempt to get facts out to the public that are not in alignment with the Oligarchy’s agenda.

    It is important for the entire world to understand that citizens are the most propagandized of all nations around the world.

    1. Another problem…so many people/countries in awe of the US and not seeing what the US is really all about. Defending ‘democracy’ and standing up for ‘human rights’ is nothing more than a myth…that remains alive.

  36. Firstly thank Caitlin for this & everytjing you do.
    In his rebuttal Mr. Bolton essentially goes on to threaten the NYTs & WaPo.
    By saying if they defend Assange they too may be “investigated” or words to that effect. For the Record Assange called Sctry Clinton b4 the Guardian published un-redacted names to give her and the DoJ a heads up. The US undermines the International Rules Based order/system everyday.

    1. Dave, please allow me to disagree with you on one point. We are on the same side. However, it appears that you have fallen for the US plan to conflate its illegitimate “Rules-Based International Order” with international law. In fact, the Rules-Based International Order is an explicit rejection of international law. It consists of only one “rule”, which is that the rest of the world (and all of its inhabitants) must obey US orders. The US is a rogue state. It routinely and arrogantly violates international law every day. It is totally out of control. It must be stopped.

      1. Carolyn L Zaremba Avatar
        Carolyn L Zaremba

        Hear, hear.

    2. Stella had limited time, but in fact I saw a clip where the lawyer arguing for the US EXPLICITLY said that yes, this was a precedent and the US government would go after other journalists that reveal its secrets (its crimes). . She didn’t go for the “he’s not a journalist” or “it’s different for the NYT and WaPo”…I think the reason there isn’t more outcry by “western” journalists is that they have no intention of doing investigative journalism ever again–it pays better and avoids trouble to just do stenography.

  37. FREE Assange.
    Prosecute War Criminal Bolton
    If found guilty and the death penalty is called for. He should be shot looking into the sun as it sets in the WEST.

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      1. Ah, you put lipstick on today. Suits you… The horns too! Is it to match the Bolton theme, in which case a pitchfork would have been welcome as well or does it really help “interacting in short throughout this interest and creating plenty of cash online victimization the usable helpful resource of by using the balance at intervals the given stats system”? (Asking for a friend).

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