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It’s pretty wild how the US is sending armored vehicles to Haiti to help quash the exact sort of uprising it’s been actively trying to create in places like Iran, Venezuela, Cuba and Hong Kong.

The Pentagon is seeking sweeping new powers in preparation for a war with China, the Senate NDAA bill increases proposed military aid to Taiwan from 4.5 to 10 billion dollars, and Tony Blinken is claiming without evidence that Beijing has greatly accelerated its plans to annex Taiwan. This is all as aggressions continue to ramp up against Russia. They really are doing this thing.


So it looks like this is what we’ll be doing for the foreseeable future: calling to escalate the war in Ukraine, facilitating the escalation of the war in Ukraine, and then screaming with shock and outrage when the war in Ukraine escalates. That seems to be what we’ve got planned.

“Maybe my government is actually in the wrong here and is just lying and manipulating to advance its own interests?” should be a much more common thought. It’s a line of inquiry that should be taught to schoolchildren. It is by design that it doesn’t occur to people more often.

The most powerful weapon the west has given Ukraine is not the HIMARS, it’s the US propaganda machine.

The only people who support western proxy warfare in Ukraine are those who deny the extensively documented ways the western empire has provoked, sustained, manipulated and exploited this war. You can only support what’s being done by lying and/or being lied to.

“Calling for de-escalation actually causes escalation” is the single dumbest empire bro talking point yet to emerge from this war.

Still laughing about how liberals just spent months amplifying and celebrating a trolling operation founded by a literal Nazi.

If nuclear war erupts it won’t matter whose fault it was. It won’t matter who started it. It won’t matter whether Moscow had legitimate claim to Zaporizhzhia. All that will matter is that it happened. There will be no adjudicating responsibility after the fact. We won’t be here.

The time to turn away from the trajectory toward nuclear war is now, not later. It’s bizarre how many people I get telling me “Well if nuclear war happens it’ll be Putin’s fault,” like that will be any comfort to them as they hug their family close and wait for a horrific death.

There’s just so much sloppy thinking about the actual end of the world. People aren’t looking directly at this thing and thinking rigorously about what it would mean. What it would entail. This is understandable; it’s a terrible thing to contemplate. But we do urgently need to.

People don’t seem to get that nuclear annihilation is the one mistake we could make that we can’t ever fix. There’s this unquestioned assumption that if it happened there’d be some kind of course correction afterward, but there won’t be. No one will be here to do it. No takesies backsies.

People can’t imagine their own absence. That’s why we make up stories about life after death. It’s also why we’re having a hard time squarely facing the prospect of an Earth with no humans on it. People still assume human inventions like “fault” and “blame” will remain after us.

People kill themselves by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge a lot. The few survivors all say that the first thought they had upon free fall was instant regret. They realize in an instant that every problem they have can be solved except for the one they have just given themselves. Imagine having that thought, but it’s all life on Earth that we’ve killed. That’s what nuclear holocaust is. A moment of instant terrible regret followed by the blackness of the void.

During the Cuban Missile Crisis the top news story every day was how that whole Cuban Missile Crisis situation is going. During the nuclear brinkmanship crisis of 2022 the top news stories are about Kanye, Trump and Alex Jones. We are sleepwalking toward a cliff’s edge.

A sane society would chase off anyone who advocated nuclear brinkmanship and drive them out of human civilization. In our society we give them punditry gigs on mainstream media platforms and lucrative jobs at influential think tanks.

There are people among us who dress up their personal suicidal ideations as a world-weary, humble knowing that humans are shit and we need to die. I call these omnicidal ideations, and they are not noble or humble, they are monstrous and at odds with all of life on earth. If you can’t want to live for yourself, then live for your dog. Live for the ladybugs. Live for all the innocents that don’t deserve any of this.

This is all completely unnecessary. There’s nothing inscribed upon the fabric of reality saying states need to be waving armageddon weapons at each other. There’s no valid reason not to lay aside these games of global conquest and collaborate together toward a healthy coexistence on this planet.

We could have such a beautiful world. All the energy we pour into competition and conquest could go toward innovation that benefits us all, making sure everyone has enough, eliminating human suffering and the need for human toil. We’re trading heaven on earth for elite ego games.

There’s no valid reason we can’t move from models of competition and domination to models of collaboration and care. Collaboration with each other; care for each other. Collaboration with our ecosystem; care for our ecosystem. We’re throwing it away in exchange for senseless misery and peril.


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68 responses to “The Most Powerful Weapon The West Gave Ukraine: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix”

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  2. Bravo, Johnstone, bravo

  3. Only 22% of Germans are likely to see Russia and China as a threat. That’s true for the moment, but helas German msm and our bellicose Foreign State Secretary Annalena Baerbock are working diligently to change this. Almost every day Ma’am Minister tweets russophobic tweets and the German msm are full with russophbic propaganda.
    One of the main reasons why Germans are less afraid of Russia than Americans might be that almost 30 Million people of a total of about 80 million Germans live in the so called “New Federal States” aka as the former GDR. There they lived in close neughborhood with Russiians and learnderd that Raussians are not the beasts as which they were and are still portrayed. Many people in Germany’s “Wild East” had friendships with Russians, Russian soldiers and their family members bought at their shops, some married and had children.
    German “Easterners” aka as “Ossies” are often viewed as brainless troglodytes who are spoiled for ever thru “Russian propaganda” in the times of the GDR.

    But they are not. In many aspects they are friendlier, more thoughtful than the “Westerners” or “Wessies”. They know totalitarianism very well, they know very well that one must not trust what is broadcasted on TV or what you can read in the newspaper.

    In my opinion they are better democrates than the “Westerners” who are virtually spoiled by fals dreams of the “American lifestyle” and most of whom believe that the USA is Gondor and Russia Mordor.

  4. We’ve been forced into a world where lots of compromises (deals with the devil?) are already necessary for many folks to eat, have a roof, get healthcare, etc. Given that, it’s kind of predictable that people would have a compromised and generally blase attitude towards nuclear strategy.

    1. That’s right. We have been tricked and coerced into accepting the unacceptable. Our opinions are discounted and marginalized. We are rarely, if ever, consulted about US’ national, or foreign policy. Our wages are non-livable. We are forced, or shamed if we don’t, to recite the pledge of allegiance. I’ve pledged my allegiance to the flag. What I want to know is where the allegiance of the US’ ruling class is pledged? Don’t you?

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    1. Fishing again Eva? Your lure is commonplace. It’s time to change the inveigle. Oh, and stop pretending to be others; It discloses your true nature. BTW, don’t forget to update your response analysis AI. Perhaps you should find another pond to swim in? Why don’t you try a cool relaxing swim in a chockablock frenzied Billabong? Hope you enjoy how things go down outback.

  6. “The only people who support western proxy warfare in Ukraine are those who deny the extensively documented ways the western empire has provoked, sustained, manipulated and exploited this war. You can only support what’s being done by lying and/or being lied to.”
    People who support the Ukrainian proxy war live their lives selfishly/egotistically, through situational ethics. The vast majority profit from wars through war related stock options. They are hypocrites (like the USA). I would speculate that they have never been in a fist fight, as they are most likely cowards (e.g.- delegating Ukrainians to fight the Russians avoids injury to yourself). The egregious actions, by the United States, have caused the winds of change to blow in a different direction.

  7. Vladimir Putin has his faults. We all do. But when he said the United States was the “Empire of Lies,” I agreed with him. Here are some examples to consider, unless you have been overly saturated in propaganda (I understand) or are too deep-and refuse to extricate yourself-in the cauldron of denial. (The List of Government Lies, How Many Can We Collect? by Kloejen):
    1. President Lyndon B. Johnson lying about Gulf of Tonkin.
    2. President Richard Nixon lies about the Watergate scandal.
    3. President Ronald Reagan lies about the Iran-contra affair.
    4. President Bill Clinton lying about his sexual affair with Monica Lewinsky.
    5. President George W. Bush lying about WMD in Iraq.
    6. President Barack Obama lying about how he will close Guantanamo, and make sure no-one is tortured.
    7. George Tenet lying before the 9/11 commission
    8. Condoleezza Rice lies about envisioning hijacked airplanes used to stage terrorist attacks.
    9. President George W. Bush lies about seeing the first airplane strike on 9/11.
    10. Colin Powell lying about Iraqi mobile anthrax/WMD production capabilities.
    11. President George W. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney & Defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld in a mashup of lies about 9/11 / Iraq ties.
    12. Vice President Dick Cheney, lying about Iraq Al-Qaeda ties.
    13. Vice President Dick Cheney, “I never linked Iraq with 9/11”.
    14. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper Indisputably Lied to Congress About NSA Surveillance.
    15. President Barack Obama lies about domestic spying program.
    16. Director of the National Security Agency, Keith B. Alexander, lying about NSA surveillance.
    NOTE: This list of lies-above-are on YouTube videos, unless Alphabet has suppressed them—I have not researched this.

  8. peter mcloughlin Avatar
    peter mcloughlin

    It is not “stories about life after death” are is the illusion. It is power. Everyone (believer and non-believer) thinks power is real – it isn’t. If that is not grasped humanity will perish.

    The use of genetics by white supremacists to prove their superiority. This by the way feeds into the UFO narrative, the great reset narrative and the green new deal and the greenhouse climate narrative, which, by the way you ever notice how they never mention how that science ever got started? Our planet was supposed to get so hot that the oceans would just boil away, even in my first year college level chemistry class they wanted to shove that shit down our wind pipes and do a paper on it for class, so I studied the atmospheres of the other planets, calculated the mass of our atmosphere and counted all the known, and unknown but suspected to exist carbon in the earth in the free(unoxidized srate) and lo and behold even if all the world’s oil gas and coal were burnt in a single day there was nowhere near enough carbon to effect such a change. The instructor though was very upset with my work and apparently sent it to the Illinois Institute of Technology where some nice professor took my work and presented it to the world as his own. LOL. That’s why you hear so much about five degrees instead of 500 degrees. You humans, your hearts appear to be in the right place, but your lies and that some of your races just can’t seem to be able to dump this belief that there’s nothing in this universe better than you, please miss thing, get over yourself.

  10. House Dem Says, ‘Every Republican Should Be Asked’ About GOP Ploy to Cut Social Security ( Johnson):
    “The Republican Party is openly promising to topple the entire American economy unless they are allowed to demolish Social Security and Medicare,” Pascrell said in a statement after House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) confirmed that the GOP will use a fast-approaching debt ceiling fight as leverage to enact spending reductions if Republicans retake control of the chamber in the November elections. In his statement Tuesday, Pascrell said it “isn’t hyperbole” to warn that Republicans are willing to risk an economic disaster to impose long-sought changes to Social Security and Medicare.
    “Seniors are about to see the largest increase in their Social Security checks in 40+ years,” Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.), chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, tweeted Tuesday, referring to the newly announced cost-of-living adjustment.
    “But if Republicans take control of Congress,” Jayapal added, “they’ll cut benefits and raise the eligibility age—forcing seniors to risk their health by delaying retirement.”
    Got a mother or father on Social Security? If the Republicans have their way, your parents may be out on the street. Don’t care about this? Wait until they come after you.

    1. Yeah, just like those republicans tried to do in 2009 when they established the Simpson-Bowles Commission to privatize Social Security. Oh wait – that was the democrats under Obama! But maybe I have my facts wrong, because the entire liberal press keeps telling me that the democrats are on my side.

      We now have high inflation and an impending recession, reducing the real wages of all working citizens; we are shoveling billions of dollars to prop up a fascistic dictatorship that wants to launch a preemptive nuclear strike on Russia; and this country and Europe are tanking economically and risking disaster as a result.

      When will we wake up? All this talk about how the Russians did it to us, or the republicans will do it to us, is a con game. It’s not the party in power that is the problem; it’s the class in power.

      1. We are in a class war. The two “parties” (criminal organizations) are two branches of the same tree. It is perfectly appropriate to criticize both organizations (they are culpable). The working class has been manipulated to fight each other; having ONLY two parties facilitates this peer friction. The Politicians are nothing more than shills. Their bosses are the donor-class, corporate investors, and dynastic money. The United States has undergone a slow, stealthy corporate coup d’état. One might say it began around 1980, during the Reagan administration–deregulation. The USA is a fascist plutocracy/oligarchy, whose ideology is premised on imperialism, colonialism, and plundering. Ukrainian proxy war is about the West’s attempt to maintain its dominance, world order, and pseudo-values (both parties support the war).

        1. Paradiddle: It sounds like we are in of a like mind. I just disagreed with singling out the republicans on the Social Security issue.

          1. I have doubts that the Republicans, most, are sincere about cuts to social security; but if they can engineer approval to tweak it, this may lead to an exacerbating slippery slope. It is probably rhetoric used to leverage tax cuts for the rich. The corporate world seems to be ignoring them.
            Big money and delegated lobbyists make policy in the US. The system is perversely sick and seems completely beyond the restoration of honor.

  11. “All the energy we pour into competition and conquest could go toward innovation that benefits us ALL.
    the ALL makes ALL the difference

    1. Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the king’s horses and all the King’s men couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty back together again.
      Change is coming and the US can’t stop it.
      Your choice is Socialism or Barbarism.

  12. Taking a poll here. If you had a choice would you prefer.

    1. Go out in a flash.
    2. Suffer slowly then die by radiation sickness, disease, starvation.
    3. Survive but toil endlessly to scratch out the bare necessities.

    1. … and fight in a Mad Max world where grandparents might tell their grandchildren nostalgic tales of the good times they had under Big Brother’s tyranny back in 1984 :o)

    2. Very doubtful that there will be the use of any nuclear weapons by The United States and Russia, or the UK for that matter, regardless of the big talk over The Ukraine.

      There is some concern though with Pakistan and India and it came quite close in early 2000.
      They have fought wars previously, have a difficult and entangled past and they carry strong beliefs concerning ever lasting life.

      Those realities and others are examined here –

    3. Is the Delilah option available?

  13. Hey! I just love most of your work Caitlin, and I have started translating some of your articles to Swedish, in hope of broadening your following and spreading your ideas and thoughts. It is sorely needed here in Sweden, where we may not have a US-style MSM that lies about EVERYTHING, but it’s not much better. And it’s gotten notably and noticeably worse over the pandemic and the war in Ukraine. It might just as well *BE* US MSM articles, unquestioned and directly translated into Swedish, to be pushed on the masses here.
    Here is a link to this article in Swedish:

    Hey! Jag älskar det mesta av Caitlins alster och jag har börjat översätta en del av hennes artiklar till svenska, med förhoppningen att öka hennes följarskara och sprida hennes idéer och tankar.
    Här är en länk till denna artikel på svenska:

    1. Can’t have too many candles.
      I think English fluency may actually be more common in Sweden than the US. And I like that “hey” is semi-formal. Eventually you figure that out but initially It puts the uninitiated at ease.

      1. Thanks for the feedback!

        Yeah, I’m a semi-formal (at most) guy. I almost always wear jeans and a T-shirt with some political message. 😉

        I think a lot of Swedes have a pretty good grasp on English when it comes to watching TV-series or movies, but when they consume news (I believe) they prefer to hear/read it in Swedish. News are most often presented in a pretty formal language and may use a vocabulary that is unfamiliar to most. People like Caitlin (and Jimmy Dore, Russell Brand, etc) break it down into something that we have less trouble taking in and digesting. But for some it’s still a hurdle, or a hassle; people are lazy. So I figured I wanted to help in any small way I can. It’s just as big of a problem that most Swedes don’t know about Caitlin (or Jimmy, Russell, The Duran, The Grayzone, etc) so they don’t even know they are missing something. I hope I can spread awareness of their existence and excellent reporting and hopefully a few more Swedes can pull their heads out of their asses and see that they are being lied to by their government and their media. I believe many Swedes are aware of the issues with US MSM and US government statements but fail to understand that it’s almost (or just?) as bad here.

        Anywho, thanks for the response and sorry for the rant. I have trouble writing short and succinct answers… 😉

        1. Actually I just now noticed the “Hey” at the start of your post, I was thinking of the “heys” I got in Stockholm which gave me the impression the whole city was my pal until I figured it out, by which time I was acclimatized. Tell your co-nationals I was impressed by their seemingly universal command of English. And tell them if they have a hard time understanding the US media so do I.

      1. No, thank YOU! Thank you for your work covering events, past and current, in an as honest as can be manner. (Is that a badly formed sentence? Not my mother tongue… 😉 )

        I think people would have a much better understanding of the world and what’s going on if they all followed your work. A bit like how The Daily Show under Jon Stewart was the best TV show (competing with the large networks’ news and punditry) for Americans to get informed, on pretty much anything. You and your work make a huge difference, in the deluge of propaganda that we are drowning in.

        I would love to start a show in Swedish and report on all the stuff I read and watch, from better sources than MSM, but I have so many obstacles to overcome to do it. I’ll have to settle for translating your work. Thank you for giving us permission to do that.

        I won’t put you on a pedestal and worship you like an idol, on your recommendation if my memory serves me, but I think you are a hero. You take on all the big powers, the elites, and tell it like it is. Thank YOU!

  14. I like my positive spin on nuclear war that at least all the trillions spent on nuclear bombs won’t have been wasted. So that’s something. But seriously, the insanity started with building the arsenals in the first place, apparently in hopes the incredible expense would be wasted. So here we are. For now. And so maybe Caitlin isn’t CNN or CBS, but one candle at a time. We’ll see. I think the most realistic approach is to accept that nuclear weapons are going to be used again and try to create conditions which will limit their use and then leverage the resulting shock and horror to ban them, because we’re talking about humanity here and sweet reason on its own isn’t making it past the secretary. I haven’t actually figured out how to implement my plan, but at least it doesn’t involve people being rational without a demonstrated and visceral reason. In the meantime, at least Putin isn’t a wack job.

    1. You could use those nukes to build a Dyson drive and let folks who are seriously interested in attempting space exploration have a go at it.

      1. Yeah, after paying all the taxes I’ve paid (to the MIC), why can’t I get a ride in a jet aircraft? Now, I’m certainly not an advocate of the corporate/illegal wars; I just want a FREE fucking flight for fun (FFFFF). The US doesn’t give a shit about fun (unless it’s for the American Oligarchs who’ve stolen the money from the working class); but they do have serious concerns, and some of them are: social control, fearmongering, hegemony, imperialism, obstruction, Union-busting, repression, suppression, oppression, racketeering, war profiteering, graft, threats and punishment, incarceration, theft, recruits for cheap labor, fraudulent insurance companies, LLCs, a Wall Street Ponzi scheme, etc.
        Now where exactly is that jet parked?

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    1. Strolling from domestic now? Can’t stop progress…

  16. Of course you know that the dogs in Moscow know how to use the subway system there; they know where to get on and where to get off, nobody ever bothers them if they go over or under the turnstile without paying. In some places places like Bangkok, dogs have just as much freedom of movement as people do and before people in the Empire put up a big stink about loose dogs my mother would always let her dogs run free, one of her dogs apparently was a.sort of king of the street until one day it just got too old and a young blood beat it up. Well, the damn dog that did the beating up came to the back door and laid down, my first thought was that the dog came over to gloat and that I should chase it away, but no, I waited; turns out that the damn mutt came over to apologize. What kind of human would do that? To me, was it just some sort of childhood psychosis or did I really come here and possess a human body? Rather late to be questioning that now, now that I’ve been here for 70 years. I understand that for many people all they have is themselves and many call themselves god because that’s all they have, most of them fall somewhere on the narcissist spectrum. Maybe if children had as much freedom as dogs once had they’d grow up to be nice people like puppies that grow up to be nice dogs. Last night I was napping surrounded by growling barking police dogs with their police handlers because the dogs knew that the people there had evil on thier minds people always dying where I walk and sleep at night. Very mean people. If wild dogs can live in peace, why not people? I personally don’t feel as though I have any coin in this game called humanity with all its killing and so on, I can possess whatever until something better comes along. I can’t imagine living a life where I knew someday that there wouldn’t be another day, maybe that’s the part of humans that I can never experience and so can never understand why you all can’t just get along, but obviously dogs have humans beat all to hell when it comes to heaven.

    1. You have nice thoughts Roy, but I expect that dog came to the door for food, or maybe to declare that he was king dog now that he had beaten his rival. Look at advanced animals in the wild: Males who beat rivals first kill off the young, then mate with their mother, who is as bonded to the killer of their young as they were to their former mate. Our problem is not that we are worse; it’s that we are smart enough to have invented pervasively destructive weapons, but not wise enough to know to not use them, or build them in the first place.

      1. LOL, maybe, but I’ve been observing life objectively from almost birth, and that observation that you just made is a sort of racist sentiment that seems to plague your species. You all did and some times still do to discussions of Neanderthals that they were little more than dumb apes. Your species did the same to dinosaurs that they too were ignorant stupid animals with a memory of only a few seconds. Everything the humans or at least western thought begins with the assumption that nothing is better than me. Infact I noticed your post while scrolling down to post a link concerning how white supremacists use genetic research to prove that white folks are the best folks in the world. As a counter to that I use the same sort of genetic research to prove that there must be something seriously wrong with white people that they just can’t seem to be able to get over themselves, and give it to the black community of humans to prove my point. And parenting? Your child comes in from the outside so daddy has to check your vagina to make sure that you’ve been a good girl? This is a nasty sort of sickness that a religious icon complained about to King Phillip the second around the year 1500. They, the followers of this faith did this sort of thing lies about their neighbors concerning sex or otherwise suitability for marriage. I forget the word they used to describe such behavior, ‘drawer’? I don’t remember, that wasn’t what I was studying at the time, but I love reading about human hate or whatever this twisted mindset is all about because it’s rather obvious that with thought patterns such as that your species is/was doomed from the very start. And if a white person has a child from a white and a not white enough white person then that white child must die because we must keep our gene pool clean of inferior genes. The hate levels of this species is just totally hilarious and obviously your species just never tire of the killing, I really wish that I could just put your species out of its misery it just seems that you all just hate life all that much it’s really sad.

        1. I don’t quite get the remark that I’m racist; but then what do I know? I didn’t even realize I was responding to a dog in my comments. So Roy, please accept my apologies. You are the smartest dog I have ever corresponded with. My dog has a vocabulary (understood, not spoken, and certainly not typed) of about five words: walk, treat, bed, no, probably something else I can’t think of right now. It goes without saying you are way beyond him. Good boy!

  17. @James: listen matie, it’s the second time you insult me with mere fantasies. I’m not right-wing, I’m not a troll, I’m not insinuating anything and certainly not that Covid is a fake news plot by globalist neo-liberals. Now I perfectly understand that you don’t like what I write since you understand something different anyway out of your own projections and you must have the sense of humour of a doornail. You’re the one who’s got a problem and should have his head examined.

    1. He’s right about the stream of nonsense part though.

  18. For anyone who thinks a thermonuclear war might be survivable, I recommend a look at this fact-based estimate of what it would look like for the US:

  19. Caitlin, you are a voice of sanity in an insane world. But this is my problem: It seems to me that you are one of the FEW voices of sanity about the nuclear armageddon issue. If you look at nominally lefty commenters on YouTube, et. al., you notice that what they’re talking about IS stuff like Alex Jones and Kanye West. You’ll also have political comedians for whom war and peace is not their primary gig talking about nuclear war and the insanity of the war in Ukraine and amping up confrontation with nuclear powers.

    You’ve reached me and I’m sure many people like me, in other words people who have no voice anyway. But what to do to reach the Kyle Kulinskis of the world is what I’m wondering? They’re so smart and smug and secure in their ideation that they’re lefties and so they can play rhetorical games about the war like who started what (while ignoring all provocations)? Those are the people who need reached, and from them, on up the ladder!

  20. Dear Caitlin Johnstone, You have beautifully captured the essence of what is happening here. Well, this is only on a human, social level. There is also another level (which, however, from a human point of view, we can and even must manage to solve). Please see this important document

  21. One of the reasons that ‘Leaders’ can talk of Nuclear war is because they are not bombarded with propaganda but actually have access to the facts.

    “After the 1986 accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, a nuclear power critic estimated that 1 million cancer cases, half of them fatal, would occur. A less hysterical estimate was 5,000 to 10,000 Chernobyl-linked cancer deaths. Reality has been quite different. The UN recently reported that about 1,800 children developed treatable thyroid cancer and that “with this exception, there is no scientific evidence of increases in overall cancer incidence or mortality or in nonmalignant disorders that could be related to radiation exposure.”
    Steven Milloy, Friday, May 25, 2001
    “The town of Futaba, previously deemed off-limits, is the last of 11 districts to lift its evacuation order, a spokesman for the town’s municipal office told CNN.”
    August 2022.
    These people actually know that Nuclear War is easily survivable, they just don’t want you to know that.
    If you are not in the blast zone, keep away from the direct radiation for 2 -3 days and then are careful not to ingest the fallout (ie wear gloves and wash/scrub anything you eat) you will survive quite happily.
    Hundreds of villagers around Chernobyl refused (hid) to evacuate from their homes and 30 – 40 years later are still living (cancer free) in close proximity.
    Washington and London are gone, but Moscow will put population deep in their subway system, stay there for 3 days and then commence clean-up.

    Like AIDS, Climate Change and “The Rapture” you can live in fear or you can learn the facts and ignore the noise.

    1. I hear this madness all the time and I’m actually flabbergasted that people spew it and think themselves wise.

      One nuclear weapon might be a Chernobyl type event. But hundreds? Thousands? What happens to you when your city’s water supply is radioactive, even if you live in a town tens of miles from the nearest major city? What about where you food comes from? Electricity? Where are you going to get news of the world after everything is destroyed, and will you be able to trust it?

      And let’s say you’re right. Do you really want to live in a radioactive world where the entire global supply system has been destroyed, even if you can unhappily “survive” the residual radioactivity? Maybe you’ll survive the blast, maybe you’ll even survive the fallout — though I think you’re vastly understating the issue when thousands of nukes go off. But what happens afterwards?

      And maybe you won’t be one of the lucky ones — but I forget — the ones who won’t survive — they’re inconsequential in your little calculation.

      Just look at what one little pandemic caused. A pandemic that killed only a small fraction of the people who got infected with it?

      People who try to understate the gravity of nuclear war are tools, fueled by people with an agenda spreading propaganda trying to diminish the threat. Don’t be a tool. Sometimes fear is valuable — like fear of jumping off a cliff.

      1. There are dozens of videos of people living and walking around Chernobyl you don’t begin to understand what “radioactive” means.
        You present no facts to refute that virtually no-one who was not in the “Clean up” was affected. In Hiroshima/Nagasaki, thousands of people lived for tens of years in the rebuilt cities without ill effects.
        Fukushima was still operating a year after the Tsunami!
        Chernobyl is still manned on a permanent basis.
        People are not inconsequential, but yes people die, in car accidents, many thousands more than have died through all nuclear radiation but we don’t want to ban cars.
        The Chicken Little Nuclear ! Covid! Climate Change! crap is what controls you. They use your ignorance and fear to rule your life.
        Survival is simple.
        Go underground.
        Stay inside for three days.
        Wear gloves and shoes (ie do not allow particles to get in your skin)
        Wash all food.
        “People who try to overstate the gravity of nuclear war are tools, fueled by people with an agenda spreading propaganda trying to embellish the threat.”
        Fixed it for you.
        You are welcome.

        “It might be helpful to consider something called the banana equivalent dose (BED). This is a term used in physics to measure the amount of radiation emitted by a banana. A dental x-ray has a BED of 50; serious radiation poisoning takes a BED of 20m; sleeping next to someone for one night has a BED of 0.5 and living within 50 miles of a nuclear power plant for a year has a BED of 0.9”
        John Lanchester

    2. PJ, our resident psychopath, always wanting to kill, but is cool with nuclear war based on Chernobyl. You must be paid to haunt this comment section with your fascist nonsense. There used to be some great comment sections, like Greenwald back in the Salon days. Now, all are inhabited by right wing trolls, likely military psyops. It can’t be coincidental that anything interesting is stifled with idiotic climate change denial or crony capitalism or globalist agenda. You’re definitely not here because you like Caitlin’s work.

      1. “Now, all are inhabited by right wing trolls, likely military psyops.”
        Have you considered getting help for your paranoia?
        People are quick to reject anything they don’t agree with, but defend to the death ideas which feed their particular belief system.
        I agree with and support Caitlin in her analysis of the stupidity of “Leftist” thinking. Unfortunately she does not apply her logical deconstruction to the thinking of people she agrees with.
        There is no evidence that CO2 or any man-made effect will change the “Climate”. What she and you all ignore is the huge (Temporary) effects of weather modification that is creating the effects called “Climate Change”. The whole scam was debunked at the very beginning at Essex university.
        Trump and MAGA is equally ridiculous as Bernie and Hilary and Joe.
        I am for “Free speech” and free thinking but I agree completely with Einstein.
        “There are only two things that are Infinite. The Universe and Human Stupidity and I am not certain about the Universe.”

    3. My question is “How did the US get so many people in Vietnam and Japan to fake so many illnesses?”

      1. In “Vietnam” ???
        There were Nuclear weapons in Vietnam ???
        BOOM !

    4. I think we should send PJ to Fukushima with a good set of boots and gloves to do the dirty work of cleanup. He will go out with a smile on his face, thinking about how silly all those nuclear alarmists are.

      1. You mean like the thousands of Japanese who take day trips from Tokyo ?
        ” There are many chances to participate in tours to Fukushima from even Tokyo. A picture is worth a thousand words.

        ▽This is one of the most popular tours to Fukushima from Tokyo, so book it as soon as you start to plan your trip to Japan!▽”

        But being “Scared” creates an Adrenaline high, which is why Horror Movies are so popular, so listen to :

        The interviewee is Helen Mary Caldicott (born 7 August 1938) is an Australian physician, author, and anti-nuclear advocate, opposing the use of nuclear power, depleted uranium munitions and nuclear weapons. She says this way:

        Yes. Do not eat any Japanese food because you don’t know where it’s sourced. Do not eat fish from Japan, miso, rice, you name it. Do not eat Japanese food. Period. Um, fish caught off the west coast of Canada and America, well, they’re not testing the fish so I don’t know what you’d do. Um, I mean, most of it’s probably not radioactive but you don’t know because you can’t taste it.”
        No facts, no data, merely scary, scary, scary.
        And yes thousands of Japanese did go to Fukushima, did wear boots and gloves, did clean up and wiped down every surface and then returned home perfectly healthy.
        Like with Covid, you want your silly fears to control my life.

        1. It seems all these oncologists who warn about radiation dangers are in a conspiracy to con us into believing radiation is deadly. So many conspiracies, so little time. Maybe we should consult PJ’s anecdotal evidence to make scientific conclusions and stop spending so much time and energy on research.

          1. Provide data which “Oncologists” have warned?
            Give sources or go away.

            1. PJ: You are obviously out of sync with the rest of the commenters here, as well as the perspective of the website. I am not so presumptuous that I would admonish someone for that, as coerced adherence to a party line has never set well with me, and we should all be accepting of thoughtful criticism. But your adversarial tone has offended many, judging by the responses to your comments. Now you tell me that I should “go away”, as if you are in a position to say anything like that to anyone here; so I will break my self imposed rule and tell you that you are an unmitigated jerk who should piss up a rope. Go over to QAnon oriented sites to peddle your anti-intellectual fascistic bile and leave the rest of us alone.

  22. david outa bolelwang Avatar
    david outa bolelwang

    It is the moneyed elites, in the West, not all of us, who, instead of jumping off the top floors of their plush offices, want a nuclear war because they can’t live without their generational opulence when the majority have fallen into abject poverty. They either demand absolute power to loot any country they wish or kill anyone who is opposed to their ideology, domination and greed. The armies of most powerful nations are in their pocket and the proverbial man/woman in the street has no chance unless he/she submits to their murderous schemes through the barrel of a gun or killer injections.

  23. It’s a mistake to think that people will listen to reason. We need a truth drug in the water that will make people speak the truth, even if they’re only speaking to themselves.

    1. I am constantly haunted by a quote from Harry Overstreet, who wrote the following in his 1925 groundbreaking study Influencing Human Behavior:
      “Giving people the facts as a strategy of influence” has been a failure, “an enterprise fraught with a surprising amount of disappointment.”

  24. I’d suggest telling those people who say ‘if nuclear war happens it’s Putin’s faulty’ that in reality it is their fault for being dumb enough to believe that Putin is dumb enough to strike first.
    That’s exactly what the evil empire wants them to believe in order to justify its actions when it strikes first.

  25. “People kill themselves by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge a lot. The few survivors all say that the first thought they had upon free fall was instant regret” reminds me of these aphorisms by Steven Wright:
    1/ Experience is something you don’t get until just after you need it.
    2/ A conclusion is the place where you got tired of thinking.
    3/ Depression is merely anger without enthusiasm.
    4/ If at first you don’t succeed, skydiving is not for you.
    5/ What happens if you get scared half to death twice?
    6/ A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory.
    7/ If you want the rainbow, you’ve got to put up with the rain.

    1. PS: And on a more personal note, on a scale of one to ten, how difficult is it to tweet from your penthouse in Manhattan: “Let’s have a nuclear war with Russia”?

    2. 5 Pearls of Scottish Wisdom
      1. Money cannot buy happiness but…somehow, it’s more comfortable to cry in a Mercedes Benz than it is on a bicycle.
      2. Forgive your enemy, but remember the bastard’s name.
      3. Help a man when he is in trouble and he will remember you when he is in trouble again.
      4. Many people are alive only because it is illegal to shoot them.
      5. Alcohol does not solve any problem, but then neither does milk.

      1. I also love the true Scotsman fallacy:
        – No true Scotsman puts sugar on his porridge.
        – My friend Angus McDonald puts sugar on his porridge!
        – Maybe but no true Scotsman puts sugar on his porridge…

        1. Variant:
          – My friend, although asymptomatic has Covid because he tested positive to a PCR test.
          – The PCR test has been most officially recognized unreliable.
          – Maybe but my friend has Covid because he tested positive to a PCR test – although he doesn’t have any symptoms.

          1. Pascal, you crazy, right wing troll. What are you trying to insinuate with your stupid, not funny post? That COVID is a fake news plot by the globalist neoliberals to inject you with nanobots. Who knows with you, it’s a stream of nonsense.

            1. areply upthere for space

            2. James, your response has more than a tinge of innuendo. Could you possibly be making a hasty generalization based on perception? We need to activate cooperation and mitigate agitation.

          2. Yes, I’m aware of (2) positive test results with NO symptoms. The Covid “release” has profit/social control/great reset written all over it. When considering a possible perpetrator, and the demeanor of countries, who comes to mind? Moreover, if Covid was a natural occurrence, why would it be necessary to blame someone else, such as China? Could China be a peer competitor and the forestalling of their ascension is a “matter of national security.” It reminds me of elementary school, when you stole Cindy’s pencil, but immediately blamed the theft on Bobby.

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