In America they build flying war robots, but you can’t drink the water. America is where the empire keeps its billionaires and bombs.

Giant wars left Europe a mess many years ago, so America rose to the top. Now it’s where many rich and powerful influencers centralize their operations. America is the cattle prod used to compel the world to march along with the interests of western aristocrats. Governments which comply are rewarded with military “protection”, while noncompliant governments are sanctioned and bombed. The Mafia does this also.

Americans are kept poor by the aristocracy, because money equals power and power is relative. The poorer ordinary Americans are kept, the more powerful the aristocrats are. Agencies like the FBI were invented so that there will be someone to help shoot and kill ordinary Americans if they ever decide to start eating the aristocrats for food.

It is very important that the aristocrats be able to control America, because they need to be able to protect their assets while directing its military firepower. This means keeping ordinary Americans poor and politically impotent while conducting trillion-dollar military operations overseas, which is a hard sell. The aristocrats engage that hard sell on a daily basis using the mass media corporations which they own. And they do so successfully.

Americans are surrounded by screens which promote capitalism and consumerism for eight-minute stretches between commercial breaks promoting capitalism and consumerism. If you ever get a bit uncomfortable about the expensive planes dropping expensive bombs on people who make less money in their lifetimes than the military explosives used to kill them, just turn on any of the screens you own and there will be a talking head ready to explain to you why you’re just imagining silly things in that ditzy little head of yours. Relax. Don’t worry. Uncle Sam has got everything under control. Uncle Sam loves you. Uncle Sam knows what’s best.

America is too important to be left in the hands of the Americans. If you ever wonder why America is behaving in a strange way, that is always the explanation: America is too important to be left in the hands of the Americans. The intelligence agencies, military firepower and massive economic influence that is wielded by anyone who exerts control over the US government are such valuable tools that there’s no limit to the horrible things that aristocratic manipulators will do to secure it. This includes pummeling ordinary Americans with mass media psyops day in and day out to manufacture their consent for agendas which do not benefit them. While this is an effective way to control how Americans think and vote, it also makes them more than a little crazy.

This is why there is an opiate epidemic in America. This is why white supremacy is becoming more brazen. This is why every few weeks an American grabs a gun and kills as many of his countrymen as possible. Because of their nation’s strategic significance, Americans are the most aggressively propagandized people in the tight alliance of nations that comprises the western empire. But there’s only so far you can twist a mind away from truth before it snaps. There’s only so much you can do to convince a populace that mass murder is perfectly fine overseas before someone gets the idea that it’s perfectly fine at home, too.

Americans are in their nature as compassionate and generous a people as you will ever meet anywhere else on earth; they’ve just got manipulative sociopaths elbows-deep in their minds conducting psyops all the time, and it makes them a bit weird. But their good-naturedness is evident in the fact that even the propaganda used to manipulate them into consenting to depraved war agendas is always meant to exploit their caring and compassion: it’s always about saving children from a monstrous dictator, or spreading freedom and democracy. Americans are blasted in the face with so many hero narratives from Hollywood and television that this makes perfect sense to them, and of course they want their military to do something heroic and save those poor kids. Even the sick things they consent to are rooted in basic good intentions. America is a country full of decent people with propaganda boxes around their brains.

Propaganda is what makes America America. Without the endless aristocratic influence campaigns convincing Americans that economic injustice is economic justice, that war is humanitarian, that insanity is sanity, and that their government is acting with their best interests at heart, the nation would be unrecognizable. America is a psyop wearing a cowboy hat.

Vast, sprawling aristocratic kingdoms have been built upon the manipulation of the American psyche. If those brain boxes ever get shucked off, those kingdoms will necessarily collapse, and a new world will emerge. Because those brain boxes are made of lies and manipulation, the new world which emerges will necessarily be better and healthier. Health and harmony are born of truth.

It is not okay that the aristocracy keeps warping and brutalizing the American psyche. It is not okay that they use their power and influence to advance inequality and war. Americans need only to turn around and face their manipulators and tormenters for this all to end. Once you’ve seen the puppeteer, the puppet show is ruined.

Keep pointing at those strings, oh clear-eyed rebels. This fight is very winnable. The spells holding the deception together can be broken. America belongs in the hands of the Americans. Americans can take America.


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24 responses to “America”

  1. Re: ” We’re not all that bad! And that same managed perception is being plastered in many other country’s with the same god dam results! But go ahead, lay it all on us.”

    Of course you’re not all bad and of course we’re all plastered with the same managed perception, BUT America is the hegemon, the only one with 800 military bases around the world. By contrast, Britain, France and Russia have about 30 foreign bases combined.

    Criticism of the American state isn’t criticism of the American people, William. As Caitlin observed: “…their good-naturedness is evident in the fact that even the propaganda used to manipulate them into consenting to depraved war agendas is always meant to exploit their caring and compassion: it’s always about saving children from a monstrous dictator, or spreading freedom and democracy. ” The shit the US state does is done TO the American people, not BY them, they suffer greatly for it and the only way they can make it stop is by being aware of it.

    1. Many of us are are aware of it. It’s not like the oligarch are only here in the US holding us down. Look at Russia and Europe! I just watched a video of Pay Jay with Prof. Alexandr Buzgalin explain the same structure there we have. Look at Europe which is presently moving to the right and in the process of taking from their people the same aspects of life and government we deal with. While all these asshat governments are working together against all of us, the only nation getting wagged at is ours. Yea, sorry, but you can’t get on social media and complain about a deep state and their owned establishment politicians and then only claim one nation needs to wake up. This needs to be a global cause! We’re not the “hegemon”, that’s simply part of the illusion of us being used.

  2. Excellent Article! As a propagandized citizen of the American realm, your thoughts capture things well. That said, living within the boarders full time is worse than any prose can capture. As the Eagles aptly said in Hotel California, “You can check-out any time you like But you can never leave!”

  3. Nicely done.

  4. Caitlin, If you would be so kind to contact me, I’d like to create a political board game based on your thoughts from this article.

  5. Hi Caitlin,
    I loved this piece! I had just read this from Emily Heath, and found them strikingly similar;
    I thought you may enjoy it.

    The Joyful River and the Road of Resistance
    Emily C. Heath

    July 14, 2018

    “The earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it,
    the world, and those who live in it;
    for God has founded it on the seas,
    and established it on the rivers.” – Psalm 24:1-2

    On the Monday of the week when this country reached the point of literal children being held in literal cages at the US/Mexico border (or at least became aware of it), I found myself fly fishing on a river near another border: the Canadian one.

    As I had driven north from my home, I passed a Border Patrol checkpoint on the interstate. Each southbound car was being pulled over and each passenger asked about their citizenship status. I drove on, knowing my driver’s license and passport card were safely tucked into my wallet, and that I could pass by easily.

    Standing in the river later that day, I felt the weight of privilege press in on me. I didn’t have to worry about borders. I have not (yet) been threatened with my own cage. I had the means and resources to take a few days away from my work in order to do nothing more than fish. I would return to a comfortable home and the loving embrace of (for now) legally-recognized family.

    I felt guilty that in a time when there is so much pain, I should have so much comfort. And yet, as I looked out at the river, rolling by me in a never-ending current, and at the trees and sky, and even at the beautiful colors of the rainbow trout I released back into icy-cold waters, I felt something else too: joy. God’s creation is too beautiful to not appreciate when we see it, and too awe-inspiring to not be taken seriously as well.

    So much of surviving in this difficult time depends on our ability to be able to sustain ourselves for the work yet to come. There is enough work to do to keep us occupied every minute of every day. And yet, if we burn out now, in the early innings, the powers of oppression and death will prevail well before the game is over.

    By Wednesday morning I was back at the work of “resisting the powers of oppression and evil” as our baptismal vows read. I did my work with a renewed mind and body, and a spirit full of courage and faith. I’d like to think that I did better work for the fact I’d had a little rest and a little joy.

    This will be a long journey of resistance. We are going to need everyone for every step of the way. Do the things that let you keep marching. Take the trip. Take the nap. Take pleasure in the joyful things you love. They will help you to keep going, and they will remind you that God is always with us, on the seas, on the rivers, and everywhere.


    God, in the midst of the toughest days, may I still find glimpses of joy. Amen.

    dd-emilyheath.jpg ABOUT THE AUTHOR
    Emily C. Heath is the Senior Pastor of The Congregational Church in Exeter (New Hampshire) and the author most recently of Courageous Faith: How to Rise and Resist in a Time of Fear.
    United Church of Christ · 700 Prospect Ave, Cleveland, OH 44115, United States
    This email was sent to To stop receiving emails, click here.

    Copyright © 2018 UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST

  6. Solid article as ever, but the supposed increase of ‘white supremacy’ is as much propaganda as down with Russia etc. Not wanting open borders or historical statues knocked down doesn’t equate to a growing philosophy that whites are better than everyone else.

    As you said yourself Caitlin, the establishment uses anything to divide us and fallacies like the US is more racist than, say 50 years ago, is just another way of turning differences into divisions.

  7. Ralph Stewart Sr Avatar
    Ralph Stewart Sr

    Great article Kaitlin, everything you said is so true. However, money has crippled our govt to no end. Even our Supreme Court has become politicized, if not, the justices wouldn’t always rule along political lines.

    I highly recommend this test for you and our country! After you get well known through your writings, run for Congress. I am willing to bet that before your first term is up, the aristocrats will have already bought you off and you will do like the others in Congress and vote as your party tells you, instead of what is best for your constituents.

    If I happen to be wrong and you don’t give in to their big money, then you will be labeled a nut case and they will talk about how nutty you are, like they do Berny Sanders! GIVE IT A TRY!! However, when you take that first payoff, please remember this comment!

  8. Where does the picture at the head of this article come from and what’s the symbolism?

  9. John B. Turner Avatar
    John B. Turner

    A friendly suggestion: The USA is the USA, a part of North America linked to South America and part of the Americas, I think. The USA is not all of the geographical or geopolitical area which is implied by America.
    I find it more accurate to say USA than America to describe the United States of America, and less confusing. While the USA loves to think it of America as all of its own. We don’t have to go along with that delusion of grandeur.

    1. Carolyn Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn Zaremba

      I agree with you. America consists of North America (Canada, The U.S., and Mexico), Central America, and South America. Yes, many people forget that Mexico is in North America. I mean, shit, I live in California, which used to BE Mexico.

    2. Yes , and we should set about correcting the error in historical documents ASAP. I’ll get us started :
      O beautiful for spacious skies,
      For amber waves of grain,
      For purple mountain majesties
      Above the fruited plain!
      USA! USA!
      God shed His grace on thee
      And crown thy good with brotherhood
      From sea to shining sea!
      And music-hearted sea!

  10. Janet Zampieri Avatar
    Janet Zampieri

    Yes, let’s win this fight against these arrogant aristocrats! Many of us have fallen down the rabbit hole and found out how the world is really run, from one method or another. For me, it was researching what really happened on 9/11 and learning of the evil that has taken over this country and this world since the covert coup that occurred when JFK as assassinated. As Lee Camp, another great peaceful progressive, says in his email closings, Keep Fighting!

  11. I was accused of being a Libertarian….

    My answer would of been I’m not a Libertarian.
    Libertarians support a minimum government with a limited Constitution.
    I’m an anarchist.
    I support no government with no Constitution.
    I am my own authority.
    I obey no strangers.
    I am a free person.

    Disobedience is the foundation of freedom.


    Now, the chorus line, everyone, all together:


    Which begs the follow questions to him…

    Do you obey strangers? If so, why?
    What if a stranger told you to stick that telephone pole up your ass?
    Would you do it?
    What if that stranger made it a law?
    What if that stranger threatened you with a gun?
    Would you bend over and take it up the ass?

    If so, are you are coward?

    If true, then that is the fundamental difference between me and you.

    I would rather die free, than live a slave.
    Freedom is that important to me.
    Life without freedom as a slave obeying strangers is worse than being dead and being free.

    It essentially comes down to cowardice.
    People support statism because they are fucking cowards.
    And that’s it. There is no way around it. When you challenge
    them that their participation is not voluntary, and to start breaking
    the rules, you see the cowardice bleed out all over the place…

    I mean, we are all born cowards to some degree.
    Its just that some of us, grow up…
    and get mean, and would kill an stronger enemy that threatened us, rather than be ruled.

    1. Carolyn Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn Zaremba

      I’m a Marxist. I do not support capitalism in any way. Anarchism just elevates the individual above society. That’s exactly what Margaret Thatcher meant when she said “There is no such thing as society.” And she was the Tory of all Tories. Socialism, on the other hand, elevates the idea that individuals are obligated to contribute to their society and make it a place where everyone can live well and in peace. No room for greed and selling one’ soul for the almighty dollar.

  12. Her she goes about America again! I love Caitlins articles, well she’s spot on, for the most part. I even post most of her articles in my group, Out of the Illusion, at But I think I could write about her country and tie them right in with the aristocratic influence she’s pointing directly at us. She’s even admitted as much, though it’s rare. I could even go towards all of the westernized parts of Europe. If she thinks they are all in the US, she’s contradicting a lot of her talking points! Lets look at the UK for a moment. Like today! Protest out the ass nationwide! Sure they’re all bitching about Trump’s words and actions the past 2 days. But what is really going on over there? May’s been on the hot seat and about to be walked to the political guillotine over the past few months. Well Trump’s done what may be a quite miraculous intentional brilliant maneuver of putting her back in favor of the populous. See, I don’t fall for the dog and pony show Trump puts on about and towards the other country’s. They’re all in on it together and have been since WWI, at least. Some people can tie this shit back to the industrial age birth with the bankers, railroad, and shipping giants. Let’s not forget who the biggest empire builder was before America seen white people! Gee, who was that!?! But go ahead, make all us Americans seem like brainless twits wrapped up in the managed perception of their cohort MSM. We’re not all that bad! And that same managed perception is being plastered in many other country’s with the same god dam results! But go ahead, lay it all on us.

    1. Susan Mercurio Avatar
      Susan Mercurio

      It’s not “populous” – it’s “populace.”

      1. Wonderful! Thank you for that. No one would have known what I was saying.

  13. I’m glad to see your finished with your acid trip. Lovely article you hit it to a tee. You all have a nice Peacefull day.

  14. Avatar

    Knee bent ( I do not do TV ) What color r u ? Why?

  15. geoffreyskoll Avatar

    Clearly, the Russians and Chinese never halted their aggression again us (US) us. Of course, Ginsberg saw it all. Not only did he levitate the Pentagon, but he knew it would never stop. Rocky and Bullwinkle need Boris and Natasha.

    1. I have the formula for exorcising the Pentagon. The Witches march October 20-21 and will make it vibrate, and turn purple, and the evil will flee.

  16. Alexander Legault Avatar
    Alexander Legault

    “America you don’t really want to go to war. America its them bad Russians. Them Russians them Russians and them Chinamen. And them Russians. The Russia wants to eat us alive. ” Allen Ginsberg From “America” 1956

    1. I was thinking of that exact poem as I was reading Caity’s post, especially when I got to “America is a psyop wearing a cowboy hat.”

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