The sanest position anyone can ever take is the one that demands proof and is skeptical of known liars. When that issue is Syria, in a post-Iraq world, that burden of proof is enormous. Don’t let them gaslight you into thinking otherwise.

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7 responses to “Going Rogue, Episode 73: Never Let Anyone Call You Crazy For Doubting Establishment War Narratives”

  1. Heres a timeless song lyric from the not to distant past, times were bleak and UK war propaganda was daily on the airwaves …..neoliberalism’s infancy

    System, system, system – Death in life!
    System, system, system – The surgeon’s knife!
    System, system, system – Hacking at the cord!
    System, system, system – A child is born!

    Poor little fucker, poor little kid
    Never asked for life, no, she never did!
    Poor little baby, poor little mite
    Crying out for food as her parents fight…
    Crying out for food as her parents fight!

    System, system, system – Send him to school
    System, system, system – Force him to crawl…
    System, system, system – Teach him how to cheat!
    System, system, system – Kick him off his feet!

    Poor little schoolboy, poor little lad
    They’ll pet him if he’s good, and they’ll beat him if he’s bad!
    Poor little kiddy, poor little chap
    They’ll force-feed his mind with their useless crap
    Force-feed his mind with their useless crap!

    System, system, system – They’ll teach her how to cook!
    System, system, system – Teach her how to look
    System, system, system – They’ll teach her all the tricks!
    System, system, system – Create another victim for their greasy pricks

    1. Here are the lyrics to the last half for some reason my message was cut
      “Poor little girly, poor little wench
      Another little object to prod and pinch
      Poor little sweety, poor little filly;
      They’ll fuck her mind so they can fuck her silly
      Fuck her mind so they can fuck her silly!

      System, system, system – He’s grown to be a man
      System, system, system – Taught to fit the plan
      System, system, system – Forty years of jobs!
      System, system, system – Pushing little buttons, pulling little knobs

      Poor fucking worker, poor little serf
      Working like a mule for half of what he’s worth
      Poor fucking grafter, poor little gent
      Working for the cash that he’s already spent
      Working for the cash that he’s already spent!

      He’s selling his life – She’s his loyal wife;
      Timid as a mouse, she’s got her litle house
      He’s got his little car, and they share the cocktail bar
      She likes to cook his meals – you know, something that appeals
      Sometimes, he works ’til late, so his supper has to wait
      But she doesn’t really mind, ‘cos he’s getting overtime
      He likes to put a bit away just for that rainy day
      ‘Cos every little counts as the cost of living mounts
      They do the pools each week, hoping for that lucky break;
      Then they’d take a trip abroad, do all the things they can’t afford
      She’d really like to have a fur, he’d like a bigger car
      They could buy a bungalow, with a Georgian door for show
      He might think of leaving work, but, no, he wouldn’t like a shirk
      He’d much prefer to stay, and get his honest day’s pay
      He’s got a life of work ahead – there’s no rest for the dead
      And she’s tried to make it nice, he’s said “Thank you,” once or twice ”

  2. PSYCHOPATHS with no Empathy for the rest of humanity killing for profit, perpetuating total irrevocable control over the brainwashed masses through the mass media entertainment complex… emotional and psychological manipulation techniques developed in torture chambers of rendition centers via the advertising industry gurus of the early 20th century and behavioral psychologists like BF Skinner…

    The Internet is a primary tool of social control… people becoming more isolated and alienated with one another ,attention spans narrowing, twitter and facebook turning people into reflexive brain dead robots whose fragmentary communiques no one reads whole…….. all very welcome developments by our elite psychopaths ………………………

    Heres a great little site i discovered years ago , which is not exactly a news site… but a labyrinthine archive of oligarchy , with quotes by psychopathic oligarchs , political philosophy, social critique… books etc… it predates social media and you tube …a repository of valuable information , the third world in this context is the underdeveloped over exploited so called global south …. meaning the 80% which is not white or Colonial….the poorest of the poor….

    we need flesh on the ground en mass together in physical spaces shouting NO … we need rolling strikes and industrial sabotage … we need to bring down the global electronic banking system .. HOW CAN THAT HAPPEN WHEN PEOPLE ARE GLUED TO THEIR TWITTER FEEDS OR NETFLIX 24-7??

  3. I only feel crazy when I DON’T doubt establishment war narratives , which nowadays is effectively never , but sometimes I wish I was one of the clueless sheeple , happy as a clam in my belief that my country is a force for good in the world and will always take good care of us , and that I need not worry about a thing. That I can “trust the plan” , so to speak. Once you know better , however , there’s no going back. It’s a bitch.

    Jake Morphonios ( aka ” The White Morpheus” ) in his video today describes virtually the identical process I went through once I learned about 9/11 , and then about the endless lies we’ve used as pretexts for war , and how traumatizing that learning process can be. I suspect most of Caitlin’s fans here have endured something similar. The relevant discussion is about 10 min long , starting at ~ min 40:00 , and worth a listen , here :

  4. Now Nicaragua has been targeted for Regime Change:
    Events in Nicaragua over the past week are clearly modeled on the kind of U.S. led regime change that succeeded in Libya, Ivory Coast and Ukraine, but has so far failed in Thailand, Syria and Venezuela.

  5. The US/UK/EU/Israel ignore or violate international conventions they have signed onto and we are supposed to ignore it and be happy.

    They bring immense suffering and death to millions and we are supposed to believe its to keep us safe?

    The very ugly face of imperialism is in our face.
    It is vicious and cruel.
    What is moving blood in their veins since they have no heart.

  6. How about being PRO ”RULE OF LAW.”
    The NATO Gang attacks on Syria, without U.N. authorization, without a valid, legal ruling on who is guilty, violate international law.
    The Trump attacks on Syria, without authorization by the U.S. Congress, violate the U.S. Constitution.
    If the U.S. and Russia had a working relationship, the terrible war in Syrian could be ended.
    So why does the U.S. ruling class prevent the U.S. and Russia from having a working relationship?
    And who elected the U.S. to be judge, jury and executioner for the entire planet?
    Now, – the NATO Gang prepares to regime-change Iran . . .
    Déjà vu all over again?

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