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Why The Powerful Always Paint Their Side As The Victims

On Friday Israel began a two-day attack on Gaza which as of this writing has left a total of 27 Palestinians dead, including a pregnant woman and a baby.

Moon of Alabama documents how the mass media have been consistently depicting this attack as a “response” to a Hamas rocket attack, suggesting that Hamas were the initial aggressors and Israel merely responded in self-defense, yet Hamas is very open about the fact that the rocket attack was done in retaliation for two Palestinian civilians who were killed by Israeli snipers. MoA cites an excerpt from a 2011 Louis Allday blog on Israel’s extensive history of painting all of its aggressions as acts of self-defense:

If one consults only mainstream media for information on the conflict in Palestine, what is immediately striking is that Israel appears to be in a permanent state of “retaliation” — a phrase which immediately confers at least a modicum of legitimacy or justification upon the act to which it refers. Israel is never presented as the aggressor and however much its actions are condemned — which they are by some mainstream sources — they are invariably portrayed as a reaction to some form of provocation. Conversely, missiles launched from the Gaza Strip or southern Lebanon are habitually portrayed as “attacks” — never “retaliations,” even if Israel has launched a devastating missile strike immediately prior to the event — as so often is the case.

The public is subliminally conditioned to understand that Israel is a permanent victim that on occasion is forced to lash out in response to the ostensibly irrational and unruly aggression of illegitimate non-state actors that encircle it.

This victim-LARPing is done by Israel, with the full support of the propaganda machine for the transnational power alliance of which Israel is a part, because people intuitively understand that in a conflict with a severe power discrepancy, the more powerful party is generally at fault. If you saw someone who is five feet tall and a hundred pounds being accosted by five people who are all over six feet tall and two hundred pounds, your immediate impulse, if you are psychologically healthy, would be to try and find some way to protect the small person. Not because you believe the small person is necessarily nice and wonderful, but because it’s the powerful group who will have control over the outcome of the violence. Because of the power discrepancy, they will be able to decide when the violence begins, when it ends, and how bad it gets for the weaker party. They control if, when and how the fight happens, and they are therefore responsible for it.

Israel and its defenders use all kinds of narrative management tactics to try and shift this responsibility off Israel’s shoulders. Beyond depicting Israel as being in a perpetual state of “responding”, it’s also very common to depict it as surrounded and outnumbered by many hostile Middle Eastern nations, and to evoke memories of the Holocaust and the persecution of Jewish people. If the propaganda machine can paint Israel as a protective bulwark for a persecuted religious minority fending off unprovoked attacks by larger more powerful foes, the responsibility for the nonstop violence upon which Israel is built can be seen in the eyes of the public as resting elsewhere.

This of course is absurd. Israel is an extremely powerful nuclear-armed nation with the full backing of the entire western power alliance, functioning more like an ongoing military outpost in a key geostrategic location than a proper nation. You look at Israel and you’re looking at the full might of the entire US-centralized empire, which has far more military and economic might than any force in the history of civilization. That immensely powerful force uses its might to do things like murder unarmed demonstrators with snipers, then paints itself as the weak, disempowered victim. There’s no real reason for Israel to exist in the way it exists apart from the ability of powerful people to murder anyone who tries to prevent it from doing so, but careful narrative management is used to legitimize the nonstop down-punching violence upon which that existence depends.

And this distortion is in no way limited to Israel. I’ve had people online sincerely try to argue with me that Julian Assange is a powerful individual whose imprisonment and extradition is perfectly warranted because powerful people need to be held to account. They think this way because for nearly three years the mass media have been painting Assange as a big bully allied with powerful government forces who reached out his mighty arm and slapped the presidency from the hands of the anointed Queen Hillary, instead of a gangly computer geek with a few revolutionary ideas who has been imprisoned by the full might of the empire. The propaganda campaign on this has been so successful that you see mainstream liberals cheering enthusiastically at his persecution as though taking on the CIA and the Pentagon was like taking candy from a baby.

You see the same deliberate distortions with targets for empire-backed regime change. Narratives are peddled about Maduro using his power to harm the Venezuelan people, conveniently sweeping under the rug the fact that the opposition in Venezuela are backed by the full might of the US-centralized empire. In Syria it’s the same: Assad the powerful tyrant has been slaughtering the plucky freedom fighters who dared to stand against him, conveniently sweeping under the rug the fact that those “freedom fighters” were actively funded and armed by the western empire. Small nations fighting desperately to retain their sovereignty and avoid being absorbed into the blob of empire are depicted as powerful bullies, when the forces they are fighting against are vastly more powerful than they are.

You see the same distortions in the way Vladimir Putin is treated as an omnipotent supervillain who is responsible for all major world events, instead of the head of a nation with an economy the size of Spain. You saw the same distortions in the wake of 9/11 when the US used its newfound victim status to implement unprecedented levels of military expansionism and surveillance.

You see the same dynamic domestically in cases of police brutality. A cop who has every power advantage over a citizen will routinely be painted as the victim for shooting an unarmed citizen because the citizen reached for their wallet in a slightly alarming way or they weren’t perfectly respectful in their word choices or they raised an eyebrow wrong or whatever. Cops don’t just often have physical superiority and numbers on their side, they are also armed, they have their badge, they have access to further back up and they are trained. Careful narrative management has ensured that many of the public don’t see it that way and even when presented with the most damning video evidence they will still side with the cop.

If we’re going to create a healthy world, we’re going to have to become more conscious of power dynamics and how they can be manipulated by narrative to appear reversed. If people get a clearer understanding of how these manipulations are rolled out, it won’t work anymore and the spell will be broken on a vast array of issues. There will be a rapid collapse of oligarchic power, because this is the one trick that most propaganda is based upon. For that reason alone, it’s worth calling attention to it every chance you get.


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  • AG I would like to continue your train of thought–the self-chosen–probably one of the first real mystery schools [kabbala]–somehow the self-chosen find themselves caught between Yahweh and Jesus–apparent operatives for some non-human entity–be it Lucifer, Ahriman, the Archons or the trans-human cyborgs [Kurzweil]–they want it all [the planet] or they will take it down [as they now appear to be doing]. Of course we are not talking about the average jew on the street–but their ancestral masters: Rothschild, Sassoon and the like. Creating fiat currency out of thin air [trillions] and then charging interest–it is better than turning lead into gold–and the meek Christians waiting patiently for delivery–while their children are destroyed and their communities uprooted by another French, Indian, Chinese, Russian, etc., Revolution–all for the benefit of the few–the NWO scheduled to reside in Jerusalem, if the trusting gentile continues to sleep, while everything he and his ancestors have fought and died for is carried out the back door by the by Genghis Khan’s descendants [Ashkenazi Jew] to finish, what was started in the 12 century.

  • I focused on Victim Posturing during Dubya’s term so wrote this. I called it I’m a Victim https://youtu.be/Y_bSPMJ2CW4?t=56


    Malcolm behaved as if he thought
    His every waking moment fraught
    It seemed like it had become a habit
    And he was caught in the headlights
    Like a rabbit.

    It’s not as if someone had wilfully tricked him
    But somehow he learned to think I’m a victim
    It’s a useful posture there’s none who would doubt it
    But as one of the cleverer people he knew not to shout it.

    He read up loads about his heroes
    How they had been made to feel like zeros
    How it provided the spur to start their rapping
    And give all around them a verbal zapping.

    ‘My ho, my bitch. That guy’s a faggot’
    Signed to a label you could make a packet
    No need to get into the justification
    Easier blame it on the state o’the nation.

    Malcolm thought: Hmm I’ll give that a try
    I’ll think up a story, no eye will be dry.
    Be all about hard times I’ve had in the ’hood
    But his Dad when asked said ‘As a boy he was good
    And it’s quiet around here in Collier’s Wood.
    I’ve heard there’s a problem with some young chaps who’ve been looting
    But that’s confined to an area mostly round Tooting’

    So back to the drawing board went Malcolm at speed
    Thinking street smarts today is an absolute need
    ‘I’ve got to establish my street wise credentials
    But right at the mo’ I’d better shop for essentials’
    It was just as he got to the Soaps and detergents
    That the solution hit him with the full weight of urgents
    ‘Eee, I’d better get going’ is what he said
    Or my beauteous plan will fly right from my head.

    This time making sure his Dad didn’t hear
    He started all over and was soon into gear
    ‘If I’m a victim I’d better act I’m deserving
    Of liberal sympathies both daft & unswerving.
    I know the kids will invest in ways that are various
    So long as Daddy and Mummy think the thrill is vicarious.’

    So Malcolm made out his troubles all stemmed
    From a ruinous Mother whom he roundly condemned
    According to him and his rap she was the essence of evil
    Undeserving of love as Country’s boll weevil

    So she hadn’t been perfect but tell me who is
    Running a dress shop can be a really tough biz
    With bills that kept mounting it had to go under
    And the stress that it caused nearly tore her asunder.

    This cut no ice with Malcolm however,
    when asked to forgive he said ‘Never’
    For bringing ruin on his head he saw an oppo for cred
    It near yelled ‘I’m a fella who’s ever so clever.’

    The kids lapped this stuff up and couldn’t wait to download
    The latest from Malcolm as he hit the road
    And showing himself to be a very swift learner
    He brought his agent & backers a nice little earner.

    It was in Newcastle on Tyne the third month of the tour
    That he found all the faking pretty hard to endure
    He’d had it with making tills go ring a ding ding
    And listening to talk of the need for more bling.
    ‘It’d give an aspirin a headache’ was all that he said
    And with that and a quick nod he set off for his bed.

    All anyone heard after that was a shriek
    When they broke down the door they’d good reason to freak
    I know this time my rhyme will not cause you to smile
    For all that they found was a smouldering pile.

    What they decided was his mother’s ghost
    Had had it with Malcolm so she turned him to toast. .
    The moral of course is – better watch who you’re dissing
    Or you’ll end up like Malcolm whom nobody’s missing

    Denis Quilligan 2007 All rights reserved

  • This is a fantastic piece. Thank you.

  • It’s bad enough that the term “savages” became (and sort of still is) a synonym for “Native Americans”.

  • It is never going to go away!!! It almost seems like every day there are ever more ” Russia Revelations “!!!!

  • While I was reading this article: https://www.fff.org/2019/05/07/which-new-war-next-iran-or-venezuela/
    I began to wonder; what if China, North Korea, Russia, and Pakistan began trading nuclear weapons for oil in Venezuela and Iran??? After all the United States provided Israel with nuclear weapons many years ago!!! I wonder just how much ” bulling ” would cease on this planet if ” the playing field ” was evenly matched????

    • The current situation in Venezuela is a great example of why North Korea felt it necessary to build nuclear weapons. If Iran is successful in doing so, the US will magically leave them alone too. The only way to keep your country safe from the US aggression is to build nuclear weapons and have the ability and willingness to use them. As always, the US only understands threats.

      • “Capitalism contains the seeds of it’s own destruction”.

        Karl Marx

    • If, as you suggest, China, North Korea, Russia, and Pakistan began trading nuclear weapons for oil in Venezuela and Iran, the US would very likely start a preemptive war. The official policy of the US is that ONLY the US and selected allies of the US are permitted to have nuclear weapons. The problem is that people in other countries have witness what the US has done to Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and perhaps other countries and leaders, and they want no part of it. Building nuclear weapons is good insurance as the US absolutely will not attack a country that has them.

  • breaking – Assange has been poisoned with a drug to render him psychotic

  • How can you fight darkness directly?

    Darkness only means that the light is not.

    It is an absence.

    Because there is no love, hate has to be.

    Because there is no light, darkness is there.

    Don’t fight with darkness, create the light, be concerned with the creation of light.

    When the light is there, where will the darkness be then?

    So, please, create light.

    Historians say that within the last three thousand years there have been wars almost continuously somewhere or other on the earth.

    In three thousand years, we have fought at least fourteen thousand wars.

    Why so much fighting?

    It is because of possession.

    The mind always goes on searching for excuses to fight.

    If you have a mind, you have a potential fighter within you, who is always in search of a fight with somebody.

    Why is the mind always in search of a fight?

    By fighting, ego is accumulated, and becomes stronger.

    Through fighting your ego grows, if you don’t fight, ego disappears.

    There are two types of relationship, one is of fight, fear, hatred, this creates ego.

    The other is of love, compassion, sympathy.

    Wherever love is, fight ceases, ego drops.

    So why not only love?

    It is difficult, because to love means to drop your ego, to drop your mind, to drop yourself.

    Love means not to be.

    So unless you go beyond mind you will never go beyond your fight, fear, and hatred.

    Mind is just an instrument to exist with others, it is just a technique to help you to be with others.

    It has nothing to do with yourself.

    Mind is needed because of society.

    A mind is a social function.

    Because to exist in a particular society you need a particular mind.

    And because of this there exist many types of human minds because there are so many societies on the earth.

    You need language to talk to others, you need mind to relate to others.

    Mind is a computer, you have to feed it, it is a mechanism.

    But mind cannot give you anything new, whatsoever it gives you is borrowed.

    It can only give you whatsoever information you or others have fed into it, including all narratives and propaganda.

    And mind will go on saying things because you have always listened to it, you have given it so much significance.

    Even where it is absolutely useless it will go on suggesting and advising.

    Nothing and nobody is saved by the mind, by thinking, by logic, and if you try to save by logic you will lose.

    Simply put it aside.

    Just as when you go out, you use your shoes, and when you come in, you put them aside, there is no fight, nothing.

    Relax, you can become only that which you are already.

    Remember, meditation is not contemplation, it is action, action of the whole, of your total being.

    In the West particularly, Christianity has created a false impression, and meditation looks like contemplation.

    It is not.

    Because of Christianity the West has missed many things, and one of them is meditation, the rarest flowering of a human being, because they have made it equivalent to contemplation.

    Contemplation is thinking.

    Meditation is no thoughts, no thinking.

    Life can be saved only through an irrational individual jump of no mind, through something that is not intellectual but total.

    Only if you become aware and the identity is lost with the mind, if you are no longer mind, if you feel a transcendence to the mind, intelligence arises.

    Intelligence is your awakening.

    To know oneself is to be intelligent, and an individual who knows themselves will behave intelligently in any and every situation.

    They will respond intelligently.

    Their response will not be a reaction, they will not act out of the past, out of mind.

    They will be in the present, they will be here-now.

    Wisdom is not concerned at all with knowledge.

    It is concerned with awareness, intelligence, understanding.

    Be more alert.

    Then you are not in the grip of the mind.

    Then you can use the mind whenever needed but you are not used by the mind.

    Then the mind is no longer the master, you are the master.

  • While the people are paralyzed , blind and dumb, in its name travesty after travesty is committed by those same capitalist leaders who betray the people routinely and abominably, making themselves traitors in the process and making the people complicit in their crimes against humanity. In Nazi Germany it was “we didn’t no” In Wonderlandistan is”we don’t want to know” No false airs please.Who cares about social theories? The wide admiration for ignorance ,I think is in imitation of the ignorance of the nations leaders. And as we know ,ignorance is the handmaiden of the crime of fascism.Modern history shows that the wonderlandistan wage earner is most often the staunchest flag-waving defender of the C system that exploits him pays him unfair wages ,send him to war to defend the C system, and throws him aside at will. So unstructured and ill organized that they do not even constitute a conscious class. One of the victories of Extreme capitalist. Doesn’t make any sense to people who think.rational

    • It is a constant reality, “people don’t want to be accountable for bad things they did “before”, implying “a while ago” while referring to a few moments ago.
      The Jews the world round, were seeking home, and were being aided by those who desired to help them, and by those who desired be free of them, to buy land in Palestine, where they wanted to be, and where everyone, including the Palestinians, wanted them to be.
      After the fact, it appears some ten percent of British Mandate Palestine was bought up by all the various groups, Jews, governments, and individuals all donated to get “the Jews” back to their home.
      The Palestinians expected to have Godly neighbors, who “would make the desert bloom again”, all the Nations thought they’d push out “those pesky Jews who won’t cleave here, as home, yet can’t leave, because they won’t do something capable of getting them back home”. No one except the Zionist Jews thought about the State, and any possibility it would change its name and nature, those welcoming them in, expected they’d be thankful and appreciative.
      Britain’s “state department” went to great lengths to help, as did Germany, Hitler funding a substantial part of moving German Jews to Palestine, as did Russia, France, even out of the U.S.
      It seems most people want to put this movement as one of “unconnected people merely wanting to help and wounded and hurt people, get back home”, when it was as much, “getting a people who can’t call our Nation home, somewhere they’ll stop bitching at us” in all truth.
      When it seemed the nations were pacific, the world had accepted its determination to settle Jewish Diaspora in Palestine, and it was done, it would appear the Jewish people looked at each other, looked around them, and said “we’re home, knock that wrong name off our country, put it to right, and get to work.”
      Even with a bare ten percent, they assumed it would be accepted that they would “assume” the whole of the land, as “their Nation”, never mind “the Palestinian People” had lived there, under various empires, almost two millennia, some even more.
      The only reason I can come up with, we, the U.S. faced up to this dichotomy, and came down on the wrong side of the law, international law, we’d been a principle in establishing, is our, The American People’s, ignorance of most everything outside our country.
      Anyone with a library card could know the facts, everyone who wanted to, did, but most who helped choose to support a criminal state, did so entirely in the dark, by choice. The core principle of our Constitution, is that “a people” are comprised of individuals, each born with rights and freedom, and “a People” have the right to establish government to defend such rights and liberty. What has been ignored is while everyone has the absolute right to be ignorant, no one has the right to demand their voice be listened to, the best we can do is refuse to listen to bullshit. When no one accepts it, truth holds sway, in the absence of everything untrue, facts are all that is left to present.
      We, America, have lived with lies so long, the majority of us have no idea they are lies, they know they are manipulated, moved to do things not useful to their own desires, but don’t understand cause and effect for ignorance.
      We will read our own Bibles, carefully scrutinize the words, and still take someone’s made up reasoning as logical, when it denies every bit of foundation. I believe John Adams had the single most prescient thought on the day the Constitution Convention let out, asked as to the form of our government, he described the Republic, and stating: “this form of government is suitable only for a moral, and a religious people. Any other require a tyrant, to drive them to do their duties.”
      I once believed we almost were such a people, and would get there, fifty odd years ago, when just a child, returned from four years in Spain and Italy.
      Today, I see it as the exacting explication for the failure of the Republic, in only thirty years, and reverting in my ways, to “British common law”, contrary to our constitution, by the time Monroe, our last founder/President, was elected, and established “the Monroe Doctrine”.
      That, and “Manifest Destiny” have motivated “the American Dream” ever since, and we share that with other dreamers, in particular Zionists, and ignored the fact, 90% of Palestine wasn’t Jewish, and they liked their name, culture, and ruling themselves. We didn’t jump immediately, but soon enough it might as well have been. Once we “recognized Israel” formally, none of the “allied Nations” were willing to seriously consider the plight of “the People whose nation was assumed by those they invited in.”
      From the moment the West recognized “there was far more oil, other places, than in our backyard”, we began manipulating the world to access its oil, at our convenience. Having a tiny Nation in the middle of “the biggest oil find in history” of its time, was a perfect set-up, to trigger cause and effect wars, and maintain control.
      “The People” of any country, Nation, State, mean nothing to those who pursue power, rule, and see a stumbling block before themselves. Most of the millions of lives lost in wars for power, aren’t even accounted for, by “the rulers of the world”, they might as well be wheat, standing in a field, waiting the combine harvester.
      When “a Cultural Norm” is established which recognizes no rights of vast numbers of people, we can always count on mass murder, done in the name of “justice”, even the leveling of whole Nations, as the expected outcome, the cost of being modern, without a foundation upon which to place ones morals.
      We, at least “the U.S.” has established the standard by which we will ultimately be judged by, in our feckless disregard for “ordinary people” in favor of “the special ones”. Unfortunately, we’ve followed the steps of every empire before us, waging pirate wars to steal booty, and raising up a Nation on the graves of those we defeated in war to take their land. I have high hopes for a multi-polar world, once our “almighty dollar” is returned to us, with a “no thanks, we’ve got real money”. “If something can’t go on forever, it will stop”; Stein’s law. The world is “resetting” there will be death, destruction, because temper tantrums will be thrown, but the world has long prepared to end the unipolar concept, and restore what was lost in the fifteenth century, the pulling together of the “world’s kings and princes in China, for two years, establishing world trade” for the first time, in the Ming Dynasty, without a single “colony” taken by “the Chinese Empire”.
      A comet, or large meteor, struck the earth in the ocean, right off New Zealand, as the “China treasure fleet, some six hundred ships” was returning all the “kings and princes” to their respective countries, and the resulting Tsunami put their fleet in the mountains of Peru, 700 feet up, in Ankara, Turkey, one to three hundred feet above high water, opposite side of the world, and a massive lightning storm hit Bejing at the same time, causing the Emperor to consider his gathering to have been hubris to the Gods, and destroyed the ship-yards, burned borders back 10 miles, burned “all knowledge, all invention, all books”, and Europe’s “enlightenment” was the scurrying scholars, leaving China, with such knowledge they could smuggle out.
      This image of “the Chinese Empire” is exactly why we need have no fear of China, nor Russia, as the push is to connect the productive world, and let trade be our “warfare”, our way of competing.
      The Jews were dispersed, because they were stubborn, stiff-necked, refused to hear the spirit of law, and argued over the letter of it. They’ve not got over it, so they aren’t welcome home yet. We’ve grown up in the spirit of the Jews, here in America, and are not ‘a good people, for having the attitude’.
      Semper Fidelis,
      John McClain
      Vanceboro, NC, USA

  • ‘survival of the fittest’ the bully operates, then cries victim. the weak feel helpless,
    the loner must outwit or work around the bully or has to band together with others to confront the bully
    personal enlightenment wont help if everyone else doesn’t play ball..
    one can live in hope that there might be some sort of mass spiritual transition
    however unless said transition is total this situation will never change,
    environmental collapse should sort a few things out.
    and any people who claim to be chosen by god.. deserve everything they get.

  • Someday ” Cosmic Justice ” will come to this Earth and deal with the strong that bully the weak!!! I hope that absolutely no mercy is ever given to them!!!

    • Am tired of waiting on “Cosmic Justice” and “Divine Retribution”. Time to take matters into our own hands and mete out a little well-deserved justice to the bullies… That way we decide how much mercy they deserve and receive.

  • You can wager all you like, and you’ll lose. The research is that men rarely report as they are stigmatized for doing so, and women *frequently report*. Recent research (“assaults by women on their male partners” http://web.csulb.edu/~mfiebert/) suggest the women are actually more aassaultive than men. Read it before writing about your “wagers”.

    • Poor wittle menz.

  • Human instinct is the human default setting. All over the world everywhere all animals struggle to maintain their territorial holdings against neighbors, social animals do so as a group against other groups.
    Feudal attitudes are the human default, minus any from of enlightenment, (conscious effort to move away from the default), without conscientious mediation away from pure emotion all humans are helpless animals following their instincts without moderation with absolutely 0 power to change anything.
    Most societies most of the time are organized around strike and counter strike which is what feudalism is, its based on maintaining a FEUD, ones ability to advance ones side is what “good” is and ones enemies ability to hold their own is what “bad” is. as would also be the case with any other social animal.
    The only thing to distinguish humanity is use of fire which is the crucial element that has lead to all of technology which technology disallows humans to just coast on instinct and feeling.
    These instincts that evolved long before technology even existed, long before the use of fire and they have become a liability for a technically embedded species.
    The usual instinctual paranoia and hatred is fine if your throwing only spears, but not if your throwing nuclear weapons, all our cartoonishly exaggerated bigotries are a horror under technological amplification, it just gets worse and worse and worse, every advance goes more to the elite interest (concentration of wealth) and against the majority interest (expansion of poverty) “as if” technology were out to destroy the majority of humanity by empowering the elite to do so in their minority interest.
    Perhaps not just appearances then.

  • Bullies and abusers always claim to be the victims. They shed copious crocodile tears while complaining, “you made me hurt you”. They never take responsibility or anything they do – it is always somebody else’s fault. Their lack of a real functioning conscience leads them to really believe their own lies. Everybody is always picking on them, rather than the other way around.

    • ditto. they NEVER ask WHY others hate them so… they know they won’t like the answer.

    • You summed it all up succinctly. What has amused me is how Christians in the U.S. like to paint themselves as a persecuted minority! You know, because we aren’t all forced to join their churches, listen to their prayers, and kiss their feet (and none of them seem to know what Jesus had to say about those who pray in public).

  • There is an operative phase in the Childhood Vaccine Injury Act–which eliminates all liability for the multi-billion pharmaceutical machine: “Unavoidably Unsafe” [supreme court ruling can be found on government website]. It’s the herd argument–while some estimate as much as 10% population have propensity to suffer auto-immune responses [i.e., autism] from vaccinations.
    The untested [non-thermal effects of radiation] global roll out of 5G–up to 90 billion micro waves per second–24 hours a day–is following the same precedent–good for the herd–“unavoidably unsafe” for some unknown number of the minority [many would argue that every organism will be adversly impacted].
    I believe that this is all a reflection of Orwells double-speak. Various government agencies have deemed the vaccines to be “safe and effective”–while others [supreme court] have deemed the vaccine to be “unavoidably unsafe”.
    The zionist is the master at double speak–the perpetual victim–while in plain daylight– he is the obvious perpetrator of violence and chaos throughout biblical and current history. It’s a kind of co-dependent theater–with Genghis Khan’s coverts [Ashkenazi jews] as the sorrowful victim and the ghastly: Egyptian, Persian, Spanish, French, Russian, German, Arab and now American communities– unfairly and unjustly subjecting Yahweh’s people to the social gauntlet–just for being mobetta than the rest of us.
    It is so patently obvious what these people are about–that it would be grand comedy if not for their exceeding destructive ways. I am convinced that they have a death wish [can’t blame them if they are followers of the extremely demented Babylonian Talmud]–and either they take it all [the only option they will accept–look at Palestine] or we all go down [Sampson option], i.e., Israel is “unavoidably Unsafe”–while it is better for the herd that she exist [Not]–and it’s off to the ovens for those who cannot tolerate her destructive deception.
    It’s up to those of us who know [hence the extreme censorship from the more-money-than-g-d zionist minions] to spread the word–to those who want the truth–because as one great Christian once opined, “The Truth Will Set You Free”.

  • The Guardian has a headline piece on the UK politics section today saying that anyone who dares to oppose “Globalists” is antisemitic. Because we aren’t talking about powerful business interests that want to ship your job to a place with near-slave labor and thus destroy your life and the livelihood of your community. But because we are talking about the poor, weak, always persecuted Jews.

  • I always take comfort and solace from the fact that the powerful minority have to constantly lie to and manipulate the people. That means that all of their enforcers, their undercover officers, their informants, and their mass surveilence is telling them that this is necessary and if they don’t then the people will rebel against the cruel few that rule everyone.

  • Powerful stuff Caitlin.

    A comment on this:
    ” Cops don’t just often have physical superiority and numbers on their side, they are also armed, they have their badge, they have access to further back up and they are trained. ”
    Perhaps even more importantly than those, they have something very close to de facto immunity, if not de jure.

    • Every ” Public Employee ” is next to god; they are very seldom charged or convicted of anything!! If there is no videotape then it just did not happen!!! I expect there will be some Iranian fisherman whose boat gets in the way of United States ships and that will be enough excuse to BomB Iran!!!

  • You forgot to list the situation in which women are always portrayed as victims of violence, and men are always portrayed as perpetrators.

    • not always. in majority of the cases, yes, and probably reflecting the reality. in fact, i’d wager that (proportionately) less women victims report than men victims.

      • You can wager all you like, and you’ll lose. The research is that men rarely report as they are stigmatized for doing so, and women *frequently report*. Recent research (“assaults by women on their male partners” http://web.csulb.edu/~mfiebert/) suggest the women are actually more aassaultive than men. Read it before writing about your “wagers”.

        • this is just one study, though it second-analyzes many other studies. of course, it all depends on how you define assault as well.

          • Pretty ridiculous response. No, pathetic response.

          • It’s called a “met-analysis”, not a “second analysis”. I know you didn’t take research design or statistics, of if you did you failed those courses, but there is a very important difference.

          • you probably want to read some research. Men use their hands – women use *weapons*.

      • You have got to be joking.

        • Probably NOT joking. There is always some idiot that makes up their own statistics to fit their unrealistic beliefs. Either that, or this person simply cannot read or cannot think clearly.

  • Just read, and recommend highly a book called “Our History Is The Future”, by Nick Estes, relating the Standing Rock occupation to the U.S. history of indigenous genocide, particularly in the Missouri River valley watershed. The same rationale was used then, portraying cavalry forts – which had been established after disease, murder, the theft of native lands, forced dislocation, and violated treaties had decimated indigenous populations – as under siege by raiding Indian savages, a lie extended in Western movies well into the middle of the 20th century, and still believed, albeit not so brazenly, by many today.

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