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Self-Validating Circle Jerk Of War Psyops: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

Everyone made fun of Billie Eilish the other day for not knowing about Van Halen. Meanwhile most of them still think they live in a free democracy where the news reporter tells you true facts about the world.

Here’s how politicians, media and government could eliminate conspiracy theories if they really wanted to:

  • Stop lying all the time
  • Stop killing people
  • Stop promoting conspiracy theories (Russiagate)
  • Stop doing evil things in secret
  • End government opacity
  • Stop conspiring

I actually envy the pro-establishment types. What pleasant lives they must have lived to be able to trust authority with such pure, blind faith like that.

On the right they often refer to deaths under 20th century communist governments. On the left they talk a lot about Nazi Germany. What doesn’t get nearly enough attention is how the tyrannical force that’s doing the killing and oppressing right now is the US-centralized empire.

If a reporter in the mass media advances the establishment line in a clever and skillful way, they’ll be published, praised and promoted. Those who figure this out quickly rise to the top. Those who don’t get fed bottom-tier assignments no one reads until they find new careers. This is all you’re seeing when you see blue-checkmarked media figures smearing Assange or shrieking about the Evil Dictator Of The Week. You’re seeing ambitious reporters who understand how the game is played signal their understanding to current and future employers.

Nowhere in the mainstream news cycle is the difference between fact and narrative highlighted more clearly than in the difference between the facts of Trump’s dangerous escalations against Russia and the narrative about his softness toward Russia. Same planet, different worlds.

The devious and depraved individuals who work in government agencies know that many great evils can be hidden behind people’s entirely irrational tendency to dismiss their own suspicions with a “No, my government would never do something that devious and depraved!”

It’s not fucking complicated. If a narrative serves the interests of powerful groups with a known history of lying, be skeptical of that narrative. This should be extremely obvious to everyone.

How to avoid being called a Russian agent online:

  • Don’t be Russian
  • Support all US wars
  • Trust the CIA
  • Believe everything the TV tells you
  • Get excited for President Pete
  • Reject the evil Hawaiian woman
  • Believe all problems began January 2017
  • Obey
  • Obey
  • Obey
  • Obey

Con artists prefer lies by omission because they are cowards and they would prefer not to look you in the eye while lying. The same is true for the imperial media. Omissions like not reporting on OPCW leaks are the same as straight-up lies. It’s fake news by omission.

We really cannot afford to lose the battle to free Assange. If we’re going to let them imprison a journalist for life because he exposed US war crimes then we might as well tap out and hand the imperialists the keys to the world forever, because we’ll never reclaim what we lost.

Anybody who isn’t loudly protesting Assange’s imprisonment is now caping for Trump’s diabolical attack on the free press worldwide. Silence is complicity right now. This is endgame; without a free press holding power to account, we are done and we will freefall into dystopia.

Things that make me sick about the Assange case:

  • The fact that we keep trying to appeal to journalists’ self-preservation to get them to support him because we know their moral compass is not enough.
  • #Resistance Democrats happy to see him die in jail because “He helped Trump.” Even if that was true (it’s not), how psychopathically authoritarian do you have to be to condemn someone to death because they have different politics to you?
  • And the hypocrisy of it all. My God. They’re like, “Hey kids! Don’t forget to #Resist tyranny and fascism by cheerleading a Trump administration agenda to make it possible for the US government to imprison journalists for exposing US war crimes!”
  • Another thing that makes me side-eye my fellow man when it comes to Assange: so many Australians tell me they are disgusted by what’s happening but very few of them are willing to speak out publicly. Bloody wusses. They might as well tie the noose for all the good they’re doing.

One thing that gives me hope: the cool-factor is building momentum around Assange here in Australia. I think maybe it’s because Australians generally loathe that church-lady busy-body tsk-tsk tone that typifies the general narrative on Assange. It’s so uncool. So there’s that.

People often say if MSM reporters don’t defend Assange then they’ll be next behind bars. One problem: it’s not true. And they know it’s not true. If you serve power, nothing you publish will get you into trouble. If they’re silent on Assange, they’ve openly chosen to serve power.

Every single person who still believes Hillary Clinton would have made a decent president has simply spent the last few years adamantly refusing to do intellectually and emotionally honest research into the things that she did as a secretary of state and senator.

Democrats who continually object to centrists being criticized from the left within their party while also simultaneously shrieking about Jill Stein running as a third party candidate are really just saying “No one’s allowed to be to the left of Hillary Clinton. Ever. At all.”

Broke: Buttigieg is a Rhodes Scholar, isn’t that awesome?
Woke: Corey Booker is also a Rhodes Scholar, but nobody makes a big deal about a Black man’s achievements.
Bespoke: The Rhodes Scholarship is just a training program for CIA-aligned establishment swamp monsters.

I’m almost certainly wasting my breath here, but the Bernie crowd vs. Tulsi crowd sectarian feuding I’m seeing on social media will be over and irrelevant in a few months, so maybe it would be a good idea to contemplate how wise it is to say hurtful/damaging things to/about each other in the meantime.

Trump is doing countless evil things right out in the open, yet instead his “opposition” focuses on imaginary Russia conspiracies and an impeachment that can only fail, much like a pro wrestler stomping on the mat next to his downed “opponent” to avoid hurting the other actor.

I’m going to start mentally replacing the label “conspiracy theorist” with “Iraq rememberer”.

The reason it’s so important to stay enraged about Iraq is because it’s never been addressed or rectified in any real way whatsoever. All the corrupt mechanisms which led to the invasion are still in place and its consequences remain. It isn’t something that happened in the past; it’s happening now.

It’s just so insane how Bush showed up, launched two full-scale ground invasions based on lies, murdered a million people, launched unprecedented domestic espionage programs, and then the news churn just moved on and now we’re only supposed to care about Trump’s rude tweets.

If you lack a deep, visceral loathing of the Bush administration for the evils it unleashed and the precedents it set, then you also lack (A) any framework through which to correctly understand the world, and (B) a conscience.

QAnon is Fox News in puzzle form. It gives adherents a bunch of cryptic hints leading them down artificial rabbit holes which just so happen to result in their all believing mainstream GOP narratives like Trump is awesome, everything’s Obama’s fault, and Iran needs regime change.

The NED-funded Bellingcat isn’t toxic on its own. What makes it toxic is the way it’s aggressively elevated and promoted by mainstream news media, who then cite it as an authoritative source in their own imperialist propaganda. It’s a self-validating circle jerk of war psyops.

There’s a very common, very stupid notion that if you criticize the US government, you also have to criticize other governments equally. Ask which specific governments must be criticized, and out of all the corrupt governments in the world they’ll name only those targeted by US imperialism. Nobody will ever bitch at you for criticizing the US government without criticizing corrupt governments like Egypt, the Philippines or Saudi Arabia. They only ever want you to attack the governments their TV tells them to attack: Russia, China, Iran, etc.

The capitalism cultist’s solution to caring for developmentally disabled children is that their families care for them at home for their entire lives. Society gets those families’ labor, for free. Free stuff! Sweet, huh? But the problem with capitalism is that eventually you run out of other people’s free labor.
Everyone talks about “free stuff” but no one talks about free labor. The carers of children, the disabled, and the elderly do free work all day every day, but that’s fine, just don’t give them any free stuff because that would be immoral. Everyone loves to say “Not everything is about money,” but only when it comes to carer’s work. Otherwise it’s all “Taxation is theft!” and “Don’t coerce me in to caring for others!” Carers are just meant to retire on good feelings and pay their rent with sweet sentiments. Or depending wholly on the charitable inclinations of an industrious man. Who hopefully is the nice kind of man and tough luck if he isn’t.
And don’t hyperventilate at me about violence and coercion. The current system is based on coercion and force when you’re a primary carer. You can’t leave even if your situation is abusive, you don’t get paid so you can’t even retire. That’s as coercive and forceful as it gets.

I’m really looking forward to when we’ve won this thing and the people have wrested their rightful power away from their oppressors so I don’t have to stay plugged into the news cycle 24/7 keeping track of what bullshit’s spewing out of people’s televisions today.

If we make it out of this mess, it won’t be because anyone’s ideology won out over the others, it will be because we fundamentally changed the way we function as a species. It will be because we completely transformed our relationship with abstract thought and mental narrative.


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Latest comments

  • Narrative:

    Subconscious conspiracy

    Lying without knowing you’re lying

    Believing what you want to believe (What is it that gives us the wanting?)

    Ultimately all of these things are biological…evolutionary behavioral psychology.

  • Hey Caitlin, if you are the original creator of that line, “I’m going to start mentally replacing the label “conspiracy theorist” with “Iraq rememberer”.”, you have some copycats. I just saw that exact line on Gareth Icke’s latest article on David Ickey’s website. Just fyi. Your writing is getting around.

    Here’s a funny video take on Slavoj Zizek’s joke about what we need to do to those in power.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80X0pbCV_t4

  • When you and those like you get outraged by atrocities of muslims by China i will listen to what you say. Otherwise your concern is is nothing more than your hatred of Israel. I do not condone them but i dont think they run the world.

    • Khatika, there is far, far, far too much evil going on in this world for any single human being to keep up with it all. We all have our own affinities and things that capture our attention and motivate us. If you believe that the plight of Muslims in China needs to be brought more to the world’s attention, by all means, start (or continue if you currently do) a blog of your own and bring it out. Post links and let people know about it.

      Tearing down someone for not paying attention to what concerns you does not further your cause and is exactly the kind of divisiveness that makes “divide and conquer” so easy for the powers that be. No single instance of atrocity is any less or more important than any other. All evil needs to be brought to light and brought to an end. No one can do that alone. Those of us who see it and are willing to call it out need to work together with mutual respect, regardless of where our individual focus lies. We need to learn to support each other as we travel our own paths, not try to force each other to the path we think they should take. That, I think, is one of the fundamental changes Caitlin was talking about.

  • thank you.
    I just went to an annual family Christmas party and had an interesting discussion with a cousin who is a deplorable bricklayer and it gave me an idea for a kind of party game– you know… the ones where you sit in a circle?
    Everyone has to make an effort to be humble and self reflective and to point the finger back at him/herself and say one thing about how he/she got snookered and then how they realized it. Need help?
    Iraq weapons of mass destruction war
    got mad at Nader
    voted for Clinton
    voted for Obama

  • It’s all politics. Whether it’s war, genocide or scandals of all types, to those in charge it is just politics. Cry outrage in one theater and ignore it in another part of the world. Has been going on forever and will continue. I am tired of people screaming about Israel but not a word on the atrocities by China to their Muslim population. That doesn’t get the same fury and attention because the Muslim world hates Israel but just can’t get the same anger for identical or worse actions by the Chinese government. It politics, step back and open your eyes to how the world works.

    • Hmmm

      The issue I have with those that attempt to deflect the well deserved focus on Israel’s war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide and Apartheid by claiming israel is somehow being singled out is simple: the one place where israel is not only NOT being singled out, but actively supported at every turn regardless of the atrocity (endless) committed or dire consequences to America and Americans (now threanting our way of life) is with the United States Government and its allies.

      Basically while online rhetoric has finally begun to hold israel accountable for its crimes, the Governments of the Western World are being strangled by the jewish/zionist/israeli lobbies and israel itself. Consequently, in terms of tangible concrete acts, the Western World is still being forced/manipulated in lockstep to serve israel.

      The reality is that in terms of tangible concrete actions many Western Governments taken action in response to the crimes of many offending countries, other than israel. Sure, the US continues to turn a blind out to any 2-bit dictator whose country is acting as a host to Multi-national vampires.

      Unless and until the US Government actively and directly holds israel materially accountable for its crimes, and cuts off all israeli influence, any and all rhetorical weapons employed by the citizenry against israel are fully justified.

      • When you and those like you get outraged by atrocities of muslims by China i will listen to what you say. Otherwise your concern is is nothing more than your hatred of Israel. I do not condone them but i dont think they run the world.

        • Can you please explain the difference between a a person of the Hebrew faith and Zionist fascism , i get confused as one seems to hide in the shadow of one and then can cry racism . Great tactics ….
          And yes it’s disgusting what is happening in the uyghur china camps .
          Is the internet still cut off in the province of Sistan and Baluchestan province of Iran

  • Since there is no possible discussion with people who swear they have seen airplane wreckages in the Pentagone and in a field in Pennsylvania on 9-11, we are all by ourselves to look for the truth.

    And politicians, mainstream medias people, everyone of them have seen those wreckages.

    So there is no conversation possible with them because they are of bad faith.

    The return of Jesus must be near because our days are exactly the way Jesus told us it would be at His Second Coming and I pray the Rosary to hasten His Return because I am fed up of all the bullshit.

  • Vote third party. At least it’ll irritate them. I’d vote for Jeffery Dahmer if he was still alive. He only killed 17 people, and he ate what he killed.

  • Just exactly WHY are perpetual war and warmongers so attractive to US voters that they vote for them election after election? Sorry, Caitlin,it has absolutely NOTHING to do with being bamboozled by MSM propaganda!
    If you want to face reality, Google “governmentcontractswon”; go to that site and see that in 2018, “private” businesses in the state of Virgina (population 8.4 million) were awarded 324,283 contracts worth $46.4 billion and that there are 17,538 “private” DoD contractors in Virginia, and that from 2000 to 2018 “private” DoD contractors in Virginia were awarded over $733.9 billion for 936,040 contracts.
    Virginians’ economic well-being depends upon those DoD dollars continuing, year after year, decade after decade, literally forever! Therefore, no majority of voters in Virginia is EVER, and I do mean EVER, no matter how “woke”, no matter how aware of the US’s genocide on the world, going to vote for a candidate, maybe like Gabbard, who might be promising to destroy Virginia’s war-based economy and destroy many well-paying jobs. They’re going to CONTINUE to vote for warmongers for POTUS and congress! They do not give a shit how many people the weapons that they are helping to produce kill.
    Virginia is not alone in the war business. Check out what “private” DoD contractors in other states such as California receive annually. It’s mind boggling.
    Therefore, the US will never, and I do mean never, be politically capable of changing it’s “foreign policy” unless and until, once again with feeling, Virginians /Americans are given a detailed alternative to their present “war way” of making a living and no D or R candidate is spelling out such an alternative.
    But there is still a faint glimmer of hope.
    Trump proved that a complete political outsider could/can “go around” the MIC and be elected. Trump paid a helluva price when he shook hands with Putin in Helsinki. That summit proved that the US MSM is also an MIC tool and that the MIC’s pockets are very deep — in fact, infinitely deep.
    Antiwar candidates can be elected, but if they are elected, just like Trump they’ll be fighting the MSM and civil service and intelligence deep state every day of their political lives, which does not make for a very nice way of life for those politicians’ families. This is why a majority of congress must also be real anti-war so that they can support each other as a bloc against the unelected deep state.
    Present reality is that politicians are selected by voters every two or four years. None of these politicians are going to change absolutely anything about the election system or rules of campaign financing (bribery). Therefore, to stop the MIC and change the US’s war-based economy, antiwar candidates must somehow get elected within that very same system. If that does not happen, the US is doomed to suffer financial or nuclear destruction.
    Further, if the US cannot develop an economic system that does NOT absolutely depend upon perpetual population/economic growth, humanity will certainly suffer an environmental disaster. (IMO, designing and implementing such an alternative economic system will be far more difficult than getting antiwar POTUS and congress people elected, which is really saying something. When people cannot even agree upon the meanings of words as a vitally necessary first step, this may simply be a bridge too far for the supposedly most intelligent species on the planet.)
    Again, for the present moment, here in reality-land, at least the number of voters who voted for Agent Orange have to somehow be enticed into voting for an anti-war candidate for POTUS AND a majority of anti-war candidates running for seats in the legislative branch. THAT is the one and the ONLY way that the MIC is going to go away.
    How do antiwar candidates “entice” millions of voters all across the 50 United In Warfare States Of America, who make their living in the MIC or its spin-offs, into voting for these anti-war candidates? THAT is THE question, not whether “to be or not to be?” If those candidates can not be elected, the US, and perhaps all the other nations of the world, are not going “to be” for much longer.
    To entice those MIC etc. voters, those anti-war candidates are going to have to promise that if they are elected they are going to MAINTAIN the present DoD contract system, so that these millions of voters WILL NOT lose their jobs; but their jobs will be to produce all the great things that will improve the lives of all their fellow citizens. And by “improve” I mean that instead of making military aircraft that will in a few years end up sitting in a boneyard, they will make, for just one example, wind turbines, solar panels, bullet trains, etc. The services or electric power from these devices would not be “free”, just as the weapon systems of today are not free.
    Which would millions of voters enjoy more, the benefit they receive from weapon systems, or electric power, a trip across the country in an electric-powered bullet train, etc.? How would millions of voters feel about the US becoming energy independent in very few years of spending under a slightly-altered DoD contract system? If I were an anti-war candidate, I would propose to millions of voters that the nation create another “Liberty Ship” program (again, under the existing DoD contract system).
    Liberty Ships were the workhorses of World War II. They were built in 13 states by 15 companies in 18 shipyards. The first of 2,710 Liberty ships, the SS Patrick Henry, was launched in September 1941, after 150 days of construction. (The shipyard was built at the same time as the ship.) Under this highly automated ship-building system, the SS Robert E. Peary liberty ship was built in 4 Days 15 Hours 29 Minutes.
    These were not small boats, not by a long shot. Here are some specifications.
    Displacement: 14,245 long tons (14,474 t)[2]
    Length: 441 ft 6 in (134.57 m)
    Beam: 56 ft 10.75 in (17.3 m)
    Draft: 27 ft 9.25 in (8.5 m)
    Propulsion: Two oil-fired boilers; triple-expansion steam engine; single screw, 2,500 hp (1,900 kW)
    Range: 20,000 nmi (37,000 km; 23,000 mi)
    Capacity: 10,856 t (10,685 long tons)
    Again, in just a few years of assembly-line development, one of these vessels was assembled in only 4 Days 15 Hours 29 Minutes. Imagine such an assembly line system for relatively simple wind turbines, bullet trains, vehicles of all types, etc.
    THIS is what anti-war candidates have to promise those millions of voters in the MIC in order to capture their votes. THIS is precisely what Gabbard and other anti-war candidates have to start proposing TODAY, not 6 months down the road. If she were to do this today, she would start a firestorm of a debate, which is precisely what is needed to shake up the present arrangement. Does she have the intellectual wherewithal and “courage” to do this? We will soon find out, but I expect that she does not. But unless anti-war candidates specifically propose such a detailed transition from a war-based economy to one based upon peace, they will NOT be elected and the US MIC’s perpetual wars will go on until the nukes start dropping.
    The above is the one and the only realistic, practical, POLITICALLY ACCEPTABLE way that humanity has a future. But will capitalists be as eager to increase the national debt for peace as they are for war?

    • Great comment. Do you write somewhere?

    • When I first read “MIC” in your comment, I thought “Men In Charge.” Of course, the Men In Charge also are the Military Industrial Complex. Thanks for prompting that thought.

  • A prime example of this hypocrisy can be seen in the treatment of the Ukraine scandal whistleblower, who has been touted by Democrats and much of the press as a hero. Manning and Assange, on the other hand, are vilified, discredited, ignored, jailed and, in Assange’s case, psychologically and possibly physically tortured. Please peruse the full article here:

  • Caitlin, again your words are echoing my own thoughts in everything you mentioned in this blindingly good article. You express elegantly and clearly all the troubling concerns that churn around in my poor aging brain, every minute of every waking moment ever since the Iraq invasion and before. Assange and Manning foremost in my mind, heroes both, their survival crucial to our own, to every living being on this planet, to the planet itself. Anyone who doesn’t understand this is either a complete moron or fatally self-obsessed.

    You mention carers and their inhuman, unpaid, often lifelong effort of looking after a loved one, especially a handicapped child. What happens to the child when the carer dies and there is nobody to pick up the yoke? The closer you get to the end of your life, the more desperate and helpless you feel. No human being should have to face this abject horror alone without the support of their government or the community in which they live.

  • “If we make it out of this mess, it won’t be because anyone’s ideology won out over the others, it will be because we fundamentally changed the way we function as a species. It will be because we completely transformed our relationship with abstract thought and mental narrative.”

    I have a suggestion, an idea, on how we just might be able to do that. A framework to set ourselves a new foundational baseline and then us sane adults of the world can move forward. This is not the only way, of course, but it is a good way and we need to, for real, start somewhere. More of the same gets us more of the same.


  • Agree with much of what you say, Caitlin, and admire your energy to keep on saying it. I’m so tired.

  • Hmmm

    Catlin, once again you fail to even allude to the elephant in this room you otherwise so aptly describe. That elephant isn’t Russia or “Russiagate”. which is of course a fiction revived several years ago as the lid was about to be blown off Trump’s treason for israel as President elect in December of 2016. Specifically his ordering (following?) Jared Kushner as he secretly met with Russian officials trying to (illegal) cut a deal to to block then President Obama’s condemnation of israel’s illegal settlements in the State of Palestine at the UN. Kushner also met with Israeli agents and embassy officials in an effort to set up (illegall) a secret off the books communication system system with israel. It was only when it became apparent that these illegal actions by President Elect Trump and his dual citizen israeli Son in Law would eventually be made public did “Russiagate” magically gain traction with the media..

    The elephant in the room which you so studious ovoid mentioning is of course “Israel” and its massive Army of lobbyists and agents which have a stranglehold on Washington.

    Until and unless israel and its lobbies are fully outed by the Main Stream Media, and brought into the main stream consciousness of the American people, the full important of the damage being done by them to the Republic Americans will continue to suffer the consequences. Consequences which include; endless war in the Middle East that serves only Israel and its interests. The resulting bankrupting of the Treasury as the cost of that war now exceeds 10 Trillion dollars. The depletion of our Military and resulting fall in overall US Military capabilities globally. The isolation from most of the free world resulting from our total unquestioned support of an Apartheid State which commits endless war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide.

    If israel and its army of lobbyists, agents and spies (Epstein was a Mossad Spy that was allowed to actively conduct espionage against the United States) controlling the US government are not stopped our great Nation will not survive. The first step in defense of America is making the citizens fully aware of the threat they are facing, Israel!. Not “Russia” or “China” but ISRAEL!

    • Omg. Give meca break. Everything you mention is either politics or espionage. Something every country and president has done forever. Get over it.

      • You think what Israel’s doing in Palestine is “politics” or “espionage”? I pity you.

      • Hmmm

        Just as soon as governments like israel stop using espionage to attack America (since the Wall came down, no country in the world has been caught actively spying in the US more than israel) and Governments top using “Politics” to do evil, I will be happy to consider your request…..

        Have a nice day.

  • Colombian’s are engaged in continuing mainly peaceful protests (except when the police kill a person or two, or the government allied paramilitary remnants kill social activists) against a government the majority now view as terrible in all important respects, a government a healthy majority of voters installed just a year ago. Irony? Not really, the reality was, as it is the US, the UK, France and so much of the Western world, that democracy cannot function in a labyrinth of disinformation disseminated by a thoroughly dishonest media where journalism has devolved from a profession largely composed of courageous, objective seekers of truth into a collective of self-serving promoters of elitist, oligarchic propaganda. Nowhere is this more blatant than in the United States today where identity and deep state politics have immobilized a polarized population with very few able to resist the resulting inertia,

    Something to think about as December 2019 slowly turns into January 2020, another election year.

  • There is no bottom limit to the depth of depravity the Sociopaths In Charge will go to maintain their ideal environment , AKA tyranny over the sane. There is nothing they will NOT do. Even if it’s doubtful, or unproveable it has done a suspected, particular evil, never doubt that they would commit that or ANY other evil without a moments hesitation if it benefits them in the slightest. They are literally, figuratively, and clinically insane.

  • Couple of things to bear in mind: (1) https://www.greanvillepost.com/2019/12/04/omidyars-intercept-teams-up-with-war-propaganda-firm-bellingcat/ (2) Is the trade-off between narrative and abstract thought or could it be narrative reasoning vs. rational argumentation? The latter might be more applicable to public discourse.

    • Thanks for the link.

      Thanks CJ

  • You had me at “Rhodes Scholar.” Named after by one of the most vicious, racist, and genocidal imperialists the modern era has ever produced.

    Not quite sure how that ties into the CIA, especially since you had to be a white British man to qualify until recently.

    • Well, Rachel Maddow and Bill Clinton were Rhodes Scholars …

  • Can’t help but take issue with the following:

    “If we make it out of this mess, it won’t be because anyone’s ideology won out over the others, it will be because we fundamentally changed the way we function as a species. It will be because we completely transformed our relationship with abstract thought and mental narrative.”

    This isn’t a viable scenario. ‘Ideology’ is part and parcel of any political program, and if a particular political program gains the support of the majority and leads to victory over the oppressors, then the underlying ideology really has ‘won out over the others’ — because it has proved its worth and played a key part in ‘transforming the mental narrative’ to help bring about the prerequisite for changing ‘the way we function as a species’ — ie, achieving the concrete and urgent tasks at hand: expropriating the rapacious capitalist class and implementing a rationally and democratically planned collectivised economy, the absolutely necessary condition for the survival of our species.

    ‘Completely’ transforming ‘our relationship with abstract thought’ is another question altogether, and certainly isn’t a prerequisite for the above. We transform our ‘relationship with abstract thought’ all the time — for example with new scientific and mathematical discoveries, new artistic genres, new technology, devices/gadgets, even threats, and so on — which spur new ways of thinking about and interacting with the world. Abstract thought isn’t some kind of ‘thing’ out there. It’s part of us and comes from our interpreting our existence in relation to what and who is around, or what interests or threatens us in this messy material world. Abstraction helps us arrive at new insights more quickly, as a map rather than a satellite photo helps us arrive at our destination quicker, but the messy material world keeps changing and reminds us to keep changing.

    Transforming the ‘mental narrative’ in a more profound and lasting way — and for the better — will come from new and better ways of human interaction and productive relationships, whose foundation is the necessary social and economic transformation that all of humanity has a role in, one that materially benefits all of humanity, where everyone’s lives and prospects are qualitatively improved. The dominant ‘ideology’, the one that ‘wins over the others’, and ‘mental narrative’ then will be very different to that which afflicts most of humanity today. One feeds the other: raised consciousness as to what is needed to change and raise society to a new level will create a society that allows consciousness to be raised to new levels and in ways we can’t imagine.

  • And, like you say, they’re all a bunch of pathological liars so they sure aren’t going to tell you, at least least not yet, that they still worship Baal, and all that that entails, concerning other peoples kids, month after month, year after year, hundreds at a time, as though anyone would know what a Baal is, or the the hell it would have to do with some damn goats, but if this is how they treat their best friends, even bibi has said how much he hates us, yeah, that’s our future, giving up our nearest and dearest to be offered to a sociopathic g_d. That’s the future I always dreamed of and those are not only our politicians but everyone else with any authority over us.

  • Pretty brilliant article. Thanks!

  • wolves don’t concern themselves with the opinions of sheep …

  • It’s ALL psyop. When I mentioned to my massage therapist recently my interest in staged events, he said, “Well, what I wonder about is the refugee boats before the elections.” I’m like, OMG! Yes! It wouldn’t have just been the “children overboard” nonsense, the whole boat story would have been a fake. OMG! Resulting post below:

    How major fraud propelled John Howard to election victory in 2001

  • I cannot commend your reply to Bellingcat enough: I will spread this to many.
    However, I feel the need to point out some problems not resolved by this. Despite other lies, we HAVE & still ARE going to war. Those interested in doing so do not let themselves be stopped so easily: have you ever wondered if there was something we could do pro-actively? Something to undermine the various agendas destroying the world for personal profit?
    Everyone thinks this is impossible, but it’s not: it HAS happened several times.
    Each time it succeeded by accident, each time, the successful strategies were applied only to one facet of the overall problem. Never did people realize why they had succeeded.
    I’m not being obscure to annoy: I find that when people have profound doubt about the possibility of anything, then telling them otherwise just causes them to knee-jerk reject it.
    Yet e tiny, poorly-known movement got two major fast food chains in the U.S.A to ban GMOs in all their locations nationally despite the support for them by government. Which means each and every single similarly government-supported harmful agenda can, at least theoretically be vulnerable to the same core successful strategies. This movement held no public protests. It contained only a FRACTION of the same public support that fails, time & again to have any impact through larger movements that do. I know why they (& other movements that succeeded without public protests) won, & i know how we can use those to start undermining the #1 influence perpetuating the harmful agendas.
    Once in power, the power class set up structures designed to perpetuate their power. They need to maintain control over those structures, & those structures need to remain unchallenged by the public. The movements that beg government to please help them feed IN to the systems.
    The movements that succeed do not: it is the ones that circumvent the systems & their controls that succeed.


  • Caitlin, have you read The Gulag Archipelago?

  • I guess I disagree with Caitlin. Conspiracy is the structure. There is no short list of remedies

  • Ah, the Buddha Ms Caitlin speaks the truth!

  • Dont hold your breath Caitlin for us to turn this around. Human nature and history tells us that this will end badly for all of us.

    What i find funny is that all of us pick our sources and decide to believe them. It is time for us to become true skeptics questioning all narratives. This includes climate change, globalism, why we have tarrifs wars, pension crisis, negative interest rates and monetizing debt to name a few.

  • As a trained Structural Engineer, I never believed the WTC fiction and studied the reality. I attended Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth DVD premier with Alex Jones in May 2009. Controlled demolition was obvious, thermite hypothesis was impossible. In May 2014, a series of articles were published at VeteransToday(.)com on Nuclear Education and in March 2015, I did two hour interview with Dr James Fetzer on WTC vaporization. In July 2019, I wrote….
    “Unequivocal 9/11 Nukes” > principia-australia(.)org
    I was contacted by a reader suggesting I review research by Heinz Pommer, which I forwarded to VT.
    “Breathtaking: Solving Nuclear 9/11” at VT is the most comprehensive analysis of the trigger for twenty years of massacres, but a few building related details were omitted.
    “Exposing NIST Jenga Game” at VT explains the ‘scientific’ deceptions of this mass murder human sacrifice.
    Ending our feudal nightmare requires Truth on the massive evil of the war on framed terrorists by demonic warlords.

    • We like to think the truth always wins out. Sadly that is not thr case both in legal court and especially the court of public opinion.

  • Great stuff Caitlin, the CIA? Good decent folks just trying to escape being tried for war crimes at Nuremberg; so the Rhodes Scholars? No better than the Nazi war criminals. That’s the U.S., nothing but worthless cowardly Nazis, our president and every single Congress man and woman, each and every one of them worthy only for hanging. Therefore, nothing will happen other than they will kill us all, and those who complain will be the first to die.

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