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Democrats Who Smear WikiLeaks Are Assisting Trump’s War On The Press

You can’t throw a rock in establishment media circles these days without hitting a hand-wringing empire loyalist who is in the middle of an existential crisis about the US president hurting Jim Acosta’s feelings. They act like Trump saying mean words about mainstream media outlets worth billions of dollars is some kind of horrible, horrifying threat to the very fabric of society against which everyone should be marching in the streets and protesting. Meanwhile this same administration is taking actual steps toward imprisoning a journalist for practicing journalism, and these same empire loyalists are either ignoring it or cheering it on. And I’d just like to have a quick rant about how absolutely deranged that is.

The journalist in question is of course WikiLeaks editor-in-chief Julian Assange. This administration has reportedly been scheming to find a way to charge Assange with crimes since shortly after Trump took office, with Attorney General Jeff Sessions confirming that Assange’s arrest is a priority and President Trump confirming that he’d support Sessions in that endeavor. Trump’s now-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made vitriolic diatribes against WikiLeaks as CIA Director, making headlines by giving the outlet the nonsensical title of “non-state hostile intelligence service.” Trump’s now-National Security Advisor has advocated destroying WikiLeaks with cyber warfare. Vice President Pence visited Ecuador’s President Lenin Moreno and reportedly discussed Assange’s stay at the Ecuadorian embassy, just weeks before news broke that the Moreno government is taking steps to evict Assange from that same embassy and hand him over to British law enforcement where he can be extradited to the United States.

And what are Trump’s political opponents doing about this unparalleled threat to freedom of the press? What are they doing to prevent a prosecution which would set a precedent allowing for any journalist anywhere to be imprisoned for publishing government leaks? Why, they’re attacking its target, of course. They are promoting Trump’s agenda.

This is what has become of the so-called “Resistance”, the astroturf political performance cooked up by David Brock and other Democratic Party manipulators in a ham fisted attempt to harness the revolutionary spirit and enthusiasm of the Bernie Sanders movement and channel it toward bolstering the donkey head of America’s two-headed one-party system. I often see it jokingly referred to on Twitter as #TheAssistance, because it seems like when it comes down to opposing Trump where it actually matters like his military expansionism, Orwellian surveillance powers or trying to imprison journalists, Trump’s ostensible opposition on what is ostensibly the other side of the political aisle is always seen skipping merrily along with him, hand-in-hand. Assistance is certainly a far more accurate label.

Meanwhile whenever someone who actually opposes Trump voices support for Assange or WikiLeaks on any online forum, it isn’t long before comments start flooding in about how Assange is a Russian agent, a rapist, a white supremacist, a pedophile, a fascist, and any other nonsense they can dream up to throw at him. Whenever one of them shows up in my notifications helping Trump manufacture consent for the fascistic agenda of imprisoning a journalist, all I want to say is “Dude. You dropped your MAGA hat.”

Because they absolutely are supporting and facilitating Trump’s agenda. It isn’t an agenda that fits in with either the Fox News narrative or the MSNBC narrative, since Trump supporters are generally supportive of WikiLeaks these days while those who hate Trump generally despise it, but it’s there clear as day whether it fits the partisan narratives or not. Clintonites (and an annoying number of progressives and leftists as well) have been manipulated into blaming WikiLeaks for Trump’s presidency, which due to the raving hysteria that has been injected into the response to this fairly conventional Republican administration makes it easy to spin them as unforgivably evil, but whom does that hurt exactly? Certainly not the Trump administration, which is clearly pulling out all the stops to imprison Assange.

No, attacking and smearing a journalist (and Assange is most certainly a journalist per definition) whom this administration is actively targeting only serves this administration. All you’re doing is lubricating the way for that great leap toward Orwellian dystopia by helping to get the public cheering for something which will make it easier for the US government to imprison journalists who expose government malfeasance. You’re attacking Trump’s enemies for him. You’re cheering on Trump’s depraved agenda, and encouraging others to cheer with you.

So by all means, mock them for this absurd behavior wherever you see it. Whenever you see someone who’s still raging over Hillary Clinton’s loss attacking WikiLeaks, ask them what turned them into such Trump fangirls. Ask them why they’re helping their buddy Trump imprison dissident journalists. On social media, photoshop a MAGA hat onto their profile pic for them to help them better express their support their Based God Emperor. If Democrats are going to help manufacture support for Donald Trump’s agendas, let’s at least make them own it.


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  • Molly Jong-Fasts grandmother is Eda Mirsky. Her cousin is Peter J. Daou is a Democratic strategist who has advised major political figures, including Hillary Clinton, Arlen Specter, and John Kerry. He was described by the New York Times as “one of the most prominent political bloggers in the nation.”

    The Assistance is a few dozen rich family’s and their hangers on its no surprise they support Trump when it suits their interests they are simply virtue signaling elites and self appointed gatekeepers and are replaceable with no cost to the nation.

  • It is SO SO SO gratifying to hear others confirm my view of Assange as a hero. I wish that C.Johnstone was writing not just for the Consortium but for the NYTimes.

    Its hard to get ones arms around how many people in the nation believe the nonsense about Russiagage and the lies about Wikileaks……..but i am truely fearly that there are few and more that, even worse, dont’ even care.

  • The hypocrisy of the professional class in service to power knows no bounds. Thank you Caitlin for calling them on it so well.

    On another but related matter, Thomas Frank, who I admire greatly, says that in some ways he is glad we got this Trump, because he was afraid that things would have set up so that we would have gotten a ‘smart’ Trump, like Ted Cruz, the next time around. Someone who was ruthlessly ambitious and self-absorbed, but knew how to get things done, and how to pull the levers of government in just the right ways.

    News flash, Thomas. That was why so many were put off by Hillary. She was and still is the ‘capable Trump’ in that mix which we were served by the two parties of the moneyed interests.

  • If Assange is grabbed by the Brits for extradition to the US, that event will be/is the ‘deadman switch’ that will unlock the Wikileaks floodgates for all that has been archived. Any bets?

    • Probably a safe bet that Mr Assange has a treasure trove of goodies tucked away for this possibility.

      Now THAT would be newsworthy! Info that would ROCK everyone’s world…

  • These Democrats, and many non-Democrat liberals are not only helping Trump, they are also, and more importantly helping Democratic Party Clintonites, the same who were exposed for election rigging and a few less savory activities.

  • Good Grief!!

    The war on fake news is not a ‘war on the press.’

    “reportedly been scheming” …. And did you REALLY source CfuckingNN Politics as substantiation of this Administration’s targeting Assange?! REALLY?! CNN??? It never ceases to amaze, when those allegedly aware of CNN’s evil actually refer their readers TO CNN for substantiation.

    “the Trump administration, which is clearly pulling out all the stops to imprison Assange”… If such was the case, don’t you think it would have happened already?!

    I’m aware I could be wrong on these points. I do admire/respect Julian Assange. However, others have recently told me that he’s not on board with 9/11 Truth.

    Can anyone shed some light on this for me?! Because, let’s face it, that’s HUGE. And potentially wipes out all credibility…

      • I truly hope you’re wrong about this Administration – or at least Donald Trump?! – seeking to silence Assange. The Prez cannot control all the moving parts, and would likely be misinformed by his staff if they are going after Assange. But it seems outta character for Trump – to want to silence good info.

        The gut feeling I have is that Trump really is going after the Clintonites (including pizzagate) and the SWAMP’s corruption infrastructure, aka Washington DC; and THAT is why he and his support are so relentlessly attacked. The Secret Service may have their toughest assignment yet?!

        It’s tough for me to hear you dis’ Trump when I wish that the rest of the world could understand how much real Americans are so fed up with the Clinton coalition’s decades long dismantling of America, as ‘the press’ enables and glorifies it as progressive and evolved. CNN is a big part of this.

        I appreciate and respect your writing and style, Caity. And truly hope that Assange is what we both believe him to be! But the 9/11 stuff forces me to question if he may also be a savvy ploy.

        Obviously, the official story is a mountain of lies. That being said, I understand if some avoid the topic simply because it may be a life or death choice.

        The war on critical thought is destroying our world… If I could give you one name as MY hero: Professor James Tracy. He’s paying the price for honesty.

        Thanks for your reply!

  • I have had to listen to supposedly educated people try to hand me this line about Assange being responsible for Trump. All I can say is that they are so thoroughly brainwashed that they are beyond hope of redemption. They are the last people to be aware of their own political ignorance. They think they are hip because they read the New York Times, that well-known propaganda machine, or–worse–Huffington Post or one of the other so-called progressive outlets. As a result, they are hip deep in bullshit, and they deliver its stench with a supercilious smile.

  • I’ve tried– and will keep trying– to talk sense into the Trump-deranged who have bought into the manufactured narrative that Russia, via Julian Assange, got Trump elected. Despite the fact that three million more Americans voted for the Queen-in-waiting. That Putin kept Clinton’s plane from ever landing in Michigan. That crazy Putin! Is there nothing beyond his control?

    With a solid grasp of world history under my belt, every time someone bleats about ‘Russia!’ it makes me cringe a little with fear. Subverting one’s critical thinking to boost a cravenly partisan agenda is the laziest ethical move one can make. For journalists to claim that Wikileaks isn’t a journalism outlet is nothing more than a sad attempt to misinform the public of what true journalism is all about, to subvert its very definition.

    These propaganda outlets voice this narrative with no strong criticism regarding the claims of the contents, instead now criticize and marginalize any opposition to it. All because their advertising revenues might drop and they want to keep good their ins with the people behind the large oak desks. The system is corrupt to the core, and these fools on Twitter want to silence one of the strongest voices showing us just how corrupted it really is. In the old days these people were usually called collaborators. In the bizarro-world of today, they’re called #resistance.

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