In an interview with Associated Press, US Attorney General William Barr put all conspiracy theories to rest once and for all by assuring the world that alleged sex trafficker and alleged billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s death was simply the result of a very, very, very long series of unfortunate coincidences.

“I can understand people who immediately, whose minds went to sort of the worst-case scenario because it was a perfect storm of screw-ups,” Barr told AP on Thursday.

This perfect storm of unlucky oopsies include Epstein being taken off suicide watch not long after a previous suicide attempt and shortly before his successful suicide, suggestions that the first attempt may have actually been an assault via attempted strangulation inflicted by someone else, two security guards simultaneously falling asleep on the job when they were supposed to be checking on Epstein, one of those guards not even being an actual security guard, security footage of two cameras outside Epstein’s cell being unusable due to a mysterious technical glitch, at least eight Bureau of Prisons officials knowing Epstein wasn’t meant to be left alone in his cell and leaving him alone in his cell anyway, Epstein’s cellmate being transferred out of their shared space the day before Epstein’s death, Epstein signing a will two days before his death, unexplained injuries on Epstein’s wrists and shoulder reported by his family after the autopsy, and a forensic expert who examined Epstein’s body claiming that his injuries were more consistent with homicide than suicide.

“The attorney general also sought to dampen conspiracy theories by people who have questioned whether Epstein really took his own life, saying the evidence proves Epstein killed himself,” AP reports. “He added that he personally reviewed security footage that confirmed that no one entered the area where Epstein was housed on the night he died.”

Well if reporting that he’s reviewed footage which we were previously told didn’t exist isn’t enough to dampen those kooky conspiracy theories, I don’t know what is.

So there you have it. The US government says that an intelligence asset with damning information on many powerful individuals did in fact kill himself due to an admittedly bizarre and wildly unlikely series of strange coincidences. I for one have no more questions. Checkmate, conspiracy theorists.

“Mr. Epstein’s death in August at a federal detention center in Manhattan set off a rash of unfounded conspiracy theories on social media that were picked up and repeated by high-profile figures, including Mayor Bill de Blasio and former Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani. No matter their ideology, the refrain of the theories was the same: Something did not add up,” says The New York Times in its report Barr’s statements.

Couldn’t have said it better myself. It’s a completely unfounded conspiracy theory to believe that someone with ties to powerful institutions and individuals might be murdered in a way that was made to look like a suicide. We don’t live in a world where opaque organizations do evil things in secret, we live in a world where the government is always our friend and the TV would never lie to us. I’m glad these comments made by Barr (whose father in another strange coincidence gave Epstein his first job) have at long last struck a fatal blow to anyone who would doubt the beneficent hand of our beloved institutions.

It’s hard to imagine what more the US government and its allied political/media class could possibly do to quell conspiracy theories that now have Hollywood celebrities clamoring for government internet censorship. I guess if they really, really wanted to dampen conspiracy theories, there are a few more extremely drastic steps that could be taken. Steps like not lying all the time. And maybe not hiding immense amounts of information about what the most powerful institutions in the world are doing behind thick walls of government opacity. And maybe cease promoting conspiracies themselves, as with Russiagate. And maybe stop secretly doing depraved things. And maybe stop engaging in conspiracies.

Pretty sure Barr’s assurances will be enough to do the trick, though.


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82 responses to “Barr Ends All Conspiracy Theories Forever By Saying Epstein Died Via A Series Of Coincidences”

  1. Note to Ms. Johnston: Reading the above essay and scrolling around your website, I suspect my own oft-censored blog, Dispatches from Dystopia — — might be of more than passing interest to you, not the least because of our mutual recognition the only lifeboat on this man-made Sea of Ecogenocide is socialism, and if we are to survive, we must damn well swim toward it forthwith. I suspect too you’ might appreciate the often-cynical, the-fix-is-always-in perspective of an aging journalist –(80 should I remain above the snakes long enough to reach my next birthday — and three of those eight decades award-winning years on various local newspapers in that halcyon era before they were either shut down or consolidated into the Mainstream Media Propaganda Machine, the world’s first privately owned, for-profit reconstruction of Josef Goebbels’ Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda. That said, Ms. Johnston, my apology for contacting you so publicly, but after reading your exquisitely sarcastic rebuttal of the imperial prosecutor-general’s latest Big Lie, I feel it’ may be of some importance to introduce you to my own efforts, and I could find no other way to do so. — Most sincerely, Loren Bliss.

    1. More apologies: firstly, I see now it’s “Johnstone” not “Johnston” as my alleged mind first read it in fond memory of a long-ago love who spelled her last name just as I misspelled yours. Again, my bad; my most embarrassing bad.

      Secondly, I shuda caught the two typos, the parenthesis before the 8 and the apostrophe
      catastrophe in intimate contact with the line-14 “it.” Once more my apology.

  2. Attached to or surrounding the Clintons 56 people died mysteriously. wonder if the same killing machine was used. this of course, was back when he liked to cheat on Hil da Shill with adult grrrls.
    yummmie. the article may be found inMonthly Review if anyone has the moxie to find it. Remember Foster? and then add all the other pedophile statutorial rapists….on da sign in sheet at Lolita Island….and their devious doings to rise to the top.
    Only god can save us now…IF THERE IS AGOG. they all have this stuff on EACH OTHER.
    {except for the fact tht i am encouraged not to use REPLY, and then reduced to tears for having already entered a comment . that does not show up} . duh i must be ignorant.

  3. Attached to or surrounding the Clintons 56 people died mysteriously. wonder if the same killing machine was used. this of course, was back when he liked to cheat on Hil da Shill with adult grrrls.
    yummmie. the article may be found inMonthly Review if anyone has the moxie to find it. Remember Foster? and then add all the other pedophile statutorial rapists….on da sign in sheet at Lolita Island….and their devious doings to rise to the top.
    Only god can save us now…IF THERE IS AGOG. they all have this stuff on EACH OTHER.

  4. In other news, Bush just ended all conspiracy theories forever by saying 9/11 was the work of 19 terrorists with boxcutters, the corporate media shut down the crazy conspiracy theory that Iraq did not actually have lots of nuclear weapons, and the CIA put all the crazed JFK theories to rest by making a press release saying there was no conspiracy.

  5. Epstein wasn’t alone. If the justice department wanted to it could investigate his accomplices like Maxwell. I have a hard time believing one person such as Epstein could single-handedly manage all the activities of his organization. Yet this seems to be what the Justice Department is pretending. Meanwhile, Assange is overprosecuted. If only Epstein were tied to Wikileaks.

  6. The calling card of the ruling sociopaths is hypocrisy, and US Attorney General William Barr is full of it, as Caitlin so beautifully points out. “Well if reporting that he’s reviewed footage which we were previously told didn’t exist isn’t enough to dampen those kooky conspiracy theories, I don’t know what is.” Yeah, that hit the spot. Bravo.

  7. Reminds me of that movie ‘Half Baked’.

    “I believe him yo”

    I think that’s the reaction Barr was looking for. Instead the ‘Half Baked’ moniker itself has been applied to Barr and his ridiculous assertions.

    I told several people last week that they would ultimately try to pin the whole thing on these (so called) security guards, and that both of them would be black. Well what can I say? You watch this stuff long enough and it all becomes very predictable very quickly.

  8. Barr is revealing himself to be a liar. There are no coincidences in politics let alone fantastic coincidences. What a whopper he is telling.

  9. Pssst, Mr. Barr, Jeffery Epstein didn’t kill himself. Pass it on

    1. Mr Barr is also legal counsel to the following VIPs:
      Tooth Fairy
      Santa Claus
      and a bunny by the name of Easter

  10. I don’t love Trump. In fact, I hate that monster. But I support his effort to get at the origin of Russiagate (and all the illegality associated with it). If Trump cares about the impeachment hoax that he is at the center of, then Barr’s reputation should matter to him. And William -pre crime rules – Barr’s reputation is not doing so well, as least among thinking people who pay attention.

  11. Epstein’s body was not tested by DNA to prove it was him, only the word of his brother was used. Anyone can clearly see that his brother would lie if bodies were switched and Epstein could get to safety in Israel. Furthermore, Barr is a Jew. For me, this is enough to convince me that Epstein is safe somewhere. Barr’s statement was the clincher!

    1. Good point YARIDANJO. The suicide story and the murder story of Epstein are both coverups.
      I also assume that Epstein is safe somewhere. They wouldn’t want to have someone this productive for them to be killed. That wouldn’t look good to other operatives.

  12. Arrrrgh. This is sounding more and more like the “single bullet theory” of JFK. Doesn’t pass Occam’s Razor.

  13. Caitlin,

    Another gem.
    Your work is too good to just watch it flow past as water over falls.
    I had a thought (only one, so I am fighting to hold on):
    A coffee table book with beautiful images of U.S. interventions around the world – the women, children and elderly dead, crying and starving. Would sit perfectly in many a home. Your poetry would add nicely. Maybe David Swanson would be interested. Just in time for “The Holidays(tm)”.

    Also fun –
    One is crap and the other is humor:

  14. Even if Barr IS telling the truth, and this really WAS the result of a HIGHLY improbable series of unfortunate events, it just proves how frikkin incompetent government is. I guess they prefer to admit to naked incompetence rather than pure evil.

  15. Hi Caitlin!

    I posted a rather long comment yesterday with a lot of links and information on Epstein and Barr, among other interesting details in Epstein’s life, but the post is no longer here. If there is something that caused the post to be deleted, please let me know. I think it would help all of us to know where the boundaries lie WRT permissible content or posting style so that we don’t put a lot of effort into these posts just to have them taken down.

    Thank you!

  16. Too many convienient goof ups, he knew too much about too many rich, powerful people.

    The hyloid bone in the throat is not broken in hanging suicides , it’s broken through manual strangulation.
    Epstein was manually STRANGLED.
    Now he will never spill the dirt on Trump, Prince Edwards or any other powerful rich pedophile.

  17. USA-ma Bin Laden Avatar
    USA-ma Bin Laden

    But …but… I thought that former Iran-Contra conspirator, William Barr, was supposed to be one of the “good guys” like Donald Trump who are fighting against the DEEP STATE.

    At least, according to many of the TrumpTards and QAnon groupies.

    But then again, Barr (and by extension his boss Donald Trump) are actually playing 50-dimensional quantum chess and this assertion that Epstein did really kill himself is just a master chess move against the DEEP STATE, who killed Epstein as an expendable asset!


  18. Really, Caitlin? And we’re just supposed to believe another lying politician? A well-known ‘cleaner’ for politicians’ messes? Why doesn’t he ‘put to rest’ all those pesky 9/11 ‘theories’, too, by ‘just telling us’ it was “another series of unfortunate coincidences?


    You’re a Disinformation Agent. Pretty obvious.

    ~ Occams (Disqus)

    1. wut? you thought she was being serious? how is even possible to miss the sarcasm?

  19. Were they ‘big’ coincidences or ‘little’ coincidences?
    Elaine Benes, Seinfeld-The Statue episode came to mind.

  20. Whatever!

    The point of all this is our Zionist overlords who control our government and our LIVES, is all powerful, above the law and intend to control the goy of this world as slaves.

    To focus on Epstein and not his clients and controllers is to miss the target completely.

    The question…when will We the People do something about it instead of all this crap talk without action.

    All of you are being distracted by one hand when the other is doing the dirty work! Wake Up!

    BDS to the Max!

  21. Re Barr’s history, see this:

    Once CIA, always so. As cited earlier, Whitney Webb’s work goes into more depth on all this. Also, I agree with Levi Tate’s cynicism; so much for draining any swamps.

  22. Sorry if this isn’t kosher, but I wanted to talk about the tweet:
    How to avoid being called a Russian agent online:
    – Don’t be Russian
    – Support all US wars
    – Trust the CIA
    – Believe everything the TV tells you
    – Get excited for President Pete
    – Reject the evil Hawaiian woman
    – Believe all problems began January 2017
    – Obey
    – Obey
    – Obey
    – Obey”

    Remember to pretend that something significant in your life would be any different in the alternate universe where the Hillary Clinton Campaign actually understood how to win the Electoral College vote instead of driving up popular vote margins. The evil Hawaiian woman would still be evil because she spoke of how the DNC chose Clinton. And because she would still oppose the forever war which would be ongoing under a Clinton regime. Let’s see her birth certificate! Is Hawaii really in the United States, anyway? And pretend that the US foreign policy of death and destruction to those who do not join the empire would be one whit different. Ms. Clinton might have used more polite language in public, however.

    1. Which is why it is a Badge of Honor for non-Russians to be called Russian by National Security State DNC Clinton Dem operatives.

      Remember, Russia opposed the USA invasion of Iraq, and now the WMD hysteria promoted by the US gov./MSM cabal is universally accepted to be one of the world’s most tragic disasters.

      Russia also bolstered peace in Syria and is helping take their country back from the nest of ISIS Al Queda terrorists deployed by the same crew of warmongers who promoted the disaster of Iraq (and Libya and Yemen, etc.).

  23. I wonder if all controversy over Epstein’s “death” (suicide or homicide) isn’t a red herring intended to sell the premise that he is dead.

    1. Given how to his owners, Epstein was never more than a disposable asswipe, and how he had outlived his usefulness and become a liability, I can’t think of a reason they could have had to not kill him. Squeamishness can’t have been it.

    2. The probability that he is alive is almost infinitely greater than the probability that he committed suicide. However, I doubt that ‘they’ would take the risk of allowing him to live, dead men definitely tell no tales. More likely, the suggestions that he is still alive are intended to placate their other assets, who might be feeling a little nervous right now.

  24. Look to keep it simple , Epstein was a mossad asset , very much in love with himself and little girls . He does not seem the type to off himself . My guess he is some where comfortable, yes with a cute 12 year old , laughing his ass off.

    1. to keep it even simpler, it’s irrelevant whether he would have eventually offed himself he got whacked.

  25. Peter in Seattle Avatar
    Peter in Seattle

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m shopping this to Netflix as a spin-off: Lemony Snicket-Barr’s A Perfect Storm of Screw-ups. People enjoy a good fictional yarn, even when it’s entirely implausible.

  26. IMO, Barr just destroyed his credibility with me. Then again, what is “credibility” any more? . .

  27. This particular comment is of course a largely stolen work of fiction… but since we can’t believe anything anymore, this fact doesn’t matter in the least. Another blue pill anyone? A quick examination of Barr’s resume shows he is obviously a long time bureaucrat swamp critter. Yet Barr is now charged with investigating the D.C. swamp due some outrageously illegal, unconstitutional and treasonous activities of his fellow swamp critters having been exposed? This whole cast of characters long associated with running and preserving the status quo of our nation’s Executive Branch are quite evidently “blood oath” (to use the Newt Gingrich phrase) secret society members which might call themselves something like the “Swamp Critter Associates Brotherhood” (“SCAB”) since both HYDRA and SPECTRE are already taken. SCAB historically transcends any religious or political affiliations while specializing in lies, dirty tricks, blackmail, extortion, murder, etc. to build and maintain their omnipresent power. FBI files, anyone? These guys have actually run things in D.C. since at least the time of J. Edgar Hoover’s reign. They created the term “Continuity of Government” and then made the practice thereof quite subjective with first, nay all consideration given to the vested interests involved by controlling the political parties in their own special way (see above). Has there yet been any actual historical insider bureaucrats or politicians get arrested or go to jail as a result of all this “Dump Trump” stuff? Don’t hold your breath, IMHO it’s all for show. It seems that only “hangers on”, AKA camp followers – those lacking blood oath status have suffered any actual “legal” wrath regardless of some very well known serious transgressions by many of the aforementioned insiders. All political power resides with those who can selectively choose which laws to actually enforce or which persons to actually prosecute – whether or not any truth is involved in such process. Liberty and Justice for all? Interesting concepts apparently now regarded as quaint and naive. At what point will the increasingly rare, but still very interesting cosmic concepts of actual Righteousness, Justice and Karma start kicking in some doors of their own? Light a candle, pop some popcorn, turn on the “news”, and pop another blue pill. This is a work of fiction. I’d reserve all rights thereto, but I don’t really have any… so there.

    1. Wasn’t it Barr’s father who gave Epstein a teaching position at Dalto Private School even though Epstein had no teaching qualifications?

  28. If you believe Epsrien killed himself I have some swampland for sale that is scheduled to be prime oceanfront in 12 years when the ocean rises from climate change.

    1. are there a couple of hundred years of science supporting that epstein killed himself? cause i’m not aware of any.

    2. I also noticed that the United Nations hasn’t yet moved out of their ocean front headquarters which is surely doomed to go under water in 12 years when the Atlantic Ocean rises as scientifically predicted due to climate change. They should set a good example and run for the hills, preferably on a different continent.

  29. “Checkmate, conspiracy theorists.” ;^)

    1. I think Frank, above’s, last 4 lines answer you succinctly:

      – Obey
      – Obey
      – Obey
      – Obey

  30. Have been waiting and waiting for IG Horowitz to release his report, but have been especially excited about the work of John Durham. **However**, John Durham works for William Barr and this Epstein Barr episode does not bode well.
    The cynic in me has never expected that enough of the truth would come out to see players like John Brennan, James Comey, Loretta Lynch (won’t even name Hillary Clinton – no way is she getting her dues)
    go to jail. Certainly, Democrats, no matter how much is revealed, will never be slapped out of their McCarthyist delusions, they are too far gone.
    I am prepared to be disappointed. This is the USofA after all. Americans don’t get to know what really happened — JFK assassination; attack upon the USS Liberty; 9/11; 2003 invasion of Iraq; killing of Bin Laden; etc, etc

  31. Maybe consider Epstein’s suicide was a mercy killing: Like: “Please… help me…You dam-well know that there’s no fucking way you can protect me from certain angry prisoners who will torture me endlessly to tell all the names of those who I hooked up with child prostitutes. Please,… Im begging you… give me an opertunity to kill myself!!!! ” So it was arrainged. No coinsidences.

    1. Justice delayed is justice denied, they say. It seems to me, that the laws are written such that the worste of the worste of henious felons escape ever being even charged, by deflecting the hatred of their heniousness upon other lesser criminals that they throw under the buss. The good news is, the house of cards is falling down like london bridges falling down, as the minnions are discovering that there is little to no chance of such a thing as ca$h retirement from faithfully serving their cruel devil masters. Only the illusion of it. Their best chance of escape from hell is to pay the pied piper and confess their crimes or be eaten alive by the rats and snakes running down the slippery slopes and over the cliffts !

  32. Jonathan H Seeley Avatar
    Jonathan H Seeley

    Epstein, Barr? Where have I heard this before?
    “Epstein Barr’s Disease is characterized by long bouts of debilitating exhaustion, general body aches and severe susceptibility to infection, Epstein Barr’s Disease is also commonly misdiagnosed as a psychosomatic or depression disorder, and initially treated by prescription of anti-depressant medication.” -health guide
    I get this disease every time I think about the oligarchy..

    1. Some viruses just linger on forever… or hide in remission till opportune times arrive.
      The only insulation from today’s madness is being brain dead…

  33. People like Barr keep on throwing out the most outlandish “explanations” for events because in their insulated world of bureaucratic procedure and “evidence” they believe they have muddied the water sufficiently that nothing can be positively proved against them.

    1. I think it says on Epstien’s Wikipedia page that it was Barr’s father who got Epstein his first job as a teacher in a school I think in Florida where he was the principal.
      there is a connection between these 2

  34. Petitio Postulante Avatar
    Petitio Postulante

    Lets not forget investigative journalist. Whitney Webbs excellent work in this four part series. As you say Caitlin, whenever Trumps minions embrace Imperial Orthodoxy they are embraced by the corporate media, and at no other time.

    The Mob Intelligence Services & Elite Pedophilia -Whitney Webb Pt 1

    Elite Blackmailer Roy Cohn and the MegaGroup- Whitney Webb pt 2

    Epstein Israeli Intelligence & the Mega Group Whitney Webb pt 3

    Epstein,BCCI, Iran Contra, LE Cercle, Clinton- Whitney Webb pt 4

  35. “a perfect storm of screw-ups”

    Interesting use of the word “perfect” here. Not an unfortunate storm of screw-ups because it will prevent justice from being done. No, a perfect one. As in perfectly convenient for all the members of the elite who were implicated in Epstein’s sordidness.

    Back in the early 1970s when Epstein was still a nobody, he got his first break when AG William Barr’s father Donald Barr hired him to teach at the prestigious Dalton school, despite Epstein having no teaching qualifications.

  36. A long, long, long long series of unfortunate coincidences…
    Just like at 9/11….
    Me smells a rat.

  37. Ok, I’m very busy right now and can’t get to the article I would like to produce. I’m not sure where Caitlin is going with this article–but for Barr to suggest that Epstein has been eliminated–specifically in the NYC Prison–is not a good sign.

    Please read the following article–which states that the deceased was never officially identified, i.e., there was no official identification of the man–the cadaver–or the digital representation– of the man purported to be Jefferey Epstein:

    Epstein [and company] were involved in a “business” much more sinister than trafficking wayward teenagers. Epstein was a wildcatter–engaging in a business which the main stream [Hippa, etc.] has now entered: Human harvesting.

    That’s why there is silence around his disappearance: No one wants to be the whistle blower on this one–because it will bring the house down! Everybody–who’s anybody– is in the know–of course–including Trump!

  38. On July 8 this year Barr recused himself from the prosecution of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein for sex trafficking on the grounds that “… one of the law firms [Kirkland & Ellis] that represented Epstein long ago was a firm that I subsequently joined for a period of time.” Not so long ago, Bill.

    William Barr joined Kirkland & Ellis in 2009. The previous year the United States’ largest law firm had represented Epstein when he was found guilty of soliciting sex with an underage girl in 2008. The verdict soon went sour when a sweet deal was reached between Alexander Acosta, who was the Miami U.S. attorney at the time, and Kirkland & Ellis senior partner Jay Lefkowitz, along with colleagues Kenneth Starr, Gerald Lefcourt, and Alan Dershowitz, who just happened to be a close acquaintance of Epstein.

    Epstein’s legal team accepted just 18 months in a county jail, on condition the convicted sex offender could be released each morning to spend all day unsupervised with his feet up on the desk of his downtown office like he usually did. Nice work if you can get it. And Epstein could.

  39. The Government and industry funded misinformation is horrendous. Two recent big examples are their war of words against Venezuala and Bolivia. They have influenced all the major media including the Guardian to promote their foreign policy agenda, with misinformation up the wazoo. Here is a link to the travesties they are supporting in Bolivia recently, hiding the fact of the coup and the atrocities that followed there.

    Please sign the petition linked on the last paragraph of the article,to help avert more massacres.

  40. Absolutely – of course no conspiracy! 100% trustworthy US Attorney-General – (has there ever been one so trustworthy?)! Brilliant – again – thanks Caitlin. Looking forward to Ronan FARROW’s further investigation – into links Barr has with the UK/Trump (of course) and Israeli Black Cube psyops – “legal” manipulations and machinations – on and on! Please keep us up-to-date!

  41. Ah, until I read the comments, I hadn’t noticed that today is the anniversary of the day the Deep State killed the President in Dallas.
    I’d say American democracy died 56 years ago, but it was already dead. That was just the public funeral.

  42. As usual, you can expect the corporate/intelligence-agency media to be very, very quiet on the real powerful people that Epstein had dealings and information with. And no, I am not talking about an old ex-president or a useless prince (is there any other kind?)

    Pam and Russ Martens on their WallStreetOnParade blog did some digging into Epstein’s dealings. Epstein was very closely tied into the big banks on Wall St. He got favorable inside information on IPO’s, and chances to buy in before the public. These were basically sure bet money makers that were rigged to go up big on the first day of public sales. Epstein got some huge revolving lines of credit. IIRC, one of his companies had a couple of hundred million in assets, but tens of billions in lines of credit. Just try to go into your bank and try to get them to give you the same deal. Epstein was clearly treated as a close friend by these banks.

    Epstein was tied up with some very powerful people. But not the sort you see on the cover of People magazine. The more quiet types who prefer to keep their affairs out of the spotlight. People powerful enough that anyone from the Clintons to the state of Israel would jump when they say jump. If anyone was getting nervous about the notion of Epstein starting to talk, its likely these people. And they certainly had the resources available to silence Epstein. After all, if you control trillions of dollars and can literally crash national economies when you desire, what’s bribing a handful of prison guards in the most corrupt nation on the planet?

  43. Other famous suicides:
    John Lennon
    Malcolm X
    Martin Luther King Jr.
    Robert Kennedy
    John F. Kennedy
    Antonin Scalia

      1. THIS is the most relevant, because in all this talk no one has yet pointed out the big question whether Epstein is in fact dead.

        1. I doubt he is dead… but he may wish he was at times.

    1. Seth Rich. Not suicide, but a very convenient murder victim by “robbery”. Did Mueller interveiw Assange to find out from whom he obtained those hacked DNC emails? Did he examine the DNC servers? No. He didn’t because he already knew exactly from where Assange obtained his information. The US “justice” system has “had it” for a very very long time.

  44. anyone saw epstein’s cold dead body? anyone with no vested interest in this? i didn’t think so. epstein must have had insurance policies, wouldn’t you? no revelation so far, that means he’s alive and well. the paymasters do not want their operatives (like epstein) to think that they (the operatives) are disposable either. 2 + 2 = 4.

    1. …who saw osama bin laden’s body?…wasn’t it just dumped in the ocean?…

  45. Fwiw, Epstein was a convicted, not alleged sex trafficker. His billionaire status is still alleged.

    Great article, thank you as always for your work.

  46. For the record, and for what it’s worth, Epstein was a convicted, not alleged, sex trafficker. The status of his billionaire-ship is still alleged.

    Loved your article. Were your subject less painful, I would have laughed the whole way through.

    Thanks, as always

  47. Not a fan of David Icke’s climate change lizard stuff, but on conspiracy research, he’s right on the money when he says that control of the narrative is what they are after, just as you say Caitlin, and that when they have to knock someone like Epstein off, the persons in charge of the investigation are the ones who want to control what gets out and what the message is, and that’s usually who has the most to cover up. So scrutinize Barr and his work to control the spin factory.

  48. Ah, you finally expose your weak spot. Facebook and Twitter and your other funding sources. Your Facebook and other such accounts are off limits. You know that Facebook is part of the NSA and you know that the internet is a hive of scum and villainy. No big deal, when we take down the current regime and re-nationalize the internet, you’ll be the first invited back. Of course Facebook and Twitter will be gone and you won’t be able to Capitalize on your writings, so you’ll need to apply for work based on qualifications. Being Aussie won’t do you any good.

  49. LOL. Very good sarcasm. Loved it! Thank you! Keep it up!

  50. In my 75 years of life I have had to deal with all kinds of people both good and bad; hard core politicians are by far the most slimy because they are devoid of any ethics or morality. They are Satan personified. Never believe anything that they tell you.

    1. When I was pursuing my master degree in Intelligence Studies about 9 years ago, I had a professor who was a retired British Special Air Services Regiment Lt Col. In my correspondence with him, he said that of the MANY foreign heads of state, and highly placed foreign government officials, EVERY ONE OF THEM that he had met was MERELY a THUG in a THREE PIECE SUIT. Now, he may not have met them ALL, but his opinion was, based on my reading of geopolitical events, ringing true…

  51. I remember being astounded that Epstein was visited in his cell several times by
    …here is where the old grey matter falters .. could it have been Barr?, Anyone out there
    able to supply the mysterious visitor’s name?

  52. Irony is not lost that Barr proclaims this on November 22 for he is the heir of the CIA coup and is clearly the perpetrator of the Epstein murder.

  53. Yeah, and I believe in the tooth fairy. This is as predictable as sliced bread.
    Where is Ghislaine Maxwell by the way? Why hasn’t Ms Maxwell been questioned?
    Or is she being protected by ‘powerful figures’ shall we say.
    And Julian Assange continues languishing in Belmarsh while arch war criminals Tony Blair, George Bush and Donald Rumsfeld just to name a few walk around free as birds making lots of loot.

    1. Let me mention John “Dubya” Howard of Australia here and his then Foreign Minister Alexander Downer of Australia as others of that criminal gang who destroyed Iraq and did nothing much good in Afghanistan except expend lives and money to vested interest WMD companies and shareholders!

      1. Thanks Jim. And the vile slime have been resucicated by ABC in recent years as…. distinguished elder statesmen.
        Downer was on, I think, The Drum about a week ago talking about the Hong Kong protests.
        I have as much contempt for ABC and SBS as I do for The Guardian and The Age. They are mouthpieces for the Empire and for imperialism.
        I could only manage abt 3 mins before my stomach started churning.
        Yeah… I do try and Boycott all MSM.
        They all take their orders from Washington. There is no ‘alliance’ (as in equal partners). They are puppets.
        Been in Aussie approaching 16 years.

  54. JFK died mysteriously 56 years ago from a series of coincidences, where nine shots were fired from six sniper locations. His autopsy showed four entry wounds, two from in back, one in the throat and one in the right front temple, a fragmentary round that blew his skull off. The Connelly magic bullet, Elm Street curb richoch hitting three people and bullet in the limo windshield frame all came from a lone gunman, who was accidentally killed in the police station by a known mobster. If people would just stop believing in CONSPIRACIES they would all go away.

    1. There’s a similar situation with RFK’s murder. Again, note that Sirhan could not fully recollect the event. Could he have been drugged/hypnotized/trained to perform the task (as I think that many of the recent mass shooters might be)? Note the unemotional faces and trance-like state these shooters appear to be in during their crimes, then think about the video footage seen when people rob stores, banks, etc. During a typical gun crime, the suspects are jumpy, highly emotional, fairly verbal (and not reciting extremist propaganda, as if from a script), and tend to be physcially reactive to what’s going on around them, unlike many of the mass shooters whose crimes are repeated on cable news 24 hours a day for weeks or months on end — coverage that the vast majority of homicides never get, even if there are multiple victims. It’s also an interesting “coincidence” that almost all of these mass shooters have had contact with the FBI before committing their crimes.


      “Last year Robert F. Kennedy Jr. met face-to-face with Sirhan, and he says he left that meeting believing that the gunman was falsely accused.

      He told the Washington Post this weekend that once he saw the autopsy report, “I didn’t feel it was something I could dismiss. I was disturbed that the wrong person might have been convicted of killing my father.”

      On the night of June 5, 1968, Kennedy was celebrating his victory in California’s Democratic presidential primary. As he was leaving, he was shot three times. He died a day later. Five others were hit but survived. Police arrested 24-year-old Sirhan Sirhan, who admitted to killing RFK, but said he had no memory of the event.”

      “Sirhan was standing in front of Kennedy at the time of the shooting, but an autopsy report found Kennedy was shot at point blank range from behind. Over the years new evidence reportedly shows as many as 13 shots were fired that night.

      “But Sirhan’s gun held only eight bullets. That’s one reason why many now question Sirhan’s guilt – including Robert Kennedy Jr.

      Sirhan was stabbed in prison (but survived) earlier this year.

  55. Randy Andy can breathe a sigh of relief for the time being unless there’s evidence to surface ! …
    Internet censorship well they could do the Iranian government way & shut it down but I’m sure the good ole USA would prefer a smoke and mirrors show that way they still gather your interest and make a profit …
    Mike Pompeo says he’s with the Iranian people and asked them to send him video’s of what the Iranian government is doing to the population , does this also include what the Bolivian so called government is doing to their people

    Julian Who

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