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Mainstream punditry in the latter half of 2022 is rife with op-eds arguing that the US needs to vastly increase military spending because a world war is about to erupt, and they always frame it as though this would be something that happens to the US, as though its own actions would have nothing to do with it. As though it would not be the direct result of the US-centralized empire continually accelerating towards that horrific event while refusing every possible diplomatic off-ramp due to its inability to relinquish its goal of total unipolar planetary domination.

The latest example of this trend is an article titled “Could America Win a New World War? — What It Would Take to Defeat Both China and Russia” published by Foreign Affairs, a magazine that is owned and operated by the supremely influential think tank Council on Foreign Relations.

“The United States and its allies must plan for how to simultaneously win wars in Asia and Europe, as unpalatable as the prospect may seem,” writes the article’s author Thomas G Mahnken, adding that in some ways “the United States and its allies will have an advantage in any simultaneous war” in those two continents.

But Mahnken doesn’t claim a world war against Russia and China would be a walk in the park; he also argues that in order to win such a war the US will need to — you guessed it — drastically increase its military spending.

“The United States clearly needs to increase its defense manufacturing capacity and speed,” Mahnken writes. “In the short term, that involves adding shifts to existing factories. With more time, it involves expanding factories and opening new production lines. To do both, Congress will have to act now to allocate more money to increase manufacturing.”

But exploding US weapons spending is still inadequate, Mahnken argues, saying that “the United States should work with its allies to increase their military production and the size of their weapons and munitions stockpiles” as well.

Mahnken says this world war could be sparked “if China initiated a military operation to take Taiwan, forcing the United States and its allies to respond,” as though there would be no other options on the table besides launching into nuclear age World War Three to defend an island next to the Chinese mainland that calls itself the Republic of China. He writes that “Moscow, meanwhile, could decide that with the United States bogged down in the western Pacific, it could get away with invading more of Europe,” demonstrating the bizarre Schrödinger’s cat western propaganda paradox that Putin is always simultaneously (A) getting destroyed and humiliated in Ukraine and (B) on the cusp of waging hot war with NATO.

Again, this is just the latest in an increasingly common genre of mainstream western punditry.

In “The skeptics are wrong: The U.S. can confront both China and Russia,” The Washington Post’s Josh Rogin wags his finger at Democrats who think aggressions against Russia should be prioritized and Republicans who think that military and financial attention should be devoted to China, arguing porque no los dos?

In “Could The U.S. Military Fight Russia And China At The Same Time?“, 19FortyFive’s Robert Farley answers in the affirmative, writing that “the immense fighting power of the US armed forces would not be inordinately strained by the need to wage war in both theaters” and concluding that “the United States can fight both Russia and China at once… for a while, and with the help of some friends.”

In “Can the US Take on China, Iran and Russia All at Once?” Bloomberg’s Hal Brands answers that it would be very difficult and recommends escalating in Ukraine and Taiwan and selling Israel more advanced weaponry to get a step ahead of Russia, China and Iran respectively.

In “International Relations Theory Suggests Great-Power War Is Coming,” the Atlantic Council’s Matthew Kroenig writes for Foreign Policy that a global democracies-versus-autocracies showdown is coming “with the United States and its status quo-oriented democratic allies in NATO, Japan, South Korea, and Australia on one side and the revisionist autocracies of China, Russia, and Iran on the other,” and that aspiring foreign policy experts should adjust their expectations accordingly.

When they’re not arguing that World War Three is coming and we must all prepare to fight it and win, they’re arguing that a global conflict is already upon us and we must begin acting like it, as in last month’s New Yorker piece “What if We’re Already Fighting the Third World War with Russia?

These Beltway swamp monster pontifications are directed not just at the general public but at government policymakers and strategists as well, and it should disturb us all that their audiences are being encouraged to view a global conflict of unspeakable horror like it’s some kind of natural disaster that people don’t have any control over.

Every measure should be taken to avoid a world war in the nuclear age. If it looks like that’s where we’re headed, the answer is not to ramp up weapons production and create entire industries dedicated to making it happen, the answer is diplomacy, de-escalation and detente. These pundits frame the rise of a multipolar world as something that must inevitably be accompanied by an explosion of violence and human suffering, when in reality we’d only wind up there as a result of decisions that were made by thinking human beings on both sides.

It doesn’t have to be this way. There’s no omnipotent deity decreeing from on high that we must live in a world where governments brandish armageddon weapons at each other and humanity must either submit to Washington or resign itself to cataclysmic violence of planetary consequence. We could just have a world where the peoples of all nations get along with each other and work together toward the common good rather than working to dominate and subjugate each other.

As Jeffrey Sachs recently put it, “The single biggest mistake of president Biden was to say ‘the greatest struggle of the world is between democracies and autocracies’. The real struggle of the world is to live together and overcome our common crises of environment and inequality.”

We could have a world where our energy and resources go toward increasing human thriving and learning to collaborate with this fragile biosphere we evolved in. Where all our scientific innovation is directed toward making this planet a better place to live instead of channeling it into getting rich and finding new ways to explode human bodies. Where our old models of competition and exploitation give way to systems of collaboration and care. Where poverty, toil and misery gradually move from accepted norms of human existence to dimly remembered historical record.

Instead we’re getting a world where we’re being hammered harder and harder with propaganda encouraging us to accept global conflict as an unavoidable reality, where politicians who voice even the mildest support for diplomacy are shouted down and demonized until they bow to the gods of war, where nuclear brinkmanship is framed as safety and de-escalation is branded as reckless endangerment.

We don’t have to submit to this. We don’t have to keep sleepwalking into dystopia and armageddon to the beat of manipulative sociopaths. There are a whole lot more of us than there are of them, and we’ve got a whole lot more at stake here than they do.

We can have a healthy world. We’ve just got to want it badly enough. They work so hard to manufacture our consent because, ultimately, they absolutely do require it.


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70 responses to “Advocating World War Three Is Just Mainstream Punditry Now”

  1. Without the Corona staging, many would never have found out how insidious the media lies and how low the IQ of the masses is.

    1. “How insidious the media lies and how low the IQ of the masses is.” That’s right. We’ve been bamboozled. We are overworked, underpaid, and underappreciated. The neocons said, “work harder, pull yourself up by your bootstraps…” It was all deceptive bullshit, while they were stealing our lives, and our money. They had their day, and their fun; but the winds are now blowing in another direction. Maybe they should pull themselves up by their bootstraps, and ACTUALLY begin working?

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  6. Logistics.
    We don’t have them. China and Russia do. We would run out of fuel, food and spare parts within the first month of battle.
    Russia doesn’t need to start a war with us, they just need to stand by and watch the western world destroy itself.

  7. Capitalism has deteriorated into the ownership race. Once fascism, I mean neoliberalism, became the world economic order, privatization kicked into high gear. There has been such a wealth transfer since then that everything from human genes to farming land to all of nature itself is up for sale. That’s the real war taking place. How can we hold onto what little of “public” remains for posterity, to be able to walk freely in a national park, sit on a public beach? Roam freely in a car without encountering restriction zones at every turn? This ownership craze has driven capitalists insane, who think that patenting life is just another market to get in on. There’s no need to bridge our way to transhumanism, because they already have synthetic brains, “Synth heads”. They’ve lost their humanity entirely. The desire to possess the planet creates fortune’s fools.

    1. In Spain, fifteen years ago, there was an attempt at slapping a sun tax on tourists, which didn’t pass the laugh test, but they did try. I’m surprised nobody has proposed to create an air tax yet for people who want to breathe…

      1. Ahhh, this must be a new lambasting technique to coerce payment: ‘slapping a sun tax on tourists?’ Knowing the capitalists, this has a built-in profit motive–it’s an excoriation mitigation cream scheme!

    2. It’s like King Midas and the Golden Touch. Once you put a price tag on everything, it all turns to poison for profit.

      1. “There has been such a wealth transfer.” That’s right, the capitalist wants to privatize/commoditize everything. So why hasn’t a ‘wealth transfer’ been commoditized? Why don’t we request it? Say…a $10 bag of $100 bills–overnight delivery!

    3. Wealth transfer is like the tide, it moves from one socioeconomic group to another over the centuries. Middle class rise and falls as policies impoverish and rewards as social pressures dictate. We have been moving toward impoverishment of the middle class since NAFTA but it has just become acute and notuceable to everyone lately.

  8. peter mcloughlin Avatar
    peter mcloughlin

    Nations do convince themselves they can win the war that they can’t. Because: every war is about power – but power is an illusion. We delude ourselves it is real – need to. But the consequences are clear.

    1. Well, they are mad, aren’t they.
      And the only way they’ll learn is a harsh, visceral experience.

      In which God favours Russia . . .

    2. “But power is an illusion.” This is going to generate some extra income; I’m going to stop paying my utility provider because of this! Thanks…

  9. “The USA neocons and neolibs need to take a lesson.” Unfortunately, these profligates don’t take lessons, they take money. They may drag the US into an unwinnable conflict. As you stated, this won’t end well; wars don’t end well for civilians, either. If there is a Hell, maybe there is a special place reserved for the US’ ruling power.

    1. Which is why they’re trying to shut down fossil fuel extraction :o)

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    like in movie, so stupid, but it is official USA/UK propaganda

  12. Capitalism is always searching for ways to maximize profit. The cost of logistics, moving hardware and people, to fighting theaters is prohibitive (thus the hiring of war-contractors, and other cheap labor facilitators). This reminds me of the Carter Administration era, and the talk surrounding the Neutron bomb. This is more inline (cost saving) with capitalist thinking: kill soldiers/civilians but leave infrastructure intact. However, according to, the US has more than 336 Biolabs in 30 countries, including 26 in Ukraine. To Dr. Strangelove, these are toys. Eventually, capitalists will opt for the toys that return the biggest bang-for-the-buck (the capitalists love this shit, and they have loads of experience).

    1. It reminds me of the Reagan administration, since Reagan was the president that restarted production of neutron bombs.

      “President Ronald Reagan restarted production in 1981.[17] The Soviet Union renewed a propaganda campaign against the US’s neutron bomb in 1981 following Reagan’s announcement. In 1983 Reagan then announced the Strategic Defense Initiative, which surpassed neutron bomb production in ambition and vision and with that, neutron bombs quickly faded from the center of the public’s attention.[citation needed]”

  13. As the Democrats and its mockingbird media remain panic-stricken with the promise of the 2022 mid term elections bringing a red-hot tsunami, the question is whether the tyrannical Anglo Saxon Alliance (ASA) (as represented by the US and UK) will escalate the Ukraine conflict to create a nuclear related threat sufficient to defer the upcoming election

  14. Hey, American’ public, here are a few examples of how the (2) parties (Republicans and Democrats) incite you to continue fighting each other. They hope to maintain your division, and keep you distracted from the failures of capitalism (and certainly to inhibit viable 3rd party solidarity). Notice the adjective: ‘radical’ (strategically used to enrage). How about the use of: ‘lefties’ (disparaging remark designed to agitate). Consider the use of: ‘scrap religion’ (is this designed to foment infuriation towards the Democrats to manipulate to vote Republican?). Also, what about Pense’s use of the modifier: ‘terrible’ (they use these modifiers for enhanced agitative impact). What about Pense’s remark: ‘the radical left believes that the freedom of religion is the freedom from religion’ (Is this an example of Pense telling you what you believe, or how to think-is this manipulation?). What about the use of: ‘generations of Americans fought to defend?’ (Is this an attempt to shame you into believing a particular way, through the use of patriotism?). The timing of Pense’s statements suggests that this is mostly about the upcoming elections. This is more propaganda designed to manipulate and delude you. These (2) parties are two handgrips on the same handlebar. The only things important to them are money and power—certainly not ‘we the people.’
    “The radical left believes that the freedom of religion is the freedom from religion,” says Pence
    “These lefties want to scrap religion, Mike Pence, and I think it’s a terrible mistake,” Kudlow griped.
    “Well, the radical left believes that the freedom of religion is the freedom from religion. But it’s nothing the American founders ever thought of, or generations of Americans fought to defend,” Pence said.
    “You know, I said today here in Houston that the source of our nation’s greatness has always been our faith in God, our freedom, and our vast natural resources. And the good news is, that after four years of the Trump-Pence administration, I’m confident that we have a pro-religious freedom majority on the Supreme Court of the United States. And I’m confident that come Election Day, November the 8th, you’re gonna see that freedom majority around the country turn out and vote pro-freedom majorities in the House, and in the Senate, and in statehouses around the country,” Pence said. “So, stay tuned, Larry. Help is on the way.”

    1. Stop voting. Send a message that voting makes no difference.

      1. OK…that’ll teach them. I know they care (sarcasm included).

  15. Speaking of pontification and deities;

    “It is not the beautiful globalization of unity of all Nations, each one with their own customs, instead it is the globalization of hegemonic uniformity, it is the single thought. And this sole thought is the fruit of worldliness.”

    —POPE FRANCIS, Homily, November 18th, 2013; Zenit

    When.I was 5 or 6-years-old I thought so too, but this is a description of a tyrannical hell, everyone should have a place that they can call home, a place free of such deadening concentration camps. And, there is talk of restoring the Holy Roman Empire, to boot, part of the reason no doubt why Germany was attacked by the US, whenever it was that the US shut off their energy supply, and the ungodly horrors that were unleased upon the Poles by Jews in the employ of the Catholic Church to subjugate its peoples into submission. The Pope speaks of Christ, but his best friends belong to Satan in the service of God. The peoples of the world don’t need this sort of schizophrenic existence anymore.

  16. Prepare to survive and drag your feet on the war-machine.
    Resist as though merely a bit befuddled and behind, perhaps.
    Grow vegetables.

  17. When inciting world war II, Germany and Japan were confident that they could win. Otherwise, they would not have incited the war. We all know how that turned out for Germany and Japan. The USA neocons and neolibs need to take a lesson. It will not end well.

    1. Hey where did you learn history?

      “Hitler will have no war, but he will be forced into 
it, not this year but later…”
      (The Jewish Emil Ludwig, Les Annales, June, 1934)

      “We will force this war upon Hitler, if he wants it or not.” —
      Winston Churchill (1936 broadcast)

      “Germany becomes too powerful. We have to crush it.” —
      Winston Churchill (November 1936 speaking to US – General Robert E. Wood)

      “This war is an English war and its goal is the destruction of Germany.” —
      Winston Churchill (- Autumn 1939 broadcast)

      “The war wasn’t only about abolishing fascism, but to conquer sales markets. We could have, if we had intended so, prevented this war from breaking out without doing one shot, but we didn’t want to.” —
      Winston Churchill to Truman (Fultun, USA March 1946)

      “Germany’s unforgivable crime before WW2 was its attempt to loosen its economy out of the world trade system and to build up an independent exchange system from which the world-finance couldn’t profit anymore. …We butchered the wrong pig.” —
      Winston Churchill (The Second World War – Bern, 1960)
      “It is untrue that I or anyone else in Germany wanted war in 1939. It was wanted and provoked solely by international statesmen either of Jewish origin or working for Jewish interests. Nor had I ever wished that after the appalling first World War, there would ever be a second against either England or America.” —
      Adolf Hitler, April, 1945.

      Neither Germany nor Japan “incited” war, as with Russia, it was forced on them.
      USA cut off Japanese energy because japan was becoming an industrial giant and cutting into US profits.

      “Not the political doctrine of Hitler has hurled us into this war. The reason was the success of his increase in building a new economy. The roots of war were envy, greed and fear.” —
      Major General J.F.C. Fuller, historian, England

      Wake up and learn some history.

  18. Biden is a drooling fool. Bush and Clinton should meet with Putin.
    Since the breakup of the Soviet Union on December 25, 1991, Presidents Clinton or Bush have met 23 times with Russian Presidents Yeltsin or Putin. They discussed such issues as arms reductions; economic aid and reform; democracy and human rights; European security; peacekeeping in Bosnia, Kosovo, and the Middle East; and the conflict in Chechnya. In addition to meetings with Russian Presidents, President Clinton met twice in 1999 with then-Prime Minister Putin. Prior to this, every President from Franklin D. Roosevelt through George Bush had met with the Soviet leadership, and a total of 26 U.S.-Soviet leadership meetings were held from 1943 to 1991.

    1. Clinton started the NATO expansion with his Yugoslav War, Bush2 enthusiastically carried it on.

  19. The real danger with these people is the continued illusion/delusion that the US and vassals military is “the mightiest in history”. As if Afghanistan Korea and Vietnam never happened,or bizarrely that somehow those defeats were really victories. Caitlin references this delusion all through this article,someone with a grip on reality needs to shout “what do you mean we can fight Russia and China at the same time,we just lost a 20 year war to the Taliban”!

  20. Children

    of the devil

    Disgusting Americans

    fail to see themselves

    By John Kaminski

    Ukraine was the last straw. Once again, it was a case of Americans refusing to see that they were the bad guys, the wanton killers, obliterating innocent people for reasons they didn’t fully understand, wouldn’t even try to understand, and didn’t even care that they didn’t.

    How many times has it happened in our lifetimes? Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam, Korea. Do we dare even try to count the countries we have obliterated with our sophisticated weaponry and false excuses?

    But Ukraine has been the most rancid of them all, because we engineered the faux revolution there and now object to Russia’s wholly justified fear that we stashed our bombs and our poisons right next door to them, and have eagerly demonstrated our intent to use them.

    And once again we started killing their citizens in the name of spreading our toxic brand of freedom around the world, and now have gone to war because Russia insisted it had the right to defend its own country.

    Of all the lame excuses the USA has used to murder people in foreign countries, this is the most rancid of all, and likely the maneuver the one that will destroy America’s imitation republic permanently, because the world has had enough of this so-called gunboat diplomacy, this Jewish-controlled American homicidal hypocrisy, and the inability of Americans to own up to their own indifference, their own despicable depravity.

    Most Americans still don’t believe that America is not controlled by Americans at all. That is how stupid they are.

    America deserves to be destroyed, and a creepy pervert named Joe Biden seems intent on making that happen.

    If you don’t look, you can’t see

    America: Where teachers rape their students, the government jails its patriots and a presidential pervert molests his own daughter.

    Face the facts, morons. The character of our presidents accurately reflects the character of every American. That’s why we elected them.

    President Biden molested his own daughter. President Trump boasted that he killed the whole world with his Warp Speed poison jabs. President Obama is married to a man and won the Nobel Peace Prize for murdering innocent leaders of foreign countries. Take note that our black president murdered the greatest African leader the world has ever known, who was Muammar Gaddafi.

    President Bush the Younger murdered millions in Iraq, Afghanistan and New York City, got porked by a Marine body builder in the White House, and shares in the Moderna vaccine profits. President Clinton caused the murder of 54 state troopers to cover up all those women he raped while Governor of Arkansas. President Bush the Older supervised the murder of JFK which was engineered by another president who specialized in killing his rivals.

    This psychotic pretense stretches all the way back to America losing the Revolutionary War and pretending it didn’t. This is the placebo country all Americans have always pretended not to see.

    Wonder no longer at the mess

    Just don’t try to tell anyone that you don’t know what has happened to America. What has happened to America are all those things you failed to observe when they were happening and you were buying the excuses vomited forth by a spin machine that were never even remotely believable, but you chose to believe the regurgitated feces it put forth, just as it does today.

    Try 9/11 terrorists manufactured on Madison Avenue to become all purpose boogeymen unable to be caught because they didn’t really exist. Kosher clones of Arab outlaws is what they were. After all these years, finally, the perfect enemy, able to work both for and against us as the situation required.

    How stupid do you have to be to believe the U.S. did not blow up the Russian pipeline in the Baltic Sea?

    You can’t even say that you didn’t know your government was eagerly trying to kill you most of your life if you would just take an informed look at the medicines it has prescribed and the toxic garbage known as food it has produced.

    If you could only see that permanent war was the engine of our illusory opulence these wars would stop tomorrow, but that is not the choice you choose. Instead you put on the mask, take the jab and let the government destroy your livelihood and wait for the promise of your guaranteed income to rescue you from yourself.

    You’re waiting for a bus to nowhere that will never come. And you’re left wondering why that chance to save yourself passes by your house every day yet you have never seen it even once.

    Another lineup of losers

    So now with Europeans set to freeze to death and unemployed Western thugs signing up for lucrative mercenary duty in Ukraine, Americans pin their future on delivering pizzas or trinkets from Amazon or Wayfair as a way to make ends meet, while the billionaires count their profits from poison vaccines that never worked and TV pushes our latest crop of loser candidates saying everything will be OK if we just vote for them.

    Florida’s popular governor backed by the Pilgrim Society and in love with Israel or Hawaii’s Fox News goddess appear to be the leading candidates to lead America into its spooky nonfuture.

    But neither manufactured media icon even hints at the notion that the United States is the scourge of the world being set up to take the fall like Hitler did as the Jewish billionaires turn the world into a killing field of their own with their poison jabs culling the plantation down to a suitable number of dutiful drecks willing to bet their lives on the masked up locked down future Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab have planned for us, a future guaranteed by a lunatic law enforcement apparatus that you’re going to do what they say or never say anything again.

    And if you ever try to talk about God or honor or duty ever again, or heavens forfend talk about that Constitution that’s just a piece of paper, you can count on joining those luckless lemmings still in jail in Washington for thinking our nation’s Capitol building actually belonged to us rather than those very rich, blood drinking, child raping perverts who bought it lock, stock and barrel so very long ago.

  21. America is aging and our leaders are old. We’re talking facing their own mortality old. There aren’t enough teenagers to keep the army full anymore and killer drones can’t maintain order. America’s wealth and power are slipping away and the people in charge aren’t happy about it. I’m afraid they won’t let us have peace because they subconsciously fear change and don’t have a future to worry about anyway.

    1. I think it is more basic. They are thinking, dang we made a mess. Lers burn it down and start over.

  22. The first part of the above Athens Democracy Forum video was dissected in the segment below by Jimmy Dore and Aaron Maté. When Jeffrey Sachs said that the most violent country in the world since the end of WWII had been the US, the moderator from the New York Times, Steven Erlanger, jumped in like he was being skinned alive, screaming: “Jeffrey, that’s enough! I’m your moderator and that’s enough!”
    Can’t make that stuff up! In a forum specifically dedicated to the promotion of the sacrosanct democracy that the US invokes at the drop of a hat to go and slaughter people all around the world, fervently goaded in that direction by CIA mouthpiece The New York Times, a distinguished professor can’t even say that the US has been the most violent country in the world since WWII – an obvious truth with a death toll estimated by Noam Chomsky at 60 million but in any case several million with Vietnam and the Middle-East alone – without having a New York Times moderator outrageously slamming the Overton window in his face like he was a pupil and this gatekeeper the headmaster!
    In a forum for democracy! That the US wants to impose on the world at gunpoint, along with the freedom of saying whatever doesn’t get a New York Times stooge to shoot through the roof and end up in an orbit without even water, biscuits and a space suit for survival!
    This is definitely the best indictment of what a joke all this US virtue-signalling rhetoric is, the schizophrenia of its media, the violence with which the gatekeepers will prevent the most obvious truths to be uttered in public and the derangement syndrome of the warmongering/money-grabbing elite-class.
    Incidentally this Erlanger character got a Pulitzer Prize and the French Légion d’Honneur in 2013 for “services to journalism” which tells you all you need to know about how low he’ll stoop to serve power.
    By contrast, at the turn of last century, a journalist of the Canard Enchaîné – then a radical French satirical outlet which has now become a CIA mouthpiece like every other media in the West – was awarded the Légion d’Honneur. The editor called him into his office and said: “I hear you got the Légion d’Honneur. You’re fired!” – “But”, the journalist replied sheepishly, “I didn’t ask for it!” – “Maybe but you deserved it”, said the editor. “That’s the problem…”
    And Steven Erlanger perfectly illustrates here why this is the problem for the service to the public journalism is supposed to provide.

    1. I cringe every time Amy Goodman mentions “Nobel Prize winner” without a caveat, as if that institution deserves recognition as unbiased.

      Jean-Paul Sartre refused the award because it was (and is) a western propaganda mouthpiece .

      1. Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize was particularly caricatural at a time when he hadn’t done anything to deserve that and was soon to extend Bush’s war zone from five to seven countries, drop more bombs than him and inaugurate the killing by drone program of which, according to the Pentagon’s own admission, 90% of the victims are innocent bystanders. Braavo… :o)

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    1. Is your “sticky online interest” a sort of primitive version of Nadine Floyd’s “glue-like online interest” for “smooth reproduction” down below or is it something completely different – like e-glues for online Inuits?

  24. What? What should be occupying the US and Allies the most at this moment is the possible civil unrest/civil wars that are imminent in their countries as a result of the collapsing way of life and the subsequent suffering of their people. Western pundits are out of their minds really, to the point where listening to them is sleep-inducing. I guess most of these folks are children who have just been weaned off their diapers. Who, among them has experienced a war even once in the whole life time? Yes, the US and Allies have now embarked upon the path of terrorism to thwart what they perceive as a loss to them. The world is going to have to live with this uncomfortable truth. For them to think the collective Western coalition of the willing, if there be such a thing, could fight on all fronts and win is as absurd as it is dangerous. They couldn’t bring Russia’s economy down for instance, instead it is them who are paying the price for their fumbling which can only be repeated on the battlefield they are so much mistaken about.

    1. A copy of the group discussions, known as Report from Iron Mountain, was leaked by a participant and published in 1967 by Dial Press.
      The report’s authors saw war as necessary and desirable stating “War itself is the basic social system, within which other secondary modes of social organization conflict or conspire. (War is) the principal organizing force…the essential economic stabilizer of modern societies.” The group worried that through “ambiguous leadership” the “ruling administrative class” might lose its ability to “rationalize a desired war”, leading to the “actual disestablishment of military institutions”.

      The possibility of war provides the sense of external necessity without which no government can long remain in power…The basic authority of a modern state over its people resides in its war powers. War has served as the last great safeguard against the elimination of necessary classes.”
      In 1909 the trustees of the Andrew Carnegie Foundation for International Peace met to discuss pre-WWI American life. Many of the participants were members of Skull & Bones. They concluded, “There are no known means more efficient than war, assuming the objective is altering the life of an entire people…How do we involve the United States in a war?”
      Report from Iron Mountain,

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  26. This obviously deranged warmongering is even worse than it seems because it’s not even genuine. These people do not actually believe that a real superpower war is imminent. I mean, who in her right mind can talk about a winnable war between massively nuclear armed nations? It’s unthinkable.

    What they are after is what they have been after for 77 years: preservation of wealth and prestige through the Mil-Ind-Sec-Banking system, trillions of $ and millions of jobs.

    The problem, of course, is that sometime somewhere mistakes will be made and bombs will actually fly and then we will all die. But at least you know this great risk is for a great cause: for more money and power for those who don’t need either.

    1. The problem is these so called “think tanks” are very influential in the US. I’m not savvy enough to link to reports of US ‘table top war gaming’ but in the most recent against China the US lost,so the conditions were changed so the Red team(China) couldn’t do this and that,the result? the US STILL LOST. It is completely mad,proper military analysts (by proper I mean those not dependent on a 4th star or msm salary) are clear that NATO could not defeat Russia on the ground without resort to nuclear weapons. Russia’s entire military posture is defence of the Russian Federation,that’s for example why after a flirtation with aircraft carriers they don’t bother,don’t need those in the Eurasian land mass.

  27. these pundits must be pedophiles being blackmailed by religious nutters, i can see no other way a person could produce such insanity (and i’m not buying that they don’t know how insane their position is).

  28. It’s nice theorizing about how the world could be but meanwhile back in this one the US got its hat handed to it in Afghanistan and Iraq. Babbling about how it could simultaneously take on China and Russia, in a war which would in any event go nuclear and be cataclysmic, is delusional to the point of genuine insanity, though unfortunately not to the point of being outside the mainstream.

    I continue to imagine the clearest point of fissure is the indisputable numerical fact that the US military budget is by any objective standard grotesque, approximately equal to all the other military budgets on Earth combined, and the real data point is that hardly anyone knows it. To call for such a fantastically inflated budget to be increased further is like saying Avengers: Endgame needed a bigger cast. Or something. It’s too ridiculous for words. Public discourse in America is profoundly disconnected from reality. And I don’t know what Americans would think or do about reality if they knew it, but I don’t see the question being other than academic anytime soon. But keep trying.

  29. For now global nuclear war does not threaten us. However, this war is only a matter of time. This will be a mutual slaughter (Revelation 6:4) Jesus warned us, “a frightening things both and extraordinary from sky powerful will be.” For this reason, will be significant tremors along the length and breadth of the regions [of strategic importance] and famines, and pestilences. Some ancient manuscripts contain the words “and frosts”. The Aramaic Peshitta: “and will be great frosts”. (Luke 21:11) We call this today “nuclear winter”. In Mark 13:8 there are also words of Jesus: “and disorders”. The Aramaic Peshitta: “and confusion” (on the state of public order). This war will start with an ethnic conflict. (Matthew 24:7) This extremely detailed sign fits only one war. It won’t be Armageddon. “But all these things are a beginning of birth-pains.” (Matthew 24:8, DLNT) And before that, there will be the return of “the king of the north”. (Daniel 11:29a) The Russian garrisons will return to where they were previously stationed. It also means military actions and major crisis. Not only the eurozone will break up, but also the European Union and NATO. This will be the last sign of a nuclear war coming. (Daniel 11:29b, 30a) Other biblical writers also wrote about this war. (Numbers 24:23, 24; Isaiah 5:24, 25)

    1. And of course, let’s not forget Ezekiel 26:12: “The winning number for the Christmas 2022 lottery will be the 07 13 20 21 46 53 Bonus 49.”

    2. I think of Jesus as a political philosopher, organizing a resistance to the Roman Empire.

      In my view, Christianity’s hero is Judas.

      The Pope protects pedophiles and became wealthy by creating a haven for those willing to sell out.

  30. I don’t think it’s working, the calls for world war. The US economy is straining to provide a billion each year in military spending while the public is rebuffed on single payer healthcare and living wages. It can’t be sold as Putin’s price hike for long if it devolves to life in wartime. The US military has morphed into special operations, which works in counter insurgency, but a world war will require conscription and that might be impossible to sell to a war weary populace with a declining living standard. We can point fingers at Sleepy Joe, but the political establishment will feel the pressure if a DeSantis continues to escalate and voters see there is no choice available for peace and prosperity.

    1. Sorry, a trillion.

  31. Caitlin,
    How quickly the U.S. Government forgets the recent debacle in tiny Afghanistan–and it thinks to take on Russia AND China in a war as CrAzY as it is unnecessary? We are truly ruled by buffoons disconnected from reality, empowered by their sleepwalking citizenry. Rouse their fat asses from their couches and posh offices. Give them all a weapon and see how badly THEY want to fight this war.
    S.A. Hogan, author of THE DEATH TAX

  32. America…the world’s cancer. Comparing the sizes of Russia/China with puny little America…do the Yanx really think they can defeat these two? Why can’t all of us live in peace together without some shit head disturbing the peace.

    1. Even supposing, for the sake of exegesis, that the US could win a shock and awe operation in China because it’s got a secret weapon that would disable all the Chinese ones, seeing what happened after ten years of war against 20 million North Vietnamese and twenty years against 40 million Afghans, what do the Beltway hawks think would happen against 1,4 billion Chinese with a strong collective spirit?
      The way General Giap won the battle of Dien Bien Phu in 1954 by moving tons of artillery pieces and ammo through the jungle to the hills surrounding the French fort on… bicycles gives us a vague idea of what would happen to the US Army in China.,Dien%20Bien%20Phu.%20Chinese%20partisans%20on%20the%20move.
      Only schizophrenia can keep the morale high in Washington or, as another commenter said, this agitation could be just intended to pour more taxpayers’ money into the MIC without any action being ever undertaken, a bit like Diogenes rolling his barrel up and down Athens’ main street and when asked why, replying: “Everybody is preparing for war against Sparta. I am happy to participate in the general agitation”.

      1. exegesis- A critical explanation or interpretation of a text, especially a religious text.
        I like to think even the DC crowd doesn’t seriously imagine a conventional war with China, but unfortunately that just leaves nuclear. As you say, hopefully it’s just a theft ring.

    2. For 500 years the world has been run from Europe or the US: that’s about to change and nobody is sure what its replacement will look like.
      The institutional form of Western power dominance has become overbearing, and the main question now is whether it can be preserved. Therefore, the collapse of US and Western European power positions in international politics entails not just a change of leadership, but a revision of the existing institutions and rules at the global level. In other words, the entire formal international order that has emerged after World War II (and in reality, over the last few centuries) will cease to exist. It was based on a special system of rights and privileges for a limited group of great powers, and later the illusion of fairness of which was created by international institutions led by the UN. It was this system that played the role of the main legitimizing principle of the existing world order, although in practice it was often replaced by the West’s ability to exert a decisive influence on world affairs. Thus, the collapse of international political institutions will very probably prove to be a consequence of the disappearance of their power base, whose presence has been unchallenged for several centuries. We are now witnessing the destruction of both the formal and the real basis of the international order. In all likelihood, this process can no longer be stopped.

  33. Finish off ALL of human virus Pestilence.
    Damned to hell.

    Planet might recover somewhat in a hundred million years with irradiated life forms.
    So sowwy, gods, but u.s. is a fatal affliction. Exterminate the rulers

    1. 99.9% Of Politicians Are Psychopaths, New Study Says
      Psychopaths tend to be extroverted and charming yet “largely devoid of guilt, empathy and love,” according to Scientific American. They do things purely for their own interests, have shallow relationships and place blame on others when things go wrong, according to the magazine. In general, Murphy writes that areas of the northeast are the most psychopathic, while rural areas are the least psychopathic, and that D.C. appears to be “far more” psychopathic on its own than any state in the country.

  34. One etymological origin of felon refers to “somebody full of bitterness at life”.

    Imagine the bitterness required to kill billions of people just because they resist being subordinate to the self proclaimed uni-polar ruler of the world.

    My wife’s brother blamed my wife at Thanksgiving Day dinner at our house for “hurting the US economy” by accepting cancer treatments that she is entitled to.

    My wife has survived for decades after treatments despite the brother-in law’s suggestion that she die for the economic benefit of the US economy.

    Of course the coward fled the dinner in response to my verbal eruption I released on him.

    This is what so many Americans are. They are full of bitterness at life.

    So we live in a felonocracy, rule by the most bitter at life.

    1. How you can still have dinner with this guy is beyond me! Unless of course you’d set bear traps along the alleyway, and he miraculously managed to dodge them.

      1. He hasn’t been back to my house since he ran out with his family like a little girl being chased by a bear.

        I have in the past provoked other assholes like him by spitting in their faces.

        One time, after spitting, I turned my back on an asshole so that I looked like an easy target. I turned and he ran into my fist and broke his nose.

        I saw the brother in law less than a week ago at a funeral and out of respect for the grieving, I kept my spit out of his face.

        My wife thanked me for that.

  35. c’mon man.

    russia could not punch through a bunch of cia trained and armed to the teeth ukraine nazis, supplemented with all the imagery and target positioning data a few trillion bucks in us intelligence spend can buy!

    usa force structure has been built around a big nato excursion, a big ne asia conflict and the persian gulf since usa started pending more in real $$ when usa had breshniev and mao!

    the swamp is all in on enriching the pentagon trough aka military industry complex.

    from a moral persepctive, no war for the likes of kievan nazis posing as republicans is moral.

    the west is satan!

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      1. Did you lose your home, transportation, and chattel in the global financial crisis? Or maybe you lost your job (or business), during the Covid lockdowns/recession? Billionaires became wealthier during the Covid recession (at bottom 99% expense). Where does the money go? Take a look (link below) at Betsy Devos’ (Trump’s former Secretary of Education (2017-21) — who was never a public-school student, teacher, principal, superintendent, or administrator @ $199,700/yr. salary, but reported at least $225 million — and potentially well over $414 million), 22,000 sq.ft. summer home in Holland, Michigan (don’t forget the $40mm yacht at mooring):

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