It’s amazing how many people confuse egoic masturbation for revolutionary political activism.

We talk a lot about how you can discern the real intentions of a given politician, plutocrat or official by ignoring their words and watching their behavior, but this principle can be applied equally to everyone. And if you were to ignore the words of the people you see sharing dissident ideas in revolutionary-minded circles today and watch their behavior instead, you’d come away with the impression that most of them are actually interested in drama, conflict, social climbing, accolades, and scoring points on social media.

They want dominance and approval from their tribe, in the same way our evolutionary ancestors wanted dominance and approval in theirs. It’s the same primitive, hardwired impulse. The majority of the people who find themselves moving in circles that are dedicated to upheaving the status quo in some way are primarily motivated first and foremost by this impulse, no different from anyone else in any other clique.

Obviously, tickling one’s ego is not the real purpose of political activism.

Still others spend their time chest-thumping over which ideas are the most correct, and who in their circle has the purest ideology. They often spend time writing dry essays that hardly anybody reads arguing against other dry essays that hardly anybody reads over what’s the correct way to view this or that obscure strain in a given sub-sect of political ideology. Political dissidents who devote themselves to this activity often find themselves isolated into tiny echo chambers with the very small number of people who share their exact worldview, taking comfort in their sense of rightness so they don’t have to feel bothered by their total lack of meaningful influence.

There can be value in arguing about the specifics over what is the most exactly correct ideological position to hold, but at best that is only sharpening your sword, not using it. At best it’s something you do to hone your ability to practice efficacious activism, but by itself it’s useless, neither activism nor efficacious.

This is not the real purpose of political activism either.

The real purpose of activism, obviously, is to make real change. Surely everyone can agree on that. And yet if you look at the things that people in such circles actually pour most of their mental energy into from day to day and from moment to moment, very little of it is actually making a big push toward real change. Most of their energy swirls in impotent little self-enclosing eddies of the sorts I just mentioned.

If you want to pour your energy into making real change, and you want to make sure that your energy is as efficient and efficacious as possible, there is an easy target for you to fix your gaze on. Simply put all of your energy into getting dissident ideas into mainstream attention.

If you want to make real change, clearly this is the target to shoot for. After all, it’s the target that the establishment narrative management machine has all its defenses built around. Everything the propaganda engine does is dedicated to keeping anti-establishment ideas marginalized, whether it’s by hiding alternative media outlets on Google, smearing dissident figures as anti-semites or Russian assets, or just the relentless campaign to paint the status quo as safe and normal to make any deviation therefrom look dangerous and freakish. Our rulers are well aware that the preservation of the status quo requires keeping the mainstream herd inoculated against dissident ideas, because it’s going to take a large percentage of the public using the power of their numbers to topple the machine and move humanity toward health. So we should all be aware of that also.

The status quo will not be undermined if we all stay in our little fringey circles sharing our little fringey ideas amongst ourselves, no matter how cool and special that might make us feel. That’s exactly what our rulers want us to do. If we stay in our little marginalized circles, we’ll get to feel good about how much more right we are than everyone else, and our other fringey friends will give us plenty of accolades for it, but meanwhile the oligarchs will be bolstering the bars of the Orwellian cage they’re building around us while the world burns.

Keeping the question “What can I do to get X into mainstream attention?” front and center in your activism prevents this from happening. It keeps all organizing, demonstrating, social media posting and information sharing focused on the one thing that really matters in this fight, instead of bogged down in the meaningless side shows. You make sure you’re always spending your energy in an efficacious way instead of an impotent way.

A lot of revolutionary-minded types have a strong egoic resistance to going mainstream. They’ve built up a strong sense of identity in their cool fringey counterculture image, and you’ll see a strong, reflexive rejection from them whenever ideas or people that they consider “theirs” start appearing anywhere outside their tight little echo chamber. This is due solely to their subconscious awareness that if their dissident values go mainstream, they won’t be edgy and countercultural anymore. Their cool guy self image will be ruined.

This is intensely stupid. Imagine letting the world burn rather than sharing your healthy ideas with the mainstream public, for no other reason than your egoic sense of comfort. But many activists have such egoic defense mechanisms in place for exactly that reason.

Some people also make the mistake of assuming that an idea is bad just because it’s gone mainstream. This isn’t always an unhealthy assumption given how tightly controlled the mainstream sphere still is, but please remember that as revolutionary activism becomes more and more effective, we will necessarily begin seeing more healthy ideas appearing in that sphere. Take it as a good sign going forward.

Stand in the public square and shove as many revolutionary ideas as far into the public spotlight as possible. Do it even if it means people you used to spend your time opposing start picking them up and using them. Do it with the goal of having your healthy anti-establishment ideas become the norm throughout your society. Do it with the goal of your worldview becoming conventional and boring. Do it with the intention of your activism becoming obsolete. Crave the absence of your own cool revolutionary self-image.

The goal of revolutionary political activism is to make revolutionary ideas so common that they become the new normal. If you’re not going to do that, it’s just glorified masturbation. And there are much more energy efficient ways to wank.


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45 responses to “Remember: The Goal Is Always To Make Dissident Ideas Mainstream”

  1. Lotta judgement there Caitlin. I think you’d like to name names but then that would propell you onto a very different kind of boxing ring. This article is rather preachy even still it makes some great points about doing the effective thing to “change the dominant narrative”. Bob Hunter used to call that planting mind bombs. Greenpeace didn’t get on the public’s radar by arguing and carrying protest signs in the street, They got there by risking their lives in small zodiacs in front of whale boats shooting explosive harpoons inches over their heads- and the people who filmed that stuff and brought it back to shore. We have to find those ultra creative ways to capture people’s minds in a sea of endless information, entertainment and splash. Imagine two or three or four big environmental organizations uniting and doing an action over the same issue- Together. I saw and participated in this during the ShellNo campaign a few years ago in Seattle. GP, ShellNo, Mosquito Fleet, Native Americans. We stopped Shell’s Polar Pioneer. We must show environmental action solidarity. Now.

  2. CJ: “Keeping the question “What can I do to get X into mainstream attention?” front and center in your activism prevents this from happening. It keeps all organizing, demonstrating, social media posting and information sharing focused on the one thing that really matters in this fight”

    Not quite right. Because any “dissident” idea that gets SUFFICIENT mainstream attention to make a difference gets co-opted. They are experts at this. So, what to do? Answer: seek mainstream attention, but advocate specifics that cannot be co-opted. Like socialism. NOT weak-ass social democracy, Bernie Sanders-style, but real SOCIALISM — radical democracy that nationalizes the corporate miscreants and rescinds most corporate charters.

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  4. SomeoneInAsia Avatar

    As I see it, if we really want to make any serious changes in the real world, we have to start by changing ourselves. Right from the inside. In our hearts. Our lifestyles, our values, all may have to change.

    Are you prepared to give up travelling? Cars? Your cellphone? The one thousand and one unnecessary luxuries and distractions of the modern world? Are you prepared to follow a way of life similar to, say, that of the Amish, involving growing your own food, living off the grid, making do with much less, and so on? Can you do all that without worrying about what others would think of you? Above all, can you find joy in living a life like that? (I’m talking about real joy, not pretended joy that’s acted out — people can sense the difference.) Apparently Henry Thoreau did. If you can, people around you will notice. They’ll seriously be inspired by your living example. That will be our best bet for real change.

    As the saying goes, action speaks louder than words.

  5. I hear you Caitlin.

  6. Completely agree! I have seen this dynamic often. Some people have convinced themselves they are leaders and look for a niche group to dominate. We need to be out in streets regularly, in front of our Congressional offices on a regular basis, in front of the DNC/RNC’s offices regularly, with legible and witty signage, with art, with dance, with music etc. and with bullhorns protesting all of the outrages, demanding paper ballots/publicly counted, protesting mass de-industrialisation, casino/monopoly financialization, militarization, mass surveillance, regime change wars, climate change, non-iving wages, wealth/societal inequality, media consolidation/propaganda etc. When the G20 was here in Pittsburgh, the peaceful protesters (largely Gren Peacers, with a few BMW window breakers anarchists thrown in. who prompted the dogs, the sound machine tank, and disbursal of the crowd) marched with absolutely no signage! That is no way to get your message across. It is daft. We need signage and communal spirit in the streets. Perhaps protesting day after iday, on the sidewalks infront of our propagandizing local stations is in order?

  7. “A lot of revolutionary-minded types have a strong egoic resistance to going mainstream. ”

    Another overlooked reason for this is that they think they will lose control of the narrative if the idea leaves the little circle of their like-minded buddies.

  8. What human beings have to understand about themselves, and how humanity will have to behave in the future in order to survive as a species on this increasingly inhospitable planet.

  9. Michel Bélisle Avatar
    Michel Bélisle

    Today in Canada it is kind of dissident to oppose multiculturalism because our PM Trudeau is a great defender of that idea.

    I would say first that there are good people in every ethnic groups on this earth. This is not the problem. What I see as a problem with multiculturalism, it is that a country become without any specific identity and without any soul.

    I think that every culture and ethnic groups forming humankind have something unique to bring to mankind, so every culture must be protected and promoted in what they are and what make them unique.

    But a country with all the nations on earth in it is losing its specific identity. That is what I think.

    So who are you when being a Canadian means that you can come from any origin, any ethnic background, any cultural group on earth?

    What is a Canadian?

    It looks like the encore version of the Babel Tower. And I think it is related also to the return of the days of Noah towards the end times. And no doubt we are there and the Second Coming of Jesus is very near.

    Keeping my Rosary close.

    1. Hello Michel Belisle,
      I’ve seen you around other sites in my studyings. I perceive you as a beautiful spirit.

  10. We do what we can. And every effort has some effects. There is no one way to do social activism right. Beware of dogmatism about what the one true path is. There are many ways to skin this cat. Let a thousand flowers bloom. Be self-critical, but not too much.

    1. One way we can come to a fuller awareness, is choosing our words/concepts more appropriately – it is sickening to skin a cat ……

  11. The argument here crucially relies on a sharp, categorical distinction between a small, fringe circle and ‘the mainstream’/’the public square’. Promoting the notion that a certain idea is right in a small circle is claimed to be useless, whereas doing the same thing in the mainstream is claimed to be useful. However, ‘tiny circle’ and ‘maintream’ are just the endpoints of a continuum, with many intermediate degrees of exposure, popularity and ‘mainstreamness’ that characterise different venues, platforms, groups and movements. Almost all of us have only marginal exposure and influence compared to somebody else. This doesn’t make our efforts to promote a certain idea useless – even convincing just one individual person is a step in the right direction. An idea spreads through society step by step, and winning over a small circle is a step towards winning over a bigger circle, since both humans and ideas constantly circulate between one and the other.
    Apart from that – certainly, a lot of arguments that are seemingly about purity and principle are, indeed, caused by some people’s desire for social climbing, dominance and approval from a tribe. That does need to be countered – which, however, also means spending time arguing against the resulting unreasonable positions, even if it’s in a relatively small circle.
    The claim that *most* revolutionary-minded people are selfishly motivated and thus insincere seems extreme, unfounded and misanthropic, not to mention its rather defeatist implications. I cannot help suspecting that it partly reflects CJ’s bitterness over what she considers to be insufficient approval of her personally in certain left-wing circles – something that may, after all, have many other conceivable explanations than just the very fact that she has attained a certain measure of popularity.

    1. I like your comments.. I am not here not because I want to be an activist I am here because having selfish, stupid people in the world attempt to lord over me and trample the world for their own gain makes me pissed.

      I tried politics, I went to the state capital 2x for Ron Paul. The RNC and fox and Neil Bortz and so and so completely cut him out. Why? He was anti-war and anti-fed.

      Aside from that being an “activist” is not easy. By that I mean each one of us represents a small minority. I have three siblings, three children and one wife. None of them are really interested in any of this. They don’t see the urgency, the mortal danger to us all. None of them read what I read and they are for the most part clueless. None are “activist”.

      Then I have all my ‘friends’ most of whom are Christians. All that money and time spent and they are probably the most clueless and happy go lucky of all. (my family is also Christian) I feel bad for unloading on John the other day. He is just a little too close for home.

      So it is pretty much me. Then around 2006 I see an article about researchers at MIT and something called ‘Collective Intelligence’ I thought oh wow. This is simple, this is it. All I have to do is share it. Eureka!

      Nothing doing. People just stare and say nothing back or they immediately within 2 sec. Said “it will never work” no reason why, just it will never work. Remind you this is the “mainstream” Caitlin spoke of (my friends and family and fellow R.P. activist)

      I have reached out to so many people over the years. I read someone like Caitlin, Krieger or Hugh-Smith and They seem to have the vision. They just don’t appear to have all the pieces. I contact, they never reply. Caitlin never has. Same as mainstream friends and family. Perhaps there are two streams or societies and they follow the same human sociological and psychological norms.

      In my ideal world all the ideas and perspectives would be anonymous. Does it really matter who said what or who contributed what? No.
      Right now this comments section is just a temporary format of random thoughts and ideas with no real cohesion or sense of ‘working together”. Not long ago there was a little spat here over ‘climate change’ did we work it out? No. Can we show our progress? No. Was it civil? Not really. And we’re all on the same team, right? I just wish it was different. Never mind that someone may ‘grandstand’. It is all so inefficient it doesn’t really matter.

      How do we make the “mainstream” come to us. I believe that is a Collective Intelligence. Please tell me where I am in error

      1. I hear you Clint. I have no solutions.
        I will say, looking down the long barrel of Eternity and I mean the long, long barrel of Eternity … these Aholes who think they have gotten away with it…

    2. There is no life here.

  12. DannyWilliams Avatar

    Another good one! I’ve started a weekend youtube project where I video-ize Caitlin’s articles. My small attempt to get her dissident ideas more attention. Thank you for making your stuff available for rebroadcast!

    The hard part is making CJ’s worldview conventional and boring, but I’ll do my best!

  13. Make dissident ideas mainstream? Why yes, that is indeed the goal! We writers are criticized for all talk and no action, but all that talk we do is the action if we can make our dissident ideas go mainstream. When the idea is mainstream, the human herd will naturally implement it. In effect, they are the only ones that can. That’s precisely how the ruling sociopaths rule. They concentrate on the propaganda and get us as a herd to police ourselves according to their narrative. Those “dissident ideas” of ours are really just our efforts to expose the propaganda and replace it with the truth. Yes, in times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act. Speak truth and join the revolution!

  14. The internet has many websites exposing the evil plots of our ” masters ” here is an article from one of them:

  15. Oh come on, one feel good article yesterday and now this? Something got you depressed? I’ve been doing this a long time and just reading the Yahoo news comments these days puts a smile on my face, especially knowing that on the establishment side of the comments, half of those are the same guy or paid bots. My God, this is mainstream. Please everyone, take some time, sharpen your sword, make sure you are on the right side of the equation, check, double check and triple check yourself. Hell I was a Peak Oil activist and am feeling pretty stupid about being on the wrong side of that equation. Learn more history, learn about money and how it’s created and how it should be created. We’re already main stream, we just don’t own the media. Yes we’re winning and winning more each and every day. 9 or 10 months from now and even the mainstream media will be mainstream. Take this to the bank.

  16. Then again you have to ask yourself what do we mean by “Mainstream”? Is there not a sociological factor at play here? Does society always think rationally or logically? I would say no. So If you look at it this way, perhaps we (The people trying to rationally put forward what we see as the true account) will never break into the mainstream. Maybe the Mainstream of Society WANTS the distorted view given them or will always need psychologically some distortion (religion) in order to function. Maybe it is more about cohesion, personal success and having sex than knowing the truth. It that is the case our job just got a lot bigger.

  17. Hmmm

    “It’s amazing how many people confuse egoic masturbation for revolutionary political activism.”

    And then you go and write this article to provide us with prima facie evidence. Well done Catlin!

    As my father was given to saying out loud when someone got on their soap box and then proceeded to dive off the deep end; “hey, I didn’t bring my boots!”

  18. Thank you. A nice piece, that needed to be said. And too true for a long time now.
    But its also a hard piece to comment on. I’ve erased three comments now because I thought they sounded egotistical. 🙂

  19. This article is sound advice & time well spent. Thank you.

  20. Bernard Marx vs Helmholtz Watson, one was a vanity playa, the other an Apollonian truthseeker… Mix in a little ‘coming of age in samoa’, the elemental Wahine of Bligh and Sylvain, Darwin, Lamarck, Skinner, Freud & Marx ( a heady brew ahoy!) and we pretty much know what is going on. Or at least have a better chance to, with the advent of holding researchers to task with reproducibility instead of opinion. Or at least we did until virtue signalling types such as ‘ian coldwater’ cemented their positions by circumventing the security of the very jupyter notebooks and containers that were meant to ensure probity… Funny olde worlde, ‘eh Truth is in the eye of the holder, along with the corn.

  21. the task is not “converting those who disagree with you” but “finding and realizing that majority actually think like you do.” Majority of the people (99%) want peace not wars, want equality not power/money monopoly, want liberty not slavery, want dignity not fear. exactly why the ruling minority (1%) want to keep us (99%) divided and in the dark about each other.

  22. “We are Borg, you will be assimilated, resistance is futile”. Imagine the silly grins beaming around the board room of Facebook when they read that revolutionaries for the resistance regard their social platform as a forum. This should not be confused with the sly smirks common among members of the Intelligence Community charged with day to day global operations of social engineering. Q. If the US surrenders domestic control of the internet to an offshore entity, does this technically make all traffic “international” and therefore fair game for any number of hyphenated governmental agencies? Who’s smiling now?

  23. Trisha Driscoll Avatar
    Trisha Driscoll

    That’s exactly what the Green Party has been doing for a long time. The Democratic “Green New Deal” (there’s a clue) was created by Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins when he ran for Governor of New York in 2010.

    Of course Democrats a) watered it way down and b) fail to acknowledge from whence it came, since they have unending antipathy towards the Green Party and unceasingly vote shame anybody daring to vote Green Party.

    Bernie’s platform also consists of policies the Green Party has been pushing for decades. In fact, he should be running as a Green instead of with the corrupt corporate Democratic Party.

    Here’s an updated version of the Ecosocialist Green New Deal:

  24. Hey Caitlin,

    You may not be familiar with this issue, but ICANN just screwed the entire world in one of the biggest and worst ways possible, and you won’t hear about it in the mainstream media.

    They just did the (what should be) unthinkable by catering to the rich and powerful puppet masters and removing the price caps on “legacy” TLDs the world has invested countless years of their lives and invested vast and countless resources in reliance upon.

    The long term implications are almost incalculable as well. And as usual, they are counting on an uninformed, apathetic and distracted public, most of whom would probably never dream it will affect them either or even know much of what’s all about.

    They did invite “comments” before they did it, which was the usual farce. Despite the avalanche of thousands of objections vs. only 6 conflict-of-interest laden comments of support – you guess it – they did it anyway.

    It’s important to keep in mind that “legacy” TLDs like .com, .net, .org, etc. are a public trust, and are categorically different from the new TLDs which are owned and paid for by applicants for profit. The distinction is beyond vast, but of course lost on ICANN.

    If you are not very familiar with this hugely important issue it would be a good idea to start here:

    1. “The Spurious Justifications for Eliminating Price Caps on .org and Other Legacy Domains”

    2. “The Case for Regulatory Capture at ICANN”

    3. Responding to “The Case for Regulatory Capture of ICANN”

    So Caitlin, when they finally want to shut you up, perhaps they will just eventually set the renewal fee for to $500,000 and say there was no intended censorship.

    1. To clarify, they’ve begun now with (of all things) .org and a few others, but clearly the plan is to keep going as contracts with registries expire and come up for renewal. Or worse.

      1. The internet was created for the military and is now used as a surveillance network. It was never intended to be public. The tax-payers paid for its development of course, like most other development, and now we are forced to pay private interests to use it so they can sell our information to each other and the NSA gets all the data for free. The (Defense) Advanced Research Projects Agency ( always intended it for military use and that’s how it WILL be used.

        1. Well Brett, why didn’t you tell anyone about that sooner?

          Caitlin – never mind. We can just switch over to the other global communication medium that enables the affordable discovery and dissemination of truth for the benefit of the world, and countless millions among the not already rich and powerful to affordably pursue and engage in commerce and make a living for themselves and their families.

    2. Interesting and rather frightening, if typical, neoliberal moves. I will definitely want to learn more a ot the issues involved, so I am glad you posted the links here, even ifv i don’t quite catch the immediate relevance to Caitlin’s main points about the inje cgtion of dissident ideas into mainstream discourse. All delisting and messing with domain names poses a threat to dissident ideas being disseminated, of course, bu there are, and always will be, ways to get around such restrictions I suspect.

      1. Normally I would not like any kind of seemingly partisan suggestion with your use of the term “neoliberal,” especially since the left/right divide and conquer deception is part of the problem that works against us all. However, in this case I don’t mind because it was the previous administration that did the mind boggling ill advised thing of letting ICANN become a private cabal accountable to nothing and to no one except the highest bidders they would be free to sell themselves to after the end of US oversight.

        The bottom line is that despite all the vast corruption and evil going on with the US, which Caitlin addresses so well, nonetheless it was better to continue US oversight and not allow this to have occurred. While many might not be paying attention or realize it, which they count on, this mind boggling move is actually one of the biggest steps ever in terms of the “beginning of the end” to enable the suppression of free speech and other forms of control. And Caitlin will see this immediately.

        This was to some degree merely an important side note, but nonetheless also directly related and as related as anything can be to Caitlin’s whole mission in life and desire for the world.

        There is no other Internet of course. There is no other affordable and efficient means of doing what truth tellers and independent journalists and media venues do. This is it, and almost certainly all there will ever be. I say that last part because I know an end is coming and the earth will not continue indefinitely.

        Domain names are the practical foundation of all online publishing and communication. The alternative is impractical, and the very reason why the DNS was created to begin with. Getting your message out with or “,” etc. is practical and affordable. Trying to do it with something like 12735.686.2259.22009.393939.1256 is not.

        And this is real life. There are not other practical possibilities. The Internet is what has enabled it all – and “they” certainly know it. This is not a Hollywood dystopian future movie. There is no practical realistic possibility of getting around anything that comes withing a billion miles of using the Internet.

    3. Thanks for the post, I have a couple of websites that I’ll check to see if I can get a .ru domain name today.

  25. Felicity White Avatar
    Felicity White

    Woohoo! Thanks again for bravely going where many dare not tread.

  26. I’m constantly surprised by the fact that so many – possibly all – of the non-MSM sites that I read invite readers to ‘like’ them or to comment on their Facebook page or to login to their site via Facebook or Google. It seems contradictory to be writing/talking about the evil Mass Surveillance Industry and then go straight there to contribute to the discussion.

    And someone mentioned recently suggested that we stop saying ‘google’ and use ‘search’ when we talk about looking something up. Good idea. Don’t let them take over our everyday language as well.

    1. Ah, but as gross as Facebook is, it’s also one of the places where mainstream attention is. It’s the public square. If we want to get dissident ideas into the mainstream, at least some of us need to be circulating dissident ideas there.

      1. Please see my comment to you above. Some pretty big global stuff going down under the radar.

      2. Thank You Caitlin

        Too true Fu$kbook seems to be working how they have designed it to be.
        On another note ! Do you think Donnie has military parade envy ? LOL ..

        Stay on to it

      3. I love what you have to say Caitlin. I have approached so many people over the years and I often have wondered much along the lines of your essay. What about the word ‘dissident’ though; disagreeing or dissenting, as in opinion or attitude. Will we ever win the us against them when they always have the upper hand. What if we just skip the unfair fight and make our ideas more appealing to the masses. Really it is them (propaganda), us (truth). How do we make our conclusions more valid but also more attractive. They have suits and hair and the perfect voice, background music and wonderful sets. What do we have. I hope you will read my blog. You know what I am going to say I am sure. Anyway Thanks for always being relevant to the pulse of the times.

      4. I’ll just say it anyway why I can. It’s not rocket science. Man evolved or whatever with his the brain gifted to him there on top his shoulders. There it was, that’s all it was ever going to be. He or she was an individual. He or She did the best they could through the limited perspective and roll of the dice cognitive abilities. Sometimes the individual would lie to itself sometimes others would lie to it. The individual make errors., developed false beliefs and leaned on Society for cues.

        Today is different we have the Technological advances to overcome many of the limitations of Individual intelligence if we can just for a moment break the mold and attempt to understand the underlying issues of our society and our psychology and how human intelligence may be advanced.

        The bad guys will all of a sudden become irrelevant. Donkeys, waiting along the highway waiting for someone to ride them into town. Humanity will rule the roads.

    2. Exactly, and all these supposed leftist podcasts and streamers are using Patreon and Youtube etc., capitalist platforms, as though they are underground. Everyone should look into the Free Software Foundation and certain flavors of Linux and LEAVE Facebook and tell all your friends and family why. Don’t stay there just because you FAKE PLASTIC friends and family are there getting their DNC and Qanon news there. Flat out tell them they are morons. BTW, nobody listens to you on Facebook or Twitter, they are only on social media to scream into the ether and check their ratios.

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