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What “Electability” Really Means

Caitlin and Tim discuss how interesting it is that the political/media class which is always concern trolling about Bernie’s “electability” is the same political/media class that is constantly working to stop him from being elected.

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  • Only intellectually honest people who acknowledge that the Clintons and Obamas are AT LEAST as horrible as the Trumps should have their analysis of the current administration taken seriously. Sneera Tanden and the MSDNCBSPR must not be allowed to suppress their critics, unless Jack Dorsey permits it. Who else besides me likes Michael Tracey’s videos? Please don’t stop Going Rogue. Unfortunately, Moderate Rebels seem to be on hiatus. Thank heaven for Push Back, Jimmy Dore, and Around The Empire. Useful Idiots seemed good until they uncritically allowed Bernie to spew muhRUSSIA!!! At least they named their show accurately.

    • Sorry, I forgot Consortium News and Suzi3d/#1vs5i on my current YouTube favorites list. I can’t believe I ever thought Majority Report, Young Turks, and Democracy Now! were good.

  • I love you guys.

  • The empire will never allow an anti-imperialist to govern it. That’s the bottom line. We passed that point a long time ago. Today our sources of information are controlled, we are constantly surveilled, and a full-on police state is in place, ready for someone “visionary” (or mad) enough to take the controls and end the fantasy that this is still a republic once and for all. The form of government bequeathed to us by the Founders cannot effectively manage a global empire. It vanished because of our worldwide conquests, just as the Founders predicted it would in such circumstances. Like Rome, we have retained the institutions of liberty long after they have been stripped of their power to safeguard our freedoms. The day that the first emperor, Augustus, completed the transformation and assumed all powers of the old government for himself was ever after celebrated every year as “restoration of the republic” day.

    Still, remember his country was never a democracy – giving “the rabble” a genuine voice in the governance was more than the slaveholders and arrivistes who shaped the Federal Constitution would ever have tolerated.

  • It is a rich mans world

  • Caitlin Johnstone, you are an accomplished writer; above the scum, first rate. Why play with mediocrity as a video commentator?

    • I have to agree.
      I think the world of you, Caitlin, but…
      The tone of this is like play-school teachers talking to infants.
      I’m not a snobbish person, but you write so well that I just can’t get my brain to accept that this is the same person.
      It’s too hard to listen to.
      It’s “narrative disruption”, to quote from the video,
      It’s a stylistic cognitive dissonance which could only be paralleled by Vladimir Horovitz giving a piano recital where he follows a Beethoven Sonata with an imitation of Adam Faith singing, “Poor Me”.

      We all have our lighter side, but the subject matter here is serious, and I fear this video trivializes it.
      But I continue to think the world of you.
      And, oh yes, Free Assange!

      • @Lon Ball & WarDropper: I couldn’t disagree with you more. What’s more shallow and trivializing? A good analyst and writer revealing that she has a casual, playful, friendly (dare I say human?) side? Or a reader discounting her bona fides because she reveals a casual, playful, friendly side? Sheesh! I’m guessing you guys would have looked down your nose at Richard Feynman because of his pranks and practical jokes.

  • Any casual observation shows how easily the current POTUS made bloody hamburger out of all his previous opponents regardless of party, race, sex, political ideology, and funding. He’s a totally equal opportunity opposition destroyer. Most importantly, he did so with all of the mainstream media (excepting FOX) exhibiting their full display of biases against him. This remains ongoing and still includes pretty much the entire “entertainment industry”, all of them being in solid lockstep and often horribly nasty in their fever to out do each other with their exhibition of hatred. Even the Republican establishment truly hates this guy with many of them suddenly “retiring” from public service in the face of an easy reelection just in time for their own seats to be taken over by Democrats, purportedly because “they didn’t want to serve” with him. Yeah, I don’t exactly believe that story either.

    Now it is becoming increasingly clear (if one is paying attention) that the Obama Administration along with the full power of the FBI, CIA and Justice Department were also actively working to subvert “the will of the People” in favor of maintaining their own special version of “continuity of government” even before the DNC’s anti-Bernie fiasco became all too evident. When the current POTUS managed to beat the establishment’s very well funded but nevertheless designated ultimate loser Republican along with everyone else in that primary inclusive of some fairly strong contenders (at least outwardly), some minor panic ensued. This panic was perhaps most memorably stated as “If that bastard wins…!”. Not to worry, it was truly impossible for that bastard to win considering how the whole status quo power structure was by all accounts (not all of which are mentioned above) was and still is totally stacked against him, a lone individual. Nevertheless, the bastard won.

    When their own designated “obvious” winner Democrat establishment gal (because it’s her turn) managed to lose to this guy who was so obviously hated by everyone… All hell broke lose! “Blame the Russians (after all their checks have cleared) and launch a collection of bogus investigations fully controlled by our guys immediately or we’ll all swing from nooses!” OK that’s a compilation instead of an actual quote, but many are still anxiously awaiting the “swing from nooses” thing.

    Those previously defeated 2016 opponents included numerous persons who (IMHO) FAR outclassed any of the official Democrat Party deck full of jokers lining up as Presidential wannabes in terms of “electability”. The point here is, it’s a fair bet that any of these Democrats being tossed about by the media as if some kind of salad actually have an electability factor of NADA. This will become increasingly evident as soon as their “winner” dares step on a stage to debate with Mr. Opposition Destroyer… He will eat their tossed salad guy or gal alive, served with or without any Russian dressing.

    This calls to mind the good old days at the Colosseum in Rome when it was considered great entertainment to watch Christians being thrown to the lions, or in this case a single lion. Perhaps the salad ultimately becomes a Caesar salad. POTUS perpetuo?

    • I fear the mainstream media secretly adore Trump…

      • They certainly have adored his giant tax breaks to them and their wealthy friends…

  • Please respond to Carolyn Z’s very valid point, CJ. Make an attempt to convince the public that your head is not elsewhere…..
    “Why are you supporting a charlatan like Bernie Sanders? Or any Democrats, for that matter? Come on, Caitlin, you know they are all imperialists and capitalist scum.”

    • You have your parties mixed up. Try RESEARCHING AND READING about a subject before commenting and demonstrating your abject stupidity.

      • Nice comeback.

  • They lie. Don’t vote Dem or Rep.

    • Friends, the whole left & right is a scam, if you think voting actually counts? think again! The Counsel on Foreign Relations make all the decisions! It’s all a scam, and they are all reading scripted paper everyday! Don’t vote, it don’t do any good!

  • The democrats are overdue for having another George McGovern / Michael Dukakis moment. They have to do it every 20 years or so to get it out of their system.

  • Trump was 110% unelectable. guess what…

    • Actually, Hillary and the neo-liberal policy was 111%.
      Trump won by default.

  • you all are nuts. MAGA. or better yet Keep America great Trump 2020

    • I concur it’s all scripted!

  • Why are you supporting a charlatan like Bernie Sanders? Or any Democrats, for that matter? Come on, Caitlin, you know they are all imperialists and capitalist scum.

  • ” Electable” simply means possessing the speaking skills and policy platforms that will beat one’s opponent in an election. That is not Elizabeth Warren.

  • “Electability”
    Do not grant any credibility to what those elites say.

    They are totally decadent; and they have no legitimacy because they have all seen airplanes wreckages on 9/11 into the Pentagone and in a field in Pennsylvania where there were no wreckages at all to be seen.

    So they are decadent and of bad faith, very similar to the days of Noah when everybody was decadent and of bad faith, Noah being the only man of good faith at the time.

    And we are in the return of the days of Noah just before the Second Coming of Jesus, which coming could be any day now and I pray the Rosary to hasten His Glorious return because I have really seen enough bullshit.

    • Don’t count on your faith alone, because all of our troubles are due to someone else’s faith, and that faith made our lives a living hell, and your god and mine didn’t do a damn thing for anybody; not now and never in the last 120 years when so many of us were murdered.

    • Christianity invented the “second coming” because Jesus’ original prediction that Yahweh would return in power to liberate his people, “before this generation has passed away”, did not turn out. St. Paul then imagined it would be Jesus himself who would “return”, as a god, no less, during his lifetime. After that too failed to materialize, the Greek author we know as “John the Apostle” projected Jesus’ appearance into some indeterminate future. Millennialists should notice that the Greek word for “thousand” also means, metaphorically, “number too large to count”. `

  • Vote Sparkle Pony Unicorn Deal!
    I’m not making fun of Bernie Sanders by that, but the level of political discourse is far from honest from all camps. I happen to think Sanders is laying things out that will naturally transition into the greater depression, which will be the transition between the current economy and the next economy, which will be created from sheer necessity, as usual.
    “Green Jobs Deal” means Subsistence Farming, the old ways that brought us forward thousands of years to the industrial revolution.
    When the talk gets serious, it will be “Green Jobs”, not “free solar sparkle ponies”.
    “The rulers govern with the consent of the governed”, but they don’t really need all that much consent.
    What they do need is the cooperation of the productive workers.
    Who will be the productive workers when “low carbon” means “day labor”?
    I probably wouldn’t hire me, but I might hire 61 year old me over a 20-something who has never done grunt work.
    I do good grunt work, and regularly, but not so many hours of it. I blew out a disc in 1978, which isn’t all better yet. I can’t swing a pick-ax very long, but I can work a broadfork for hours.
    Anyway, it’s my own gardening projects, and helping people out for free..
    Are you green-working yet?

    • Yes, you are making fun of Bernie Sanders. Lets be real.
      What interests me is that the Left comes into this campaign with the best chance since FDR of electing a left-leaning President. How will the Left screw this up? That’s the question I ask after a lifetime of watching the Left self-destruct. It is of course quite interesting to see Bernie taking a lot of Friendly Fire from people otherwise on the Left.

      • The Democratic Party is NOT “left” in any way, shape, or form. They are just as much imperialists in thrall to the banks, Wall Street, and the MIC as the Republicans. Stop perpetuating this lie. I am a Marxist and I support the Socialist Equality Party, the party of socialist revolution. Stop supporting capitalism. It is a rotting corpse.

      • there’s no left in the whole field. there are fake left, though.

  • This was good. I will always read C’s blogs and I will sometimes listen ti a six minute piece on a specific topic like this (your chemistry is good) but will almost never devote an hour-plus to a video when I could read a dozen or more articles in the same time,. (supporter)

    • I heartily agree. An hour-long video is usually way too long. I want an essay on “What Electability Really Means”, not a fun-loving chat between lovers.

      • I do listen to these longer videos. I put them on while I’m cooking or cleaning around the house.
        But, there are other formats. I’ve been re-watching Oliver Stone’s Untold History of the USA, and he of course rarely speaks direct to the camera but talks over images and film clips. Of course, I’m sure he had a nice staff to do the hard work of finding and getting permission to use those clips and pics.
        But, my very friendly and supporting suggestion for Tim and Caitlin would be to take a few topics, and prepare a 5 minute-ish sort of video on that topic. These would be the sort of topics that they feel they keep coming back to and keep feeling like they need to say, then make a nice little video addressing that topic. The true nature of the current world empire, as discussed in their recent piece, could be one such topic. Or, since we get the “Electability” BS thrown in our faces every four years, an Electability video is likely to still be handy in 2024. 🙂
        Jimmy Dore also makes some nice 10 minute-ish videos using video clips, tweets, and statements on the screen to make some entertaining videos as well, and they seem to be having an impact.
        Love you guys ….. so all such suggestions are made with kindness and solidarity!

        • I rarely watch videos. Rather prefer short essays.

  • So-called “PTB” (MIC-Dark-State-Neo-Feudals)…. are of course absolutely delighted that the so-called “free thinking” Alternative Media continue to make every effort to divert public attention away from war crimes, institutionalised murder, and corporate-gangster profiteering via weapons of death.

    Any Proxy Arse Will Suffice.
    Wannabe puppet-stooges serving corporate overlords (not the public) = Pure Distraction.

    Well done you !!!!

  • Just like Corbyn in the UK.
    Same Newspaper owners
    Same Sh**
    Different identity.

    Incapable of bringing a different slant for different people.

    Is it just lazyness or worse incapable of generating a different slant on the same story.

  • “Rice*A*Romney….that must have Zombie Treat” > satire at > FauxScienceSlayer(.)com
    Written during 2012 RNC coronation of the Bain Bandit while Ron Paul delegates circled the event,
    based on actual history of a century of CFR directed POTUS puppet shows. End feudalism.

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