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US: Russia Hacked The Evidence Of Chemical Attack In Syria

We are now being told (and I assure you I am not making this up) that if the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons doesn’t find evidence that the Syrian government conducted a chemical weapons attack in Douma last week, it’s because Russia hid the evidence.

“It is our understanding the Russians may have visited the attack site,” reports U.S. Ambassador Kenneth Ward. “It is our concern that they may have tampered with it with the intent of thwarting the efforts of the OPCW Fact-Finding Mission to conduct an effective investigation.”

I guess the idea is that this international top-level investigative team on which tremendous credibility has been placed by the western world can be thwarted by Russians showing up with a Hoover and spraying some Febreze in the air like a teenage stoner when mom comes home? I’m not sure, but given the immense dearth of evidence we’ve been seeing in support of the establishment Douma narrative and the mounting pile of evidence contradicting it, it sure does sound fishy.

Now that the jihadist-occupied suburb of Douma has been retaken by the Syrian government, western journalists have been allowed in to poke around and start asking questions, and so far it isn’t looking great for the propaganda machine.

The Independent‘s Robert Fisk has published a report which affirms the story so many westerners have been dismissing as Kremlin propaganda for days now after interviewing a doctor from the hospital of the area where the Douma attack was supposed to have occurred. Dr Assim Rahaibani told Fisk that what was in actuality an outbreak of respiratory distress among occupants of a dusty oxygen-deprived tunnel was made to look like the aftereffects of a chemical weapons attack when a member of the White Helmets started shouting about a gas attack in front of a bunch of video cameras. Everyone panicked and started hosing themselves down, but in the video, according to Rahaibani, “what you see are people suffering from hypoxia – not gas poisoning.”

This report was independently backed up by a reporter from One America News Network named Pearson Sharp, who gave a detailed account of his interviews with officials, doctors, as well as many civilians on the street Sharp says he deliberately selected at random in order to avoid accusations of bias. Many people hadn’t even heard that a chemical weapons attack had taken place, and the ones who had said it was staged by Jaysh al-Islam. The staff at the hospital, including a medic-in-training who was an eyewitness to the incident, gave the same story as the account in Fisk’s report.

The increasing confidence with which these unapproved narratives are being voiced and the increasing discomfort being exhibited by empire loyalists like Ambassador Ward indicate a weakening narrative in the greater propaganda campaign against the Assad government and its allies, but don’t hold your breath for the part where Fox News and the BBC turn around and start asking critical questions of the governments that they are meant to be holding to account.

The journalists who have been advancing the establishment narrative on Syria aren’t about to start reporting that they’ve gotten the entire Syria story assballs backward and have been promoting a version of events manufactured for the benefit of CIA-MI6-Mossad agendas.  You’re not about to see CNN, who last year staged a fake scripted interview with a seven year-old Syrian girl to manufacture support for escalations against Assad, suddenly turn around and start asking if we’re being told the full story about what’s happening Syria.

Watch them closely. Watch how they steadfastly ignore the growing mountain of evidence and keep promoting the Syrian regime change agenda that the western empire has been working toward for decades. Watch them dismiss all evidence they can’t ignore as Kremlin propaganda and shift the narrative whenever things start to look bad for them. Those riding the crest of the wave of establishment media are too far gone into the blob to ever admit error and change. The least among us aren’t about to stop constructing a public reality tunnel which depicts them as heroes of truth, tear it all down, and start advancing a narrative which makes them look like fools at best and villains at worst. It will not happen.

Luckily for us, it doesn’t need to. Internet censorship is still far from closing the door on our ability to network and share information, and we’ve been very effective at sowing skepticism among the masses. The war propagandists are not nearly as good at their jobs as they want to believe, and we can beat them.

They work so hard to manufacture support for war because they require that consent. If the oligarchs try to launch a war against a disobedient nation amidst very clear opposition from the public, they will shatter the illusion of freedom and democracy that their entire empire is built upon, and then they’re exposed. Corporatist oligarchy has succeeded in weaving its web of dominance because its oppression has thus far remained hidden and its depravity disguised as humanitarianism. They cannot expose themselves by transgressing a loud NO from the public or else the masses will realize that everything they used to believe about their country, their government and their world is a lie.

They won’t risk that. We can force them into retreating from open war by circulating facts and information and keeping a healthy level of skepticism circulating among the public. Watch them squirm, move goalposts and shift narratives, and point and yell about it whenever it happens. We can win the media war against the propagandists. We have truth on our side.


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  • So many times people try to find simple answers to complex issues. Confident of having seen evidence of the veracity of some explanation and lacking evidence to the contrary, they present their understanding as the “truth” that explains what happened according to the evidence that they have examined and then engage in defending that truth. Unfortunately, the reality is not that simple.
    The US Defense organizations typically run numerous classified war games each year. A scenario is created that will generates numerous pieces of evidence with the objective being to present this evidence to teams of people playing various roles in the war game. In the most complex situations, the game is played by numerous people at numerous locations many of whom may be the actual people involved in such decision-making in real life. These people might include Admirals, Generals, Diplomats, and others from within the government who are playing various roles in the War Game to get a better appreciation of how they might deal with such challenges in real life, should similar situations arise.
    From these games, analysts evaluate how decision-making occurs, why specific decisions are made, and more importantly, how decision makers interact during times of crisis. Much of the results of these War Games along with detailed analysis is then published for a wide audience within the classified government environment to review and to give consideration as to how to improve the government decision-making processes.
    Unfortunately, even when analysis and findings are highly classified, some information finds its way into the hands of people who do not have the best interests of the government in mind. There are cartels that exist who might use this information for nefarious purposes up to and including the destruction of states (countries) and their governments to fold those states into a New World Order.
    Today, with the judicious use of money, some cartels have been successful in creating various crises in the world leading good intentioned leaders of government to take actions which are not truly in the best interests of the people of these countries. The situation in Syria may very well be a result of cartels (bankers) attempting to influence the major governments in the world to take actions which are not in their best interests. The penultimate results of the cartel influence may very well be to initiate wars between major nation-states, as it has been made abundantly obvious that bankers make more money because of wars (or even the threat of wars). Since the bankers now own and control most of the world’s media, they now have the means and the motivation to create havoc which in return will result in huge financial gain at the expense of millions of human deaths.
    But it is difficult for the cartels to dupe the governments, the peoples, and the many multi-state players who are decision-makers and leaders of organizations for which War is highly undesirable.
    I now come to the key point of this overview and that is, many situations that appear to be clear violations of human rights may, in fact, be false flag events orchestrated by malicious cartels for their own nefarious purposes and not at all what we see reported by the media. As an example of how successful such false flags may be, just consider the 911 attack on America.
    The overthrow of the Assad regime in Syria may be a False Flag being orchestrated by cartels for the purpose of those cartels to become richer. Thus, everything you read, hear, and see from the media may be “scenario events” designed to lead the worlds super-powers into another World War.
    I may be totally wrong here, but the war in Syria has all of the earmarks of an orchestrated series of events design to create instability and conflict. When we get televised segments showing people being treated for a Chemical Attack and we also have independent news agencies reporting that there was no attack and that the people who live in the area say that there was no attack, then I see the hands of a chess master playing the pieces to make super-powers commit to actions and to create unrest and outrage as the super-powers make mistakes based on events from a well-scripted scenario.

  • How convenient for the U.S. to have blocked the opcw to investigate the site in the first place, then say if they dont find anything it is because the Russians were at the site. Of course Russians were at the site! They are in Syria by request. Syria was bombed. Why wouldn’t Russia have investigated.

  • I think we can all be grateful that the White Helmets didn’t stage an actual, real chemical attack that killed people when they made their video.

    My prediction: As the U.S. narrative falls apart, Trump will be accused of deliberately mishandling that attack and its propaganda because he is a Putin-puppet.

  • Claims Made About Syria ‘Unraveling’


    “…Larry Wilkerson, former chief of staff for Colin Powell, told the Institute for Public Accuracy: ‘OPCW will play it close to the political power realities. It always does. Expect studied ambiguity but aimed at Bashar al Assad.”

  • It’s amazing how many directions or excuses the U.S. 2 Party Oligarchy can use!

    • At the same time, no less!

  • I noticed that the video that went viral of the people hosing each other off DID NOT INCLUDE ANY WOMEN OR GIRL CHILDREN. This is more than suspicious, since the original outcry was accusations about poisoning of women and children. It is a so very transparent false flag op – but, a famous (paraphrased) quote says it is easier to convince people of a lie than it is to convince them that they have been taken in by a lie.

  • I love-love-love you, Caitlin. If I don’t check in with you as much as I did in 2017, it’s because I accept that the USA is as corrupt as f*ck, and I no longer pay attention to politics and the media because it all amounts to a big, wet shit being promoted as chocolate mousse. But I so appreciate your on-going, courageous efforts in trying to break through and wake up everybody else.

  • Thank goodness that at last someone of Robert Fisk’s stature has filed this report in a widely-read newspaper/website. But a great deal of credit should go to Vanessa Beeley who for the past few years has been one of the only non-Syrian journalists to report from Syria. She long ago exposed the White Helmets and has been the victim of outrageous vilification for doing so.

    • If there is not evidence . Might be because the Chemical attack never happened but just a White Helmet Acting.

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