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UK: Syrian Terrorists Can’t Possibly Be Planning Chemical Weapons False Flag, Because Russia Said They Are

In a recent meeting with the press, British ambassador to the United Nations Karen Pierce told reporters that it is absolutely unthinkable that the terrorist factions in the terrorist-held Syrian province of Idlib could possibly be planning a terrorist attack using chemical weapons with the intention of blaming it on the Syrian government.

Her reasoning? Since the Russian government has been warning of this possibility, the exact opposite must necessarily therefore be true.

Yes, really.

“There are many terrorist organizations in Idlib,” a reporter asked as a follow-up to previous questions regarding Russia’s allegations that terrorist factions had received a large batch of chemical weapons which they intend to use in a false flag attack. “Why do you rule out that they would perpetrate such an attack?”

“Because this story is coming from the Russians,” Pierce responded, with a straight face, and without honking a novelty-sized bicycle horn and saying “Wocka wocka!”

“It is much more likely for this to be a smoke screen for things that the Syrian authorities are planning to do,” Pierce continued. “The way to deal with any terrorists who are in Idlib is to ask the UN to negotiate safe passage, such as has been done before.”

So let’s recap: it is the British government’s official public position that the extremist jihadist factions who have been holing up in their final stronghold preparing for the long-awaited military confrontation in Idlib would have no incentive whatsoever to stage a false flag chemical attack in order to rally western reinforcements against the Syrian government and thereby escape defeat. Far more likely, in the British government’s estimation, is that the warnings of such an attack are a “smoke screen” to cover for the Syrian government’s plan to perpetrate its own chemical attack in order to accomplish the key strategic goal of suffocating a few dozen children. Oh yeah, and terrorists should be given safe passage to areas where they can safely regroup, because that’s the thing that you do with terrorists now.

Never mind that those terrorist factions would stand everything to gain and nothing to lose in a last-ditch false flag attempt to recruit powerful allies to their cause. Never mind that these are actual, literal terrorists who have no qualms about killing civilians in order to advance their cause. Never mind that US National Security Advisor John Bolton has already effectively guaranteed those same terrorists that the US and its allies will join in their aggressions against the Syrian government by publicly announcing that any chemical attacks will be met with the strongest retaliation yet. All of that is invalidated by Russians having said something about it, because if Russians say something, the opposite of what they said must necessarily be true. Because God is drunk and everyone’s crazy.

We’re all familiar with the classic movie trope of the battle scene in which the protagonists have been beaten back and are surrounded by the enemy hordes, awaiting their certain doom, only to hear a trumpet blast and see reinforcements storming over the hills to save the day. The audience is relieved, and they watch with delight as the villains are attacked from both sides and driven off.

Well, the occupiers of Idlib are in that exact situation, except it isn’t heroes who’ve been beaten back and surrounded, and those reinforcements are not coming.

Unless they can arrange a miracle.

This past April the US, UK and France launched airstrikes against Damascus in retaliation for an alleged chemical attack allegedly perpetrated by the Syrian government against civilians in the city of Douma. The strike was launched with no investigation having taken place whatsoever into the nature of the civilian deaths, and subsequent investigation found no evidence implicating the Syrian government in a chemical attack. This is unsurprising, because the Syrian government had no incentive to use chemical weapons in a battle it had already won at that point and every incentive not to provoke the wrath of powerful western military forces just to suffocate some kids to death.

This is all public knowledge. We know with 100 percent certainty that the terrorist militants occupying Idlib have been made 100 percent aware that (A) the US, UK and its allies will launch an aggressive military assault against the Syrian government in response to any reports of chemical weapons use, (B) such a military assault would take place without any investigation into the nature of the chemical weapons use, which would instead be immediately blamed upon the Syrian government, and (C) killing the civilians they are holding hostage with chemical weapons is literally their only hope of escaping the military onslaught that the Syrian government and its allies are preparing to launch.

We know all of these things for an absolute fact. Even if you dismiss the intelligence which Russia supplied to the US saying that a false flag chemical weapons attack is being prepared for in Idlib, it is self-evident that the jihadist militants would have every motive to stage one if given the opportunity.

Keep an eye on this one, please. Syria is a key strategic region that the western power alliance has been plotting to take control of for decades, and it is entirely possible that they will pounce on any opportunity to prevent the Syrian government and its allies from shoring up control of the nation and bringing stability to the region. Stay skeptical.


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  • We’re about to find out aren’t we ??

  • Only one more point for your consideration. Caitlin was spot on stating Main Stream Media is selling us a Narrative, and of course this means the War Hawks, bonded at the hip with the Atlantic Council, members such as Rothschild, Madeline Albright, Rupert Murdock, are just a few, but take note, Mr Murdock has shares in an Oil Well on the Syrian Golan Border! A well STOLEN from Syria! Mr Murdock has a paper and broadcasting empire, an empire of lies and deceit that the Atlantic Council uses as one of it’s tools, along with ALL other MSM outlets! One of Mr Murdock’s papers is the Daily Telegraph? Don’t even bother using it for toilet paper, it will clog your pipes!

  • Don’t you think this is all a little amazing? I mean, the US, UK, FR, all publicize through their whoring Main Stream Media, how they are going to hit Syria hard, for using Chemical Weapons… BEFORE they have even been deployed? Seems to me they have actually telegraphed just whom is actually going to be responsible for this attack! What do you think people?

  • Fact: United Nations is PART of the New World Order run from the Atlantic Council, same criminals whom control Main Stream Media whores, and some of the powerful Global Trading Merchants are members of this Council, and some of them are from the UK, such as Rothschild. The lady is a total liar! Fact, Russia has evidence. Once again, the Narrative must continue or their whole empire of lies and deceit, crumbles, along with their grotesque hoards of money, and DEBT.

  • The Syrian Terrorists the UK mentions, are in fact the SDF or White Helmets as they are known. Fact, they are funded by the UK and US, from direct order of the Israeli Prime Minister, whom obviously has a “self esteem and fear” issue! But maybe the UK doesn’t want to admit, that’s whom run their country and pay their whoring Politicians, excluding Corby, the only man left standing with big balls! All the rest have little dicks, and little balls, as has been witnessed since WW1

  • And some people still believe that the moon is made of green cheese. One more thing to drill into the heads of people who take positions without doing any research.

  • The complete fabrication of bullshit false flags to continue to pump borrowed dollars into Pentagon and contractor’s pockets seems to baffle the minds of those in the know. The al-Assad regime supposedly got rid of their chemical weapons, with Russia seeing to compliance with said agreement. Sooo, where are these supposed chemical weapons coming from? Answer: the terrorist networks smuggling them in from elsewhere. They have lost their war and want to have US or Israeli support for a losing cause. The neocons(Bolton &co.) are the ones behind false flag chemical attacks. I still think the debacle in April was mostly fabricated. Yes, children died and other civilians too, I just don’t think al-Assad would be stupid enough to use smuggled(back in) chemical weapons when the Trump admin announced a withdrawal of troupes just a week before the April false flag attack. Bolton is a maniac, a dangerous, oily mouthed, smart, maniac. I wish the US would withdraw entirely from Syria and let Israel do what they want to do. Any action against Syria will be based entirely on lies, as all wars are anyway.

  • Exceptional analysis as usual. Hugs, – Fredi PS: Shared on VK. Please come there if you can make the time.

  • I’m nearly speechless after hearing what came out of the mouth of Karen Pierce.
    Is this what is supposed to be thinking in the UK?

    We’re probably in for another false flag then US/UK/EU attack on Syria.
    It won’t save the jihadis in Idlib unless the US starts WW3.
    Then US forces in eastern Syria will be the target.

  • Remember: The aide said that guys like me were ‘in what we call the reality-based community,’ which he defined as people who ‘believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality.’ […] ‘That’s not the way the world really works anymore,’ he continued. ‘We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.’ And, never forget George Orwell: “Political language . . . is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”

  • Yet more proof that the West is run by lunatics. I think that the MIC is trying for a twofer here. Resume the war against Syria and also get a new war started with Iran/Russia.

    The perfect storm is being created out of whole cloth by the usual professional liars for war. The only question is how can we stop them?

    • How do we stop them? I have come to the conclusion that in the West we cannot. The antiwar movement in the US and UK is nearly dead. Like during the rollout of Cold War v1 in this v2 rollout there is fear of being tagged a stooge of Russia which was a trap set by the CIA that democrats in the US walked right into. The progressives at CounterPunch in their effort to prove they weren’t Russian stooges to get off the ProporNot list thereby neutralized themselves (also censored some of their contributors). The paleoconservatives around Thomas Fleming have gone quiet unlike their opposition and partnering with CounterPunch against the bombing of Yugoslavia.

      My last remaining hope is the Russia/China alliance, the SCO, Iran and Turkey turning East, and the defeat of the demented US elite effort to tear apart Syria. In the Russia/China alliance the US/NATO has met its match – checkmate – and Russia, China and Iran know that the West absolutely must be stopped in Syria or its WW3. This is what we face.

  • Trump is in a very difficult situation . If he ,not the republicans loose the house and the senate he will spend the next two years fighting phony impeachment charges.The Washington swamp must get him out before he does more damage to the deep state and their chosen politicians. The traditional way to bring the American people behind the president is to attack someone . A couple of dozen cruise missiles launched at a bad guy always increases his popularity . The ISIS terrorists in Idlib know this . They also know Theresa May could do with a distraction from Brexit and leadership problems. Why not kill a couple of dozen more Syran people on top of the tens of thousands already murdered . It makes little difference to them their mode of dying Gas or cruise missile. The only question is will the Russions once again play along with this grotesque game or will they decide the time is right to take control and blow the launch platforms out of existence along with their operators. This is the start of the Third World War . Who blinks first ?

    • You claim Trump is damaging the deep state?

      Apparently, “JackRabbit” wrote this for you:


    • He represents the swamp, the sanctions protect their business interest, troops in Syria E.of the Euphraedes controls the oil there, strangle the Iranian economy as well as the Turkish economy, the giant tax cuts for the rich and corporations recently, all scream the “Swamp” not the opposite. He promised not being involved in these wars and he is not only continuing them but added more troops in Afghanistan and now there are additional radars at our illegal bases in Syria and getting ready to launch more attacks on Syria due to the upcoming chemical attack to be blamed on the Assad government. What part of any of this is not the “Swamp” ?

  • It does appear that the Russians are ready and willing to call the bluff on this terrorist, US, Israeli, and NATO scam poker hand. They have assembled a fleet of some 15 ships and submarines in the eastern Mediterranean and have announced their willingness to attack the source of missiles, i.e., planes and ships, not simply missiles, if such are launched at targets that endanger Russians. If this is read by our always clever folks at Mossad and CIA as license to bomb non-Russian Syrian targets at will, they may get away with it, or they may draw back a bloody nub. There is also the possibility that the Russians will allow some empty warehouse to be bombed, but I doubt if the Russians are interested in playing any more of these games. It looks to me as if the Russians are dead serious about this, Their capability of knocking down US jets and sinking US ships is undeniable, and the Pentagon knows it. I fully expect the White Helmets to kill a few dozen kids, get the story splashed all over the international news, the US and its minions to respond in outrage, but to do something short of crossing Russia’s red lines, which I am sure the Russians have made emphatically clear, on a number of occasions. So even if the brain-dead public is unable to realize what a pathetic cover story the West has, and even if the MSM goes along with it, I do not believe it will fly because the Russians won’t let it and there is nothing the US or Mossad can do to keep the Russians from making the clearing of Idlib a reality.

    • Russia is the real Deal, try me once, try me twice, but the third time your out! The Russians do not bluff!

  • We have kept people in Guantanamo for 15 years, because if we let them go, they will commit atrocities etc, but in Syria we are perfectly willing to let jihadists go and regroup. Howscome?

  • I know how you do it Caitlin.
    You take the edge off of frustration and anger by writing how you feel.
    Well Done!

  • You know there are just SO MANY brain dead people out there that will believe this stuff no matter how impossible it is. And then there are all the die hard Trump haters (and therefore Russia haters) that will not even consider what the Russians said. Well because it’s the Russians! I actually find the Russians to be among the most trustworthy countries out there.

    • That’s it Linda, let your sub-conscious rise up to a conscious level, your gut feeling is right about Russia

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