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Trump Supporters Are Hurting Assange With Their 4-D Chess Talk

At a time when everyone should be out in the streets shaking the earth and protesting the Trump administration’s prosecution of Julian Assange for exposing US war crimes, those who continue to support this president have one message and one message only when it comes to the WikiLeaks founder: Don’t do anything. Relax, wait and see, trust Trump, and don’t do anything. Trump is about to save Assange, and save us all. Do nothing.

Who do you guys think this strategy benefits, exactly?

These are all people who say they support Assange and WikiLeaks, who say they support free speech and oppose the deep state, and yet what they are doing today hurts Assange and helps the unelected power establishment known as the deep state just as much as the hysterical Russiavape dupes who are overtly smearing Assange today.

To be clear, not everyone who voted for Trump is doing this; many are aggressively opposing this administration’s prosecution of Assange and vocally withdrawing all support for him. But the ones who are engaged in the behavior I’m describing are all helping to kill the loud and aggressive opposition to Assange’s imprisonment which is so desperately needed right now, and they’re helping everyone they claim to oppose. The pussyhat-wearing Assange haters and the MAGA hat-wearing Assange lovers are on the same side on this issue, mindlessly working toward the exact same agenda: the permanent imprisonment of a truth-telling journalist.

Every time President Trump advances a longstanding evil agenda of America’s permanent government, I see my social media notifications swarmed with Trump supporters telling me that it is actually a good thing, because it’s secretly a brilliant strategic chess move that the 45th president is taking against the deep state.

When I say that this happens every time, I’m not being hyperbolic to make a point. I mean it happens every single time, without a single, solitary exception, always. It happens with such clockwork reliability that I preemptively addressed it in the article I wrote when Julian Assange was arrested, saying, “I am going to have a zero tolerance policy for QAnon cultists who try to tell me that this is actually 5-D chess by Trump to overthrow the Deep State. Stay out of my comments, stay out of my social media notifications, stay the hell away from me, and please rethink your worldview.”

I said this because I knew it was coming, and indeed it did. All sorts of theories have been concocted since Assange’s arrest which people cite as proof that Trump is actually protecting Assange with his administration’s indictment and extradition request, instead of working to imprison a journalist for exposing US war crimes, which is actually what’s happening.

They tell me that Trump is bringing Assange to America for trial because he can only pardon him after he’s been convicted. This is false. A US president can pardon anyone at any time of any crime against the United States, without their having been convicted and without their even having been charged. After leaving office Richard Nixon was issued a full presidential pardon by Gerald Ford for “all offenses against the United States which he, Richard Nixon, has committed or may have committed or taken part in during the period from January 20, 1969 through August 9,1974.” Nixon had never been charged with anything. If Trump were going to pardon Assange he could have done it at any time since taking office, instead of issuing a warrant for his arrest in December 2017 and executing it on Thursday after a series of international legal manipulations. A pardon is not in the plans.

Another common belief I keep encountering is that Trump is bringing Assange to America to get him to testify about his source for the 2016 Democratic Party emails in exchange for a pardon, thereby revealing the truth about Russiagate’s origins and bringing down Clinton and Obama. This is false. Everyone who knows anything about Assange (including the Trump administration) knows that he will never, ever reveal a source under any circumstances whatsoever. It would be a cardinal journalistic sin, a violation of every promise WikiLeaks has ever made, and a betrayal of his entire life’s work. More importantly, imprisoning a journalist and threatening him with a heavy sentence to coerce him into giving up information against his will is evil. If you believe your president is doing that, the last thing you should be doing is cheering for him.

But that isn’t what Trump is doing. Trump is pursuing the imprisonment of a journalist for exposing US war crimes, so that he can scare off future leak publishers and set a legal precedent for their prosecution.


I’ve been engaging people in debates on this subject online so I can understand their arguments well enough to address them, and what I’ve learned is that they don’t really have any. Those who believe Trump is actually secretly helping Assange and helping the American people by prosecuting a journalist have no basis for their belief other than pure faith that Trump is good, therefore anything he does must be good. It’s the exact mirror image of Russiagate hysterics, and it benefits the exact same corrupt establishment.

The mental contortions that people are doing to avoid the cognitive dissonance between their support for Assange and their support for Trump is truly something to behold. For the last 24 hours QAnon adherents have been telling me that Assange holding a Gore Vidal book when arrested is an undeniable signal that he’s in coordination with the Trump campaign to bring down the Deep State, and that I’m crazy for being unable to see that. Turns out it was actually a book that Assange wanted to read while he was waiting to be processed at the courthouse, which makes sense since Vidal’s “History of the National Security State” covers a subject that Assange has devoted his entire life to.

QAnon is such a brilliant propaganda construct. With some cryptic posts on an anonymous message board, whoever is behind that psyop has succeeded in manipulating a vocal and impassioned sector of Trump’s base into applauding every single step he’s taken in advancing the dystopian agendas of his predecessors as a brilliant 4-D chess move against the establishment. I’ve been told that his bombing of Syria actually took out an Iranian nuclear base, that he’s helping to free the Venezuelan people without harming anyone, that he’s fighting the deep state in Iran, that his dangerous escalations against Russia are just a show because he and Putin are working together (a comical overlap with the Russiagate crowd), and last year they were telling me that Assange isn’t in the embassy at all because Trump had already covertly rescued and pardoned him. There are people who honestly believe that there is a revolution against the establishment underway which is being led by a plucky alliance between the President of the United States, the Prime Minister of Israel, and the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. It’s that bad.

QAnon followers make up a minority of Trump’s base, but the insanity of the QAnon psyop bleeds into the greater MAGA crowd and helps normalize the kind of thinking which leads people to conclude that a blatant prosecution of a journalist for telling the truth about the US political construct is actually a strategic maneuver against the establishment. The enthusiastic promotion of this narrative has an undeniable and pernicious chilling effect on opposition to Assange’s wrongful imprisonment, which should be an issue upon which the right and the true left agree.

I’ve never pushed away Trump supporters because I believe isolating into ideological echo chambers makes the left impotent and stupid, and many of them have followed me since I started this gig because they agree with some of what I’ve got to say. I don’t know how many MAGA people I still have in my readership after all the stuff I’ve been writing about their president, but those of you who are still out there, please, for the love of God help get this idea out there. This is a time where everyone who supports WikiLeaks should be flooring the gas pedal, and all the “Don’t do anything, trust the plan, wait and see” rhetoric is keeping one foot on the brakes.

Assange should have been pardoned already, long ago, if not by Obama then by Trump. There is no excuse whatsoever for this not to have happened already, let alone for Assange to be behind bars at the behest of this administration. Stop saying “wait and see”. We’ve already seen. The time to protest is now. Get your foot off the brakes, and aggressively demand that your president cease doing what he is doing. Make this an election issue. Trump can’t afford to lose his base, but if you keep saying “wait and see” the narrative manipulators will keep moving back the line you’d sworn you’ll never let him cross until before you know it you’ve got another four years of another Bushbama while Assange remains locked in a cage.

Don’t let them do this to you. Use your power now.


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  • You are missing an important point. Assange would absolutely cooperate with an investigation in to the murder of one of his sources (Seth Rich). He has hinted at such in an interview where he suggested people risked their lives to provide him information.. and even mentioned Seth Rich’s name.
    Don’t get me wrong, I believe we should resist his extradition with every effort.. but I also think there might be something bigger at play here.

  • Does this web site have code to override normal scrolling? It takes big “smooth scroll” leaps with slight movements of the mouse wheel when I try to scroll it slightly, and I don’t have “smooth scrolling” or a large scroll factor set in the browser so other web sites aren’t doing that but this one won’t stop.

    • Jumpiness is quite common in comment sections and chats I think.

      • It’s not jumpy; it just distinctly smooth-scrolls an entire half page on every slight turn of the mouse wheel. It doesn’t do that with keyboard scrolling, I haven’t seen any other web site do it, I have smooth scrolling turned off in the web browser, and I have the mouse wheel scroll interval set to 3 lines, not half a page. Other web sites respond consistently with the browser setting. This site overrides them. As I said before. I said absolutely nothing about jumpiness.

  • Trump supporters are not that different from Hillary supporters 😉 To hate Hillary and to vote for an alternative corrupt narcissist doesn’t make you especially smart. Hillary and Trump are sides from the same coin.

  • Trump is fairly unique since JFK is trying to follow his own agenda. But he has to look for advice, and if those “more informed” advisers seem to support his agenda, then he will most likely accept their more informed advice. If they prove to be liars or not really informed, Trump fires them.

    I do not know what Trump’s attitude to Assange is, but from his actions, he is following trusted advice to hang him, not playing a deep game (Trump seems to have no real comprehension of the psychotic nature of the “Deep State” or how little regard it has for non-Washington life.

  • I was a Trump supporter, but after watching Assange’s arrest, I am watching Trump more closely. It would be so nice if the fantasy was true – that Trump actually is playing 4-D chess and that somehow, someway there will be a happy ending for Assange and we would all have a big party to celebrate. But I don’t think so. This isn’t some kind of TV drama where the hero wins against all odds. This is real life. And real life gets real ugly for a person who tells the truth about sins of the powerful. Wake up, people. If you want to help Assange, you better do it now. Because soon it will be too late.

    • Well said , Dexter. Everyone make sure you read Craig Roberts” Article on Assange’s arrest
      published today.Support for Trump must be dwndlng fast.I was a big fan at the beginning.
      Not any more.

      • Trump benefitted greatly from Assange’s truth telling. Now he wants to kill him.

  • What is sad about this story is the fact that the political elites of the West can fall so low just to cling to power.

    In the arrest of Mr Assange, they are showing no honesty, no honor and no shame.

    We have to pray for them.

    When we see things like that, it shows that the end must be near because it is written that in the end times, it will be similar to the days of Noah.

    I will keep my Rosary close.

    • We are all believers in the junk that we have been told. Someone we respect tells us to believe and we believe. This could be what the ETs mean when they call humans “containers”.

  • One of the things that is destroying our hopes for a happier, sustainable world is lying. The noosphere (the dimension of memes and thoughtforms) that surrounds us all on Earth is becoming so polluted with lies and delusions that people everywhere are losing their bearings and have no reliable compass to assess reality. These falsehoods which people in large numbers are imbibing are like viruses that take over the mental apparatus of individuals, and then use their hosts to further spread their mischief. This toxic atmosphere of misinformation and lies is undermining the mental health of the human population and propelling us towards destroying each other on the basis of false information we have imbibed and are acting on, unaware of the madness we are perpetrating.

    Unless enough of us awaken to the danger this situation is generating, we will end up destroying each other on the basis of a pack of lies. There is a desperate need for those awake to waken others who are under the influence of our inauthentic culture before our darkened minds trigger a final cataclysm.

    Another way to put it is that humankind is devolving into insanity, and losing it’s grip on reality. We need truth therapy in the worst way! The images on the walls of our caves are turning to nightmare…..

    • We are all believers in the junk that we have been told. Someone we respect tells us to believe and we believe. This could be what the ETs mean when they call humans “containers”.

  • If anyone thinks Trump is doing this to secretly “save” Assange, I would point out a couple of things:

    1) He could have preemptively pardoned Assange once he (Trump) took office. Instead, his DoJ instigated these charges rather quickly upon Trump’s taking office. It was clearly a priority. Seems like a strange priority, given that everyone thought the Wikileaks release of the DNC and Podesta emails helped Trump win the election. (Yes, I know that the charges being brought against Assange are not related to the 2016 election, but one would have expected Trump to be grateful to Assange, not prioritizing getting him jailed for any reason.)

    2) If he weren’t serious, why go after Chelsea Manning in a strenuous effort to get her to “rat out” Assange? Chelsea is still in jail for refusing to answer a question she had already answered during her own original trial, although I understand she is now in general population rather than in solitary. Trump has made it clear, through the things he has said over many years, that he hates Manning. He said that he thought Manning should have been hung. It would be rather odd if he hated Manning, but supported the site that published Manning’s information.

    3) Isn’t is rather notable that trying to extradite Assange and charge him in the US is exactly what Hilary Clinton has been calling for all these years? You might want to ask yourself why it is that Trump is doing such a favor for Clinton in this. He is doing EXACTLY what Clinton would be doing and had his DoJ start the ball rolling during his first year in office. Clearly, he feels he owes Clinton something – and owes Assange nothing – despite all those moments where he thanked Wikileaks on the campaign trail, while calling for Clinton to be “locked up”. Who’s he actually trying to lock up now?

    4) Given Trump’s notorious hatred of the press, his demands that everyone around him sign non-disclosure agreements and loyalty oaths, and his constant denouncement of “leakers”, what makes anyone think he would protect Wikileaks? Perhaps he thinks that they might, at some point, have some information on him, and maybe he hopes he can nip that in the bud by getting Assange into a US super-max facility. Obviously, if he thought Assange could do him some benefit, he wouldn’t be trying to imprison him and put an end to Wikileaks.


  • B has a very insightful article with some things about wikileaks that I hadn’t heard before.

  • “Every time President Trump advances a longstanding evil agenda of America’s permanent government, I see my social media notifications swarmed with Trump supporters telling me that it is actually a good thing, because it’s secretly a brilliant strategic chess move that the 45th president is taking against the deep state.” — OP
    They are believers Caitlin. Red team fans (or fanatics, if you prefer) are a mirror image of blue team fans. This is divide and rule at work, and a primary reason that there are only two viable political parties in the US… both of which are dominated by the elite, deep state, permanent government or whatever your preferred verbiage might be. Paraphrasing Bill Clinton’s history professor at Georgetown University (sorry, don’t have the source in front of me at the moment):
    “The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one, perhaps, of the Right and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to doctrinaire and academic thinkers. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can ‘throw the rascals out’ at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy. The policies that are vital and necessary for America are no longer subjects of significant disagreement, but are disputable only in details of procedure, priority, or method …”
    There is more, of course, but this is the essence — elections cannot be allowed to change anything other than the party affiliation of the spokesmodels — policy is off-limits to the hoi poi. And it is a simple fact that whomever controls policy controls government and the future.
    And it is longstanding USG policy to suppress, harass and, if possible, prosecute whistleblowers (of whom Manning is but one). But Wikileaks poses a unique threat — direct and anonymous publication of “secrets” without need of (and vetting by) a corporate MSM intermediary — this threat to government power and legitimacy is being “dealt with” as I write, not withstanding Trump’s campaign declaration of admiration for Wikileaks.
    I too voted for Trump as an alternative to Hillary’s capacity for evil: “We came. We saw. He died.” A faint hope, I know, merely a vote for the perceived lesser of two evils, based upon some reasonable comments (normalize relations with Russia, withdraw troops from the ME, etc.) made during his campaign. Not that much was expected, however… and those faint hopes faded quickly, again, as usual.
    This is the genius of the two party system of divide and rule. Trump is not playing chess against the deep state, however it is playing against Trump. And it won. Trump needed allies when one deep state faction attacked, so he turned to another faction for support. That both have the same goals (including keeping secrets) is not surprising… The initial fight against Trump was simply to force him to fall into line and stop making (reasonable) comments like “normalize relations with Russia” — the deep state. MIC and IC need a new Manichean Devil to frighten the peasants and keep a trillion tax dollars flowing into their coffers. This is a policy both Democrats and Republicans can get behind.
    “Capital must protect itself in every possible way, both by combination and legislation. Debts must be collected, mortgages foreclosed as rapidly as possible. When, through the process of law, the common people lose their homes, they will become more docile and more easily governed through the strong arm of government applied by a central power of wealth under leading financiers. These truths are well known among our principal men who are now engaged in forming imperialism to govern the world. By dividing the voter through the political party system, we can get them to expend their energies in fighting for questions of no importance. It is thus by discreet action we can secure for ourselves that which has been so well planned and so successfully accomplished.” — American Bankers Association (1924)

    • I could only find one of your words I’d change, and I think it was probably a typo.
      Good post!

    • Fwiw, the Bankers Manifesto quote has been disputed, although I hardly doubt that many such people do indeed think exactly that way.


      • You, and dredmorbius, may be correct.

    • When you say, “I voted for…” that is your first mistake. You confess to taking part in a fraudulent system, which you just got through thoroughly trashing.

      • A contradiction, I agree.
        Years ago worked with the “None of the Above” idea for voting… essentially as a means of countering the “wealth primary” that each candidate must first win to secure campaign funding.
        Later, however, realized that “None of the Above” could also be used as a means of de-legitimizing an elected government. The idea being that voters casting “None of the Above” ballots would be officially indicating they had lost confidence in the government and were explicitly withdrawing their consent to be governed by it.
        By your comment, you imply that by not voting (i.e.: not taking part in a fraudulent system) citizens are withdrawing their consent to be governed. And (for some at least) that may be true. However, such “apathy” will simply be written off by TPTB with the remainder of citizens voting considered as consent of the whole — since there is no official notice as to the non-voters’ actual intent by simply not voting.
        Wonder what would happen in this “democracy” if a “None of the Above” write-in campaign were to win a plurality or, God forbid, a majority of votes in a Presidential election…

  • Can anyone even picture Trump beating someone at 2-D chess?
    I saw a good article awhile back from a poker player about how Trump has all the characteristics of a BAD poker player. Impulsive, charges into pots, bluffing wildly, but with a very weak hand.
    Trump’s game is apparently golf …. at which he cheats.

    • Honestly, I can’t even picture him beating someone at 1-D chess.

  • “they” create new realities while we struggle to analyze one of the many created by them yesterday.

    i believe that we the people know what’s going on, we do not need any more analysis that ends with the same conclusion every time.

    i for one have very little patience to read yet another analysis.

    that doesn’t mean that we want to do nothing. rather, we want to do something, beyond just another discussion.

    BDS the machine, BDS everyone in it, BDS everything they sell, BDS everything associated with the NWO!. grow, make, repair, recycle, conserve, share! at least, cut back on your consumption of corporate products of all kinds! anyone can do so without much risk, at your own pace, whenever you can. it doesn’t take a whole lot of organizing or ideological consensus. BDS is the only way!

    • Withdrawal from the system is a difficult order for most people, and some people are of the opinion that it doesn’t accomplish enough. We need concrete examples and suggestions to proceed. I think one must also understand that training oneself for such a lifestyle takes time and dedication.

      • one doesn’t have to be self-sufficient. grow if you have a green thumb. make what you can. share what you have more than you need. repair if you know how. but most of all, consume as much and little as you need, and try not to support the corporates and wall street. share your big empty house with friends and relatives, to not support banksters, to save energy, and to live co-operatively, for instance. rethink our obscene lifestyle. out of necessity, not to be fashionable. why does anyone need training for this sort of things?????

        • Exactly. That is precisely what I have done here in a midwestern college town suburb. http://Www.greenacresvillage.org

        • You seem to have a very good understanding of what needs to be done and a passion to wake people up. Perhaps you should organize a local meet-up and preach these things? People need intellectual and motivational help. If we wait for everyone to wake up on their own, we’ll never win.

      • Just had a wonderful experience. The college kids next door were a bit noisy on a Sat night. So, I wanted to put on my own stereo. I flipped through some folders, and settled on Jefferson Airplane, “Crown of Creation”, released 1968. 🙂 Highly recommended. If you haven’t heard it in awhile, give it a listen. If you’ve never heard it, you really should hear it at least once.
        In loyalty to their kind
        They cannot tolerate our minds
        In loyalty to our kind
        We cannot tolerate their obstruction!

        Life is change
        How it differs from the rocks
        I’ve seen their ways too often for my liking
        New worlds to gain
        My life is to survive
        And be alive for you
        Aah ah ah ah…
        –“Crown of Creation”, written by Paul Kantner.

        It was just what I needed to straighten out my head.

    • There are a lot of “only ways”. Unfortunately none of them deliver the exaggerated promises that thy pretend to do.

  • ” I see my social media notifications swarmed with Trump supporters telling me that it is actually a good thing,…”

    If you absolutely MUST talk to anyone who’s an ardent Trump supporter at this point, talk about religion… you’ll have a better chance.

  • Arguing with the demented is a waste of precious time. Please ignore them Caitlin. You have much more important things to do.

    • My own policy with trolls is to name them and call them out once. and then completely ignore them. They love attention, any kind of attention.

      • No need to call them out, if it’s obvious that they’re trolls. If anyone in the discussion is unaware that trolls are operating, just post ‘Please troll elsewhere.’

    • I remember when Obama came to town. There was a protest, split into two halfs. One half was the lefties, the other half was the Tea Party. I was the only person I saw walking back and forth between the two crowds.
      It was interesting. I could have good conversations with them. Listening, you found out they were mad at most of the same stuff we lefties were mad about. Except, they tended to use different language. But if you figured out that when they said ‘liberals’ they meant the same thing as when my friends said “the establishment”, it became clearer. There were some subjects to avoid, simply as diplomacy. I was looking to talk, not pick a fight. But I’d say I’d agreed with about 80% of what they said, and I let about 20% slide past.
      The thing about talking to the Right is that it scares the bleep out of “The Establishment” The greatest fear of the 1% is that the opposition on the Left and the opposition on the Right will figure out that they agree on the fact that the 1% have too much power and too much control in this world. The Left and Right uniting is their scariest nightmare. If we all got together, we’d have more than enough pitchforks and torches to storm the castle.

      • Note that I was talking to real people, face to face. That’s different from engaging trolls on the internetsss. People in person have at least a little civility. Note also that any midsized political organization has both paid trolls and volunteer supporters joining in. If you argue with a troll online, you are likely arguing with someone in a room full of computers with other trolls and a “Committee to Re-Elect the President” banner on the wall. And yes, for those two young to remember, the acronym is CREEP.

      • “The greatest fear of the 1% is that the opposition on the Left and the opposition on the Right will figure out that they agree on the fact that the 1% have too much power and too much control in this world. The Left and Right uniting is their scariest nightmare. If we all got together, we’d have more than enough pitchforks and torches to storm the castle.” — Bobby Fisher
        Yep. (I’m a man of few words, and you said it all..)

  • I am not a Trump supporter, and I didn’t vote for him. I had to look up QAnon on wikipedia to find out what they are on about (its all rubbish). I think there is possibly a case against Assange, possibly not, it is impossible to say given none of the reports about the legal situation can be believed. While the situation remains unresolved, nothing will happen, and nobody’s mind will be changed. What we need to progress the situation is to allow the case to come before the courts so it can be argued. The first court involved is the UK court dealing with the extradition request, then the UK appeal court to review it, then the US courts. If they are secret courts, then it will look very bad for the US, but they get away with so much anyway, that Assange will presumably be found guilty and jailed. This will be a disgrace for the US. If he is not found guilty, this will be another disgrace for the US. It won’t spark a revolt against the US Empire, as the revelations themselves didn’t do that. Assange knew this could potentially happen, and decided to publish anyway. He is a brave man, braver than you because, ironically under the circumstances, you have decided to take down my last four posts, and seem to be blocking my IP address from accessing your website (which will never work).

    I believe in everything you say, EXCEPT your silly calls for people to “rise” against whatever, without any plan of action. Peaceful protests in the streets will not get you anywhere. Assymetric attacks that achieve their target and get everyone back home in one piece, then repeated, are the only thing that will work.

    We need a place where everyone can express their ideas without fear and without censorship. I am quite willing to talk to you about this, by email with GPG-encrypted messages. You can find out how to do this on my website.

    • Palloy – I find your ideas to be consistently confusing, irrelevant, and distracting. Yours is a voice that I hope Caitlin has learned to ignore.

      • > confusing, irrelevant, and distracting

        Well I’m not trying to be, maybe you could try a little harder. Caitlin said she didn’t have all the answers, and called for more ideas. I gave her my ideas, and she censored the post. And has censored every post since. Keep your eye on this one and see if it goes too.

          • Well I haven’t posted any multiple links and I am never extremely obnoxious or racist, and yet my 4 posts before today all appear in “Latest links” for a while and then disappeared. Today using my usual VPN, the site wouldn’t load, and when I switched it off and used my real IP, it worked.

            • Maybe the reason your posts were “censored” is because your VPN doesn’t let them through?

    • time to take your ideas to somewhere else, don’t you think?

      • If it was for good reasons based on a proper understanding of the situation and my ideas, I would agree. But I don’t think it is. I think it is based on the incorrect idea that Caitlin can just censor any criticism and not think any more about it. This would be a waste of time and effort, as it is likely to be spent on going to rallies and writing to politicians “politely but firmly” asking them to “do something (un-stated)”. I have been doing that since before Caitlin was born and it hasn’t worked, and it won’t work now.

    • So, you believe the Kangeroos can hold a fair court?

  • I concur with your analysis too, and with your exhortation for prompt action/protest. We risk being lulled into a sense of helplessness and every day of delay indeed will see the narrative evolve to bog down our resolve.

    It is useful to learn from the Milgram experiments as recently related in a James Corbett presentation: https://www.corbettreport.com/tsa/

    In the series of experiments it was found that an appalling 65% of subjects followed instruction which they believed would be harmful or lethal to the presumed ‘student’ (actually an actor) in the experiment. Interestingly, in variations where the subject was situated to see what the previous subject had done in similar circumstances, the percentage rose to 91% when they saw their predecessor (also an actor) apply the dangerous shock voltages, BUT DROPPED to 10% when the predecessor rebelled and would not follow instructions to shock the actor subject.

    WE must be the change we wish to see!

    As Caitlin exhorts “Use your power NOW”

  • One of the things I greatly admire about you Ms. Johnstone is that to you everyone is a human being worthy of respect!! I am a cynical 74 year old man and I am tired of trying to rationalize with people who abandon all logic, reason, and common sense!! My cousin calls them ” stuck on stupid ” because whatever is embedded in their heads is ” gospel ” and never ever to be challenged!! I do not believe that any human being can withstand constant torture every single day and night. If they get Mr. Assange to Gitmo in Cuba Ms Haskel will make him reveal everything she wants him to reveal!! Trump supporters would relish going after everyone in the Obama administration for anything big or small!! They would love it if Ms Clinton, Mr. Obama, and a host of others were all sent to jail!! Mr Assange will either be tortured into taking or killed to be kept from talking!! As this circus plays out the world will witness just how weak and afraid human beings actually are!!!

  • You are right to block the Trolls. I block them on Alternet and other sites here in the U.S.
    I don’t have time or patience to argue with them anymore.

    Trump knows Russia did not give the emails to Assange. It was someone in the U.S. -Assange already said so.
    Probably a Democrat who did NOT want Hillary to be President. Bernie supporters refused to vote for Hillary. (I was one of them) That is why Trump won.

    Trump and Hillary (they are in the same gang) want to know who it is so they can stop it from happening again.
    Democrats and Republicans are the corrupt same party. Bernie and his friends are tying to change things. If Bernie does not get the nomination this time, I think there is going to be real trouble.

    Young Americans are fed up.
    And so is Mother Earth.

  • I must agree with your analysis. I voted for Trump, but he is clearly not in the same game as JFK so I will not vote for him again.

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