When I was a little girl I used to end all my nightly prayers with the words, “And please no nuclear war, and peace on earth. Amen.” This was in the early eighties. The knowledge that weapons existed armed and ready which could annihilate all life on earth, including my Mum and my Dad and everyone I loved, kept me up at night.

I still marvel at the fact that these weapons exist, just as armed and just as ready, and we just go about our lives like it’s perfectly normal. They’re even more prone to malfunction than they were back then, because so many parts of the system are much older now. All it would take is something failing to work the way it’s meant to or somebody making a mistake or miscommunication that hadn’t been adequately anticipated and prepared for, and it could set into motion a chain of events from which there is no coming back. We’ve already come within a hair’s breadth of nuclear annihilation on more than one occasion due to such occurrances, and yet people still act like preventing that from ever happening isn’t the single most important priority for our entire species.

In the days leading up to the Helsinki summit between leaders of Russia and the United States, an open letter titled “Common Ground: For Secure Elections and True National Security” was published and signed by experts, activists and scholars ranging from Noam Chomsky to Gloria Steinem to Daniel Ellsberg to Michael Moore. Part of the letter reads as follows:

“At the same time, the US and Russian governments show numerous signs of being on a collision course. Diplomacy has given way to hostility and reciprocal consular expulsions, along with dozens of near-miss military encounters in Syria and in skies above Europe. Both sides are plunging ahead with major new weapons-development programs. In contrast to prior eras, there is now an alarming lack of standard procedures to keep the armed forces of both countries in sufficient communication to prevent an escalation that could lead to conventional or even nuclear attack. These tensions are festering between two nations with large quantities of nuclear weapons on virtual hair-trigger alert; yet the current partisan fixations in Washington are ignoring the dangers to global stability and, ultimately, human survival.”

All of this is completely true. You can perhaps understand why, then, when #TreasonSummit became the top trend on Twitter during the Helsinki summit, little 1983 Caitlin Johnstone wanted to punch everyone spouting that moronic bullshit right in the fucking nose.

Though you’ll never hear American mass media talking about it on either MSNBC or Fox News because it doesn’t fit the narrative on either side, Trump has actually dangerously escalated cold war tensions with Russia far beyond anything his predecessor dared to do. From adopting a Nuclear Posture Review with greatly increased aggression toward Russia and blurring lines between when nuclear strikes are and are not appropriate, to facilitating the longstanding neoconservative agenda to arm Ukraine (a dangerously hawkish move which Obama adamantly refused to do), to repeatedly bombing the Syrian government and  killing Russians in Syria as part of its illegal occupation of that country, to throwing out Russian diplomats on more than one occasion, to expanding NATO with the addition of Montenegro, to aggressive sanctions on Russian oligarchs and more, this administration has inflamed tensions along multiple fronts and increased the probability of something going disastrously, irrevocably wrong.

Whether the US president has been doing these things because that was his plan all along, or because he is beholden to powers which wish to advance such agendas, or because he’s caving to political pressures from his opponents in order to avoid accusations of treason, is a question that’s open for debate. Personally, I do not care. What matters is the fact that these escalations are there, and that they need to be scaled down, and that I shouldn’t have to share a fucking planet with anyone who thinks otherwise.

Opposing talks which could lead to de-escalations between the two countries who own almost all of the nuclear warheads in the world is inexcusable and unforgivable. I don’t care if you’re dumb enough to swallow the US intelligence community’s still completely unsubstantiated claims of Russian hacking. I don’t care if you think Trump is bought and owned by Vladimir Putin. Even if both of those things were true, there would still be no excuse for opposing peace talks in a dangerously escalating new cold war. None.

Communication and understanding in this situation is an objectively good thing. This meeting with Russia’s leader, which all US presidents have done for many decades, is an objectively good thing. If you have joined in the campaign to help shove the tide of opinion away from peace and toward nuclear holocaust, you are making yourself an enemy of humanity. You have become so warped and demented by your hatred of Donald Trump that it has made a part of you less human.

I despise Donald Trump and everything he stands for, and I despise everything that created him. I hate that I have to know his fucking name. But he is the only President of the United States right now, and he is in a unique position to help steer us away from the iceberg and avoid a confrontation that everyone on earth should want to avoid. Any possibility of that happening, however remote, should be supported.

Only assholes and morons oppose these peace talks. If you want to help steer this ship into the iceberg of nuclear holocaust, then I want you thrown overboard. Get a fucking grip, you raving lunatics. Stop this. Stop this immediately.


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90 responses to “Peace Talk Between Nuclear Superpowers Offends America’s Assholes And Morons”

  1. Port Huron Statement of the Students for a Democratic Society, 1962
    Still the most eloquent and complete statement of what needs to be done. Read it and weep: what progress has really been made since then?

  2. FYI anti-war activists:
    Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) denounced the two leaders’ public appearance as ”an embarrassing spectacle,” and ripped Trump in particular for failing to ”make clear that interference in our elections is unacceptable.”

    1. This is why I am distrustful of Sanders even though he talks nice about domestic issues. He’s either clueless about foreign policy or he’s a Pied Piper candidate.

  3. There must be an end to this insane arms race, and very soon. There is no way this situation could come to a good end. Whoever is able to make peace between Russia and the US is destined to be a hero, and it doesn’t matter who it is. Forget personalities. Forget politics. Forget about New Cold War rhetoric. Forget about all the stupid things Trump is doing in other areas. Trump was right when he “I would rather take a political risk in pursuit of peace than to risk peace in pursuit of politics.” That’s a statement of a profile in courage on a par with a quote from the eloquent JFK.

    1. This is why I think Caitlin was absolutely correct in using coarse language in this editorial. Somebody needs to scare the fuck out of us to wake us up out of our stupor to realize what a catastrophe we are facing, in spite of the media mass hysteria we are being blasted with. It may be a nice sunny day in our neighborhood right now but at any moment that could change forever. War is not an option we can consider. It’s only “two minutes to midnight.”

    2. As far as the U.S. is concerned, the arms race ended with the cold war. Nuclear stockpiles have been significantly reduced. Maybe we should be concerned with proliferation and abandon a cold war mentality. We must find ways to make nukes undesirable to nations. Trade embargos, diplomatic pressure can only go so far. Ultimately it is up to the people to change the leadership.

  4. I think to some extant this is not about Russia
    – The MIC needs a worthy bogey man and distraction from the ongoing train wreck in the middle east.
    – The DNC needs a distraction from revelations re. the DNC
    – The globalists need an excuse to undermine Trump
    – John McCane is insane (we need a count-down clock in Times Square)

    on the converse
    Russia has thwarted US designs in several areas
    – Ukraine/Crimea (Oil)
    – Syria (Oil)
    – Europe/Nordstream2 (Oil)
    – …

    I suspect that Putty is not completely dis-satisfied with the state of U.S. government, but is he *really* to blame for that? I think not. And blaming the wrong party only exacerbates the problem really.

    1. Agreed on the first list of our bs excuses. On the second list we are in the wrong on each count. Russia was right to oppose US overthrow of democratically elected Ukraine supporting the Neo-Nazi puppets the US installed on Russias southern flank. They were absolutely right to help the overwhelming Russian minority in Crimea democratically vote themselves peacefully out of the new Nazi Ukraine. We have no business overthrowing Russia’s ally Syria. The US is provoking war with Russia by encircling them with nukes. That’s idiocy. The US is wrong. The Russians aren’t provoking war. They need peace. We are driving this conflict to the brink, and we need to stop. Trump did a very good thing.

  5. Walk away, darling, walk away…

  6. This link is off-topic for this post, but I wanted to share this information and did not see where else I could do that on the site. So …


    Considering the flack Caitlin has taken for suggesting we should cultivate strategic alliances with folks who don’t line up with our own politics 100%, I thought the possibility that Rand Paul would stop the Kavanaugh nomination might offer some satisfying vindication.

  7. “Blessed are the peacemakers.” What else needs to be said? If Kennedy and Khrushchev had listened to this pack of pro-war bastards back in 1961 the world would be a much different place. A radioactive burned and charred hellhole where the new dark ages would be in full swing.

    1. You’re right, Rocketman.
      Again, in case you missed my earlier post, watch this, which supports what you said:
      The problem now is to stay on the same direction Trump started and not be deviated by the war hawks. If they are pushed, I think it’s inevitable that they will try to stage a truly terrifying false flag attack worse than 911 attempting to incriminate Russia to head peace off.

  8. Jonathan Myers Avatar
    Jonathan Myers

    “But he is the only President of the United States right now, and he is in a unique position to help steer us away from the iceberg and avoid a confrontation that everyone on earth should want to avoid. Any possibility of that happening, however remote, should be supported.”

    Nope. Blind allegiance is not beneficial to anyone, morons and assholes included. He has taken the position of distancing us from actions to address climate change, amped up the nuclear arms race rhetoric, and is taking actions that are, by definition, treasonous. The idea that, “but, but maybe he can do good! We need to support him!” is frankly ridiculous. Judge him based on his actions, not on his title.

    Also, the irony of using an iceberg in that metaphor…

  9. I nominate this article for:

    BEST TITLE of 2018 !!

    In the pathetic world of way too many calling themselves, ‘journalists’ while never actually performing the duties of such, it’s awesome to see a provocative title that’s actually TRUE!

    Her point is well made.

    The only issue I have is the bone she throws the ‘Anti-War Left,’ with:
    “I despise Donald Trump and everything he stands for, and I despise everything that created him. I hate that I have to know his fucking name.”


    Next to Bushes, Obama, and Clintons – he’s a Saint…

    1. Awesome tweak of Caitlins otherwise excellent essay.
      Honestly I am glad to see the manifestation of conservative support for peace and rational conduct – there is common ground.

  10. Well stated, Caitlin.
    History may chortle at the paradox that the lying, ignorant buffoon who was duly elected as our president, and who added $200 billion to our already-bloated military budget, does in the end steer us away from nuclear conflict.
    If so, I will raise a Fosters to celebrate that paradox.

    1. I think it’s cause for celebration enough that this meeting actually finally happened.

    2. I have a concern that a reporter from The Nation was forcibly removed from the press conference for holding up a small sign saying, “Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.” Why did they have to do that?

  11. Was anyone allowed to witness this private meeting? Why is the White House staff always so non-forthcoming about details? Are we supposed to believe what Putin and Trump say took place in this “one-on-one” tête-à-tête? Why? Is this what peace talks look like? Not in my 60 years of watching the circus. How many private meetings has Trump, and not to mention Republican Congresscritters (on July 4, 2018, no less) had with Putin minions? Everybody is yelling, but nobody really knows what about, except the preposterousness of it all.

    1. Bill, let me explain their “logic” to you. Meetings with Russian people of any kind means treason. You can’t meet with any Russian even for a moment without committing treason. Putin is a Russian! Be very careful not to meet with anyone of Russian descent. Check carefully under your bed at night to be sure you don’t have a Russian hiding under there, hacking into your personal server. Shaking hands with a Russian can be dangerous as well, so be sure you check the backgrounds of anyone you intend to shake hands with before you do. People from DHS and NSA are watching us every moment with facial recognition to be sure we aren’t meeting Russians some time without realizing it. Keep an eye on your spouse as well. She could be having an affair on the side with a…RUSSIAN!

      1. you’re a very “busy boy” here. that’s my observation.

  12. Kurt Eichenwald: “Bottom line: You either support the patriots in our intelligence community…….or you support Putin.You’re either a patriot, a traitor or an idiot. Choose.”
    So I have to decide if I’m a traitor or an idiot. They execute traitors , so I choose “idiot”.
    I may be an idiot , but I’m no dummy.

    1. rodney w ruger Avatar
      rodney w ruger

      False dilemma. Either or. There is an intelligent middle ground. Think, please.

      1. ” False dilemma. Either or. There is an intelligent middle ground. Think, please. ”
        I was about to congratulate you on a piece of satire so masterful that it makes my own attempt at same look amateurish by comparison , then I realized : ” Nope , he’s completely serious. ”
        My sympathies , dude. It must be miserable to be trapped in that head.

    2. Which people in our intelligence community are patriots? What did those patriots do to make them patriots? What are you calling patriotism?
      I think that Ray McGovern is a former CIA agent and patriot in our intelligence community and I support him, for example. He is the head of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, which opposes these phony attacks on Russia, for example.
      McGovern wrote this letter to Trump in advance of the summit. I suggest you read it:
      Are you saying Ray McGovern and Bill Binney are traitors?

      1. Or, let me put it this way. What are some examples of people you would regard as proud present or former “patriots” in our “intelligence” community? How about the following people:
        1. George H.W.Bush
        2. Heinz Kissinger
        3. Zbignew Brzezinski
        4. Anderson Cooper
        5. Valerie Plame
        6. Jeb Bush
        The list goes on. Which ones would you choose and what did they do to prove themselves? Could any of these people have committed war crimes and been indicted by an international tribunal for such? Just give us an idea. Go ahead.

      2. Or maybe try this: If someone in the “intelligence” community was able to incite a nuclear war with Russia and destroy the world and everyone above ground in the US, would you call that “patriotism?” Would that make him a “patriot?” Think carefully before answering.
        If you say yes, you’re certifiably insane. If you say yes, you must be a Nazi. If you say yes, you must have worshiped Hitler.

    3. “…the patriots in our intelligence community…”

      HAHAHAHAHAHA! You must have to use one of those super-duper microscopes — the ones that show up parasites on fleas — to find patriots in the surveillance industry.

  13. “Only assholes and morons oppose these peace talks”. Only assholes and morons support Trump – on anything. The man is a fucking trainwreck. But now he has committed treason against the United States (surprise, surprise – not me) for refusing to accept the assessment of the entire US intelligence findings that Russia DID in fact meddle with the US election. He has publicly sided with Russia on this and has refused the expert assessment of US intelligence agencies. He is now IMPEACHABLE and removable from office – so if “they” don’t do this now, then they too are complicit with treasonous activities.

    1. John, you have the colors exactly reversed. It’s the intelligence agencies, the CIA, NSA, and many others, who are the traitors. they are in the service of the war machine, Wall Street, and Israel and against the people of the US and the planet.

      1. That’s very true, David.

    2. Get a grip, John. You’re talking partisan-speak. Did you fail to notice that Mueller proffered no evidence for his latest Russo indictment? Nor does he ever have to because the accused are not coming to court to answer the charges. The first group to be charged have decided to take Mueller on. Did you hear what the judge said to Mueller about the case. He saw it as a game that was using the court system inappropriately. Neither side, whether repub or demo is on your side John, looking out for you.
      Your task, should you choose to accept it is to figure out what is really going on, and that is not what is being reported

      1. If Russia did anything at all, which I don’t believe, they interfered with the rigging of the election by the Democrats, and for that, if it were true, I thank them. It was the Democrats that interfered with the US election, and they failed. The “entire US intelligence community” is a lie. It’s untrue. It’s a selected group of official speculators that admitted they weren’t certain one way or another. Even FBI admits it had no effect on the election in their indictment. Even the charges made were nothing more than some kind of cyberpranks by lower Russian officials, and we don’t know if it was even authorized or whether there was any proof.
        Hillary Clinton was selected by the elites to become the next president, but we didn’t like her and so we rejected her, based on all the information, including the abuse of confidential documents and her corrupt dealings with the Clinton Foundation. She missed her coronation so now somebody’s got to be blamed, so off with their heads, says Red Queen Hillary. Why not blame Russia? Okay, lets. This is sour grapes that could have easily started a major world war, with nukes. Count me out. I’m breathing a big sigh of relief. Thank God it’s not Hillary there today.
        I may actually have to vote for Trump next time instead of Stein because he listened to Putin, who actually has a lot to say about this.
        We didn’t like Trump either but between these two incompetent duds, Trump seemed the lesser fool. Now that he’s met with Putin, my hat is off to him. Giving peace a chance even if the heads of the official negative nattering nabobs of Washington are exploding in the MSM propaganda organ, is an act of high courage and patriotism. I don’t think Putin is such a bad guy, either. Obama was much, much worse, murdered many more people and nobody called foul.

        1. And for being evil because he allegedly killed people (who, for instance), okay! Let’s talk about the legendary Clinton trail of bodies stretching back decades. The Clinton’s are the junior mafioso partners in the infamous Bush Crime Family, as documented by investigative journalist and author Pete Brewton in 1992.

        2. Lorraine Saint Pierre Avatar
          Lorraine Saint Pierre

          Trump may be a lot of things, but he is not a fool.

        3. ” I don’t think Putin is such a bad guy, either.”

          Hoo boy.
          Whatever you say after that is pretty much irrelevant.

          1. So tell me, what has Putin done that is bad? Support your argument with proven facts.

            1. Prove to me that Putin has not done anything that is “so bad”. Support your argument with alternative facts.

    3. It would be nice to believe what our government tells us, but unfortunately they lie. https://www.sott.net/article/387702-We-are-all-still-waiting-for-evidence-of-a-Russian-hack This is one of many if you want to follow the links in this particular article.

  14. AriusArmenian Avatar

    Caitlin said it well.
    This CIA/MI6 operation for Cold War v2 is as dangerous as v1.
    Thank god Putin and his advisers are sane.
    Trump is unpredictable but more dangerous yet are the neocon and neolib warmongers near Trump.

    1. There are many, many things that Trump has done that I do not like, such as appointing Gina Haspel to the head of the CIA, and many others. But if those outrages were crumbs he had to throw to the official psychotics in Washington to be able to go to Moscow to listen to Putin and back off from the nuclear confrontation, that mends all cracks with me. Trump may have succeeded where even General Eisenhower failed, in reining in the Military-Industrial Complex in 1959 trying to establish lasting peace through Khrushchev, which was scuttled by the downing of Gary Power’s U-2 spyplane as a result of leaks of radar data from the US (LHO maybe?). These war hawks will do anything to avoid peace, even if it means violating the Logan Act.

  15. rodney w ruger Avatar
    rodney w ruger

    Attempts at conciliation always beat violence. Politics prevents such attempts as we have seen repeatedly. Trying to avoid violence without giving up root principles and attempts to make a non-enemy from an enemy are, to many cowboy Americans, signs of being a wuss, “libtard” or homosexual.

    Movies, video games, the media, TV, race-hating cults, the NRA, etc. promote violent responses to recalcitrant bad guys. The predominate propaganda in the U.S. is that most foreigners or minorities consist of bad guys. Selling violence to the hoi polloi in the U.S. is easier than selling soda and fast food.

    Violence and preparations for violence return big bucks to our war industry and its supporters in Congress. History shows us that it has always been so. We like to think that we fight for ideas and ideals, good rationalizations, both. Who would not prefer to think they kill for an idea rather than for thrills and bloodlust?

  16. I am old enough to recall the getting under your desk drills in 3rd grade during the Cuban missile crisis. While aware of the threat of nuclear war, I had no real existential angst over it. I suppose it’s my fatalistic streak. The only thing I fretted over was hoping if it happened it would happen when the family was together at home. While not agreeing with you on many things there is much I appreciate in your written work. If I would rather die than truck with someone with whom I disagree on other issues I most likely will get that chance. Your voice is important and I look forward to hearing more from you on the really critical issues we face.

  17. Chomsky won’t touch 911 or Russia-gate. Liberal gatekeeper is what they’re calling him now. He’s not 100%

  18. Michael Weddington Avatar
    Michael Weddington

    I agree with the sentiment and would like to share this piece but I’m afraid it would totally alienate my liberal friends who have bought into this.

    1. Michael, take that chance. They need to hear it.

    2. So alienate, already! If they’re such dweebs, who needs them anyway?

  19. I am unsubscribing to Caitlin Johnstone after this article. I don’t like her adolescent foul-mouth. That is not writing. Plus, if she “fucking hates” Trump, she’s in the same camp as all the mentally-deficients suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome. The last thing I want to read is another ignorant fool uninfirmed of history and suffering from TDS. Good riddance.

    1. Pathetic virgin ears. Chaste vocabulary substituted for reasoning.

      1. Don’t you know that lies are far less offensive than four-letter words which tell the truth?

    2. rodney w ruger Avatar
      rodney w ruger

      Please list the reasons you support Trump. Use facts, please.

      1. Don’t expect courageous facts to be posted by “Mike C” because he’s too cowardly to back up his claims. Anyone that fosters a meme called “Trump Derangement Syndrome” is mentally unstable themselves. And the Trump fans do not have facts, they have “belief” in the invisible, magical and fairy-tale imagination of who and what Trump really is. The rest of the thinking world has facts, history, evidence – we know exactly what he is and now after today’s “performance” with Putin – he’s revealed it to the entire world.

        1. John, since you have such privileged insight, why not share some of your “facts” with us, to educate the unenlightened supporting your allegations. I haven’t seen anything so far but vague unsupported generalities and defamations in your comments. Tell us. Be specific this time. I promise to listen.

          1. JRGJRG – you’re a blabbermouth – pretending to know what you don’t, etc., constantly trying to influence the narrative, seeking attention, etc., so “educating” your idiocy would be hardly worthwhile. And it is not my job – this is something YOU are supposed to be doing, but instead, you’re constantly running your mouth off. Everything you need to know about Trump has been written – read it. Watch all the videos too (that you can) and especially those coming out today – he’s already desperately trying to backpeddle on his traitorous comments and inactions on Russia. It’s plain as day you’ve all been had by this con man.

            1. Just as I suspected. A Troll Academy dropout.

      2. Fact #1. He listened to Putin.
        Fact #2. He is giving peace a chance with Russia
        Fact #3. He is bucking the official establishment lies

        Need I say more?

      3. 1. He went to talk to Putin and he listened
        2. He’s giving peace a chance
        3. He’s bucking corrupt official war profiteers
        4. I think if he keeps practicing as president and keeps listening to the wrong people he might eventually figure it all out.

        1. rodney w ruger Avatar
          rodney w ruger

          Agree that those are supportable Trump initiatives. I did not ask you, however.

          1. I didn’t ask you for permission to speak either, dummy.

      4. You are missing my point. My post isn’t about whether Trump is good or bad. My point is that, as Aristotle said, ad hominem attack is the lowest form of argument, the worst logical fallacy of all. You don’t go to court and ask the judge to rule in your favor because “Your honor, we hate the Defendants. They are ass holes, your honor. ” Ad hominem attack is Saul Alinsky’s tactic but it isn’t a substitute for making logical, reasoned points based on actual information. Trump has been very hard on Russia if you look at the facts. Has expelled numerous diplomats, increased sanctions, a number of other things. I personally think that is wrong because we should make Russia an ally, not an enemy. We have a lot in common with Russia. But that is my own personal opinion to which people don’t have to agree. I am sick of the name-calling that has taken over common discourse. Emotion now trumps reason. It is lunacy. I am done with this website by looking at the immature posts. I won’t be back.

        1. I agree. We should never forget that 28 million of Russia’s people were killed defeating the Nazis and Japs in winning WWII for us. Whatever their government was, we owe the brave Russian people a lot. Our civilian and military losses were only a small fraction of theirs.

          We should be friends and respect them. We need them as partners in peace. War is unthinkable and must be abolished. We cannot hope to dominate the world. It would never be a good thing. We must embrace peace if there ever is to be a future.

    3. Sue Gianstefani Avatar
      Sue Gianstefani

      Complaining about foul language in an article warning of the real danger of the destruction of the planet is what I would call straining at gnats and swallowing camels.

      1. When the truth hits too close to home – run for the exit (Mike C).

      2. Use of the word “fuck” is virtually mandatory if you want to be considered tough and edgy, especially for women. Caitlin is simply following the new rules.

      3. Isn’t it though? What kind of prurient adolescence is that?! Fuck is an ordinary English word everyone knows. I doubt anyone has to look it up in an unabridged dictionary. In the middle of a conversation about nuclear war and peace some kind of infantile mind calls out to embark on a vocabulary debate! Like saying people who use bad words are wrong. If it’s in the dictionary, it’s a word.

        1. Think about it. Everyone here is the result of a fuck.

    4. She’s clearly not suffering from TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) since she supports him against the deep state, and supports some of his policies (including his apparent attempts to make peace with Russia). And I think she’s using “foul language” to communicate the intensity of her feelings.

  20. Somebody is, and has been, making a lot of money!

    The 2018 Pentagon budget already totals $647 billion — four times what China ($175 billion), second in global military spending, shells out and more than the next 12 countries combined, seven of them American allies. For good measure, Donald Trump has added an additional $200 billion to projected defense expenditures through 2019. The defense budget of the Russian Federation, the Pentagon’s bogeyman in chief, is only $69.6 billion annually.

  21. The last time tbe Saudis attacked the US was with high jacked airplanes ….. some tactical nukes would have made them much more effective.

    1. There were no planes. There was a highjacking but It wasn’t the Saudis. It was a complete hoax. You’re not up to speed yet. Keep studying.

      1. Marty Crabneck Avatar
        Marty Crabneck

        Since the 3 towers couldn’t have been brought down with planes (or an office fire), it doesn’t really matter how real those planes were, no?

  22. Charlotte Splane Avatar
    Charlotte Splane

    Caitlin, I dont really want to know your name or share this planet with you, but I guess I have to. I read your columns, essays, and my President Trump is in the best position now to help us all. Jeep this in mind. I will share my Pres’s abilities with you.

    1. Wow – you’re disconnect from the real world and what is unfolding is startling in its naivety. Trump isn’t “helping” anyone, anywhere. This is why he is so hated in this country and throughout the entire rest of the world. But you’ll go on believing in your fantasy until it comes horribly crashing down on you and everyone else, of that I’m quite sure, because if you cannot see it now, you never will.

      1. Please help me to understand –
        Is Trump hated in this country? By what measure?
        If so, why?

      2. Marty Crabneck Avatar
        Marty Crabneck

        Actually, he’s not universally hated. In western mainstream media, yes. But pretty much everywhere else, they see him for what he is. Lookie here, for instance:

  23. Thomas Welter Avatar
    Thomas Welter

    Normally, i like your stuff. we are coming from the same place other than i did not grow up worried about nuclear destruction, i had to concentrate on the immediate stuff like surviving an alcoholic/rage inflicted father. i envy your position. Although we don’t see eye to eye on this one. Fuck both of the oligarchs now running both countries!
    Trump is a traitor as Putin is. It will be decided soon

  24. Peter Webster Avatar
    Peter Webster

    Before allowing emotion and ad hominem overwhelm critical judgment, check out what these two analysts have to say:
    If it were some less reliable observers, the conclusions might be ignored. But Raimondo and Meyssan have continually penetrated much of the neocon-emitted smoke and fog that enshrouds current events while others have been blinded by it.

  25. I like what you say, Caitlin, but very much dislike the premise of the open letter. The signatories seem to accept that Russia might have interfered in the US election which somewhat detracts from the other fine sentiments they expressed. I’m surprised and disappointed that Chomsky, whose reputation was built upon knowing the FACTS about geopolitical manoeverings, seems to have swallowed the Russia/hack propaganda.

    1. Chomsky won’t touch 911 or Russia-gate. Liberal gatekeeper is what they’re calling him now. He’s not 100%

      1. Marty Crabneck Avatar
        Marty Crabneck

        He’s been very explicit about that russia crap. And he’s never attacked anyone for not believing the official 911 fairytale.

        1. Chomsky implies that 911 Truth is a wacko conspiracy theory and besides it is “irrelevant,” and a “distraction.” He follows the same lines as Amy Goodman and Howard Zinn. Gatekeepers. “Modified limited hangout”: Tell the truth but never tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

    2. I signed the letter, mostly so I could add a comment about the absurdity of Russian interference in U.S. elections. Scheer at Truthdig did a very good article about the letter published in The Nation, that Democratic Party organ.

    3. Marty Crabneck Avatar
      Marty Crabneck

      It’s true, Russia might have interfered. Just like the other 192 countries or the vatican. Not very likely but still possible. And:

      Chomsky: The Russia Hysteria Is A Joke

  26. Now that was good, Caitlin. I agree with everything in that piece. It’s nuclear terror time.
    We are closer to nuclear war than we were even during the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis and yet nobody’s talking about it. I’ve been scared to death over this for years. Instead of disarming, Obama launched a program to modernize our nuclear arsenal to improve tactical nukes to make them more likely to be used. You didn’t notice that we apparently gave nukes to the Saudis to bomb Yemen with, as evidenced by radiation signatures seen in blast videos. Now the Saudis say that if Iran develops a bomb they will also. Jesus fucking Christ, Saudi Arabia with a bomb-making capacity? But there’s evidence the US already gave them some in exchange for Saudi dollars. It’s a horror show.

    1. Excellent comment. And I have heard some thinking people talking about how close we are to nuclear war. It is my understanding that there are plenty of people in our government who want what they term “limited” nuclear war.

      1. I recommend everyone viewing the following very sobering TED talk on what would happen if a nuclear war, even a “limited” nuclear war ever broke out. Making peace must be everyone’s priority #1. Even the elites that fantasize about retiring with their families for a few dozen generations in their underground luxury suites or in their seastead liners (and yes they do think that!) are deluding themselves. Wake up! This is important !

      2. No such thing as a limited nuclear war https://youtu.be/M7hOpT0lPGI

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