The fourth issue of our print-friendly zine is now available for download. Sixty pages of content from the past month using our unpatented capitalism-hacking WYRAFT (Whatever You Reckon’s A Fair Thing) economic model where you set whatever price you like in whatever currency you like — dollars, euros, pounds, goodwill, shares, likes, whatever you reckon’s a fair thing.

You can also get a Treazine subscription where you’ll receive our monthly Seditions automatically (same whatever-you-reckon price).

As usual, you are free to use and circulate all Treazine content in whatever way you choose.

Get Sedition 4 by clicking here.

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8 responses to “Treazine, Sedition 4 Now Available”

  1. Love your work, find it sharp, biting and spot on.
    would like to contribute, but cannot believe you still use PayPal after their attack on Consortium News.
    Patreon is opaque about what they do with my info, but might have to use them.
    Tried to donate to a half dozen sites today,
    only ONE would take a credit card payment without joining and setting up some kind of account.

  2. The self-licking boot wearing lickspittles are just liquored-up lickpennies corrupted by lickerish.

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  4. Midterm elections in America today. Where despite re-run rumors of Russian election meddling ,,, the pick is between the red Zionist candidate,,,,, or the blue Zionist candidate.

  5. In the end, self-licking boots become conflicted through endless illegal conflict, and take a licking—lickety-split.

  6. Sycophantic-lobbying belligerents never remove their self-licking boots.

  7. Midterm elections in America today. Nobody is sure who will win the senate but everybody is sure that some sarcastic Russian wants to destroy democracy.

  8. I love the self-licking boot. Love the idea, love the design – especially the knot. Very tidy. Makes you feel like joining the army to get a pair :o) I’m sure Mick Jagger will want one!

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