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When A Government Declares A Verdict Before An Investigation, It’s Because There’s A Preexisting Agenda

Hours after an alleged chemical weapons attack on civilians in Syria, long before any investigation into the matter could have possibly even begun much less been completed, the US State Department declared that “the Assad regime must be held accountable” and Russia “ultimately bears responsibility” for it. Anyone who questioned such proclamations was branded a delusional conspiracy theorist.

Days after an alleged poisoning of an ex-spy in Salisbury, the UK’s Foreign Office was telling reporters that the Kremlin would be held responsible. Anyone who questioned such proclamations was branded a delusional conspiracy theorist. Weeks later, we learned that laboratory forensics had still determined no such culpability, and crime scene forensics were all over the map positing many contradictory theories about what happened and how.

Isn’t it interesting how just as its data begins warning that the western empire is approaching post-primacy and will likely lose its dominant position in the world if it doesn’t take drastic action, all this information begins pouring out about a longtime rival of that very empire? It’s almost as if there is a preexisting vendetta to cripple oppositional governments, and then crimes are being discovered which just so happen to advance that preexisting agenda.

How wild is that?

Hey everyone! You know that WikiLeaks drop everyone’s talking about? Turns out it was Russia. No we can’t show you the evidence. It’s secret evidence.

Oh hey, the election didn’t turn out how it was supposed to, but guess what? Turns out it was Russian Facebook ads that definitely made that happen. No we can’t show you evidence of it. It’s secret evidence. Shut up and give us our sanctions.

Look! Russian propaganda! Russian propaganda everywhere! We need to increase internet censorship against dissenting narratives, report every inconvenient social media trend as a Russian plot and shut down RT! No we haven’t wanted to do that all along, what are you talking about?

Poisoned ex-spy in the UK? Russia! No, no time for an investigation! Russia, Russia, Russia! Throw out those diplomats and rally Europe into taking a more aggressive stance against Putin!

Gas attack in an area crawling with known terrorists being reported by the Al Qaeda-affiliated White Helmets? Let’s issue a State Department press release that spends literally half its space talking about Russia! Russia Russia Russia! No time to investigate! Russia!

Russia Russia everywhere! Ignore all those false reports and retractions coming from the mainstream media about Russia! Russia!

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the Skripal case and the alleged Douma attack, it’s that when a government demands new cold war escalations with a longtime rival before an investigation can be carried out, it’s because there’s a preexisting agenda.

And we should never fall for it. There is no valid excuse for refusing to allow a full neutral investigation to run its course before plunging into world-threatening escalations with a nuclear superpower. By refusing to do so, the western power establishment is already admitting that it is lying to us.

In a post-Iraq invasion world, it is our duty to demand copious amounts of evidence from our governments before consenting to any dangerous military agendas, whether for hot war or cold. In the case of Syria, statements from the US president seem to indicate that we may well be looking at hot warfare in an area full of Russian forces, which means we could well be staring down the barrel of a third and final world war right now.

But no time for an investigation, right?


Of course it’s wrong. These depraved, power hungry sociopaths don’t get to imperil our lives without even providing us evidence for their claims about why it is necessary for them to do so.

Iraq happened. Libya happened. These are not conspiracy theories. These are facts. We know for a fact that these people will lie to us to advance preexisting agendas against noncompliant governments. It’s not our job to roll over and let them do whatever they want to us, it’s their job to convince us that the actions they’re demanding are completely necessary.

So far the only evidence they have given us is evidence that they are afraid of evidence. There is a reason for that. Don’t be taken in. Keep fighting.


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  • Caitlin, thank you for being a voice for sanity in what has become such an insane world! I almost hate to open my computer anymore, because each day is more bizarre than the one before, you do the research to make sure you are being honest with the public! How I wish that were the rule instead of the exception, keep up the good work!

  • The level of ineptitude and going-mental frenzy of this propaganda has me really scared. Not because it’s working, no, it actually appears to have even Joe Shmoe Trumpite confused to the point of doubt. I’m afraid because I remember 9/11, I lived it, and whether or not that was perpetrated directly by these same power elites or just allowed to happen, it gave them the war boner that they obviously have again.

    If Russia Russia Russia doesn’t give them the happy ending they seek, I’m afraid somethings gonna happen to Shock Doctrine us. Something beyond real. Here. Soon.

    Tucker Carlson, over at Fox News,
    is the only MSM adult in the room:
    ”Tucker: Would war against Assad make US safer?”

  • Don’t worry Caity. Just before the nuclear bomb button is pressed to start WWIII, they will fake an alien invasion. We won’t have any “assault weapons” to fight the “aliens” or against the government corralling us into detention centers (for our safety of course) because a bunch of morons fell for yet another false flag. Terrorists, Russia, Aliens, to the U.N.”s Agenda 21. I only wish I was being sarcastic.

  • Caitlin: thank you again for another great article!
    I cannot see how this article could be attacked by arguments that are rational and reasonable….because it cannot. Hysterical emotion is used by the deep state to conceal the facts….again ….and again….and ….again. I greatly appreciate your work Caitlin.

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