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Random Thoughts About Life, Politics, And Humanity

Make no mistake, maintaining narrative control is the single highest priority of the establishment. Not keeping taxes down, not keeping Bernie out of office, not even keeping the wars going. Without narrative control, their entire empire will crumble. Never lose sight of this.


A neocon is like a broken clock that’s wrong two extra times per day.


Most western news headlines about foreign conflicts and uprisings can simply be reduced to either “Something advantageous happened to the US-centralized power alliance, and that’s good” or “Something disadvantageous happened to the US-centralized power alliance, and that’s bad”. It’s basically the same as watching a group of sports fans comment on the behavior of their favorite team. Except instead of fans it’s paid propagandists, and instead of a game it’s a slow-moving third world war.


People sometimes tell me that straying off the beaten path of conventional political commentary hurts my credibility. In my opinion what hurts my credibility is sticking to conventional political commentary at all times even when it’s not the most honest way to point at an important truth.


Whoever wins the 2020 US presidential election will with absolute certainty continue advancing US imperialist bloodshed. It would be good to spend a little less energy talking about how US presidents might be different and more energy talking about why they’re all so similar.


Russiagaters say “Read the Mueller report” and pretend it’s an argument, not because the report validates their position (it does the exact opposite), but because they know hardly anyone’s read it so they can just wave their hand at it and pretend it contains things it doesn’t.


There’s nothing moderate about so-called “centrists”; they’re violent extremists and their ideology threatens our entire world. But even if they were moderates, moderation and incremental change isn’t what we need now; we need drastic changes. Even their stated position is bogus.


Journalism is like art: if you do it with the goal of becoming rich and famous, it’s going to suck. Yet there are all sorts of mechanisms in place within news media to reward this precise mentality, and to ensure that these types of journalists are elevated above all the others.


Things won’t turn around for humanity until we have at least one positive desire to shove toward together. Right now all we have is a bunch of things we don’t want and an inability to decide what we do want, which keeps us in a state of inertia relative to our oppressors. Once we’ve got one positive thing that is both (A) outside the status quo and (B) sufficiently alluring to get a critical mass pushing for it, change will be rapid and inevitable. Right now our rulers are the only ones with a clear idea of what they want, which is why they’re winning.


The best form of meditation is to just allow everything to be as it is, without trying to manipulate or control your experience. This is also the best form of foreign policy. The path to world peace is the same as the path to inner peace: just quit trying to control everything. “But-but-but if we don’t control the world, the world will be out of our control!” is the most common objection to anti-interventionist foreign policy. It’s also the mind’s most common objection during meditation. We’ve all got a miniature John Bolton living in our head assuring us that the world is a hostile place which we must bring to heel by any means necessary. As within, so without: we will know peace when we finally rid ourselves of the John Boltons.


I still can’t get over the fact that the UK has a Queen. She wears a crown and everything. She’s in charge and can oust the Prime Ministers of Australia and Canada whenever she wants. If that’s not crazy enough, when she dies it’ll be a king. “Hello I’m a king lol.” It’s nuts.


If you can control what happens, you’ll have power until the public gets sick of your bullshit and removes you. If you can control what the public thinks about what happens, you’ll have power forever.


I know a lot of Americans are freaked out by Trump’s wall because of how it makes them feel about their country, but FYI from an outsider’s perspective building a wall would be one of the less horrific things the US government is currently doing.


A society is only as free as its most inconvenient political dissident. Right now, that means we’re all only as free as Julian Assange.


I like Twitter. I have fun there. I’m really going to miss it when I say something a little bit imperfectly and get permabanned after being mass reported by imperialist mouth breathers.


There are a lot of weird things about the Epstein case, but the absolute weirdest is how we learned that western intelligence agencies are using children as sex slaves to manipulate world affairs and, even after two years of #MeToo, we’re just kind of pretending it didn’t happen.


People ask me what to do about the mess we’re in, and my best answer is that I’m leading by example here. Do like me and punch as many holes as possible in the establishment narrative matrix. We need revolution, but we need to wake people up first. My example is my main argument.


Human minds are preconditioned to select for cognitive ease, which means preferencing the familiar/unchallenging. That’s why Dems are still blaming 2016 on Susan Sarandon, Assange & Russia. It’s also why people avoid looking at the evidence that everything they believe is a lie.


If the future of automation and AI remains controlled by plutocrats instead of the people, they will neuter the left forever, far more effectively and definitely than any government agencies have been able to.


When you’re a kid you think you’ll grow up and stay up all night and eat tons of ice cream and watch cartoons all day, but then as an adult you discover it’s not really like that, but then later you figure out that sometimes it can totally be exactly like that and it’s awesome.


It’s not just that the powerful are constantly manipulating our minds with propaganda–it’s that the science for doing so is constantly advancing. As AI improves narrative control will get exponentially more advanced. We’ve got no choice but to change the way our minds work.


The popular concept of “humility” exists primarily as a tool of social control; it benefits the powerful to have a meek and modest citizenry, so they made it a virtue using religion. True humility is much rarer and deeper: the ability to wonder if everything you believe is wrong.


As long as the plutocratic class is able to use its media influence to control people’s minds, elections will still go toward maintaining the status quo even if the US has a perfect election system. Their narrative control must be ended. This can be done by weakening public trust in the plutocratic propaganda machine. Trust in the mass media is already at an all-time low while our ability to network and share information is at an all-time high; we just need to exacerbate that.


People don’t understand just how mentally damaging abuse can be. I’ve spent years repairing my mind from an abusive relationship, and only now am I beginning to feel like I’ve reclaimed all or most of my mental faculties. In hindsight it looks like I was literally brain damaged.


Even many revolution-minded people are held back from really pushing for what they want by fear of the unknown world they’ll create. They don’t yet realize that we’ve nothing to lose by taking a leap; we’re in a burning building and the jump is already safer than staying put.


We are all hurtling toward death together
on a little blue ball through infinite blackness
in a universe that none of us understand.

But what really matters,
what really, truly, deeply matters,
is that there are strangers on the internet
who have the wrong opinions.


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Latest comments

  • Pure garbage. Even more so than usual.

  • Sometimes I think its impossible for the members of a society to make big, seemingly risky changes to their system unless they’ve seen and lived through true horror, like most of Europe did during the great wars. After that horrible experience they were able to make collective changes and built a much better system, for a while. As those memories fade, so does the better system.

    Might we need a period of horror here in the USA, before we’re willing to take the risk of building something better?

  • people need to go beyond defense. maximum offense is necessary and urgent.

    fight fake news with more fake news, making their “narratives” into pretzels. i think that’s what Trump has been doing, though it’s anybody’s guess whether he intended to.

    best of all, BDS everyone and everything associated with the ghouls. you know who they are.

  • Should I be considered a cynic or a misanthrope for coining the phrase: “ Humanity: Playing Russian roulette with a fully loaded cylinder”.?
    “Biocentism” by Bob Berman and Robert Lanza, makes a cogent argument for Consciousness preceding matter in the Universe which might give one hope ( or did me anyway).
    It seems the only thing delaying a world wide revolution is the lack of a visionary charismatic to lead the way. Whether it will be a Buddha or a Bastard waits to be seen. It will be a surprise either way I’m sure. Voting for a good guy. Guess I’m not a misanthrope. Peace

  • Are these the ” good guys ” or are these ” the bad guys”?

    • Maybe it is the reason why some billionaires are now talking about a basic universal income.

      But it is too late for all of that because according to prophecies the Return of Jesus could be any day now… and maybe a chastisement from God just before His Glorious return if you believe the following article by Father Scanlon (and I do believe it):


      We have to pray the Holy Rosary with much fervor!

  • Incredible article proving the narrative is everything:


    And it demonstrates that we are in the return of the days of Noah just before the Second Coming of Jesus, which Coming I pray the Rosary to hasten because I am fed up and I have really really seen enough bullshit.

    • And I had to underline that the author Mr Paul Craig Roberts agree with me that there were no wreckages of airplanes to be seen on 9/11 in the Pentagone and in a field in Pennsylvania.

      I quote him:

      “Wreckage of the airliners is surprisingly missing from impact sites”


      The ruling elites already knew in 2001 that we were entering in the return of the days of Noah and that people would accept any lie to preserve the statu quo.

      The good news is that the Second Coming of Jesus is very near because Jesus Himself has said that at His return it will be similar to the days of Noah:

      “Just as it was in the days of Noah, so also will it be in the days of the Son of Man. People were eating, drinking, marrying and being given in marriage up to the day Noah entered the ark. Then the flood came and destroyed them all.” (Luke 17:26-27)

      So we are there. In the days of Noah, Noah seems to have been the only man of good faith on earth. Everybody else was of bad faith.

      I pray the Rosary to hasten the return of Jesus because I have really seen enough of all the bullshit.

  • Hmmm

    Caitlin the notion that the stranglehold on everything Americans see, hear and read is somehow the province of “Neocons” is complete hogwash. The ruling elite do not operate within the confines of partisan politics and they never have. Clinging to the perception that the battle being waged is in any way defined by conventional political ideology is a crock.

  • The system is not broken, but neither is the system rigged. The system works exactly as it’s designed.

    This is why the fight is urgently and desperately necessary.

  • Hi Caitlin,

    I have been reading your stuff for quite a time now. With everyone else, I have seen you brimming with optimism and writing wonderful poetry. On the contrary, you have hit the rails at times and asked yourself whether you are doing any good at all. After all, are we not just on an apocalyptic ride which no-one’s steering?

    As a Brit living in Brighton, Sussex, England – also in a neocon-style (I prefer the term ‘fundamentalist capitalist’) manipulated society – I would say thanks you for being you.

    What you are doing cannot be judged in the short term. You have taught me so much about how to question the narrative and think independently. There are thousand, maybe hundreds of thousands, who believe that the truth can be discovered: that the truth of life is the real guide to all we do; that there are not multiple truths but only the enlightening truth of our sane biology.

    War is bad because even the people who kill others suffer for it. It’s not a complex moral problem. It’s a fact of the truth of our lives as human beings. When we suffer psychologically we do so because we are not following the truth. And I say this as an atheist; well, other people call me that. I call myself a human being.

    There is truth beyond thinking and it comes from our own internal wisdom. Tuning into it is difficult for many; but it should provide the base-line for all thinking.

    Anyway, don’t want to ramble, so I’ll just say – you are like a gardener planting seeds. You may be around to see the good you do, maybe you won’t, but know that what you do will grow. The good work you are doing will spread.

    Think of that when you feel pissed off about everything. You are making a difference.

    All the best.

    AlanMcT xx

  • Nothing new here to see , move along quietly now folks and keep consuming.
    The plastic toy is out of the box & doesn’t have an off switch, don’t worry if it does fail from faulty parts no need to replace we’ll just get a completely new unit . No need to & get the old one back into the box just discard it along with the rest of humanity

  • Caitlin – I know this is a topic near and dear to you, and understandably so, therefore I think you will appreciate listening to this short video on Julian Assange http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/52221.htm

  • Those random thoughts may seem cool,but they dont seem cohesive,dont go into enough depth to make a senseable impression.(at least to me)

  • cool random thoughts

  • Thank you, Caitlin for all your hard hitting and witty thoughts! Delivered without one single prayer!

  • I appreciate you so much Caitlin. To be honest, not because of the information you cover, because I have a number of online outlets I peruse that bring the same information to light. But I appreciate you because of your bravery to be you front and center in the middle of everything you write. On this journey called life, you have helped me to understand a little better who I am in the middle of all this, by sharing so openly and honestly who you are. That is a rare gift, and I am grateful. Thanks for this post in particular, so many of your tidbits and perspectives resonated with me on different levels in different ways, I will enjoy going over them and meditating on them all.

    • Jesse, thanks for clearly saying what I think about Caitlin. And I’m sure there are many of us. She is a brave soul who makes us braver too.

  • I am old enough to remember Solzhenitsyn. He was the best known dissident of the USSR and probably the best known dissident behind the whole Iron curtain.

    Now, it seems Assange is the new Solzhenitsyn and it is us who are living behind an Iron curtain.

    And yes, the narrative is the most important thing. Imagine if the narrative was “nothing but the Truth”. The ruling elites would appear for what they are.

    It is soon the anniversary of that sad event 9/11. We have to admit the ruling elites with their mainstream medias are genius to have convinced people that on that day, there were wreckages of airplanes in the Pentagone and in a field in Pennsylvania.

    I have tried for the last eighteen years to see those famous wreckages to no avail.

    Maybe we will have to think seriously about the possibility that the great majority of the people on this planet are of bad faith because they want to protect a statu quo that they cherish almost as much as the elites do.

    Really, really, we are in the return of the days of Noah. In those days, Noah was the only one on earth of good faith. Everybody else was of bad faith.

    I have really seen enough bullshit.

    Fortunately, many prophecies are telling us the return of Jesus is very near and I pray the Rosary to hasten His Glorious return because I am really fed up.

    • IMO folks have long felt Jesus is about to return. That is just one of the reasons I now believe our religiions have become not much more than control mechanisms used by the elite to keep us complacent. Faith is a beautiful thing but I now feel blind faith is utterly terrifying. Too many of us pray and leave it in God’s hands. I believe prayer can be a wonderful first step but we must remain in the fight. Doing less makes the Bible a tool for destruction since it gives the powerful a blueprint to control the faithful.

  • You can only be lied by those you trust….every epiphany is permanent.

    The greatest ‘get out of jail’ card we have at present is the enormous LIE of 9/11, a mass murder I’ve researched extensively. Please share these Truths on the WTC vaporization >

    “Unequivocal 9/11 Nukes” > principia-australia(.)org

    “Breathtaking: Solving Nuclear 9/11” > VeteransToday(.)com

  • “There are a lot of weird things about the Epstein case, but the absolute weirdest is how we learned that western intelligence agencies are using children as sex slaves to manipulate world affairs”. Yep, but I actually already knew that since I read about the Johnny Gosch case.

  • “Whoever wins the 2020 US presidential election will with absolute certainty continue advancing US imperialist bloodshed. It would be good to spend a little less energy talking about how US presidents might be different and more energy talking about why they’re all so similar.” Talk about hitting the nail on the head!

    If by outside chance Bernie wins the Presidency, he’ll be fighting his own war-mongering inequality-promoting party, because the system isn’t broken, it’s rigged.

    • I picked out that same quote, Trisha, and usually I would agree with it.
      Maybe not next year. The UK stepped back from empire after WW-2 and the US accepting all their gold as payment for debts. The US might step back similarly.
      FDR “betrayed his class”. Trump might do the same, and people like Mnuchen. FDR saved-his-class, too…

  • Does it warm our hearts
    to see the massive protests in Hong Kong
    waving the U.S. Flag
    singing the U.S. National anthem
    shutting down the airport, subway etc.
    chanting for Trump to come and liberate Hong Kong from China-??
    Analyze that – why don’t ya **CJ**

    • Who do you think is controlling the narrative for the Hong Kong “protesters”? Could it just be another made in the USA color revolution? Or maybe another coup like in Honduras, Brazil, Argentina, etc? Where did all the USA flags and chants come from?

    • The Hong Kong protesters obviously haven’ t tried to vote as a person of color in Broward County for that might temper their enthusiam for Pax Americana and the good ole Red, White and Blue. If you pray for the calvary to come and rescue you from savages then you better pray they aren’t just as savage as your attackers.

  • Nice! But, with all the never ending lies; you notice the biggest one of all seems to be that we are some how smarter, and better than the rest of the animals on the planet, because 1. They don’t speak our language and 2. We don’t understand their language, so 3. Our ignorance proves our great mental abilities?

  • Caitlin,would you be interested in doing an article about the dangers of 5G? Here is a link to some very good info regarding it.

  • “building a wall would be one of the less horrific things the US government is currently doing.” Ha,ha,ha. no kidding.

    • Hiring illegal aliens is the current Texas business model. Cheaper pay and no rights.
      I used to work here when I was going to college 1976-1982. I could always get regular work, and everybody spoke English. Not that way now. I ride my bike 22 miles on workdays, through Austin. Road and construction crews speak Spanish, only.
      Good folks, too, my patients at the clinic, but there is crime coming over the border, too, ugly crime, CIA kind of stuff.

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