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The End Of Kings

This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever taken part in. Sustainable Human has made an incredibly beautiful short film out of one of my essays, narrated by me, and I’m so excited to share it. There’s so much love for humanity shining through it’s made me cry like three times, and I wrote the thing. Please watch and share far and wide!


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  • The era of kings – riches for the strongest – is indeed coming to an end, but not by the power of non existent biological evolution, no matter how much nice music you attach to the idea.

  • “The CIA pays Amazon $600 million per year” Just read that again!

  • Caitlin,
    Will you please also email the words that you wrote. there is too much of the movie in which your Australian accent and rapid speech make it so that I cannot discern what you are saying. I would truly like to simultaneously view the movie and read the words.
    Have the filmmaker(s) put those words in subtitles, it would have been perfect but, since the did not do that, the only way to fully understand what you have written, is to have a copy of it. Sometimes, it is necessary to dally over one word at a time, considering its nuances and purposes.
    Thank you

  • I’m going to expand a little bit on the great video that Caitlin has provided with something that I think “parallels” it nicely.
    Much as commoners who live within it would like to avoid facing the reality of their lives in the Matrix, there is simply no getting around the fact that there are descendants of very powerful, very rich people living among us today who want the Matrix to remain exactly as it is and will use their power in every imaginable way to ensure it.
    Over many thousands of years there has ALWAYS been living among the populace a very small number of very powerful, vastly-wealthy people who have, in one way or another, inherited, and therefore owned, a large percentage of all the stuff, including the land, and, “naturally”, those few people wanted to have a “return” on their inheritances (investments). “Naturally”, they did not “invest” the stuff that they had inherited in anything that they did not believe would end up INCREASING the value (the size) of their inheritances/investments. Stated differently, they did not allow anyone to benefit from (to use) their stuff/inheritance/investment unless that anyone gave back to them (the owners of the inheritances) something of GREATER size (value). The difference in size (value) between what was used and what was returned eventually came to be called profit or interest.
    The vast majority of the people of past and present generations were (are) born with very little or no inheritance/investments. That is, very little has been bequeathed to them by their similarly-poor ancestors.
    Absolutely ALL of the economic/financial/monetary/political acrobatics and juggling and churning and outright lying that are being performed by the governments and central banks of the world at the present time are the one AND THE ONLY way to prolong a fatally-flawed economic system (in which the vast majority of wealth, land and large-scale capital equipment is owned by a microscopic percentage of the population for their own profit) that has in the past proven beyond any shadow of doubt that it required, AND STILL REQUIRES, both a wildly-expanding human population AND, AND, AND gigantic, vastly destructive, REAL wars — both of which, by “whatever it takes”, providing the inheritances from perhaps-long-dead generations to their present beneficiaries, the “profit” that their beneficiaries demanded through the generations, and continue to demand today, OR ELSE.
    Speaking of “or else”, the above is the reason for the “whatever it takes”, future-taxpayer bailouts of the TBTF banks a few short years ago. Elite VIPs Hank Paulson, Ben Bernanke, etc. were absolutely correct when they said that the financial system (again, of a very few people owning the vast majority of wealth, etc.) would have “failed” had those VIPs not done what they did. However, doing what was done has steered the capitalist system into what is essentially a laboratory experiment in the “nature” of economics. At the very least, one would have to say that what the Elite’s central-bank slaves have be doing since the “financial crisis” a few short years ago is “flying by the seat of their pants”. Or, as one Lord Jacob Rothschild put it shortly after the bank bailouts:
    “The six months under review have seen central bankers continuing what is surely the greatest experiment in monetary policy in the history of the world.”
    Unfortunately, to ensure humanity’s long-term survival, the “failure” of that fatally flawed system is precisely what MUST happen and the sooner the better, because the drums of irresistibly-profitable, capitalist-system-prolonging, human-race-eradicating wars are being beaten harder and harder as I type.
    Experimental negative interest rates, together with the necessary experimental abolishment of cash, is a last-ditch, now-fully-conscious effort by the inheritance/investment-owners to strip-mine some more profit from the no-inheritance owners, momentarily relieving the present system’s naturally-increasing pressure and thus momentarily delaying the need for yet another astronomically-expensive war. But almost as if by the intentional design of an “invisible hand”, even these desperate, experimental measures will NOT garner enough profit for inheritances/investments. When the fear (“pressure”) of impending loss inevitably becomes too great for the capitalist system’s “un-vented” economic tank (a human population that is not growing rapidly enough) to contain, the world will once again explode into full-scale, all-out war — the ultimate expression of the human animal’s “profit motive” (aka greed) — the foundation of the present economic system.

  • Uplifting – brilliant “translation” from print to film!

  • Brilliant! Thanks Caitlin. I’ll definitely share.

  • …the reality of the situation is Amazon is far more than a retail shopping website – it has extensive and growing ties to the military-industrial-surveillance complex…

  • In support of Caitlin’s Video:
    If you go to the official UN website and read through the 17 point plan, you will rapidly discover that the Sustainable Development Goals are essentially a blueprint for global government. This computer model was funded by the Club of Rome, and these days the exact same people are still trying to scare us into giving up our national sovereignty “for the good of the planet” so that they can implement their “New World Order”.

    They hope to convince all of us that we are facing “global problems” that require “global solutions”, and they are convinced that power is better off in the hands of global policy-making institutions such as the United Nations. https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-09-04/70s-tv-show-predicts-end-civilization-2040-elites-warn-earth-undergo-major

  • WONDERFUL. Thank you. Sharing.

  • I would love to have this narrated by Ed Asner, I wonder whether he is still active?

  • Words cannot explain the emotions this clip of truth, raised up inside of me. At the moment I have tears streaming down, thank you, thank you for this hope, this bright light in a darkening world!

  • This is way beyond hopeful and beautiful, I can see why it made you cry, it did me too, but that’s okay because they were tears of joy! Absolutely made my day! ;-))

  • A melding and mending of minds, hearts, hands and feet. Absolutely precious and beautiful!

  • Wonderful ! Off to share…

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