“Our strategy should be not only to confront empire, but to lay siege to it. To deprive it of oxygen. To shame it. To mock it. With our art, our music, our literature, our stubbornness, our joy, our brilliance, our sheer relentlessness – and our ability to tell our own stories. Stories that are different from the ones we’re being brainwashed to believe.” ~ Arundhati Roy

John McCain’s family has announced that the Arizona Senator has opted to end treatment for brain cancer and live out his final few days in peace, presumably under the best hospice care money can buy. And I sincerely hope that it is peaceful. My statements about my desire for John McCain to shuffle off this mortal coil sooner rather than later have been highly publicized, and I stand by all of them, but I don’t wish him a painful or agitated end.

And, also, I am going to keep hammering on how very important it is that we refuse to bow to the aggressive demands from establishment loyalists that we be respectful of this warmongering psychopath and his blood-soaked legacy.

McCain is at the top of the trends list on Twitter in the US as I write this, and clicking on his name brings up countless blue-checkmarked establishment loyalists from both sides of the imaginary partisan divide sternly admonishing us all to put aside our differences and show reverence for this brave, noble hero in his final days. They are using guilt, sympathy and patriotism to bully their followers into showing reverence for a man who has dedicated his entire political career to facilitating the violent slaughter of human beings at every opportunity, and in so doing they are sanctifying his legacy.

One of the most aggressively protected narratives in corporate liberal circles is that John McCain is a hero whose very name should be uttered with the greatest reverence. It gets traction with rank-and-file Democrats because supporting McCain for his opposition to Trump allows them to feel as though they are non-partisan free thinkers, in exactly the same way Trump supporters believe their hatred of McCain makes them non-partisan free thinkers. In reality, McCain is just one of the many bloodthirsty neocons like Bill Kristol and Max Boot who have aligned themselves with the Democratic party in recent years in order to better advance their warmongering agendas.

It is those agendas that are being promoted with the hero worship of John McCain. By committing the outrageous heresy of mocking, ridiculing and scorning that sacred cow, we are fighting the attempts of the empire loyalists and war propagandists to normalize and sanctify the act of inflicting neoconservative military bloodbaths upon innocent people around the world.

If you want to see a world with more and more John McCains, with more and more US wars of aggression and regime change interventionism, then by all means play right along with his public beatification. If you want to see a world where neoconservative war whores are treated with the revulsion, disdain and rejection they deserve, then now is your chance to help create that world. Refuse to be shamed and guilted into polite silence and move in the exact opposite direction from where the establishment shepherds are herding you.

You don’t have to be as brash about it as I am if that’s not your cup of tea. But now, while they are telling us that we are not permitted to speak about McCain’s unforgivable record of facilitating military bloodshed in Iraq, Syria, Libya and elsewhere, it is precisely the time to speak. By publicly disrupting the narrative of McCain’s sanctification, we make it harder for the war propagandists to manufacture consent for more war. It really is that simple.

So just look at the emotional environment that the empire lackeys are trying to create, and create the exact opposite, loudly and without apology. Fight the seriousness and solemnity with mockery and ridicule. Fight the reverence and hero worship with irreverence. The more people see this being done, the harder it will be to shame and bully everyone into playing along with the normalization and celebration of a career that is drenched in the blood of children. By making it clear in the most irreverent ways possible that you are happy to see McCain go, you are giving others permission to step outside of the lines they’re being herded into, and you are helping to create a world where murderous warmongers are marginalized instead of celebrated.

You will be told that you do not have permission to say such things. You have permission to say such things. You will be told that you are being impolite to John McCain’s family. The families of mass murderers are not entitled to our politeness. You will be told that you are making yourself look bad. Creating a world where neoconservative war whores experience an appropriate amount of rejection is more important than looking good. Kill their propaganda narratives with mockery and irreverence and help usher in a new world where it is no longer considered okay to be a psychopathic neocon.

Let death get its wish. Let death die so that life may live. So long, John McCain, you despicable death cultist. I wish you and everyone like you a peaceful, painless, permanent end.


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121 responses to “Do NOT Let Them Make A Saint Of This Asshole”

  1. “Napoleon Complex” AKA, a very bad case of “short man’s disease” seems to have been in evidence. Apparently once one has been a US Senator long enough to feel omniscient and omnipotent while still harboring subconscious feelings of failure and inadequacy, a form of self assurance arises to ameliorate such conflicts. This, by way of example might initially include such activities as pulling the wings off of defenseless insects and torturing cats, which may later graduate to similar activities involving other potential victims unfortunate enough to be handy to the exercise of proving oneself truly omnipotent.

  2. AZ Independent Avatar
    AZ Independent

    John McCain is an asshole, traitor and scumbag. I was forced to vote this piece of shit because I live in Arizona and did not want to vote for a fucking democrat. Burn in Hell!!!

  3. Now I can breathe! I have been saying “good riddance” and waiting for McCain to find peace since day one when it was announced he had brain cancer. The man was anything but a hero, and the politically correct crowd can kiss my “very black” ass if they think otherwise! He was a traitor to all one can call true American values. My condolences to the family, but yes, we are better off without this asshole around, swinging the vote, spewing his hatred.

    1. I agree with you and I believe he also went to Hell.

  4. Loved this essay, Caitlin. (Glad LewRockwell.com picked it up.) Just one small correction: Bill Kristol, Max Boot and many other neoscum haven’t so much “aligned themselves with the Democratic party” as RE-ALIGNED with it. Until the Vietnam War went bad they were reliable Democrats.; their #1 spokesman in Congress was Sen. Scoop Jackson (D-Boeing). Bill Kristol threatened to bolt the GOP if they continued to oppose Clinton’s Wag-the-Dog War in the Balkans; they should have told him “good-bye and good riddance.”

  5. Nicely done and echoes my sentiments exactly. Though it was way too late and hopefully not peaceful. He deserves no peacefulness nor respect.

  6. John McCain aside for a moment, I am wondering what is YOUR best guidance for someone who seeks truth, but is searching for it in a world mostly interested in promoting and/or validating the views it has.

    Everywhere I turn, the commonality today is that almost everyone is emotionally committed to their views, and highly energized to CRUSH anyone who voices an opposing view.

    In my “utopian” vision of the world I would want to live in, the opposite would be the norm. Meaning, calm “exploration, cooperation, and vigorous commitment” would be shared by all for the PRIMARY purpose of discovering the FACTS first, and then to allow logic to guide one’s mind to a truthful understanding.

    As we live in a world diametrically different, there is no wonder that most people are, no matter what their “beliefs”, easily manipulated and controlled.

    DIVIDE and CONQUER appears to be so much easier for humans to accept then to COLLABORATE and COOPERATE.

    But then the goals of the former are very much different then the goals of the latter.

  7. McCain’s death came more than 40 years too late, during this time he spit his warmongers language around the world & caused bloodshed everywhere he went. Talking about an EVIL man McCain hits the top of the list. He was the worst type of soldier since he didn’t fight for any ideal, he just fought to KILL he was a murderer! The world will become a more peaceful place without him.

  8. Jerry Clifford Kays Avatar
    Jerry Clifford Kays

    Good riddance to a pos …

  9. Why do we assume his family is grieving? The may have despised the little fuck as much as most of us.

  10. He wasn’t a human. He was a biological being that has done nothing other than cause death and suffering. My mothers native Ukraine today is a hole of a place thanks to him and his friends. I hope he died in terrible pains, suffering agony every long second. I wish him to burn in hell.

  11. RAYMOND D STORY Avatar

    Manufactured hero Johnny boy did NOT have the respect of his fellow brown shoes.
    Navy pilots get brown shoes since the days of mud airfieds.
    John crashed not one, not two , but three f’en planes and STILL got to fly off a carrier deck—hell –thats as lame as JFK sittin’ on his arse while a Jap tin can cuts his PT boat in two and NO court marshall fer’ losin’ a vessel= unheard of!
    Yeah-= rich kids like John Kerry go to war- f’ shit up big time- get solds as “heroes” in the media an we lap that shit up a like war wannabes elect them ’cause the press has painted these screw ups as “heroes” -really?
    Let people be real- not “star struck” and this country will be all right again!

  12. Robert H Stiver Avatar
    Robert H Stiver

    I haven’t time to scan the many, mostly good, comments here, so these two observations may be redundant:

    –McCain infamously intoned “Bomb, bomb, bomb: Bomb, bomb Iran.” For that evidence alone of Zionist-oriented evil, I’ve hated the warmonger ever since (8 years or so ago?).

    –McCain and the improbably even more despicable Graham Cracker met on more than once occasion on Syrian sovereign territory to openly lust for “regime change”: the overthrow of the government of President Bashar Al-Assad (whose lovely and courageous wife Asma is currently battling breast cancer…thoughts of respect and love for her).

    –McCain’s family line includes other scofflaws besides himself: His father, a Navy admiral, was a principal
    criminal in the to-this-moment-successful suppression of a proper investigation, findings, conclusions and accountability when the Zionist entity so-called Israel’s military on June 8, 1967, tried its damnedest to kill every one of some 295 crewmen and sink the USS Liberty in international waters. As it was, the Liberty was so torn up that it was sold for scrap; 34 crew were murdered and another 171 wounded. To top off the war crime, the Zionist terrorists even machine-gunned the lifeboats that were lowered into the water to aid survivors! Bottom line: no investigation, no accountability, no justice, no request for same made by McCain fils (or anyone else, for that matter).

    1. RAYMOND D STORY Avatar

      Thank you fer remebering the 1967 mossad attack on the US NAVY- we sure got sold out on BOTH sides ( “we” meaning the United States Navy).

      1. Robert H Stiver Avatar
        Robert H Stiver

        Yeah — the military brass and cheerleaders boast endlessly about “never leaving a soldier (airman, sailor) on the battlefield.” Well, on June 8, 1967, the bastards left plenty on that battlefield. I had been discharged from the Army only three weeks prior to that day; the news rankled then and the memory still rankles today.

    2. don’t forget the 134 people he personally had a hand in killing aboard the USS Foerrestal when he negligently released the bombs of his aircraft while exiting the cockpit

    3. Westcoastdeplorable Avatar

      Must run in the family. Screw McShitstain and ‘Lil Lindsay too!

  13. Jeffrey G Moebus Avatar
    Jeffrey G Moebus

    For all everybody’s criticism of McCain, what does that say about the voters of the State of Arizona? Should those people be allowed to vote?

    And, anything that Trump has to say about McCain is worthy of, at worst, a puke, and, at best, a fart in his general direction. Corporal Bone Spurs is in no position to say anything about the American War in Viet Nam; and certainly not about people who went there and didn’t hide behind their Daddy’s money to but their way out.

    1. Never a question of McCain not joining the family business after graduating from Annapolis and getting much preferential treatment. He wasn’t a rich kid who could avoid service – he was a navy brat whose career was all laid out for him. Obviously it would include some combat time, no serious advancement without that, but at some point slated to be an admiral like his daddy and gran’daddy. Unfortunately getting shot down and seriously injuring himself during the ejection plus some ugly violence from those who captured him and neglect of his injuries followed by five years prison put paid to all of that.

  14. “Don’t speak ill of the dead” is the Hindu/Indian wisdom and ethics. As such I don’t castigate like Caitlin but I agree with her that he should not be made a saint of. He is no saint but sinner having participated in an aggressive war and not repented so far and even till his last pursuing warmongering policies. So I will only advise the American people not to follow his example and strike for peace and not war.

    1. Thats one stupid Hindu visdom! The dead is dead is there anyone talking good about Hitler? Yes! Thats despicable! Anyone talking bad about Hitler? Thats despicable to according to Hindu visdom!

      Hindus as far im concerned are religious assholes particularly Hindu nationalist assholes! Basically any religious are one big narcissistic asshole thinking they either are gods representative on earth or have a special connection with a god or thinks there are a god!

      I dont dance on McCains grave, yet he did dance on others grave for his entire life and YOU moron asks for Hindu/Indian visdom and ethics, let me give you som Viking spanking will do your Hindu crap some Tor good!

      1. I think “Don’t speak ill of the dead” arose from the belief the dead could come back and haunt you.

  15. Good riddance to one extremely despicable, manipulative, lying, wicked neocon! Soooooooooo many more to go…but at least this one won’t make my skin crawl anymore (when I looked into his evil face/eyes).

    I am going to send this article to my neighbors, who told my husband and me that they think McCain & Graham are “the only two senators worth their weight.” Needless to say, we do not visit them anymore.

    How can anyone think this despicable man is worthy of trust or respect? Anyone who does so is absolutely delusional, brain dead, or both.

    Thank you, Caitlin for speaking the truth for all of us!!! And yes, we “all” need to speak out against these monsters in the White House.

  16. Have you ever been to the nations that those “US wars of aggression” attacked? No? Ever spoken to airaqis or Afghans about their opinions? No? Maybe ask them their opinions. The Iraqis I’ve asked all say that they are glad we destroyed the murder just government of Saddam Hussein. None of them want that sort of government again. So, I guess the question to ask is: is it wrong to depose a government that oppressed religious differences, oppressed women, and committed genocide?

    1. Caitlin’s words may seem harsh but she is right. The world is in a desperate state now with nuclear war closer than ever. We have to show the warmongers it cannot go on like this anymore. It’s not easy to say these things while a family grieves but the grave situation requires it.

    2. No its never wrong and that’s why it is totally important to depose the USA! and its totally important to refute the saint making of this murderous bastard and why its totally important to call Kissinger a war criminal and McCain and so many others.

      The clean up starts at home buddy, forget about the rest of the planet and scrub out your own stables.

      1. Exactly– start at home! Can you imagine what the world would be like if the US people really held their institutions, law and govt accountable?

    3. “Ever spoken to airaqis or Afghans about their opinions?”

      Yes, we’ve got plenty of them here in germany, you can talk to them and even get a reply. I remember these two iraqi guys, employed by a moving company, that I talked to when we were moving. I decided to talk some politics.
      They weren’t particularly convinced of Saddam, things were bad. I asked them about the country now. The guy said: now, there’s… democracy, the other one agreeing.
      The way he pronounced democracy was not the way that McCain did it or how it’s shown on american TV. The way he said it it sounded like “toilet” or “turd” or “hell”. And that was no sophisticated cultural or ironic statement. It was just plain and exactly what the word means to them. They didn’t grow up learning in school about “democracy” every other day.
      I guess if you adopt that perspective, then McCain was a real and great hero of democracy.

    4. That all seems a little too convenient. Being glad that Saddam is dead is one thing but did you ask these same people whether they were glad that over a million of their fellow Iraqis have met early deaths, thanks to their country being “liberated” by the US? Did you ask them how they like living in a hellhole where terrorist bombs and murders happen every day? You could have asked how they like living in a country where the soil is thick with depleted uranium (half life 4.5 billion years) which causes many deformed and/or stillborn births every single day. Did you ask them about that?

      1. Robert H Stiver Avatar
        Robert H Stiver

        Great comment, Thomas. We might also ask Iraqis now how they feel about the fact that their healthcare, education, women’s rights and infrastructure, developed under Saddam’s autocratic rule, were “shocked and awed” out of existence in 2003.

      2. Perhaps as a non-native speaker I didn’t get my point across. They obviously both agreed that “democracy” as they have come to know it is far worse than what was before.
        No point in asking them how they like living in today’s Iraq since they’re living in Germany now, as do many who have fled the blessings of McCain-style democracy.

  17. As one who survived the Vietnam War in 1969 (not unscathed I might add), I understand fully McCains pain and suffering.
    Unfortunately he didn’t have the courage to go within and purge the demons and thus has been continuing the to fight the so called enemy, unaware that the “enemy” lay within his own mind.
    So he is no hero in my eyes.
    I turned pacifist after my exit from the jungles and have been back to Nam 5 times, embraced the “enemy” in North Vietnam and found they were really my brothers and sisters.
    These days I coach vets to return to Nam and purge their demons.
    McCain never did and the legacy he leaves behind is his own projection of his s**t he imposed upon others.
    War is hell and nobody wins, both sides lose!

  18. “John McCain, who has risen to political prominence on his image as a Vietnam POW war hero, has, inexplicably, worked very hard to hide from the public stunning information about American prisoners in Vietnam who, unlike him, didn’t return home. Throughout his Senate career, McCain has quietly sponsored and pushed into federal law a set of prohibitions that keep the most revealing information about these men buried as classified documents. Thus the war hero people would logically imagine to be a determined crusader for the interests of POWs and their families became instead the strange champion of hiding the evidence and closing the books.”

  19. He’s gone now, and we shouldn’t be any more sorry than if it was Kim Jung Un. He’s in the same category. My sympathies are only with his many victims.

    Three cheers to you Caitlin for your heroic work. They’re gonna make a legend of this man who supported Al-Qaeda in Syria, they’ve all just conveniently forgotten about that.

    Keep up the good work, and don’t let the stupid sheep get you down, you’re the best!

  20. He’s dead. Good.

    One down – how many to go?

    Burn in hell you evil piece of s**t.

    And may there be many more of you to follow…

  21. Dante put traitors in the deepest part of his inferno, the 9th circle of hell. He couldn’t imagine the wickedness of the depraved war mongers at large today. We need to excavate a 10th circle of hell into which we can toss depraved John McCain and his fellow war criminals. Even Satan would detest this wretch.

    1. OMG; and I failed to tell him “I love you!”

  22. Tell us how you really feel. It seems the upper echelons of the entire world are almost entirely populated by these soulless monsters. The troublesome thing is they can recognize each other at a distance and cover for one another like brothers in arms.

  23. Give ‘im hell, Caitlin! I love you!

  24. The entire McCain Family is a disgrace to the world, the country, and my home. John McCain was a sick, twisted, war-mongering baby killer. Can’t wait until he is dead. The rest of the McCain family must be banned from ever entering politics again. The United States is a republic not a monarchy. The reign of political families must be ended for all time. The Kennedys, the Bushes, the Clintons, the Obamas, the Cuomos — they must all be banned from “public service” forever. You get one chance and one chance only.

  25. I hope to someday visit McCain’s grave so I can pour some good Irish whiskey on it – after first passing it through my kidneys.

    1. RAYMOND D STORY Avatar

      That is just like an Irishman-

      Me- I am a lost son of Scotland & I would not waste my family’s whiskey ( Johnny Walker) & honor him in such a fashion’

      I you was with me I would buy though as I ain’t a cheap Scottie at all & you may make the dedication to the dishonor of this not so great late pol!

    2. They might have to post armed guards at his grave 24/7 for several years, given how many others have said similar things. (I thought he might be cremated for the same reason.)

      There is a section of hell called the “Kristol Wing” (for Bill’s father) where neocons go when they die. For 12 hours a day vampires drink their blood and vultures chew their flesh, symbolizing the innocent victims of the wars they instigate. For the other 12 hours demons pour molten gold and silver on them, symbolizing the money they collected from those wars. McCain is now there. In due course it will be renamed the “Cheney Wing.”

  26. Wasn’t his father, Admiral McCain instrumental in the cover-up of the Israeli attack on the U.S.S. Liberty on June 8, 1967 ? So like father like son. I met one of the survivors (Terry Halbardier) of the Liberty attack and he told me of the threats laid upon the survivors to not discuss the attack with anyone. Terry passed in August 2015, but I will never forget when Terry came up to me after I gave a presentation on U.N. Agenda 21 in my hometown in California on November 4, 2010. John McCain is just one of many now and before who are destroying the Constitutional Republic bequeathed us by the Founders of this once great nation. But even now we are hearing daily that the United States of America has NEVER been great !

    1. WOW! Thank you for speaking up! This is what needs to be known.


  27. At last, John McCain’s brain and body will be united in that great campus martius in the sky, his brain having died many and many a year ago. Rest in peace.

  28. Outstanding. I served this country for 25 years and the pain is more than I can handle most of the time. The leaders of this country care about Money and Murder and very little for the people or anything else…..Very Sad.

  29. Caitlin, I couldn’t have said it any better myself. Let’s not forget he ushered in this whole “nominate the lunatic in the elections” trend with his selection of Palin. And I can’t believe I am saying this but I agree with Trump when he called him a “loser” for being captured in Vietnam. He’s right, and after his capture, while the other captured POWs were treated like animals, McCain because of his father, was always treated very well. The injury that he and everyone claims about not being able to lift his arms came not from torture but from ejecting from his jet. Sympathy, respect, dignity for him, NOPE, none what so ever.

  30. I wish there was something called “hell” for such a human trash.

    I’ve never pronounced his name since he took a picture with the ISIS founder in a middle east desert months before ISIS was revealed to the public.

    He should not just die physically, but his soul (assuming he has one) should be annihilated once and for all.

    1. Worse yet, he took that trip during Memorial Day weekend. You think anyone was paying attention? Not too many. He’s a sneak. He’s John ‘insane’ McCain.

  31. McPain didn’t catch brain cancer. His cancer caught a brain. And that killed him.

  32. The only thing better than McCain’s death- would be that he had never been born in the first place! (They will now have to plant him in an unmarked grave, to prevent people from digging him up and feeding him to pigs!)
    The United States has plenty more psychopathic monsters- just like him- to carry on the work of Lucifer!

    1. Yup see below –our “Armenian” friend

  33. Ugourt Dissimmian Avatar
    Ugourt Dissimmian

    I don’t think this chick understands how the world works and the kooks who follow her are similar!y delusional. Lions eat meat. You can’t make them vegan. The strong dominate the weak. This babe’s despair at the way things are won’t change a thing.

    1. Ahhhh a psychopath raises his head! Go join your tribe–

  34. Abderrahman Ulfat Avatar
    Abderrahman Ulfat

    America is positioned , and fully capable of being a source of comfort for the world. It has the knowhow, technology and the resources for being a source of decency and comfort. But it has chosen to be the opposite, and it has been so throughout its history. The reason America has brought the world to the precipice of annihilation and hopelessness is because of the likes of McCain at the seat of power along with Kissinger(s) , Brzezinski(s) , etc. The few that were decent and after the good for the humanity and their own country , like Lincoln and Kennedy, were annihilated just when they were bracing to do good.

    1. Lincoln was a traitor who initiated the dismantling of our Constitutional Republic, waged The War of Northern Aggression…killed 800,000 of his fellow country men and women…(that’s without modern weaponry)… and violated his oath to protect and defend The Constitution. Lincoln should have been impeached, charged and convicted for treason…and hanged.
      RJ O’Guillory

  35. Herve Silverman Avatar
    Herve Silverman

    Where is the commune? I want to join. We’ll keep the empire builders out by blowing pot smoke at them.

    1. RAYMOND D STORY Avatar

      Lots of pot heads came out of’ Nam- I know them as vets- whats yer point ?

  36. I was a US Naval Aviator when John McCain was still a punk-ass plebe at Annapolis. He’s a loser. He was almost last class. He crashed several planes. His record as a captive is dubious. He got shot down by a Soviet missile, and has held a grudge ever since.

    Although I was frequently escorted by Soviet Migs in my patrol work off the far eastern Russian coastline in the late fifties, they never shot me down, and I appreciate that. The Cold War is over, as anyone with a normal brain knows. The Soviet Union is no more, and Russia is in the worldwide economic mainstream, if we would let her be. She is a Christian country, and is not our enemy as the Zionists, our controllers, would have us believe.

    At my age I am reluctant to send people to Hell because of the blowback effect, but I’ll take a chance on John McCain.

    1. Russia a Christian country? Surely you jest.

      1. Let me guess – they’re Zoroastrian , right ? According to CNN , I presume.

        72% of Russian adults identified as Christian in 2008 :


        1. Robert H Stiver Avatar
          Robert H Stiver

          I’ve seen lengthy videos of President Putin attending Russian Orthodox religious services. I haven’t searched to find corroboration of my next words, but I think he, during his tenure, has revitalized Christianity in Russia.

      2. RAYMOND D STORY Avatar

        The U.S.S.R. died- Russia has more Christians per capita than the USA does now- surely you been asleep ?

      3. Patricia Ormsby Avatar
        Patricia Ormsby

        After the fall of the Soviet Union, religion could come out of hiding. Orthodox churches that had been barns during the Soviet years were reconstructed, people brought out icons they’d kept hidden all those decades, people, especially women, volunteered, even during the bleakest years of the economic transition, and within a decade nearly all of the churches were holding services again. Religions of all kinds have flourished there since, but there was a crackdown on proselytizing. Because of its absence for all of most people’s lives, they were quite vulnerable to it. Really, lots of people sought solace in religion

  37. Wow, you sure know where this author stands. Of course, she is correct and her detestation of McCain’s politics and warmongering could also apply to presidents, from Johnson up to today, except possibly Jimmy Carter. The latter of course is considered a failed president because he didn’t start a bloody war somewhere. Obama is also given the beatification treatment but he was a ravening warmonger as well.

  38. Wow, you sure know where this author stands. Of course, she is correct and her detestation of McCain’s politics and warmongering could also apply to every president from Johnson up to today, except possibly Jimmy Carter. The latter of course is considered a failed president because he didn’t start a bloody war somewhere. Obama is also given the beatification treatment but he was a ravening warmonger as well.

    1. Jimmy Carter praising the dictator Shah of Iran:

    2. Carter & Brzezinski started Al Qaeda. Carter authorised $500,000,000 to fund the Mujahideen in Afghanistan. The Saudis matched him dollar for dollar. After 6 months of Muj terror, the USSR invaded, to protect the pro-Soviet Afghan govt.

      Carter & the Big Brz had what they wanted: the USSR bogged down in their own Vietnam.
      I book Carter as dumb & dirty as any US president. He was, & maybe still is a member of the UN Depopulation Club of Rome.

      This war staggers on now, 17 years after the US 2001 post 9/11 invasion. How many US & allied lives given to protect the Heroin fields ruining the youth of the world?

      John Doran.

      1. Book: The Lost Hegemon, by F. William engdahl.
        John Doran.

  39. McCain has been a cheer leader for the liver eaters bringing immense suffering, death, and destruction in Syria.
    He supports the fascist coup regime installed by the CIA/NED in Ukraine.
    He supported the attack on Libya the most advanced state in Africa.
    He supported the US attack on Iraq that is home to multiple ancient cultures – the inheritance of mankind.
    He would jump for joy if the US went to war with Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, even all at once.
    He is a demented warmongering vermin whose death I will celebrate.
    He was a willing tool to bring death to millions.
    The sooner he is dead the better but there will remain many that are just like him.

    1. I’ve already prepared for the day McCain croaks. I’ve laid out my Vietnam Veterans Against the War t-shirt and will wear it all day with pride.

  40. It’s so sad when psychopaths die. I still remember when Jeffery Dahmer passed away. At least he ate what he killed. Hopefully they’ll erect a monument or name an airport after McCain for his brave and honorable murdering of innocent women and children. Maybe a John McCain highway of valor. But don’t worry, there’s a whole new generation of brave men and women psychos to carry on in McCain’s absence.

    1. There is a song about the universal soldier. I’ve come to realize that those young kids that join the military anywhere in the World are simply a case of Mother Nature culling the herd!

      1. “He’s the Universal Soldier; and he really IS to blame…”

  41. “The families of mass murderers are not entitled to our politeness.” I knew I could come to this website and not have to listen to bullshit. The endless lies on television make one thirst for the truth, and Caitlin has given voice to it.

  42. “Eat dirt you war whore…” With that line I fell in love with you. Nearly pissed my pants!

    1. Inner cynic,
      Whoa, I think there was already a line forming here ………….. :o)

  43. “All life deserves respect.”???

    i prefer to think about all the 1000s of victims (those poor children he helped bomb) he has harmed over his lifetime (and also all his future victims if he hadn’t been struck down by cancer).

  44. Well I hope his death isn’t painless. I wish ALL neocons and neoliberals suffered agonizing pain until they went mad and catatonic and then died from lack of neurological activity.

    1. Torture is wrong. Like free speech, you can’t be partly for it. You can’t be partly against it. Pain that is ‘natural’ may be unavoidable, but even so, I don’t wish it on anyone, at least not where it can’t help someone to heal and get past pain.

      Having said that, I don’t care about people who don’t care. I would not go out of my way to save John McCain from his pain, if I could. I think.

      Caitlin nailed the moral position here, in my view. Die dog, but die painlessly. This hellish world could always use one less demon.

      1. If J Mc’s brain was on fire, and I needed to piss REAL bad … I’d piss my pants.

  45. it is alarming to see how many democrats are so hypnotised by the anti-Trump rhetoric that they support anyone who publicly states their opposition to Trump — even mass murderers, war profiteers, destroyers of civilisations, and those who were known as our dangerous political enemies until Trump came along.

    1. Ginger,
      If you haven’t already read Gary Allen’s “None Dare Call It Conspiracy”, I suggest you pick up a copy. Written in 1971, and in 100 pages, he lays out why the elites/globalists chose the Left to sell their message of enslavement to the masses. The Left is so gullible. The never see that sucker punch coming because they think they know everything about the game. Had they boned up on history and philosophy, they would have realized the vulnerability they were placing themselves in.

      And truth be told, the far right can be almost as gullible. It’s like if anyone is foolish enough to align themselves with either the far left or far right, they are doomed to be exploited by the elite as useful idiots, and the bottom line is that it has always been a war against the “haves” and the “have-nots”. The elites couldn’t care less about philosophical ideologies; all they care about is finding yet ANOTHER way to sway those ignorant minds into supporting progressive socialism, which is a warm and fuzzy moniker for communism, which is another code word for dictatorship or oligarchy.

      What moniker these misanthropic slope-heads in AntiFa and BLM (or even those morons who STILL support the Bush family, McCain, and the rest of the conservatives in the swamp) choose to go by, ……by the time they figure out what has happened to them, it’ll be too late.

    2. I counter-demonstrated at a “resist” protest of Trump’s “treasonous” skepticism of our intelligence community during the press conference in Helsinki. The Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) Dems at that rally were the mirror image of the jingoist Republicans who tried to intimidate us out of protesting the Iraq War in 2003 because they were sure Saddam Hussein had WMDs and had been behind 9-11.

  46. He is one of many lackeys, most of whom are also in the “security” and “defence” industries, and politics of course.

  47. Anyone that thinks I have some obligation to be “nice” to Mccain or his family can screw off. He can’t die soon enough. Not only am I glad he is dying, I do hope it is brutal. I don’t only mean physical pain. but I hope he endures much of that as well. what I hope for is that he somehow wakes from his self delusion to the reality of what his life really has been about and how truly horrible he is as a human being. I hope he feels massive regret and sickness deep in his soul as his cancer ridden brain destroys itself. i hope he stares directly into the truth and it creates massive fear and emotional pain right at the moment his body gives out. I hope his family gets to witness this and also comes to recognize the devil that is related to them. Yes, that feels really good to me.

    1. I totally sympathize with your point of view. As someone who has suffered serious pain — and some of that is undoubtedly due to my never-ending grief over human malfeasance — I think those who cause pain should suffer pain. John McCain will die realizing absolutely nothing. He and his kind are the reason humans want to believe in hell, that death will not provide an escape for sociopathic killers.

  48. What is the fucking point to all of this? And who is this “we” that you are referring to? Does dancing on his grave make you feel better?

    Personally, I don’t know much about McCain other then what I read, but I’ve never met the man. And it doesn’t sound like you have either, but you’ve got quite a lot to say about him for being a complete stranger.

    His track record and history are easy enough to digest but that doesn’t mean you know the man. You only know what someone else, or a whole lot of someone else’s have written about him. But it makes you look really ugly when you piss on someone who is dying.

    This isn’t a time for grandstanding. You’re going to die one day yourself. If you don’t respect McCain, that’s your right, but asking everyone else to act like you is just disgusting.

    We are not your “we”. We can make up our own minds about McCain. We can decide if he’s worthy of our thoughts, or our respect or our attention. And we can also decide what kind of person we want to be when we find out he’s at deaths door. And unlike you, we’re not trying to recruit anyone.

    Do we want to grandstand and hurl invictives? Or do we want to step aside and allow this final chapter to play out without our interference?

    You’re definitely coming across as a angry, unhappy, and spiteful person. If you’d have just written what McCain had done, warts and all and then let each reader decide for themselves how they feel, instead of insisting that we join the ghoulish festival of hurling insults, you’d probably have a LOT more respect. But as it is, you’re digging your own hole, jumping in and piling dirt on your head.

    By the way, Netflix has a movie series titled “The Vietnam War” by Ken Burns that I watched all ten episodes (well done, definitely recommended watching, narrated by Peter Coyote) that presents details and the “other side” of the story that many Americans may not know much about.

    McCain was in a few of those episodes. Yes, he’s guilty of the crimes committed – but that does not tell the entire story, not even close. There were numerous political machinations going on that put everyone in Vietnam (Americans and Vietnamese) in a literal meat-grinder with no way out (under the current political system both countries were operating under back then). There are numerous details and perspectives in the series (documentary) that may help people understand the absolute hell these people were subjected to (and even forced to engage in).

    And we all know that there was much more to McCain then Vietnam. But there is nothing to be gained here by digging your own hole, over and over again.

    1. I dont even know where to start. First this is NOT about grandstanding–its about reality. In reality McCain is a war-mongering, spiteful man who as a public figure does not deserve anyones sympathy. “You make your bed you lie in it” He is complicit in many war crimes and evil doings. Simple.

      It sounds like you have tons of anger about Vietnam (Burns documentary which I watched and almost threw up from the whitewash– I have been to war museums in Vietnam — you will be floored at what isnt know in the US). Supporting war criminal McCain will not make it better.

      1. Thank you, Carol, for replying to this nincompoop. I want to watch the Burns film though I know it is garbage because my father shows up front and center at an antiwar march (he was a WWII veteran), but I haven’t had the stomach yet to tolerate the lies.

    2. I hear Hitler was actually nice once you got to know him.

    3. Then don’t listen to anyone else; just listen to McCain in his own words in a recording “misfiled” in The National Archives: https://oathkeepers.org/2016/08/breaking-news-john-mccains-1969-tokyo-rose-propaganda-recording-released

      1. I’m quite CERTAIN that I could get you or anyone to make a recording saying whatever it is I wanted you to say. This proves absolutely nothing and never has. I’ve been tortured – I know what it’s like and how you can break someone. Unless you’ve been tortured – shut the fuck up.

        Most of you have no fucking idea what you are talking about, but you want to express hatred without comprehension. Go ahead – but it makes you all look extremely ugly. Dirty, vile, hate-filled people spewing vitriolic words because appalling levels of ignorance.

        Don’t expect any support or sympathy when it’s YOUR turn to die. Karma is a bitch.

        1. Rarely do I respond to someone who isn’t literate enough to express something without resorting to attacks and F-bombs. Nor will I respond to someone who can’t read something in its entirety and comprehend (reading + comprehension = knowledge). However, in this case I will post just one of the comments that I personally made on this OK article:

          “…So many honorable POWs who were actually heroes went to their graves known as liars, while this character built a political career based upon his lies.

          Stolen Valor of a military decoration or performance level is disgusting. Stolen Valor of others honor, integrity, and valor is beyond reprehensible. Yet, no one cares.

          All McCain had to do upon his return was admit that they broke him and the true men of honor and valor were his fellow POWs. Americans were so disgusted with the whole Vietnam experience, that he probably would have been forgiven, by at least the public….”

  49. Caitlin
    100% agree. Let us not forget either the treachery of his father in the cover-up of the unsuccessful sinking of USS Liberty https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_VYNWAqn7o yet another false flag attempt, designed to blame the sinking of the ship on the Egyptians to allow the US to attack Egypt i.e. siding with Israel in the 6-day war. A BBC doco entitled “Dead in the Water” is a rare example of the BBC speaking truth. They showed that US bombers were within minutes of nuking Cairo but had to abort because USS Liberty refused to sink.
    The current McCain is fully aware of his father’s treachery and is thus complicit in the criminal cover-up.

  50. Both Pat Buchanan’s paleoconservative magazine “The American Conservative” as well as Thomas Fleming’s conservative magazine, “Chronicles” frantically urged its readers not to vote for McCain in 2008. He was regarded as so evil and unhinged that even the American Nazi Party endorsed Obama in 2008.

  51. McCann gave my people– the Scots– a bad name–he has been a truly despicable war mongering sycophant–groveling at the feet of rich and powerful–willing to do anything too secure his place at the table. I can still hope in miracles and pray that this man has an epiphany before he passes over to Lucifer and asks for forgiveness from of those displaced and slaughtered innocents he so nonchalantly maligned. Unfortunately for you Senator McCann–your Karma is inescapable.

    1. I agree with you 100 Garys. But I had to laugh at the McCann/McCain Cain & Dis-Abel-ity
      Would he be related to Genghis McCann, Citizen Kane or Caine Mutiny? The CanCan of the Danse Macabre….(balletic cousins of the McCains).
      Deathbed conversion or a glimpse of his own mortality/Humanity?

      “For in the final analysis, we all live on the same small planet. We breathe the same air. we cherish our children’s future. And we are all mortal.” as (not) spoken by John F. McCaineddy

  52. Heh, how do you really feel? I could write a screed about neocon and neolib madness driving civilization to extinction, but you summed up my feelings very well already. Love ya, girl.

  53. What we need is a website that lists all the horrible things that he did or participated in doing. We can cite that on social media to combat the canonization of Saint McCain.

  54. Damned right, Caitlin.

  55. I am perplexed by McCain. He sold his soul many times in political pursuit (Keating Five, the infamous question about the Confederate flag prior to the South Carolina primary he lost) but then stood firm and confronted a supporter who claimed Obama was a Muslim, gave the thumbs down in the vote to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act.

    A man with the storied military upbringing in the Navy should be able to hold the course better than that. But still, we’re faced with people who are far far worse than McCain and we’re going to rue the day when someone like McCain isn’t around to play the role of parent.

    Worse, we’re now left with Megan who seems more than willing to fill the void left by her father to pursue ultra right wing causes.

    1. YES, Red; as soon as Megan pulls the plug, she will slip into his bloody shoes.

  56. I’ve always disliked John McCain’s views and policies with the exception of his work opposing torture. Still, I don’t think it’s glorifying his career to refrain from gloating over his illness and death.

    1. Yeah, the hypocrite dropped napalm on people he didn’t have to look in the eye but made a big public cry against torture. Can anyone imagine the torture of being burned alive?

  57. In the Hanoi Hilton, he was the ‘song bird’, a consummate traitor. His karma is to suffer. He deserves it.

  58. When the day comes, I’ll mark it annually with a holiday.

  59. Can’t help but think there’s justice here: McCain, amongst many other wickednesses, is an ardent drug warrior who likes nothing better than damning the hemp plant. I know personally that hemp oil (CBD, “Phoenix Tears”, similar products) is highly effective against cancer. I have a cousin who has the same ailment McCain has, but he lives in the free state of Oregon where cannabis is available, so he was already aware of cannabis’s anticancer characteristics. Shorter: Five years later he is cancer-free. Yet McCain, who has said “there’s no such thing as medical marijuana” and who no doubt has tried every synthetic chemical Big Pharma sells for the condition, is dying.

    Oh well. So it goes.

  60. Caity, I’m with you 100% on this one. That’s all I need to say.

  61. I have not been able to find out what/who McCain’s bombing targets were in Vietnam. I know he was part of Rolling Thunder bombing campaign. Do you know?

    1. Despite the Pentagon’s claim that they were only bombing military targets, McCain and others were reportedly bombing civilian targets, including hospitals, an assertion that was verified by NYT journalist, Harrison Salisbury. Google those terms and you could be able to find the original articles.

  62. Right on Sister!!!!

    The more we glorify, the more the behaviour is condoned!
    Its like the abusive father or older uncle but your sibling says ” but he is an old man”, as if that gives him the right to continue to be pardoned.

    1. Pretty much what I said on a different thread: Maybe it is time we *stop* with being nice to evil people. Maybe if they *knew* people would not be shy and quiet about shouting from the rooftops all of the horrible things they’ve said and done while alive, they would be better behaved. This whole “say only nice things or don’t say anything at all” isn’t working…time to be vocal about the evil from fuckwads when they die.

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