The Robert Mueller investigation which monopolized political discourse for two years has finally concluded, and his anxiously awaited report has been submitted to Attorney General William Barr. The results are in and the debate is over: those advancing the conspiracy theory that the Kremlin has infiltrated the highest levels of the US government were wrong, and those of us voicing skepticism of this were right.

The contents of the report are still secret, but CNN’s Justice Department reporter Laura Jarrett has told us all we need to know, tweeting, “Special Counsel Mueller is not recommending ANY further indictments am told.” On top of that, William Barr said in a letter to congressional leaders that there has been no obstruction of Mueller’s investigation by Justice Department officials.

So that’s it, then. A completely unhindered investigation has failed to convict a single American of any kind of conspiracy with the Russian government, and no further indictments are coming. The political/media class which sold rank-and-file Americans on the lie that the Mueller investigation was going to bring down this presidency were liars and frauds, and none of the goalpost-moving that I am sure is already beginning to happen will change that.

It has been obvious from the very beginning that the Maddow Muppets were being sold a lie. In 2017 I wrote an article titled “How We Can Be Certain That Mueller Won’t Prove Trump-Russia Collusion“, saying that Mueller would continue finding evidence of corruption “since corruption is to DC insiders as water is to fish”, but he will not find evidence of collusion. If you care to take a scroll through the angry comments on that article, just on Medium alone, you will see a frozen snapshot of what the expectations were from mainstream liberals at the time. They had swallowed the Russiagate narrative hook, line and sinker, and they believed that the Mueller investigation was going to vindicate them. It did not.

I’ve been saying Russiagate is bullshit from the beginning, and I’ve been called a Trump shill, a Kremlin propagandist, a Nazi and a troll every day for saying so by credulous mass media-consuming dupes who drank the Kool Aid. And I’ve only taken a fraction of the flack more high profile Russiagate skeptics like Glenn Greenwald and Michael Tracey have been getting for expressing doubt in the Gospel According to Maddow. The insane, maniacal McCarthyite feeding frenzy that these people were plunged into by nonstop mass media propaganda drowned out the important voices who tried to argue that public energy was being sucked into Russia hysteria and used to manufacture support for dangerous cold war escalations with a nuclear superpower.

Just think what we could have done with that energy over the last two years. Think how much public support could have been poured into the sweeping progressive reforms called for by the Sanders movement, for example, instead of constant demands for more sanctions and nuclear posturing against Russia. Think how much more attention could have been drawn to Trump’s actual horrific policies like his facilitation of Saudi butchery in Yemen or his regime change agendas in Iran and Venezuela, his support for ecocide and military expansionism and the barbarism of Jair Bolsonaro and Benjamin Netanyahu. Think how much more energy could have gone into beating back the Republicans in the midterms, reclaiming far more House seats and taking the Senate as well, gathering momentum for a presidential candidacy that truly threatens Trump instead of 9,000 primary candidates who will probably be selected by superdelegates after the first ballot when there’s too many of them to establish a clear majority under the new rules.

We must never let them forget what they did or what they cost us all. We must never let mainstream Democrats forget how crazy they got, how much time and energy they wasted, how very, very wrong they were and how very, very right we were.

Never stop reminding them of this. Never stop mocking them for it. Never stop mocking their idiotic Rachel Maddow worship. Never stop mocking the Robert Mueller prayer candles. Never stop making fun of the way they blamed all their problems on Susan Sarandon. Never stop reminding them of those stupid pink vagina hats. Never stop mocking them for elevating Louise Mensch and Eric Garland. Never stop mocking them for creating the fucking Krassenstein brothers.

Every politician, every media figure, every Twitter pundit and everyone who swallowed this moronic load of bull spunk has officially discredited themselves for life. Going forward, authority and credibility rests solely with those who kept clear eyes and clear heads during the mass media propaganda blitzkrieg, not with those who were stupid enough to believe what they were told about the behaviors of a noncompliant government in a post-Iraq invasion world. The people who steered us into two years of Russiavape insanity are the very last people anyone should ever listen to ever again when determining the future direction of our world.


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72 responses to “The Mueller Report Is In. They Were Wrong. We Were Right.”

  1. So, now you know how we feel about the Clinton scandals. Except, of course, for the actual convictions.

  2. Up till now I have respected your writing. Like you, I believed Russiagate was misconceived. However, I can’t imagine how you can be so stupid as to accept William Barr’s summary of the Mueller report as true. You have not read the report. No one outside a small circle has. Yet you’re crowing about how right you were based on a report from someone we all know is totally untrustworthy. Can’t you at least show a little modesty by acknowledging that we still don’t know what’s in the report? Honestly, so many anti-Russiangaters are humiliating themselves by accepting Barr’s word rather than waiting — and demanding — to read the report itself. As I said, I never believed in Russiagate, but at the moment I would love to see all the progressives crowing about being proved right end up with egg on their faces. Shut the fuck up till you know what the report actually says. And put effort into getting the report itself released so we can KNOW the truth rather than assume it based on a four-page summary from a Trump toady.

  3. BOOM!!! This is why I love Caitlin. She is a hammer forever looking for a nail. I won’t say she always finds the right nail, but when she does she HAMMERS that motherfucker! She hammered the shit out of this one. Make a list. Check it twice. And for every name that told us this story was true, and the facts existed, and anyone was guilty of this preposterous, fabricated nonsense, reserve ALL of your scorn, anger and resentment. Every time they open their mouth remind them that they are a liar. Every time they break the next big story remind them that they are a liar. Every time they try to claim credibility remind them that they are a liar. BDS the MSM. They are the junk bonds of truth after all. Never invest a penny of your belief in them that you don’t want to lose. The lines have been drawn. We know clearly and with full certainty who the truth tellers are and who the liars are. Make this your new and only reality. Measure every word you hear spoken publicly against this reality. And let’s put the frauds out to pasture permanently. In fact if you can manage to never turn your TV on again, do the world that favor. BOOM motherfuckers, welcome to the new New World Order. Caitlin style!

  4. Carolyn Zaremba Avatar
    Carolyn Zaremba

    Thank you, Caitlin. I depise all right-wingers, including the Democratic Party of the United States. The sooner there is a socialist revolution, the better. Time is running out.

  5. No journalism here, just talking head rhetoric. Quoting other news sources is not journalism. Rendering an opinion on a report you have yet see, is also not journalism. So now CNN is not fake news…

  6. Here we have the “real story” off Herr Muellers Trump investigation. Took 2 years of divine intervention by the one who investigated 9/11 as head of the FBI.
    God truly has blessed USA with a president like Donald Trump!

  7. Gloating is never becoming.

    1. Carolyn Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn Zaremba

      Are you another Democratic tool? I mean, everyone hates Trump, but I’m a socialist and the Democdrats are full of shit.

    2. your absolutely correct, but it’s fun

  8. Thank you, lady. I, a good Catholic conservative registered Independent Trump voter, who actually has contempt for Trump, stumbled into your post — and could not agree more with its conclusions.

    Unfortunately, the problem you and your friends on the Left have is that the current lib-Dem-media axis, which hawked the RussiaGate fantasy, doesn’t care at all about Truth. In fact, it doesn’t believe in Truth. It only believes in The Agenda, which is the (small-t) “truth” it makes up.

    RussiaGate fits in that category. Big-time. Forever-time. Like, in all of American history, quoth the raven: Nevermore!

    But here’s the hard fucking reality: honest and intelligent libs plus honest and intelligent conservatives, a relatively small number of people not coopted by the Powers That Be, are fucked. Big-time.

    Because the last presidential nominee on your side was a corrupt charlatan named Clinton. On ours, a juvenile ignoramus named Trump. The latter was elected in an agonized cry for deliverance on the part of the American people.

    Unfortunately, they, that is the ignorant masses, are fucked too. And let’s face it: they deserve to be. Well, not all of them. But most.

    In any case, have fun…it ain’t getting better.

    Next stop: nuclear war with Russia — because, well because, in the words of an ancient Greek playwright, whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.

    We’ve officially arrived at the point of madness.

    You and your lib friends need to take a hard look inside themselves.

    1. Michael Goldenberg Avatar
      Michael Goldenberg

      Only problem: progressives and left-wing radicals aren’t liberals and we know what a bunch of credulous fools many of them are. Other than that, you’re right.

      1. Actually, true left-wing radicalism is the only consistent liberalism. Freedom includes freedom from employers and from the power of money, too. Right-wingers and ‘classical liberals’ will generally reject all of their alleged liberal principles to salvage the domination of employers, money or even more primitive idols such as nation, religion, etc.

      2. It’s become a matter of semantics. The word “liberal” has come to refer to the Clintonists, the New Democrats, the Third Way, the defunct Democratic Leadership Council, the neoconservatives, the Republican Wing of the Democratic Party. They control the party machinery, and their main purpose is to prevent “progressives” from being elected. It doesn’t matter if the Republicans win, so long as it is not a “progressive.” Blue Dogs and New Democrats and Beto O’Rourke all vote against Democratic policies, and Nancy Pelosi has no excuse to act surprised when they do. Rahm Emmanuel sneered, “They got no place else to go.” And that’s true, so we have to gain control of the existing party machinery, and the conservatives aren’t going to give in without a serious fight.

  9. One positive to all the discussion re. the badness of Russia is it has really peaked my interest in this people that are genetically predisposed to lying and cheating.

    I found a really good book on history of Russia, typically $4-5, used, paperback. It’s all over the place but so is their history. Dear goodness they are diverse and have been through a lot. The kind of funny aspect I have come to learn is that the area that is the Ukraine today is essentially the original Russia (hence all the pesky Russians living there). In fact all of eastern (and western really) Europe has long history with Russia. I note also that many of the maps of Europe try to minimize the presence of Russia – though more rational minds would put the practical boundary of Europe (over history) at the Ural range. And as I read their history I have trouble to get my bearings as I keep expecting to get to the part where they ethinically cleanse the region so they aren’t bothered by people who think and live differently, that really is the foundation of my understanding of U.S. history – I am not there yet, but I am slow reader. Which is not to say it was all bagels and caviar – they did have slav-ery and indentured servants, they knid of invented it it would seem. Well, I am no expert have much to learn.

    1. You are making some interesting points. Of course, the process by which Russians expanded from the original ‘Great Russian’ territory into what is, more or less, the entire northern half of Eurasia was partly conquest and partly colonisation, displacement and assimilation of the original populations. In *a few* places, such as parts of the North Caucasus, the conquest has reached levels of violence and brutality that some have described as ethnic cleansing. Other parts have arguably been primarily the result of the expansion of more efficient economic practices. The whole thing can be viewed through the lens of Jared Diamond’s ‘Guns, Germs and Steel’; I don’t think tolerance or intolerance are a primary factor here. In addition, even the ‘Great Russian’ territory itself is basically just the product of the colonisation and linguistic and cultural assimilation of, roughly, Finnish/Hungarian-speaking areas by what were, essentially early Ukrainians; and its tradition of statehood begins, as you have pointed out, as a political and cultural periphery of Ukraine. However, Ukraine itself was later weakened, disintegrated and partly separated from that tradition, whereas the original ‘colonial’ territory clung to it and eventually conquered its ‘mother country’, along with much of the rest of Eurasia.
      So Russia does have some things in common with the US. In general, large peripheries and colonies arising due to expansion into vast, sparsely occupied or easily obtainable swaths of territory often become more powerful and influential than the original sources of influence/colonisation – you can see similar patterns in the histories of China, Germany and Ancient Mesopotamia, for instance.

    2. Carolyn Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn Zaremba

      You need to study the Russian Revolution. You need to study, Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky, and others in depth.

    3. Tartaria. Ever heard of it? The biggest Empire in the history of the world? Me neither until recently. It seems that after 500+ years of trying Russia took over most of the land that was Tartaria and took to completely erasing their history. You are right. Ukraine is all that was ever Russia. When Tartaria collapsed Russia moved in on their land and achievements and set to rewriting their history as their own. There are declassified CIA documents from the 50s that detail this. Just a few months ago Putin gave a lifetime achievement award to a man who spent his life writing revisionist history, erasing the Tartars. As a goof he gave Putin a map of Grand Tartaria as it once existed. Putin just stood there with a shit eating grin. As late as the early 20th century Tartaria flags could still be found in Encyclopedias. Today nearly all references to them are gone or heavily revised. Tartaria once stretched from the Caspian Sea to the Bering Sea. This is not and never was Russia. They lie. And have told the biggest lie of omission in history. For shame. Btw the Russian Czars were all Englishmen. Even Prince Philip has admitted this. “Communists killed my whole family” he once lamented. Look it up.

      1. There is really no secret or historical conspiracy here. ‘Tartaria’ or ‘Tartary’ is just an outdated name for the parts of Eurasia east of the Caspian inhabited by various Turkic and Mongolic peoples. To the extent that it has ever been united within the boundaries of a single state at all, that would be the very short-lived Mongol Empire in the first half of the 13th century, which was, indeed, the biggest land empire in the history of the world, but very soon split into smaller states. The territory of today’s Russia does not coincide either with ‘Tartary’ or with the former Mongol Empire.
        ‘Tartar’ is simply a corruption of Tatar, which was originally the name of a group of Mongolian tribes which Genghis Khan defeated as he was unifying Mongolia and then made them join his armies. As the Mongols conquered most of Eurasia, including the Ukrainian-Russian principalities, the name ‘Tatar’ came to be used for the Mongol forces in general, including various Turkic tribes that joined them. That is why, as the Mongol Empire soon split into successor states in the second half of the 13th century, the populations of several of them became known as Tatars, even though they were Turkic-speaking and mostly not related to the original Mongol Tatars. Roughly the entire territory inhabited by Turkic and Mongolic speakers east of the Caspian remained known as ‘Tartary’ in the West until the 19th century, even though it was not a single country by any measure.
        One of these successor states was the Golden Horde, which controlled the Russian-Ukrainian statelets until one of them, centred in Moscow, managed to free itself in the 15th century. Later the Golden Horde split into several states, roughly corresponding to current Tatarstan, Crimea, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, etc., which Russia gradually conquered one by one between the 16th and the 19th centuries, although some of these countries are now independent again. It also conquered and colonised Siberia during the 16th and 17th centuries, sometimes with considerable brutality towards the indigenous peoples (not too unlike what happened in the US, Canada and Australia). That last part is actually the main reason why today’s Russia has such an enormous land area.

        1. Right, so you’ve read their revisionist history. Thanks for making my case for me. Now go check any old map and see that Grand Tartary absolutely covered most of what is modern day Russia. Maps spanning 200+ years show this clearly. And long after the 13th century. It wouldn’t have taken you 5 seconds to debunk your own claim. The story that this was some nether region of warring Mongol hordes for1000 years is simply preposterous. Warring Mongol tribes built a Silk Road, had a tax system for it and traded such extravagant goods that Marco Polo and other Venetians are still famous for introducing these items to Europe? Or is it your opinion that ultra modern Europeans just developed a penchant for crude, spoils of war goods traded by primitive Mongols. A penchant that lasted generations. It takes a suspension of all disbelief to accept this narrative. So the largest landmass in the world existed under one name for over 500 years. And countless warring clans of primitive pirates scattered across a 10000 square mile area all accepted and courteously deferred to it. And flew it’s flag and the flag of its king? Flags that were still commonly known right up until the time of the Bolshevik Revolution? Nothing slightly suspect about that story to you? Marco Polo is always depicted wearing Tartar garb. Hardly the outfit of pirate hordes. History loves war. Much of what we call history is the story of wars. What do you know about the Flemish? The Lichtensteiners, or the Inuit? They never had great wars and likewise have little prominence in the history we were taught. You yourself call the Tartars Mongols. Why? Because the Mongols are a known commodity because they had a famous war. You demonstrably know little of their culture. What if Grand Tartaria was simply Peaceful? Oh the horror. What if they subsisted on trans-Asian commerce with Europe. And wtf is your hilarious point about the Golden Horde ‘occupying Moscow’ in the 1400s before the ‘Ukrainians’ that you call ‘Russians’ allegedly ‘took it back’. What a fantastical story. Could this logic be more convoluted, or more clearly from the lips of a Russian revisionist?

          I didn’t need a copy/paste of the very story I was calling into question. Or ‘expert’ commentary from someone foolish enough to believe it. Again the Russian Czars weren’t even Russian. They are Germans from the same lineage as the British Royal Family. This is not even in dispute. Nor is the fact that the USSR pretty much rewrote the history of Russia to suit their agenda (did u know they invented the car?). Nor is the fact that the Turks also rewrote their history ( ‘what Armenian genocide?’). But you’re here to assert the veracity of one of many versions by admitted fabricators. That which is Russian and that which is called Russian have nothing to do with each other and even less to do with the facts. No matter how devoutly you believe them.

  10. Son of the Cult of the Madcow Avatar
    Son of the Cult of the Madcow

    In 2012, Mitt Romney claimed Russia was America’s enemy. Does anyone think he made that up? Of course not. That suggests some think tanks have been arguing this case for a while.

    A few years later, a vast political and media conspiracy evolves to falsely smear Russia.

    Who is paying attention??

    1. America needs a boogeyman.
      Russia has served well – watch Iron Giant with kids as review.

  11. Don’t forget, in the US, tens and tens and tens (100?) of millions of people, (Republicans and Independents, mainly) sided with Trump that this was a Clinton, DNC, media and big money sponsored ‘get Trump’ witch hunt. From nearly day one, Trump himself, Fox News and multiple Trump allied media reported the set up, the details/discovery of the people behind it, plus, both the House and Senate ran their own investigations and announced no collusion, no conspiracy and no obstruction (though Democrats & anti -Trump folks claimed these weren’t thorough enough or were partisan).
    MSNBC, CNN and Democrats spun/pushed the narrative as ‘still looking for Russian involvement in the Trump campaign/election’, Trump’s Putin’s Puppet, or there was criminal activity/involvement with Russia(ns) after the election, while Fox, dozens of Republican/Independent media and Republican and Independent Trump supporters from pols, press & pundits to voters, as well as people from any party who read/did their own research, were certain it was a set up to impeach Trump, control him and/or use for electioneering.
    If you’re outside of the US, you might not be aware of this, but there has been a really big split here on Russiagate. The investigative reporting done by many here has resulted in numerous books and articles that detail the origins, participants, the acts that comprise the set up, from persons in Ukraine and UK, to our Intel community, dossiers, unmasking and surveillance of innocent Americans, spying, to leaks to the press, phony investigations, court cases, harassment of Trump supporters, Inspector General oversight, calls to ‘Investigate The Investigators’, etc, revealing almost every step so far, but with plenty of next steps remaining–possible further firings, arrests, exposure of everyone yet known who was involved in the scheme, (attempted coup?) and more.
    Been crazy here, but more and more people know the score (many, really, despite the ‘thought leaders’-how 1984 is that-and ‘influencers’) and just haven’t been able to take over yet. In 2018, there was definitely some voter fraud, so ‘vote the bums out’ is a pipe dream. Watch for yellow vests…

  12. Don’t forget, in the US, tens and tens of millions of people, perhaps even a 100 million people, (Republicans and Independents, mainly) who sided with Trump that this was a Clinton, DNC, media and anti-Trump paymasters ‘witch hunt’. From nearly day one, Trump himself, Fox News and multiple Trump allied media reported the fraud, the set up, the details/discovery of the people behind it, and also, both the House and Senate ran their own investigations and announced no collusion, no conspiracy and no obstruction (though Democrats & anti -Trump folks claimed these weren’t thorough enough or were partisan).
    MSNBC, CNN and Democrats spun/pushed everything as ‘still looking for Russian involvement in the Trump campaign/election’, Trump’s Putin’s Puppet, or there was criminal activity/involvement with Russia(ns) after the election, while Fox, dozens of Republican/Independent media and Republican and Independent Trump supporters from pols, press & pundits to voters, as well as people from any party who read/did their own research, were certain it was a set up to impeach Trump, control him and/or use for electioneering.
    If you’re outside of the US, you might not be aware of this, but there has been a really big split here on Russiagate. The investigative reporting done by many here has resulted in numerous books and articles that detail the origins, participants, the acts that comprise the set up, from persons in Ukraine and UK, to our Intel community, dossiers, unmasking and surveillance of innocent Americans, spying, to leaks to the press, phony investigations, court cases, harassment of Trump supporters, Inspector General oversight, calls to ‘Investigate The Investigators’, etc, revealing almost every step so far, but with plenty of next steps remaining–possible firings, arrests, exposure of everyone yet known who was involved in the scheme, (attempted coup?) etc.

  13. Of course the liars who govern us will never admit thy were wrong. Like Trump, they will just keep on lying as if the Mueller report didn’t happen. Th lies about Russia will continue to blare on the MSM. The Fascist State of America will continue conning and abusing it’s citizens. The work for us to save America and the World goes on………

  14. Muellers task was to distract from DNC fiasco’s and help to defray populist momentum. Trump is now owned by long time bureaucracts and aipac.
    Yeah, we won!

  15. “Video About NZ Christchurch Shooting BANNED BY YOUTUBE! Now Available On Brighteon! Watch Now!”

    1. You utter fucking shithead, those are my fellow citizens you are so excited to guide other sick cunts to. Have you no shame?

      1. Did you follow the link? There is no violence, no footage of the killings. But the post does present the manifesto and an interpretation that presents a rather strange perspective, purporting that the killer was a “leftist”. That takes a bit of a stretch, and there is little there with which I can agree.

        Her manner of presentation, selective choice of materials, and weird interpretations are suspect, particularly her complete misrepresentation of what nationalism and racism are. She is not well educated or very intelligent in her comments. But her mistaken representation of “eco” rather than “ethno”, for example, is unforgivable and should be soundly called out. And to pretend that fascism is a leftist movement is absurd – by definition. How can he be a fascist and anti-corporatist? She is a right-wing, “christian”, gun-lover with a very odd agenda. If she is in favor of the “truth” it would be better for her to be accurate first.

        But rather than just taking blind umbrage, would it not be better to read the material and form an informed opinion rather than just an emotional reaction?

        There is, of course, a much bigger issue at play here, and that is freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Both are now being stifled in New Zealand (as well as around the world) and terrorism is given as one of the excuses. It is a thorny problem, but is more worth addressing than a video you don’t seem to have viewed. The problem is that videos such as this give proof that some editing of public messages is not a bad idea. But how do we do that without stifling the free exchange of ideas?

      2. grandson of cult of madcow Avatar
        grandson of cult of madcow

        I haven’t watched the video but want it to remain available for anyone to see and question. If you accept government justification for censorship, then governments will claim casus belli without even having to fake the video evidence. They’ll rely on “trust us”.

        The offensive wars they start on lies kill millions more people than appear in this video.

        Don’t support excuses to censor content. Please.

  16. So to sum up America’s idiot, evil politics 2003-2019:
    from weapons of mass destruction, to weapons of mass distraction.
    When do stupid yanks wake up??!!

    1. Sadly, many of us never will, because like humans of all nationalities, many of us simply follow the crowd, devoid of critical thinking, mesmerised by the fad or trinket du jour. And because we (theoretically) have a free press, our shortcomings are visible for the world to see. The big question for the world going forward is, which crowd will the masses tend to follow?

    2. grandson of cult of madcow Avatar
      grandson of cult of madcow

      Yanks will not change from within. Their regime suppresses dissent all too well.

      No matter the country, most people never learn. That includes yanks. I’ve tried but failed to convince a single soul not to fall for each successive round of fear and war-mongering bullshit.

      Some further console themselves with zero-sum thinking about how we’ll end up as “Carthage” if we don’t do whatever it takes to remain “Rome”. Yes, they justify “preventative” mass murder on the fear that somewhere someone might someday rise up against us. The existence of many other countries (some with superior average quality of life) doesn’t invalidate or influence their apparent conclusion that no other outcome is possible. They are resigned to their grim outlooks (as I am now about them). These people should serve as case subjects for agnotology studies.

      Act accordingly.

    3. America’s idiot, evil politics actually has always been around but manifested itself on steroids during the Clinton years especially around 1995 on. Bush merely redirected it.
      I live in an area where some of the people involved were very influential in the Clinton White House during this time, when the Hawaii political machine along with the gang of fourteen both headed by the late Senator Dan Inouye wielded considerable influence.
      In 2004 I started writing a book about what happened and was trying to dignify what happened as being “a conspiracy” only to find out starting in 2006 that what I thought was corrupt was in fact corrupt. But also that it was so blatant and blue collar my book became a satire.
      During the same time that this was happening Robert Mueller and James Comey would be brought into the Clinton White House to be mentored by Eric Holder.
      Originally my book was about the island of Kauai’s economic collapse culminating in the sale of Grove Farm to Steve Case of AOL around the time AOL was merging with Time Warner. Kauai would suffer this economic collapse following Hurricane Iniki that would strike the island on 9/11/1992. With time it would evolve into how the same people who successfully subverted Kauai’s economy would attempt to do the same thing to the US economy. First through the accounting scandal that was supposed to be quickly followed by the banking collapse when in the middle of it all, planes flew into buildings.
      If you go to www (dot) conartistskauai (dot) info you might get a kick out of seeing when “the dove” and AOL director Colin Powell whose son Michael at the FCC votes in favor of the AOL Time Warner merger votes in favor of the AOL Time Warner merger changes his mind about the credibility of the reports about those pesky weapons of mass destruction. The last obstacle preventing the invasion of Iraq.
      Gary James Baldwin one of Inouye’s most influential confidants had his hands all over the Grove Farm deal, connected to Robert Mullins a director who voted to sell to Case as well as the con man Michael James Burns Jr. hired to assess it’s value. I only found out about Burns in 2006, Baldwin had been picked up in 2002 as a result of an outstanding warrant for his arrest and the newspapers all by and large downplayed it, but after finding out Burns, whose crime spree and conviction were unreported in the paper a I contacted the doctor who filed criminal charges against Baldwin and in late 2008, he sent me his files. There was nothing innocuous about it the guy was a full blown con man. Burns had primarily been convicted for his crimes committed at Hawaii’s two largest banks who were also Grove Farm’s primary and secondary mortgagees.
      The web page will show an article from 1997 where Baldwin is publicly acknowledged as being the second most influential person on the island the article also providing a bit of background. As well as excerpts of arrest records and a missing person’s report clearly contradicting what was reported. The last page of the missing person’s report showed that they all knew he was here in Hawaii, including the FBI.

  17. Congratulations to everyone who predicted this outcome (that there would be no evidence) (sorry Donald, I’m afraid this does include you)

    For those of us who tried to sort through the mass of contradictory statements to try to work out what’s going on congratulations.

    For all the journalists who have sucked on the Establishment bity, I hope you feel the money justifies your behaviour (NO it doesn’t)

    A very big thanks for Caitlin the Champion

  18. Thank you for this; “the Gospel According to Maddie”

    I will be using this term often.

    1. Ha! Autocorrect changed Maddow to Maddie… kinda like it but will stick with your version.

      1. Cult of the Madcow Avatar
        Cult of the Madcow

        The name is spelled “Madcow”.

        1. While I understand the motivation, I think that is really inappropriate.

          Cows are relay cool animals. I want to give them a big hug, but restrain myself – the breath is not good.

          More like Crazy Chicken, I think.

          1. Son of the Cult of the Madcow Avatar
            Son of the Cult of the Madcow

            Haha. But, does “Madcow” disparage cows? I think not. Only cows with a degenerative brain disease. Innit?

  19. There never needed to be any proof or logic to the Russigate conspiracies — as you so often reminded us – and there will be no need now that Herr Mueller has spoken, or not spoken. Russigate will continue unabated. Rachel Maddow will opine that the fact that there is no proof IS PROOF in that the Russian/Trump conspiracy is so insidiously hidden that it could not be uncovered by the best efforts of the Mueller investigation. But stay tuned.

    1. It remains to be seen what “Maddie” will opine, but if she does as you indicate above, then that will be a delicious symmetry to the hard right opining that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction…
      Delicious, but sad.

  20. Wow, a tiny, micro piece of American truth after 2 years of exhausting investigation and distraction for mighty USA and the rest of the world while other governments elsewhere were interfered with and threatened with democratical regime change, liberation and more American lies. Will this be investigated? Surely not. What a victory for the people that still officially believe in 9/11 and the ones not. That must be the change Obama wanted during his term which is now accomplished by Trump. A great victory – is it not?
    In the meantime thanks to the ones investigating themselves Venezuela burns, Ukraine changes faith, Syria gets rekindled and will be carved up and for Lebanon and Yemen nobody cares about anyway.

    1. Not forgetting the man held prisoner, rotting in an Embassy in London

  21. L.O.L. O.K. so the non believers were proven right and now can yell from their soap box, “We were right “. So what ?????? Is that going to change anything ? Will this allow the liars, cheats, sycophants to change their tune ????
    Sorry folks, but nothing’s going to change. How many times must American’s faces be rubbed in the truth before they can recognise what the truth is and act accordingly ?
    How many times must they be treated like idiots at the ballot box, constantly voting in the same traitors they voted in last time, and the time before that ???
    How many times must they be lied to, to support ILLEGAL wars, check out Venezuela for the latest ?????
    Nothing changes, everything stays the same, never a glimmer of light into the darkness.

  22. Congratulations and thank you, Caitlin! You, Jimmy Dore, Michael Tracey, Kyle Kulinsky, Lee Camp, and Aaron Maté have been the lone sane voices fighting against the gaslighting nonsense propagated by all the repeaters in mainstream news. Unfortunately, I don’t see any of those Russiagate propagators changing their tune or apologizing for leading their viewers on for the last two years. They are incorrigible and will do everything they can to shift the goalposts and shift the conversation. Hell, the NYT just ran this story: ‘We Don’t Need To Read the Mueller Report- Even If It Is Never Released, the Public Already Knows Enough’
    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

  23. We knew, from the moment Trump won and the first trickle of Russian inteference started coming in, we knew it was all lies. First and foremost they had to somehow justify the “election” of Trump to the world and how better to do that than to smear his “win” with amerikkka’s arch enemy Russiaand their evil plans for world domination beginning with control of our “elections”… of course the Dems had to jump aboard this train as they created it and they were driving it anyway … and of course the shills all fell into lockstep and recite the script the DNC gave them, so we wouldn’t notice that the DNC rigged the Primaries, that the DNC colluded with Hillary to underfinance Sanders’ run and that Hillary had in fact financed the entire DNC primaries. That even Sanders himself fell into line on the night of his speech at the Dem convention when he pleaded with his supporters to vote for Hillary even though I’ve seen the video of his wife coming up to him in mid speech and saying “you know they have no idea they can write your name in the ballot.” Sanders dismissed his wife and just continued on and on about how we needed to all hug and unite as one party with Hillary. No mention of the part the real investigation never asked or received the DNC server or how not one democrat attacked the party dirty tricks except Tulsi Gabbard.. No credence was put into the Podesta emails or all allegations of pedophilia and the truth was dismissed as “sourgrapes” by Donna Brazile and the book she wrote exposing EXACTLY what went on. Of course Wasserman escaped unscathed from being Chairwoman of the DNC and her dismissal nor did was anything EVER really investigated about the murder of Seth Rich and his connection to Wikileaks …. just one big steaming pile of shit that no one wanted to smell or sort through. So we “blamed it on the Russians” yeah tha’s it, blame his win on the Russians people will buy that ….and the fools did and sadly STILL DO… this report will prove NOTHING to those that are indoctrinated democrats and progressives. Their heads are too far up their own asses… it makes me laugh to myself that people who were for Trump dismissed the Russia connection. Who would have thought they would be smarter than Maddow, Maher, Lawrence O’Donnell or the WHOLE CNN network…

    1. Most “Progressives”, like Caitlen and many here, did not buy into Russiagate BS!! This DNC conspiracy was in large part directed against progressives, as was their rigging of the 2016 primaries, againt progressives. Stop the Overton Window bullshit that enables authoritarian fascists to calling politicians with the policies of past republicans “progressive liberals”.

  24. Congrats to Caitlin for standing firm on truth,
    that there never was (and now proven) any evidence
    (other than the special-ops, fake-news bullshit)
    to support the Russiagaters.

    WMDs, by the Repubs (seconded by the Dems)

    Russiagate, by the Dems

    How can anyone in their right mind
    support a government run by two
    blatantly corrupt, malicious, evil, political parties
    and their propaganda machines-?

    1. “How can anyone in their right mind…”

      My friend, our neighbors aren’t crazy or stupid, but they are ignorant and not “of the right mind.”

      We will never win this fight at the ballot box.

  25. I agree with the premise, and personally never felt the charges of collusion were merited. But the rhetoric of this article really seems a bit over-the-top, and I don’t think cannibalizing other progressives is going to serve anyone well in the long run. Democrats have a long history of cutting themselves off at the knees, and creating a sorely divisive resentment is not likely to bring fruitful results. We still need more votes than just those in the comparatively small camp that agrees with us.

    1. Carolyn Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn Zaremba

      Those of us who are socialists and do not support the Democratic party in any way do not believe this is over the top. It is the way I feel and have always felt about this misleading farce and waste of time. But I believe that it was always about trying to get Julian Assange. They are still after him and have locked up Chelsea Manning. One does not support anyone who is after either of them. Where are the Democrat supporters when it comes to defending Assange and Manning? Nowhere to be found, that’s where. They still think Bernie Sanders is a revolutionary. They’re pathetic.

      1. The Democrat Party has been taken over by corporate money. They are fighting tooth and nail to rid their party of progressives. Do not ignore the DNC fixing of the 2016 primaries. This has not gone away. Check Jimmy Dore’s latest episode on the DNCCC changes directing the blacklisting of campaigning professionals if they ever help a progressive unseat a sitting Democrat representative.

      2. Do you really think socialist programs are going to appear out of whole cloth? If they cannot be channeled through the democratic party, whence will they come? And when you say “that is how I feel” you are basing your responses on emotions in exactly the same way that others are. Problems have to be solved with reason and logic – and that means looking objectively at how people are manipulated by their emotions.

        In Mexico the MORENA party has brought new hope to the country and the possibility of significant change (though I am not yet convinced that AMLO can accomplish what he has promised) but the Mexican Constitution is far more flexible and democratic than the US Constitution, and it is now less cumbersome for new parties to form. It will take serious change for that sort of climate to develop in the US, and time is in short supply.

    2. They aren’t “other progressives”, they are Democrats who’d rather lose to Trump than allow a progressive to get elected.

      1. What does “progressive” even mean these days other than a Dem partisan who is on the leftish side of that very right wing organization? They used to call themselves “liberals”, but once that term came under assault, they quietly rebranded rather than present a full-throated defense of their supposed principles.

  26. Hubert Manfred Reiter Avatar
    Hubert Manfred Reiter

    Good on you, Caitlin, let them have it, with both barrels. They deserve nothing better.

  27. I expect the same thing to happen as happened after the Iraq War. The liars who started the war were out of favor for an astonishingly short time, and those who warned against the lies gained nothing in stature and remain outsiders to this day. There is virtually no penalty for being wrong on behalf of the establishment.

    1. viz Elliott Abrams (among others)

  28. They Were Wrong. We Were Right.
    They Were Wrong. We Were Right.
    They Were Wrong. We Were Right.
    Thank you Caitlin!

  29. Nice thought but it don’t work that way – MMS will just censor, lie and move on. And the livestock will just conform to the new “Consensus”

    Facts count for nothing, never have. Probably never will.

  30. Rael Nidess, M.D. Avatar
    Rael Nidess, M.D.

    Damn!! And I was so convinced Mueller was gonna find him holed up in an Oval Office closet slurping borscht and eating Beluga caviar…

  31. All true, and we can only hope that some of the people who unquestioningly swallowed the bs will stop to consider where they get their ‘news’ and ‘analysis’. On the other hand, you seem to think that something better would have been achieved if time and money hadn’t been wasted on Mueller. I don’t think there is anything better on offer for the US at this stage. Until there is a candidate with a clear no-war no-intervention foreign policy there won’t be ‘sweeping progressive reforms’ or less support for Saudi Arabia and Israel. I can’t see why anyone would think things would be better under a Democrat President. Presidents are puppets – it’s the puppet-masters and their MSM collaborators who have to be stripped of their power.

    1. Carolyn Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn Zaremba

      I agree with you. The Democrats are not progressive. They represent the wealthy and the MIC. I knew we were right from the get go because I read the World Socialist Web Site (and Caitlin) and NEVER the corporate media. I got rid of my television 7 years ago and the lack of poison in my home has brought me mental health.

  32. Thanks to the producer and director, Warner & Schiff, as well as the players, Maddow and the MSNBC pundits and staff, the CNN pundits and staff and all other cast members for this great theatrical work of fiction.

    Twenty-eight months in the making at a cost of nearly $1M/mo.

    Michael Moore, start your documentary.

    1. Carolyn Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn Zaremba

      Michael Moore is one of them. He supported Sanders. Pfui.

  33. Thank you Caitlin, you were perfectly correct in calling this fraud for what it was.
    Maddow is a scabby dog barking at the passing circus. The entire Democrat caucus are ignorant fools.

    1. Carolyn Zaremba Avatar
      Carolyn Zaremba

      Maddow’s career was the result of identity politics. Ooh! Gay woman has her own political show. She earned her huge paycheck shilling for the ruling class.

      1. Maddow is a ratings whore, and it is unlikely that she will accept a negative report from Mueller as being genuine. Just think of all the tidbits of “evidence” that he overlooked. There’s a lot of material for more time-wasting programs just waiting to be exploited.

        1. They are going to sift through Mueller’s notes to see if they can find something to obsess about.
          The newswhores need this to distract from the sad reality of the U.S. crimes all over the world.
          The band will play on.

          1. Carolyn Zaremba Avatar
            Carolyn Zaremba

            Yes, but increasingly more out of tune and discordant.

  34. Time to dust off that bottle of Champagne, congratulations Caitlin – we were allwith you on this from the beginning of this mad hysterical witch-hunt

  35. Martha Christian Avatar
    Martha Christian

    Right on, Caitlin! You are a truth-sayer. Thank you for your clarity and courage.

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