President Trump has yet again advanced an evil longstanding agenda of America’s depraved intelligence and defense agencies, so as usual the QAnon cult is out in force telling everyone not to worry because this is all part of the plan. Ever since WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was slammed by Trump’s Justice Department with a mountain of espionage charges carrying a possible sentence of 175 years in prison, QAnon acolytes have been showing up in my social media mentions with screenshots of a new post from the mysterious 8chan anon assuring us all that Assange is actually being protected by Trump.

The post reads in the typical QAnon cryptic word salad style that its adherents often annoyingly imitate when normal people try to engage them in an adult conversation:

“Under protection.
Threat is real.
Key to DNC ‘source’ ‘hack’ ‘187’.

I find this subject very tedious, and my regular readers aren’t generally the types to fall for this sort of toxic propaganda construct, but I’m putting this information out there anyway as a public service since many people are being deluded by it.

If you’re one of those fortunate enough to be unfamiliar with the QAnon phenomenon, in October of 2017 odd posts began appearing on the anonymous message board 4chan, which is wildly popular with trolls, incels and racists. Those posts ceased appearing on 4chan and moved to a related site, 8chan, where they continue appearing to this day. The poster purports to have insider knowledge of a secret, silent and invisible war that President Trump has been waging against the Deep State with the help of the US military and various “white hats” within the US government, and shares snippets about this war with 8chan users in extremely vague and garbled posts.

Here are three reasons you can be absolutely, 100 percent certain that it’s bullshit:

1. It always, always, always excuses Trump’s facilitation of evil deep state agendas.

I don’t generally use the term “deep state” anymore, mainly because its proper meaning has been distorted by right-wingers and Qultists to mean basically “Democrats and Never-Trumpers”, and by mainstream liberals to mean something like “a right-wing conspiracy theory about a secretive cabal of Jews who rule the world”. But originally the term simply referred to a concept used for political analysis to describe the undeniable fact that plutocrats and intelligence/defense agencies tend to form relationships with each other in a way that persists amid the comings and goings of the official elected government.

This alliance has certain agendas that it has consistently pushed for, many of them involving the advancement of wars which financially benefit the plutocrats and which secure geostrategic dominance for the intelligence/defence agencies. Trump has been advancing these longstanding agendas with his administration’s regime change interventionism against Iran and Venezuela, world-threatening new cold war escalations against Russia, military expansionism, continuing and expanding of all of Bushbama’s warmongering and Orwellian surveillance programs, the campaign to destroy WikiLeaks and imprison Julian Assange for life, and many other actions which benefit the agenda of global hegemony and the profit margins of war plutocrats.

Every single time Trump advances one of these depraved agendas and I speak out against it, I begin getting angry social media responses from QAnon cultists telling me to calm down and relax, that this is all part of the plan, and that Trump is actually doing the exact opposite of what he appears to be doing. And when I say “every single time”, I mean exactly that, without a single, solitary exception.

QAnon cultists do this every single time because they have been propagandized into doing so, both by the 8chan anon they follow and by the herd mentality of the community that it has fostered. They begin with the baseless premise that Trump is a righteous warrior against corruption, conclude that everything he does must therefore be a righteous maneuver against Deep State corruption, then apply their hive mind to coming up with reasons to believe this. Then they show up in my mentions telling me I’m crazy for believing Trump is doing the things that he is very plainly and obviously doing.

You don’t need to take my word for this. As of this writing right now you can go to the Twitter search bar and type in the words “Assange” and “QAnon” and you’ll get a bunch of posts explaining that Assange is “under protection”, and that imprisoning a longtime target of the CIA and the Pentagon is actually a devastating blow to the Deep State. You can continue to repeat this exact same experiment every single time Trump advances a disgusting warmongering deep state agenda, and every single time you’ll get the exact same results.

This to me is reason enough to be absolutely certain that QAnon and the credulous cult which has sprouted up around it is crap. US presidents are reliably corrupt warmongers and CIA cronies, so the current president acting like one is not surprising or extraordinary. Trying to justify a US president doing the sort of thing that all US presidents always do as a total deviation from the norm for US presidents would be a ridiculous thing to do even one time. Doing it every single time is fully discrediting.

If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, you could maybe be excused if you mistook it for a rabbit after one quick glance, but continuing to stare directly at a duck and saying “Yeah that’s definitely a rabbit, look at the long ears” over an extended period of time would mean you’re a bullshitter.

2. They always, always, always refuse to prove the validity of their position.

A year ago I tweeted out that I was thinking of writing an article about QAnon and asked its adherents for their very best links/screenshots proving its legitimacy. Go ahead and have a read of the kinds of responses I got by clicking this hyperlink if you’re curious. No one came remotely close to providing anything like the evidence I’d asked for, with most responses falling along the lines of “You kind of have to just immerse yourself in it over an extended period of time and marinate in it until you believe,” which is the same sort of response you’ll get if you ask a religious proselytizer to prove the legitimacy of their religion. I shared the thread again yesterday and got the same response, with one QAnon promoter with a fairly large following telling me, “No amount of evidence can be seen by one choosing to stay blind.”

This is completely different from standard conspiracy theories. If you ask a 9/11 truther to prove the legitimacy of their position, they’ll instantly be able to produce clear and concise videos and articles for you, and if they’ve actually done their homework they’ll be able to regale you with information about physics, forensics, architecture, chemistry, and plot holes in the official narrative. If you ask someone who’s got theories about the JFK assassination you’ll get a comparable amount of lucidity. Ask a QAnon cultist for the same level of intellectual transparency and you’ll get a bunch of mealy-mouthed gibberish which will quickly turn into accusations that you are lazy for refusing to do your own research if you keep pressing.

This is because there is no actual, tangible factual basis for the belief system which has sprouted up around QAnon. It begins, just like any other religion, as a premise of faith, and then the adherents to that faith pool their intellectual resources into the task of finding reasons to legitimize that premise. They begin with the premise that Trump is a good and noble savior who is uprooting the source of all of America’s problems with strategic maneuvers which are so brilliant that they look like the exact opposite of what they are, then they let confirmation bias and other cognitive biases do the rest of the work for them.

Again, you don’t need to take my word for this; you can repeat this experiment for yourself. Whenever you encounter a QAnon adherent, either by chance or by seeking them out deliberately, simply ask them to prove the legitimacy of their position. You might get links to sources which attempt to prove that QAnon is connected to the Trump administration (as though that would somehow counter the idea that it’s a pro-Trump propaganda construct), you might get links to the mountain of cryptic word salads that QAnon has posted and told to comb through them yourself, but you won’t ever get anything resembling an attempt to clearly prove that QAnon is the thing that it purports to be. If you keep pushing you’ll encounter nothing but anger as you run into a wall of cognitive dissonance.

This proves that QAnon is not even a proper conspiracy theory, as we’ve come to understand that term. Conspiracy theories, per definition, consist of some sort of concrete theory. QAnon, like Russiagate, consists of nothing other than something that people desperately want to believe and then seek out excuses which allow them to feel comfortable believing it. This makes it far more akin to a religion or a cult than a conspiracy theory.

If QAnon were legitimate, it would be easy for its followers to demonstrate that legitimacy in a clear and simple way. They never can.

3. It’s made many bogus claims and inaccurate predictions.

I’m putting this one last instead of first because the appeal of QAnon has very little to do with facts and evidence; if you show these to a Q cultist they’ll typically just say “Oh Q didn’t really mean that” or “That one wasn’t the real Q” or even “Disinformation is necessary” (a John Bolton doctrine which QAnon itself has proclaimed on multiple occasions), but for anyone who’s kind of on the fence about the whole thing you should be aware that the QAnon phenomenon has been rife with demonstrable inaccuracies. Personally I prefer to focus on the behaviors of the QAnon cultists themselves, since they’re the ones interpreting the cryptic word salads and circulating those interpretations online. They behave as cheerleaders for their government’s most depraved agendas; it doesn’t really matter what they are being told to believe to get them to behave that way.

This recent Reddit post on r/conspiracy breaks down many of the bogus claims, inaccurate predictions and deceitful manipulations that the QAnon construct has made since its inception. They include claiming in October 2017 that Hillary Clinton had been arrested and to expect mass rioting in response, posting and then deleting a fake Podesta email, posting multiple photoshopped images as though they were real, posting a bogus photo suggesting that the operator of the account was on Airforce One, and posting bogus “codes” that are demonstrably nothing other than gibberish.

I don’t claim to know everything about this QAnon thing or who exactly is behind it, but these three points I just outlined in my opinion kill all doubt that it’s not what it purports to be. For anyone looking at them with intellectual honesty rather than the same way a creationist or cult member might look at something which challenges their faith, anyway.

It is not good that a vocal and enthusiastic part of Trump’s largely anti-interventionist, pro-WikiLeaks base has been propagandized into consistently stumping for longtime agendas of the CIA and the Pentagon. Someone’s benefiting from this, and it isn’t you.


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69 responses to “How You Can Be 100% Certain That QAnon Is Bullshit”

  1. Charity Knight Avatar
    Charity Knight

    QAnon may possibly be a hijacked variation of a story: mine.

    In 2015/16 I began to post what I thought was a unique concept on my website: a spy would get “drops” of cryptic spy intel to a woman that he knew. She would then try to decipher them. Not long after, a real-world event would actually happen in the real-world we live in, and she would tie that spy intel to the real-world event for her readers. So it was a real-time, real -world interaction with fictional spy intel.

    Around this time the United Nations showed up on my website. I know this because they were listed as one of the visitors in my section that shows where visitors are from.

    As the QAnon phenomenon developed, the idea of “trusting the plan” also developed, and this was apart of my story as well. The main female character trusted the spy, and his “drops” made her feel safe, knowing that there are good guys out there who are working to take down the bad ones, and destroy the NWO.

    She wanted the real-world readers of my site to also have the same sense of security that she did; the same trust that she had that everything is being taken care of, and all she had to do was pray (she was asked to pray by her spy, as Q asks sometimes also) watch, wait and everything would be ok.

    Sound familiar?

    In about May of 2017 I removed the posts from public view. I deleted them in my internal account, and thought they were gone. Did someone else think so to? Well, they were not entirely gone, because they actually were stored under a second part of the account that I did not realize they were stored under.

    Has the concept of my story been hijacked to create a psyop? I do not know, but it is all very strangely similar. Plus, consider who was on my site. If anything suggests psyop, I would say that does. @Charity_Knight_

  2. I try to view [whatever Q might be] with honesty (my being a ‘creationist’ (i.e., of the belief that Darwin’s vaunted accidental-entropy-in-reverse theory is an affront to common sense) and maybe a ‘cult member’ too) notwithstanding).

    Have come to like Bob Dylan’s (17 minute long song), much of which is the soundtrack for this video entitled ‘They all get a Envelope.’

  3. Haha curious what all of you think now

      Meanwhile, we are taking out the intl drug/sexSlave trafficing cartels. So there’s that. I would love to hear Ms. Caitlyn readdress Q again, only maybe read the Q posts and not just quote the thoughts of what any free speech Q follower tries to decipher. Noone speaks for Q but Q, until it’s done, then we’ll all know who Q is and whether Q provided the correct narrative. Peace.

      1. Really how so lol?

      2. “Noone speaks for Q but Q”

        What gets me is the way Qultists have made a messiah of this ‘Q’. You people don’t even think for yourselves – you have given your sovereign responsibility of thought to a letter.

        1. wow. it’s been a year already. look at what has habbened folks. Again, go back and read Q team posts, not what any anonymous rando on twatter says or the thousands of MSM articles claiming this or that “q person” said something on twatter. Q supporters are largely christians and not subject to commie cult of personalities like literally ALL of the other players in USA politics. Fact of the matter is, you people are gullible sheep following and cheerleading for the globalist agenda that you on your other side of your face, rail against. useful idiots. Can anyone here still defend the Russia collusion hoax? Flynn persecution? The truth has been out there for a hella long time, yet ye sheep just tow the DS line and really more like ostritches with head in sand and xss up continually getting fkd from behind.

          1. You should find another hobby; you’re no damn good at politics.

          2. It’s “toe the line”, not “tow the line.”

    2. Q is full of shit. Now,and forever it’s a fucking psyop taking advantage of easily led idiots.

  4. As compared to drug abuse, the excitement level derived by the human brain from extended exposure to presumably very important political discourse manifests itself as a form of self abuse with increasingly large and more potent exposures necessary to capture and achieve the same baseline result “fix”. Being long and well practiced in the darker arts of social engineering, the overlords of mass media have evolved the now quaint concept of actual news whether good or bad into totally shameless lies, AKA “fake news” which is targeted straight into the awaiting cerebrums of specific audiences. Amazingly the same “fake news” can engender strong positive or strong negative reactions across diverse group audiences depending on their levels of cognition but mostly dependent upon prevalent biases entrenched well within their subconscious minds. The basic theory here is that constantly bouncing those human minds from wall to wall as if a ball in a squash ball game will either hasten evolution into some desired result or simply “squash” them, meaning drive them totally insane, either result being fully acceptable.

  5. Its funny seeing people who have but barely scratched the information surface make such lofty proclamations.

    Fact of the matter is, some things got set in motion when the efforts of Glen Doherty & Tyrone Woods put the reality of the scope of the clinton foundation into the hands of the good guys.

  6. All that it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing. This is what the Qanon postings are trying to achieve. The good men(and women) of this country are doing nothing while the deep state and shadow government traitors remain free and their machinations for the destruction of the Republic remain in motion.

    They are trying to keep the patriot frogs in the hot water just a little longer with the Qanon deception, until it can be brought to a boil, killing them forever.

  7. Good point. I wouldn’t have voted for Trump, but listening to Dr Dave Janda has convinced me that to some extent Trump is serious about draining the swamp, but it remains to be seen how successful he will be in doing so. There is a grave danger, in my view, that Trump will declare martial law and with the military behind him, rule as a dictator for years to come. It may not happen, but I do think it is a distinct possibility, triggered initially by civil disorder arising out of the deep polarisation that now seems to be creating a toxic “us” and “them” mentality in the USA. I’m not planning another visit to the USA any time soon.

    1. Michael P Goldenberg Avatar
      Michael P Goldenberg

      Tea Party folks said the same thing about Obama. Before that, people seriously argued that G W Bush & Dick Cheney weren’t going to go peacefully. Many feared that Nixon would refuse to leave office.

      It’s never going to go down that way. Inverted totalitarianism doesn’t depend on personalities. Quite the opposite. That’s probably part of the deep state’s concerns about Trump: he’s not gray enough. And, of course, his scattergun approach to tweeting and speaking off the cuff makes it hard to know who he’ll attack next or what off-the-beaten-track promise or threat he’ll make next. However, by now they’ve got him on a shorter leash thanks to Russiagate and the media. And he’ll be gone no later than January 2025.

  8. This entire planet is the United States Plantation; accept that and be happy!!!!

    1. richard le sarcophage Avatar
      richard le sarcophage

      Are you a House Negro or a Field Negro, Ron?

    2. BDS will make you happier!

  9. Everyone had the wrong narrative, including socialist anarchists, and still people target Q for getting it right and for their own online attention seeking. lol. It’s not a conspiracy theory when you have the evidence.

    1. What evidence? You have no evidence, as Ms. Johnstone maintains.

      1. Great! I got the ugliest mascot of all! Ta-daaah!

      2. Joris Vander Cammen Avatar
        Joris Vander Cammen
        Might check it out.
        It’s only one search away.

        1. Clicked on a few links and all I saw was garbage.

    2. BAHAHAHAHAH that why people are talking about you guys because you can’t prove shit.

  10. A Venn diagram of true believer Qtards and Christian Zionist would look like a single circle.

    1. Boom! That blast landed DEAD ON TARGET… You only left out the words “Dominionist” and “Fundamentalist”.

  11. Could the incapacity of the great American public to see through bullshit be connected to their education system, which teaches them to never deeply question anything, but just spit out the predecided answer in the textbook or the teacher’s conformist ranting? Yeah.

  12. What is the probability that the CIA and other intelligence agencies are the ones running 8chan and Q-anon? Being conservative, I would put it at 100%

    1. richard le sarcophage Avatar
      richard le sarcophage

      ‘By way of deception…’, Rob.

    2. I agree.
      I would suggest this is the new form of propaganda in the internet age, as you cannot fully suppress information, so you manage it. This using situationist/postmodern (after all postmodernism is only the capitalist assimilation of situationism) methods of destroying meaning itself, everything is subjective so truth does not exist. You do not suppress information you drown it out, so you cannot see the real conspiracies in a forest of BS, as the states black propaganda specialists create ever more absurd conspiracy stories to remove any credibility from some all too real conspiracies.

      1. Good point. What happens when a group of architects and engineers question the official narrative of 9/11/01 and present evidence against it? A million theories about destructive rays from outer space or the North Pole suddenly appear.


  14. I am shocked and appalled that you do not believe those deep thinkers on Qanon. Unfortunately you seem to understand how much of the world works. I despair for you!

    Now what is your take on the flat earth hypothesis?

    1. richard le sarcophage Avatar
      richard le sarcophage

      Too early to tell.

      1. by more and better deception we fight the original deception.

        nothing wrong with that.

  15. What’s funny is that the Obama backers used to say the exact same things. Everytime Obama shafted the “Left-of-Reagan” wing of the Democratic Party, the Obamabots would say “Don’t worry. Its all part of the plan. Obama has to say that to get elected or to keep ruling. Obama has to pretend to kiss up to the bankers so he can be the Great Progressive that we know he really is deep down at heart.” The die-hard Democrats kept saying that for eight years. Then of course they switched to it being all Russia’s fault that people didn’t believe it anymore.

    1. richard le sarcophage Avatar
      richard le sarcophage

      You could not attack (ie tell the truth) Obama because that would have been racist. ‘Antisemitic’ to be precise.

      1. Antisemitic how? Are you trying to tell us that Obama is Jewish?

        1. richard le sarcophage Avatar
          richard le sarcophage

          To quote Abner Mikva, a scion of the Chicago Jewish community, a former judge, Congressman and Bill Clinton apparatchik- ‘Obama is the first Jewish President’. No a matter of blood or religion, but of loyalty and behaviour.

          1. a dumb joke then. got it.

        2. If he is, there will be a label inside his underpants to announce the fact.

  16. It’s really one of the best. I mean, seriously…they sell t-shirts. And hats. The perfect now-corporatized for-profit conspiracy. Get yours now! Let us capture your mind! Your heart. Your soul. Most of all your attention. No psychoactive drugs needed! No secret energy waves. No pamphlets dropped from airplanes. No radio station. No Rosie The Riveter. No spokesperson at all. Anonymous. No names. No TV ads. No newscasters. No movies. No mainstream anything.
    Boss: “Hey, guys, we’re going to try a little experiment. Our objective is to see how far you can take it. We’ll set you up, but with very little money…just a few computers. That’s about it. Use what we’ve taught you. Start with an idea. Make something up. Build it. Use words. Language. Our weapons! In fact, since we completely lack any ability to be creative, just use our proven old-school tactics: meme development, repetition, mimicry, deception, manipulation, diversion. And remember…if you bring mystery and God and prayer and the heavens above into the mix it will increase your reach! Of course, as you know, the real goal here isn’t obvious. It’s not the flock. It’s not the targeted sponge minds. It’s not even the message itself. It all needs to be so outlandish, so ridiculous, so far beyond the pale that every single average Joe in the country will roll his eyes and loudly proclaim, ‘They’re all nuts! One more crazy conspiracy theory! Just like all the others! Ain’t no truth to any of those ridiculous conspiracies out there!’ Now, that’s our real goal, guys! the bigger picture. Too many people are getting all uppity with their research, facts, analyses, logic and those damn books and videos. Time to nip it in the bud. You pull that off and there will be a bonus in your Christmas stocking!”

  17. Not familiar with QAnon, but it certainly sounds like a psyop from your description. And we do know the USG, and its intel contractors, have the capability. Wouldn’t surprise me at all.
    Trump is compromised, not directly by Russiagate, which was part of it, but by his need for political allies to stand against it. One branch of the elite sheltered him from the other branches’ attacks. He wasn’t a member, so to speak, and really don’t think he understood exactly what he was getting into…
    Given his previous friendship with the Clintons, and some comments heard round the campfire, believe it possible that Hillary initially promoted his candidacy simply because no one thought he could be elected and would make it a cakewalk for her. Must have forgotten to tell him it was her turn… or else his ego took over when his stump speeches began resonating. But this is all just speculation on my part.
    Guess the politicos and pundits mis-underestimated (to borrow a Shrubism) the discontent and anger the empire’s preferred policies engender. And it’s still out there, just waiting to be tapped, on both the right and left. Too bad the empire is so good at propagandizing both ears — Hey, let’s you and him fight!
    But Trump’s done now, stick a fork in him. The obvious zio-con influence, Bolton,, are proof of this… In all honesty though, never expected much in the first place.
    BTW, the original “deep state” seems to describe an entrenched bureaucracy. Institutional bureaucracies become power centers in their own right and develop politically independent connections to outside, private interests over time. Politically independent in terms of not being dependent upon the politics of whomever is holding elective or appointed supervisory power at the time.
    And don’t kid yourself Caity… you’re on the radar.

    1. richard le sarcophage Avatar
      richard le sarcophage

      On election night Trump look surprised, and not a little frightened, to me. A publicity stunt had run out of control.

      1. Yeah and then people told him, “don’t worry, we’ll handle all the hard parts for you. And you can make billions.”

  18. Logic points to Donald Chump & his crony criminal gang being 8chan / Q-anon.

  19. Joseph Mirzoeff Avatar
    Joseph Mirzoeff

    For me the jury is still out on Trump. You mostly agree with him on mainstream media. How about the indoctrination within “education” and overpriced academia? I admit he is really bad on corporatism and the disparity between rich and poor (yet his economy has made working more valuable). Also he is bad on military funding and debt. I am a retiree who lives in NH and this was the first year I didn’t pay any income tax, mostly due to the increase in the standard deduction. This screws the high tax and excessively corrupt (Democratic) states whose upper class citizens itemize. But their corruption had taken advantage of the rest of the nation.

    I look at his enemies that he has removed from power Brennan, Clapper, Strzok, Comey, Rosenstein, and I believe they constructed a conspiracy/coup to remove a duly elected President (all good removes). Why do the Bush Crime Family and the Clinton Crime Family hate him so, along with the corporate side of the Democratic Party? The weakness in this argument is the Bush Crime Family hires (Bolton, Pompeo, Kavanaugh, Haspel).
    However, too, no one has gone to jail yet LOCK HER UP!!! It is tough to do so; he will be accused of jailing his enemies, like a dictator.

    He hasn’t started new wars, but he uses sanctions liberally. He arms the Saudis, but hasn’t sent our troops in mass.

    The jury is still out for me – but if he can’t find a way to start jailing the criminals he loses me.

    1. breaking the link between wall street and its most important colony, aka china as the labor market, is the key to the trade war.

    2. Trump has no interest prosecuting corporate/gov’t criminals, he being the worst.

  20. An excellent post Caitlin .
    No . That’s not right .
    An outstanding post .
    I have never before responded to any blogger , however gifted or insane . But this contribution demands congratulations and thanks , imho .

  21. All complaints about Trump overlook the miracle of the decade:
    HRC is NOT President of the United States!

    Thank You, Russia! : )

    1. You definitely have a very valid point John!!! HRC will never be POTUS!!!

    2. richard le sarcophage Avatar
      richard le sarcophage

      Russia had NOTHING to do with it. Clinton itself was unelectable. She was the only candidate that Trump could have beaten.

      1. Exactly, the DNC jettisoned it’s best candidate who would have brought more young voters to the ballot and easily win over Trumps’ 27% of eligible voters.
        How could any thinking person take a good look at Bill and Hilary’s records and think that putting them in the White House again would be a good idea!

    3. exactly. i would be surprised if Russia decided against meddling in US affairs.

  22. I’m not a QAnon follower/believer however, as a regular reader of ZH, I have noted comments posted concerning the famous “Q” from time to time. Similarly, there’s another supposed veteran that makes claims of a US military coup being organized, and even a WH insider providing tip-offs about Bolton’s latest antics.

    Even though, in a fairytale land it would be nice to believe that something of this ilk exists, my first thought has always been, “if any of this were true, the last thing the ‘insider’ would do would be to post about it in public.” It’s as simple as understanding that nobody ever bears their cards when planning an act of war or subterfuge.

    All that said, from time to time, I find myself reflecting on Trump’s actions which seem rather odd. He came to power based on a populist campaign and his MAGA slogan. Say what you will about the man, but I have seen him speak in videos as a business tycoon and I never got the impression he lacked intelligence. Indeed, he has had an excellent education so the guy isn’t stupid.

    And that’s why when one considers MAGA, I cannot stop myself from asking “Surely, you must know you have succeeded in turning the entire planet against the US? You have been so much worse than your predecessors and continually spit in the faces of all those that supported your campaign of lies. In addition, you have populated your administration with the worst neocons alive today! How can you possibly see any of this as being conducive to MAGA?”

    One can see how his actions make zero sense unless the goal is to wreck the US from within on all fronts. If you’re an American, that would most likely be very distasteful to you, but consider the effect it may have on Deep State power in the longer term.

    Look how his actions are bringing Russia and China together, destroying the trust of his allies globally, and getting the EU to realize they need their own army outside of NATO to defend themselves against potential US hegemony in the future. I mean, who trusts the US today?

    When Russiagate was playing out, Trump never interfered. He could have done because they were plotting against a sitting US president which is treason. Nope, he left them to it and as a result, major intelligence agencies and individuals have been exposed for corruption. Now he is declassifying everything so that more fuels gets thrown on the fire. Why would he do that if he wanted to protect Deep State operatives?

    I’m a simple person who adheres to 2+2=4. From where I stand today, it somehow keeps adding up to 5. I’m sure I’m not the only person to have noticed.

    1. The old soviet union fell apart because the government fought war on itself; hopefully the United States government will do the same thing and all of humanity will be saved!!!

    2. STEVEN J MACKIE Avatar

      Liquid ass, You are not a simple person. You are one of many out here that see with open eyes, tempering judgement with hope and faith in the inherent good of men and women. Thank you for your wise words.

    3. Good point. I wouldn’t have voted for Trump, but listening to Dr Dave Janda has convinced me that to some extent Trump is serious about draining the swamp, but it remains to be seen how successful he will be in doing so. There is a grave danger, in my view, that Trump will declare martial law and with the military behind him, rule as a dictator for years to come. It may not happen, but I do think it is a distinct possibility, triggered initially by civil disorder arising out of the deep polarisation that now seems to be creating a toxic “us” and “them” mentality in the USA. I’m not planning another visit to the USA any time soon.

  23. QAnon is only a small part of 8Chan, if you want you can go there on /pol/Leftie and they won’t bother you at all. Facebook and Twitter are fine if you only want to read stupid one-liners from children. Why get so aggravated by QAnon? I think you’ve missed the point – QAnon cultism is supposed to be FUNNY (that people take their stuff seriously). It isn’t meant to be serious.

  24. Ah, the Buddha Ms Caitlin speaks the truth!!! Ms Johnstone I really like the term ” Bushbamas “!! I also really like the term ” establishment psyop “!! Unfortunately, the human species is chock full of ” loony-tunes ” that adhere to all sorts of bogus beliefs in order to justify their fiendish or violent behavior!! There is never ever anything wrong with them it is always ” the victims ” who are completely at fault!!! The ” Trumpeteers ” are awash in these types of people as are other ” brainwashed cultists “!! Rhyme or Reason is never a part of their beliefs; the only thing that matters is having an excuse for the ” evil ” they intend to unleash onto humanity!!!!

  25. “For anyone looking at them with intellectual honesty rather than the same way a creationist or cult member might look at something which challenges their faith, anyway.”

    Great article, but there is nothing in the physical evidence of the world which challenges creation, and when it comes to life forms, on the contrary the physical evidence is consistent with and supports creation and tends to refute the opposite “theory.” Darwinian evolution as the origin of species is the blatantly cultic “religion” and delusion and intellectual dishonesty going on.

  26. Charles Robinson Avatar
    Charles Robinson

    You know to be a really good actor ya gotta be smart. Listen to an old interview of Lee Marvin. Are you surprized?


      On another note entirely Lee Marvin, one of the most underrated movie stars of all time. Point Blank and Prime Cut (Sissy Spacek and Gene Hackman)

  27. Here’s one for QAnon:
    If Trump’s 2020 election numbers fall short of a win, he’ll play the “Russia really did interfere in the 2020 Presidential Election, card.”
    A deep and lengthy investigation is called for while Trump remains POTUS until an agreeable consensus is achieved … say, four years following.
    Hey, the Democrats started this shit.

  28. Charles Robinson Avatar
    Charles Robinson

    It is important to challange the narrative. Caitlin does. A little out take form the media vomit. A little cross mind fertilization.
    Graham Hancock is great. This is a great interview. Just advance past the Real London self promotion crap to the interview.

  29. the more mess in and around the Deep State, the better for humanity. that’s all i’m saying.

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